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Mobile: Ep. 28: The first dual core Android phone

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Mobile: Ep. 28: The first dual core Android phone

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The first dual core Android phone, a whole new Android Market. All that and more on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly for Thursday, December 16th, 2010. Join Justin Eckhouse along side guest host, Senior Associate Editor Jessica Dolcourt!

The first dual core Android phone a whole new market and five essential apps for Android all that more coming up on this week's edition of -- -- the weekly for Thursday December 16 2010. I'm just an accounts alongside guest host senior associate editor to school to -- court and our producer Benito the I -- that is a lot this day with one breath. African I know I will never be an announcer -- Or at least -- -- WW. The smack down and answer anyway thankfully that is not in your job description though not at all at present. All right but what I will announce is the first dual core Smartphone for Android he. An old G optimist to acts. -- -- -- -- -- It's kind of yet and it's it's not actually here is the thing now so LG has announced. And I guess I first it means it the first one scheduled to come out. The algae optimist to acts for. Twice the power twice the speed. -- -- by the dual core tegra two processor. Then Nvidia makes that -- -- talking about that whole lot threat that's gonna be in the new honeycomb and are okay and in the -- -- -- -- nearly a -- you know how like a one gigahertz processors sort of the standard right now dual core is gonna be the standard. An Nvidia is gonna -- only -- to make them. But for now their gonna the first two relief and that's -- -- so. -- as we see more products coming out we're gonna see more for and believe there's Samsung. And Qualcomm. I believe are making competing dual core processors. An interest in it that's when isn't it. So the first phone with this chip. From algae as we mentioned is coming to in January. In Korea. And should -- the rest of Asia and Europe later on and Nicole Lee says there's a strong possibility it'll come to the US to. Com and that might be more information about that the -- which is. If we don't see that exact is known will be seen something property -- -- -- similar therein re exactly and I I am also would not mean. Surprised at the something like -- -- -- Rate the -- -- lot of stuff at CES is the U predictions for next week to better planning and yeah I'm excited about that. -- -- you know it's pretty nice phone eight gigs of internal memory hold up to 32 -- -- dying. The holidays or on barometer -- 1080. -- -- -- -- -- -- I eight I would like to see -- higher than normal alignment like the thing about it is finally becoming acceptable. Well the minute hand so I've been using face time a lot and what -- the front there's a camera on that Beijing again. And. It's don't know if I want them much resolution when the camera is up mysteriously the that is true it does it's pretty much a no -- -- you like airbrushed filters on the front are you surprised to see things like that. -- you can filter yourself relate PPL like all of that fact that you can use for the rear facing camera. I don't see any reason why that when Monday he'd be applied to the front facing camera and people are you know outing is like photo frames and things like in -- -- little. White balance exactly year. First I thought he'd beat via the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Area of it with you every -- time okay yeah I have done that but oftentimes for like video chat -- -- diapers happening and I am like those kinds of plug and I don't see why we can have Adam from -- camera so I'm sure I expect that technology to -- Hope it says. So -- in sepia. Yeah there you go that'll clear everything out I just find myself most the time I'm holding the camera late. As far as my arm and reads because otherwise they look as though it really unflattering community do you trying to hold up at an angle -- -- making yourself anyway. -- -- however when an air noticeably worse quality and you're presenting that out to somebody that's had to fix it just don't show you -- yourself. Rightly -- the other person let's just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- some rumors from. Andrea in me talking about any home which we know as the OS that's the parachute of the first. -- first Android tablet here -- -- -- on a super cool incompatible out of that. The first dual core Android tablet maybe I don't know -- -- -- Quantify this but certainly the tablet that Andy Rubin showed off we eager to go at all things. For Motorola and Verizon. Comments -- -- rumor is it's a -- team they say that honeycomb. According to their source. Will not be injury three point -- like we all think oh will be injury 2.4. And we'll have a target release data February. Around the time of mobile world congress. That -- make sense and is a little perplexed thing. It makes sense because after -- -- how Google's been doing it in because gingerbread -- you know for a lot of people very underwhelming read a lot of changes that are sort of in the background and not necessarily in the forefront. And also changes barren land developers to show that they're