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Mobile: Ep. 32: The Android phone of the future and a blast from the past

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Mobile: Ep. 32: The Android phone of the future and a blast from the past

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We take a look at a pie-in-the-sky concept for the Android phone of the future, the old school T-Mobile Sidekick may return as an Android handset, and a YouTube series shows how an Android phone could save your job if you find yourself trapped under a vending machine for a month. All of that and more on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly.

Android and Amazon's market could be going head to head. Samsung has some good news and some bad news. And an Android -- save the guy trapped under -- vending machine. All that more in this week's episode of Android atlas weekly January 20 -- -- eleven. I'm Antuan Goodwin alongside -- of both -- and health. Welcome yes nice work there. -- if before we get and all that we can have to talk about the big news that his group literally minute media minute. Ago unless of course you're listening to this tomorrow than it was two hours ago. So you hack Google names -- new CEO. Who you may be familiar with. Such things as founding Google. And Larry. -- -- yet -- Eric Schmidt the current. Or -- -- the it was now the executive chairman though there's little discussion that we had before the show where. Is this the step down for page or step of in that number fitness step up percent or -- -- -- -- are. What's happened in there. -- I don't know I mean you donate his WB chairman I think that it could be. Positive step but it's certainly you know here to rid of the lower title of CEO. -- -- he -- you know just the chairman. So he could probably now spend more time focusing on big picture stuff. Whereas pages can be in terms of the day to day operations. You know. I don't know -- our question here's what does this mean for -- -- of of course Schmidt recently said that. All of Google's 2011 strategic initiatives were around mobile not to some remotes but -- call. And so will page. Keep that in a -- stay focused on -- probably. I mean it seems like they. -- -- they don't seem like they've lost direction or they're floundering about I think there's -- It's more probably more of -- change for the day to day operations. And how things determine that the most what you. -- -- another question here's why did this happen. And certainly we don't have -- answer -- that I think it would have been good to on -- tackle here for second potentially. To bring some money in from outside. Who. It does not have an engineering background you know I think both page answer it really have engineering backgrounds. If you go back -- enough anyway. In Google's really just an engineering driven company and -- I think the benefit them to get some perspective outside of that there really engineering focused engineering drives the company. Because that yeah I think especially an Android. A lot as -- -- -- with that yes Android is technically a better operating system. But -- interfaces. Crap and I am. Using bad words and also. Being. Going to extremes here but certainly. I think just because the guy at the top isn't necessarily is is coming from an engineering and or doesn't necessarily mean that. The guys -- on the ground art. -- they have made moves towards. And I'm sure that there are people. Within the company whose job it is to you know make sure that things are purely engineering and -- It -- You know. Updated and in its refreshed and things look and operate as well on the front -- and they -- on the back -- adding we saw a little of that with an -- It certainly looks a lot better in I don't think there's any reason to believe that in engineering oversight if hampering that. Well I think it's -- the culture of the place I mean from what I hear even when Google looks at changing. UI based the -- in an engineering based manner. -- when they wanna change the color of text on their homepage. They. -- -- a multi variant tasked with thirty different shades of blues to see which one will work better. But then there's I guess there's also the argument -- it worked well enough -- -- -- bar for -- -- You know like why -- end them. You know Google -- creative. And ire this day. What's the name Steve Jobs uses not -- much. -- -- now maybe the code and advise them each of lake pavilion in the U pupils -- Yeah with a glass that they are now blasphemy I'm just saying he's really get -- US stuff. -- I'm -- -- yes I'm sure that the people who work for her were also very gated US have probably better than years. It's alive. My my thoughts on that. Changing gears a little bit yes and that's a developing story and turn next -- more on -- C you know what the effects. That -- enter -- are over the next several months right. But with talk about what we do know right. Now last -- -- -- -- we bella is -- phone with getting from black. About holding there -- update hostage. Basically what we're saying is there with you the rumors are worried that -- -- was denying updates to owners of that are there. Current devices so that they committed. Released new devices. And there would be your selling point that the new devices -- the -- -- this week we get news. A funny look what you weak dot com for about -- it definitely original source was daily attack yet and often quote in CNET and this story. -- -- Collaborative here and