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Crave: Ep. 28: Where's my steampunk boombox?

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Crave: Ep. 28: Where's my steampunk boombox?

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The Jetsons becomes a reality; some creepy crawlers get made over into flashy, USB-powered robots that are just ripe for holiday stockings; and we check out a tutorial on how to install your own Star Trek-worthy pneumatic doors.

It's Tuesday December 7 and have a -- flash watching -- podcast I'm Doug grant. Time Donald bell Eric Franklin here we're definitely there. That's right -- -- and everything that that implies. -- -- -- Adding content -- that. I decide it's completely like. Completely we'll bring you back and it's actually I cried EU to give -- -- and TDK they -- with -- -- the -- -- Definitely years ago that I while all this -- finally come here is that. Being I hadn't really thought about TDK what media I think -- -- level at some point blank CDRs. And maybe maybe and then but if that. Life just like any kind of passionate feeling about TDK with in the mix -- if it ain't there yet there so that it maybe 1015 years -- they've been off my radar. Not -- -- yes and all that time. They've been -- laying in wait. -- to create. Austin. As soon as they have that kind of an added and have it and they have succeeded. I got to see it last week it is called the three speaker boombox. The name that I mean I think that's actually better -- trying to accomplish something -- But down. Very descriptive it huge it is huge and it is. Is slate might say it's amazing and not just talking about the booklets and -- thing all the fit and finish all the details all the -- Little. Parts of the equation have been just so. -- -- out high design high design like. But that it's all aluminum. And and acknowledge it -- machined aluminum -- -- that with that. Counterbalance weight and feel to them. The of the if a Levy capacities. -- the capacity of -- button then -- out. It just and it's about how I'm Donald in is that actually -- -- me picking it up. At night I did a few shots right -- like over my head you know -- But you could see the pain on my face. And it didn't it didn't like our own shop online to take yet the little heady years terribly. In fact if you want to load the thing -- -- batteries it's about ten feet cell batteries it's not unreasonable and block stray hair yet. And it even has a stand like hold on the bottom fifth -- a PH speakers and if you want that -- put this thing. Up and might -- it the year it PA and that's ideal about it and tarmac and into and a -- these things manual that. Hit they would -- that the coolest school of the future yes this is exactly the boombox and imagine -- been intensively go to the future in the allotment on the monkey she might be an excellent to each -- be -- excellent to each other. If you carry around this device and listen to don't. Or was -- in -- while I and while science and repeat all the time on this yes. Futuristic. -- -- options -- it looks cool. And you look cool actual cool ultimate thing you Anna I tried I mean -- physical factors that's having -- -- dad does and does. For that matter and RF -- -- Mac. It's not cheap. But I dear I remember reading I don't -- of the -- out there that this powerful and well well yeah it's definitely check competitive price for what it is via the other cat. Back and -- out of the bag is the fact that there are other. Parts of its one that they share with me including smaller bloom boxes -- -- speaker version. Like a cube version. Com all of which have exact all the same features -- -- from me or I think from one of them missing and media radio -- -- Built in EQ is my turn tables the coming Alan. All they did same design theme at into the deep down. They don't really get behind this line and yet what they've been visiting the opening been waiting for a long time -- and they -- them -- jasmine. Want a few months now that was awhile ago. This was. This is a leaflet and maybe January February and -- really -- it happen that -- they delay as the only the code they've they've been. -- -- -- -- -- But there they're gonna be Oliver CS and an additional option media for -- all the products -- should add films to Austin. -- -- the flash. Section that holds slightly excited I am actually this -- Maybe it's just being mired in all the Android tablets and I'm giving the right now this is -- a refreshing. Certainly change -- army to deal to be obsessed with it. -- worth worth paying attention to the boombox is gonna hit. January I believe and then lot of the other ones in here -- -- Europe you've been waiting for an awesome iPhone iPod compatible. Now the bird boom box -- system. Whitley as -- Apple anything compatible. Yet not even really -- -- I had done with these they -- it is a little lights on space and pop. That way it's like a -- week and put up. Or any other or any other article about a revised this. But it plugged in over US -- you can also plug in generic you eat it public music on the Q -- that'll