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Mobile: Ep. 29: The future of Android explained

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Mobile: Ep. 29: The future of Android explained

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Join us as we foretell the future of Android. We discuss what will happen with GoogleTV, Android Market share in 2011, an Android Robot and of course an Android toaster. All that and more on this week's 2011 prediction episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

Welcome to the -- and Alice weekly prediction show for the years 2011. Today is Thursday December 23 to 2010 I'm just -- -- I'd just until court -- in on Goodman a and Benito. Welcome. I'm gonna be ready to -- of the future. Have never been more ready. All right well let's get to it. Before get into these predictions I have prediction. For. The show actually I think we're gonna have -- new -- started when eleven. -- -- B I don't know a new and -- we know is similar predict that its own off them. It's well and I'll leave that up to -- viewers. So my prediction I think it's somebody humble -- it's gonna be Airpwn Antuan Goodwin. I don't think you had inside information on now I have -- -- possible. Little bear landfill back. Will leave it to the viewers how long you last time. And you better lectures. -- pulled out. Will ya know we're very excited about that so look for a lot of great stuff from. And on next year. -- -- -- But let's get to the actual predictions so we're gonna go around in circles here and given prediction and then the other two or three of us will then how wrong that prediction this. -- -- -- And rules -- RA it's exactly that could be yet -- voted in. And yeah let's just get started -- -- a leader softest can. -- -- I believe that 2011. It will be the year of dual core Android phones. Tool -- -- aren't I think that's. I think that's a good -- and -- also held on a limb says that's a safe one and that you know through its strict I think you're absolutely right. -- we've seen. We've seen already a phone and dual core phone for and drain that has been released and -- the world globally very we talked about the LG. Are to acts of -- exactly. And so if you could say it is pretty safe to say that. Phones like -- also becoming into the US and I think by the -- of the year we're going to see a whole lot of them dual core. When it. Dual core chips not just from Nvidia but also Samsung Qualcomm. A Texas Instruments than others so -- is the future and the future will be realized. Parents have dual core phones will rule the market in 2011 yet accurate or correct about the -- at the -- it. Cool aren't what's here what's your -- on it. I'm thinking that based on in -- and for the galaxy not -- a few the next is that that we saw that think Google's gonna be working. Two expand its in car connectivity beyond just -- being a phone it's it's a -- export. It seems like -- already kind of positioning themselves to. I know if there was -- in theory at union article on CNET this week where it there was an that it has -- But the end the entire right -- I'm not. But yet the -- that if there's an add on YouTube where basically grew with this in -- this desert complete replacement for -- -- navigation in your card basically showing. I got -- in his navigation -- often using the phone. Well I think that's cool and all with that screen so small league schools and to do something else to me that -- of the two weeks in the reality right so if you're gonna simulate wireless media to scream that thirty built into your car on on the Nokia is up to -- Nokia is doing with being called. One thing or remove view wore -- it's called. A terminal mode -- basically what ever happening on your own -- -- on the touch screen on your dashboard but maybe they'll. Look for something like that or maybe they'll do something like -- -- -- Google car -- maybe. We've already -- filtering cards right around maybe that'll be the first implementation of them. -- -- -- Integration of handwriting into. Cars well interview with gonna take to knock Apple off the top of right now with you when you hear the theme music -- party euthanized -- -- -- injuries a difficult under -- I have an -- port -- aren't actually the exclusively use my day. Android phone at the flow optimal situation. Perfectly as if you wanna -- a -- you gotta reached -- a phone near crash and -- An analyst -- an advocate of the -- I -- I appreciate that. I mean I don't know I don't get too deep into this -- -- -- had. Plenty of problems with my day -- -- my previous car have the iPod integration. -- -- but it worked very poorly and in fact. Even though they always held the -- courts never changed -- new iPods and iphones -- wouldn't work you. So that's why -- Oxford is you know it always works. And only you know I think that you know again if voice control in