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Mobile: Ep. 37: A tablet first and two second chances

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Mobile: Ep. 37: A tablet first and two second chances

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Senior editor Donald Bell stops by, Motorola Xoom in tow, to give us a hands-on the first Honeycomb tablet. Once we've had our fill, we take a look beyond Honeycomb at the next generation OS for Android phones. Also, a pair of apps may be able to save your lost phone and save you from a speeding ticket on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly.

The -- is here and hackable what's after honeycomb and we talk plan -- no we're not that plan B. All that more on this edition this week's edition of -- -- -- weekly for February 24 when eleven I'm -- accounts belongs but -- -- There's special guest presume that -- mean Donald bell. That you can do it gentlemen means hello. All of your hat -- to the my hat the hundred up to your tablet. Thanks for children -- thorough and bringing your special guest. The zoom the zoom in all of its tablet glory I know. Is it everything we've been waiting for yes or no answer pretty good at was not happen. And you didn't mention affinity. Period. So yeah I mean we've I've played with it for ten seconds now and hands on played with -- for think 45 -- hackable minute entire planet tweeting with it. It actually him and I managed to me -- idiot out of both -- blessing the way for a couple seconds. The number one conclusion I was shocked not actually defined as senior bad and -- review. How -- you turn it on -- Like why. I don't know it has made -- very. It is kind is screwing of the mind that -- -- the power button on the back. Baghdad eventually used to is one of those things like homes being unlocked belts that actively for a loop where it's like this is no actual like. Slide the thing -- to think this ball already activated any kind of like move it over outside of the rain like that's how it works but it's. The lot of little -- -- nine key things like that like oh okay again it thank you but. You get used it. If not a little intended but I'm proud that I was wondering -- will you accidentally hit it lawyers reading and really you had been holding it back down. Here which. To -- flip that too much -- be -- and the speakers. And a it's. I -- in an -- covering up fractionally in that pattern he -- -- you're sitting in nations where does it. Does lag always get fired for talent you definitely Bologna if you can't ever get -- Internet -- and button. Well in area of all time. So run us through sort of high level you know what's good what's bad what's. You know who's gonna violence. Sure any it is it's like. You -- Motorola's campaign. Using their Droid. Ads like the anti a phone by. -- -- -- -- class and it just like it -- screen bigger they're commercial was even like the 1984. Commercial period grant and both for like the Droid and they also did this for owners via the Zune -- they have like that night. Chart we'll show like. The iPad in -- -- hasn't happened the playbook and all that all -- from different columns and -- in every column Motorola's figured out how to make their one expect better right now. -- until next week and it's tough competitive. So if that is for that person is just like. Yes I want to have incrementally larger screen and I wanna have dual core processor allies have like three times the amount of system ram. And I want to have. Just you know -- memory expansion capabilities Adobe Flash theoretically. Halftime. And just you know that you that parties is not for the person who. Would come to the iPad is the appeal the -- -- simpler. Like just you know point in that city clinic appointment -- inner inaccurate. So it's -- good -- power user could for -- it how is it for you know like my parents bought an iPad. Couple months ago I was shocked by a -- you know for the -- sort of using it for. -- inside I don't think that's the -- is gonna get it not only just because I feel like. Little things like the power button how -- I turn it on -- Saddam. Also because just the interface isn't. The interfaces as much as -- you know anything these days is gonna become -- it's like Canon U minded collection of apps and it's those lake. There's the other part of it that's the answer to. The oversimplification. -- a -- argument of the iPad where. Instead of just everything is everything is an app icon you're getting like to customize -- -- screen you get your options for. Interactive widgets and apps shortcuts and specific shortcuts for bookmarks in Gmail. Filters -- -- like if it gets allied -- get a lot more. That's the overwhelming to look at even the first time like -- -- look at that have there's one thing a bunch of squares elements are and you look at this. On the home screen and there's your apps but players like the app switchers. Thing -- didn't -- then -- -- -- don't know it's just price you know in your pain. But indeed the only announce at least in the US the three G eventually -- -- model. They have not announced for the -- Yet I haven't checked -- news feeds into the last hour per. A Wi-Fi only version where it sickening paying either 600 dollars for this on contract for two years. Which I don't know who's doing that. -- in you paying 800 dollars for it. I'm on -- online but off contract. So too shocking things to me one was it because of -- website and you look at the praise team. I'm not -- option for one year contract which is the same price of the tiered contract and a half at. Almost -- and I are nice that they're wrong it's same -- as a zero or your country. -- 