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Ep. 34: Google grants (a few) of our Android wishes: Mobile

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Mobile: Ep. 34: Google grants (a few) of our Android wishes

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The Android guys dig into Google's latest Honeycomb announcements and take a look at the new Android Market web store. In related news, hackers beat Motorola to the 'first Honeycomb tablet' punch with an unofficial 3.0 port for the NOOKcolor. Later, Justin Eckhouse and Antuan Goodwin ponder the merits of 3D technology for portables and debate the usefulness the Motorola Atrix 4G's wacky laptop dock in this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly.

Google grants -- Android which is Samsung lies and then -- does the first honeycomb tablet. All that more on this week's edition of Android atlas weekly for February 3 and eleven I'm just like -- -- -- -- Goodwin was that everybody. As a gone at country and its own good week for injury news -- -- -- -- -- -- renews its kind of funny AM let's jump into it here's a Google had an events. Yesterday Eric yet -- Groundhog Day that Google came out them they'll be the formal work out a few more weeks the new robot came -- I don't know what more weeks than. Few weeks of new millions of -- I don't know how ignorant -- of -- -- that -- -- area. Yes and at -- event. To basically tells a -- stuff there adding new. I mean there's very little revolutionary stuff in here but it was great to see. Hands on what -- -- gonna look like. And they were a couple little nuggets and here -- that are. You know stuff that we didn't know or couldn't totally put together before -- rate. -- -- -- Some detail of this to how things. Working in and little bit it -- explaining. What is that action bar we know how do the contents dual. What kind of thing noted committee -- work. They did before showing things like how the notifications pop up in the bottom right hand corner and how there can text you'll. And you can do things like respond to and I am straight out the notification. For -- pretty cool so. -- pause here for second did you watch this. It's like an hour long elect the highlight okay. All I'm saying. Is cool your big company. He should be able to hire experts. -- -- -- presentation sucks so bad that the deadly part with relief Bentley. Ten minutes trying to get -- right. -- like fed minutes led by the whole thing lady killer -- -- lady killer they -- -- so like. He forgot to sign in and Google guy -- -- in it for -- -- and I'm sick like practice it a bunch. Or just -- an actor as they like it we're gonna hire an actor ran a column of VP don't actually know -- cattle that are engineers go there are present that Steve Jobs -- Do what he does do exactly what unit he practices -- a month. And that he does it I'm just saying it's you know. It's embarrassing but I will applaud them for actually happening in an event because much the time. You know these manufacturers. Are. OS providers don't even have the event pages have put out the press and and that's about it at for for Google easily -- a blog post on their Google -- -- -- and get a new feature here -- -- And I think that's really paid off because they got tons of coverage. You know if there wasn't this thing called the daily -- yesterday you don't have owned the -- -- But I digress I'm just saying you know since Gould did answer one of my request. In this announcement with the market hopefully they'll -- -- next request -- Do a better job -- president. So -- mentioned in the market -- let's talk about what that is and -- August we've been complaining for awhile or just you know asking to rule. Directly. To give us some sort of a way to. You know manage our applications. Search replication. And even download applications using some sort of via. Desktop or laptop based interface cleanup to do a lot poking around on the phone and -- and they've done that with the launch of market where they get the revamped. Of the market that injury dot com site. And it basically is. Kind of mirrors the entire catalog of available injury at thorough and break -- in the web based interface. You can search for apps and then you can also have them push to your phone so when you find that -- -- like. You just click on the install button and -- actually push it to your phone for download and installation which is actually in my opinion it's -- better. -- -- download and synch. Kind of paradigm that Apple uses where you'll actually aircraft to connect your phone physically and keep two copies of the application. A with the Android everything is way over locally stored on the phone. Right -- is a super cool mrs. sort of exactly what we asked them for and -- we had seen previously in app brain. Which they mean -- discontinue and I think now it's pretty clear why they -- them -- -- that yet feature. But he -- the market the web based market is a huge step I mean just for the -- and now you can link. To an -- and whether you're on a phone or your browser you can see it. No more of those weird market flash you know -- identifiers that you you know -- brought all kinds of errors when you -- to -- and anything except in -- phone. -- one link. Per. Though it whether you're tweeting about it or it you know -- -- text messaging alone you know linked to a friend whatever they