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Crave: Ep. 40: Toilet humor

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Crave: Ep. 40: Toilet humor

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Crave alumni Jasmine France makes a cameo this week to promote Sonos for Android. Meanwhile, Donald and Eric waste no time taking the show straight down the toilet (literally) with the latest Kohler Numi. Plus, robots to help you train for the robocalypse and a drink that leaves us with mixed feelings.

Tuesday April 19 and you look at the crave podcast adds doesn't France I'm Donald well. And Eric Franklin and -- this 2011 and at its -- announcement comes and I got back into my yelling. Yeah yelling -- -- yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Just for today that very day yeah. Exploited to patients in town. And visiting answer is that better it is in this c'mon pretty much the way here yet. Well -- I'm gonna tell you I'm here. We came up. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet the -- you -- so long have we with CNET and now -- finance. Humans is to give demos on our new products that once. Today -- with those -- That we had several. -- probably the biggest announcement. And I think that the -- and brake controller. Percent math -- it's finally available today. And you can go and download it for free it's pretty exciting for a lot of people really exciting for sadness because it opens up -- vast new audience of people grumpy Android nerds. Could well again and went about it is -- U you're -- household with more than one device right. It is the job hazard via you know like if if you have a -- also announced -- you. You know husband wife kids whenever. Usually -- mall on in the right now. Android users can controls and look at it like acute flushes your other and new year Thomas -- -- -- -- -- your senate controller your iPhone and on the toilet and let's hope that that -- got this Android. It's control. And so it's it's it's pretty cool works pretty much the same as any other -- controllers that you've seen is that at the relieve what he hadn't -- If you haven't been that we have a link. -- that actually Jon -- -- and and you hear of a threat happened there's. Beautiful photos of various Android devices on display in his creative. Post here. And them against -- really good idea of what standard outlook looks like as for the features and it lets you couple cool -- -- voice ports. And you can actually the hard. Volume button to control oh my god I it's just I -- answer a crazy. And -- is basically that the difference between it and me I found controller. I'm excited with the cheapest on. It you -- get that the base system the base system I think he can minding your company if it. And it's my interest and if you want -- really again at an oven all in one type. Situation. Mean you're not gonna connected to your existing areas that upper speakers and the easiest way to go is just to get -- -- five. And -- five goes for 399. And then they either -- -- controller -- controllers pre. About that's your basic that -- -- -- department you're big into an apartment wireless music senate but the one that right there rates. Open up another notch though we'll go into another story. Which is the colors -- me. Awesome toilet of the future. Okay whenever I think of -- yet think of this -- manufacturing plant in Fremont. -- in the total side now know it's clear that our manufacturing plan and it now that that's the plan let me your food for. Detective could -- exactly -- toilet. Is amazing. And unlike the Android app it is now wireless but. That's probably -- -- -- tell if it's okay. What it. It actually has like a companion tablet with it. -- -- Once amazing is from Japan. -- -- that he can -- announcement. Maybe you can look into this market has been does have built in music in the toilet of -- and so -- competitor it is my parents have been I don't think this has the wireless capabilities -- instead that funds might buy it. This can also be one of these markets that Apple isn't going to chase you and that may be idolized probably at least -- the years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm gonna love outlining humour knows there aren't any -- the -- down I'm gonna talk about beautiful and easy to it. This is what -- that the press and I want to -- over 6000. Dollars. One. -- -- 6400. Dollars nine. Comes of the tablet the tablet you knew that without the tablet I'm in -- -- -- up the baton tablet disgust me while hopefully you can do is use. It's not yet you'd I would needed to be like a weird in like. Some kind of extra device that would -- the tablet. It's inherently anti bacterial do you have a robot that way -- can -- -- -- down right and area. Now here and it. And he -- toilet. This year it. You're at home and you're using it now there I I -- myself now if it is -- and now yet the good news is you set that you can bet that about undoubtedly -- -- get into it you can edit that to go all completely automatic that we into the room. It taxi and yes it lifts the -- up. Eight and became -- like music and -- of your preferred music with that music playing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like the all of your present them places -- and if it doesn't voices it was Paul but I don't need to edit an upgrade yeah -- bet. I would I would I would put an action that. The argument that well yeah yes. It's been most of my -- in this room with this toilet. Well it's like books and magazines and in laptop and again it's got the tablet there Malaysia and Italy and India this -- tablet -- we have a full. Video on this at CNET -- discussing human. -- because there. It is the UDP international not employed by the same parent company's cumulative let me ninety -- -- received any Mac through. Although you have seemed like twice illicitly. I think -- be in tablet friends -- the economy slowly rebounded for you or your -- -- looking to get in insisting that attachment offer next year. You can think 6400. Dollars at future flights. That are. Let us. Be settled -- men now. -- like the obvious meaning it's a toilet on. We're going -- here. So -- That you've got some more -- to work out -- one thing that's what it won't do is engage you in a robotic talks boxing match. Not punch you out but. As an accessory may be eaten yet it's boxing robot. The punching pro training partner. For those like -- -- like to keep it. And there aggression. Level -- yeah right exactly. Like the key migration level high. But Israel. -- it's. To increase the -- -- it's also it's is currently. -- Santa Monica pine box at and that they haven't quite worked out the bottom half of I know I feel like if I with training for the robot apocalypse. And I really want to work out exactly. How to take out -- terminator. Right this -- be like the first step he thinks so regularly boxing of the terminator with -- they're gonna do any thinking -- -- -- I think it's him too much about the future like maybe -- really won't figure out laser weapons in the future or super humans human -- through maybe eight can make teleport. Actual guns back in time maybe the robots are gonna send back from the future they can't -- -- -- -- -- a -- that. -- flash efficiently. -- those -- I double. Roar as the puck fitted it with any -- time -- put a lot -- it before it completely alienated jazz from the -- Is she has no idea was and I'm already on the -- story. Unlike analysts that that's a attention span -- about assured them that science went to a human robot now let's talk about with -- weapon and this is action because this is nice and this is the all. While not covered high end design version of the new geo. -- -- -- Yes arcade system. Yet do you guys remember this these guys while I neo -- the program okay determined there had -- they had arcade systems of neo -- which were. Actually -- The the console and that in arcade machines would be purchasing. A home the thing about the -- -- that. In like. And in early ninety's or whether -- -- Nintendo there's two programs there's -- This -- conflict in bucks into the games for like forty to sixty bucks in the U it was like no. -- -- We're gonna we're gonna -- 700. It about the game fan magazine back in the day I remembered -- hats for a thousand bucks to get -- -- but I wasn't the elderly half Allen and whether making their money yeah exactly. And it wouldn't want to be made money on these things but the cartridges themselves cost at least. 200 bucks each -- yes it was -- like you did get the arcade experience at home. There is no difference from the arcade version and your console numbers which back in the nineties -- a big deal early humans and huge but there is always them. A -- quality of -- that had nothing but money and didn't want to actually be around people yeah I would bet that wasn't me but I expect other than the fact that -- -- -- did not have money. -- -- -- But Alice in those kind of what I saw walnut in this story at those at -- Wal-Mart got you excited -- is keeping you picking up cheap along exactly now and the united usually -- -- -- You're paying 650 dollars for this version of the console. At the faced as if again. As an industrial design thing which is what I really loved about the story you know it just looks. It does with deliberately even jasmine has to say. Even a girl in the room has to say. -- -- liquids -- you -- it doesn't even look like. Console videogames and yes it could sit there and you when you know it it's such as the beauty of it for a female perspective -- and concern hype it's it's like the Brinkley I want it and blended. It is it also still maintains a -- at seventies. Static doesn't have that kind of even had to became meticulously and Britney -- in east Baghdad exactly. What a target of a -- com. -- a plastic -- He called. Actually contact paper. Authentic you only gripe -- -- exactly exactly yeah crap. Seventies so yeah this is the real deal and if he -- extra fifty bucks to blow this is pretty cool and fortunately that meat hunting down for games monogamy yeah please put a premium. And they're still new geo games and you expect classic that the -- and they were not very good. They're there are -- -- actually. Well way to keep it real also keeping it real a -- implement or total the poking someone's -- out the mini crossbow. -- -- -- also find you can also retrofit to be a mini flaming crossbow. Adam it's really keep it -- they I jewelry designer he -- -- Aaron who is also responsible for the tiny Canon he's made the mini crossbow companion. Do you wanna be known for being responsible for the -- in -- -- -- and an event. That I could. Pinellas -- defendants -- about