actually cool -- -- and youthful. On the other hand Google did say and at CEO Eric Schmidt did say that. They would be slowing down fragmentation. And in grade -- -- -- trip reports looks to me like they're speeding it up especially couple month part. Right yeah I mean its its its chain meted upon his 2.3 because they're really just -- might quell you don't really there's very 2.4. You don't need this and -- you are gonna run a tablet like this is just. A slight improvement for -- it's not a major regret and that it would branch often and only work for tablet. Right well what this does make you wonder is if that's true what's in store for three point oh you know what does it take to see a major new -- Of the Android and these days is -- going to be some amazing 3-D project projection I don't know and make -- now. Can opener feature. -- and if they'd fuel lean relieved -- fear of like Apple does and like Google said that they we'd start to do you know maybe you went fear or twice fear release says. Then you would expect from the piling on in features and and I I can't really say that we think that found that be interesting -- -- of the specific branch for. Tablets that I think it's almost counterproductive. I think Google's goal is -- kind of like. Apple's go bullet -- OS that you have one operating system that will work on multiple different devices. Ray yeah no adequate pre. But I. -- -- page when it as a little bit of sport to get tablets out there they're kind of behind the game now maybe deaths since the trying to indicate that -- in incremental version number. But who knows -- feel like are sort of trying to -- these little Vito. At this point literally know what's going on. Let's talk about a tablet. That will soon begin at 802 point two. The Nook Color from Barnes & Noble which I've ever seen little. In effect I have -- right -- And it has room and it's not that it will go and and it where. I should it. That you -- -- So there's no news from Barnes & -- this week that the entry to point to -- -- fro Leo. Update four and the -- will be coming out in January. -- will improve the battery life and it'll pinch to zoom. And a browser and give users more complete tablet experience brain people lean. The home screen and launchers and right now -- it is -- really seem like Android. Yeah I will enable and show you would be -- right now and if you can see events. But is it just kind of have this pop up navigation strip on the bottom. And you can go between the library. And settings and the browser. And things like that they don't have what -- really -- -- out step there's not a start screen. There's not a place for -- there's extras search shop web settings library. Right so. An amendment -- -- on the bottom so though there'll be apps but what there will not be as the Android market. Which is -- a lot of people out but Barnes & Noble will have their proprietary app market. So you won't be sort of but that any ability to get apps and you know probably mostly major apps will end up being in that market. It'll be hit steam. You know I think one of the things they probably -- prevent here is the Kindle -- on net. For example -- Where the you know maybe the Google book out on a -- -- what's. -- boarders out because they -- there -- only reader. So they probably wanna ban all other. In of people have said that maybe you'll be able to use side glued to apps -- this via the SD card. -- Rooted and do it everywhere -- the market on the company you know and up. As a tablet is it's only 249 dollars which is a lot cheaper than your injury -- is currently. And it's a pretty nice tablet it's we -- talking about this it's heavy though it is happening -- it maternal comparisons say there in terms of weight. It it it is basically. -- place. The weight of the Amazon Kindle. Now raise -- like -- -- Edmunds act went away and so the -- -- I think was like an eight ounce is eighteen point eight ounces which is basically a pound. Right it's been around it'll basically have pound. Right exactly so there it I think it's like. He announces eight ounces and ounces between the Kindle. And then conduct and then the -- handle in -- it eight point five pounds you can. I think the nook is almost no longer arrive at is almost. Eight ounces more than that at one point -- point six pounds and -- what model. So that the Kindle or so the nook feels it's hefty like when -- -- You know think about trying to read in bed holding above me -- a little worried. But you know we're not here to review the and a we have done -- minority and -- can do that we're here to -- such a good job the end Arabian side. So anyway look for an update that it'll be huge teams he wet. Very -- -- that and how people Hackett says. Get a really nice -- for nine dollar color tablet. Other updates this week -- integrated the Google TV which has not had an update yet. Added. -- and cook over the air update although -- -- the connection -- over the year. -- -- Under their -- over the wire and local homeless. Update which added a couple interest in things Thompson ruled TV of those -- you don't know runs Android it is sort of Google's set top box has built -- to some college TV web widget -- thing currency -- get a Blu-ray player they can get the Logitech review which is standalone you can get a built in some Sony TVs. So Google. Released