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Mobile: Ep.21: 5 Reasons To Wait for An Android Tablet

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Mobile: Ep.21: 5 Reasons To Wait for An Android Tablet

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Steve Jobs attacks, a pre-rooted phone, and 5 reasons to wait for an Android Tablet, All that and more coming up on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly for Thursday, October 21st, 2010. Join Justin Eckhouse and guest host, Senior Associate Editor, Nicole Lee for all the Android news of the week.

Steve Jobs attacks at the root routed phone and I reasons to wait for an Android tablet -- that more coming up on this week's edition of -- -- Apple's weekly for Thursday October 21 2010. I'm just -- council on tied guest who's senior associate editor Nicole Lee and of course as always been you know. Welcome everybody thanks for -- yes. Local sheriff. Has gone give it any talk Android excellent so what happens when Steve Jobs attacks. Woods yeah yeah -- And me but angry yet -- -- get a lot of people responding to yes so. With that the star here is that Steve Jobs at the quarterly earnings call Apple's earnings call where I guess he doesn't normally make an appearance. -- so. Half the end mad at the same time he that he had it. -- -- out there he -- yeah. So he says. Is -- commented on mainly -- but certainly rim as well here. Yeah quote we think the open versus closed argument -- a smoke screen for what's really best for customers. We think that -- it is very very fragmented and becomes more so every day we think this is huge strength of our approach when compared to Google's. We think. In indicated it will prompt fragmented. And read time. Well Google's Andy Rubin could not let that stand. So he came out the powerful response. And I quote. Make her Android. Colon cynical and CD Android semi colon -- in -- dash view. It. Colon slash slash standard that it back kernel dot -- class platforms that's manifest -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what let me get it could. Be Clinton -- it clear. Easter told jobs. Yeah exactly so its inaugural week yet eyes noses there's and it came out strong came out sitting -- Yes so. Let me translate this for you what that actually those are the you know essentially. Unix or Linux commands. Two. Created directory download -- source code and build the operating system from -- So that's that's his definition of -- rate and it. You know it's something to be said certainly for being able to get the source code for the operating system but. I think he's kind of missing the mark about losing my answer. Well -- -- about what Steve Jobs is saying and about. You know -- I think even the advantages of what open means for -- -- because I think that. You know is a really great he can get the source code as a user now I will -- like our our users -- little hobby phones and I'm -- enough operating system running on it and know. Yeah and and I think people open versus closed argument is only view the development. Give you true if you savvy enough to understand what that means -- the -- consume it for the end users. They'll like at a really know -- haven't opened but -- -- on it again -- -- but then. When it comes -- -- -- open architectures are some people I mean it. Results in -- -- in in March -- Right returns and apps and more choices and phone in -- CK it is every -- -- -- -- the be the end results. Yeah I think this is not at all about the OS that is nine ecosystem to -- and ecosystems. -- Google's stance on it like -- app store urge you wanna have flash snapped Mercury can have. -- flash you want. Right if you want an app from the app store get it -- at from not that -- yet you know it's it's not as cute rated as minus controlled. But some people like that Apple. Ecosystem that's fine but for the rest of everyone else they want. And. That is true. Well. We see it in eleven so you know. -- maybe your next week and tweak it but it. Maybe something that connect I think actually to -- and it goes to the fundamental issue general kind of -- -- later the people have with and very. Is it just it's too tacky it's aimed at techies. And what it -- edited and it is -- doing here but the very name reiterating reinforcing that. -- -- -- the fact it's too -- has not. Had any problems with standard revenue. Off on ads at least according to have -- and measure this is actually from. A ad network. Millennial. Millennial mobile ad network in September reported that. The revenue for entering -- iPhone. Injury beat them it. Terry -- and -- -- hinder UI I own. An Android phones rose by 26%. In August and they have resumed their revenue. 