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Crave: Ep. 31: Depression in a box

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Crave: Ep. 31: Depression in a box

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This week, Donald and Jasmine bask in the glory of an Eric Franklin-less Crave, ogling a glimpse of the future in the form of new holographic technology. Also on our radar at the moment: a new type of grill that goes behind your teeth, some bus stop distractions for our fellow San Franciscans, and super dangerous flaming gloves that no meth head should ever possess. And of course no show would be complete without some excitement over beer, in this case a super speedy bottom-filling beer dispensing system. Finally, we stuff our faces--both real and ceramic--with cookies, pizza, and a spectacular-looking torta.

-- generate its. -- and really fancy flashlight in the craved by NASA and I'm Donald O. And there is no there. Are different and anymore. We kick them out. I used here this is the relative that -- due to be tangent seriously and managed just a walking tangent is -- locking tangent. Have. -- -- and now we we Miss America normally at the balance that it. And Syriana good -- minister for yourself half. -- -- -- in the world. We feel that that the gap -- knows I love them there. I but we are -- so happy -- read this again I'll speak for myself I am so happy. You have to stories. Talk about that involve holographic. Displays. All my god -- jump into it because. Actually. Today there was this nice write up from Roger Ebert in his view it and forget the name the -- and basically it's kind of going on the Internet right now talking about. Why media movies even at their best. -- -- -- -- The play on -- Our brains and that there's really no 3-D technology except for holograms. That aren't going to be the fail your eyes and them -- -- -- so. There's going to be a big push I think I think -- holograms have captured people's attention again. And Helio. When of the coolest -- -- -- yet if this seventy inch. May -- size Holland cube. With creepy music and content and some creepy visuals. And you -- you see attitude to size images and other and knew little feet that you can actually see it. From two different angles. And is is projecting high definition. Video. Holograms. Using no smoke but let me areas and and some nice high definition projectors. It's pretty cool this is like this is what I want CES to be next year it's just the replacement at HDTVs. And who hit. Giant demo holographic dollars -- yeah exactly. And not to get dirty and I'm gonna if if not as CS and -- but the Horn of Africa because I think that's again. Porn will be the front here they'll push this technology. -- says it's it's pretty. That perspective. Now I mean the united school as classes free and you're you're just you're just there and you can change -- orientation in you're gonna see the hologram -- -- -- respect and yes perspective and -- I mean depending on where -- -- -- -- -- different -- and not all. It's pretty cool. So that is the -- accompanying -- all -- HC said -- cube. Opening the company and how -- and they've been making smaller versions of this. And now they've got this. Larger size version and really what they want you to do was to buy this display technology in use that for -- trade shows whenever the actual technology behind it's pretty cool. There it's. -- a standalone kind of box with a seven inch diagonal screen. And built in forty gigabyte solid state hard drive. Windows embedded and and -- seven embedded system. Pretty -- But down. For more DIY approach that's not going to cost you -- I imagine this you know hundreds of thousands of dollars. MIT researchers are working on a -- budget. Version that involves hacking. A Microsoft connect to capture 3-D data. And then Brian head over to a computer decoding. For our holographic display. So is the quick and dirty version of the same thing and it looks a little a little -- here on the the video and actually have a cooperating reenacting the Francis -- a scene from Star Wars in order to I'm -- You know bring home the point of that this is what we're trying to do we're trying to make the RTD two holographic project projection dream. A reality using a hacked -- Microsoft Kinect system. And that's projecting -- -- the rejection is just the can only capture -- well on video but down. There are projecting an -- in real time. By without much delay there's they're taking the recording light from the connect. The coating on -- MacBook and -- sending it back out to holographic display. And is catching just the connect itself is caption and now feeding information to make that thing where. -- There could be really cool cheap way to do this is not to meet a high definition of the -- -- -- them. I mean we is that just already ready they're there we delving into their -- their it'd be like that holographic. Facetime. You know a -- blade runner. I think we've got a little -- is to -- the words of close accessible to the the average person why can't you dream -- jasmine. -- -- man. But I have my feet firmly planned program I have confidence in Japan and I did yeah yeah I mean I'm I believe it'll happen I just think that we have. Some time yet before. Well -- afford to have it in our home I guess I think also you know -- Flat screen -- manufactures are going to want to. Squeeze the most out of their investment in. Between us technology and that's that before everyone collectively gives apartment right expanding daylight time holographic to many -- -- Next the