an update and they released an Android app enter it happens is pretty cool -- -- -- is actually a app for your phone. That works as the remote for the Google TVs -- played search for shows use voice recognition to sort of search and -- your TV to do stuff. From the actual update on the TV. Added you know new Netflix application. It added. -- knew that they think that the coolest feature seems to be this new dual view option. So you can sort of resize and move around web content and TV content. Answer -- have them on the screen at same time how did you do that in a bunch of different options. Would you do that yet. Did you see how that I didn't would be worked. No there is a couples whose screen shots of that com. Currently it's kind of an overlay had taken a new version -- considers sanitary and watching football. -- action is taken place every year. So my web to overlay an operating corner and maybe your -- -- -- streaming scores from around the and a fellow kansans are fatter bio -- -- -- though we haven't played with that it. Yet. Money cancer drug school TV here got updated but. You know on -- -- -- in updates I don't know that that is gonna. Any kind of tipping point for Google T viewer to think has been struggling -- up to this point to really. Find a market for itself and knocked it rejected by a large product content providers and networks. That -- when. But there -- CNET TV app. Or and optimize -- -- -- who you. Com so. You know if you have Google -- look for that update. One more story -- get here too before the break and this is you know we haven't had -- -- -- iPhone -- Android you can an -- stories in a couple weeks. Maybe tomorrow we -- now lol yeah. Good thing this story is here. View and also ideal for entertainment like we have done this story at least twenty times and it 121. Episode is -- slate episode 28 so I think we've -- -- 24 times in the company. Episode -- done palm but this is a new report from millennial media which -- -- have not networks that are comparing the number of ad impressions. That number of times -- showed on Android vs Iowa west. And comparing those two they each have as -- for November 30%. Of ad impressions. You know which is. Pitched in their neck in neck and that's -- the all the sales numbers have been telling us that if we talked about. Some of sales and activation numbers -- last week and this is just an -- in -- com. That number reflects a 1% increase for both Apple and and to -- over October's results. And then and if you're curious black Berry. Has fallen to 90%. And Microsoft. And Symbian each have 2% cowardice. -- so in will be pretty HD and I think most inching up and here's what's gonna happen to windows phone seven. You know can -- I think this will be one of the key indicators. That we you'll watch it does have publicly available we don't have to wait for Mac -- moved house and activation there were. Just to see how their -- -- In -- about -- plan I think when everybody says it's too early to tell we don't know yet we don't have the numbers not for months in. Would you do well knows yet if you do well you're really numbers. -- if you don't do well UA. The exact same thing with a camera there were no numbers and -- -- accurately pinpoint. Exactly how many were sold or activated in and I don't I mean it just seems. Indicative to me. Yes I agree and I would talk way more about that if this was windows show. That if. Well as well in area and it might be significant because them and they Android users have to come from somewhere. So if you used to -- and Windows Mobile user. If you may now -- -- -- do you mean Albion amber do you there yet took a lot of those users are still actually coming from they should have feature phone market -- we actually a little. A little or casual poll on Twitter and asking them on my followers that they would share which unless they're on ahead and get like thousands of responses but I think they overwhelmingly of the people who -- mean many of them are Android users. And some of them volunteered what -- Platform -- before and many -- Windows Mobile. -- -- -- I was -- -- that we looked at last week that that 75% of people still have feature phones. People the world -- about the isn't brightening. Here was to animate your opinion this was a world over just US I think it was ruled out there it's so in general there's huge amount growth potential suggest and getting those people to upgrade -- Smartphone. -- -- Little little bubble here in San Francisco where it's hard Humana actually be down now might study period is -- other platform and not one phone rate. Of the -- and available in San Francisco a bubble in a -- -- the tech bubble. Property. That's coming up after the break we're gonna talk that the new and -- market and some awesome new updates to Google Maps. Hollywood and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift giver as we take your live calls that we -- your emails in fact when. Send us an email right now holiday helped us at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right -- Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash life. Welcome back -- here's part of the show where I get to. You know filled me out. It to do a little dance and make fun of just pick his her phone has not actually gotten something. Said Google I mean you've gotten some of the