but it looks like the of the rumors now -- that Samsung is charging carriers for the update. Though the 2.2 update. To their current devices with the injury -- -- themes like. Samsung. With a rumor is that -- is one indicators that he then to keep the update and push -- out simpler of course is denying. These allegations. Everything about that. -- I -- they -- knows Sinatra I think it they're gonna command say. No it's not truth and it probably isn't true or at least it's not true anymore right maybe they were at some time but hunter -- I don't think they were. Why would they charge for it would would. Can't -- -- -- it with -- being based on Google's free open source software can the could they even -- where they want -- it is there anything they couldn't maybe they can't charge for an actual. Software but they could charge for. The development work you. Bound to make it work on there -- network is the point that. That com. Certainly at this point at the -- -- commands today. We're not charging for -- they're certainly not charging for it anymore. Anyway they could say when alternative -- and then continued to charge for it and -- have that coming out right like at least T-Mobile would say yes you are. Again there's another story of coming from a tipster. So -- communicate just be you know a lot of you know and and notes people spreading rumors that consisted that it seems like that's what it is but it needs to be thinner that we're hearing. You know people flinging mud at -- -- about the slow update process. Right yeah that's the bigger issue here rate wise and it out yet exactly what they charging for -- not trading for an -- a really cared and I just haven't they have it. You know you can -- if I had to pay five dollars maybe I would even pay five dollars -- this point. I don't know how slow and not how I'm doing that I'm not offering that I'm just -- like it does well you know. It's not unheard of rate you -- -- -- -- their -- while because of that accounting issue like that that has magically disappeared. -- -- -- It hit me via the Miami Samsung says and their quota on this which -- I guess talked to CNET. I don't know widow has -- sent. Samsung feels it is important to make injury to to upgrade available only after we feel we can give millions of galaxy S owners -- simple and reliable upgrade experience due to the complex being unique functionality each galaxy S device were performing additional testing. They're working to make -- to to upgrade available to all galaxy S owners including in the stamps and vibrant as soon as possible. -- said that before. It I don't know maybe it's just me and perhaps that's because I'm I'm not they have mobile phone developer but it seems like. If you've -- -- its -- just. You can at least it. And that he would have broken system but -- comment. Yet no mountain equipment. Other than some -- This is not the only Samsung news. This week though -- there's some you know I guess -- -- good Samsung news. Along the galaxy S line. Samsung has announced they -- holding a year's event -- -- -- February 13 is this -- inventors is actually I think this is at mobile world congress I do believe it eight. -- -- And there are. You know basically saying they're gonna announce -- next generation of the Alex yes there. Literally no whole lot of details about what that is there what that -- And there was that T-Mobile. Press release that just came out. It says the new. Galaxy S four G will be the fastest Smartphone. Running on. America's largest -- network IEU mobile. A look there are all something with the -- four G network there and largest of the fastest -- the largest and -- fifth. Or they all have some superlative and -- get confusing. They do not have access forgy. Now it says that it yet -- quotes. -- -- So I think you Moses saying that -- that. The next galaxy S four -- will be the fastest phones that T-Mobile carries. Which maybe doesn't -- a whole lot different -- Yet William I'm very interested in seeing then what would -- tell -- it is. I like the iPhone. You didn't -- rarely seen in new phones will I'm getting tired of seeing new phones that are the same as phones that Hillary's team. I'm getting tired of the phones that are better than the phone that I have but it will isn't that everything that's pretty much every on the market right -- -- military here. And when my contract and if that more than I am they get all the offers -- upgrade now you know. In that. And BitTorrent wait for after a mobile world congress and he can handle a figure by the time my contract comes up late -- gone through two generations of phones. And the the -- the get the -- step that the into the and then will be all gels to view and then two weeks later a better welcome mountain. Of in the -- -- again. So when here and we need you here -- new phone wet market or App -- do you think will be on there. It'll of the -- Google's market will be on there but then we've got them. You know Amazon with -- building their market -- who talked about -- couple times. And so it's it's not news that they're building their market -- are reached out to developers and I'm not exactly sure when they're gonna want bulbs -- leaders here. But there -- some questions about how old you will actually get. The Amazon. App Store that's what it's called. On your phone because that Google recently has cracked down on. -- apps that try to. Distribute other apps been in the Android market -- be exact. The quote in their terms of service