open it on it'll take them to the appropriate place. Then says thanks for doing that I mean I think he still have a lot of work to go in remark allies you know that it's nice to have web based -- and I still wanna. See more sorting and filtering and everything we outline last week. And you know -- there was all -- also rumors leading up to this event that you music. Would be getting some sort of a revamp also during the event immediately the uniformed sort of adjustments to the music player -- sort of like a Google music service to -- in the union that well we did see the service -- the player in honeycomb is nicer and -- have kind of a Cover Flow type of interface. I don't know -- it'll just they're not happy with music experience -- -- -- that a new happy you can be not happy but it's better in -- -- -- an -- they didn't fix they have my prediction of iTunes. For Android hasn't come true or iTunes music -- but. The player does look better now with that and you know including. The -- -- widgets and -- have. Background task switching stuff is better -- I think that affects music as well. Because you can have as little. Seeing that they demo and at some point to new and it was like -- -- persist. Notification and of worries that down in the notification bar in the corner. And you tap the icon it brings -- play pause skip controls. Races. Yet again if there was one of my annoyances. And with with the current way is where it sector in another -- -- songs and you gotta leave the app. To do it -- this -- yet again and it's also a little bit different from the way Apple does it where they make you pull up. You know an overlay this doesn't in the way but. Most of the time and immunity using environment of the -- mile personal use. Probably gonna be using a Smartphone not a tablet that brings us into our next -- since we're talking about the future of Android in Smartphones and how things work. And we've got a story on. Computer world that's basically saying that Android Smartphone users shouldn't expect to get the full honeycomb experience. Severance of their -- PC mag here who talk to someone. At on me a Google spokesman as they re right. -- may say fir their quotas for 902 point oh has been reserved exclusively for tablets according to Google spokesman. Features -- sucks at any common applied to enter it over time which implies -- OS has for some went into a tablet OS as well as a separate track for Smartphones. I mean this still seems like -- asked me well and it certainly conflicts from -- we've been -- It's a little vague and how it's how it's how it breathe in and also the -- -- Features is and quotes were it at and that I think also my opinion. Or what I'm gonna suggest that they mean in a moment is kind of this seasoned with. -- something -- on the Internet earlier this week in it that someone figured out that. If you're running the the honeycomb emulator on your computer and there's they're sitting that you can make on the back -- to change things would be emulated revolution. So -- is that resolution to a Smartphone friendly. You parameters. Then all of the the honeycomb -- goodness the new interfaith even the lock screen goes back to something that looks more like. The -- for it. And so what I'm thinking this means is that. The next generation of entry phones may still be enjoyed -- dot X. But the interface that you'll -- won't reflect the tablet though there is -- -- to use a web metaphor they'll be -- style steep one for mobile want -- tablet. And -- that way you wouldn't get the cool things like. Than the new action bar meteor or even the larger wages and an idea. But. The horse power. Any sort of like general performance upgrades that they may. Or even upgraded -- to the interface -- -- Smartphone exclusive. Can still be rolled into that same OS. -- yeah I -- I think that. Seems like more likely that had a really understand why they -- for that doesn't really make any sense and I think the other thing they could be implying here. Is that I don't think they're -- -- specific. Features. And move port them back to older versions. 800 but I think what they have done in the past -- -- tune the features continues to break out applications. You and release updates to those separate from the actual OS. Release cycles -- -- program like YouTube and Google Maps -- continue to do that even more. Maybe take some of the critical applications and released applications. Very old and grizzly bear that out yet know I'm -- says I want that that is very possible -- You know. -- -- While -- -- see what happens. I mean if they don't break it out then somebody over and in the mining communities -- -- -- out anyway has happened every time somebody releases. With a custom skin with their own music player you gotta figure on the -- long enough you'll see some -- broken out any PK earth. The music player that comes with HTC send. You can install an uneven at that that getting that -- -- area and that really the mom friendly or download. True -- of the hack -- hacked in exactly so we often presume. Was committed first honeycomb tablet. But no it's not through Barnes & Noble book is. The first. Official. That -- -- -- -- I don't know specifically that the Nook Color. In murdered and basically would -- when it's done is they've taken that sort of safety cage you know the injury being open all the files are easily