799. For one year contract or month from a -- someone who who why do you choose -- one year contract. Yeah stability -- the print that in theory you feel secure yeah. To note that if you just change your mind are gonna have to pay a termination -- -- and that Iran is. The SD card slot doesn't. -- doesn't work yet they should -- over the air update. For whatever reason and Adobe Flash is so fired power -- there they're taking some kind that's supposedly to optimize -- for the tegra two processor. On them but why it -- an invalid one biggest advertised features rant but I mean for any iPad competitor but specifically for them soon. -- -- that CF it's -- -- -- -- gave it dies like the Droid does it is to be doing things. Alternative to the iPad the zoom does this via. Does coming soon. -- I think the big question here is like what happens next week when you know theoretically there announce an iPad two does this instantly. You know. Lose in not just to the usability or which were kind of semi Catholic as a usable yet but in the spec -- in which case -- Yet on the spec where there's no there's no question. You know and I don't even think about it after I've had you can set I think -- every -- it when it comes doubters. The iPad two is probably not gonna. You know that -- -- not gonna brag about whatever the system memory is on -- or. Where this I mean make it pal I did a piece a few weeks ago that was like why Apple doesn't even need an iPad -- Because there's some things wishing if you can ignore the spec sheet -- some things Apple does still that. I think it's -- still down -- now. Match which is like app selection. ITunes like media storefront selection like -- you have a lot of different options and you can even customizing get apps on. Android devices that can get you close. To yet he rentals and and -- music -- in all not even about pirates throughout the ecosystem of -- is a lot of things that you know. People be it Google or others still can. Touch -- at compared to be -- on -- The IE iPad two no matter what it is even if it's just a single core device is still gonna have those advantages the people. That's a one last question so. This is obviously an editor kindred audience were talking to you so forget about that as I have -- -- -- -- that I brought it it's ten times already. If I wanna buy an Android tablet yet do -- buy this or do I wait for something like the -- have template wander each used fire. I unless you've really got that early -- -- I think you wait because. It is this it's inevitable that this year we're gonna see a bunch of honeycomb tablets come out or it's gonna be alive the hardware. -- -- Honeycomb explicitly or not the hardware is gonna be there to support you -- honeycomb -- a lot of differences to get a heart or Android user. I mean there's -- ways to technically -- -- and things here malaria -- Baghdad. Banning the heart -- is gonna get better and so those. Hacks or legitimate honeycomb products coming out again it is it better and better and it did that Verizon and Motorola and that powers that -- -- in -- -- that. You know dangle their one and only honeycomb -- party for two. Right yeah I mean so maybe what they will de goes a sudden three year -- dollar price cut that they're public or still relevant here and now that's a Samsung -- -- the tab right -- -- It's 700 dollars like no -- -- The -- not the Dayton -- please and Andrea Isaiah in tells what you wanna pay for Thanksgiving and it. What -- gonna pay a discount them but to make a deal went -- about it. The price is right. Right to speak in the -- we talked about -- -- -- upgrade I -- dig into little bits are down because -- they actually post today it's on the present site he tells about that they see have to send it in the actual tablet. To Motorola -- -- the only option they're offering now on it's just -- what late in the next ninety days. And that they will offer that option but they'll get the tablet -- -- -- did you. That don't offer that option I guess it'll be about six business days. To get the tablet back to use the pay -- ship being. It's I mean. It's not horrible but for something that you feel like if you -- try to sell your product as like this is gonna be com part of your life. You can't do without this for six days yeah went -- they offer in store upgrades here. And I -- when I asked them about that on Monday they had said that it also -- that they -- not be -- This data exchange with it won't because it gives you all the hundreds hand union line in part the stuff over to -- never read that it would actually they would be. Tweaking the original device. And get a I thought they would be in store thing anyway be that easy but it doesn't sound. They should have like you know upgrade they go on there they haven't screwdrivers. Okay and upgrades if you're doing yourself from the upper discount effectively -- that a visitor. Amber yeah I I haven't read too much. About it that the details but it. -- that it is there anything to it I think we talked a little Don buzz out -- this morning about the possibility of happening back up. You -- all your information haven't like reset and like -- I mean I haven't put them. Arguing that Neanderthal -- talk to you to do. The but according to a -- -- Redmond spokesman. They're looking at other options are -- other options and wind the time -- closer they may announce other options that right now who -- And I can understand that they don't want to swap your dented. You know tablet for a brand new one now if you have the options -- it I want to advance replacement it'll take a reefer recently -- the week. Think is to on the top of this this is a little