as you may not use the market to distribute or make available any product whose primary purpose. If to facilitate to distribute distribution of products outside of the market though no market into the market practice -- what they're saying. It's -- actually removed to market. Congregate. Arcade. Which was a flash game portal. They pulled on Wednesday. Com a day after it launched because it violated these terms so there's big question of you know -- -- you have an -- market had to get it on -- phones camps distributed via that. -- marketplace. -- so. You have to get people to. Download the EPK directly and -- the little box that says allow third party. Installations. At -- that severely limit your distribution capabilities her. Well. That there are two ways -- that can happen one way is that yes they ask users to download and manually install the PK. And yet you'll have to go into your options menu and check on unchecked that you know the -- disallow third party apps box -- and I think that not all phones even allow you to do that -- may not all -- you to do it but. I -- there is a way. For them to streamline that for example when you install -- that third party keywords white. On this part of the installation process it takes you to the keywords -- screen and those you to click quite. And then takes you back into the -- the -- process so there's. Probably some sort of a -- for. The installation process for the Amazon market -- you know take -- to the screen show you which -- -- unchecked they can't check it or you -- in ticket for you. But they can take you there pretty pretty easily and then that'll pretty let's. And in. They don't solve most of their on the other solution. Is they could just have somebody install it -- and -- they cut a deal with Samsung or HTC to have their Amazon market installed that -- -- with. Yeah -- that's certainly the more likely scenario I think you actually get the mass Merck and Amazon. Requires an anything they do rate you they've done this already with MP3 store like you know -- -- -- some pretty much all. The two phones that I had I think have -- have -- -- MP3 store and I think most phones I've seen actually do you have that. So they're good at making those deals. Nobody it's just -- -- to a question of how -- they actually get this distribution out there could they -- via mobile web meaning. So they don't they have now but they'll have a website you can download apps -- -- -- that earlier that you some sort of Christian beliefs and similar to. Tempering. The apparatus that uses the regular market on the back again I was actually disabled and a recent integrated update the disabled by Google -- believe. That's not possible but that was a great feature it was. So potentially want to see what happens here is you know Amazon certainly has an uphill climb here and Avalon -- steam stuff going on there's Doran. You'll certainly keep watts in this world. Iowa I think we have found the phone for you here here actually -- but -- -- -- that would be everybody's favorite and every -- -- -- -- all teenagers the the T-Mobile sidekick Burma. Is that even in -- I think that. Something else right. Yet this -- -- -- originally from danger yet. Rate I remember -- -- only person ever knew that it was whatever video producers Ariel. I mean he was one of the cool kids you and all the cool -- -- tactic. That's true and we are just -- with our blackberries -- by the time this magic was popular at the Nokia candy bar. At the Treo. 606. -- here's the thing. That sidekick is backs a danger bought them in the Microsoft spot it's very -- started -- Microsoft about danger. They released the -- inlets -- element to agree to really really well. And that was kind of the end of this until now. T-Mobile. CEO. Has announced that they are gonna be released in the sidekick. As a Android device. A four -- enter -- device actually. They probably won't have MySpace on there anymore. MySpace still exists and I really is a social network more of when you'd sit here and president and hook cool listen to them on -- -- That is the -- -- -- they just. Keeping the name in the form factor like what about this device. Is -- -- be a sidekick besides the fact that it'll probably look out. Many phone. Or -- they don't -- that -- form factor and the name don't panic and you know does Microsoft not eight -- the name. They should or unless it's just you know that the but the danger acquisition didn't include that which wouldn't be unheard of right maybe it was the -- -- the T-Mobile sidekick. So. I -- -- -- interest in avenue who was certainly a popular form factor but it was popular before we had anything else like that so how will -- today. You know will be low low -- true. Threw back phone batteries costs. -- and there are elegant -- -- pre ordering blue green now. -- -- Well it's not the phone that I'm -- yet. And I'm not really interest in that either the -- that I'm getting yet but here it is this it doesn't have a name. Right now -- -- flexible. Concept phone. I would -- if you're watching us on video. We have little to screen shots and actually a video of it -- we can -- now. But it is suited as the read. But affordable. Three panel phone. Public three flexible -- led displays right there they're -- curve style curved -- touch screen they're made gorilla glass. -- -- the idea you can. Pull it flat into like a -- standard kind of touch screen. You know slate. But configuration or you can prop it up and watch a movie on