available in the port it to the Nook Color. So -- from what I understand both the of the stuff doesn't work though -- on Wi-Fi Bluetooth and all that. -- -- you know that actually does work solo works they say it's Eric. Is graphics and accelerates and -- -- or wireless touch screen buttons sleep wake sound but doesn't work is the DSP. -- -- DSP's digital signal -- seen. And really has a lot to do it hardware video decoding probably. A lot of the graphic stuff. -- parent by the TSB. Doesn't work. It seems like -- from the post and actually on the XT eight developers form at all surprising amount of stuff does work. But you know it's it's not production and just does. Very smart. In a person put this together. Tom and it's probably time and you know you were even saying that the nook is really have turned into this sort of hacker's platforms so much that. You're speculating and no one of the reasons. That they're gonna stop selling at least for now. Yet they pulled it off of they've they've they've put a stop fell on the McCurry I think today that thankfully the you know the last time I looked. The news was that -- stop filling it and people -- Speculating that you know the whole reason Barnes nobles are selling the things the -- -- they're selling and that is so that. You can buy books. It's time for a long -- moneymaker for them and their I think they're a little free the people are gonna start by and in the -- -- -- the -- -- -- noble and Cassini of that. The residual money from. -- it. I get it I don't know as fit for interest in what would also what's also interesting is that you know would win honeycomb. Who was -- was still -- a rumor. You know there was speculation that dual core processors of one you know -- -- gigahertz would be required. The Nook Color is you know running an 800 megahertz processor I think that actually under clocked. Some of it literally via though it's -- and not a powerful device -- human -- up and running and interest to -- Howell while with a performances like in and what that says about the honeycomb OS as far as its optimization because. The thing at the very cool that you -- such. Basic hardware right so if you have is that the run enlistment. If there's enough color or waiting for the -- is not the tablet for you. Then you may be interested. In the LG. G slate. We heard rumors about this at CS and no one can actually look you know we still haven't seen it. -- at T-Mobile that's gonna be on T-Mobile sort of officially. Announce this today. Him they had to respects. But the biggest thing about this is it at 3-D tablet so not only can you view 3-D. But you can take 3-D media's. Except. You have to where costs. Are looked deck you'd just maps and Alec hold on -- unprecedented in my class -- from my tablet. And what if they're different classes and he's with -- TVs -- sitting down your couch will -- in -- that switching from one parent 3-D glasses to another. I mean and on a small screen and I guess. Think realistic we talked about now you know that the unit. Naked eyes the readers that were -- now. Nick and I three devices penitent and if you Google cross site a little bit but unless both Korean I think -- yet. Having to carry around glasses that are the you know distinctively going to be about. 25% -- of the device itself. Can -- yeah I mean -- -- may be used tool -- tablet just not. Muse for use has 3-D devised from its gonna have the you know the tegra two dual core processor -- that make its camera eight point nine inch display. They run honeycomb. Com it's gonna be. You know on the T-Mobile four G network. There's no Racine and those specific data other than this spring. You know really 3-D is the story with this Tyler -- You know and maybe maybe in two years. This -- come back to bite me in the but and then our great famous but I'm kind of victory. I just feel like it's just a feature that they're just tacking on the stuff. And I don't see the point in it. -- ten years -- -- -- years it'll be that they a minute I'm gonna look back on that thing go what was I thinking that. I think about I hear the -- what what about that modern it was gonna be using this I don't know. And directly over a month have had good. They've been able at that. The end I mean there will their rides read our call last week about all of that some naysayers of the I certainly was on the offense at best there. I mean you know tablet I will say. Still media haven't proven themselves -- But 3-D. I am firmly believer that. We'll think of 3-D the same -- we think of smell O vision. You know ten years -- occupy. I guess. But I mean it it seems like. 380 is one of those things where when it does work. It's not because you just are casually interacting with -- And and in the tablet in this and a Smartphone -- platform. Is kind of a casual technology and when you pull out your phone to you know make a quick reservation -- open table or something at them. You don't really sit down with the intention of I'm going to now use my tablet. Like you would with when you sit down to watch well being used you permanently handed down to watch a movie on your happens when you do. Like who's like in their house sitting down to watch a movie on their tablet in rather TV people. My son at this whole -- that it is that like you're watching something you want -- -- something else. Yes and this -- India -- more -- project