the phones without the need again. With the I really just want dented. That's what I want to get her on screen -- -- right now I think that is certainly the best option. -- here's my first one cool. TV. Will die. As a stand -- device. So Google TV has come out a couple of -- threaded. They have like standalone ones like. Logitech review them at the may also -- that are built in two TVs and built into Blu-ray players. So I'm -- is. Why would you ever want to get the standalone box it's it doesn't do enough -- god DVRs -- where we all have some other device. They don't need another device you just -- your existing devices that more functionality so I think. Any school TV devices that aren't act part of the TV or an existing DVR will not be around by the end of twenty. Unfurling -- the project here -- And it makes perfect sense because I keep forgetting tools -- that it's. Not hard and in fact there is news this weekend that. Aaron up and fun are you really shopping for TV right now -- I am are you I have shopping for a TV atom and -- the market or. Criminalize stopping by a growing -- without him always happening. But. Yet maybe it makes sense -- for the same reason that that that think. We're not gonna say it you know -- example -- -- -- for failures there -- handle Blu-ray players the Sony PlayStation. Was cheaper. And indeed Blu-ray and games for it and unity connecting -- villages -- all non yesterday that'll those exactly I mean if he's living at the same situation in that way yeah I agree 100% -- -- Tuesday. Excellent are almost wanted to say it's gonna die totally especially when the news came out this week that they asked all the manufacturers not to demo -- TV at CS. Which is a little. -- and I don't think it's gonna die and -- the distinct standalone device as well. All right Jessica. -- -- -- -- is gonna take over the world or at least global market share and I think it beefed. Well. I'm just gonna go out and -- I'm gonna -- 50%. -- that -- -- have 50%. 50% plus one. The toll. Phone market -- of this Smartphone market. Because in our -- because. Globally I thought we -- like seventy something percent of people's -- feature phones. Globally EMI are also seeing is that amber and phones our -- mean getting cheaper rate much more prevalent -- -- would feet -- -- that they are going to be replacing the feature found. With some of the deals that you see now the prices are coming down and you can get. An entry level entry phone for the same or less as many feature -- Right yeah and I think there is a good one especially you're right about prices -- their own like all the sort of prepaid carriers are getting them now and -- -- don't really see that night on an already. So. That's the strength of Mandarin it is. Yeah that that it does that reflect that -- -- -- flexible open manufacturers can go in there they can make pretty much any phone they want but very few restrictions. And they can dispersants solid however and -- the united talked about -- on a previous show what does this mean for me and for -- it editing character. And Google's already decided that it doesn't have a problem with the -- added editing character as red. By manufacturers and carriers for that really opens the door. And and I think that we're gonna see a lot more of that actually in market. Where Smartphones will definitely become the computer. And fewer families who might not have a computer would -- having a computer. Yeah well I'm gonna call this one definitely possible. Yes -- a -- yeah I mean it -- that the rate of mr. activating phone. In the numbers of their new claiming every month that -- on track to happen. Now that doesn't mean I want it to happen although no I am -- a big fan of competition in a way. -- -- every fifty 80% that still. You know another 50% of the market -- -- someone else yet their sellers fragmentation within injury that there be plenty of competition. -- in a sibling rivalry between. I predict you're gonna talk about fragmentation in the near future and a possible there arena RX. So this I think is a joint prediction. And on and video yet so. It is that there are able I'm guessing that Chrome OS is gonna go the way of Google Wave and -- not gonna survive 2011. It'll probably get absorbed an Android it seems like as. Sort of mobile OS's and as lightweight as Chrome OS instant. It only makes sense that eventually at some point -- -- -- -- wire -- putting effort into this when we could just. You know. Offshoot due -- offshoot of there are even you know take the direction that -- is going -- becoming a tablet OS and just expand that a little bit further -- -- -- -- Exactly ray and it kind of hard -- attic keywords or a look at Google TV that's running handwritten it in as a full page browser in his keyboard and mouse support -- -- -- I think this one is a great predictions. I also think they'll be the reason that