1283%. Since January. And what this is really talking about is there's two things -- measuring here impressions and actual clicks. -- -- entering has -- iPhone in terms of clicks but not in terms of impressions. IPhone. Has 46%. The Smartphone. Impression. Number verses 29% for Android. But the reason that he gas. Android is making more money is because these these ads -- -- does that network is specialize in and -- probably a lot more per clicks or maybe solely for. That's I mean you have to remember of course that this is this one and now ray guys like magic but it's a pretty interesting that apparently according -- this. Report that the -- penalize -- not -- to get as many click this but -- that. That point 6% of all ad impressions ray. So if they're not picking their budget as I guess if if you brought in on iPhone and iPad you'd -- not you use heat ads. You not S and picking them. Right I mean there's a lot we don't let me -- are demanding more just Wednesday. If from models that at this point then anything that means anything at all it it it okay. -- and -- replace for hard hitting it a good bet a ho hum. So moving on here this is kind of phone we alluded to earlier. Well I -- as he shows you mean out of -- that -- bats as the successor or as a phone for people who like the Nexus One which is sort of totally. Was Google's attempt at a direct phone that was totally readable and can do what you want with -- This phone is these synapse phone. And it is a phone that is gonna be delivered that is. Fully rooted out of the box right but wait there's more money there's more. Exactly deaths remind in the call and I have. It of the Dell experience where you you can essentially tailor this phone. You want it right. He just for example it on the delicacy in just the I want this processor -- this graphics card Ireland this display -- you know this. What evidence -- -- -- whenever and this. Synapse you can do the same thing you can see all I want. This no Wi-Fi expected this megapixel cameras that of that camera I -- front facing camera island. You know this sized memories that -- that size -- friend I want physical buttons are wanna touch screen already it's pretty impressive stuff here yet. It it could end up being like a really weird bow at the end of it but let's see here and if that the -- is great. Right so this at a price ranges from 417. Dollars for the base configuration to 815. The currently taking pre orders and expect to deliver the first device in February 2011. I think uses mainly it's team I mean it's it's -- several reasons but one thing that I find very compelling is. Treating a phone as a computer you know I think that one of the problems. That we've talked about often with the approach of various carriers -- or you know maybe with that. But Apple's approach is that the Smartphones are really becoming a computer and you wanna do what you wanna do with your computer brain -- minute think that -- has really sort of take -- Ever -- it comes emitted and presumably unlocked -- again. 111 would expect. It -- that that -- the -- that cost -- and you know really just thinking like. Why don't -- of the Bellevue this is there and right now owns or something like it just makes sense. Far effort to help intimidate with the idea that yeah well if and it's pretty weak Andrea restaurant kind of -- -- Maybe -- -- maps and you don't need that would they go Michael bell. -- -- -- -- -- -- So. I think this phone. Is something that is gonna really skewed Tuesday it you know sort of the year. -- crowd which it is standard crowd already. Com. A survey came out this week speaking of -- crowds which -- have tried again to define who those people are and this is from. Levy geek. Just kind of ironic -- -- survey showed that. Andrea it's used heavily male. -- I -- leading geek is officially -- or tomorrow or it. In her studies she found -- very few women have any idea -- -- -- he is. The city was done in the UK. Included over 78000 participants. On the less than 5% of women ages 25 to 39 picked Android has been -- Smartphone. Oh man chose it at a rate of eleven point 4%. Also not super high. So there are few things that weren't inherently you sit -- year end right -- to skew it behavior to is the techie geek he set. And they'll like it or not is there does seem to be that -- -- the techie geek he says our -- generally speaking immigrant you know it. This just the way it is at the moment and if you think -- into account then all of it makes sense that -- -- would take Android -- and I think we also mentioned -- in the pre show. Chat that a lot of ad campaigns by Android phones -- very. You know sidebar extension gave me are Juarez side by essentially it -- beach press -- -- Skewed heavily. You know that I think they're up when you women who do own Android phones and you know is that it's a matter of -- my guess it is that it -- into this. A report from Belinda I'm marketing and -- -- do you well yeah I bet that's the presentation against yeah yeah yeah -- com. Come on October -- and and I -- I think. She has a valid point in there and you -- on it as well. The marketing mantras I think if they change that a little or rotten at the little. That they could drive and more of -- female audience. He -- and they wanna do. That's an interesting point from -- sound Tintin is that they might not know that there and draped with the suspect it's -- -- With an elegy written you don't notice it's an Android phones because of that because of that the that the way the branding is is done. So maybe you think is presented it