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Crave: Ep. 30: Bathroom achievement unlocked

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Crave: Ep. 30: Bathroom achievement unlocked

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A ridiculous business offer leads to imported robot dinosaurs on the Crave blog. Teetering on the edge of acceptability is a gaming urinal by SEGA, with the boys finding it more relevant than Jasmine.

It's Tuesday. January 18. You're listening to clarify to create. -- and -- hit him there. -- They -- doesn't and I travel isn't -- I'm Donald bell and Eric Franklin. Does a soccer Meola August thought well the August. Now I like summer but this actually August would be great I don't want what I love you got your -- has all of the tablet crap and have to deal here -- -- -- -- and start in September or early September -- the -- -- month for announcements here. Now I cannot think they discerned that the info webos HP webos tablet things that's happening in September. -- -- Order now yeah when -- the at the event. And the happening like February -- but he'd launched by simple delete information -- the actual products in general and -- -- you know -- this is the kind of boring crap I don't like talking about on the I thought about the fun stuff and got a deal leery goal is crap here you -- real goal. Currently much as this is actually. A CS -- -- with something we didn't get to I didn't see until today. A demonstration of light up cereal boxes that use shelf induction might electricity coming out from the serial shelf. The go through the bottom of the box I'm assuming and then light up. What appears to be LL ED displays the kind of bleak in well we made different parts front of the box. It's pretty Graham -- video here. -- It is that -- cereal boxes weren't already jam packed with like cartoonish nitric. Creatures and slogans and promises of toys inside the box now you actually get to have. Epileptic fit world of going down that the serial I -- just looking at different -- -- This is pretty cool this is like. One of those little artifacts in the future that all -- that would let me that your is this. Here are the parents that now he is ladies pretty great. But this is I I really hope that this is the -- that. This connects me for mine -- child where he will not remember the day before for your box is lit up right you know yet. Blinded him. As a serial wasn't -- that. I mean. FitzGerald has been one of those like outrageously expensive items at the grocery store I mean all is of -- like it'll be at least a month wont everybody get a feeling of half of -- ten dollar price that all locally and I see that if they those -- violence and yet. Then you ought to actually have your own shelf. On the -- conducted. Yeah that's the only real way different -- loses cachet -- -- taken out of store. Now right I think I think this is awesome enough people will change their lifestyles around. If built to support -- making you. O and -- eat cereal anymore so it's a little ads just few now. It just I don't know I don't know how that's financially -- -- -- is. It's it's it's this that very specific -- it's not like. It's not really they sent and on but seemed like all kids serial ports U. That's that if you take -- home and have fun with it -- -- that. We get more attention on its objection bias right Oracle's a given market except in that thing medical cells serial -- that's thirty years -- And so this is the next level and it's also such a big -- environment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ecological waste of like -- to packet yeah -- in plastic prizes that throw in the garbage eventually. Now this is -- that extra level we can biking recyclable box because of that. -- moving like light panel technology count on exactly what you -- want and you wanna keep it. -- And willing to look past the environment is to have this novelty banners you know week before it's because I'm still not over the fact that they use -- was glue. Instead of milk on the the actual when you look at it and the -- like they take food that -- -- that the UIL you see that we see the cereal mobile it's like easy milk fat milk. Its homes with like a liquid liquid -- who -- the splash in the right -- of is that the perfect amount Aaron holds the -- -- now. The Washington commercials that allows them really not commercials but on the -- downing analyze it through now and you may need to. Moving -- dinosaurs. Giant dinosaurs are back that Chinese about. Giant robotic Chinese dinosaurs a -- I mean CNET writer Matt Hickey got an email. As disagree and a piece of spam email that -- to -- to ignore from a manufacturer they'll want to contact him. About. Buying. Giant robot dinosaurs and he is in -- manufacture that specializes. -- -- the fact that text me enough of hello I am -- China diets or factory. I hope they know our category actually email also hope that we can establish long term cooperative relation. And indecent pictures and these are the pictures from the the factory or apparently of these of their products in -- these kind of giant. T Rex and run this or I. Wandering the the number of rural with new lands of China didn't -- to be purchased by -- -- part. Here American good things happening. I'd done you know what I'd bet there will be because of this. You know