the ethical as I was allies again and -- -- a lot of -- attention because that is. The islets go to the outbreak and may become Mac and could -- little -- the mini crossbow in action -- I would -- we still have yet to actually poke anyone's eyes -- -- -- mini crossbow. But can we show that -- can't. This is the coolest thing it is definitely mean there's there's no chance to does not mean a lawsuit against this thing. Becomes of the basic aero and the AM I think the if you can show off the flaming -- that comes out in the third demonstration but here he is shooting a balloon from across the room. And popping with as little -- in this the hardcore techno -- if you think health very appropriate debt required aggression. A moment -- that in that lawsuit waiting no I haven't been goes. This tiny -- the giant -- flaming chocolate right. -- -- -- thought what if I can imagine now. Make the air while -- that has like the neo -- console. That is not being around anyone via and then like the mini -- that he -- -- target practice that yeah seventy you know Eric Franklin right now and the -- crossbow action yes and and minis and -- downtime has some rock and sock them box and is -- robot dogs and everybody that was -- Those -- basically -- my -- I hadn't realized until now this show. I didn't we've been that the robot to a that this could all be dedicated to the seventeen year old Eric Franklin I think -- -- because there's another relies. Into the -- here earlier frankly well what they think he think he thinking no Air France and but with a seventeen year old Eric Franklin. I think the 37 input or effort and it would love meaning you can't -- -- -- honor to pass in France's return to the show here for -- today. We had brought back that this -- -- -- -- segment. A reviving edit just because there's also this perfect little instruction -- here for how to -- Little cups little bacon cups that you can put -- year even fatty hear those words horrible artery clogging material into in this case. Scrambled eggs that looked like a barely half butter and he had. This is pretty -- not only is this say this is why -- -- this is an instruction and intractable. And -- needs you -- since -- how to achieve that you're greater baton monolith to make it. Simple easy perfect for brunch or breakfast party that your. That's them it -- -- Canada. Does not -- and it came out amount. Now. This other one though is a little bit more exciting and a medical way and also just beneath story. The royal really -- performance. Beer limited edition -- available in the UK he is acting -- -- of the whole of oh lead GQ -- -- chocolate horny goat weed and eighty healthy -- but this is the most awesome thing after. This is pregnant this is why you have a heart attack when you're fifty. Areas. How we I don't because I address doesn't require that if I was kind that any game. That's -- -- and -- I get mash it up and put into -- -- for he. Is what I don't understand. Is how this doesn't I would think alcohol answered them on known effects on the mail. Should bloody well that's the Viagra and now counteract the EEV -- breaking even yet it I think that's what it is that think well I think that whole. Effect you're referring to would be better served -- -- You really anonymous and its sand here in -- what we could end up. That it -- -- -- tables put -- column. Know I know I think I think like after a -- We'll have years yeah I think it actually enhances that -- normal Beers and enhances that kind of that tuition -- -- but then you do you drink too many. Then it's like -- -- in Enos says -- go over the hill -- just dropped right down time like this I'm asking for an elegant -- -- -- perfect murderer Michael Dell. The hill wanna -- announcing he'll share amazing. I'm when -- -- at the moment I thought I am not giving my take on that now what's it sounds -- changed me. It just -- it sounds dangerous and dangerous in what way. Dangerous in. In like guys plan pregnancy third of -- -- walk around with like. Ready to go the other -- yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More like you're hiding behind him like waist level right now. Furniture Sharon exactly and all you're not high. -- it is my lady is here and add on thing it I'm actually now I realize what mine might. My opinion it's not and I'm grateful it's not a Red Bull Viagra com. Is it bearable if there EM in like that annoying way and I -- am actually them. Yet -- -- ended of the human. Before or the beginning of something then the -- deserve to take -- answer. Yeah but yeah you're right I think. Ericsson is the next where's. Your heart attack and an idea -- that gesture. Albums -- -- -- on the market right -- Basically what we're saying. Of dialogue. It's. I get it like I was so rolled out Jasmine France thank you for joining us today I'm side of a hat and on -- to -- out. Had a great time with this by if you want to see more of the stories will be covering next week -- -- great podcast you can check in at cnet.com. Or you can reach us at number system remember it may be -- -- I think -- -- -- that -- And -- -- -- Something like that when nobody was gonna on the -- and people and contact that the 2638. You want to -- -- -- here -- levity to until next week -- pointing at the camera saying thank you. -- --
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