that can happen that there Chrome OS I think Google -- paying -- -- the long game like -- think that this is a technology -- -- -- be. Prevalent. It a little further down in the future -- -- -- and broadband becomes more ubiquitous than men. Over the air Internet everywhere right that's that's where Chrome -- can shine. Right now and that's -- it. Right yeah I think when that when that happens Andrew pros and even better off the -- -- then you need it. It's already there communitarian already does -- in the small form factor means it to do -- it via the -- and Hillary. -- -- I think this is a good guess they think the one thing standing in the ways as the amount of investment that Google has put in this compared to -- -- -- wave you know was cool. Literally invested in it but -- didn't give away -- cool. It was a cool thought -- that it was so cool you couldn't understand it. I can't image -- right I can understand that the demo I can understand is why anybody would use it and how and what David duke and apparently gag Google came to the same realization spread because they -- -- off. Just a little bit over a year later. So with Chrome OS though not only have they put it -- -- a couple years into building this but they just -- 60000. Laptops. Google I mean if the drive in the marketing -- we. We know that around -- parents ups or whatever the bottom line around he had -- to -- it's a big investment. I think. I can say this woman is raped but I don't think it's gonna happen when eleven. Well -- mean again it fade in May not actually be a complete dissolution of Chrome OS but I mean. It in and greater definitely gonna start emerging and the already -- so much and what they do it silly to me I think it only makes sense that. And it'll probably get renamed. As something. More injury -- seven point at -- -- means just because there's already a lot of buzz around the name -- -- I guess there's also a lot of buzz around the name Chrome and in brand recognition there. That -- can also just. Maintain -- -- a browser name and still have a brand identity via. The acronym can be the browser Indian group data that is that can do what happened also happens tells us about they just -- into Wendy. I'd be happy to leave -- really family our rights so moving on to mine aid. One of my second one here. So I'm gonna say this is similar to. -- -- -- Android tablets will be even or even above iPad market share and and 2011 and gone against the grain here -- analysts are saying that this is not gonna. They're saying that -- tablets will not catch up until. The end of 2012. I'm saying that new. Tablet. That they sort of demo it at all things. Conference is -- be so compelling and our head of the iPad. And moral core dual core front facing camera rear facing camera. And it's gonna be not you know it's gonna be one of the first best ones out there but there's gonna be. You know twenty other really good ones introduced next -- so. And they're -- -- when the other really cheap ones probably data and aren't necessarily is good but we'll definitely -- will be in store ago her book or tablet to have a repellent when that. Exactly yeah and I think that. You know I don't think a lot of people are gonna switch from an iPad to -- -- tablet but I think it's gonna open up the market via. It's gonna be agreed first tablet though the low end ones kind of like we're talking about phones and you know great for international use as well -- With 800 it seems to be death by a thousand paper cuts -- it. -- -- Can't say if that's a good or bad thing of snow event yet it seems to be effective at least from Smartphone market it's effective for Google yes and we do you have TF coming up and I would not be surprised to seeing and it actually interesting and impressive. Tablet announcement. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are we saw a video firm Motorola. Yesterday rate. Basically promise -- the announcement of a tablet. And presumably adapts the tablet that Andy Rubin was plain list. That had a Motorola logo on it at all things. It's could -- it's true that there -- -- but anyway so and -- tablets dominant by the mandatory. -- -- -- -- Sorry -- skipped the day I -- -- ordered. -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna sand. That video chatting as going to be much much more prevalent. IN. -- -- -- Going forward. And I think that we're gonna see a lot more players in the outfield so. For example like Skype doesn't have any -- video chat Britain have seen -- -- And -- really then lake. And of dragging behind yet and I think that they and other competitors especially with new -- Devices to start flooding out with front facing cameras. Now the question is are people any use it or -- -- -- it rated and add. I think that they'll create a greater opportunity just having -- there especially with the brand name like Skype if that does