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Mobile: Ep. 23: Multitouch Paternity Tests

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Mobile: Ep. 23: Multitouch Paternity Tests

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Android is riddled with security holes, the Galaxy S outsells the iPhone and yes Android is sued again, All that and more coming up on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly for Thursday, November 4th, 2010. Join Justin Eckhouse and guest host, Senior Associate Editor Jessica Dolcourt!

-- it is riddled with security holes the galaxy asked outsells the iPhone and yes -- -- again all that more coming up on this week's edition of Mandarin house weekly for Thursday November 4. 2010 and I'm just like as long side guest as senior associate editor. Jessica dual core. They -- -- -- of course you know. Has gone. Welcome it as well -- -- exception me once again hitting the microphone with my face move. Well the people I found you know we're base in the -- Atlanta duo. Awesome well thanks for joining us as they said before you wrote about half the articles and -- -- And everything and a I get myself -- Biden and -- well if I provide the content may be on it get out on of course always. -- jump right in -- with it a report from com score. That's another report -- -- I think this is like the 53. Report. More alas according to mayor report on reports that. Android has that is Sergey -- big heard about this -- And drink anyway you ever love Zander I'm running -- it started with one hand that. Yes like well it it can't -- -- -- can't fail and now have 3000 and and this is eggs carrying 3000 right now there's and actually wrote a really get a roundup of every single -- -- -- that. They're really not too long ago yes. And Google have -- nice -- are now there in his little. You know credit figure out what -- -- get. But anyway so and realize it's hard to switch over from iPhantom their operating. Yeah it shouldn't. So -- -- rate surges 21%. Who's 21% of the US Smartphone market. Com this is -- growth of six point five. Percent during the third quarter. Capture. -- that -- one point 4% and this is just in the US marketshare. -- Blackberry remains the overall leader with 37 point 3% which is down from 40% in Q2. And I OS remains unchanged at 24 point 3%. So so. They're near an -- I OS -- there. Now it comes core is respectable but -- me feel like you get one of the of every Saturday you do. And and they they're pretty insulting of the same thing rate. He did there was one from NPD earlier that you know sort of said similar stuff says that Andretti -- for 44% of all our phones sold in the US. The -- kind of look at it's slightly differently like. Smartphones sold during XYZ time period vs Smartphones actually in use vs some exclude like corporate -- -- -- worldwide. But the general theme here -- -- -- it continues to -- Blackberry continues to decline. I think that's gonna happen here especially when you talked about corporate purchases Blackberry still. Has the huge presence in corporation. Ray and and Blackberry has the presence -- our corporation -- and hello and your getting your branding. We had the for the Blackberry we had the trio trio 615 right movement Treo. Ventilated yeah yeah -- from -- we have the truth expertise they were in ninth for their time but we hold onto them for really really long time and I think that went very normal for. Operated to the 700. Yeah. 750 W via -- ever that I could not I think at this moment and then but a -- -- -- -- yet I mean you're right corporate. Policy and very close and I conservative right and when corporations kind of start moving -- -- plumber gonna see even more dramatic numbers. Yeah and -- -- and we are already seen you know certainly at CNET but also -- other corporations that. Executives are really. Driving there I T departments say we need to have alternatives here. You know whatever -- and expense of personal phones because they need to have my own partners and -- about down on money. Along the chain gang it's and a trickle down happened at cern and the trickle down is usually you can have my old one having an -- have my iPhone to -- you know. Editing and -- every single time every moment of these reports that thing that goes through my mind is okay. You know and there are very few -- OS devices and only one of them. You know ray equipped with in neat telephonic capabilities are not I came out point by your iPod it's. And how many hundred him but are there Motorola has. Basically done away with the rest of businesses plan and right now it is pursuing fully indirect -- you've got this market flooded with entry devices. A -- of course you're gonna be an upsurge in uptake and and being I don't know it's kind of like. Every time and I humanity's I'm tempted to kind of do the numbers and sort of an -- -- ratio. Yeah I mean I thought -- filled and you're right of life it definitely -- single device or Treo devices. Can claim that percentage of the market when you have the flood of divisive claiming that other percentages -- market -- can see why they're kind of hanging in the balance there. Yeah no it's definitely true I mean. -- iPhone has done a tremendous job with one device. Captain as much market as they have -- be very HT nexus he kind of a pie chart of the Disney Internet devices and how those -- breakdowns