door. -- has asked. A slot for the Ford G sim card but it you know if they could -- that -- capability in here and then it's needed forgy sim card to get it working. Allen and and -- -- and then that same site has the micro SD port. We -- -- -- there so it's like advance. There's like. I like a little a little clear plastic. Simulations of the card data Canada this month and in my -- need to do to see you know it looks like -- the -- I mean I think there's there's the argument made. He -- -- -- rushed to market. And I think -- -- as a whole selling point was we are the first brand and it worked with who on this and they wanted to make sure that they were at first and it. It probably looked at and -- -- -- and announce fares in two weeks or whatever the next one of them. No -- and -- and the site balance LGG. Slate -- coming up to with a 3-D camera exact. -- so. Are right. Our guest suite which I mention this next. -- satellite and mobile world congress the kind of and yet that's gonna have lasted athletes who said that at CS as you said but now they've backed up Madden -- like. They're trying to. Significantly reduce the CPU usage hand the batteries and branding entering class content -- -- will be out a few weeks after. -- first honeycomb tablet ships -- those few weeks after today. In a. That's convenient. I -- I think that both like. The forgy kept the forgy compatibility and flash compatibility. -- that they at least two. Unit -- on battery life went off the bat. You know say he can come out the product and it and that not to put my Tampa pattern in -- and -- our product and failing. Look it's got ten hours of battery life to think the iPad -- and then you know two or three -- -- on the line -- now it's I think these data. Though I don't know if it's if it's there can be trickier if it's just like let's get this thing out the door and get the upgrades out unions and who can buy it. It's still all these little complaints is still. -- Tablet iPad playground. Can sample. I think it's still there but they're pretty bad -- yeah but and it there was that it won't became are one of -- -- -- -- and not others. There's there's the tab and others like that if you pad from B pads from view sonic is the -- different are those things have -- the Archos one a one to the other. When the only other ten inch Android tablets out there at least that -- -- Complete -- wastes of time for -- ITN there isn't viewsonic G tablet. Out a few months ago it here is that kind of breakdown. -- it. Yet there's others out there but this is this is that mean the best so far for all of it's -- faults and flaws. Well maybe can fix some of those flaws -- -- -- the next -- Can't iPhone put an air and know you love to return -- so yes that is actually. I. You know more girls in doing a lot of like locking down their phones in 19 now out of kind of like that hard cores and an -- -- when they when -- -- came out. But then they started locking the boot blue earth on the -- acts and you know making it. Difficult for people to your roots and install custom software on it but we actually have -- tweaked. From the official Motorola mobility. Twitter account that says that specifically that the -- -- had a likable and -- -- unlikable. And -- lack -- will boot loader that will enable developers to access hardware for development so it looks like they're gonna leaving that door open again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They are doing that again. Does it actually think he pretty happy I hope they continue that trend negatively learn their lesson from -- people who lake. Billy eight -- the jury to in the Droid X came out. Am I think it's a good thing I really -- that it got them all up by locking it down except for bad publicity. It is made it harder for people to go around it anyway. -- which I think with -- issue and any that they particularly for people were looking. Like myself -- looking at -- new phones soon. If it. I feel like I'm not gonna be able to play around with it -- -- the whole reason I'm on the very platform -- because I'm keeping the evil empire of Apple's walled garden. The -- It's -- if I can. Play with my -- -- changes in market you know I've read a different rom every week if I can do that then that's gonna -- that phone out of the running I think. Maybe this is gonna help -- sell the the -- -- also -- maybe this is harbinger of in -- maybe they're next -- Will also be the literally unlock available and reliable -- -- most certainly hope that when the -- and it comes out. That they continued the trend. So percent of all along the same lines in -- nice thing about their original Droid was that was running the stock and her credit wasn't customize is easier to upgrade rate. His Dino Donald is that that is true for the zoom -- this a customized version of honeycomb. I'm from what I understand that the first products are coming out honeycomb all of the good school experience versions -- of them moto bowler and the group now. And now -- -- and I went and we went to the honeycomb event that Google. -- two weeks ago when they were showing everything off on this and tablets in the news news they were speaking to -- like this was their babies. Who know who won't. Have got an -- -- on their tablet for. Sony may never have to back anything then and now we've got news that it's only style. Yet exactly. And there are other interface going -- in my opinion. But are -- where it's always pretty. Yelling -- good looking at it are also super expensive and -- but I think that that the pair of injury. Honeycomb tablet that hope that Sony is rumored to be. Developing right now will probably be. Really nice really