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Ep. 36: iOS safety tips, the Synology mixed bag, and your questions answered: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Ep. 36: iOS safety tips, the Synology mixed bag, and your questions answered

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The iPad 2 just launched, so we brought Seth in to talk about keeping your data safe on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Or an Android device. Also, Rafe tests the new Synology DS411slim home server, and we opine on using a DVR as an archival store for videos (in a word: don't).

Title and I'm -- this -- CNET for the rest blu. Welcome to the show were joined today by Seth Rosenblatt senior associate editor everybody and today we're going to talk about. To. Answer your tech key issues and pickled -- that's not -- tech issue and because we are just. An hour post iPad -- -- -- thought -- start by talking about the iPad. IPad security which has been having issues that the -- -- -- that gonna talk about a new product I have which I'm very interested in getting to work right which is my its technology home server. Then we've got your questions answered so statements going to be great show. Let's start. Poll also let me remind you that if you have a tech question for us please email -- to rescue at cnet.com. Or folded into 8774386688. -- 8774386688. No question -- -- basic. There are some questions that are too complicated. That it but not too many of those of the -- with the tackle the -- -- -- problems getting in your skin sentinel. Okay so set. The iPad -- just announced and those people who have been holding off to get it get a tablet organ and iPad waiting for this is a pretty compelling product. I think we're gonna see a bump in people who have tablets. Is is a tablet a security risk. Yeah I mean -- -- a tablet in and of itself now. And no more than any other device -- -- security risk does the tablet itself have security risks absolutely because. To -- -- that there's there's two issues that that I find. Of concern and the iPad one of them is actually more of a cultural thing -- the way that Apple tends to deal with security risks. -- -- a have historically in continue to do so heavily downplay. Any kind. -- security risk that -- revealed and they don't really talk about new stuff out in public there's no transparency coming from them. And that leads to. You know 22 problems getting swept under the rug and ignored. On the other hand you know Apple does every applicants through -- App Store and there's lot to be said for that. Although you know a few weeks ago back in the beginning of February there were. German and humans. Researchers that discovered a way to physically. Accurate you're your iPhone. In and can remember here -- -- -- they hacked -- iPhone that they had physically in hand yeah wasn't room. And you -- was able to do if he were able to. Get access to your passwords to the passwords on the phone. By bypassing the encryption are really so if you lose your phone you're toast so if you so what it what he already did and it was it six minutes to do it as something totally there yet. So what -- you were what are common best practices for people who have. IOS devices iPad iPod touches and -- phones. As far as protecting the data down because we don't always stored content coming up on it so what it what are like the top things that people should do have an -- -- don't lose. Okay -- number one super glued to your forms are staple number two -- amber too. I. Every time I'm on here right the way that -- talked about Evernote I talked about last half I'm a big fan of last past they have and violence -- I believe it's very affordable. -- -- And it. Use it. So that'll that'll. Protect your passwords that'll protect your passwords because you need to master password to have any other password. Revealed. And they're stored up in the cloud -- encrypted both ways so unless -- even have. Access to them so used last pass the last -- -- I phone product where I believe is the only paid product in the last -- -- -- for. Actually -- their mobile the mobile apps are paid -- -- else's right I'm not sure what the -- peppers but it anywhere and whatever. So what you're recommending instead of using safari that built in browser and it's password -- remembering feature news last -- as the browser when you're going to secure site. Leo yeah you use last past to increase your passwords it'll automatically put them in you still use safari. The you don't have to go from -- you don't have to go -- safari no password. And memory manager and a pass amendment. What about your phone it's Poland -- -- -- thinks he's two ahead of time or after the fact if your phone loft style. It's -- really good idea to have some kind of security app installed that it will allow you to remotely wipe your phone that's built in with Apple. It is great yep you got album -- -- my phone right. Are you sure you can -- so you can always find your phone and you can disable -- locket that are absolutely and -- white hair and it but to people do that. If they don't they should though used in the find my -- feature do you absolutely have to go in set that make sure that that's running. Know how to get to win