differently. Greg yet intimate that is an -- to another interest in discussing it would have to say it doesn't matter that may hundred -- -- -- -- -- -- you know the brand around -- -- they probably they do given what's happened. With the other platforms yeah. The good. They cannot but wonder like what but if they called them all Google -- moon but Google of the violated Gary. New -- branding exactly so it what do they call them all Google phone. Right now the that is a good point -- in check I guess. But people say I found not Apple iPhone by the -- it's it's anonymous and I both of our rights and on and handwritten clearly isn't that a yes there would you pick up your phone and say hold on I -- Google's -- -- real quick minute let's. -- who -- up and I think and this seems to be just looking at the survey information unit it. But what is there any other participants from the unit came -- Read this could be very specific to that country. Right yeah this country you -- -- It's through. -- -- -- I don't know. How technology differs. In the great thing and if it used you know what if there's cultural norm -- that prevent. You know emails from adopting technology -- who who knows I don't know. Maybe -- could have. -- reader someone on next week that -- all of you email entries it's time to. Using and yes that is now the especially if you're in the UK yeah and -- analysis CNET -- could -- it. So this is kind of -- mused potentially. Direct from David Carnoy in our New York office. He is reporting from a reliable source that. A full color a full color and raid. Based. Barnes & Noble nook is gonna -- cool colors Tuesday. And this is so this'll be so the first full color. At least for a major publisher or major manufacturer. I'm asking key EI leaping skiing like an -- -- stream it. The add meaning he he thinks it's gonna be LCD I think that down there's not a whole lot. Ready for market in the color eating. Area yet and less and he says it might be testing. Ray and you can't have seen. -- says this'll be very -- -- I mean it's. You know I do spend a lot of time reading. My Kindle app on my iPad would. And it doesn't really matter that -- however -- -- Minute that they don't like -- act -- reading there as I can do a lot of other stuff but -- yeah fashion so you know you have to wonder about the pricing on and it has to be right has it has he'd be competitive rate any -- that it's T 49. Digit gadgets you know few. Want something that's not super expensive that it can dole. What is the Kindle about it and number dying and it's an and -- Kindle -- of the Kindle of the -- at the Condit and 100. 9139. And again great as abandoning it for my wife and -- -- 139 -- -- feel like at that price it's pretty easy decision. -- 49. But -- just at the start think about it like about my Kindle actually when the previous version was. Right before they released this version about the previous version and they have that for a 109 refurbished and it was kind of like a no brainer decision might. Barrett and and I box or give that a try it yet under reported I'm not too far off from that too for any time. And you gotta think about we did think about it right it's a college displayed but it's only. Right -- that's the question I think Amazon has released a couple apps for their platform. Yet. I'm sold at the adds it -- you don't alone in willow run like amber and apps or has been around -- Kindle specific apps and probably just -- as they can. Their a browser web browser and -- It's a good question there isn't the Kindle. I haven't used the new Kindle as a whip it based browser of the old one has -- of the mainly useless or -- or browser. But it was free to -- it was being over 3GS was -- -- hopeful. So. Lot of questions here but could be interesting. One -- -- here before we take a break this is sort of another. Fun with statistics. Story. A company called retrieve though took gays and of election style approach to phone -- in -- -- surveyed people across the US. As to what phones they owned hand. Created. Basically rankings to sort of create a winner in what they called the editorial votes. -- are directorial college votes in the US here. And they basically sort of created a winner Richard overall. Was by far the iPhone following quote. -- -- closely by Blackberry and then enter it. Around. But -- a look at the spread the speak spread -- it's very interesting to me that. The the the middle -- middle America seems to -- Skew heavily Android and it seems that the coasts the California and Massachusetts on the site -- -- -- iPhone ends. Very interestingly the East Coast is very dominated by -- Blackberry. Yeah I can definitely see that -- -- I think one I was in the East Coast recently you know new York and Boston. It was there was definite buck per country there. As -- yak yak. And adding New York especially with the walls sheet and that financial sector than the but it was very interesting to meet -- -- -- so much and -- adoption in the middle of the country like in you know Wyoming Colorado in the Nebraska announcement interest. Right now that is shocking to me you know. In California is