actual write up -- more than if you. American millionaires that electing to populate the backyards with giant by that I don't see these things moving as he still pictures and -- Yet video -- may have convinced apparently. There's a control panel. And there's a picture of the control panel to him. And that's what the article talks. And that there's also Mike input function so that you can. It's a few you can talk through your dinosaur. Maybe that will do things that -- not so much. It that you -- -- in the -- that you want your own dinosaur avatar right country exactly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Millionaires and Osman and Chinese from my source for backyard I look forward to the rest of superhero on super villain style bank -- it. -- -- -- We have video we have always. It. Now the fear that -- reliable small. Maybe by you know if it comes -- the microphone cares right now I can be singing. Cool I don't even have the key -- they're so ineffectual. It -- you can. Adorable. And it's here practices are -- -- it's got oh look like they're drunk. I think there's thing. But maybe you'll -- -- -- was -- all the time. -- -- is -- not he he he -- sharpest visuals mission top predator that later. I consider I am impressed though that -- you hear -- stories about all burner. OEM manufacturers in China that can meet you you know your rip off iPhone you -- off. Now. Mobile tech product. Having manufacturers in China advocate actually construct dinosaurs or -- Kind of cool that bad not bad there better than most of the spam emails again -- -- that -- that yet. To go along with your giant robot dinosaur there is a giant toaster oven. That is being used as any -- bus shelter. -- to brand Caribou Coffee wears its -- in Minneapolis. Act. -- thought this -- -- neat looking. -- as far as the you know marketing. Yet the total market is only the market -- -- back purposes with pretty neat it does look like the people outside are being cut the long hamburgers. I've -- and more of that I -- giant fake host and now in development and that's the solution that displays my full time. That's at glad to say about that it does look like something that line from so it looks cool but it makes me hungry yet. This down. Again with my infinite. Wallet or impractical technology. Is grounds will be there's -- little hint at. Sega. Is pioneering. A new technology. A front here. That I don't think any technology company truly been able to totally capitalized on yet here is the what to do to entertain people -- -- in a public question. Or maybe your own. Private journal yeah based restaurant right. That. They have a technology called totally. Let -- That's a little touch screen and how to get the task and I hope with -- -- fifteenth. Full screen about the -- and home and we'll sensor that detects -- standing at the journal okay and and is a series of games I think you can choose from. That involve -- -- -- you're out -- like you. Kate what have you I think it is based on your output. You know. There's a -- -- here that we had little PP -- news. He can catch rules raise. Both awesome baby for the technology. And he's like urinating into your bottle -- -- -- and in this weird kind of sex the ion and understand what it's about only only Japan -- this one out. Somehow there's a woman okay here. Maybe -- the wind is blowing -- skirt up I don't know. This data that -- address these protests happening okay is that Baghdad good Canadians think -- -- The way to go. By I do want this to -- -- to the state I think Apollo on you could open up you can charge a little market for it you could charge people that's coming in use your your restaurant with technology that people already do it that's right -- Cisco -- you can open up just. A paid for restroom with this and it and you could probably be in mice often turn to celebrate. Moving on to. A technology that's actually available here in -- the -- flex tool. What is this telecommute this game. For the budding gen I by this is based on need the -- -- product became mallet last year -- you -- strapped on its. Rain sensor on your head and -- need help and by and the sheer force of will. It can read you're -- your concentration. And direct the ball up and and threw it a little obstacle course okay. Adding that being mined in marketed like tell you I think agenda is I was kind of -- Consider one the one kind of control is this version is four for two people. Okay and you have to kind of figure out how it works by -- the way that you concentrating on moving the ball around and -- and we bought an obstacle course. Your -- basically. Do the tug of -- pushing the ball toward the player have you tried in the -- the mind control -- -- I was still might be awesome attitudes because my. Head is a large yeah yeah that innovative and -- around our chaos in the says that size matters not. 99 bucks us artist you can get this and you can you can train your mind. Can move a little tiny. -- -- does that carry over into the -- now think there's any world application. That down. Train yourself to have to look -- these. Well I mean this might be -- up next this could be the UI the future this kit from them for my kid who only knows latest cereal boxes. This could be. I live here in after Leo video unless -- I -- now run on -- on brain and this whole like mind control you wise