you don't have access to your phone trying to get that from your -- -- on Android is actually quite a number of of options to do this. One of the best ones is looking out. They actually just put out yesterday our colleague Elinor mills just wrote about -- and -- plan B who which allows you to -- -- to -- Because you to find your phone. Even when it org or your Android tablet now. And even when you don't have access to the phone itself. Or two. Actually means it just hammering on about -- and looking up completely on them it. If India -- -- think it's any way to get to two. Find your phone when you don't remember to get to it. Aren't so will it lock and like the ones -- okay so look -- makes it so make sure whatever it is whether third party app or native -- -- content -- make sure you have to locate lock app. And don't lose your phone and use password manager shore and some -- of these phones are phones are scary because there's so much information on the and of course of course obviously. Said the power on -- and set it to an aggressive time. Not absolute yet. And had to have some have some kind of security features so you can just easily jump into the phone and make sure that there's some -- -- lock mechanism -- Swipe you know. -- it in -- -- something. Plan B may indeed lets you find the lost phone without having downloaded special software onto it before hand for Android -- As rocket says in the chat room it's like you know the day after pill it is a pretty if you forgot to install and your phone that's clever it is the day after pill for your phone all right. I bet. This that app on earth yet and that -- thing when it is that. It won't actually push into the phone until the phone has been turned off right of course -- but nobody can hack into the but I know they -- the office and wrecked. Oh look at the now. All right let's talk a little bit about. It's a little -- here I have had for a couple years a Hewlett-Packard MediaSmart server EX 470 which is a Windows Home Server device which I hate when I got it I -- that it wanted to do than they at a time machine back in -- -- -- Mac and back up. Platform development PCs. And my Mac that's the -- and replace them with our you know. The EX 470 though is getting long in the -- Microsoft said that they're not going to support drive extender which was this great feature but -- hot plug drives into it and it would just build the giant disgrace it in the next version of windows homes -- without. My EX 470 is getting slower the console basically won't even run without horrible lag and it's noisy as all get that -- but it downstairs in the basement. Where. Power over ethernet over -- wasn't -- so. I've -- upgrade. And or just figure out how to make use of -- -- -- seventy but I really thought it -- time to move on to a a different platform. So I'm trying this new thing this analogy DS four elevenths -- Q picture thank you and now at this product first of all its tiny. This product believe it or not is a four bay network attached storage device -- uses network notebook drives rather. So -- uses little their interest forward little teeny tiny no netbook. Notebook drive I've got 31 terabyte drives in their right now room for another -- and it. These are low power drive so -- quiet and they're designed for notebooks that it got some you know rug admits to them -- and this device is dead near silent. Which I actually -- plus because the -- uses noble prize -- the power consumption is extremely -- so fantastic hardware I. Absolutely -- hardware aside -- -- -- that Geddes notebook drives which start at star cluster about twice as much money as the -- -- -- That said. Performance for on windows computers for file copy and stuff like that unbelievably fast over Gigabit -- well I'm very very good -- the user interface -- is that it's a web based you -- using Ajax and it just feels it's a multitasking. Control panel operating system. Great you -- in does everything. And I wanna of this product so much -- home and I want but because it does on paper everything I wanna do it. But it had enough for -- of the more than a week and it has warts -- -- a real mixed relationship with this new product. When the problems of the -- -- first of all. I was used the setting up a window home server. Like MediaSmart server which is you plug the thing in new puddle disc in the drive in your computer and it finds and as the senate and sector -- to run automatically. Boom done finished opens up ports to the outside world again in its -- -- with a low setting up Windows Home Server. This machine. It does it all -- but. I would never in a million years give this to somebody who does not enjoy and know how to tinker with the router. Ever interest now with some routers it should do the set up for you but what -- it didn't. And I had to go and open up. About a dozen ports manually while yet which are also free -- a security perspective should be okay and so set up. Real drag. Interest and then time machine backups unbelievably slow. Don't know. Then there are other features in there that look good on paper but when you try to use the -- as their problem for example when -- -- -- my 150 gigabyte photo. Gigabyte photo archive into -- thing you and it have to go and create a thumbnail