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Crave: Ep. 22: Smell my moon dust

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Crave: Ep. 22: Smell my moon dust

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This week on Crave, a low-tech robot makes Donald excited...or sad. No, excited. No, sad.

Is Tuesday October 26 and growth means -- flash want to create podcasts and doesn't plan. -- Donald well. -- -- -- -- -- -- screwed up and that August when. Actually. Can't really I wanna go back in -- -- -- -- back to I didn't limits on its next year. I -- -- -- there is an obvious next him pretty fair. I don't know actually -- slope that's something actually that the Bart station after the subway station -- a little flier saying that it is certain. There is -- indisputable proof. At the end content. Sonia phone does that mean that I am an island on this seriously and -- depends of those who doesn't slow well this particular fly said that that proof. If you wait what was approved and I confided as well and a fine print from now now how much advocating -- more proof -- -- -- times yes robots can pour your beer more effectively now and can pick up. Angst is new for us -- robots that -- beer and no well it's it's. -- -- a lot it can do a lot of stuff this is a quicker picker upper robot developed by DARPA. If the dart's find definition initiative. That -- -- and it is a little. And formidable midst of a robot nub. That little arm can reach out and you can pick up. Kind of like me on the title anything little nibble the robot formidable made the -- -- formidable never robot arm. And -- you -- the video. You can get a sense of the universal ripper. And all of its magical capabilities which do include. Your point. Yes and include it pours beer and apparently a deal. From the picture it was that this thing is that -- -- on evidences that he is a serious look like tank has a little cast of things you can pick up and they -- -- RAMP up and complexity. But it. The cool thing is it's and adaptable to so many different little shapes and my delicate means in heavy -- him and -- But the real magical -- or is that if you're not using a very sophisticated technology it's balloon full of coffee grinds and and then like a little vacuum form behind it that can. Quickly suck out all the air and apparently just the magical properties of coffee -- When -- get pushed close together they have a way that they they lock together. So that you can create like rigid little shape adapting such -- Elton without actually crashing things. Interesting now I like that idea and the low tech. Solution yeah -- robot that's. Well tech robots. I'm not only their robot arm part -- of the title that's and the low tech hand maybe. Low tech now that's the rule yeah. I mean it's a little bit at the high tech know the robot goes to shake your hand in the future -- can just cannot perfectly formed here hand and then rip it off. And then destroy you. -- -- will be the end times. When you have -- -- -- the bottom right hand there picked exactly -- for human right so in the robot goes to perfectly twist off your head from your spine and rip that off. -- -- -- Expand anymore energy and effort and it absolutely yeah -- -- now today is June. And I didn't that in read that far -- to know we got a year. Just when you slowly than we might have an -- yeah now. Anyways I'm excited I'm excited that through a -- and I'm sad I'm sad for all of the -- live however there are expected -- I'm -- for all of the the robot engineers who dedicated a lifetime a -- The perfectly mimicking like the human finger yeah and and and digitize in -- human hand -- to make perfect like. Thousand Serbo motor and multi gesture hands that come close but still don't successfully mimic -- actual hands right. And then they just got trumped by -- coffee -- It I am. Well I can't and it's that's. Kinda sad but I feel like bills. Articulated fingers and robot group robotic fingers will be apply to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do that but that there. -- they really. They're really trying to confuse into the movie night and -- if it has written an -- I would really been hunted down and drag evacuated about -- they handle that very beginning re yeah well I'm well if you're gonna make it cheap robot. And that it is investing. You know that that millions of dollars in the perfect and you can do it yourself of coffee and yes that you're good to go yet its least you could be you be functionally. -- be good news -- chief Javier pouring robots of the near future yes I'm excited. Grew -- gates speaking -- balloons. We've got stylish ones that are not filled with copy but with air. This is a proof of concept and bicycle. I have my -- below the collar in the -- -- as they like and air bag that is. The inside of a collar for bicycle -- that will inflate. On impact or before impact hopefully. So that it can can ride without a helmet in theory and then your home will immediately pop open and right. -- and look nationally look pretty nice and yet you look great doing -- now when it's inflated the big you know. And I think it takes a certain kind of person to care that much what happens to you now how good they look after it hit a car while. Yeah well then me if I'm sure that was it's a -- who knows when or where is doing is the way that they're promoting it. Is that. Once that helmet is inflated on your head then you'll still be able look at -- it'll -- the model in the picture you know pop track in the polls with the -- -- yeah me she should be like on the ground like. But what of these scraped up right well only if -- got in any -- trying to some wonderful -- of these cars in. Inventors are running into walls explain -- -- seen in a few these shots that they homey kind of pops open right before any they hit the ground. -- There and -- sound effects. Guys and -- can do this means I'll -- that popping sound that can't -- -- Married it's like a little piece of popcorn wrapping around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- dummies and again now this -- pretty -- but it will be great for people who you know are not very. You know prone to wearing helmets yeah in general you know only jasmine -- -- news wouldn't wear a helmet because it would look. Good enough we'll look fashionable enough let you know this might be a good -- -- -- -- and then I'm gonna. -- helmet frankly. I mean I I I trusted enough at this -- -- -- off when it needs to mean this at -- at a bike in the city for the factory I don't. -- -- trust any -- yeah Larry and Andy is wasted. I'd rather that cool idea. -- better if it works and if it doesn't go off. I'm actively. How lately should -- -- though it it looks like a big hand grabbing the -- you can do like a whole canned on the bank or something like a transformer -- actually looks like it's a racing -- more so than it currently has no picnic arteries and it looks like -- would work. Or jiffy pop -- you -- just geeky kid down on the costs by branding it looked like and advertisement. Now -- -- you'll be -- confused and you know on the side of the road when that. Iraq McKenna much that is if you -- you won't I won't I won't care you populate the state but I will not doing it just before. It also looks a little like a space. -- -- If you're going to the moon will hit. And he's. -- -- was that I kind of a a trying to play -- -- -- nadu government for the price. What is it. Fifty dollar and 55 dollars you. And I can -- -- screen print. About -- stiff action if threat -- scratch and -- -- and sniff yes. Men who can get. Amount of Alaska. Since this is actually if if you're telling more of the modern art thing or the kind of graphic. Designed statement to the pet photography as a print and a wall so what does -- mean and now so what does -- -- not like it's a great question jasmine. The -- apparently smells like gunpowder. Yeah. The lights and -- -- Those qualities the like cheese. So and -- this is not actually taken from -- moon duster. Moon sent captured on the moon but an approximation. And -- believe. Made approximation by a cent flavor -- -- this Omega ingredients in the UK -- that has that created a principal ink. Has -- Roma of the moon. Inside it's little Inky particles. Sort of think what you think that's. Was it tells what the moon's surface that I don't care and this -- I just want something that it says moon on technical and scratch and I can by people over. Likewise with that giant print that just says moon on I think you should go up to it and scratchy and then -- -- -- -- -- the Hoffa went away -- mean we're gonna. Is that Huffington you know -- -- -- is when you would like inhale thing -- -- was running real it's like the idea. Of palpable art -- you obviously have not spend a lot of time in the east -- with the glue kid hadn't now and I had. I think Europe in yet he's good on itself. I -- -- While your in your half induced stupor. You can make a splash. In air Franklin's own 21 piece swimsuit oh yeah. It sounds infinitely it's now actually X and that the -- do it -- except I'm sure enough. It's you know fantasies of probably conjured up this image many time probably. It says sexy. And now want peace -- who won this one was this one -- the story popped up like the day after our podcast. Last week or so it is old news but it is a swimsuit it looks like. So it is worth throwing and I thought of the jet bathroom for the man red -- out -- -- -- -- the -- to date there. But down says makes it known that if -- much as I am a fan of when not that review our lawyers. This is certainly doing anything yeah I know you figure it both -- the late today would need to be group B -- I mean departing guys I think our media -- -- that would be really weird. You know you know what -- actually excited about the field -- that this if you if I. Well -- question we -- I think that would in like like kind of like a cycle analysis way determines something about. You know the person who -- over here the RTD two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now. Program -- don't -- -- -- probably is is that it's a one piece bathing -- I think that's why I'm excited and it's also not a very stylish -- if it -- it yet out of it does not flattering unflattering all or also say the model they're using my shoe wearing a jacket there. Now my children that doesn't jacket -- blazer well Huckabee a nice she's older than it was. -- the -- rocket pack. When the -- -- bathrobes fair maybe maybe yeah. This I was gonna say the bikini -- these can be yet let you know this is just in time for Halloween though is that flake. There's nothing more of traditional then. Girls sexing up a constant strings -- Google and sixty. And and that. Area that mean. That's not really -- your TV to that's that's -- practical RE two that's the priests for swimming with friends doing it. So 85 dollars you can get this hopefully it will not come out Ethiopia. EP PO -- job at a heightened by one piece and I -- speak and -- sexy. To blog this month when my blogs and now now. That's it. Aside indeed you -- -- on Mon. Does. It didn't seem particularly sexy now -- include women in. It anyway. Later you wanna handle the glitter that it I'm. As yet there are a man I think it is actually said -- basically you know did it already I mean there -- -- Oh there -- Sanyo H arguable analytic AAA batteries and now -- their five year anniversary and -- come glitter eight color nickel metal hydrant retractable battery eighth. Pretty much of the yes they have a Larry -- -- They allegedly -- -- community and deal. Now in Japan November -- -- batteries to me you get double -- Tripoli versions of your glitter rechargeable batteries Billy we've got to me I gotta say though I think this -- -- Amanda cool you actually you'd be able to tell which of your batteries have -- rechargeable ones I did -- currently over the top sparkly ones. And there are other devices now we're -- to enter batteries battery -- to show them off like -- To make the. The creative device and they're about as bad as an opportunity for it's an opportunity for device manufacturers to capitalize on the -- Cleary multicolored I day eco sensitive -- kids are gonna be so happy -- well and he's coming into land at flashing -- -- believe this that -- isn't. There it cannot fill me up after the hot new thing blew over and -- and it accounts. And they're glitter batteries and is yeah the kids are they gave battery -- -- -- days of their glitter battery is there Huffington are pathetic those things in her -- and their brain. I'm sorry that 1992 day conference in the chat room right now with giant pants that's really -- said that Wi fi. You cannot acknowledge and a -- On. The guys who -- those -- That puzzles me that. -- -- -- -- -- -- These -- they're so -- they're like goodies yeah their ponchos and like. The there there admit. And I'll defer to the ten month anyone remember -- with it ponchos on anybody about blended now I think we've gone through a case. Evil -- -- and and well I think it's. -- behind I'm happy to say that I've still never -- in 1998. And one I think -- -- -- -- A fun time but please get really get that whole. We don't know where it is yet he won't know the we have. Into an hour before it actually starts with fooled me. I tried it -- one of the 1996 and the pretty. That's sounds -- here. -- that person. And hard pitino. If this is gonna -- -- this is actually I think the best thing -- got so far. In popping or if yes. Oh my goodness -- colonizing and the hello kitty wrapped smart car. Of the -- now has benefited feature but you get this right now if you want weapon fifty dollars -- used a bad -- Is funnier smart Aaron there's three act actually completely new and cool to -- it could be should go to looming -- -- different designs. Full body designs. It's -- it's like a black or walking in Iran and he's that is really an attractive. I know I and you add that -- normally pretty masculine. Yeah I hope I get it. Allow. One out I think you'd actually have the highway one it's my right -- that -- and -- around and it is the pop act now that is that's. Pretty river where it. -- Elected a smart are. Oh my goodness. And when you're down you're rave. -- -- coming down. Give your head is is is it barely. Capable forming sentences and I mean like basic function like frankly -- and a year in your your hand poncho. Yes just reeks of life. Stuff filth. Yeah and -- -- -- Rangers last year you gonna go home and you don't wanna -- eight had approved so option to get clean well. For that we have. He -- -- -- though -- -- comes in many cents. One of which is grilled sausage. I had no idea I've used it to do to mess that you can get growth hostage scented soap that is -- With -- and designed to look like so you'll always be hungry actually Camille looks a little bit more like a -- with -- the rounded does it so be it it. -- -- -- -- Design area and Tom B 99 point should come up with a -- the -- and -- it. The smiling gunpowder it is an -- -- be any better or worse than grilled -- -- that matter is thought that just kind of public via can be limited. Real American you can want a bar of each cent right I gunpowder -- -- -- minerals don't you think this Milliken American. Beacon. On -- and until they can but they'll freedom -- two cents. Being grilled sausage and gunpowder partly in Dayton. But -- you -- you spelling on real. News. -- comedic auction and the good thing I. Jazz and and what's gonna save us after. Sausage. Where if I of this 11 thought that it's okay -- office. Florida and as an entry on that that's was -- on this is higher fat today we have to say the BE BQ -- Doubleday that is -- in and -- ground meat mixture and on the smoker until done. Those coveted Scotch -- but damn Barbie -- -- Earth believing that a protocol and not really. He. Deep -- Now -- -- barbecue again -- that egg that bothers me. Really that's it and then it rapidly he must've had the egg is all doubled -- -- via a camera. Yeah problem yet and the doubled part of it doesn't look like regular double click mixture -- looked like. -- It looks like brown looks like -- yeah. The settlement my -- out act on this planet laughing squid to eat. The pizza lollipops. And there's a horrible at the little -- And I imagine I would just I would eat through a least a dozen or two of these in in the course now what does this -- -- more than what. Can't be more than fifty -- probably more -- that thirty. -- yeah they don't have a latching on I'm currently open those defects that I mean. 3540 calories -- in yeah. Only five of them bring five to lunch definitely get by IP. Pepperidge farms she's gonna stick. -- -- -- Along with the five -- those in Australia Finland yeah what they will they'll be you'll be able -- -- enough -- -- -- -- in the an hour later and that he'd enough if you keep them out there. ICs that were of her and agree zine yes yes if you're Gray's original plan yes I agree here it's there. For some people -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- it we got we got the robots. Got the bicycles. Got the are TD doing and we haven't yet the technology got -- the -- hello kitty. Pizza lollipops. And disgusting -- Yes. Not really don't know why don't I don't what I don't. Call an environment garlic you don't blame it I'm -- Fries and I -- have a whole started the perfect pod you know these are now. Over it yet about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right if you I get a hold of a few into the email -- show at cnet.com or of the hall at 170. -- CNET 3638. Flash block --

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