happen as I predict. Yeah that's and it would be -- -- added more international travelers -- is that people who are -- from their family and and teenagers. Democrat. -- drug Gould chatter Google Voice -- they add video. To that for I can't imagine why that wouldn't be in the future upgrade because they are -- have video chat work on the desktop via. So their engines -- plays all the have to do is make -- mobile. Yet no I think you're totally right I think in addition and this is not one of my predictions but it isn't -- -- being near the dual core phones in the four G phones this is going to be the year of the front facing camera. So I think the front facing cameras -- gonna power in the software and of Skype has to support us now who will chat asked -- -- So you deep faith that near -- -- as they definitely. On this or. Really think. I don't like idiots that but I mean I agree with the hope that left -- to see that as an -- I don't have the right one of the year to anybody -- -- -- -- overseas. Often with on the use of the country. Though -- and -- -- that videotape with them. And telling your mom. -- -- -- Me. Avoid lifting the subject but that's -- lifted Cuba pentagon that prediction at the long side and and the goofy but the mighty in the build. An injury that runs on Android. The both of them -- we need a lot replied that's totally improvement but get more seriously. We're gonna start seeing Android awareness. Because -- -- cheap to implement showing up in more non Smartphone non tablet devices there's been talk of years of appliances having like a touch screen on the right to -- you when -- out of milk you know in your refrigerator we're gonna start seeing. -- into the becoming the the the out OS of choice for these sort of non traditional implementations and I would be surprised if we started seeing. Like that as early as he has this year. I think you're right on this one and this I'm just knew it jumped to my next prediction -- as it is very closely related. -- him as -- 2011 we're gonna see an Android based toaster. Boy let me bring that up it has been -- -- planning meetings we've been talking about -- coasters. With. Boosters as slick as the -- -- that Andrea based robot goes and uses the talk via Bluetooth. Ram or rom Caribbean temperature rose as mere few endear you don't communicate -- -- There are -- and this is that I think both of these are dead zone. And in -- in time it'll. It's mister robot to -- -- Apple moved around an excellent entry from renewable and garden if you say. I was thinking more could bring your test out there it will better than traditional -- -- -- oh yeah if outline again Alan -- -- the fastest. But you -- it seldom did I know about that now you get excited. -- -- -- -- -- Again if you sue and any image and -- did the -- -- -- we're gonna take a quick break here and when we come back we have more of our predictions but we also have predictions from a special guests we are back. Are welcome back thanks for joining us and seem to -- -- -- to jet out go build that Android toaster. But at least we know what's gonna happen now. Com our rates have before we get back to our predictions on the -- me remember a previous -- -- host. Who wanted to give his predictions for next -- so let's take a look at that. A -- -- not -- radios we've used Jason Howell. Sorry couldn't join me as in the studio just -- you part of this but unfortunately minutia that I produce turkeys today runs the same time standard outlets weekly. So I can't join use or lose. I have this video it with a few of mine an accurate predictions for -- eleven. First off I think that app development. For Android is gonna get pretty cool I think that. What you're going to see a little bit less it is the developed for Iowa us first and then ported Android thing which sells a lot of what we've seen. In -- everybody wants is cool apps and I think the developers are starting to really see. Android as a platform that's on par for making money and that's the -- platforms that the UC a lot of simultaneous development. Which means less waiting for cool -- I think that's just nothing but good things. Gaming I also really think that -- elevens can usher in a whole new era pretty awesome game industry standard platform -- -- game developers. Are starting to see the platform -- kind of dynamic. As we absence of the new technologies and these phones and increase the capabilities. I think you're gonna see a lot of cool games coming out over the course of the next year and possibly with interesting models like for example and reports coming out for free on Android. And it's not supported. Verses on -- analysts we have to pay for it. You know they can do a lot of interest in things -- -- -- that we will see -- -- -- Russell and speaking of gaming we have the PlayStation phone. And hasn't been confirmed yet but I do think that it's a done