updates they've been. Rolling out a bunch updates to the Google marketer of the last we here's. Com and there is serve some major ones I think came out today. -- it the looked. Has changed significantly today for me. And certainly not for everyone had -- the carousel I don't mean. -- -- it's just it's like that iTunes would but he called the was that interface little shuffle the he had -- -- that stuff. We do data -- -- -- that is actually the name I've spoken to many Apple engineer and about what it called time. Anyway -- added this interface which is really pretty bad company could spent usefully can't see them -- -- -- contents. -- and -- you mean it's really slow. I mean. May -- -- -- -- search is not that slow in general. -- -- -- For those of you watching -- a little led by theater nearly half CU over my the use you can see -- -- Lose things goes back and forth as they scroll and hair -- -- and then -- buy it and I -- banana the. -- that you conceive you hold them side by side mine has not been updated yet and Johnston. -- sticking with the dream. Greens seeing him. But so he added that the -- and it visual interface rang up it's nice and -- narrative avenue have. Ron -- cool you can scroll forever on some of the promo which is kind of nice. Com. They added that this came a little while ago so -- related content. But what also launched today besides related to -- sorry but says a new look as they can had a bunch new. Thumbnails are sort of images of the app I think you can actually linked to your YouTube video about. Overall it's pretty cool the -- two things that I really don't like. And no -- has what they are on hearing it first it is this is bad example but. The placement of the buttons. I don't. The placement of buttons for update and uninstall right now there are. On top of each other and there are much smaller. So not finger friendly you know when I -- install an update to Google Maps which are about a second I accidentally and installed it ill and ended. So that that's pretty bad and then the other one which I think is actually really bad. Is that -- reduced the refund window to fifteen minutes from 24 hours. So you know I think. A lot of people were using it -- and I think is actually good thing as. Just an insurance policy try an app -- I don't like that at all owner turn. Which I feel like he's kind of okay because it gets you two tries staff than maybe you would never. Otherwise and I can't forget about it and keep it past the point exactly yourself to blame because you have sufficient time and and solid -- for your money back right. And don't you know it's kind of like that awaited the trial -- that's -- -- having that market. Polluted always light Napster trial -- that. But so now they -- -- fifteen minutes which is not friendly. Idiotic idea I think -- I mean it's idiotic. In the sense that they are just inviting backlash. Right it's not about anybody else that you disagree with mean but it. I mean it's not about trials right now this is only about like -- -- click the buy button and didn't really mean to click the buy -- and benefit a lot of people I was talking to my roomy and -- how life on an I was showing her an -- and there that free version for Andreas and it is -- -- -- actually it -- Angry -- -- and -- and we're talking about -- -- did you -- there's -- season. -- -- pilots not freon iphones so I'm just gonna download it and if I don't like it that -- and in half by hand and followed by tomorrow that I am I don't pay for spread exact and kind of thing. And fifteen minutes they mean what if you wanna download from the how many times have you downloaded something to instantly run out the door he downloaded it just to have it -- -- how many times I don't know it's fifteen minutes and it actually is installed it fifteen minutes from -- it by what if it took. Fourteen minutes -- retire early to download them. Word is is fifteen -- sufficient for more complicated out with other features mean I guess you can always contact. The publisher. If EU have the valid legitimate reason. In answer outbreak -- that really awful but it and I don't know that it seems to be a big smack new users -- -- -- -- com you know it'll be huge teams if they -- -- overtime but I am certainly not a fan and I urged Google to rethink. You heard it here second and you'll hear it again twentieth. More news -- a Google. Surprisingly on -- Andreychuk. So we talked about this. I don't know months ago Jason's -- -- talked about this. Google inventors this application. Which is is kind of cool concept originally was released. Four I don't know school children. Mutual -- the wrong word made news even for -- children. But for educational purposes -- -- -- To teach people -- of how to build apps. Without having to notes of complex program means that and is building block interface. We can drag different elements. On two accident they com. -- To build some fairly simple apps and then compile them into entering apps -- -- -- simple apps but it is -- is not that simple. Right it's not well it's not that simple but it's far simpler than program. It -- it looks like -- -- using sort of these building block. -- universe but -- have to follow rules of programming brands they'll have kind of like an overarching -- -- Alex like. Your finger in your thumb open wide and then and then there are