yet in our historic and arts and on the iPad you -- store. Again that it but then I guess along the same lines of the whole if getting back to the youth and -- -- -- just ranting about half to three years. -- hello I'm just. Okay can you can we bring. We can keep 3-D if we can brings television to tablet. Yeah I don't think there's anything lower on the television c'mon now who let that -- no movement -- so. -- -- thing earlier that. You were wondering who's buying tablets like the iPad and what nine apparently people who were buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Are returning them. And in truth. Snapped yesterday -- this story -- -- -- map from ITG investment saying that he Samsung galaxy. Have was being returned to at 16% rate. Which compared to a 2% return rate for that -- was huge and this is follow up story. To what we sort of her last week about the tab sells not been anywhere near this -- -- will -- millions that. Simpson was saying that they were quit India how many -- shipped to the store and not how much was actually sold. Except there's some sort of late breaking news on this that Samsung access though that's not true thought actually. Our return rate -- 2%. That all that data is wrong and furthermore. We were -- quoted by multiple news sources last week when we talked about Samsung -- sales. Our policy and and it has since -- executive Leo and announced that. Sales were. Quote quite smooth but everyone quoted him as saying quite small. -- I don't know what to make of this weather you know whose -- the truth here. It seems like they're Samsung every week his. You know embroiled in some kind of he said she said battle whether it's why they're not releasing an updated -- You know -- -- Li gang up on and on time. Let me who think -- feel there -- some. And it sounds great maybe he speaks Korean and it was miss translated very English isn't very I don't know either. That yet so it's it's interesting now. That that you know they did when I guess my initial thought when hearing the story is that like. You know people seen the Motorola zoom and now they have buyer's remorse -- -- in a week for the next generation -- you know it's one week for the next generation telecommuting if pointed out in the in the story that we're gonna link to that. You know throw it need to tap run for area. Ray yeah I mean it's a great question why would you by the task at this point the -- in January but once you heard about presuming you heard about. Three ELG. G whatever that was called. He hadn't shot via just as careful not to -- that when -- slate. -- two minutes -- we very forgotten what it called that's how quickly. Devices come in you know when you're talking about Android stuff and I mean if they if you're saying that while would you buy the tab now knowing if something better coming. Something better is always coming I think if there -- -- just -- legal matters -- -- -- it's -- you're buying a tablet running an OS that does not intended to run on tablets. So it's just that it's not even make just old technology was old you know two months before it came out to train its and a under -- compared to a data tablets and it just. An experience that the room. Was never intended to beat by cool. And now that's on saying and given Samsung's upgrade history who knows if it's ever gonna run -- and never again -- all. Those try to believe that Samsung Galaxy Tab. Whenever they're gonna call it the new -- that takes on a next generation enough that we were perilously. Right exactly -- after the break we're gonna talk about why don't actually need to buy a tablet because there's a whole new dimension in an injury. -- platform since that is as tall girl gamers act. Well come back our way so we talked about -- couple times first thirteen ads he asked them literally eat tricks forward -- from AT&T. And Motorola. You know first of all it's just kind of a cool phone. It's dual core tegra two. So on the forging that were. The HDMI out needs these have to repeat that make -- camera -- -- But soon as the coolest or most interest in heart rate is to the dock ability rate of this phone -- houses -- -- the idea being met the phone is so powerful apparently that. What what what a Motorola want to do is sell you. The sort of laptop dock which basically is a key border and day LCD monitor that kind of old flat like a laptop but -- new processor in there. The -- idea -- that you would plug the a tricked into the back of this and it would serve as the -- all of the horse power. The of this sort of laptop -- -- -- -- get a custom interface that actually -- more optimize for using in sort of a laptop form factor. On the day and also still get access to all of your data in contact and and all the other information that's -- be stored on the phone there. Think it's kind of a cool idea but look at the price here. Five -- box they love that it 500 bucks for the contract or gonna buy it separately not in the -- is a -- -- for the phone in the dock. Looks like if you buy the phone with the contract -- 200 bucks for the phone -- by the phone in the contract with the dot. It 500 bucks. If you. Decide later on that you went -- affecting -- -- if you do Grunin and got the phone up front now you wanna add to dock later 500 bucks for the dock by itself so. It's a tinderbox is little it's a lot of money hearing I mean considering