cool looking quirky. Hardware from Apple that they're -- -- these pictures the way these are basically kind of -- sketches so. The first one looks like but either tablet or some pillows. A -- -- -- its gonna have -- a flat the kind of pulled over itself may be the you can -- it on the stuff. Or maybe it like is built -- it and for making typing on the year I don't know -- I think I can see how did you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in the center and is an Ellen's PS one yet. And that all of the exciting thing at thing about that's one is that it is supposed to be -- of PlayStation certified. Meaning could be sort of the first. Gaining targeted to happen entertainment specific tablet -- you can argue that that ad does do that but at least an Android world -- -- Person. -- in specific phone with its own experience. Yet I think what would be awesome -- earlier retired and about -- -- of any benefit to be cool if it was compatible with -- a dual shock. And I mean that controllers already wireless and Bluetooth that they built -- but way -- connector. Sony PlayStation 3 controller to that in the packet the sitting down in front of a bigger screen and in May be playing live engadget keep the controller in your backpack on the -- -- -- -- space. -- -- -- -- -- layer of everything you're sitting -- traffic there is a little flap on the back that can hook into things that they sold like an accessory that can flu like -- that -- thank you backseat. -- -- -- -- It doesn't rapist wraparound data -- and get on there are just on the airplane owner of instead of having. Propping -- -- articulate clip -- to the are bad -- if they -- the that that -- table yet but it usually heavily hinges on the could be some that do it. They -- I think it's cool I'm glad -- I -- Sony was really want the last ones to get in the game. And it's not really even call find this is getting in the -- tablets that he could do like -- drying up. It by saying that they might come out sometime at the end of 2011 maybe in time for holiday -- and so. According to whatever insiders. The -- one which is always talked about. In answer calls -- quote the best thing this person has ever seen from the company. Better than no rock -- better than the walkman did better than -- in the PlayStation 3 -- -- -- beta -- better than Sony -- he does have. -- plus and Internet better than the Sony clearly they have the -- Little -- and BD player robot that looks like it and -- really their habitat and how could reveal its citizens in contrast to the of their second tablet PS2 which the -- center. Calls quote a dog. He does and you know in eight core review outcast. And are giving that away behind -- -- Sony -- so cute but how are. That's the dog. And asked his head in shame though because it offers similar internal hardware but will actually to design is different and have 25 point five inch screens. Which could sort of formal largest Korean giants in the picture of the -- of the queues here. Echo. Yet we talked about in my mind immediately went to. Nintendo DS. And of course thinking about games -- -- but. But the rumors say that this one probably won't be PlayStation -- -- that is the weird -- but you're saying that you wish they would like. Adopt the standard for these weird tool device fifth -- this is now two dual devices. And getting closer to winning the bet there one hinges away -- one -- -- from this being cutting edge design like it was like an accordion -- payment to come like. Pull it out or something about you pretty we don't look at concept design a couple weeks ago. That was the only threat Korea. And -- accordion and then pull it into a triangle I -- and then -- Flip up until like -- of -- a dual screen with one screen and a hidden. He -- -- -- but it was definitely it was a concept not connected with any manufacturers -- have more of -- features as it turns into a flower -- hey. A concept. I don't know a look at the VW bug. -- in the car with a far -- in it now and -- -- its army into our lives like -- and they look at nobody goes I got all these flowers. I'm gonna put them there -- not. Well -- shipments of -- -- -- cheap solution. Are right -- before after the break. The daily made a pretty big splash this is Rupert Murdoch's that is. Tablet magazine when it came out for the at a couple weeks ago. And now looks like it's be -- mean to an underrated. Which shouldn't be -- -- -- -- because you know I think music invested thirty million dollars in your iPad only magazine you probably wanna. You know get a little more audience and it gives you embedding the next time we hear about -- Soviet going to be on the playbook. Ruler go lol. Yeah -- great yeah I -- he he. Reformer -- access that they wanted to try to get it to. As many platforms as possible but that the I've -- it was gonna be the dominant platform for us for a while it is not. Surprising because the -- and will be used dominant platform in general for awhile -- They gonna go into. But I guess there's no specific time -- sometime in the second quarter of this year expect that the -- It's still around them. -- open our -- so we are gonna take a short break and -- to come back we're gonna dive in to gingerbread honeycomb and it's. And we're back. And carried -- with weekly. Pentagon. -- you know -- we're back and are out there. And -- Cut back into the news straight back into it if we -- yes we month. I've got story over on Aaron. Injury that -- Blog there's two months later after gingerbread. -- come out and it's come to the next -- Nexus One users are finally in the start heating and a gingerbread OTA. Though. It's about time I guess the likes of -- was once be the flagship phone for. For Android is keeping -- -- so -- -- up to two phones. Three. 