and a web friendly version of all the videos on itself. And that's. And about an eighth of the way done with in a week. Why is that now it I can do this you can do this on your PC. But that actually make peace -- -- time and use of its CPU to do thumbnail creation and an element that whiners who do need an interesting and well because it it -- -- -- -- this great photo station they can log -- from anywhere you can steal your photos and nice -- but it can also do is build them on the fly as it needs. Yes. But no it doesn't that also it's a great media streamer can stream your -- music archive and both over the web and I'll have streaming those on both box and other deal the L an -- -- In it it interfaces with my my surveillance camera in the house -- one free license -- you have to pay for but it's really nice and it's just it's such a mixed pac man is hardware great men -- the design great it's just the performance and a couple key areas they really have to work though you're theme methodology give yourself a weakened to tinker with that but it's the fun little product. That's the DS. Four elevenths slim which is the newest product. I had to search around on the level but the -- included just just just came out. Anyway that -- -- let's get some questions -- before we do that. Here's a little tip for you Mac users out there in Idaho OS-X. Time machine updates every hour as a back up every hour. Sure why does -- do that. Who in when you're doing mostly work in the cloud or an Evernote drink -- something like that mean Whiting to backup this machine every hour special going over a network you don't. So as between a slow back applicant whose technology so I use. This little thing but I found called time machine editor. Which is a free little app and I set a time machine backup -- -- back up at night at 2 AM when the Mac is on but I'm not. And that's my one time machine back a minute so I don't have -- back -- embryo which it's silly. Are. -- on questions from readers. Key end it said I bought the 2010 white MacBook for college but I'm running out of space on my tiny hard drive. I want to upgrade to the latest book the largest -- possible. As I -- a huge fill them when planned film fans expect at. I've been looking at the new -- -- one terabyte two and half inch drive and was wondering. If that would fit in my MacBook or will be the best option. Thanks for help by the way those insane traffic easements analogy distinction -- -- -- -- think the Western Digital one terabyte drives are twelve and a half millimeters high and your standard notebook. Hard drive is nine and a half millimeters -- Many notebooks will not accept twelfth and a half millimeter high drives. Why we would Western Digital makes notebook hard drives that don't fit most notebooks some notebooks however. They will fit in math books as the new ones that'll fit in the in the -- -- and it will fit in the pros at least portico all the reliable sources I've read there's some conflicting input I have not tried this. But everything I have read from people I trust says the thicker. Notebook drives will fit in the Mac the latest Mac products so there you go go for that one terabyte drive. Call might you know I I replaced my laptop hard drive about a year ago we had -- seagate. -- -- what the model was -- so -- 200 yeah I you know if you're getting. I'm no expert but I feel that if -- if you're getting out a new left a project that's not a solid state you have to get one of the fastest hard -- around. And and go from the -- the hard drive don't at least. I forget and I did -- I did three weeks of back and forth getting -- -- to work really isn't that I tried to drive and they both its touch vibration problems that I couldn't use my Mac it was like. You know the -- Mac. And it at Villanova and new problem -- -- that -- then it's an attacker got -- referred one and I love it absolutely but yet it's fast and pick it. Okay moving -- Brennan says I was wondering what your take is on installing salute to go on a -- computer that has that slow boot and just leaving it. I use it on mine and love it make my boot time about a minute fifteen seconds just wondering what you think -- that it would be. Also. What are some remote desktop solutions that -- had success with or supporting a -- -- computer. So if you wanna -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is it first Pluto is a little app. That watches your boot sequence and help to identify what's clogging your start. -- -- makes it very simple to disable things that are in your startup. And there's other there's other options for that kind of stuff but excellent news is new and a very -- and very good to what it does. And you can. You -- use something like and that's configured community under the hood you have -- -- installer you can go in there. In and manually kick off. -- Davis started configure option. Salute it was nice the because it does optimize your boot sequence. I I like it. It's a good call I don't see any problem with leaving it on on the desktop -- I I tried it on my thinkpad my work thinkpad here which probably illegal application here but whatever. And -- -- it took a couple of things out of my boot sequence but didn't make that much of a difference in who