all I found -- you know yes Silicon Valley Cupertino right at the that is true but we also -- who here. Well look any added I find I -- the stick is a very colorful educated product. -- Los Angeles Hollywood at an rate -- Anyway this is you know act and applause documents when -- but it is just pretty interest team to. -- how it breaks down -- love to see some actual stats from Verizon -- from Google on outbreaks than it does is act actually act. Do I'm -- -- coming up after the break we're gonna get -- to use some more gingerbread details hand of the top five reasons -- week. For and -- a tablet. All that more coming up after the break. Welcome back last week we talked about Saddam. Rumors based on A interview that Andy Rubin had given -- pupils -- -- -- to -- went out of there and guess what would be in. Gingerbread. This week and there is a story out from Android to that. Has some information. They say from a trusted source close to Google about what's going to be in gingerbread. Which is rumored to be three point there's -- he's -- a definitive mapping between version numbers and names. Just by desert exactly. Exactly. So. In this particular dessert there it's mainly. -- what -- -- back here is a lot view wised up so they say. The icons. You know designing every -- -- have a simpler cleaner look. They really talked a lot of about tech consistency in here that the -- is -- -- -- has a consistent look thought cleaner. Carrier branding this displayed more prominently. Than a good thing. While a good thing -- question. Mean maybe it's a good thing to get helped them get carrier adoption and -- convince carriers and manufacturers not to customize that's that's not sure yeah. -- -- this in -- home screen is. About the same as it was now. It since then the UI is very least he sees scents like -- which would be a good thing in my opinion given that you know that's kind of the best. Yeah I think a lot of people was seeing the sense UI is better than the stop Google. And -- Second it would be good for them to adopt that. -- -- I liked a lot it comes with the new version of YouTube -- saying it will ladies sort of control or interact with the lean back experience that's on the web and also on Google. TVs. Yeah. This is exciting Warren they have added that counts the effect that I -- -- when your -- -- a list. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then I I think that people are into. No well I mean little let me direct you back to the -- male female split on Lander and maybe that's nice I -- is gonna bring him yeah I -- I still like that you know that window -- -- as witness that. I do anything of that as a big deal but against adding it I think -- -- seem. A lot more on form over function and it you know and they have largely be in function over form for the last couple years so not a bad thing. Let you know may even out the top of my last. So they -- that -- according to the person is played it says that it actually feels a lot quicker and smoother than pro you know and that maybe this is because they have actually -- Herbert celebrations which is -- things that makes I would ask the scheme. But -- here at the Mandarin you know there -- rumors is parable. A lot of times. Yeah. -- they updated the radio and check mark button that was pretty that in demeans. I think they're all things I at the small exactly it's all the the biggest. Most exciting part in here for me I think is video chat built into -- And -- am especially given all the face. Time announcements this week. So they're trying to get. It exactly yeah don't be excited. And in his last one is an interest in so they say that maybe not at launch it either shortly thereafter with that Google Voice update. They'll -- sip support to move voice and essentially what this means is to be able to receive and -- Calls within the Google Voice app and so. I know lot of users they wanna make calls -- -- voice app today. The difference is that these calls like to be routed over the Internet as opposed to -- -- Telephone network so you could theoretically have a phone that only and a Wi-Fi connection. And it would make calls. You know dispute Google Voice -- -- Google. Who voice could become. You know just your home phone essentially. So theoretically. You know assuming McCain isn't doing anything these boxes -- -- I you could technically get a I loved and -- not get. No carrier on it just use Wi-Fi to make on a -- -- -- exactly yes sounds fantastic. -- its steam. Yeah I mean. -- just -- -- phone that you use Google Voice on just as your home phones something like yeah. -- gingerbread it was originally scheduled for. You've port when he and I guess -- announcement. That are close and of they're really -- not hear anything until Q1 2011 mean he's something of the -- Who knows EU. Yes that's -- pepper. I just read today's he -- his only days away. -- dollars. The hostages -- -- about him. -- alright our favorite team angry birds finally we talked I was released I think what. Couple days ago. For Android a free version at registry versed in -- not beta version yeah -- it -- two million downloads and it's. First two