33 full road to official photos and -- unofficially running gingerbread on the first Android and until -- are a number of of a custom -- for other phones including less units in that well you begin to bring it on a bunch of of the department -- officially. To gingerbread phone. I think here's another bad in the make it is how many will this ever get to you before we scrutinized. Four. And also the news that photographer you can actually see him in the reflection of this humanism and its view that -- distracting. But that the looking -- -- Our. The end of that if there that are -- are -- -- maybe that is not logged on. The I'm sure there -- stock photos the Nexus -- And -- this has it took quite a while and the question is will people actually spend the time. According this to their individual devices that the manufactures. Or images jumped to you know ice cream -- -- And that's already announced and potentially imminent. Well actually I think we're talking -- made. -- only distances the next story which is what is beyond any columns so honeycomb. We know is not coming to phones did we know a lot of features and it. The next operating system after honeycomb rumored to be ice cream or ice -- -- Should come out according to use -- Little tidbits. By Eric Schmidt. In May potentially at the Google IO conference in -- kind of easy unifying OS. For Android for phones and tablets and the -- some of the stuff that's gonna be there and Scott Webster wrote kind of a pretty good wrap up story. With some rumors and sensitive hard facts about what's -- be in there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Definitely will make its way -- handsets. Let's see what else the there's there's a new apps which team. Service or you buy in any. Yeah I think that the traditional three all this but usually form. Traditional cattlemen's. But the three major ones like putting site search. Home back and menu. In a resume -- -- honeycomb have been changed home back and -- recently launched -- he can jump back and forth between things you've recently and in an and the actual contextual menu. Options at the top of the screen to think -- -- which economy action -- and enough them as persons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think I don't know edit edit edit the actually -- -- it feels action is ready action is -- you're looking at a picture. In addition to the unit that the mean you would traditionally the menu button and -- -- there. And -- that this context sensitive through options and will look there at the top of the screen. And then at the bottom three of the three but that -- just talked about. To me like as someone who. You know didn't. Do you much with Android before the Android tablets start commands and this was an on the Smartphone beat -- That that that didn't know how the content -- menu button worked. On traditional Android phone -- at first but it took me a little while those buttons that film changes in -- where lithium ions nice stuff. Yes and it went to kind of you know you're clued into it make sense that I do think for newcomers. Produces way to kind of clean house to make things a little bit more obvious having -- having -- menu options open its operating word is broken out as something more. Clear that spelled out. Is is -- -- Sort of -- how to actually implement both of those -- sort of the smaller screen. Because some of these features. Such as -- status our guests is always present. And on the phone -- -- and there's not. Nearly enough room sort of take up as much physical spaces. You do on the tablet. I'm so they'll probably have these features -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- be support for codecs and media types that come with honeycomb. Which is probably true non. You know that I know they added web -- sort of one of the latest read -- -- it. Like every 233. Years -- -- 233. So no doubt that'll be and has been sandwiched there's. Adaptive streaming support into the same adaptive video streaming that Apple has. -- only permanent -- will be an experiment for phones as well. -- better animation -- enhanced 3-D in two. And -- just -- of the overall status of any home. You know which is kind of this these needs are -- problem -- on demand content and -- -- Will show up as well. But -- will be -- I think it's a pretty big challenge. And kind of the opposite of what may -- Apple didn't it is. They've really spent huge amount of time designing an awesome interface for does -- Screen area and out -- to take that to make it smaller. Is pretty difficult. At least to do well. While I think it's such a good way way -- -- done when do these my experience with is that it. Compared to violence is much more. Conventional -- copy kind of feel you know where you kind of spreading things out. In widget form and -- technologies like the -- -- -- ramp. -- -- I think that that would be tougher to scale down and then it's like it's a big grid or it's a small grid. You now but it's the same great either way you cut it progress now. Exactly so I think they got a challenge in front of them but I think they've done -- a good initial at least from what I've seen here on domestic and RA so -- imagine you're out of our late. And who feel they've got the next morning -- like where is my phone or you arrive early at the bar so -- -- and and then -- like where it. Under greater rate the number again the room you're doing nova drinking and even things just hypothetical. You know it's funny is that true evocative. -- leave my glasses in the -- bar. Every -- week. At least knew where