it because that's the that the -- -- you can. Or -- favorite you can turn it into a flower pot. And thoughts on what happens when your phone rings and you have a flower and there are definitely defend your diet down Hillary's not the flour over. And slit his ball or they may -- -- also -- that there is inside. Of all of this a physical keyboard please you have the option of bending inflicting it into you know a standard kind of screen on the top keyword on the bottom. Form factor for. You're typing long passages. And it's look like is powered by Android running some sort of stock injury though as but it felt so very imaginary in computer generated he had received for any and -- running nothing and doesn't actually exist yet but it does look really cool -- is an interest -- -- of transformer phone. That'll in a potentially being too. In -- whatever kind of configuration you want it you don't wanna use the keyboard you -- and erect yet and -- you. If you wanna swiped a scroll you can click scroll through and -- whole device over -- look at this -- can use it as the e-book reader. And -- -- sort of like. The woman excited about that do the -- gonna solve all problems. That we all have -- phones having them fingerprint. Well no land and an amazonian. -- screen. Means that. Duluth -- -- -- me though doesn't it. IPhone has that works pretty well or slept better than that put -- on my fingers we're not gonna solve the carrier problem. Well it but I can solve a lot of problems and a today is probably has found is that it will never do that. With. At and I mean you know a lot about cars and concept cars a percentage of concept cars actually come out. These days. A lot of them. The -- the conceptual process for cars now is so close to the manufacturing process that you know by atomic and that argued to. A -- -- these days you pretty -- That that's something that looks like it'll be on the road and in within five years. Panel bad example but I'm -- -- -- -- comes out there this technology in this phone is based on real technologies so rate could come appeal to -- -- deflect the this flexible screens certainly raised the mean -- like it would just cost you two grand. And maybe it's worth it it's -- not be an. It's on my Amazon which with no apparent -- -- fact that again. I'm alright after the break. We will talk tablets. The current. So feel like we're talking about some of nonstop events happening I mean there was a frequent -- he asked the couple weeks ago but then there was the Verizon one. And now and now sprint is announced an event. -- -- event on and was it February 7 the New York City. Where they will unveil quote yet another industry first. -- like that annoying kid in the forum. Or on every blog -- -- like earth. With nearly like myself that out -- what their first going to be this time it's gonna be the first. Mobile phone launch event to feature David -- No. That it's just that now aren't you well I don't know what the first is going to be I mean there's -- rumors that maybe they're gonna announce though WiMax. Or G. IPhone. Or webos tablet there's been a lot of webos tablet news. -- but. Apparently they send invites to a lot of Android based bloggers -- is why we're talking about it here. And so my guess is it's a tablet. And buried him in 800 tablet but how does it become a first. -- question is -- that is -- it's the first tablet on. Sprint now can have the have the. Maybe it's the first four G enabled tablet. Maybe it could be that PSP phone. Could be it via. At the end be -- -- field. Would be but you know it's it's going to be a first the first in -- and I am saying it's the first four G tablet. It added. Not really an exciting of a burst into the first gaming. But it mean it would definitely fulfill there. The earth and -- random very specific thing. Or any patent I guess it's gonna get -- first four G tablet released. Because there's plenty for G tablets that have been announced including mountain news -- zoom while 3-D than forgy Rihanna. Could be so if it is the first four G tablet. -- its forty tablet do you think it's going to be. It may be. One of the potentially three tablets that HTC it's actually about to be launching. There's -- an article that we've got where this is a -- HTC is announcing. Three. Tablets. Well one of them should be on the -- -- foot seven inch and a tablet that similar to their desire. -- -- just like a big dead desire -- -- kind of however and script any tablet these days notes and a bigger iPod. It's just a big jury. Or whatever the answer on CS. So it may be one of the news. That sprint thankfully -- -- the blu supplier. Should. The coming out sometime this year according to the the article that we've got and the other two. -- -- Veteran editor and Eric. -- name tablets will arrive in June most likely according to Digi times. 