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Dialed In: Ep. 209: Windows Phone 8 details leak, HTC Sense is too weak

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Dialed In: Ep. 209: Windows Phone 8 details leak, HTC Sense is too weak

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We're excited about the new details surrounding Windows Phone 8, and then discuss whether or not HTC's Sense skin is due for a makeover.

I think everybody and welcome 161000. Podcast episodes on ninth day is Monday -- six times Lynn fox. Can you hear it just adults -- Brian Bennett. Stephen -- Saudi. Sell out this week's episode talking mountains mobile news just like every -- and a thousand podcasts and and star. And quickly went -- witnessed an AT -- that and -- leaked out a few days and and am. It basically it was from -- and a comment and there are these details about how and -- new wind as an eight. And specs that are coming out their heart a lot of hardware specs and a lot of than -- -- that -- -- -- getting really excited about. -- basically for me -- the most interesting thing. To come out of all of this is gonna be future support for multi core processors. So right now with Android we see that Quad Core processors are definitely going to be announced at mobile world congress at the end of the month. An argument is that when its phones that -- has just had a single process. Are single core processor. -- of course it. -- -- -- the ability to support multiple cores comes from the software side so while there has been argument that Windows Phone doesn't necessarily need it. Workhorse -- process and while anecdotally I can say that I haven't ever thought that a Windows Phone that I've tested with sluggish. The fact remains that it was never spurted up until now so you could never even have a windows -- With multi processors I am and I guess you're not going to be able to until -- -- -- so yeah it was fine but they also have to say that because there's no way that they could have ever provided multiple cores. -- Excited about it because it before -- it and -- that they had them out -- -- news didn't. Seem very competitive edge thinking like -- very and condensed its system that everyone was excited that now that and we just an eight. And because we're gonna -- were leaked insane -- news where nine of her and add support. Multi -- -- thing. -- -- -- Also I think at the fact that when news. Phone -- -- is going to coincide with. Windows eight on the laptop and on the desktop so we're gonna see a lot of cross pollination and I can even mean to you -- that -- -- was suggesting. A 100000 apps to be available at the launch of when -- -- and right now it's about half that. Which is still pretty good considering -- it was only about a year and a half ago. And -- are you heard that it launched. It includes dinner and if -- -- has about what 205003010. Yes. Yet again I mean it's this aim app conversation we have over and over again is the number of apps. Really -- to the quality of it's -- sometimes yes and sometimes now when timing counted in the relate. You know almost a hundred fart apps for Iowa it's like -- they've got so many apps how useful for me. -- -- -- -- We don't want -- be you know. Cheesy you know companies you know CD companies -- you know that I don't even know really are. You know for some -- -- -- you know 99 cents -- something like it's in -- -- me. -- but for the record I -- nothing like it when gadgets cross pollinate. Yeah completely and it Apple has definitely seen success with -- -- -- -- on the action. Of you know I I every IOS product -- selling Macs. And my hand and -- phones. In an appliance brought face time on the three and an and you know it's one platform in three -- devices. And were traveling in the C that would when it's -- so. I feel like Microsoft has had an instruction for awhile and hope we were gonna see exodus could be make or break it. In numbers it's gonna be taken some of the little thunder from not IOS to -- by combining some of the touch. There -- similar type of thing where they're combining touch. Across both the desktop. Or laptop. Software and on the mobile side two seems like so -- -- be if you see how they implement. I really wanna see a lot or implementation with Kinect. And the mobile does just perfect for ninety cents immunity using it as a controller. Avoid things like that they've got an Xbox Live link and buy it really there's not so much you can do with the phone and I don't even a huge gamer I just see the possibility. And IE I want received and -- more so it's probably -- -- on Microsoft's to do list. Come by it's all of these things there are things that we should -- CEO and another take masses and not -- when it out his article. I was that Skype may be paying a bigger role operating system. And well -- it's about time Microsoft -- -- quite a while ago had to jump through lot of hurdles to get it accepted so it'll be great to see it implemented and I don't. -- it's gonna be called -- I kind of hope it is just because Skype has damaged brand cachet right now it's it's known it was the pioneer. Citing -- lot of value for Microsoft and that hope they're not gonna call -- something like. Microsoft