enough. I'm way back ails him -- -- it. I've I've that I've yet to uses your agency used in person. Have no idea how it works but in case that them that's come in handy 99 dollars if you. Entry into this -- to get radio world a mind control -- can only use blue lasers. And but and patented. If it -- -- works -- it to be totally line. Right right I don't really now could just be randomly. Right in the ball back and forth it's -- music you're doing something bad -- that's -- that's what I'm thinking. That the totally practical item that -- -- based that I be -- Right now are on all terrain ice cream transport. It's so cute let go at at that is in that hat summit -- replaced. With as well as ice cream team and -- love that -- data yeah guys. Announcer. -- adorable music. Down losers in tackle mine are signed a need to -- to my practice and that boombox you that they would that content music -- -- The -- a little button. -- pretty day we need this now office it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's Japanese being the head of the holy grappling is their -- anonymity -- -- -- you never -- -- of -- crap anyway. Pretty -- you could sell this on eBay for by the that is so -- you've got it likely -- scale -- you're creating some like it but -- -- minute to go home practice instead of my hand custom. Theme business. There. Or. It is go home. Posturing and -- cam but with. Like I usually do so -- -- apparently. -- services. Say Scottish. Whisky is making its way to. Panama. In Cantonese and head of bottles and there's like I've been a brouhaha. And over if that's your problem. Here's the problem though with again let me enlighten you and -- other problem is a -- -- handles it. That's twelve ounces and how it's -- When you're treating with the you're not gonna be sitting there and just like downing of an out of the -- shotgun you need something to tap that it right that's the problem that's what that disable -- ethical issue as saying what that guy suggested. Model for this is that you -- open a can. Of whiskey. And -- huge you'd -- -- you'd use that can act cheered me now. Hawaiian beach side. Mixer -- Adamo might be in with you that not round thing. -- -- you split it between multiple people and -- ranks he kind of service that year your bar here and then pop it open in. And mix it by how many people are or are not gonna do that and -- just it's gonna take you can't hack it if these things. Raises the bar. -- -- lowers it I guess four. Just. The downward spiral and and just as an aside since for on this page I actually like the Rachel. An area that as a fan -- -- -- back in the IE any meeting and write email yeah. Has a look all are welcome indeed fix recently it was how to pander to the the -- -- music and a little bit of -- now. Then. It it. And -- and that I I'm I'm I'm calling this one that this is why you're drunk segment to compliment jasmine and the regular supply of. Yes so something that the report I don't think that there are keeping up that this is why -- fat. -- -- outfitted with -- the last they're gonna sue us for putting -- -- and according on the. Now we've done more to keep that site curiously -- -- directing people of them but the last those from that the -- -- was. December 3 of them and they haven't had any updates they did update on a fairly regular or maybe America's that -- Genome Earth's beauty healthy and -- dynamic it actually coming to an end. That didn't know you know obviously not because that didn't stop me from finding them -- -- wire that worthy and that would be the news DK how opinion and -- stuffed. This is. Discussed now -- -- -- -- and the buns with a so collected. I wouldn't mind and release -- opinions last week this week later -- something. -- it's -- you would stick. The button looks like it's like Google's likely isn't all good leadership and Sonya Hinton that looks like that looks like what comes out of the other side. I'm pretty much like that I'm sure losing. -- this look like corn pellets is small and I was shutting down there probably -- -- -- -- gorgeous like vomit you know. -- as corn -- The the now. Right well you know it -- I don't -- audio problem and ability in the segment yeah I'm sure it Americana with your on the same level in my book. Both disgusting I gotta say atrocity to digestion and America traffic -- -- -- It. I -- click -- you know what I could see doing it because I did take a sip of for a logo once just to -- that -- -- -- Friday -- and the -- Most atrocious thing ever but you know I did it yeah you did it -- say that should get it thank you can tell you drank his six pack a -- horrible I don't know why any of these entry has them especially -- -- for the in the hospital which is -- units in -- -- The disgusting but clearly people in just -- kind of crap because people loved news here you see it and food and fattening -- we do. -- -- -- -- How I feel like the ultimate pretentious -- affinity and this that's why. -- and I never had them on site -- -- -- and take it down a notch. Anyway I think Metallica so it -- right. During this week they -- -- -- a -- -- us send us an email trade show at cnet.com or if the -- 170. Or of CNET that's 2638. And if you -- -- the stories we -- my next week you can visit cnet's crave blog at crave at cnet.com. -- -- --

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