other blocks them -- and between -- Actually added it reminds me a lot of the -- -- storm. -- that it pays when I got the legal -- storms or two -- -- them to do certain stuff. So it's not super simple it's a pretty good introduction if you've never programmed before -- that you really have to want a program. Yeah I mean you can do some stuff that's fairly simply to build map that says picture of your capped. Without all -- effort. But yet few want to have any kind of logic in the area gonna -- learn -- -- Actually it is almost exactly the same as the program 95 couple years ago about MIT produce for the same reason as a tutorial. Educate kids on how to program likely kids' programming not -- -- hard it's just like drag and drop. Not public nets and believe that think this might even be based off that are I feel is that it -- reading similar -- that it that I downloaded it to feed. You know when it looked like -- But -- -- -- -- not just for your -- -- for -- drama -- grandmother and implement it or not like -- with eBay blog it's not quite that simple you have to really -- wanna go through me I -- -- it. It does all -- removes some barriers. -- -- But city news today because this has been out for a long time is that it was only available. By invite before and you know they were -- -- and invited but now available for everyone. So go crazy check it out. Build -- -- -- it to us. And we'll you know talk that -- -- As long as it's you know. Has to be more than mr. conveniently. Which is what they have because -- -- already been outlined exactly and this -- -- think your cat has the unique me now. I don't know if that's gonna really do it. They still could probably get a couple thousand downloads in the app in the market kitty Samuel consider -- area. -- rights of there was a lot of new -- map updates at this week. Hand that is why is great to have just -- here. As you I love all over this yes the candy so the first the -- -- is FaceBook. -- that an update that added chat within the app as well as push notification. Yes and to. Pacific have I actually went with few V. Press conference where they announced pleases being added. I'll up kind of fun -- here. It from. Mark Zuckerberg and company -- lips. That acknowledgment that they Android app had been far behind in -- slowly catching up iPhone. So I did take delicate sense -- there look fine. And notification I've not been able to figure out yet I just an I don't know if you've had any luck with that but I have received notification. And but I have not received the alert so. I haven't received an impression what is it mr. I -- to -- That does not seem to be clear just like when someone -- You wall or something like you know -- I was looking -- -- and looking around for settings to see if I had control over what pushed him and that ends and and I I didn't have a lot of luck so you know I think that the fees that app is still behind and there are still some usability features. For example I've read a lot of comments wary. People are a little bit confused period are not seeing push or like me don't really understand what it is that's being -- And so I would seem that every time you get a new message errors them. Something that would show up in the native notification bar that you would have the option. I haven't found that yet. -- and I may be behind the times there well. I don't even want this so can -- move with an -- that it doesn't work -- in FaceBook you know. Some -- off and on my computers it is normally enough for me. Said that is not all -- out this week there's more -- -- There is movement that mobile. Video chat app uses uses this is out for the first time not enough players for the first -- aren't yet justice. OK if they're basically that's the sort of Blake. Another quick. Freeing. You know when they -- -- -- -- yes exactly is video chat conferencing the only difference is when people -- video attack conferencing option now that's meant. Q way so I talk -- you likened feeling you can -- -- and two people are talking and see you yes. Because we're sitting right -- my account and then we're videoconferencing and like the real world it's them -- -- for good. That this actually it lets you have up to six people on call and you can see videos all of them as long as you know. They're videos are engaged. And it's cross platform because it is this is a desktop right now -- the Windows Client there will be a Mac client releasing in the next couple months. Is what we expect. And so. During my demo I actually did talk to people -- ion. I think we're on epic four G -- for demo purposes so -- was speaking people on -- phones and also on windows computers. And I would -- performance period -- to be honest performance really variant on all of these apps and all these pop forms. Have a lot to do it and when it you know the quality of your web -- perhaps. Eight -- it worked in the demo -- so. The version and I thought was pretty basic. And and I and there were some improvements but needed to be made that it has -- -- -- another competitor that's pushing things forward. And we'll hopefully spur on some of these other -- and there's also tango out. We can't forget hang out. And other VoIP. Video chat app but -- again it's just neat to see somebody pushing them forward and hopefully that will spur other competitors. On -- creating