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Crave: Ep. 33: Robot babies drive us up the wall

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Crave: Ep. 33: Robot babies drive us up the wall

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On this week's Crave, a slew of robots--especially two undeniably creepy baby models--have Jasmine so worked up she's lost her voice. And what's making us fat this week? Not pickle-flavored toothpaste, that's for sure...

February 15. -- It sounds like I'm dying to me and I feel and overall we're both -- that ratio is really showing solidarity -- by -- I was elected to though and I know that I think you'll hurt your vocal -- to make you the -- so it's also Phoebe from forensic. You have patents. -- really taken -- just dollars and. This data aren't there yet they cleared around the tickling and that was -- -- be our blog panel. -- -- Frantically -- you're you're in the aired on the hecklers your sexy. The defense particular you're doing now an unknown I think that's offensive but does that mean if you're -- compatible you think some of. -- -- Don't think that that but -- report. Like that's not motivated furnish. I mean I don't know for sure but I don't think so that's about -- is that. On the romantic -- Now that that literally speaking. Just the -- just a romantic tip I -- talk about audio thought about robot. It romance and -- -- apparently. For all of you robot enthusiasts. There is a leading -- say just for you can match you up with your fellow. Robot lover -- which is not an actual robot. To make loved him with like -- not a real fast but your. Now it's it's actually people with common interest in robots. Together a little less exciting to make. -- -- -- -- And I was like -- where he obviously just thank you laws that Nowak prostitute -- capacity like good looking people were robots. -- -- -- What's for highway for sex we'll get there when this is gonna start the start is site called robot passions. And acting the URL -- the title. Leaves them open them Schiller interpretation here a future word cute lies. Male robot -- him -- -- I mean that you didn't and now. Can can take over the site when it mixtures since -- -- -- now have to get it right Donald. And -- have -- have art amendment perfect you know -- meet. Who hates robots who actually at the front of the room -- -- -- it's -- that now I think this is going to be. It's just another avenue partners to hook up and and make -- an awesome or. Our next story. They'll be creating their own thing really creepy robot children. -- yeah I'm like god oh my god okay any other screen -- Jesus. So -- -- -- the it is and -- would logically think would happen when you're away on a -- by the decision means my guides and creepy. The Japanese have created. Franco. A table top -- -- Designed to designed specifically. That could the head and I don't mean oh my god -- and killed eight please. The temperature gets alerts. And -- It designed -- -- terrorists to the heart you feel like. -- of worm. Caregiver kind of you know are they any war saying I wanna re leveling off and -- -- out the window well it's a horrible -- have -- and I've got a little bit. It good or bad that it doesn't have like a body -- this disembodied. He -- robot head. But it does get -- because as the second media should view. Behind the scenes of what the thing looks like without. Without the scheme on the table here I -- I. -- -- The other night and other collection in the window that is almost everything I've -- Is -- it's these -- -- home is this. You've been handling god did it checkbox on the robot dating site why did out of -- tolerate and it's a video. This gave us -- robot head and make you charity law. -- the deal breaker in we talk about this right it's I think maybe at this point it's accepted the pain and that this is this is life right here this is looking for like -- right let them out -- -- no. Just be me it doesn't know it is used born paths and horrible it's pretty bad Iomega. -- -- maybe you'll get us closer to. And I do think that there isn't noble effort and its right -- and you -- robots that trigger aren't. Sense of humanity and make -- one it -- with them then. We will achieve something what will let -- treatment then don't we already achieve that by pushing amount -- elements. That little -- robust going to we don't say anything robots are going to replace that one day after day we actually either you turn the planet over to them or they just might take over the world enslaving us if we -- if they at least have -- adorable little bee -- reliant. The kind of make it's still good about the whole thing. And none -- them and -- -- that. -- have no idea