to find them but will eventually I just -- them like this. Eventually -- was really good why is weren't there anymore I haven't seen my glasses in -- only there was some way to figure out where they work. -- -- -- -- -- -- Both. If your glasses were attached to your phone maybe. -- be the next big -- yeah so what we're talking about here. It is a new app. From lookout mobile security called plan B. And the deal -- look at makes an app already they can install and you probably should install on your enter a device that. Will it provides -- -- of security but one of the best is the sort of located iPhone went to lost or stolen. But if you didn't install this if he didn't plan ahead and you lose your phone. And you -- located because of the upgrades with the Android market which allow you to install -- app remotely. From the web you can now you're not -- -- -- so you go. Basically uses functionality commander in market log and installed the look at plan B -- to your phone as soon as it's installed. It's gonna send you an email saying hey I'm installed on the phone. And I'm gonna star locating. And pretty soon after that it's gonna start sending you Google Maps links where your phone is located. In and -- it's been accurate you know to within two meters. You know so that you can locate your phone even if you have not planned ahead. If only there is an option to like remotely destroy it that would be pretty cool you -- to get overclocking remotely how to blow up. Like actually physically yes look at physically explode you're not you don't unified would annually have known and I mean gone -- so not only erasers be it. Potentially harm the person actually older who who might have picked up the environment can be given that you return -- And I bet Steve Jobs instructed his engineers to build that and after the iPhone four fiasco. The public gives moto Q and actually think it. That would have been off the latest I just did this. Lower while we're well you guys were talking. Tonight are you guys give me and I've been to the left and the mirror -- see how long it takes -- -- to let -- know it's sitting right next to -- ordered -- it'll continue this innovative and revenues fell instantly here is unusual do you want to go hide your phone for -- and find him with his February 2 days after this I think of authenticity could -- network and military related news CNET building there that night. It's some -- around CNET. And -- -- outside doesn't give you the office number. You should deal polite describe its location to -- if anybody in a room -- it was dark it is dependent. If this services is one government aid GPS stories you know because obviously they demand via GPS or potentially -- com. But there's a pretty interesting -- those making its way all around the web. About a guy who got out of speeding ticket. Apparently. Because of his Android phone and there's some truth to this I think is the bottom line here hmmm so -- investigate job -- you -- it. To -- -- well I mean -- -- let's -- the story then we'll get to whether it's true or not how true it is. So. Is pulled over given speeding ticket. He happened to be running Google tracks at -- -- -- Tom and you know in court presented that. Data from -- -- showing that his top speed. Never. Was. You know I guess about the speed limit. So he got had a ticket and hears is that the truth -- and it's part of -- he is. The jets and says like that's not exactly why -- got out it's because of lack of evidence and so. How -- know how to take that but it's a good story. They have this along with that the more important fact that there is that some -- it was entirely reliable live in -- Clock speed. -- given -- -- about the thing that area originally it was. There would use the precedent in another an -- court case about how. The radar -- are inaccurate and have GPS can actually be more accurate in determining if you and so it app. That is how fast you're going to basics where. The radar gun cocked an -- forty. -- I think that's where. That's -- with his argument used that the president and -- an older case so the bad news is that in the future please is an issue -- an issue tickets automatically basing your phone reporting it. -- -- -- -- -- They can already listen in on you. And put it. But I think if that -- that is what they're gonna do actually is they're gonna develop an apt -- -- that they can install remotely from Google marketplace. That I -- is speeding -- Google's past. Look at million that it never take away from this is that mean -- listeners like. Don't go waving your phone in front of a -- eighth when you get pulled over for the traffic courts where the defendant. -- telling along the same lines of if you ever get pulled over in indie favorites you can you can -- the -- in the last time it read our with calibrated. It just makes you come up with a do you -- and mrs. Martin worked really hard to find something else to give you take -- about. You can -- that in court says yeah -- for the fear of the courtroom. If the if the when his dead notable only 10% of the thundered over -- received plenty. The one thing that we had are missing in this week I think they'll likely be two weeks now we haven't -- like Android -- of a weaker. Misleading. Statistics of the week -- you're gonna have turned the Wii -- calling in so this week we have a useless. We call this animation. Ever once the military the suite of cool video is through this -- visualization and area. So this isn't a visualization. From October 2008 to January. Two when eleven of interactive nations and they have has broken down. By. Country. Has wells and overall one he skip forward to lake -- minute -- Six seconds you can see the US -- -- shall give you. A little better view of it but at -- Canada I don't kind of cool visualization looks like it's -- -- hundred phones across the US. It got mostly to slow build because it what's cool is the first couple of minutes for the tablet -- personal thing in the video there's not really much happening. But then you know its grammatical vote between thirty seconds and start to see -- hosts yet up if you look down and -- the corner it actually I point out things like the three launches now when you see all the active because they're happening and then like the Nexus One comes out now and then -- -- like how. In addition to just you know where they're -- in how how often their acting like what. What is causing those spikes via. Look if you really were in Android this is how you when you see things. Happen but it's like when you get and senator's home enter here. Via -- -- feed the meter that there -- But for those of you who have ever played this game -- that the predictive. Of -- randomly -- for exactly that purpose but later this year when -- craft comes to the Android. I'm probably not gonna be able to avoid it if you are urged to get out that have a feeling -- craft on the phone it's gonna be. Angry Birds post while. It it can be a perfect storm of of of did of portable gaming. I got into my path when it first came out and alpha and now -- data -- all I was thinking the whole time was when it comes out on iPhone. And ride it in the and I think it's -- So it's coming across iPhone in grade iPad presumably you know when it -- well. Or tablets so Wiki here is that 102 what is -- craft it combines the two things that I think are -- Lagos and punching stuff. -- -- -- Now the idea being that there -- this virtual world and there are against elements and minerals and resources and you mind these resources -- -- In the new -- -- to build whatever that whenever you want. Though people have gone as far as to do things like old that -- -- -- that yet crazy stuff like he'd like working like if -- scale replicas of buildings that there's actually somebody who built in. An eight bit calculator that works. So you lake removed certain blocks around an index fleet and things -- for you thought of -- kind of like. LittleBigPlanet on -- Infinite kind of what's going on there that's pretty cool but I think we'll -- two favorite things you have threatens our little. One armed friend over here the way the block the budget -- only -- punch in the it is a desolate desert and left -- drinking which totally goes against him first and now offering to. Now well ahead alienate the -- The building stuff and presented -- vegetarian thing at but. But yes that's that's pretty much mine craft denotes build coming coming later this year and much to the chagrin of -- -- batteries everywhere can -- Scary. Right so that's an email to Internet analyst at cnet.com person from -- -- -- has maybe can help. I've waited long enough for Blackberry to enter the new century but to no avail. I'd like to purchase an Android phone. -- Bob. That offers compare only email handling -- -- -- Blackberry tied to -- pop server with QWERTY keyboard. For the Verizon network. You recommend something. They'd be willing to wait to avoid buyer's remorse. Cedar -- -- the phones coming out for Android with keyboards are. Fairly limited these days. -- definitely some of them but. I feel like and this is probably will be cancer of anyone when you have saved how I'm on Blackberry and I like lot of Blackberry things and I wanna move to Android. Will be the Motorola Droid pro. Because this is based -- -- of your baby step from Blackberry to. Injury you know if you just look at the harder and you didn't know it was running and right you probably would take as the Blackberry lose you know has -- Fairly decent size screen has a nice black -- style keyboard. I'm but it really is aimed at this audience than you know it's a decent review from us as well. We think. I'm gonna group 200% on that. It definitely if you look at for that Blackberry replacement. That -- you want. With the -- some of the other bones I have I guess you know some productivity apps. That'll -- -- the work for you but yet there place. Media. Then I can while the -- China and promote it here and say that -- playing the effects within an email as about us and you know for a while -- and and what looks like happened is it -- the after the phone but then it soon if I unlocked it. If that it reporting. So it -- related -- like -- councilman backpack and they never bothered to unlock it return your phone on or whatever then. But then as soon as it did lose you do that group video -- -- it looked like the -- -- jumps in and immediately so it's found us cents. It's pointed us. It's pretty close to where we are. I think maybe that's. Next hardware -- -- get built in and give it a little mace canister. That someone unlocks it who doesn't do it right and you've you've sent the app to the phone tracking. -- mania a couple of grams of their mind you our full. Creative talent in the wrong business exactly actually AT&T -- give -- away for free. If there is a gadget business with -- there's nothing like here -- rolling -- and -- substances into the phones that swine. Am I right so one more it's a recommendation for a phone here from a viewer -- is paying Internet watch crew I'm in need of help in two weeks I'm due for a phone upgrade and -- and and here -- my choices down to the Droid incredible and Samsung fascinate each has present -- I can't seem to lean one way or another please help but -- -- need to ones that are another. So I think we're gonna