delicate and that. Is they have the awesome. Is that you know I would guess that's probably like ten devices that make up he percent of the market and then there's a lot of -- -- Right and -- the devices crossed manufacturing cost carriers well right -- There are definitely layers of complexity here. But what I would have to ask is why would you ever by an Android device when it so. Flawed the code has massive security risk well -- yes. Says the story from Stephen -- Clinton is expert at is saying exactly same dead. According to a study there's 359. And write code flaws that pose security risk found in the Android source -- -- specific act. But the actual sort of underlying Android OS itself. Com. And of -- treated 5988. Airport are considered high risks with 271 of and considered medium risks. The company that looked at this this is. Varity. -- -- -- -- -- Looked at these sorts from the east DC Incredibles. Immunity Lucy's. You know modification of this I think most the defects were sort of in the underlined and shared code that all the manufacturers are using yes definitely and that accounts are like that things like -- Right I mean it we have all experienced. True and you never have laid out for the show playing well I think those you experienced number 320. Sick of analysts spot treatments. They say this is actually lower than the industry average of one defects per thousand lines of -- but I hired -- -- rate than the means. Mainstream Linux. Which is what of course -- based on will never see numbers like this on. I OS because known as access to source except for I think you're gonna say because there are now -- of and that led Steve Jobs -- you're going -- at the lead us to believe that they do it -- gonna say. You know and they probably do analysis of their code base like this that they'll never only when. All this report tells me is that it's hard to make a mobile platform right in the senate when you have hundreds of thousands lines -- code. You know and -- it cholera an industry standard and. So so -- -- if -- run as bad as everyone else on the island and bad but that's not her. Rate and again maybe we come back to Google's brand name -- you expect that Google can do Iran and relieve their brilliant engineers are just like everybody else's and they make mistakes -- their problems and that's why -- There are iteration of operating systems break energy bill and pretty early illness and -- general life cycle and it -- -- it is but mr. But let me give you another reason you should buy an 800 phone as a family oriented jury reacts. At the I think you do to you may have even written about it and man. So the jury -- -- Motorola about in over -- update to get people -- hundred to two. -- that sometime in September late September rate yeah he and -- what happened was a number of users we don't know the number. White House is that it's a fairly small number of vocal and slightly inconvenienced users. Have discovered that there every market it there have been a number of errors reported by it against the most -- to a lot of people. Is that they're in -- market app has disappeared. Leaving them and able to download new apps or manage their -- -- and -- The pages go to the market download them or are right because doesn't actually as a stimulant market entered market is actually baked institute the first command. So Google hasn't said anything made they would respond when I asked them about any of those questions about where it is -- -- decided to do this. What which layer of -- -- and yeah because that that's such an expert on on -- re elect is voter rolls fault is it Verizon's all up this thing me Google's -- I kind of hint incidents earlier in our discussions today. -- it when you bring everybody together. You -- some accountability we've talked about -- we'll talk about it smart because it just keeps cropping up you've got group is made decode. I said they created the operating system at that -- first they put it out there. The phone manufacturers -- they are -- -- and some of them might add sort of -- an interface overlay on top of that. And -- -- of the carriers are actually implementing an on the devices carriers -- -- -- you eventually. -- that update so it. If your user and you are disgruntled where you turn a lot of people turned few Google and there's been bringing us. The good or for arrange them in any RF yeah well. I mean this is pretty sock in it and especially the responses that it we have gotten from the various parties involved aren't very bland there Manila and -- marketing response yeah. Incidentally you have an -- Motorola Verizon are working with school to resign at the issue and restore access to -- -- market on all affected devices. Any modifications and upgrade plans for products as the result of this will be communicated at a later date. And basically what they told me tears they're still -- figure out how many people. Our fact. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. A lot of the times it could be UI related. As well I don't know if it's -- -- related in this -- -- -- since it's not stock entering it and there could be more problems. Thus aggravating it really you know let me and Neal yeah isn't going back you know you that is an option. Thank you these little button rollback -- the fact theory that. But that's on it on you really can't it -- I think -- should -- them during this brings -- to my favorite segment who's suing Mandarin this week. -- you actually if you wish Android well I'm it and that's sort of the blanket term I use for the ecosystem of companies that represented at the galaxy and interact they. So -- -- report on something different next week after next week it's gonna be a class action suit against Motorola and Google. You know. Ford -- users on behalf of the -- users but this week it's Apple. Again. Apple as -- Motorola for infringing on patents related to. Multi touch and other access technologies in -- -- verify. And guess what this is only three weeks after Motorola sued Apple over Smartphone related there was -- technically be countersuit -- that's just to completely -- -- just for the fun of it. -- out there. Not a lawyer. But so we I don't think prizes definitely revenge from. You're gonna it'll play back I think a lot of people were surprised that Apple -- awarded that patent in the first place. Yeah I mean certainly and -- is definitely a lot of nervousness when. Who -- first decided to sort of enable multi touch tone phones. So they had it available operating system but if you remember -- cool maps I think reviews -- the first apps actually get is enabled and there is a lot of like always -- Susan now. The -- has -- after the blame game. Maybe if Google enables it but they're not actually creating and they don't create -- -- it's not their fault they may be they of effectively enable that and then pass the buck online. To the manufacturers to create the -- that actually. Use the touch screen. And have. That's inch to an electrical I wouldn't Apple do do Motorola. And HTC. And Samsung all -- -- Where does it matter elevated Apple monitors yet. So this -- -- our currency and -- the added definitely will be. You know -- that I think multi touch as wide applications on everything from cool phones to CNN election boards. Like what is Wolf Blitzer gonna do if -- can't the multi touch the election result. And what about. And of Microsoft. Rain and -- and seventh green via computers like that yeah amid a loving place and I don't know Indian health about their patent -- don't latent. You know it's one specific part of multi touch. -- you know -- -- -- I can't count how many lawsuits there are now. That's what we need actually keep you post on that -- a chart of who's Paul Lander at lawsuits. And what that current status of that -- work and that there Texan. Well I had just as they filed teeth feet and continental -- it was a Chicago company. -- anatomy yeah and then. Maybe there are incorporated there for some reason or another. Probably tax purposes. I actually have found that iconic wrap. Who's suing who and -- I really. You know take a look at that and it's it's -- complex situation no. While this is all Telecom not specific because there's Apple and Nokia Nokia and rim in. While in daytime -- being. As it's crazy -- and get them all just only -- and settles battle right now exactly. Does make you feel let's do -- paternity test on multi touch hooked up. Carried -- name of the show. You well want to tell a lot of eternity. Awesome. Article moving on talk about Verizon and apps stores that has -- -- -- talk about all the new app stores that are coming out from. The it was an Amazon app store and we talked about a couple weeks ago this week. We knew about they Verizon app store which is called the V -- app store. But now we have have official confirmation. That it's going to be available next week. And I guess it's -- be first attitude I think the incredible this sort of what they rumored. And -- interest team you know one of the key differences. -- key differences around app store are around billing. The Google apps store has this feature which I absolutely love which it allows you to a refund of up to 24 hours after -- -- -- So you can try and happened -- knows totally -- -- your socks and get your money back and then and actually led I've never gotten a refund but I have. On apps that otherwise I was kind of skeptical of -- -- I don't know you never asked for refund now I don't know but. But I it has gimme a -- by an app and feel confident about whereas before men in my and apps like seven bucks I don't know if I. If it does exactly what they -- right -- the safety net exactly -- Verizon will not happen they'll do refunds on me. He's my case it is yeah. After hours on the Holland in new stance on the and yet to get -- -- -- in fact. So -- -- in the second one is carrier billing so again bill map and I think this is good you can build mapped here. Your bill because a lot of people. Complain about Google checkout. Com. And there's been a lot of respect Google's gonna enable PayPal for the market differences he -- officially Garrett. And hopefully carrier billing as well. -- like every other competitor -- the carrier you don't have and good thing and rim and Microsoft shirt. And so I mean. The -- questions about. The -- have partners mean it Verizon certainly need it they say we think of this as a complement to the other marketplace out there there aren't -- -- -- The -- and spokeswoman said it gives consumers an opportunity for discovery and to choose. Okay well I think it means having -- that a lot of these stores and that means that writing in a partner up with publishers you'll. In -- and refer -- her have and have signed on to the program. And Verizon's gonna get there and -- back -- separate. And from the Google -- back so the publishers might be offered the same dealing. 