we are talking. -- -- -- I've no -- -- trying to go with it nothing was. I know it did it with the with the operating missing link towards -- Eventual adorable I don't I don't see that ever happening we'll look at and they're always gonna be creating we have it in the whales Moore tells little mommy is here -- -- -- it -- that it also creepy. And damn. -- can dolls are. It broke out like don't -- -- -- and wear clothes for her needs image as -- -- -- she asked for her boo -- to get -- -- -- kind of the -- I'll picking queue up any of the voices and. -- -- -- I think that's carrier voice it'll be our obligations on this month and -- an element -- Well it's it's this is all great fun until you wake -- -- premium and -- -- over you wouldn't exactly okay and that's what's gonna happen again one of the eyeballs -- sadness and a read only the behind the current packets like terminator BB elected starts -- what this one and -- -- the most of apparently realistic kind of needy demanding toddler. Interactive -- -- can -- combined now thanks to Mattel. Yeah the Andrews dolls doesn't is a -- Israeli enemy. She dies he had a -- that's rigs and TV -- it's been demanding it's -- like a real. Demanding chalice that actually more annoying because it's someone -- -- Also the toy fair without getting off mark creepy -- tangent robot behind him that this could be babies that the robotic kind. Hot wheels. Can now go on walls there is finally the vertical sites. Hot wheels track that I thought with media that hot wheels going up along with they've -- for a while that kind of race we will. The law that was like an eighties thing where there's like it all right yeah yeah yeah I -- launch navigator. But this is the only difference is more like -- -- it goes down the -- on a track. -- that comes down in -- law and -- think for people like. Small apartment. There are people who is one -- -- -- sending me steamed or you with the wall. -- pretty cool Lorillard departments. And analyze comment right and if there's -- Wallace is spitting distance of thirty bucks gets you least they think a basic kit. On that you can indeed the vertical. Hot wheels track and lets you mouse -- and yet -- -- That same idea but a little cooler you can race. Yes yes had to separate tracks me need to do -- racer. And useful style and -- Dramatic -- yes I am also on the -- interest theme and minority toy tangent I found this Darth Vader. Head. Boom box which is actually after the baby thing far less creepy. Like out of the I think we're used to seem -- beta Darth -- body lists. Yeah exactly head home but are -- I can imagine taking up the Darth Vader helmet instead of like the weird. You know pale face and anyway so -- I was like -- nearly. Trying to do is. Weird little boy away slowly what he's seen -- recent UC -- -- message does face or. Hayden Christensen space. Or. Right right what you -- I say I any of those options would be less keeping me taking it off and -- a robot in agri. Well I hear a for sixty dollars you basically get a glorified CD player. Am FM radio or I think -- FM radio. And a lion -- -- with ridiculously cheap it is pretty pretty -- -- looking but -- -- some cool projects he could do with its where you have the Darth -- head I think it is like -- between physicians now -- -- it. And then that those guys -- do anything. Else I can't tell to scale audience probably it's not gonna be if all the scale element of Gatorade -- trees. Would be disappointing. Yeah -- will be -- -- and by now when you can actually tune in with a little nodes that are coming out of his -- Well one of them -- volume effect and read. I know yeah you're right knowledge and the tuners on the back. -- -- but it and the other one would be a plus and I think it's a missed opportunity gaming into a alarm clock recently and data and head. -- -- -- -- -- That wouldn't break something and a spare that's apparently -- little red LEV lights behind guys I think it weird PP red glow which is weird and I really I had no eyes and it is the it's OK peiris. Totally hello -- I -- for a better uses an LEDs. Professional big wave surfer market dot by -- this third. -- generation and you know. -- -- this LTD. Surfboard. Partnered up with a few different mining companies and NASA submarine lighting company called -- and make a surfboard that would give off enough light that he can actually surf at night. -- also with the help of a helicopter. And some jet skiers -- lights that show what I'm looking that I'm looking at this desert where with the red LEV that was back he has a white. LE DE act Wii which which is it I think that's just kind of track him -- where he's actually cooler never. Part -- -- me and a and then