days it was posted on both the -- marketplace and in these -- -- cross platform app store get jar. Which I think -- is more well known for Blackberry now yen. It it but that's I doubted crashing into the EU yes. As. The calls that it's a free version -- that sported. They did that because they said that paid apps have not done very well in the Android but they are gonna release -- he version. That is add trees and future. Two million that is huge it's great. It it's. Game it's a fun game it is -- of an addictive. But I actually. I don't planet nearly as -- on my phone is medium and it yet you don't moan I and really allows for the ten big farm -- In in -- house there. The targeting. -- Related to this the -- kind of hard to bought the publisher of -- birds -- lingo but interestingly. They did not. -- rates or by the company -- rubio poses. Any rumors. Yet so let me get this to you by eighth -- -- which owns and neighbors but it actually by angry. They bought the publisher. To mean I'm not rubio -- actually. Very. Yeah well what's via the but it that I -- The good question. It can and I think that think buying. You know dean got but not buying note -- -- doesn't expense it. -- maybe someone can explain it isn't any day camp you know they're usually it'd be to contact via social. All right and other news Lenovo reports this week that they are gonna sell tablet plans based on for area and they're gonna wait -- honeycomb. -- so the next releases gingerbread and after that is honeycomb. Rumored to be 8035. This is soon the second major manufacturer and a week to two uses. LG said that there were also scrapping -- for you based tablet in there we're gonna wait until gingerbread. In around you get an idea yeah president wife. Well number -- and people have said that's brilliant it's not designed for a tablet. -- and think and pretty like I don't -- it's it's it's quite there yet the tablet. Less aren't. Another thing. Apple you know Apple's going to announce an iPad in the January or February and -- is suspended to see what the other guys. You -- you. You do you know anything great yet it'd it'd will be in fifteen to see how tablets. That are now waiting do. Around the galaxy tab each -- mentioned galaxy tad yeah let's we'll jump around -- little -- it was talk about that our galaxy the path that. That's so we've got official price scene from Verizon. It's gonna go on sale -- have November 11 that Verizon stores them resume relieve the website as well. For 600. Dollars. 600. Dollar no opinion in -- in -- me some there. That's thirty dollars less than Verizon would charge for art I'd pass away -- you but I apparently won't -- thirty bucks and the -- on the different tab. Don't think that the engineer at Verizon's -- and youth youth even galaxy tab and than you'll the CD -- -- -- that. Right through it once on one's a seven inch ones that I've -- -- and you know and is not that much more you get -- -- Why would you why would -- -- -- -- the -- that -- -- -- not to be competitive needs to be significantly. Each. In not a -- -- go forward yes in the praise be relative to the size or something here I -- so maybe -- shed. I mean seven inches it is a lot -- like the -- three or something like that. Yes you know I have played at the tap yeah it's just it's not big enough to. Do it as an. IPad is as much nicer that watching videos. It's slightly better than my iPhone but imagine your phone was you have the -- The rate ME ST -- to four point three inches yeah so if -- polyps and is -- if you have the year though you can about a tablet is a little bigger as well. -- I know it's too expensive. Yeah and competitive and you may be about the price right if it did it drop the price. -- money. Then the different story. Right Woolsey and will -- -- It tipping point that here is that you say that's only -- -- last but compared to -- up the tab. To the wife drivers and I've had which is what. War leader nighttime -- I think it's more expensive it. It is my vision and but there's no pricing in here for the unlocked sensitive non there's not -- -- -- -- and non PG version that now yeah they'll be one that doesn't require service plan but I'll probably be be. More expensive right yeah -- more expensive because it doesn't require this service Atlanta. It I think they're in trouble here internal. Anyway it's gonna come out November 11 as you said for Verizon and AT&T sprint and T-Mobile also plans so the -- but they haven't disclosed the availability there's Kenya. Com. And actually this says they plan to offer Wi-Fi only version -- they do via though so that might be better. Couldn't be worse. We're so we'll see. So. Infinity app on the tablet train of thought here is there's rumors. A wad of -- -- Puerto based tablets coming out. That's the -- which again is less than eighty days -- way. So. The rumors according to. It Digi times. Story. -- is that we'll see tablets from Acer make -- term basis. Samsung also is gonna be there -- -- probably Charleston three point oh versions of it. Galaxy tablet who knows -- maybe one of attendants on and then you know that would be compelling and then. And