70% rising keeps thirty I don't know that's for certain. It. There's going to be a smaller choice -- discover ability will be easier if you're sort of smaller time. And third party models hurry actually that's certainly true for consumer photo editing really -- -- -- you generate different developer here's the thing if you party have that -- security -- -- using Android is an even gonna encourage you to go to another app store. If you are my ears -- -- up my heart and yeah if you think -- -- -- as your home perhaps you click I would want this on something. And here I would use this new thing that got -- -- other -- does have Meehan is great and has a separate music. I think it does I think this is just specifically. Apps there apps he had mean. I think as a developer you probably just show a -- or whatever and this amendment is out of both. The -- -- -- some restrictive. License team leader app store her support that. It's also -- -- on every user wants to go into the app store and take the time to wait around and you do have those filtering lists I'll be fine. Top paid top free. -- like that apps by category and that is one way to do it enough to get -- they aren't meant to be a thing that I wouldn't have a look he's like -- -- and I can now either -- -- am overwhelmed I just wonder if small. The act could be that or the -- -- I mean. We both can probably agree that the Android market is and has not done very well it's really hard to find out and China -- -- door so Branson could. Be successful they came out and set aren't really simplified -- whole process. However I think that they're just gonna take what they are Eddie -- and -- it. I don't think there's going to be a lot of extra I would be surprised if there were a lot of extra resources for -- add it to make it like the branding the model by -- -- -- We'll see I mean you know they have brought out there on app story is it before for platforms like Blackberry -- -- com. Where the app store is horrible and -- to -- is horrible and so they probably have had a lot more success there then I would guess they're gonna have on interest. I you know I wouldn't call app world that horrible. Especially with and the online market on link catalogue back compliment app world on the Blackberry is much more advanced than imprint online market which isn't even a market it's not even a full catalog. It -- the couple different things and well remember -- -- and -- you wanted to hold Blackberry app situation. Right but that's I mean ready to Europe under a little bit that's and I doubt there are at an industry that -- there alliance there is a greater number and probably overall a higher quality of apps for amber and we can that can yes well a look for it. At least see what this looks like. You know -- -- -- earlier will definitely play with patently you know we have many we have many beer incredible amounts of -- It did it do exactly. -- here is a phone that looks pretty interesting if it's true and we've talked about this. For awhile. -- nexus two. Is it really is it not Scott Webster -- -- to wrap up all the different rumors about the nexus two who you may remember the Nexus One from Google. -- -- pretty space DC but it was sold directly. Through -- wolf they're trying to pioneers of a new way. You know selling phones. It -- work. That's the bottom line there. You can go read the details and if you want. So it has been about to rumors that they're gonna try the nexus two which to me then and I don't personally know that it buy it but here's -- -- history. On October you buy it. Would I buy it buy it while. That that's -- second question. Pocket that a second once we go respects. October -- six city AM I guess claimed there -- via knew who will branded device at the time for the holidays. That a couple days after that -- me reported that. You know basically the -- respects. However -- today it says which is November 1. Samsung denied that such a phone is coming. So the question is are they actually trying to sort of throw us off or. Are they actually be an artist's name no we're not doing an axis two guys com. Oh we do know is that there uses Samsung event in New York City and of memory it and they're gonna announce some phone. So will be this. This -- -- team points that. You know we knew that the Nexus One sales model failed so one possibility is that. They wouldn't sell the -- to direct but they would go through partners such as best buy in the US to do the salesman not through care but who are. And that's LA and they were just here we talked to them -- buying and it. Currently the -- has pretty burgeoning mobile business right. -- definitely. So may be -- when -- -- further and deeper into that. Com. Another you know possible. Rumor about why. They would release this is because they would want a phone to be is sort of first gingerbread phone. And it seems like gingerbread. Is maybe imminent. I -- this is the basis for this -- who recently -- to Janet gingerbread man on the lawn. In front of their office and I think there's the there's a nice picture of his gingerbread in the story here. And typically when -- put a giant dessert in front of your office. The announcement. Their next OS been released has -- followed shortly -- that so. Strangely net interest in way of his energy ranges. Reveal little skeptical that Samsung would make that's the next that's only because -- TP. -- the Nexus One. Right well. I think so I think back more plausible thing that's happening little -- -- -- there and the story kind of goes along with this is that. On -- memory Piccard announced the continuum. Which mirror from past shows is that one of sort of the dual. LA area. And -- it's it's similar to galaxy gas with. Display on the bottom. That sort of can display widget hello and I gonna demonstrate it here. Through the being at the plan that would be the phone and here's where it's greed and and -- -- -- screen it says seconds running -- -- -- on them. They're role models are used for weeks just to simulate the -- -- little -- yeah just little things without having to turn on the main phones so. -- You could see battery life as the screen takes -- so -- times. So whatever this phone is gonna be you'll find out November. Eight the aspects for. I can -- and union is very likely rate especially because. It was spotted on one and Samsung's. I external web pages rate the continuum we definitely -- coming out the question is. Is that the nexus to -- they're separate nexus two phone that also going to be announced. -- -- -- We know the continuance to renounce. It's just the question of is that the -- is to is there another from -- and access to. My -- is an editor's note nexus -- which but -- -- Add and now. But my guess I would have my money on the union and for this announcement of -- -- gonna put money on anything. -- -- Well we'll see. -- last very -- here before the break the. The T mobile's released Wi-Fi calling for the G two. Instead to roll -- -- software update that's deliberating. Colleen over Wi-Fi. There's no additional cost for this feature however minutes will be deducted from your regular voice plan. When since there. Yes of a foreign based have a -- hot spot at home saying that out of my Blackberry in hand -- and like five bucks a month but he got unlimited range. -- -- -- The -- and -- don't know what is fair. It's a question I mean I feel -- You should be able to get some discount on your minutes but certainly use half pyramid it's permitted. If you're making a call from the phone and you're making a call from the phone that's gonna what can I -- -- network greater share of powers. But you are using the -- that they subsidize. Yeah and I yeah I -- ideas you know if you're making the called the same way that you way -- using your dial pad. -- that counts -- a phone call from the fountain. I understand that there's a technical difference. But if I could also see how this when -- that many waves to people who weren't using an unlimited plan for and also it's very. It's free and it's now like you know an eighteen -- and attempt to yourself angry at the Pelé what is it 250 bucks to get it is the hardware on there it's just use -- -- -- -- -- Harry if you have really crappy reception in your -- there really yet. It. Interest and it is HD I did like this feature a lot a the wonderful works over seas because that -- pretty useful thing. And but I know that various peoples of the block the art well coming up after the break disc have put together an awesome story here they really don't think gets into the you know -- -- reiterate phone and what's is the minimum requirements that an underrated. Where that Google requires vs -- -- other. Manufacturers. Such as -- -- require so stay tuned and we'll be right back after its. Welcome back. All right let's jump right into it with the hardware guts of -- Android phone on -- this -- I wish I could fanned out I like ripped off covers and I had tools and my fingers in their (%expletive) up an electrical wires and and it it was an but I delicate hardware -- I'm I was curious about the minimum requirements for Android because we we really do see -- Brad. In -- -- when -- -- phones coming out with. Cameras -- in their -- this capacity and verses eight megapixel phones -- ascendant and there's there's really big difference seeking get an Android phone that's quite entry level. And and sort of basic and then you can also get every week relaying. High end of life. So it turns out you may or may not be surprised to -- that there are not a lot of it in order for the compatible this -- that document that. Google and the inquiry team kind of make available to anybody who wants to make it -- that hardware manufacturers. And the minimum requirements are really quite -- therapeutic created distrust have a QVGA. Touch screen. It does need to be virtual -- -- -- -- there's some USB support very bare bones on user storage. Only a few megapixel camera. Dominion backed functions have to be accessible -- times that they don't actually have to be hardware -- -- And they did to see opponent and -- the search keen on it even though that is urged. So explorer matter compass GPS receiver lining interesting point is that -- -- -- -- required Wi-Fi. And integrated. Two point one into queens you do not require -- And then they're there were now specs available for one point 52 point. It better and so. And -- in -- comparison and so they require 2.2 megapixel camera Windows 7. Required -- phone -- seven requires five megapixel camera. And then on the processors and they had no minimum requirements