work. -- if it were smart to avoid the actual dock connection. As -- everyone of the things -- don't always like a ticking time palm compatibility. After a few years Apple changes their mind flips them in connection something and then when you were added charging. The -- ever come out Linda Lindsey a lot of the time yes it is hard to put on goggle box if you confront yet it -- on the top it where they handle all. An earlier this month -- adapters in the -- -- exactly. And this is so pretty if that's a pretty. Colleges vote Shaq pack leader more details on -- other things that -- which are slightly. Moving on. -- -- It's a brew but is not a nearby if they copy by and it's entirely fictional but it's exciting enough. Medium included because I totally want one so I figure I -- -- capable in May be at the little video on the bottom there -- an advertisement for the there's of -- -- my own copy root systems. Optional -- Me when. -- -- -- -- -- -- Basically it's. So yes it's fictional just for the advertising is -- marketing man -- it would be awesome if some elected coffee -- served you coffee in the morning just to do that Little -- even if you do little breakdance move brand manager copied and handed over to you. Right I mean I'm shared via a glossy -- the first day of introduction after the copy it your own -- -- calories yet. -- -- -- He would be living the dream would. The -- -- called empire and it. -- minute way to the end before they copy actually if you sure you live in a Jetsons stream yet that we are looking about. All time. You would feel so bad absences due in little break and brag Google Wave thing about space sleazy content of the worm. Ups and -- And -- YE Googlers present them to do you get me off with -- you break dancing if you let it clearly -- are often. Come on I'd affiliate -- of the beer -- talk we we meet the -- and I am indulge to view on the shelves here. It's worth giving them time and the other mastered props as Warner the other side right and I including my shadow addiction -- -- -- -- -- It dramatically. I'm sure I'll bring it out on a lawful and south -- via an import. Well I can eat if you could mean it can be -- thoughts about that sounds a little -- -- and it you know you went there. Well we're not gonna but -- -- on the that shift that's a laugh. Your first and his friends actually afford. It and predicted that for the holidays the -- As if we've never -- that area before. An -- robots that the robots. Skater by these are twenty dollar little toy robots and I didn't really robots they kind of their remote control. -- in that make -- is that the total budget. Wanna be. Well with the Sony -- and the early role. These one of these is culturally that's another one as much more like I can insect skaters around. I'm only including these because I'm actually actively shopping for some nerdy people on my shopping with I don't know what to get them and twenty dollar a little RC. Nobody things sound like a doable -- -- actually by people gifts of -- -- wife and your child. And maybe your mom and in -- -- -- -- is that bill that the now. Yes what idea. They're they're not that I -- and I'm not to actually out -- -- -- but there are some -- -- London and another extended family members that okay. Neat gifts the the he'd do that yes indeed by me like it's. And I needy children and I hope that's Africa to mention them -- the giving tree I used to do oh. I'm pretty much my Apple extended family and my best friends and everything like that that these days these days the past couple years I've done more of a -- group. Saying the early different groups like that are gambling group that stuff you can't blame all these and he isn't heated. Okay falling like a gift basket that your Apple and land one. You get -- I got to me it can't be buying gifts for anyone and goat -- I know now. Especially this year -- -- tech my parents of my brother and my remain there. He -- the of the media to the little text by scattering. -- looking thing about them. That was pretty neat if it's a little bit more ugly. And it goes past the typical thing about these is that they don't require -- I don't -- like that there all USB rechargeable via so it's kind of a little more eco friendliness and the united. -- -- -- -- -- -- Gimmick chair and asked -- the USB rechargeable. Now here's something much more practice. Star Trek style pneumatic we controlled doors Iraq and indestructible. -- how to make them. Awesome that's the only thing is they're not there there switch controlled they -- not my command. -- -- -- -- -- Their knowledge and sounds of action things -- and that now there are running out every year ocean -- -- its aggregated man. The -- to turn a little key year. But they are pneumatic he has little -- above the door here for the air to go computing out. Namely that -- found -- -- that shifts necessary yeah sector account. Even tell you when it even when they fill this -- -- -- that there is no -- yet. This would be pretty cool too if you keep if you could go further in May get away to make it -- secret. Like -- actually