803. But the fire is to become a standard 23. Britain's you know it's certainly not the it. It's above the Samsung tab ray which has two to -- So I guess maybe that's what it'll be the first indirect. Tablet running 23. And that's really -- in the course all of their efforts there extremely specific. Burglary kick stand. You hit a very familiar with the union and a giant billboards banners and keep an out of that there's an -- on the -- -- are on the way -- -- that says that. He could be the first tablet priced at 327. Dollars and 58 cents. -- That's my -- that's my second -- First guess is four G tablet. But this is not the only tablet that there's news on this week -- actually. Pretty close to that refuses to named. T-Mobile directly rumored to becoming a with a Dell streak seven cent 330 votes. -- -- thirty dollars with a two year agreement and they make a good point to in this article from entering guys. Com that really would you pay -- who signs a two year agreement. On. The Dell streak. Seven inch which will only most likely be running -- rate to two. And is you know probably not four -- TV centric centro. It seems. I'd be scared of -- out signing any contract on a tablet right now households especially in her room. I -- with scared enough of signing contracts with the handsets beginning with the rate of change and how quickly new devices come out. Buying them -- authority kind of behind the curve. And to be locked in -- for two years is very scary. -- I mean we'll see what happens with -- I think through the bottom line office stuff is. You know we still despite all the nonstop tablet announcements really haven't seen any real tablet. Except for the tab. Right -- the mean that that that the definite high. Now in my opinion and -- -- -- -- on resume at CES -- world's super excited about when you actually play with he you can only watch the video. Yet on it. They whether there wasn't a working model. Com which was -- was doubled the morning at -- -- -- of -- it if you know I filling Motorola should have meaning that he -- and gone. I understand where they're trying to do there have been the same time. You know permeated the -- that yet they've got a working tablet film where a warehouse. There's one thing work for me to go while it can even bring it tablet PC yes networks. And another. I wonder who is the hold up here is a school not releasing Greek homer having it ready in time works of the hardware manufactures not integrating honeycomb or some other hardware issue. Lecture I mean honeycomb. They're honeycomb release was announced that the guests I -- -- -- -- -- still brand spanking new -- may have actually only just gotten their hands on a final build. The honeycomb. You know maybe even weeks before Russia -- No way of knowing. Well there's ways well menial it would it was -- definitely working when they demonstrated the -- the tablet the the the they they did that came before CES word you know the who -- leaked out aren't that's true Andy Rubin was up onstage plane -- that talent right -- -- It's the me whether that was a pre release build in the distant wanna bring it in because it only worked there being than anyone from clicking on the wrong icon -- it it. -- completely speculative. But fun it is -- speculate. Cool will that were -- it transitions very quickly into new apps this week as. Not a whole lot of significant new apps out. From our. Viewpoint here but one called line two which came out for iPhone iPod Touch a while ago it was pretty revolutionary there. Is been released -- -- Can it actually sort of does what the title implies gives you a second line on your phone and infinitely. And have that it. Called on Google loyalists yet I don't know what -- -- -- avenue what it would it looks like it does is allows you to add a second phone number to your -- -- To your phones though you -- to what does that you and I use voicemail yet but what does that and you can -- and SMS messages. What does that the what is do -- do -- doesn't it. Well -- -- -- it's the first VoIP app -- directed feature carrier greatest mass texting combined with feature rich -- functionality allows customers to use one number for both types of communication. Does that answer -- questions thuggishly key word there is -- the -- that. Yet I think that is the keyword and that's where we've talked about dual voice you know probably in honey coming -- releasing what based the right now they don't so you can use -- to to make and receive calls. Yes over the regular phone network by it. If you only have data service. I you don't have any cell service. You can make calls over Wi-Fi and receive calls -- -- -- or even over your three G four G data service. Okay that -- to voice right now doesn't -- who ruled talk client. On on the does desktop does but Google Voice doesn't do that so. You could obsessively and not use any of your -- minutes if you. Didn't want to or are important to have -- -- device that doesn't even have a contract -- venues that have all of that. Doesn't have that you didn't that you didn't -- -- contract on. You can use that. Presumably with them through Bluetooth at that -- exactly. So this. C line -- is it's a free download thirty days free service and after that cost nine adding. 995. A month for unlimited US and Canada calling. Right now Google Voice is free but of course unveiled on -- capacity and your phone. I'm so once they make Google Voice available on phones -- interest in to -- What they do -- price him. And especially with the news that they just hadn't. Number portability to Google Voice and he. In seems to be -- sensitive first step. Here -- for those who haven't read that story basically you can pay Google twenty bucks. And they'll let you keep your you'll -- to port your number from. Landline or cell phone. Over to the -- which service where previously you had to pick an arbitrary number. From the bank of numbers that they bought -- when they were starting the service -- If you get kicked out your plan that they're gonna be effluent that. Definitely yeah that's kind of armor seemed like fish have some way to just swap because what you wanna