there -- windows phone seven is one gigahertz processor yeah. The memory is pretty shocking they required nine need to make so many Ramadan -- that is an 150 megabytes of users' storage. Non volatile user storage -- Not specific -- any kind is just -- that your your contact information on -- here pretend you turn on and so for comparison windows phone 756. Megs of ram. An eight gigabytes of flash story but there is no external. -- Four -- windows phone seven devices. So an and that's not stipulated for -- that you can have in sixteen or thirty cute in my storage capacity. On those fans. And that kind of and Microsoft that away with that of an and one of the reasons why the storage is me -- -- like and because it's expected isn't -- man. So however you look at this integrated clearly has much lower specs. The minimum requirements how -- required aide urged a lot more so as you read through this absolutely than pleading document. And you'll find that they 88 the urge you to hound. Certain things that you should use this it may have this right but clearly you're -- -- come out that don't. Right after this absolutely and I -- let them Motorola flip out really -- square -- and this finding was that the screen it's just too darn well as inappropriately small for smirk about. You can work your way around it but it in and that doesn't -- -- there -- about there well. These I I think they should care of and gives injury to bad name if that's sort of. Buying Android phones -- exact or arrogant I and I felt okay but it doesn't seem like in their right -- the only -- -- -- device not purity of the device they're still devices coming out believe it or not. An imprint on things that I'm street talked about and -- actually asked should be another -- -- earlier well we thank -- you can't release a -- that's more than three versions behind or something like and I would be highly useful and buy it in. In other side of the story. Is that if you have phones back her respects that maps. -- and -- capability. Then that is also appropriate when it's sitting at that it's lowering the barrier for sure and I are having -- -- phones are -- cheaper so. In -- that you have your nice it's not be beautiful. Since it's not -- that you've got your beautiful. In -- -- via then and the other. -- high end phones available on the market and you also have -- have a ten dollar injury from coming out. In a thirty dollar amber -- and on contract with a two year contract. And that is getting a lot more people have believed it would or nearly youth. -- and mid range feature phone. All the sudden being able to access all the wonderful things that -- house opera lake in -- navigation directions maps. And integrated contact with your online -- standard -- this thing. Question are you be able to do that is -- can be so slow or so low on memory that. You know you can download apps that don't actually work on your hardware there are probably very few phones that. Don't surpassed the minimum requirement. Well I mean I really believe this this -- -- -- -- on my phone on her you know the original derided. That if I'm navigating and I am trying to do something else like play music it gets like comparably slow. And there's a lot of cases like that. Where if they had originally come out -- gigahertz is the minimum spec for a CPU. You know I think and have a much different experience with the. Well in windows phone seven is coming out at the specific time in the timeline where -- -- In and one gigahertz processors weren't a problem before. And now they are ever ministry team dual core processors pretty -- -- gonna start seeing everything increased so it's. I think this is a smart move for Microsoft. And and it's it's definitely one that. As being used handsets sort of format based on the higher and that it's -- -- and it's gonna spur all of these other hampered manufactures. Who want to compete Q how of phones with it -- the same minimum requirements -- and openness and famine. Yes I angry -- mean that I would love to see sort of cool. Aggressively. Protect the reputation of Mandarin through minimum specs that we're a little more aggressive because -- make editors have a right windows phone seven we discovered does -- aspects of iPhone are always pretty. The night you know you're not gonna have a slow experience for the most part I mean. People have complained that it gets slower as ago -- to a an old phone to maneuvers the violence that. Generally you know it's snappy taken pictures which is a big pain on the through it takes it like five minutes sometimes to -- the creek in. -- -- it's just boom boom boom. On on knife on and on faster marathons is ready to say we talked about this yesterday in the -- them podcasts as well but and that he mobile myTouch for a gene. Android phone. It goes it it's not -- instant on but it's four seconds on. And that's really fast compared to lot of these other -- some you have been given abilities -- It Tuesday yeah. In the capability is there are but I think a lot of people who are kind of new smart thing users here have -- more entry level. Android phones -- -- -- -- Q about minimum requirements. They could well Tennessee -- and -- Alice at CNET back on. Speaking of hardware. Creative and has announced. 