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Crave: Ep. 38: BarBot 2011

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Crave: Ep. 38: BarBot 2011

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Do robots make good bartenders? CNET's Donald Bell and Eric Franklin investigate the cutting edge of cocktail robotics at BarBot 2011 in San Francisco. They meet robots for mixing a Kamikaze in zero-gravity, a methodical Martini-bot, and an apocalypse-ready robot that makes a vegan White Russian.

And Donald bell. I'm Eric Franklin and we're here at -- about 2011 and anyway echo of alcohol you being robots in your bin of grave that's pretty much all we need this. So let's check out the -- talk for the makers. Who -- drug -- fifth time through. Might have his space travel in space tourism need to work for the expressed unease. While I was there at nearly -- the spaceship one's face templates. And then he figured out that they need to have outlaw alcohol -- the missing ingredient in these guys -- salute. At various speeds that we have fun instead of -- of -- things that -- have on -- street. And so the challenge was how -- meet -- -- it has been streets in zero gravity. Things flew -- all -- -- directions and fuel tanks and rocket ships used pressurization. So they could force the fuel -- retain -- -- -- oxidize they're and in ignite. And take content arguing it would not provide we have poor fuel tanks. Mean they're all pressurized. They air on the top end and when the pressures at the right amount -- -- -- bill opens in -- a certain amount of fuel. To this. -- vodka and cranberry or triple stack or the day -- how many drinks are capable with the content. It's possible 83 drinks the cosmopolitan with it starts UK street makes sense. The Cape Cod and the -- -- basically free -- which -- agreed to the scene. I don't think the -- That's the big red button. It's very important we deal with science and -- -- rates but the turn out well. So the inspiration actually mostly came from a piece of furniture warehouse. Which is a table about the size when that cable -- -- well first you set the the size of drinking one. They can make it smaller or larger we'll make it this sort of medium size and takes a little while. And then the next it -- -- -- We'll do some sweet drink -- do -- Okay we're reviewing it at the -- you want it can be cosmopolitan. So when you press the button and then okay -- So it's -- and then turn the the last. Okay and it's turning you can see it that Paris Hilton and the level funding is turning -- -- -- -- drawing in. Pocket book and once it's been doing. It will switch this battle to -- -- position and it'll start to sorted out through the good indicator that is not an ice water flowing around it that's critical. Okay now it's turning carousel on the bottom again though it's now time -- because the next and how it's gonna draw that -- And then when it gets the during the mountains wouldn't collapse again through the oil. Keeping it cold. -- like a robot that takes its time. It didn't it to me today in -- -- didn't make it right he's right that's what I'm saying he Leo excellent actually had a -- case. A wobbly sliders that was very cold and we're. Right right you want to face in your robot brilliant things that causes. One robot. Here and actually looks like a robot. So this is this is what the house is and you won't see this robot in like ten years and upon. He won't. You won't be replacing parts and that. But -- all right. So when you're ordering after white Russian yet good selection of your different thanks you get here you'll you'll be -- And in this one's gonna have. Just that and -- mix like at 5050. And this -- almost straight up vodka right here we pick our -- be in or we'll option and that this -- -- it reflects. I think you -- and -- that you acampora. It's I didn't see him before and now I'm big inning and -- -- something you really you're hearing. Well as being worthless build them go gonna go -- out. A mediocre. It's in -- -- and enthusiastic yeah -- can't -- it. Right now it's gonna. For me that and and -- -- by panning. Hulu Hulu and others who elements that attendance. No it's the -- on this land and it looks like -- regular -- medical being against the issue is that fed the top things -- gonna move. To kind of release the different amounts. Hulu no can -- the matter life. About nuclear apocalypse. Whenever you can leave them could be a robot apocalypse. You can still all over the rover because they'll find jobs think probably in landfills and played -- to keep -- thing on. This might be the only thing that -- them. So we've seen the future robot are attending the good news is you don't have to get them back -- it will eventually rise up.

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