deal that's gonna happen somewhere and other but I thought that through my prediction. My prediction is that folds like this PlayStation phone -- there -- other hardware comes out that's. Gaming focused enhanced slide out gaming controller out as opposed to a QWERTY keyboard on screen controls. I think these are gonna make the most awesome emulation device is the ultimate emulator. I just think about you don't have to foot fiddle around with your keyboard and -- a little keys or use the on screen controller you can. Use -- controller -- gaming controller that's focused for gaming. And have you know the super Nintendo. Any scholars for. All is -- machines -- -- Your fingertips and it's no longer a nightmare to play it on your portable device trying to play these things like Motorola Droid and it's kind of -- nightmare so. And now speaking of that in 2011. Early production -- -- of unmitigated you follow me get rid of Motorola Droid. I'm waiting for their iPhone to movie it's gotta be on Verizon's got to have a front facing camera. You don't need be it's one of these games phones if there -- that there is one that comes out Verizon I might -- So they have it does my predictions for 2011 Andrea us weekly thank you so much for allowing me to do this. And here's to what an awesome 111. For you guys take care. Awesome cool thanks -- That I actually think he -- that on a standard phone you may have her. You may have been found eleven -- -- speaker quality is where I think -- his daughter is holding the camera and yet brilliant. Aren't so let's run down Jason's -- real quick and and -- and I will give thumbs up thumbs down. There -- enter an IOS releases -- releases at the same time. -- -- give it a thumbs up. I'm gonna give it a thumbs up and I don't know if it'll be all of them. I agree I think that some of the big one particularly. -- -- getting ahead of ourselves you know early gains and what not right we definitely see that -- If you look a lot of the apps are are pretty specific. So far. -- -- So gaining its gonna be a big focus for -- a lot of games for indirect data and interest in revenue models is physically says like -- -- reforms. Yeah yeah we've already seen that start to happen it in the last couple months of this year what would game loft opinion really being in releasing a lot of -- gains and I'm over the last couple months and just tons of main revert activity Alia. Yeah I'll -- Angry Birds even though it doesn't really run agreed on my and the day it does not it's not that great on a phone in general I think when the tata tablets Android tablets that really intuitive he ate like -- predict. Any -- even be bigger and indirect. You actually think that may be one of the things that Jason -- -- Tablet game. Ray yeah even in everything in my -- -- -- -- have had to respond but I think cabbages and that they looked at great point because I think. -- gaming massive. -- gaming on I pads. He's just hold different kind of market -- you can play games -- he couldn't play at all on on on screen but think the focus will probably still be on handsets. Just because you're more likely to pull a hand that out -- a bar. You're more likely to polish hands and how long waiting in line for the bank. Versus reach and your bank and pulling out -- a seven inch tablet split on your pocket. Click quick round of -- reflecting on the train -- I think that's that's true he did state gaming focused hardware so you could you know. And -- extrapolate that that means tablets today he was talking more about. PlayStation phone or other phones -- you know that were. As if being built for hard core gamers the world of phones -- feed him I feel they're being. A market remove. Specifically with the hardcore gamers. You know taken over that kind of space that you know the iPod Touch -- kind of stealing already from the Nintendo DS and the PSP right. But I think within -- the phone are usually more. I can do it all kind of phones and specific hardware like that -- -- you were that you wouldn't really use all the time would. Probably just make the -- a little bit bulky -- a -- -- gonna catch on I don't think those will. Will be huge part of the intriguing next year I think that they'll be -- -- the bird very small part. I think though that there would that would be one thing that would I think it -- over -- management -- -- there's something like awhile that happens on a portable system. Yeah only -- -- you know I think I I would work. Need to get this though worry -- my you know I think graphical ceiling to retrieve that it's not gonna be substantial part of the Merck and -- -- Art. Jason's gonna win and you don't yet have been in business who becomes I'll probably didn't want. Yes -- I think I will as well I think I have the new phones and you exactly everyone here will get -- opponent when eleven that no one knew what they're gonna get