2 am great how. So the first is it's these -- these are called the ZO -- wireless and turned human tablets and they have a seven inch in attendance version. Seven inch is smart so they can compete but I panic and that. -- -- -- Galaxy -- -- playback exactly yeah so. Seven inches 800 by four ED and tenants has tentative four by 600. They both can comment. He -- sixteen -- capacities. Seven and starts at 278. Which is shockingly less expensive than the -- -- news. What the Tenet's version starts at 332 also vary very inexpensive. There based on -- 102 point one. May include created. Was X five technology X. -- -- -- is superior audio experience. Seamless Bluetooth Perry. And that's the end of this -- would. Google. And -- -- look pretty cool. -- you know definitely have their own skin on there. -- -- imminent house has been known for making good quality products and we definitely don't feel a lot of tablets that aren't sort of brand name by the cellphone manufacturer is getting a lot of press -- buzz. But from what I remember about the kinds of products that they create this could be -- -- Yeah I'd say the one caveat here is that did it seems like it does not come with standard market or -- they have their own markets even network. Yes so it's only. Wi-Fi re launch to get picked up I hear -- the -- -- Votes that's tough questions yeah it's as the basic version -- -- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It does come with the two megapixel camera. And the and enhanced eight gig version with GPS will also be available looks like it's being sold for -- online store. Correct file. In I had any idea for you if you want -- Or if you want standard market which I think is important link maybe secondary markets are probably okay but I still think you need the main market. Market marketplace and there. These were not only tablets released last week view sonic announced injury do view pads. With a seven inch tablet -- panel and even. They look very similar -- it so it's evidence in attendance tablet. Seven inch run standard to two it's -- -- late November it's going to be for 79 which is about as it closer to the prices that were seen. Rated -- -- Qualcomm snap threaded processor 512 megs of integrated memory and -- -- expressed -- slot. And it has Wi-Fi bmg and includes three G capabilities if -- supplier wants him. Or if the carrier -- picks it up but some. Point in the future. Has -- passable to that screen with only resolution -- and they're not getting your good I have no need. -- great. And it has a rear facing through megapixel camera as well as -- front -- -- point three megapixel camera. And that's the it will have Google market which is good thing in a ten hour battery life. And if you had ten -- ten -- one has -- stands to an early 2011. For 629. In this is actually had dual boot. -- windows on sorry Windows 7. Home premium and Android one point 601. Point lead realities -- -- -- Next year in 2011 -- releasing a tablet with -- 101 point six. Here we have all these people. Who are not released in a tablet with 22. Because they don't think it's advance not for tablets in years and poll released on Wednesday. So I think really well and apparently that's not markets -- either. Yeah pretty. I don't I guess unless you want Windows 7 on a tablet erodes the bond. It seems like it's almost a gimmick and it also does one -- -- Android name encampment is and a no. That. That's. -- you'd have tablets. And Samsung. -- -- -- Samsung but Samsung does make pick out seats have been there have. So that they expect to stem cell one million tablets this year so base the about it and -- this here. Worldwide they're gonna sell one million tablets which doesn't seem super aggressive -- the numbers we've seen out of the side pad. You know I like the Samsung -- have I don't think it's at all and iPhone iPad killer. But it certainly an interest in. Solid four -- -- standard have a market. But the interest in -- at this week from Samsung is that. The Samsung galaxy asks -- sold the iPhone in its first week in the Japanese market. The iPhone has been the country do you when he make of that well the iPhone has been the country's top phones since it launched. Last June. So this is just the first week that it out and I don't think that it really means anything in mean it'd just that there is a lot of excitement is excitement there's interest in it having an alternative out there -- I don't think this is probably gonna be. Also there is a setting number of iPhone user -- buyers week after week. -- -- and I I don't and I doubt it didn't I say dad gonna sweep then right. I can I love stuff like that comes out with reminds me of like Inca cola outsold -- murdered exactly it is the only country -- them downward. -- -- -- -- -- couple notable -- releases this week that we want to cover for you first one is the update accident both updates this week in both first social networks. FaceBook updated its iPhone and Android apps and just puzzles Paramus and they're gonna give us -- -- -- -- of the new features. Yeah I went few feet back yesterday with Josh -- then ran man -- an -- And we went from announcements to see if there's gonna be in your -- -- and and now. And there's not you -- but they did announce that they were updating him being infrared app. And the -- little story about that went along with that -- that fifth it was gonna be using a third party shop. Helped create app along with some of their engineers because they didn't have