next frontier. Now -- -- line and you'll hear every rant about holographic technology all the time I'm -- once it's here. A because it. He can get an idea to find something else -- an -- for now it's like why is the world against. You know holographic 3-D technology is that it's always cool -- -- immediately after you now. Hands melons here so. One thing that is here. And I am excited about. And it's -- I don't think anyone Kim -- can take away my enthusiasm for this is the amazing. New beer dispensing system patented system that fills -- Little plastic cups of beer from the bottom up. And -- -- super fast and this is being marketed towards. Arena is in sporting events where you need -- it is. Get beer out to the beer chugging masses and is possible. This is little stand -- -- little demo okay. The couple -- demos of it but there is down there's one -- with -- fill up 56 Beers in one minute. And -- down around -- they're just kind explain how it works and it uses special cup where there's a little. Door that pops up when you put in the special will dispense there and then beer -- -- from the top -- pick it up. It seals the bottom of the cup. And then you've you've got this perfect pouring American all the foam involved in putting beer from the. Down an ounce of -- super quick. It's super awesome SP -- -- -- super him personally waited in -- make us like an hour man -- int he park. Or dear well there's another whole debacle to about I don't know they don't with -- -- -- and other. Part but maybe a couple different stadium where -- -- -- medium sized cup and life like that size and volume gradually the same volume that you're -- like a dollar accurate for how -- stadium at that. Visit and -- and breaking migrate around see ads and it's got married but thank you pastors. I'm sure that amount of volume between you know even your typical movie -- -- negligible compared to what level -- still came in him Javier Pena and her. A small -- -- large and small soda what movie Theres like 550 years in a tree but this is this is neat I do feel like. If it is the death of the -- There will be like this. You now have -- ten years from out this system takeovers like this the -- system for. Pubs and -- cups Michael -- though amber at Harrisburg. And that that -- -- -- Jena Indian prime class obviously to work with him I guess there's really only gonna be applicable -- You know college with it it's called an idiot -- -- -- making the frat party tour now. But -- -- the -- cost prohibitive that could be really compelling. Solution jump on that. Moving on to less useful gadgetry that -- in coming live from Japan. Well and -- -- lights for your T. -- and Japanese performance -- -- conceived of waste in mount -- lights behind his teeth. And now I just like a static set -- LEV lights -- like an interactive. Display or interactive set of -- that can react in and keep. But -- different colors depending on. Come preprogrammed set of instructions that god whose -- So he's got -- reacting to sounds that are planned and different sounds and different treatment fees will trigger different. Colors lights. And -- he also has another video where he got. Party of flight. A dozen or so Japanese school girls to walk the streets until the fifth all the -- yapping with these how -- life. In -- house -- synchronize. A little anxious to this guy's experimental music. Its desire. That. -- -- desire. As I heard that never are expected on the -- I am I kinda don't -- and -- David at the same time is not you know about performance Arctic independent while the Halloween costumes Victoria. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hip hop beat this -- Yet as can be news this is the new grill. You know -- if the site via. That's it. -- -- -- Somebody's gonna get lady got -- public holiday to get this right. -- perfect for her -- and editing with perfect for her -- this would actually also maybe be the end of Lady Gaga is which would make you a -- -- and -- I'm I'm -- I'm totally in favor heard making completely weird and that the useless technology for -- to talk about them should. He I think I -- -- music that. -- exactly and that there are music I don't care or so much but hurt her -- of publicity and performance -- if you're a picture or -- we -- technology. -- This has nothing to do it that this has to do with flame shooting gloves. A -- Iron Man. That it additionally nothing more say about that their gloves that she -- And Alex aid package as -- -- the -- at all. -- Men can you imagine that as -- Halloween custom all you don't and LED -- behind you teeth and the blame some of the legal center that. Cost you an about the legal things that the got to make your hands pretty -- The thing -- thick. Or that the worst -- happens that the low nozzles that -- the plane we'll get really high and then go to Specter faced a confident unless something you feared. Yourself permanently. Guard yourself -- the first comment by the way I have to read here -- -- area. -- give these to meth -- -- invisible thing. After they would even kill the invisible things and that. -- -- -- I I latching onto the bus stop theme. From last week. I I -- I was wondering black -- day I was so obsessed of the bus stop make over that in turn into a toaster -- now I realize it's like a mean. The -- they should have waited a week and put them together. Baghdad but maybe we can have a new you know segment yes but what I wrote back -- -- -- -- time travel back to one episode. Yes. Muni. San Francisco -- -- -- has paired up with Yahoo!. To make twenty. Different interactive -- Little billboards inside of meaning -- and you've actually seen -- I have I solid last month it wasn't in below the photo shows -- actually in as one of the inside as on the -- this one was in it elect one of those. Kiosks -- they usually have advertisements on time and iPod app has actually. And and so -- -- -- -- but there was. At the time I walked by it was showing their rankings of the various neighborhoods is basically -- -- -- to the game and -- but in the neighborhood that you're. Moderate present -- game. And then you play I didn't play I was like clay and a -- you're playing other -- -- Leonard -- kiosk in a neighborhood you know that the term factor and I can be elevated threat to be honest but the cool thing is that apparently the winner I didn't really know what. I thought was just some -- basically -- my side at a school that and that's Athena some marketing thing. But and the winner there actually are in a block party in the neighborhood that -- Okay go will be performing at and market -- and I imagine being recorded right now to -- okay does he. But I -- I think if it's escalated past the time certainly -- you know as a as a frequent bus rider and I can create -- that. And yet think they should come with like gay you know like at your own dispenser next to it it's actually -- touch screen. Video game system that would look like. And -- only -- is doing it and the in the picture here is 33 cheaper as gloves on that's probably the way we can do it -- And around with that their capacitance is used anywhere for an -- -- the -- on. Then again I think you'll with -- -- -- -- as it is in cities you know finances installing when he. Interactive schemes -- system's outlook there's a lot of money that can be used to that there are confident in -- system that does not involve. You know people playing games against -- neighborhood but. -- -- Also -- A mug this one out and it's it's not -- but I guess it made me also think of you know our food section here on the crave blog to it is a much as half -- mug. Half like please that's the warriors your cookies or -- like -- it's of the -- has the donut. In his -- And one that's pretty awesome so you can you can you just take a drink and then you pull the -- -- your base and picked up by that the -- -- or fewer -- to beef plant to cram it into its. -- -- -- don't have -- awkwardly look at him making out of the mine has you trying to get the donut. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that it's probably wouldn't forget for some -- about -- -- if -- -- pretty though although you are basically saying that your loved one that you know there'd giant gaping mouth that he always pleased elements never shut them. Or maybe you're saying I love. -- on the only way you know -- These are now this is -- Arafat removing not to -- his wife -- have -- was a good Segway that this is -- -- a fat segment. My contribution is the new -- you are now. Pizza and cookies combo pack with offends my sensibilities if it -- Matthews pictured multiple on multiple sites now. This is in the wild and really exists you can -- your pizza. And a plate full of messy toll house cookies. -- -- the name of and at the same time. If not an actual cooking pizza but you eat you know you make betting your stomach basically by beating them to yourself -- same -- yeah years and years. Ida fed -- -- the part -- it does I really that does not look. I don't like the idea of them being in the same box should -- have Valentine's date and now we're gonna pop up. Me just by Canadian I find it utterly depressed and visual artists and is cookies via it is I find it utterly depression and a -- is the president of box. Well my Edmonds. Is amazing. And that is also -- like you know it. You put these like. -- you put these strategically around every pot dispensary in San Francisco and you are going to make calendars are now. I mean it's oddly genius it just it it's so depressing in a defendant had been at the -- -- this next thing however it is is the opposite about. And I you know we -- a lot toward the U that -- disgusting. Sometime this guy because right now -- -- you can do because right on the cutting. In edge of -- game that threaten that right balance of. Do we do the do -- and lovely this however I'm going to go ahead and demand that anyone who lives in Chicago go out and eat this and Tommy how bad it is. I can he really jealous or vicariously. And this is. The finish of the day -- series -- -- his attorney to reasoner tort at. Though -- no hype now that access via an in Chicago -- it looks amazing at the breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs. On a -- To identities. Centuries of course and it just -- And I got man I was that is that is that with the avocado and that really should be a California. I know loan re I don't gonna get a great option -- soon be in Chicago there. It was still need to take this to make that although I prefer -- -- -- personally disconnect during the of the little bit much remained level that would be California mission yet -- don't count out I don't make it was slightly off them. It looks amazing we'll be even IRA that if this version of -- version this edition. A crave this particular version that you tune into right now. -- we will be back next week. Hopefully Eric will be joining system -- and them down and. Cnet's crave blog after a definite dot com or if you -- and all of us and that's an -- trade show at cnet.com or against the call. At 8700. CNET that's 263 -- And Philippine bank.

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