and more of these apps with those filters that we were talking about -- for the camera. You have that be awesome so -- this. There own protocols so it's not compatible to any other aptitude to move it do -- -- the American yes. Interest in but so far they all -- -- -- so what I used. Tango. And very bad luck with that did you even like Brian -- had good luck Perry did it I tried it out on an idea I would the same network as if the person. News super choppy in fact I haven't had very much experience with tango at all Bryant pond I used it and and -- the video demo on CNET TV if you -- search for -- And he and our producer Jamie where. Or -- video chatting. With each other but again for the purposes of that video -- needed to be close to one another so they were also on the same network -- and it's it the picture that I haven't heard of them that their program picture that is supplied. It is not what it looked like it is definitely not that -- -- Do not that are realistic I'm -- that is sort of centenary. Here. Next step up here this is not video but we have this is voice rates a dictionary.com. -- out added voice attacks definitions for integrated and you have. He injures -- story behind -- -- yeah I actually had used him like dictionary.com. Limelight where aired -- linking things up when I can't remember what words mean. And there -- true story I was driving in the -- other day with friends. And I -- Q we were talking about the definition of the wording and arguing back and forth some -- -- -- -- finally get up and I couldn't spell it because the word -- On a lot of tea and written. And there are lots of -- than that because it's not English originally. And so if I had -- dictionary.com. At that point with the update. I would have been able to speak the word in -- hadn't gotten some suggestions for that. Instead of trying to figure out how to type it -- argument is while you could just use Google search and view about the same thing. But it it's sort of -- -- and I trust dictionary.com. As the source for and I like that but the source -- there you can now switch from the dictionary cubic thesaurus -- you believe without losing your word. And there -- a couple of other. Features that they added as -- so if -- somebody like me with any -- app anyway. Or who might get frustrated with the multiple definitions of Google search and we'll close it -- use this app in the first place. Then this is actually just a nice addition the one complaint that I half. Is that. T use the voice box you have to go to a separate search screen and and and I would money -- believes that in the search bar at the top kind of -- -- -- firm. Probably -- renowned ad funded anytime there's a search -- ticket is just an and that -- you -- go the other way as well already can get pronunciation spoken to -- -- that's been around for awhile and that has not government you can. -- They do thirty canal. Say it and haven't sit back to -- today announced a trailer on her. -- FaceBook isn't the only social network that. And updates last launches weak links in. Finally. -- gas has launched an Android app I guess people you know. And I mean that is mainly I don't know I yeah Linkedin doesn't seem like a daily check in at social network so -- don't. To me this app isn't super compelling that but they do that it might be if you're looking for a job using -- then. Again checking in from when meeting at the coffee -- operate between. Yeah I guess. Com -- an area so linked in debates of the professional social network as an Internet now and hit it I is about time I mean. This is also -- -- public beta. It is out available. Yeah check out so. But the social network the site's been around for a really long time we -- definitely seen an entry -- where it. It people know what it is anybody who has -- job in the industry probably knows that -- and or this could be the bubble within the bubble again. And it is surprising that the -- exist before now I'm happy to see and now. Cool -- and here's my favorite update of the week Google. Introduced three maps and we saw a demo of this last week when -- Rubin demo at the new tablet. But they released today who -- five or or Android phones. And a played with this it has it's not. It -- a couple things they switched to vector based maps which makes. It's a little speedier yet allows you can store sort of offline and have passed maps now if you get -- -- in have. Seriously show little -- -- -- sir yeah I'm and I can talk through it is as you as you don't ruin a pilot Mohamed. Both aware of it in cash directions so few themselves service -- directions will still be there. You can and greedy half these greedy you do -- to finger. Dragging -- It has also the ability to. Use the compass. Hand -- I got a treaty tilt there ago now I just achieved -- pulling down singers. And it's really hard from the and I nationally -- listening to us audio only hurt to follow along with her. Com but than the 3-D is pretty awesome. The compass lets you basically say show me which direction and quick -- and always keep it map oriented. -- the direction I'm pointed. Around so as you're walking down the street in New York wherever. -- mixture actually walking nor authors are there. I'm whichever direction are you answer real time. View of what should be on any given sided view. And I you are watching