there's also -- -- AM. There's like -- while volt battery. On this report encased in like. Plastic or rents -- home to help power the entire lady -- hard to see an immediate it's so dark. That down. If one of the yet that are awfully -- nuts on a big wave. That it looks pretty go into anything except for this if they haven't done are -- would be eight. Snowboarding. Is at night. -- deadly or that should not recommend -- There you have an Ivorian a lot of places they can certainly get the lines -- my ears and light up light up the east slope and then there's a light up -- -- right. -- so it's cool it's dangerous -- certainly but it looks cool we're only gonna help them before. Yeah he's got a lot of -- you have to have your pro surfer I guess he can get away with them in that danger element. The helicopter's pilot -- expensive part that I would think that. Also expensive and cool that also deadly in the same way to -- it deadly -- -- much more. A lot people -- -- kind of way isn't a -- come if they've gotten. Being developed for the military called X 1025. Nicknamed the publisher. -- the people who tested it. That is a it's like in exploding artillery. Has a microchip on each round -- that you can tell -- to explode seeking you can shoot at you considered Omnia. And -- in two -- I want -- thing. To blow no wasted you free program. Okay so it's not like -- shooting and then like you pressed a button -- -- you want it if you press the button expose them like that. Now okay so -- -- program eap program so he -- the idea here is that you can't for people who are if you -- and -- -- that are hiding under like. Lawler are in in building doesn't mean you can shoot -- the round out the window. And any notes to blow up. You may -- when he -- that business -- that you want to explode. Said it right quick pan am in -- that one yet it's so -- aside from the fact that it just looks horrifying need. Brutal deadly. It is -- being touted as one of the biggest and it. Advances and military. Weaponry. As not appropriate that growth and we've -- only a -- -- -- -- that was not and it's exploded determined. That I hope it. Yet the scary but it's also really interest -- just that the amount of technology that do it -- have -- each round with its microchip. Enable -- and expensive it's gotten pretty pricey yet actually measures -- mat and knows how many revolutions. Right. Little round -- before it -- like per down. There's a meter or whatever so that's how it -- the revolutions. And actors are so many -- Who. Crazy yeah I hope thanks you know when you really against -- looks -- -- what could go wrong. In the meantime. While I'm not thinking about. That. -- It's got sushi in hand and has been coming vision for awhile -- -- is that they you know find that your little. Japanese candy store that's so cute -- have seen this you can actually go and make yourself kit. And and you mix up there's the little pan and little packets of sugar that you -- -- Where you actually mix up the gun he writes and you mix of the dummy tuna and -- don't -- I don't know whatever the other little. Gummy fish texture thing is this actually. It's intensive again -- -- -- -- however yeah so this actually tastes like. Like that she know that's -- the taste like. Great person to look and -- his little compartments for each school unit powder aid powder and other odd -- Water. How does -- -- take -- than something great be here right he had helped -- buy it and now in a pattern come kind of cool to. The meat fanatic. This is like a Japanese version of we -- those things collectibles -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not -- yeah anything like oh yeah yeah always -- -- -- -- corn syrup disguised as food protection. Locally threat is like the outbreak of seaweed takes -- -- he easily roll out the -- be pretty dedicated -- becoming endemic species yet to -- oh. -- -- -- -- Neat I admire this product the door -- It -- adorable in. And -- weighing into our food segment. -- this is why -- -- my contribution to the supplier that is the Dunkin' Donuts. Concept of bike rack. Which lets you carry a box of Dunkin' -- on the back of your bicycle although -- -- that this is -- this is how you maintain I guess yeah they did a doughnut box out of bicycles I think this bicycle is position in -- -- -- -- weird though may be -- -- -- take a lot of effort to get your burning off all the calories now and the huge oxidant base. That down yet again well it's a dedication. To a lifestyle of -- -- them. This shows us the name them you just made it sounds right yeah that mailer you need to be I mean it really does mean nothing definite delivery people economics but has presented that themselves