then. We are heard a lot of rumors about Motorola and HTC and Motorola's were in with those league who rule and Verizon and really new arena at -- -- four release that he has them. And -- that Verizon has a keynote. That the convenience he yes so it will be pretty -- Time for. -- tablets have. Yeah I think so it's gonna be it's gonna be interesting the tablet space you know -- They admit they might be a windows one way that might be a -- as vision he knows so who really knows -- haven't -- tablets coming up. Yes speaking of tablets. We have another top for you and this is the top five reasons to wait for an 800 tablet. Rather than -- an iPad now. You know it's just knowing that they're gonna release -- I've at next couple months is not about -- So. Number one. Or I guess this is number five -- A number of -- tablets on which it's. -- about that. Number four. The -- tablets payments all of them are exposed to have front facing cameras. This is I think that's pretty compelling got a nice big tablet there you wanna video conference. -- And -- about them a little let you know we're not great -- today. Number what -- Miami 543. Expendable memory. So I add notes -- memory don't you minutes silliness I can connect fix panel memory to the dark horse but we're not. And these have through its panel memory and you know that's better. Number two. Flash Adobe Flash. It is you know when you have a nice big tablet screen. You want the full web experience and that requires far. You know maybe some -- won't but today that's. And the number one reason to wait for -- -- -- tablet. He is hardware and carrier choice. You choose whatever carrier want whatever hardware you want -- -- meets your needs. And there you go top five reasons to wait for it -- -- tablet we've been. I think it's I think that the most compelling -- definitely choice the choice of our electricity. Because right now you only get what you have that -- and rate than that because -- tab and the Dell's streak right -- only ones I can think. You have and there's a bunch of sort of off. Brand tablets right there it is -- has there should just have Wednesday but then those are the most the contenders yet so I would wait until all of them content yet so I would definitely late for more are. One manufacturers to get aboard. -- Com okay so there's a lot of interest team Apple releases this week that we -- to go over at the first one. Is from a blog post that info on -- on the show last week did it is co pilot lives. For candor and his co pilot alive USA from -- he technologies and that's that GPS software for Android. Which. You may be taken -- why would I need that -- comes three with -- phone. And that's why it's so much better than my iPhone where you don't have turn by turn directions must pay thirty bucks or whatever -- But what if you don't have three G service. And you need to find your knees and local storage we have not exactly so this is -- -- it's only it's under five dollars. -- hit a two week cheaper than most GPS units ranked -- five I mean it's. More expensive than free but say he's married want that security of always have -- your maps locally stored. You can get it. Rate you. I think it requires enter it -- six and a the apps pretty big elect when he three and a half may examine you have to download two gigs maps appearance. There's those so they have fourteen day trial of active traffic data service of -- uses light traffic he. Help call it routes. When the fourteen days are up there is there isn't subscription fee that you can -- if you want to use that traffic -- There is option I think. -- that you like the traffic service Google has I don't think they. I think they can re wrapped around for yet this land that it is called -- the routes according to news. -- commitment might be useful. Where it. -- Com okay also this week Logitech -- a remote app reiterated that works with there. The Logitech will. A review which is their Google TV. Device and it's pretty cool -- -- controlled from your phone. -- you all the sort of played guy. Controls which devices. Stuff like that. Yeah -- it's pretty limited just to owners of the review the Rihanna doesn't work with -- and other countries. I imagine one day they'll. -- harmony remote notes you know lodged and I mean. How -- it in my -- harmony remote app in general -- Sneaky people of it coming out for a vote for phones for years I have them on my Treo and again you know he's barely work but it -- -- idea. Alright here is one that -- has pretty excited about. Winamp for -- Winamp beta Brandon and I -- Winamp I still -- them amnesty. The from a solid and -- that -- -- -- in the very beginning and the reason it's the most solid as it does nothing -- play activities. -- the united does and it does it well well though. Winamp. If it's back baby yeah wonderful -- that it actually has. Is that it will sync it says where it wirelessly with Winamp on your desktop. And -- and -- yeah. I don't know office is actually -- -- may mean download sort of all of the hunting house. From your desktop to your phone -- -- -- person Alex stream that either way pretty cool. I think pretty