lake. I mean I don't we we don't really know how fast of the tegra two is and sort of. Windows type of experience and you're just use it -- that. Albeit running windows no I'm just saying they -- -- Yet no it definitely is that I'm the same if you're in easily to use windows you have full screen browser and -- -- watch full screen flash and I'm. Do everything you do on your windows or Mac. He -- -- is this CD -- gonna keep. I don't think -- all of my point here is that for -- but you can get a pretty nice set net. -- -- -- And if if tablet if tablets don't kill the netbook. And in the mean they cannot sit in the weird spot where. For not much more you can just get a twelve inch laptop with a real processed -- it okay won't even that means of for a 500 bucks you can get a full on windows laptop per share rate and so at that point you really want one that's connected to your phone so when the phone rings yet -- stop using your computer's unique in -- on the phone. -- -- -- -- -- that you can't use your computer -- -- on eighteen TC can do voice and data at the same time when you have connection. So you give to continue using it also this thing is of out of thin as a MacBook Air so mean you're looking at like portability form factors. 500 bucks for that. -- with 12100 bucks for a MacBook Air or -- the other ones from Samsung -- about 1213 hundred bucks. So -- it -- all of the needs of a netbook. -- I gets a little bit slimmer. And what is -- that. If you buy it all together. Net you decide you -- at this stuff after the factory and 700 dollars for phone and adopt. By and then in the bundle packages only the best deal. It is I don't know I mean 500 -- don't -- a modern mean. This dock is really just sort of giving you -- sprayed bullets -- the laptop dock is just a keyboard. Has two -- and down in the LCD screen they're actually a second dot that you can buy the HD multimedia dock which is actually more along the lines of what we expect from a cell -- -- -- a slab of plastic pre -- on in the top. The coming out of the back of this are gonna have and that's the -- underneath it at 189 bucks and it's -- and then and in 489 bucks you get the dot you get a Bluetooth keyboard and a mouth and a remote control that. Still pretty decent deal and then coming out of the back -- the doctor gonna have connection for video and audio and power and I think three USB port. Which you do with the USB port that nuclear. -- -- -- I -- you have a couple of options here and I think it I think its price pretty well in my opinion. I think that dock maybe is priced on par with others have laptop docs. The I don't know I mean. Besides -- -- -- just think this is and lest there is sort of industry standard here. I think this is kind of attack that in your radio in default and are well if their respective -- -- standards so that every phone you've got. Could dock with. You know there's the dock standard. -- -- -- -- Colombo one of the things that we haven't -- could be the only when it does it right. Is even a Motorola standard one of the first things that that when -- when -- -- -- phone coming out. I always -- yes was -- thought -- man that's really cool. I'd consider that from my next phone but I don't want equity AT&T. But didn't -- the dramatic is sitting right next to it the little expect that and that functionality. -- so if there were some sort of a -- future for even more rule standards where I mean you would expect all of your -- hardware. To work with other Motorola hardware and and there'd be a phone that you can dock on Verizon in them phone on AT&T and then maybe later on -- -- -- on sprint. It is kind of specific and is I guess a lot of it's not really doesn't really having -- of four compatibility. That if you've been. -- -- the next version of the Motorola a -- just is the exact same shape used in connection. Yeah I mean -- right it it is cool that. You know it it's gonna be gone and you're never gonna hear this again at the month and and on the and an infinite it's an interesting. Form factor and I mean I really -- this the people pushing the envelope and at least trying something different mean if I really hope it works. But I hope it -- look at honeycomb. I mean honeycomb supports. Now USB keyboards. Hand most phones these days from the HDMI out so you really don't even need to dock right. -- that you could get a Bluetooth keyword and plug it into your monitor and you've got like a Bluetooth keyboard and a owls and lake now you've gotta find a monitor like -- view I'd like what -- not at a coffee shop. You could do that you can just pull out this one device open to doubt that your phone and it all the cards and a standards based one so belonging to make a dock that it. Already has a built in Bluetooth keyboard or USB one. And -- steam high. And then it works with. You know most modern in -- phone. But then again that they if the connection standard there's a -- you just snap -- you don't have to hear Bluetooth and then. -- stew Mac and actually don't have a cable coming out of your phone into the back of something in in going to repairing process Justice Thomas -- and and that. You know I mean it's not like they're locking you -- -- you know it's them. It's it. It's not like. And a tune in tomorrow for our special on the Motorola -- tricks will want. RA. Tell you it will. Is. Google Android on the global -- market here. This is very with a segment called. If the -- analyst useful statistic of the week. -- -- so this is the same story. You've heard it here before. -- -- this week became the best selling. Inserts that here. This -- that is best selling Smartphone OS globally. Which is I don't know -- seems to be sort of a status that so far rate with 32 point 9% of the global market 33 point three million phones shipped. If this is in Q4. Rate. But basically they're knocking Nokia. From that top Nokia in their Symbian -- from -- top. Slot -- again a lot of our. Worldwide listeners. Wolf that he is recognized as something interest in a lot of -- north American and US listeners literally. Nokia -- and even in the -- but they do have a large presence globally and significant to see. You know and bring up there. Right so 32 point 9% -- -- thirty point 6% for Symbian in 16% for Apple. And then -- in the Mac and through its multiple. US why -- comparison and -- -- Took 53% of the cells in the fourth quarter. Compared to the iPhone nineteen person. That's pretty -- them. A -- sales. But then again. There are dozens of -- phones at different price points. Evening get. Think they're even coming out with -- prepaid phones now. So -- to -- that -- its interest being. Really like you -- -- and the both of us who called Android -- to brag about stuff like this but then at the same time not apples Apple. -- -- -- -- an extremely flexible as -- -- and can fit into a variety of form factors and and and then -- give -- classes of phones. Or tablet or tablets. Or microwave or toasters. -- -- so. Do you need a job anywhere in the if you do in -- -- injury developer. You should talk to Google. They are higher -- apparently a lot of developers entity even. Shifting some internal developers to work on -- draped with the really trying to put out. Bunch of new Android apps themselves that reportedly will be free. Or -- support -- more likely. Does that Google's deal. You know to make -- even more compelling. Which you know I think is definitely a good thing probably wouldn't. -- -- -- that this is not a new strategy obviously they've been doing this all along with Google Maps and Google Voice and Google. Sky map in you know all sorts of different built in apps. Now they're just the unit the next level -- -- So that -- should have no app reason. To discount -- platform again you know I kind of wonder. Sometimes if this is counterproductive. To use the example of Google Maps. Google Maps is really good and that's awesome and an and -- -- just the thought. But the fact that Google -- -- also means that anybody else who wants to develop the navigation app and fill in navigation app and Google's. Ecosystem now have to compete -- Google itself. And so wonder if you know by creating -- like first party applications -- the kind of limiting. Limiting in a way of the the number of people who will come into the market right in -- and want to develop -- I mean you can't it really hard to settle a navigation app now because who apps pre -- The -- -- never gonna -- -- have a lot of. Barriers to entry just get in the map data to start with the -- is huge. But I think you're definitely right and -- our unit has been made for decades you know Microsoft at the same thing Apple did the same thing on there. In a desktop OS's in. I I think Google already has a pretty good set of apps. You know what might be more productive is for them to go out and either invest in companies or go to existing companies where they wanna who have iPhone apps and -- -- will. -- for development of the first version of fear into revert -- Right where they -- interesting here is is. I guess the key word here being being ad supported and it. -- kind of indicative of what's different about. And during birth and -- less. -- -- Apple makes money by selling devices so though the more -- they have in their stores the better just make them look more appealing platform Google makes. Money off of Ed. And only and only an app sales to -- small to its that -- Olympic to a smaller you know but I mean. Not that Apple makes let you know. -- a lot of money from ads as well tolerated with they have I ads now they -- you know they have their own that network. Saw you know I don't to discount that failure rate that schools certainly. Makes far more currently on their ads or rather its -- its payments are only. Revenue stream yet think they did they don't make -- X number of dollars for every. Random main street phone developed by a you know small time developers you know -- built they'll make money forum. The sheer number of phones out there except that it. By having more phones out there they get more of the residuals from yet. It's it does on that interest in -- it. Worth exploring a little bit more. Well let's explore some of the Google apps now. There -- an update to Google Maps on Tuesday. That. Updated the latitude -- latitude service which is another. Location based social network users -- the features in FCC call -- Google stalk me. That scares me I know you're all into it but it. We'll -- talk about what what it is we -- with the update brings. Bull. Basically it adds sort of a check in service to Google Latitude. -- being it. Allowing you to share -- -- -- GPS and location position. With friends you can now whole if you're at a coffee shop check -- that coffee shop but you on