like -- eat doughnuts this -- is. And I ran home my bike in the snow and why couldn't you just have made it a little's more square meeting get a pizza -- -- -- beat them. And mutilating haven't -- very rectangular. Man. That's a half out that some -- -- buy there also are not gonna actually make you fat and oh now okay but again our interest -- part of an overall lifestyle. That. -- a food lifestyle yeah that's wrong if you get eight. Jobs and one is either all have been recently added to the Archie McPhee catalog. Bacon flavored toothpaste. It's real he can get it now for four dollars and fifty cents and its companion T paste. -- -- And then for the and -- pregnant among lake Eric Franklin I need to penalty phase. And for me -- looking -- for you know. To do -- others. You know I have heard of this is kind of but -- -- of urgently -- before hand well why do what it was to clean things his wacky -- when he grabbed him. Perhaps the content is -- to these -- -- I would just like the leak tests at my -- probably I could argue it cupcake. Hectic and -- like and I go above I can take in picture TC like public and it pays to have tasted an hour -- -- -- And the pickles really grossing me out -- definitely the worst thing picture of the people that yeah I know total toothpaste I loved pickled about. -- -- That's just wrong out of them part of the thing with -- things that that the texture of that that if you know I gotta have CNN has now toothpaste textured page -- item and nationalistic when he -- not ideal when they have like the scratch and sniff -- -- -- a typical one. But why would -- -- -- ultimately has little -- it smells like little portable. Pickle line. -- -- -- that will actually make you fat OK I mean all -- let's -- it -- if you actually need it but. The Korea and candy corn pancake. Some horrible night -- in the -- -- of finish cooking it and get -- -- aliens better in the orbit probably for an app together should be -- -- -- and then after I beat this. Would you really need it I don't like candy corn -- much to be honest that it can I mean. Why not I'd try it probably would have a low melting point I'd be -- -- Candy corn again late concede that -- that flew off the side there it looks like infinite melting down and -- -- Though they had valid again patent on any any syrup for that. And take it up by -- -- immediately with -- -- to date on top of home care. Yes. -- So is that it yeah I mean we've we've gone through -- everything that keep you robot Davies suite. Because that how you can make get a date he of their fellow bureau but they -- yet. Now we've shown you how you can a guy with here at the new advancements in military. Weaponry segment. With these and Darth -- over there. That's -- trade -- I've ever was one. I think -- and everyone feel compelled to mention that you know that next week it in my last great -- -- why. -- You are interested in you know the one last Jasmine France creates an -- -- like three out. And minutes. -- -- -- -- we've moving on from from CNET. Clinton does that look as clear that I'm -- -- crave I hate you guys -- Head and utter you know all of even and I'm leaving the dynamite or personas though I'm excited about it tool -- -- moved to Santa Barbara has. Italy and make our wireless -- experiences I hope there. Better I guess as you do you work with us with -- -- work with you repeatedly use them. And yes I will outlook with the New York team and actually still so I'll still be around and might go into far yeah but if one mark trade show with me on it. And -- we'll probably make a whole month. And then ultimately it's the rest of CNET Asia's Lebanon the happier -- and crying right. Awkward issue -- do it if it fancy like Michael's got milk usually went to do -- to me happy to hear it. Country behind him the attention I didn't bring in a bunch of fried foods as a. It's really stink up the holes because I already did my favorite thing that which -- first. -- idea. With the around -- he said that I think concrete -- love's gonna my favorite but like twenty Q ha yeah. Area in a long time we have been here is your own. -- if you want -- and email before I go. Do it in the next week. Now trade show at cnet.com -- of the call at 870. Here at CNET at 3638. And and if you wanna see the past that we talking about next week. And create that cnet.com and check out our -- although actually I'm gonna make you -- like about -- next -- I'll -- out I can't help -- -- we'd love you are lovely lady. How can we -- -- every one wouldn't you like me. Dummy which you like about them which -- -- this is the. Already -- right. Until next -- he -- an analyst --

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