help you hear that I think we're gonna make this issue a little more complicated -- you'd like. You Maria. In our -- go ahead and -- featuring incredible out of the running because we'll click year old. It's not. Oh yeah of course you have one but I mean you didn't buy a new. At and that would be -- alternate recommendation to pray and on about say the go ahead yesterday could be if it period -- like you know you're probably gonna. Signed another contract so -- found a contract on a on -- year old phone. Samsung fascinate. -- filled -- -- I don't like. This Sam and the hardware it's been excellent chance fascinate but the whole Samsung thing where they've locked it down so much and you can't but Google's not your default search engine you can't even install Google. And being muses that and -- -- it just. Too much I mean I think we're on the same page about now I can lock down phones and if that's an issue to you -- You'd like to use Google search right. Then this is not a phone for you. So. And -- -- -- think eventually of Falmouth up and a very similar. For more vote here my my agreed offer came on right and then I'm gonna say that if you're looking or phone. In the next couple of weeks. And if it ever comes out because it keeps getting pushed back -- -- recommend you take a nice long look at the HTC thunderbolt. -- -- The the newest -- I think on Verizon and about the time that you're gonna be ready -- look. Ray -- the specs on that line are. -- think that is -- It's an LTD phone rates went into it is -- that they've only got a single course of view a little bit if you have an issue with that. And in -- want to. You know look -- getting them in that dual core. You'll have been issued there but I mean it's. Single core but a fast single core very fast single core. It's gonna come with injury to -- to an HD -- and sonet which isn't that -- and I mean. Of the -- -- instances. The least heinous. Eight megapixel camera. And -- bunch of -- -- one gigahertz squawk and -- There I mean certainly -- this is out unless you're looking to save money on actual purchase -- you can get you know incredible for like freer thirty bucks or something like that with the contract now you no reason not to get the honorable. Yeah I mean just for the four G -- it better processor. Though that that's gonna be what we recommend to you and less in two -- something more often come out which in the world of Android. It will is possible. And I apologize and answer call -- that was no problem. I -- -- think eventually a Phillip we help them out quite a bit. We -- acquitted him in the right direction rate. Aaron Erickson happen to be that are excellent third -- Here but -- -- -- certain answer wait and buy this phone. Exactly well the united front -- -- -- to be coming out early march and those that a week now and two weeks due to get via. Cool all right here's one -- for you. -- -- -- -- -- And if popped up in all of how to videos and pretty much everything I do have to do it Andrew BC that I am still using the first in Motorola Droid and he's wondering if I've -- it. It thank you so frustrated with -- flow his phone -- -- he threaded through another window and he. Want to know I can recommend -- How to. Keep the phone from. I -- slowing down and he's afraid of breaking it. Those from my Enrique. I will say just don't be afraid I mean that the first injury been around for so long in the of the steps for routing it. I'm pretty easily laid out -- -- -- -- you can -- you can download even from the market I think that will likely -- your phone for you. If you do brick your phone -- stand -- time that I -- and anyway. Well buy a used during that entry can get pretty cheap on -- it'll probably aren't accurate. And though the way that I. Keep from during my phone out the window every week -- is key for being different -- And it seems like every other week and like trying out new software and that the one of -- when things about have been a device like the right to -- -- going to be slow anyway so in his book -- get in there and play with it right now. I'm running stock gingerbread. Very clean -- that I found the the same guy who does the -- beast from actually. Built for the are compiled for the first -- -- and I've also got my phone over clocked two gigahertz. So it's running pretty close to twice its -- visit her -- coming out of the box. And -- -- -- Helped me to. Two you get over the performance gap the problem is that you know you're running a first injury negate. Battery life sucks though I've also had to start carrying a second battery around out of that -- and the pre that I paper. Having an older phone and you can find those second those those OEM batteries on Amazon -- in bucks. There's actually really no reason you have a user plentiful matter that should have a second one anyway. Good answer if you want a good answer you want us to dodger question -- we did the previous one. Send -- to answer -- -- at cnet.com. Or you can follow any of to man so we think. Africa on Twitter at -- and analysts is they enter and Alice. Twitter account where you'll find although it is standard news component -- it had -- and who or. Justin asked not my real main board Donald at Donald. -- -- can watch our live show every week cnet.com slash -- Thursday's 2 PM Pacific and the -- of course cnet.com -- and -- outlets we Imus show and all -- agreed injury news including a resume review -- Thanks. For joining us Donald into the air -- zoom for joining us as well all -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- -- nine out there for joining us and we'll see you next week.
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