still slow as molasses now. -- but that's also an older machine. Yet that's putting it kindly yet if -- -- well at G. Geriatric -- yes that. Actually -- comes with a walker were in and older vendor so. No and I mean certainly when you're dealing with older hardware there's other factors the -- to -- that when menus all things being equal. Certainly no problem leaving flew on a machine the MI it's a good hat -- that everyone also rebuilt and installer separately the got a tip from -- while that's a great app is an -- very robust and has a lot of hidden features that. An -- has a lot of features the size and installing them and find extremely effective. Okay and the other question here was. About remote access remote desktop solutions news that's -- that's -- there are a bunch tons. I just use log -- in avenues for -- the free service is really -- you can hold dossier a whole list. Of machines that you're connected to I just I really like LogMeIn and various data Internet as well if he can do stuff from your news and -- they -- an iPad -- he wrote remote controller desperate for. That's up from iPad that's paid actually very expensive -- but the free PC to PCs that are fantastic and in PC to Mac I mean they do boatman and and industry now people -- -- were talking about their favorite remote -- going in the etc. there are many -- okay rich the recruiter says. -- -- the nature of my job I -- asked to send a lot of emails at specific points in the future such as. Emails though so first -- -- morning email me reminder tonight. Or email that guy again on Monday afternoon. My system -- to write emails when I'm asked save them as draft and then get some kind of reminder when they need to be sent. If labor intensive and error prone are there clients or plug in that -- it between leopard. But -- in question these now. If you're using outlook palm on windows you can do -- outlook has the -- later feature I believe. I don't believe rich the recruiters and outlook -- though. So check out this little app which I had just heard about it's been out for while local -- meet later. Which I think turning the I think -- give -- your email server credentials it will do exactly after asking for. To send yourself email reminders as this new app called nudge a male. Which does exactly this to send yourself an email at a certain time for example if I get an email from somebody. And I don't wanna deal that until tomorrow. For whatever my work flow issue is I can just you send it to -- -- with subject line saying. Noon tomorrow in and the advantages and comes back tomorrow. It's -- interest I actually use that two I've been using it to help people set reminders for my podcasts. I do agree pre show post it and then I'll I'll stuff the whole. The subject and thing into and html link and you click that link title the email client and -- that the pre configured -- mail. Alert though you'll get your email five -- -- it expects interest judgment -- -- are useful to work with human. Everything everything -- afford an email to it -- when you want it right. And and how we do -- here what's the Mike in Massachusetts says I recently recently purchased -- robo FF the trouble with me multi -- files -- files. Part this -- thing. Anyway and -- wanted to know the easiest way to get all my pictures music and video on to it. I have some data on CD dvds Flash Memory USB keys and external hard drives -- I notes that the smart backup plan ever. While mr. redundancy. Unless they're all stored in one place anyway he says my main concern is duplicates and some photos which may have the same name -- are different pictures in different folders. With digital cameras naming systems for. And I don't want any files left behind -- like it he thumps offered analyzes the resources and -- them all retro. In mixed Mac and PC household brief -- read better -- -- okay well. I don't know about that's a lot of work. The question right we're talking about here believe is consolidation not syncing saying that all these sources anyone -- pull them all together into one place. So here's what I would -- and this takes only part of the way there and leave the rest is an exercise. First start with the Mac platforms. And take the biggest -- you have there and copy them to metro and wide -- -- because. I know of an app that is very good at copying things -- there are differences -- Teracopy and -- windows that's why the privacy of things with them this would. Then plug every all your little media cards and drives and stuff into the windows machine and use Teracopy which is a free. Enhanced copy -- -- -- file cup you know that. Click and drag that instead of using -- -- -- -- -- copy. And it lets you control. A much better. What happens when there are collisions of name. And it'll show you which is older than windows does some of its -- -- -- copies if you -- more control. Does windows as it does -- -- -- renamed them on the line so it it encounters that duplicate insane and you can and I think so I that would as the -- their copies in -- Mean yeah I mean BN and windows doesn't -- it. Anyway the idea is to. You know start with your biggest archives. And then go smaller and smaller pulling things in and letting the duplicates that are obviously duplicate because