activate the doors is illegal lock in this don't need -- -- -- do is adored out the door problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- Many can do it that -- -- -- comedic retina reader in the scanned yet now. Why -- why -- we not have written askance why don't we have retina scanning matadors exactly what in our house that's what people are asking for. To get one section about very very expensive so often as well yea probably -- to carve out -- lark that's sizeable section of years. -- created the fake little. -- McCain will portions with the -- flat right right have a space with its patent it so than you actually act on the house that you're doing it. At and ultimately it -- the way you don't have to -- -- -- -- apartment -- to tell you -- eye right -- of Perrier is here yeah exactly right and you can charge so much more this way because the pneumatic -- you can pay me for that yes you can actually give you double as -- deposit back exactly year. -- -- -- other. Entirely impractical but still awesome geek very. Is the museum quality sixteen gigabyte fifteen -- USB drive available. On -- right now for the asking price of 350 dollars -- -- -- dials work. A -- question now. Okay it's entirely. Collection -- museum politics. -- -- collectible museum quality but the ultimate in. -- hungry portable. Media helped sort of portable equipment rental of the big pretty unique -- -- -- -- and let's as a real -- hands. Right but that's -- -- and it's pretty awesome even like etched his name onto it there. I don't want his name on hold it up and came a time machine. Each key -- -- with that indicates he -- the case. Or -- that little. The second photo. Floating in the mental -- Pretty awesome. I wouldn't be -- and -- fifty dollars on a but I do create it. -- in my Nokia -- an epidemic for. I do wish more things were designed in light truly like machined brass steam agree that it can not just. The boutique -- at the -- -- -- need more hardware manufacturers are making the steam punk iPod alarm clock -- yum. I don't think there's no market for memory and is sad that think there's a small part for the -- -- that this. That is going to be really small things are in each market now analyze product -- about the different story to that -- TDK I think you'll like it but mainly so excited about. Bennett at bloom boxes that -- design with so the opposite of the design Mac meaty generic black. Be it. I typically easy way chipped away you got someone in there to get the real designer and no real designer who did not happily patent idea about thirteen different commuting by all shouted down excellent want to -- Probably some life fairly young person was working on isn't a single. Passionate vision isn't as vision and make so much technology that by the time he gets the consumer. If even if there is a great idea behind it has been whittled down and wandered down past nude with him in -- -- -- not gonna. People in the midwest aren't gonna buy that gas is to allow -- through too many marketing. -- and I think that they're wrong I think they -- on the little charts are people who really want genuine interest in looking technology primary -- there are people out there with style. Yeah I feel like a -- I love that about a manufacture shoot themselves in the foot by making this really forget -- -- generic blah black boxes meant. They're doing that right trying to cut -- costs low under the radar to blend in. There is a Wal-Mart market and it's big but there's also these other markets that want something that's different looking. And I mean that the grave -- -- -- like I do you. Got his own funding to make something that was -- like stylish and unique -- and he knew. Right off the -- and other people interested because there party kind of pre buying it and acted like design -- product. Then -- and obviously there are a lot of people interested how much of the -- -- funding by I gotta go back and check I didn't. Allied in the hundreds without -- it's stuff like that that will -- manufactures by. Right on to things were not creating. Each time light -- -- on the fence about this this real life -- life cycle via. But you look at tool when you write and is what the video shows it as it turns. Out that. And it does but it -- that at your -- -- case. Have these things in and of course this is Florida. Right or economic some side street -- nightly drive on -- -- It looks pretty -- the one thing though its -- because as using real -- That that the actual circles for the tires the -- look like they're bent a little because the bottoms are actually dealing with gravity. I ask you to say so they they look a little oblong. Yeah you gonna do is -- ass kicked your -- -- -- this thing and he was gonna like very often wouldn't coriander and easy -- it -- it also it looks like hump in your motorcycle well it's little -- a little too cute to look through horizontal in this position. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I seem to use -- -- big motorcycles like that he had. But they look if ultimately -- -- that. Yeah you'll see can't you can't you can't -- in the eighty and is -- going with us -- -- the Lyra and obviously haven't shipped them and have you reflected the idea of how it on your back now that's -- that's even more -- relating to play again I looked like it should copy new pumping your motorcycle -- But maybe some residents -- that -- now to say who. They may be there. -- I should have a complete get. -- Even I'm analysts inside of it it didn't insist on as a company. Hay on that note -- little -- and the World of Warcraft and and you can have a dark -- and Africa and bring out -- -- opinion. -- opinion on this -- Well actually it's your story and yet they -- people know. We provide -- I think -- can -- down. Com so -- well. Cataclysm is the latest expansion toward -- -- traffic came out today that there expansion for -- this particular -- been going on for six years now -- player Agrigento. And a -- -- -- step -- in a couple months. And on the street and it took no really it's an -- now. -- but -- I have I really have thankfully I have stopped playing the last few months. And for awhile to go demo has me really did and my wife with play in our friends playing believe that -- -- And that's the problem now for me at least the reason -- I'm not coming back is because for two reasons -- one. Not mountain out -- my friends still play. So part of the big fun of of warcraft is not just doing things that doing things that people you know when you care about and friends of yours and you can -- these shared experiences like that it's really actually kind of fun. The other reason is because. The -- what warcraft cataclysm is still world of work. And the game hasn't changed fundamentally. In the last six years -- there's been lot of -- these guys are excellent. -- -- on things on taking things and -- home just make it a little bit better and improve it over time. Home but this is the same game I've played six years ago -- evidence of a personal issue exactly exactly like fruit for newcomers it's. All at the belt is the best animal you can back of -- -- -- could totally be like the lifes not that I've been looking yes they can't get look at her alleged that. You might wanna look these -- -- called the title if you're looking for life suck if you're looking for -- life that. Warcraft cataclysm. Rings and sadness brings -- -- -- think a three line three line headline that brings those bucks you via. And that column that's -- death toll for veterans who love this stuff who love work that there's still in the neighborhood it. They're they're gonna be in heaven with this game. Newcomers. They -- they're -- you know. New to them but it's the most refined as the -- you'd think they get the best in ML on the market right now. So what we'll try everyone's trying to wow you're not you're not gonna get a different game and while -- And they do not create free personally I do crave. That I could I am tempted because they -- and digital download LC because. Just go and download it and be ready for you know and it knowing that he's on he's obviously. Yet chic with yes and back then of Havel's element in the cold sweat last time it's -- -- game but. Yes for me I look up a -- -- thinking about this group she's particular. Who. Lives in nothing in there. Aren't yet another I haven't had -- -- lately that oh my goodness. The -- -- picture. Yeah I included a first specific reason that easy cheese around and it looks like and don't seem like it is that melted cheese but I don't of the American -- -- -- would actually use the cheesy cheap and another is there is well it's hard it's hard to come back. EDT via alt plus -- this is different Cisco. And that only about three blocks away from CNET -- plant growth and that that an American girls he's kitchen. So and syndicate on the menu -- Yeah I think it's probably special -- he you have to order separately by. They did pretty -- -- and it's definitely gonna make you fat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's what I didn't do the gonna eat them but I do like someone sent me a doughnut. Lake. The -- being beaten bad for the you know Buffy had to -- and I was have you ever had to -- that your -- griddle -- Evidence -- -- -- well but -- friends tell -- instantly with little and pockets of syrup are that was injected into them and I'm like god have to have an -- at all. -- -- and you'll feel like crap afterwards but it's diligent if I -- it. It'll be a new addiction it will the world it and when you're coming down from World of Warcraft you'll have to -- -- and -- and only if the sensitive getting fat please that link -- maker they're. -- -- come down off of it it's a slippery slope on a computer eventually you'll be UB delineate both Ireland cocaine. Guy dances and -- anyway well the word out is definitely -- we can't yes. Then I right -- on that note. We've we've made it's -- -- -- death threat. We're if you enabled us an email at -- show at cnet.com. Our college that 170. Parents yet that's 263. And -- -- editing and forget not -- about it. Yet.

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