windows talk. Or something that you know and go with -- Hope we can use your existing Skype announcement that I would be really apps. I think that's a recent story actually they were gonna put Skype on Windows Phone so I would be really cool thing that they need to get it going away at its already on Windows Phone and an app. But it's just not pre -- -- -- -- Old and yet to be marked with a human -- -- And them the second story we have an iron and lists that we let's talk about is actually commentary man writing. It. I -- And it's about its sit HTC blow -- cents. And basically it was about. HTC interface that we on the island love and -- and a five from there and kind of retro clock. And then OS should -- be kind event. New that I should be updated. Brennan name and -- honest opinion -- groups. Yeah I mean. Let just for the recommend -- but I'd -- cents. Arm a lot -- you know a lot of things I like about it like. Integration with a social media. On it -- Intel's and we do you know look for all -- although accounts just -- -- in crossroads reference them with your address book and link everything porn photos -- enough. All the stuff that people are doing their messages via Twitter FaceBook -- stuff. And then of course the clock you know that's iconic. And then also has like this -- weather. Capabilities that some people hates people. -- -- Com. I love those when its raining and raindrops on the screen. Neither politician ever sit there and they're there for a second in the need to sit -- and evaporate. Right yeah I mean that's that's cool and they were they were really pioneering a pat on the -- said well you know. I guess a sense in any kind of -- like that I'm -- on Android the latest version of the slows down for them for that actually hit your phone. I'm so a lot of people looking for ice for sandwich or even back for that for a gingerbread that you took awhile for those devices species list gets in your -- And people so -- because HTC in the sense U lines -- bitten on that stuff so. Arm plus people say it looks a little old now and dated so. Com its its -- I could be true but it does -- still fancy I think with the the 3-D EF flipping through the home screens and everything. -- and it for allowing time I think -- fantastic I -- me. How an emotional connection with the skin it's not only -- I like but I think that HD -- and a really good job on it and I think that they've done the best job. Out of all of the competitors really to provide. The hardware that stands -- to you. Everybody else and also the soft. So for example you know Samsung -- TouchWiz it's okay but I don't really love it I think that sense looks good and anything that it adds a lot of functionality. That. -- has an addict now of course the question is with ice cream sandwich you've got a lot more -- functionality. Anyway. And then you we really -- -- especially because -- Google is going to be releasing code. So that the developers and that includes the phone manufacturers. Can sort of keep -- consistent look and feel across the layout and -- means sort of like a very Apple leaping to -- And and -- frames that there is sort of the suppression of fragmentation and that manufacturers. Are. In in contributing to with their skins so I don't know I look at the story and I see that HTC's assorted median midlife crisis. They had this rocket due to the success they were making. White label phones -- 4 -- For for carriers like -- for Microsoft they were some the first Windows Mobile phones were made by HTC and then they've become a household name which is really. A remarkable feat considering that it's been short amount of time. It's pretty hard for even known brands -- while Wayne GP sort of an in the same part of the world CU. Become brand names here in the US and -- TC has -- But they've also -- so the fourth quarter results back grade and they've warns that. You know not to expect as much for first quarter results are so that they're starting to -- a little bit behind him -- is definitely in the -- -- -- Motorola might have some big plays especially with the trade RAZR Max says. I think where -- suggesting -- -- -- TC you know things are working for you anymore the way that they once did you need to change them. Stop following your formulas to something new don't get trapped and paint yourself into. Yeah I mean I think that that I just really quickly I think that they do need to. Kind of go back to their core a group of fans to. Really loved HTC because a lot of devices I'm supportive a lot of them that the routing in the mining and and putting on custom roms -- stuff. That you know whose bodies -- do that on their devices -- other devices. Arm I think date price or run into trouble when some of the devices. -- to have -- boot loader and and lot of these things that. Kind of locked down on you know they're -- of their phones for users -- really you know -- -- -- -- -- install their own custom software so. You know plus -- they just lost some steam and design department and like say. Motorola's. You -- -- -- nice looking phones these days and Samsung definitely with their you know galaxy you know. Flagship you know fleet of phones that are out there so there's like you know there's a -- lot of