the Google places page. And -- they get exposed to be sort of a kind of -- square -- -- -- fifth kind of competitor. To play around with it all week. -- -- -- -- -- -- mean it's a scary thing is to me is you can set up to automatically check yourself in right that's scary. Let me that I guess you're doing that year. Not not that scary for me who was overstepping here at the point of view but it. -- I don't know I wouldn't do that not that and going -- -- automatically and then and there seems fine to me because if you're sharing your location you're sharing your location. And latitude and one -- you use to check in when you want -- -- if the fault you check in when you want -- the default is don't hear anything. You have to opt in to the entire service to begin with. When I. If fill out and that the automatic check in. Actually seems great because I really hate it when they were then placed foursquare alive and from -- -- forget. Check in place that I'm really trying to be the mayor. A minute unity here on the train headed home -- like crap and checking in -- you can do that anymore. Within their of course bring it to my problem with this and and -- what is the point require you checking in -- -- know. There's no advantage -- you don't. You don't get access to you don't winning patches. You don't become the mayor of anywhere there are you sort of deals. I guess is it -- almost stepped that up a little bit and asked the broader question why -- -- -- the -- Well some places elected -- than being the mayor replaced sometime sometimes. Carried. They give the proceeds. Of within Italy. The places you'll go built yet -- a -- in -- window in the -- the mayor of this copy socket a free copy. Every time or when yet predict -- desert -- and there's incentive enforce skirt and has the community behind it where. It incentivizes. You know the business -- to participate also Google Latitude don't really see it having that at least not right now. And I think this kind of indicative of like I've got forty foursquare friends and one Google Latitude and I think people are just afraid of the fact. That lets users. Who -- in all the time. Britain is foursquare when used to be little more selective about it and again you can change that in the default isn't sure all the time but that's kind of what people think about when they think of latitude if a while -- with well what I wanna broadcast my location at all times. Good question another app this week from Zynga. Words with friends for -- has been out for iPhone iPad for a long time and you know Android users have been. Relegated to some other analysts -- some argue that use them but other alternatives and couldn't play in there. You know IOS friends teams. And now we can. Whom. The words with friends. Right now been playing out word you'd. Which is the word for friend last scrabble knockoff I don't really understand how they're allowed to make -- game and but yet leaving there's like a bigger install force. -- a million W installed base rent with words with friends just because. And for a long time. They have a -- -- that will meet with Apple. -- ago. Com. That is all the app updates we have -- this recall all the news in general however we have some excellent emails. So follow up from last -- we. Mum. From Tyler he says -- has played around with an emulator and -- figured out what the action bars. It is a bar at the top of the screen that has options specific to the app. For example when -- taking an email on select text the action bar will pop up at the top of the screen with options like cut copy and paste and this -- -- -- Yes terrorism. Yeah we're talking particularly care about the but -- -- that contacts are of the shows and about -- -- and how we played with and returns to figure out what different things -- and that's that. And then my favorite -- the -- Is from me. Potentially a Nigerian prince that's really -- the didn't ask for any money specifically. -- -- -- I intend to buy an HTC Android Smartphone. Who would prefer one that can play video content easily kindly let me have details and mode of payment and delivery as -- live in. Far away Nigeria. While which reply please accept the entrances of my best regards -- -- Austin. What. Are reselling phones don't. Oh my side business side business. And I expect today I was reading this email -- kept expecting its daily. You know I'd like -- -- -- phone please send me 500 dollars so that I can then do it 101000 -- attack yet. But it didn't. And I know it's. Through get some weird weird emails sometimes. Move the -- if they get one of the things we'll have a public key militarist of the amount of its -- and crap but it. -- -- -- -- with interest and be the HTT injury and video -- it can on the -- -- anything else. Plan again let's give wanna hear me complain more about how much I hate -- Then I think redundant they're OK awesome will good show if you would like to contribute to this show in any way send it to Android -- at cnet.com or -- -- -- -- phone. You can follow us on Twitter and -- an atlas. Wore watches every Thursday to -- at cnet.com. Slash alive that's 2 PM Pacific. And the blog CNET dot com's must -- -- apps where you will find this show as well as all sorts of awesome Android news. And -- yet. Though thanks for joining us you next week. -- -- --
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