do is move your cell number to Google boy continuing to move. Some crazy anonymous who cares what the number is to yourself -- -- at that point this matter what cellphone number is actually it. -- That will matter at all will see what happens here aren't what he got some humor for us. RA yes though there is actually. A pretty interest being video serious laws and theories that you really one of the technical about it. Called -- -- indoor and it's kind of been popped up on YouTube sometime earlier this week and it's basically a five -- maybe even more part story they the middle management kind of guy who. Gets a little too aggressive with a vending machine and get trapped under it but because he had his injury -- with him he's able to continue business he takes on the name of. -- -- Friends who are not all ID tells the gets on who you know who made it to her particular look at this now -- through. -- already -- there. Upper management was deeply concerned about day. Just so we had an understanding. You won't soon. Of course that -- about it me. All right well crafted. But there is -- One -- small concern -- management questioned whether indeed -- to effectively lead -- you combine all these videos. It's on YouTube registered email Ben -- battle -- reach an agreement sort of emerged recently agreed speech to -- we don't actually know earlier than any leasing period we don't know where they're gonna be used that we know that they're -- after directive I had commercial director Greg Nelson on him he personally teach them. They had received fewer what's in the edit video version of what's happening in the videos there and now -- just gonna demonstrated the think Google. With the text to speech piece -- tech kind of way to interact. To fined an email. It actually worked a lot better obviously in -- -- -- it -- in real life could have never gotten that thing to. Use punctuation properly you'd be able to face -- -- -- -- karma can you bring me some coffee question mark. Well you're not in a very quiet environment of the inside -- vending machine if true that's true whenever -- graduated is it actually right now the word comma. A -- requesting mark which is that it can. -- I have had success. -- -- The navy and leave you want like my accident or -- list or whatever your accent here in Italy so others. That could be. I don't know. No comment on that. Anyway check out it's an advertisement so understand the different cellular phone but it is pretty funny humorous -- move on an email. Our -- so -- our first email. From Jaffe fifth console would explain to me why Nexus One users haven't been upgraded to gingerbread at first we -- to retreat elected chosen -- But now -- second to the -- -- what gives. Oh my first impression is the next offensive would give it fined the golden shell now and far Ural news -- buy -- -- phone come on -- combining. But the the new data actual answer that we're gonna give there's actually an article we've been over computer world where someone developer -- -- Representative from Google actually stated that the the Nexus One is going to be getting the 2.3 update. Soon. That's pretty much all arguments. -- -- that pay I think what this really brings -- is if it takes school a quote unquote. Long time. To port the next version of an OS to their own phone. Don't have fundamental problem here that you know that is gonna. Continually make it harder and harder for. Different carriers and harder manufactures to. Port to their own phones -- they need to fundamentally fix something about how updates -- rolled out so that this isn't such a big issue. Probably and and they begin to goes back to the whole fragmentation question that comes up every single week come. In -- hundredth. If Apple wouldn't have this problem. When they come out with a new version of their own way it usually it on their devices all of about the -- -- now whether. Those devices all get the same experience -- it. Is a different thing when -- -- it previous users didn't do things like multi path being more. The mother thing. Would follow. The guy with a big well but I know that they were there were literally added the rated -- yeah its -- total their phone but everybody got it. At the same time and they need to go and back if you and that -- cuts mean that a port which could got. The problem with the injury here is that. That -- -- with went on the article is the last update for of the and hurried away with it the Nexus One within six days. Of being announced. Now we're looking at about a month. And we still there's still just think soon. The end of a bit of a problem. And I don't really know if schools just forgot about it they don't know wrapped up been working on an eco movement there. -- engineering focused. Not customer -- phone's -- But. Just like salmon this is what -- kind of talk about when there Schmidt discussion. Is that -- focused on creating great technology which they do. But there's a cause -- to the business ram look at the original problems they have with the Nexus One. In terms of customer service there are like -- what you wanna talk to someone and a store on you can't just use a forum. I went through that and I tried to by the Nexus One on on launch -- and after a bowel. Seven hours of trying to buy a well like Eva who bought the -- -- But in a perfect -- have been wondering. If I can understand -- -- from now that -- you put in those words. You've made a -- for a few good. There were only together with our -- to repeat