more -- more competition out there now. I personally I'm willing to see sense changed but I think you'd be -- -- -- the disappeared completely not my final words but -- it just needs a revamp. Those who take a break answer yes we'll take a -- -- so tired already eldest you know hot cup of thinking about and the -- Anywhere it back and where clients start with the quick hits just kind of -- -- added I news items in this day that we now are really interesting and I am I'm gonna start off with this super slim Samsung galaxy S three -- -- job. And that could drop in Maine actually -- excitement that. Okay and us military and government officials could be getting security Android phones which is a departure from the usual -- -- That's pretty crazy the next BetaNews is that says Google -- our shows up on an unlocked galaxy nexus. Obviously only news stick in the -- offer an eighteen AT&T sim and you can get access to the Google wallet app you know south supposed to be on -- And then -- Samsung's galaxy note that tablet which is a hybrid that who. For a photo and tablet is now ready for pre or it and -- -- for a 300. And prisons galaxy nexus also the first part and -- take over the -- -- -- -- And they've -- my Simon well yes -- basically galaxy nexus. I did this -- drama now. Actually. There's talk that a Google has drops. Support for -- time and in the -- for development side. -- but now I think Verizon and and it exceeds the group was so that they have actually gone back and they will support future upgrades so. It's it's brewing controversy the -- most like us to do with via. A Google wallet app and -- and on school -- can talk Verizon into getting it installed on the phones. App but it's definitely gonna be on the sprint version will be forthcoming. Yet. And then. And that's reviews for you guys are reviews because that's what we do re review -- -- -- -- I'm talking about the news and we get her hands all over the fun. -- -- -- Yeah I reviewed the Samsung replenish for boost mobile this week -- last week. And it initially came out on Sprint's network and then made its way over to boost mobile which is owned by sprint. And so -- that happens often you see the phones kind of move along. Am an it initially came out with Android 2.2 Froyo very happy to report that its 2.3 gingerbread. And most defining characteristic of this phone it's kind of McKinney. And I liked the phone pretty well. For sprint and at first came out -- thought it was a nice alternative it's. Eco friendly even though it doesn't you know it's not like. Testing -- -- adorned with trees or vines or anything like that it really just looks like normal but it's meet with some recycled plastic materials and sprint likes to call that out and I a problem for that. Come -- it you know in in -- it. Is in the hand and how it works it's pretty slim it's pretty compact it's got a fairly small touch screen but it also has that keyboards so. And you know the downside is that icons are pretty small -- you you're not able to relieve see everything on the screen it. Clearly you have to squint a little bit and and and Q -- is a little bit cramped as well a little bit plasticky. So I think that considering what we have now vs what we had even last spring. And it's harder for me to like the phone as much however. I do you think that I was able to use -- keyboard effectively. And it's offered a pretty good all around experience and that is specs are a little bit on the lower and there's no flash support in the browser. And the cameras two megapixels it was actually a pretty good two megapixel. In outdoor shots indoor shots not so much. The price is pretty good it's a hundred dollars which makes it -- cheapest Android phone right now and I think. -- customers this is still a good option and depending on what you want if you really want inquiry keyboard -- -- looking at budget and this is pretty much your only choice. However if you are willing to spend a little bit more and you want something more advanced than this is definitely not gonna -- of them free. We do get to and it's -- -- contract it but that's pretty cool there's just no contract carrier that's correct awesome and -- three G. Yeah I guess I guess you can get four -- at those prices on well not yet it. -- -- have actually commitments and handling -- Bryan. Reviewed them at their -- the new -- ever confusing myTouch -- that so increased by her dad's heavily contaminated site H. Bright or Sam's fingers like that LG heard that the T-Mobile myTouch slide T-Mobile myTouch slide four G -- and -- this one is like back to you. Now I just have that my -- Or the maintenance Q but it's like you have to specify its T-Mobile myTouch like by LG otherwise you're thinking like to host the conference years. And that's the thing that's the thing I -- nine you know that the -- right then -- you looked at the my touch and Tom that is like the same name as the author one like him on a few years ago. Yet just dropped to three entreaties by learning in the past in serious incentive saying you know fast entries for its fast -- that's just -- -- plane. And an add anything so but now we we played by elegy to clarify. Not set in and just a quick rundown of the of the T-Mobile -- -- queue which I took a look at. Obviously this -- is on T-Mobile. It is a three G device -- has according keep board riches are pretty distinctive for an Android phone and these days. -- has a kind of a small screens like its report -- -- inches he and it wasn't that -- on the low rent side com for device like that so. I I didn't really like that -- the keyboard was actually pretty good -- though the keys are pretty close together. I don't know in the phone itself is actually pretty inexpensive that has verbally -- list price of 7999. Butts. When I checked last until the day he was actually being offered for free with a two year contract now for new users on T-Mobile. So you know you can scoop it up pretty quickly it's running Android gingerbread and a I two dot three and it also. Actually it actually my apologies it actually has forgy data. Which is actually one of the better things about the -- so. I was able to -- a pretty a plus of course yes it just -- so technically some people say well let's on SourceForge gets more like 3.5 three whatever plus. Yeah you know but it's it's not bad I -- I I was getting immunized. I was like in the ballpark of like seven to eat a mega bits per second I'm going down and now about almost two gone up about which is pretty nice. I'm -- quite you know LTE but. You know I'll take that -- -- for free -- so that's one option for you guys out there -- -- looking for like a Blackberry replacement or something. Our team to kind of -- -- over the the new keyboard. Phones or -- recent -- over the blackberries coming going away on -- other. Carriers and and T-Mobile specifically. And Elena umpire he -- -- that code from it than part -- that Bryan's my -- he accepts -- I -- says there's no. Pretty keep lord and I liked it it's available just like at the -- -- for an extremely -- price of nothing and then. If the thing I love -- -- it. And it's only things for -- person -- invent -- everything for free. -- this has that the IE every. Inch and a screen and then it's kind of narrow actually and it -- parent and it looks and act at face value and it it runs scientists same as -- HSP -- plus and network which is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1001000. -- got this. And that was pretty -- and writes that an accident like a nice pass code. Soft coating on its back but added there are some things that has no camera flash no LE ash that was kind of -- -- and a actually no that's instinct has the the myTouch que has a flash. Com now with the flash eyes has liquor at the it was a three -- a five megapixel camera. But it wasn't I didn't. I don't know I was -- experienced that with the with the red -- touched. The camp is okay but have I to pages where there's a lot of sense science and recognize the fact and we to seminar pictures too and there's -- Blue hue and overall says the camera and it -- -- -- even longer recording and then there's the argument well you know what do you expect for nothing. That's the problem three the price of free we can always get trounced by that -- -- -- -- Put up -- other things. It's funny Kazaa and no -- we're gonna be like it's not really free. You know if it's free free means well together -- -- -- two year contract prepaid you know whatever how much -- forty dollars a month for unlimited everything. Mechanism and -- -- -- you know thousands of thousand dollars there are so. God you know it's really not it's a subsidized -- But I guess its -- so enticing that -- CEO Whitney you can buy that for nothing. You know there's always a sign up you know -- problem. You know so that they can check -- but of course -- fat and -- sent to the Internet and yeah yeah that's not bad if you prefer for a an expensive up -- alternative. Than it looks like these phones are pretty good. Send and actually we've had a a request from the chatroom and it was more like hey did you miss the talking about the Samsung super block -- so old that assuming it's an -- talking about the Samsung and several labs. Yeah who and what a great so there is -- galaxy -- an -- -- where everyone was waiting in line. And then like somebody comes up with their galaxy -- in a brands like. It's accounting. Got a and it and then like they also are falling from the sky into people's hands. What did you guys think about that. Well and IIO iPad will get a director. And the right if you weaning and dad who's -- -- Isn't it I went to college with him well no -- Yes I know that man and a very excited -- -- -- -- and T-Mobile commercial and progressive commercial. And which areas -- the right leaning -- -- waiting in front of the -- -- all. That's my body can delete this thing out -- I'm always excited to streaming commercials so you know that -- -- single -- not the -- that happens right the other day you CST -- don't feel bad news. Says that liberal arts major -- on different sides there anyway. Okay well look -- commercial than it became like this holy Green breakout. The. President precious money for a silent -- in mind and -- again. -- -- But that there's a lot as he spent the -- Apple and -- Data and slick Apollo to the -- yeah exactly so. I thought it was pretty fun. It is a little -- about it. It is pretty fun actually there are