they've got it at the same name and file size and -- names and -- etc. And just letting those not -- and then. You know when you when you move something overeat take that media that was -- -- put aside it's -- but it toward forgot about in his back. -- -- -- And yet an item on the message this is that this is what happens -- with media these days as you were thought these photos and videos are at only -- resources and you really need it solution. Two. Make sure that you don't end up with little orphan files off -- -- that. It's completely new ran I was thinking you know some kind of cloud storage might be an option for -- Yeah that's a good idea actually. From -- But the problem again is is that you wind -- you know having to make sure that your photos go into the same place. Your music is on the same place via he has -- on the same folder then they're not gonna be recognized as duplicate files. Sun that's right there you know there are programs for windows. And I'm sure -- that will go through your file tree and let you know if you have any -- -- around. Even across different folder yet there are duplicate file and maybe -- through a -- -- the show notes you know we'll find important and one for a lot of -- files finders and if anyone and the term has one that they'd like to use -- -- especially for iTunes. Or music library well because where the files are it's -- -- the same song but they're different recording so one is. I can't speak for for iTunes because -- abandoned it years ago and and wild and more but it I do know that programs like Winamp and media monkey and and a lot of the other windows based two boxes you have duplicate file finder on it. So and and and I think what they do is the very basic they just look at the song title. But what would build the pull them up all four UNC conceived by the length of the song and -- -- you know if if and you can see the album they're different. And in -- you know the leading the light version keep in the studio version by mistake. -- I have I've tried one of these things. Here my. I don't have particular software recommendations on this but it -- overworked full recommendation which is. To nip this problem of duplicate files their photos or music art and other music tracks as early as possible. Because if you let it get out of control then you're set with a three hour task of going through one of these after trying to figure which of the duplicates and you just can't pay attention on it it. Our right the -- final question. Dan says I have a Verizon files with their DVR. And I've used it to make recordings of a fair bit of video. Now I'm moving out of state this city that does -- files what is the best and cheapest way to transfer my DVR recordings to an external hard drive. So I can take them with me. Now I ask this question to our -- -- actually the entire freaking CNET reviews and news team and I got a couple of really -- -- replies. Don't says anything on this equipment storage he says it's impossible. There are two things here first -- -- copy files and any need to read the files that new locations. The files are in a Linux format. The -- open box and get the hard drive but they're probably encrypted. Effect they are all encrypted he says the content protected -- reading them is an entirely different story it's not worth it. -- -- -- I agree. Maybe could try using a dvd recorder or PC with an AV input and do you know real time. Copy even using what's called the analogue hole basically. Doing it's like dating and audio tape copy playing back in real time -- just recording straight up you'll lose the HD. But in my network. And he says the better option is just make a list of all the shows and -- light and look for online viewing options like Netflix Hulu Amazon iTunes etc. and just give up. Declare. DVR bankruptcy every time I upgrade McKee though -- -- -- twice months and years. I -- forget it. You know I am gonna lose the recording that's okay you know I want to watch -- -- watched them. Now I I don't even -- the things because they can't stand proprietary. Lock -- -- content that I've paid for yet it drives -- more insane than anything else. Throwing -- -- I don't mind I mean that that I like the -- the -- -- -- -- but. You know I've got shows on there better year old but I have watched and the only reason I'd let people -- them automatically when -- -- them like an hour and it's like when -- since the but my email and -- Glenn McCullough our political correspondent says. If you really care about your key recordings and want to preserve them and for perpetuity it. It doesn't make sense to rely on a proprietary solution like up bios DVR of course that it. He is good point though that which -- listening we've done it. That to protect the proprietary stuff sucks people just don't don't mess with -- I don't think I don't agree it doesn't suck it if you want to do archival backup it's such -- -- little utility on Wikipedia right but with a DVR I don't I don't. I don't pretend that everything that's comedy arts and only keep for our rights -- we keep it -- -- watch it. This yet but this is the same problem that that -- To any music services. -- -- there called. Where they they had. In you know. With the stupid. It's the it's only thing