that were always PCS -- and Virginia I made the mistake of buying my phone just before its years last year. And there are important I'm paying them right. Hard so I got two more here we'll finish up real quick so Android UI fragmentation. Will persist. That a given her the -- -- want. It does they -- but in the mean as long as I mean there's the bones that have existed before. Aren't all around the Christ they're still gonna meet their on the current law. -- -- I think that schemes are gonna still be -- unit even at the end between Lebanon and all the U wire work that Google says is gonna print Texas. Is gonna -- improvements clearly that it's not -- -- Yen again that. It's either a gift or hurts depends on how you look at it depends on I guess if you're -- developer interviews. Really -- the whole open nature of integrator you just. One of those people who doesn't wanna learn a new you buy every time you touch -- -- you pick up a new phone that whether the good thing or not. -- and Walter. Expect. So my final one year he thought the toaster -- crazy will -- you heard anything yet. I'm gonna say -- will release a music store competitor to iTunes. Targeted directly at and -- So kind of like you mentioned before how. You know much people really associated iphones and iPods with music. And grid needs you know Google enter -- need to get into a game and really. -- a seamless. Way to buy music make it as easy as the iTunes experience. And I think -- think they're gonna do that. I really want this to happen. The same time in and -- I had the number in a turncoat like this could have been complaining about it all here. But I don't know if it would actually -- He did it for books yet and that the book had the experience that I had with their books -- -- what. Everything you know maybe they should leave -- -- -- -- what they're doing but -- compared to the Kindle app and even the in the -- That that Google with the called the Google who rule books -- a -- Google -- an updated. This -- theme. It seems a little half and half. Well it -- their first version yeah I know and and I'm thinking. You know maybe this is a situation where. You know and Amazon and -- that -- can -- the Amazon and keep the historic agreement on all the numbers now they aren't out yet maybe that's just a better way to do it maybe that needs to expand. Animated -- -- -- the partnership with Amazon so maybe Amazon powers if it becomes the Google music store and -- you know wolf resolve the problem is the plan -- horrible. He -- done -- there to fix that there's a lot of the missing from the player that. That just click advanced playlist progress and our and a sort of it is -- but. I think most of Veoh -- silently. Benefit and the -- that's been through it you get -- don't you grab a little later tonight it's not about you -- -- powerful -- And also unsure about how how well Google is gonna make with the labels and they can -- Deals and partnerships enabled it and music content and I don't know I mean -- kind of feeling on TVs fact that. Which is why make things -- -- -- who already has the app has that Indiana minority has. You know huge huge huge -- lever agreements in music you want anyway -- depth Oreo on store. That needs to expand and there needs to be better management of your music but maybe not necessarily better way to purchase your music. Alright well I -- against -- on this one but time will tell. I think that it must have any last minute predictions. Again -- -- aren't a -- wide eyed and optimistic. -- well. Not even listen to this show you're an Apple listened to the next year of shows to -- -- for rate. We'll you know for still doing this show at the end next year will. He wrapped a Seattle revelers are present active will tally at the score and see who's -- I think I'm gonna win. The U yes I think. I don't know I I have better odds just because I have -- most. Actual gases -- Orleans through between them. Every promise to come up with -- -- -- that move if we build up percentage. And cruel ways dies and the need to wind 100% they go awesome. Cool I don't think -- Join in us and for tuning in and if you think all these things or crazies -- deaths. In email and let us know -- email addresses Android analysts at cnet.com. -- thoughts on Twitter under that lists. We are -- -- every Thursday. -- next Thursday. Com at cnet.com slash live and -- applaud CNET -- -- on Android atlas our next show. Will be next year at C yes. On what is -- January 7. I think we are going lives have to thirty. But you should just go to CNET tech contest -- as soon as CES starts because will be sort of non -- live coverage. -- throughout CS. And you've probably seen a lot. Crazy underage news. -- show so. You know -- example on for a agreed to be the new post and look forward -- great stuff next here. -- -- --
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