wrote in two Android atlas at cnet.com. Why don't any of these endurance -- I carry this is Andrew. Support real time email. Is it a Blackberry has a patent on that technology visited -- and the salesperson -- again -- Gmail account to push email through -- don't -- -- third party in order to. -- strain now all around may email delivery in real time and a POP3 -- through godaddy any help or at best -- be appreciated. Have a good day. Peak -- -- one. -- email that's not POP3 exactly a love the this brings me -- pop history that pop to pop for. Any of those so yeah I mean that the problem here is that -- Is pushed from the server. So you need a service that will actually question in Gmail -- do this. -- an -- slightly -- mr. Angel exchanged could do anything maybe even Yahoo! has that. Yeah I think they -- yet. So you need a service that supports pop -- pushing -- not pop. Otherwise you are just polling. So there's not really a way around this and -- -- supports push right though I mean but once you get there. The stock Gmail Apple. -- And then also there are a bunch of third party app also -- support the various different types of a -- push email. In addition to preinstalled. Which applications that come on most of the phone. I think there is this sort of hack you -- -- however that with Gmail you can actually hold mail from a pop account. But then you're still pulling is -- the pop whole. The equivalent -- you could pull it. From so he go to web based T Gmail set up your pop account that pulls -- mayor and it pushes to your phone. But -- -- and pull every five minutes. Though wouldn't be real time that it's strictly on your own words the five minute lag but the company trying to solve here -- trying to solve lag or in terms of battery rate is as real time email but -- well email it is real time really mean. I'm just saying if you wanna solve. We've. -- that he's gonna solve the battery problem sort of pull in all the time. It's possible that the G -- workarounds. That help -- there. Though I've always thought the most pushed implementations were actually seek release is scheduled poll. He has you know if you turn off sync -- here. Gmail account you -- a lot of battery there. And it -- who has truly is push that is the human that would happen. I -- it then -- it part of push like kind of maintaining and always going reception and even if it's like a low level of just waiting for the -- it's still using. Profits -- to be ready preferences retailer. And it probably depends on how you do it -- gone back wave back to the point -- senator remote desktop app called point cast that would actually. Justice -- first streaming push. App ever and really wasn't pushed it was sort of scheduled poll. At -- People implement it different ways in the I don't know the answer isn't sure Google implement it -- properly. Hampshire. -- You know don't from -- will commence. Well that's -- got this week. If you do have maybe. Tips on how push last -- was implemented an Android let us know. Or anything else wanna share hander -- analysts at cnet.com. Can follow us our Twitter county's interim atlas. Watches every Thursday to PM Pacific cnet.com slash slide. And the blog where you will find this show as well as calls what sorts of Android news to cnet.com slash -- -- That about -- -- for -- thanks for joining us to see you next week. I I.
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Better than a sharp stick in the eye, but barely
0:54 January 28, 2015
Sure, they may be convenient, but selfie sticks have got to go. Now. #Nerdrage
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See who's playing whom in the new Steve Jobs movie
1:30 January 28, 2015
See who'll star in Danny Boyle's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and whom they'll be portraying.
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Logic Pro X music app gets a free upgrade
3:12 January 28, 2015
Apple adds new drummers, plug-ins and editing tools to its professional music creation tool.
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Tech to make your Super Bowl-watching experience even better
1:03 January 28, 2015
Super Bowl 49 pits the Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots on February 1. Whether you're a die-hard football fan or just...
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Mission Motorsport: Helping veterans through the medium of fast cars
8:12 January 27, 2015
Wounded veterans can struggle after returning home, and to help with this Mission Motorsport offers former service men and women the...
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Inside Scoop: Apple says Watch will ship in April, reports record iPhone sales
2:27 January 27, 2015
Apple's bigger phones give the company its best sales quarter ever: 74.5 million iPhones sold. CEO Tim Cook also makes news with the...
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The CraveCast learns what Mark Zuckerberg is really made of
44:45 January 27, 2015
The Crave crew takes on the twisted side of the arts and sciences and science fiction, including Shakespeare, Star Wars, gravity failing...
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Tomorrow Daily 119: Robot bats, real-life ad-blocking headset, a futuristic piano and more
24:47 January 27, 2015
On today's show, we shudder at a robot bat that can easily switch between flying and moving on the ground, check out a headset that...
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