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Crave: Ep. 37: That '70s steampunk show
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Crave: Ep. 37: That '70s steampunk show

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Donald and Eric take a trip back through time, or maybe to an alternate Jules Verne-inspired future. Wherever we are, the gadgets are distinctly retro and lovingly hacked together. Even old Jedi master Yoda seems a little different.

-- Tuesday march 22 and you are witnessing. The crave. Podcast I'm Donald bell. I'm Eric Franklin. And we haven't shall be today we do another one -- -- every week I mean we do we keep donate what we do make out what we're doing checking the blogs right. -- -- -- -- But in the work every week every week here but except -- we we don't -- the -- where we're too busy artist to time via. Ports and CC -- -- They in -- happens but other than that we're giving you 100%. A fire and novelty gadget yeah -- because now any land -- won't do that Apple could no no no. And also giving a hundred -- 1%. One of my. Geek heroes Ben heck yes who has his own video podcast which you fear if you're into them and dirty package that you absolutely -- -- out. It's called Ben -- show. This past week -- mod and Xbox-360. To look like an Atari 2600. When he -- 1977. Edition of the Xbox-360. And you can check out a little bit of compartment from the video in the back hopefully. It he just eat pulled out all the stops in the might perfectly C and CE -- like the great work on the top to look at the great on the yeah happened at an -- 600. He -- the faux wood paneling. On the defined to slate with the act -- you -- any -- of -- wood paneling and it. And even -- -- -- CD tray will pop out. It's all been so beautifully virtualized. It's wonderful even the millions of aluminum jobs at the top -- -- starting. And actually in the Xbox-360. Has yet to monitor any -- monitor because I collapse within -- 1937 Atari 2600 rental house won his first like real big claim. Claimed to fame with me in the portable Xbox-360. Did you want to monitor and all that but this one. It has like a little switches. Between the exactly and didn't even like -- out little. Little holes -- -- the monitor live to Vatican closed down and the little switches. The tar light switches will have a little home to -- -- that I can include novel angle clam shell. It is. Is beautiful and go to the entire process for doing -- -- -- -- each she checked that out yes. -- right moving on. Other DIY projects for you hacker types. This 1 is a -- -- do it yourself fight -- computer. Which is not to include of this fund saying yeah and -- move and it -- now both of critical. Aside like the the total hippie ness of it yeah embedded -- -- -- stretched piece of Denham. On this -- -- bicycle and the fact that he's tracking it's a few mobile -- in the -- -- based tracking his trip to whole foods. -- -- -- -- -- Like Diaz -- -- I want to know exactly how many calories I'm burning in order to get my. Organic -- -- bring it back home you have organic may thirty dollar again war. This is critical -- using AM and open source. Controller are a little device that can called the Lily pad which is specifically designed to be incompatible. Controller for selling on to things like so for Sobel computing and all that cool stuff. They haven't they have that DNA and you can totally you now get crazy with this soulful elements and sensors on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's true art and so he had it he put this little Sobel Lily pad sensor like on this Denham and and -- credit -- -- -- school and then there's like a little magnetic sense on its. -- bicycle spokes they'll actually tracked by the revolutions per minute -- bicycle. Thinking it really. You know exactly how far -- traveling with bicycle to get to all the different organic markets and. -- -- period Jews. Whole foods. Some -- and -- -- restaurants. By outside a kind of like that it it looks a little. Like post apocalyptic steam -- Or something maybe a little roadway there -- the fact that it's like is Dan amendment to look a little bit in this very -- -- it dazzled. It looks very -- I don't think -- this steam punk mountainous. Really what would you like is that because of the metal the little pieces of metal that whats steam -- is about it really is like. In the -- -- piece of the metal on the fact that file kind of Sony includes together in that this little. And a rotary oh okay okay I'm looking at the other side now. -- I can see -- a little bit -- a little -- it -- subject but most he had to saying that the segue into our next. Which is natural steam hungry yet there is a X not really expo but like a -- When you oncologists that presentation of forty works as kind of the best and coolest turns out -- poverty artwork. That's in where -- -- -- -- in. The patriot places north lifestyle center in Foxborough Massachusetts. And that -- we have the photo gallery up on CNET here on crave blog looking through it showing -- the best works Cisco including. I -- the little become goggles and mine gas mask -- that that's pretty easy to pull off a looses when the better representation. Seen at school. There -- very very -- -- -- -- -- -- Women -- and there's a lot of like what -- a cell phone look like -- it was used by captain Nemo