the capacity -- -- result. And -- justice they were parity did you read that -- -- bought up by Google so. They do you know about that app is behind the iPhone app and they are addressing it not necessary we in this released by it and coming out for sure. And Google -- is and Google groups are part of -- And there is I did a video a yesterday there's a new feature that will be coming right now it's only on iPhone and it will becoming hampered as well. And that is with in -- says. Coupons for local deals will be offered so if your favorite restaurant once they give a discount in their necks -- in your neighborhood and you'll be able the -- -- the a little tag and stuff like Yelp refused you'll be able few -- through -- back. -- -- -- -- -- has some serious. Troll potentially for. -- -- -- -- Yeah because often -- to check -- -- exactly. And Caroline McCarthy from an Indian threatening little -- about that -- if that is basically -- for -- -- Very it'll be very -- -- -- it happens there. So also this week update to Twitter. On Wednesday -- rolled this out it has a new -- detail page which makes Italy. Little easier to. Click on links and a tweaked or retrieved her reply or or -- -- Supposed to be quicker. Quicker access a -- -- Optimize the way things happen in the -- And it's very technical. That'd be pulled to refresh every hill and a pull down from the top and get it to refresh which is a -- -- ninety feature but kind of cool. And they swipe to reveal which provides quick access to you know user's profile. -- that meet or cline. Com anyway that he is available to anyone running Android two point one and higher image entered market. We also got a tip that for some users apparently early for one user Clinton and it loaded it with location automatically on an I didn't experience back. That's kind of scary. Thousand against and I I -- for your location but when an updated I did not have location automatically -- -- in the off. Position by. Interest in well if you find it on send us an email an arrangement it it very grim picture. So -- amino from a couple users to -- -- at cnet.com. A gander at that list is the east TC incredible the front facing camera. -- to resonate in November. So there is a bunch and rumors about the it's TC incredible -- the and you know these are all just -- and its you know hard to say there basically it sounds like. The incredibly you'll launched November 23 or at least be announced. A lot of people are saying that will probably come up front facing camera -- -- don't think we have seen. A front facing camera from Verizon yet. On an Android phone. And I know that a lot of rumors there are not that many. From -- cameras aren't he had me much the rumors say that most carriers were waiting till four -- to release camera and -- And it's held up right as the -- hazardous for achieve the epic -- he has that myTouch urging right exactly. So I don't. No -- -- just make and permits copier transmission on an. -- is what Apple does but so. So it's it's I don't think we're gonna see any Verizon phones that are -- until CES that that they're gonna announce their fourteen network then. And I think we will see a lot of announcements four G phones with front -- camera so rumors say yes I'm a little skeptical. I'm sermon have a a solid answer for you but that's investing -- that's what makes it exciting yet. But if a bit I would be very demand for select incredible -- -- -- -- we got a tip from the Verizon's source. That he sent us this. Diagram. That. Basically says that this. Confirms the initial pricing for the to write to global -- the -- -- probe. And also confirms and this is entry in the torrid two global be available in white so even though Apple has not figured this out somehow Motorola everybody loves -- -- -- phones. I don't -- it. I don't get -- there at the caller. It's -- not mark the pricing just say no the -- to global. Is supposed to be 199. For both the white towards the I think it's in black. The pricing for the galaxy tab which I think we're adding -- -- and hands on here in the jury crow. He is listed at 117. And also on this chart is the Samsung continuum. With the present one and united during which is. Print he pretty typical for on my grades you know every phone on the here is one -- nine. Or 17 united with the director -- and then there's this second. Motorola -- to -- listed at 149 starting. Looks like 1031 don't honestly know lose in that price drop or what exactly that mean. Because amount of -- -- and I don't know how to read there. Terminology here anything but it's certainly it's -- and kind of fun to look Eddie. Hopefully it's true but who -- I anyway -- this show for today if you're gonna send us email you can send us email at enter an analyst at cnet.com. Follow us on Twitter -- in Dallas the shows on every Thursday to PM Pacific. CNET dot -- last lives -- Indianapolis and of course the blog where you find. All sorts of great articles as well as the show and a lot of stuff Tyrone just -- core -- for RA dot com slash and during that atlas. Anything else -- -- before we go. Now acting method for today possible thanks for joining us and -- he -- into holiday coverage I -- -- men. Yes it'll be exciting thankfully -- -- do that of the bill a lot of its been holiday pounds yeah. -- CSX we've -- Freeman yeah.
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