Nvidia you can fear and turning -- and -- can feed the movement and then it's sort of tilt and every -- -- pretty cool. BI licenses available arrested today for -- -- -- 16 and leader and if you want the offline and three features genie -- to -- to talk about rotation. That keeping current means -- needs your two fingers to sort of rotate if you don't wanna use the compass -- -- going to seems only rotate. North and make it's now. And there -- millions scrolling. That you -- you -- -- -- -- -- not exactly and yet this I mean once they come out with that tablets this is believed -- and better. Because you'll have lent me big screen rate com. He is. The -- be such -- Com. Harry you know that little wished -- display the clock apps machine we GD. -- and a notebook Michael is the public at both by injured lol. Its gonna put it out for a pillow on the pillow with an LCD unit. Medalist in they have much apps you can get pandora whether or whatever and small can sit down -- by your -- and be o'clock. Com -- dollar really liked it's cool if its been out for a long time. And it's definitely cool and all that's actually flash based. So they released a -- -- That lets you run all that -- he can get any child left by your phone rate. It's -- it. -- like Aspen and if you are really in its MB and you just want to have -- -- at work because you have a dock for your phone work. Around but you wanna leverage ambient. Home. And maybe it's worth paying for 99 is now but otherwise like -- Has units probably all the apps that -- -- has literally no. If this is to be very compelling for people -- are ready from the users especially without the bean bag. Re re I mean -- -- was really. The term they -- sort of thing so if you're at a time being and I think you'll like this. That if not then maybe not access. Dollars isn't so bad well it's the only fifty minutes to evaluate that I don't know the full let me diagnostic data about that but -- -- no way. Aren't so we're gonna ask -- bond down to email here. As are running low on time we have to emails here went from have been. He says hey guys have general question about Smartphone design -- -- email they're really long immunize infants summer Nvidia. The thanks Kevin Bette Davis -- hey I have it Droid incredible which we both have -- out and the battery life is not that to which it is agreed. He said hey man only complaint is that the terrible -- if and when you tried to get an extended battery. Virtually all the batteries. Are really wide and require -- new backing. Except the -- actually. It is extended but does not require that in added back. Why is that wire manufacturers -- of not making their phones stickers and they can incorporate a larger batteries that last two days. Com knows that -- and others -- Phone batters -- can put on there you know it really changes the flu for the phone. So I don't have the great answer this but all I'll give a couple of answers and you can choose the when you like best and and I -- you can't. I mean every year answers are still -- the -- Current my first answer is. Who cares about battery life and phones anymore there's docs and power everywhere. Which standardize on my -- yes B chargers it's pretty easy planet charge everywhere. You know. -- battery -- really matter except if you're on vacation. Patio like that -- reiterate after that I'm generated after the fact. So far it's like a one. Had -- at -- -- time. And time all right so my second answer. Would be that -- I think that maybe it's not as big -- deal as you say I think I think it's had an 8020 rule here that most people. Don't need it to last for two days -- -- the targeted just because they do come home every day in charge it and he would they would much rather 80% of people would rather slimmer phone with less battery life. -- a larger phone with more battery life. Because await incidents. They would rather a lighter phones -- more battery. I get -- eight. Yeah I mean it is treated most of the Smartphones out today. Have terrible battery life for people who use them you know it's it's almost the one -- standard. And it would be really -- them an and -- of heavy use and it would be really awesome if if it were longer. But I don't think that Android phones are suffering any more or less than other Smartphones. Which doesn't. Doesn't make it right it -- but it does make it expect and it's. Seems like -- under its own -- your iPhone has a lot worse battery phone. Life and it does then you're founded a couple years ago you're feature found because you're actually using your phone all the time not for just -- -- -- really -- have the operations yet if you don't I don't have daily. The on -- environment right let's just keep talking at the fantastic but didn't. I can turn -- data on your phone and you turn off everything that's ever voiced about your phone -- lasts for 45 days or. A stand by day is I mean there and we rate battering all of our -- if you go to CNET review offer you -- -- this second change all the way down at the bottom. And eventually you know. Well the first data review doubt we'll just say -- but the rated you know battery life is according to U that the manufacture. Then we will actually go and tested ourselves and say what are experienced by. Now that is an overtime of course because the -- of -- gonna draw on power and you're gonna