Kodak added that the modern version L Winamp has all of these you know several online music -- that left that and Nintendo are and let's make it. Indeed. So the new will be checking out maybe -- gonna serve you next week -- Also out this week he TT. U verse app comes to Android. It's not all and I operate -- it's available on one phone right now. But -- Samsung captivate are sorry to captivate ME TCR and will soon be available for the Motorola Bravo on the Motorola flip side. And well obviously these are the reason why I think it's because these are -- -- phones. So. Inexpensive no synergy -- -- -- specific. So -- went to the -- he. Flavor and it doesn't have -- eighteenth you. That makes them work them. So an app like to browse programming -- schedule manage your DVRs and then I guess you have this higher level package -- actually down it. TV shows over -- -- to view on phones so. That's pretty well that's. Finally in the -- Market this week who will launch the new version I believe today. -- this is sort of continuing a strategy of -- snappy apps that ship with. Android comment updating apps individually. From the operating system. I'm which they did -- team -- and Google Maps a couple of other out. -- -- -- -- There is a Signet. Significant update a lot of you -- updates. And make the -- -- -- -- simpler to use. You can view videos in portrait -- now. -- allows you to system. Do you -- -- information at the bottom irony. He asked if you're looking user comments related videos and you can. Like and dislike the idea a -- -- -- your friends. Oh so take out I think it was the 51 person to tell you I'm this morning didn't -- -- like -- that I'm. All right email time so our first team knows not actually emailed. A little site that our own Jeanine pointed out -- -- just before -- time. It is. Korean. Line of Andrea action figures. So adorable -- -- the cool yeah had so -- in a variety of actually be using a variety of poses you can get one. The weightlifting Android robot -- get aid scheme run and I guess am I guess yeah it is that it yet yet to build them out of and of the materials inspecting the companies and Trotsky. Is is the -- -- -- Yeah and -- -- -- yeah. Where if you speak Korean we'd appreciate you telling us what this is all actually about. Yeah you can attest key figure it he would -- is that is the general but in everything and on the video version the -- -- Apple's view of foods. And -- it's coming to let it in transformers. And we'll post that -- -- -- -- and transforming and -- It's pretty cool I don't wanna get these tiny on notice and I really wish you know we get new information about how to buy anything because there's nothing on there. That I understand anything he exactly -- Google translate it zone. -- -- -- So thanks of that -- -- get an email firm Robert he says he has I was wondering what you do to search for -- -- apps on the desktop I'm frustrated market has such a wimpy desktop side the only violate. The top apps there and -- for complete listing user handset I like -- American on the bigger realist in the desktop. What are suggestions to find apps using the desktop of the so. I totally agree this is very frustrating you know Apple doesn't have this on the website but -- -- -- an iTunes -- -- they -- out of the website but then have a great -- -- browser but iTunes certainly can browse pretty nicely. So there isn't a way directly on. Google's site to do this at least not yet knows what what will come of this you but. There's a couple sites that do have a directory the one that I end -- -- -- called rain and apparatus think recovered on the show early on. They also have an app that does some cool stuff so this app bring dot -- any. In their -- infield in and -- on -- exactly it's one of the hot apps with YouTube yeah and angry birds. Man. It's it is just on the -- here but it. But we didn't. So. It's a pretty great site because I don't know what they do or how they get it payment you know some how steal the content from a hundred -- -- I think yeah. Oh wow oh -- army in -- download me and anyway it to have -- an app which you can actually pair with the site in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- something on the -- -- -- install on the web browser and -- world. Him instantly start downloading and installing it on your phone. It's and school will be. Check that -- -- -- com. Com so if you have any top five list for -- or any other comments or complaints are rumors. -- -- Allen and -- Dallas at cnet.com. You can follow us on Twitter -- -- -- the live show can be seen Thursday's 2 PM Pacific. At cnet.com slash slash slash enter -- -- and the law. Where you'll find. All of the podcast all sorts of agree Android news at cnet.com slash and -- atlas. And that's about it for us thanks for posting with me the -- Q where can people find your wonderful content. -- does goatee -- in dot cnet.com we have to discuss all things cellphones including implementing his asthma. -- Cool wolf thanks again for joining us and -- there enough there we'll see you next week -- -- PM Pacific.

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