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Crave: Ep. 29: Live from CES 2011

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Crave: Ep. 29: Live from CES 2011

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The Crave crew talks live from the CNET Stage at CES 2011, dishing on some Lady Gaga glasses that carry on the Polaroid legacy, an itty-bitty back massaging SUV robot, and a super-stylish-yet-down-to-earth House of Marley iPod speaker.

-- -- Started up. I think so -- headed -- -- like that reality music. Well it's Friday. January 7 and you're listening to a spot rate podcasts I'm just -- I'm Donald bell I'm Eric Franklin. Secretly and about the and a pleasure. -- after a few days here at certain seller and I should it again -- -- whereas C yes. 2011. The year of the tablet. Kind of over -- and I already predicted last night at that next it is going to be the year everything except -- is that these are discussed with them. Well let's talk about filling out that night except idea how little tablet thing in the lineup here today and I want to talk about the thing that I am oddly craving against all impulses your act and the Lady Gaga Polaroid sunglasses. And a million more expected. And I'll come on -- it's got the -- and it first of all right you should be element that today's swift -- -- -- -- think it. Now I mean I just I gotta give lady got a props for making something truly -- And futuristic. In a way that I would never actually there in real life but -- -- -- The jet -- sense of things that are totally impractical that make me think. You know. The future right that he is now you and that there -- like. They're like the most ugly blue blockers sunglasses you could ever imagine -- right it's creepy looking. And and they have a camera built into the the middle. The the -- that I -- partnered tape I know it's sunglasses. And then they also have a -- ED displays. Over each time so that if you feel like going into digital photo frame mode and is totally tuning out years. Lady -- drug -- -- to start showing off photos on your eyeballs awesome yes there right. There is no price. And it their predicted knock him out to the end of this here right. And -- it totally not gonna be back toward the picture. And then also there's like 150 dollar mobile printer you can bring along with you you wanna print out photos Polaroid style. So it got involved where it's a little involved gave up like India -- man -- you have to have the let yours yours. You can't rehearse your partners -- have to have he had mobile Polaroid for entered. An earlier top. But -- not -- -- there's a lot of heat and convert it absolutely absurd revival of Polaroid. For this totaled one use Lady -- leak and -- it. The little that's what I'm coming to her defense I think I think the ads for anything -- she didn't just come out with like. The Lady Gaga beats headphones -- something this is actually something her twisted mind has. You know made some influence -- judgment. I meant that most flattering natural gas. The next thing I can't we have the robotic massage. The we -- -- its adorable it's around seventy dollars and it's like a policy is that it's like a it's true but for your back it. You lie down and I wanna get the place it on your own back be kinda sad that whenever. No one else someone else's committed up to you to -- -- -- on your back but not committed enough to actually massage you can't can come by and deposit this on your back. And and I hit the power button and analyst gently kind of role of your back. And predict where you know your back and it's gonna turn around -- right where it doesn't put a whole lot of pressure on. The -- -- the that -- -- data content. Thinking towards the robot that would kill your injury you exactly like the pogo stick back -- -- exactly. And it may be don't be generation. -- and affordable. And probably not be freeware. Expects that seventy dollars. -- to -- or you -- those back. Through all your time. My health. Through other -- -- real lives through mostly I'm moving on it's -- it's like. How Apple been happy announcement that it -- the whole C yes this was the Apple announcement. That was an Apple -- -- the yes for me. Every issue with the releases of Star Wars on blu -- -- and thankfully with thirty Yi was thirty. There are hours -- -- Extras orally in helping girls that we've seen for last problems when he usually five years it doesn't have the -- hours Christmas special. Or all of the Bloc's spin off movies of surgery is wearing -- -- and it. Maybe not if you like those I would -- -- I want the Blu-ray and just like the TV films. I can barely remember yeah -- -- could bring people over your house and torture them -- it's like that would be excused behind fees but if you're gonna watch it right. So 140 dollars gets you to complete saga on blue ring. Now. Right now are the special edition -- is that the original. No what's -- -- it's as every -- pixel that. George lucas' walking the mile high of these lists in you know -- -- personal. And so it's -- that but it to me that costs. That's -- excitement entry I don't want -- -- up -- something -- actually -- -- wanna take. A -- of it surrounding it was pretty -- -- right maybe not -- -- storm -- on the strip that had nothing to do with this announcement. Monday -- They're ready for the Spider-Man -- right and it. Actually gonna go there and I thought -- chop -- that -- the moving line. Nike has that the company cut Apple out of the pictures ours there it. Nike plus array of products and -- if Tom -- -- app for -- GPS. Nike sport watch. I this briefly it's pretty cool if your runner. You know I'm not I really didn't have a I prefer not to thank inflated. And they dance style is good and a husband the tracking software and everything to keep track your progress this with a -- -- affect your heart. Created an odometer what what exactly is it that it's. Survey does Harbour -- into high incidence and it'll it'll save trail runs on line up until that time again until the time you are actually distance right there that instance I know it's hit papers appearing everywhere and network 3.5 seven miles -- person kilometers. To attract and automatically CNET TV. Nike plus website wreaking. Get totally tide me over yours yours fitness routines in your Providence. Is this -- type papers. But stylish it's not that does not. -- -- And the united. Computer -- that tiny little thing that's pretty impressive. Normal ones are you -- death to America. Taylor and vote this announcement -- or -- might be going up against -- Bob Marley