a lot of mobile ads. Staring at -- suitable. But it is probably shouldn't. So its medium and it wasn't the only enough hardware maker them like. I think was the only like you know actual device maker that -- -- in the show room. -- during the -- Jerusalem. Canada that might have -- -- anchorman at two and also break on there. I definitely six degrees of -- -- with the common from the app. So did it under that measured it at it was now. I thought it was totally lame. Patent and -- we have another comment from the -- cousin John says that at. Does it again with similar to their galaxy S two add but the best buy out with -- Smartphone component inventors with your uncle. And -- over the right content. -- -- ago lot of people like that passed by commercial and -- I think that was definitely playing during my tips and also break yeah. It's definitely -- that we dear reader email -- yes we get every game now and it's actually the -- listen to -- -- -- I think -- -- -- decoded at. -- it's act creatively written but I'm basically at their writer if you didn't even name splits time between US and Canada. And has to -- -- with two separate plans and is trying to consolidate into one phone finds a swapping incidents until Olson's. And a very computing and risky but they're trying to experiment so is their -- -- And up my suggestion yeah. That's industry -- so so we're seeing as he wants to hear it. He or she I would like to take their phone and switch between US and Canada on in Rome. On and I guess they can roam on different maybe even use the same salmon roam on to. In different locations well. Probably be pretty pricey but -- that India -- second holiday for two seldom plans. And two phones down into why it's so moon my suggestion. I mean my suggestions for -- -- troubles -- -- a mean it is the splitting really 5050. Or is a little bit more time -- among country. That that might help if there -- sends an -- phones like -- HTC evo design four GM for sprint. -- also has a GSM slot there's the president and as well. -- I think that maybe if it is really 5050. What icing chested it is that you know and I don't know how much this person pays for plans I don't know kind of phones they have I don't know are looking at Smartphones at all. -- but I -- to getting an unlocked phone. And yes -- price fear because that the higher end phones -- order of 500 -- 600 dollars -- buy -- if they're both. Well basically this person can go and -- You know and she and sentenced him for the US for eighteen -- T-Mobile. And then just keep track of its image instead of keeping track and -- from phones possibly two different partners. So I don't think that there's an easy solution necessarily yanking -- a lot of there are a lot of solutions and some will be expensive and not all will be elegant but I think if I were -- and it. I would probably wanna do that just have one phone and -- exams because I -- I have like and a little -- taping for micro and ST card. And that snaps shut that fits the sim in it and because I've done this before it carried around with me in my purse and like a little separate -- -- pocket. And so I think -- can be -- here to keep track and. Or crossing another solution -- -- depends on where where his major his mean plan is -- new fees if he lives in Canada from his in the US. I I think -- -- if you're in the in Canada. Some of those comedian. It's you know service providers have. Pretty good roaming deals on where you can get you know on limited. You know international roaming you know to say like the US -- something like that. On the advocate suggestions -- -- for next price but if he's in the US. I've heard that they're really really bad and they cost a lot of money at them. You know to do that. Ha another suggestion from the -- sorry brand but and another suggestion from the -- -- Was that the pen to -- new Q minions have antennas only 255 dollars hour right arm Rogers street -- so. Even if this person does live in the US and wants to get an unlocked phone. Getting an unlocked phone from Canada -- can -- better although there -- -- conversion to say anything -- really depends you know lake. In -- is this person mostly comedians and -- an -- Canadian dollars or US dollars and and does that factor and. Or wonder if you can even buy you know unlocked. Or just you know prepaid sim cards in the states absolutely. -- absolutely -- -- noble might be really good option for that yeah that our prices are. Usually a very competitive and encouraging. Now that's a way to go. Who it -- and as always that -- -- ever -- wanted to and it is up again. Where and other devices like and dislike right we just at the forest like the new name any different from Canada or US and a girl or boy say now that -- -- cnet.com lightly voice now. -- 1866. Or is there a tootsie 63 -- -- should check out our blog at ballot in dot cnet.com. And of course Italy's and listen to our podcast at podcast asking -- are our old podcasts makes for excellent listening materials boundary. Urge will suit you just we are those long -- exactly. And and that. Yes -- and the other while the -- I will see you again next week everybody I ever Ireland allied.

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