deteriorate the about it batteries capability. And so over time that is probably going to decrease. But yes you just left it without doing any thing you -- have multiple -- days of standby time. Now -- stop using your phone -- -- -- outsourcing here and I don't know what I didn't say I didn't down couldn't. Yes definitely and that and I think if it's up to the industry amp events and come up with more efficient batteries and battery of any audio in general processors will -- dual core battery that you know whatever the equivalent and for. Electrical -- It doesn't -- like -- seen a significant advancement in battery technology and along -- EI. I like we've seen in CPU power I sure have not gotten excited about batteries but pressure. And it if it had been -- advancing at the rate of CPUs that -- -- batteries that last month. And I bet that as a problem that people have addressed that we definitely -- So -- an email from rain here says hey thanks for the feedback a couple of weeks ago I do you remember your road in really. -- about the top Smartphones for injury likely by an Android phone this weekend and I keep hearing in -- podcast. Hopefully only -- talking -- -- found what is routing. What does it do and how hard is to do is it legal -- void the warranty -- -- currently standard new -- newbies. Want the most data phones -- -- -- steer clear that sounds like it has a lot of potential attendees can screw up a phone. With great power comes -- responsibility. This is a great question when we hear all the time Sony try to hit these one by one here. So routing channel and have a really -- -- -- awesome suited these two parts it is routing it just means of getting root access to your phone. Normally when people say -- in their -- referring to process and not just to gain root access but also putting another. Sort of image or another adult for -- operating system on their phones other than into the stock. Wrong my guess is what most people call so if you don't like so -- HTC incredible. Specific. Rom then you can put on one from one of the various providers that may give you some extra features are really give -- -- of power user access to that so. Is it legal yet. Does it void your warranty this varies by manufacturer but most of manufacturers you'll say yes it does. If you can be rerouted and get back to the original state -- gonna know. And I've definitely heard of people getting warranty service on phones that happened -- just because -- restore it back or people never know. Can you screw up stuff via -- absolutely and a kind of the point yes. In fact -- up for good or bad it -- -- have a question. Com. But its -- mod your and Danny can do a lot of cool stuff I would not recommend this for beginners but there is a lot of pitted tutorials you know we have. It's posted a video I posted it and link on the expansion who -- -- as a perfect. And yeah the Minnesota about how bad had a return phone. We do have that -- -- city you definitely can't do it kind of varies by phone how you do it and artisan. What the features are -- outside of Google for your -- specifically. You're gonna -- to back everything up ahead -- time. Here beginner. Don't use. There are some very good reasons for doing that such as on the Samsung like galaxy S series of phones. With -- Verizon. But being as the only search provider available. And the only way it doesn't get around that isn't able liberated their funds to -- swipe. And inviting Google actually better than you can now allow tethering via. Says it there's a lot of good reasons to use -- -- -- -- -- beginners. -- it's it's a little mites I would use your phone for awhile and see if there's a compelling reason for not just -- of the techie geek he actually do it because they can do it at. Actually I'm Canon. -- read the email that we responded cue laugh said that he created his and and installed a custom rom a custom kernel and -- those modifications gap between twenty and 24 hours of battery life instead. -- extending your battery life could be -- good reason for it. You can actually under clock your CPU with -- Apps were routed phone. -- and the main purpose for including their phones you acting with the crap where I think that's one of the big reasons -- that is definitely one of the big reason I think I would say the biggest reason is because you hand okay -- company hasn't yet. Besides that companies. I'm hard as we are out of time. But hopefully have a lot of great information today. So if you wanna send -- email -- -- any predictions for predictions show next week you can. If -- and Twitter and or Alice or wants who lives show. Every week cnet.com slash and -- every Thursday -- 2 PM Pacific those stay tuned next week. Maybe a special episode. And then after that -- not have an episode until January 7 -- the gas. Yeah man there's gonna be on time and -- -- coming out of the there is. The Clinton wrote disk into joining us that so if you think we are doing -- communities -- -- -- -- at a later. There's gonna be my first CS actually a really. And that I'm expecting McGreevey and aunts and hurting my fault -- on fly -- possible thanks for joining us today Jessica thank -- -- thanks everyone fun. In the Jabber men never -- for listening. And we'll see you sometime next week or next year. -- --
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