branded. IPod speaker dock house of Marley. Presents the to Jamaican flavor and spirit of Bob Marley. Infused into you. A series of headphones they can -- -- Benton would. Does it look -- speaker dock that looks that's -- it like it is them. There is a little I mean I don't wanna it's stuff that. Talk poorly on this because it is the family of Bob Marley that is. Pioneering this product like Sony just took his name and threw -- on there prayers and I like monster bought the rights to but I really really and then. Branded -- crap out of it. -- that happen and I do believe up. A portion of the proceeds of this goes to the charitable fund that is I think house of -- -- like that sun will I don't think anybody and I think -- -- of its -- more environmentally friendly so I'm on board with this yes elected. Nothing negative -- now. It does make you wanna get high. -- the only drawback there -- be guided her modern economy. Public and this characterization of the yes. -- now honey come let's get into it. Actually -- honey -- it goes into our -- can click on one waffle with money. -- -- You know it is later. This is the big deal going into CES analysts that the big deal you -- CES. Talbot island in the top of my little bit -- I deceived you but I want to bring you all the way here we're almost at the end jazz elements. Android three point own honeycomb design specifically for tablets right in fact from what we're told will only be violent now. So what that means that means that the resolution is. Like more compatible with larger screens is what we -- -- design and Google has done their part to give us tons of -- -- -- -- -- -- identification -- No it actually and the lead here at the show yeah I got my hands on the Motorola Zune tablet and the best they -- do for me -- show in a series of demo video on the product and kind of wave their hands around it like they were moving ahead not that there's a lot of smoke -- -- a good thing if -- got paid attention but it is making is in tablet -- of the most talked about. Of the show because. Motorola. Not for necessarily been the most innovative at least for being the most. I don't know. Able to secure the deal with Google to make this happen. For the exclusive rights to honeycomb to be the first differs grey grey area because other other vendors have announced honeycomb support. -- but. The tablet hardware itself seems good I'm seeing a lot of tablet hardware that has similar stacks of dual core. -- -- -- I'll -- you know. But that the real. -- MX -- important is that it's gonna be -- that this tiny comprised I had mixed feelings about honeycomb I'm excited about it it in the sense that this is the pre show I. Crave it here you you crave improvements take -- look inflicted because it is them. It is a complicating. Of the Android experience -- it it does more stuff which is what people want here -- it runs the risk of being now closer to the things that people don't like about. The complexity. -- -- -- You know computers -- it goes that route hasn't goal isn't simplified end we'll see that more closely I don't know but I mean from all the G wizardry of like their demonstrations of like. The -- controls -- where it gets closer -- like that the playbook where you crafted. Know the secret handshake to get windows moving and all that. As opposed to the total clear cut that -- Unit tasking and still haven't learned his secret -- -- to me that left the secret handshake and -- -- anti Williams at different products required different. Different -- -- -- -- Oh -- what we -- -- and now I don't know but I'm honey evidently are there -- that was quick plan. -- appointments disappointments. I -- I haven't really had any yet but there's still time. Yeah I mean on my tablet BI anything particularly in -- not trying -- tablets. Lots of them -- I guess I'm disappointed that honeycomb wasn't made -- absolutely everywhere so let's throw out so that. You know -- is like. Honeycomb phony name of it if it. Put it right right so that is now as limited -- -- on this year like futuristic. Expectations of me wanting CES to be the window into the like the Jetsons -- Beer hot there were not enough -- coding robots of the show certainly and that we have a beer in joke -- -- -- not during the show yet here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And want it anything and maybe someone else the only guy he's like the back and all right exactly. The exclusive but actually there's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my big disappointment I haven't had time to actually get on the show floor much haven't seen much of anything so far that's inmates. A huge show news you know we -- your elected just a couple of days. The amount of time the C. Everything obviously but -- really haven't seen that -- cool stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- You create and. You know I have to agree with Eric I haven't I haven't seen enough to be disappointed by an -- so I just a catalog that's not have -- -- on the simpler media -- 335 minutes in between meetings. Writing and public us that it is. And the people this year we more than last year to the good thing -- -- not very. I got a lot -- for an analog -- must follow what she's. But yeah. That's. That's all attack. I think I can talk about it. And -- around the show off for some disgusting food this is higher fat yes I don't have anything in particular mine -- -- -- -- -- -- I've definitely known at least two people that have -- so much of a beta that made the sick. So I think that -- -- this week but in general. I Vegas saying. -- -- problem its gonna need an early crown on the floors full of you know free crap or something. So I got that the best thing about that but they're eating anything you hear how it -- amazing food sculptures or anything -- -- these events on I you know I haven't seen any -- -- either -- -- the -- -- like giant spam filters and that means that in there wasn't. It was it was pretty underwhelming there's no giant found the chocolate only now I'm over it. And a half naked women. Here -- our -- And this way doesn't -- the biggest what if that's not happening it. Yes and -- women are asked specifically if you Kelly morning. Now take your mind -- With that that is going to the end of our free podcasts. -- -- -- -- This -- in and do that do this again next week. On Tuesday's regular time or is it that way and yes they do here to live feed we've got a -- coming up next. And plenty of video coming up after that. I think except one the --

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