under the seat -- But something that's my favorite and favorite one that isn't a syringe was -- then -- -- -- week. -- -- abused his legs ample medical equipment need to look like old medical equipment -- There and HG wells -- I'm a car loving and so the guitars actually pretty bath which like it in an answer that in that area and last one. And which -- the -- And -- and you don't. Especially if -- did it have to shoot steam. Right exactly if it's gonna be the steam punk guitar aside from pay looking all -- burnish it would actually need to shoot throughout the shoot -- but like not. -- light beams so that I would actually fees and losses yeah. You'll issue that the audience. And maybe you do. That's a critical yet to have like a coal powered engine on stage is to get -- -- -- working. You've got hooked into an esthetic allure -- -- -- this -- pain in the ass video you would totally get booked yet any of -- -- home. Steam -- or -- science -- gigs right. Because that's what to watch her -- that's that you shouldn't -- be a lucrative little circuit. Also -- steam punk bandwagon. All of Star Wars characters have been. Re vision -- IA Bjorn inquiry. And artist who is that has kind of made a name -- re imagining a lot of famous characters into a different style. -- -- and shows a what -- -- to -- 800 year old Kyoto would look like I'm like a steam punk version of like out who cuts slash. Oxygen tank. Miguel wise -- -- sickly -- way he's also has basically I'm -- -- like evil or whatever but wise in this being hung. Re -- steam punk world. You would is you know. It's not the empire strikes back -- Now that's that that I guess -- -- -- so little return of the jet radioed as much as this is a wise and distilled of the wise and old deal -- You know -- -- interpretation. As to when you're looking -- -- -- -- a day. He looks less like. Kermit the Frog with wrinkles though on this version of -- on. I'm if you can make a complaint of or criticism of the natural. Empire strikes back. Introduction of unit if he does seem a little bit like hobbling myopic -- And this -- he feels a little button when -- but it is Linux companies. Pull all of those things they're worried a vacuum like some kind of unit adult diapers is a little real -- -- -- Else what's going on between -- Can't about Philly -- to was really -- -- Han Solo with youth it is he's hungry. Goggles in his his height and and brief on applicable site on the -- -- -- that -- like -- -- -- and you can't you can't go wrong with the you know we imagined. I mean. Argue that gas and steam engine on his back -- -- CP pianist CPU. Like and it will tie. Vote that. Manage -- the that one it's little too -- that's leaking you fix that. -- not worth checking out -- and finally to round things out. Nothing ends -- podcast better than any threat of pepper spraying. That's a good -- -- -- kill so as you can. No. -- burglar blaster had it has been making their rounds. Misses a a home security measure that will be -- home intruders and then has a little. Can't tamper proof container. Four. Pepper sprayed so if you linger too far in front of this thing Natalie we'll start beeping at you. But it will hosing down -- with about. And proposed Panama 2000 square foot area. With a serious yeah -- -- -- global project -- to will. Pretty much make up to 2000 square foot area -- tolerable to breed -- while. So that's seems. Like a lawsuit -- happen. That. And -- they'll buy this -- both so if they don't worry that's gonna go off. In you know the wrong person state yeah you get I think you get about twenty seconds to defuse it. When your key okay but if you lose you key. And together -- best run yeah that's -- you're connected ring McDonnell. Grab the cat and we run out in May get you get. 92 to get nine effected if -- yeah okay -- all that'll you'll always have anything because technology. Always works perfectly each and every time now there's like a video of this thing where they open -- up and show -- -- Might -- cell batteries that -- obviously probably fail complain. And it probably work directly in ninety length of time if you have to confront yet today. Men out so this is -- -- men beware the active army delivery guy hates it -- it out. It makes the case -- you know burglar alarms that they'd be deep in Howell and alert the police or whatever but they don't actually do anything to like. Stopped the -- from doing what he wants to do right this one would do that but it would also make your home on mobile for hotly. -- it was days. You really want -- area manager. Mostly -- plus. But it's not. One thing it doesn't have those -- lasers like I want terrify them lasers as well what the lasers -- light they're not like. Cut into flesh lasers -- everything I don't know. Why do you have those yet. Well the those readily available to common folk and now he's an amber -- to get Michigan and equities and it totally -- out to beat their. I hate to think that. And when he sees more responsible. I -- -- seat next week and in doing this here. At the crave blog podcasts. And you can check on next week's stories at -- dot more news as -- fear dot com. News news that you've got -- the last great yeah great I think that it. If you go to yet this here and then kick it over and -- -- -- please join us join us next week.

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