you -- the way the thing that that in the DRM. No idea in -- they have DRM on it the -- goes goes down for good and your music goes with it and you can -- planning and I mean it's. Yeah that's a pain in and the music and video are different. I mean. Yeah I I mean. You get into me actually to but I think a lot of people out there feel the opposite a lot of my a lot of my friends -- these enormous collections of movies and and stuff and aunts and the music collections are quite small -- them. I think I agree with that the tenor of the conversations. Here and -- from the people that I heard back with on the -- -- which is that a DVR. Whether to keep though which is your own or popular -- Verizon's with a -- DVR. Is a very very handy thing -- is not an archival medium that don't even begin to think with Nelly yeah if you really want something that forever. Then buy the dvd. And and buy an extra deviate dvd player and keep it in in a box and a -- just the case that at -- It is that the storage technology's changing so fast at this point and trying to get locked into one system -- -- that people had the chance yet for twenty years as. Kudos to Apple for dropping DRM on MP iTunes music. Isn't that yet fully. And most up -- and while ago around -- -- and hands on it and he yeah -- -- finally we got a question are common rather alas that's what you think is really interest thing. Read the Catskills that I want to throw my two cents regarding I could team up left after -- Email regarding last path. A last past of course we talked at the top -- the show on the pilot devices is a cloud utility with. An app on your browser that lets you store. All your passwords. Very securely. In. People. Worry about that because -- stored passwords cloud. It is still true. The read goes on that it's a single point of failure but really so as every other solution that I've ever heard of if your passwords are the -- were memorable gibberish -- supposed to be and you have to record them somewhere. Be -- an encrypted Evernote document during. An encrypted excel sheet which is what he uses or piece of paper or whatever. On the other hand if you do the hashing algorithms -- thing. Solution. Then an attacker only needs to view -- of your path for type -- to figure out all the others this is an action plan and consider what the hashing algorithm was. -- the ideas that you have a secret code word in your head even. Like. Seen as great. And then whatever site you're on say you have a lot for Amazon -- and you say okay I'm going to make -- is great and -- some weird thing with the three for the literature and then it would take the second letter from the site I'm on and the last letter so -- and from Amazon and make -- the third in the ninth character -- -- -- great and that's the new password. Now that is on a one shot that is a kind of very very useful tool and is. Are you do that all the time but as he points out here if you get two of those passports and put that aside even break the hatch right and then -- -- wide open. So last -- he says all things considered it's probably more secure than any of the other solutions. Especially he's the new multi factor authentication -- it -- like -- -- -- yet or phone which vertical. -- -- -- And that's pretty much any other tips from you I'm so -- just one more thing about the passwords they are a I'm a fan of using. Very easy things to remember where and what what researchers have discovered is that using complicated passwords that are shorter -- where you have special characters nothing. It's not as effective as having a longer password right. Even though that might not be any particularly special characters and so instead of having. In -- -- very complicated and hard to remember have something like I have no life period. The thinness and in right there you -- -- special character you've got spaces. It's long enough so that it should fulfill most. -- security protocols and and -- forget it. The yen but then if it gets hacked like -- got their passwords hacked where news they were exposed in clear text and he then once somebody gets that through at flaw at whatever service you're using. And your open all -- service -- what I'm saying is use EU use the longer password concept for. Something like -- last past master password. And then use presses like last that's which can generate -- -- -- And you have to do those I have stopped many services are no longer actually no my -- of -- last patent password generator absolutely. And the change that -- but -- long and convoluted. That's it for this week we will be back next week with more of your questions answered you can send you -- questions who for us to rescue at cnet.com. And or phone them -- 8774386. X 88 -- 87743866888. Or rescue at cnet.com. Now Friday. And seen on reporters' roundtable really great show Michael Robertson the founder of MP3 dot com and a recent. The recent -- of this new. Digital audio recorder for radio called dart out FM will be here with great cent of all talking about the music industry and the internet's -- -- -- -- -- interest -- -- -- Friday noon Pacific time. Seth thank you for joining us have -- done. -- thanks for producing. He got on -- five month.

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