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Dialed In: Ep. 206: Phones go big at CES

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Dialed In: Ep. 206: Phones go big at CES

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Between a new Motorola Droid, some slick Sony models, and a powerful punch from Windows Mobile, the Dialed In team were crazy with new phones at CES. Join us as we discuss the hits and misses from Las Vegas.

-- -- I am concerned and I'm here at CES 2012. The CNET stage disease specialist at the dialed in -- -- at 206 remember correctly accurate arm -- Jessica -- -- our senior associate editor. Are very new associate it live marched -- and -- outcome of the week I think. Port -- -- -- -- -- here she is at CES that's kind of a crash course in. -- reporting we believe I had a trial by fire around here got really them material that they were quick effect on. It's angry at -- today -- me at any. -- -- -- And then we have Brian Bennett I would also -- news CNET but I've come to us from want to protect reported background. And -- we're gonna talk about what happened here phones it's a big phone show absolutely that a couple last couple years that you think. But huge laughter is pretty good -- this here is definitely. Funding that would require us to sit and take minutes that it hasn't had just think that you -- very careful notes about how many phones we have that -- stats or what if that's okay -- they announced 21 phones. -- part I think we're done with the announcement here the 21 but I don't think that by hand. Up only one of them so far with entry I think campaigns there were -- witness. And when the we knew about when we didn't and five of the -- now have the word -- -- their name because they're part of the Samsung galaxy line. And if -- -- -- -- in an era long known names. Let's let him -- -- Samsung galaxy SQ played sporty yes -- and then there's also the panel I don't -- as the keynote. -- -- There -- and an announcement of our communities from what little plaque in the stores it's going to be giving them. So -- we get that big phone show Buffy what -- -- most excited about Brian but he put what will I think I know. But -- I've been talking about this -- and about it. On Monday. -- -- was the -- like Verizon press releases and five minutes camera hovering via its antitrust grounds and holds them. -- -- -- -- With launching new phones -- one problem is when I'm really excited about it. Motorola Droid for so -- -- you guys out there actually. Our original Droid owners and root of that keyword on what reading war and -- slider we have. Of dual -- prophecy in LT TE data access. I mean this phone has -- your -- home so. I had actually right here meticulous. Hesitancy. We've got out. The HD screen right here. And the phone actually slides open here we've got a five row. -- -- Keyboard here soon. Thank you name it and -- a big deal about puberty and actually quoted as it is it one of the best you've seen as a kind of organize my Blackberry rim the territory of -- first. -- you know I -- them when I picked it up efforts picked up obviously. Wow I'm first all the keys -- you know so. You know and also. One thing I like -- is that you know its back -- and and it feels really good when you press rubberized. And very tactile feeling on another thing is that it has the -- a -- forty -- a number -- top. Which is really cool plus directional. Arrows and he's really want that no. But I mean this thing and also another thing they they call it you know every -- -- -- user. -- -- Which does anything he had -- that you laser IUI and instantly find out whether. Also -- get cooler shop operators -- -- -- -- -- it right and when you're going to -- is adequate access to the dictionary obviously. Laser -- you know laser keyboard and hyper skin back you know Yahoo! and thank all of those things go well that -- -- that -- activities. Pre yes there's actually us -- and -- Or even years that it's having in new -- around you -- night. Which thrills and spills. And -- moderate. A little over a month in its water system getting an admin account it's only slightly water resistant and it's Billy -- It'll take three drops but not for -- yes. Not a whole class maybe. The territory which we know and that's coming -- I'll be able to use. QQ. I'm not sure that Q3 units somewhere in there I don't. I don't -- feel good. That particular equipment or accidentally yet it may expect he knew what I think it may be coming soon -- that maybe the next few weeks. So I will take a look and see when it comes out of the new price you know -- -- so. But I mean this is a device that -- and on Verizon -- on right parents. Just get what you -- That an alligator creek and -- -- -- -- here at first at the Nokia N 900 aptly referred to show. It was just -- to actually -- a person like that previous version but the -- It's larger and that beautiful screen really pops out and it's just it looks fantastic -- its its great. -- -- you know what I like about it as the nucleus of systems. That the long history of really really good -- you know -- Nokia phones. In the mid ninety's where you can just bang it around for -- it wasn't recovered -- rhetoric that has whether it's Nextel. If you're supposed to -- another -- whatever that you -- drop I think at last for ever and have always been really good about that go to the display and it's nice to see him to continue that tradition -- Completely original with mine and I'm the other that I like a really like the LG spectrum from Redmond I haven't seen accidentally got him them. Simple in the same way that they don't connect with. No real light design -- analyst. I -- -- yes thank you. It's very simple very clean. It's not a lot of science fact it's just a nice package altogether and I don't wanna give it -- -- -- that can detect bursts. And -- -- look about as well but I think that you haven't really a lot of effort into that phone. -- there are some nice. Design flare yes -- and it it it looks really -- and it's going to be really cheap on eighteenth hearing that he thought they think it's great value announcement of those phones. Anything could possibly be thicker than. And I like it like a lot of people really want plant and -- -- for the -- -- Those lines that are on that price range aren't really that you don't look very. Good quality might not really premium data if you really plasticky -- the -- -- actually. Feel like quality content and -- 4999. And the. Rockefeller has I think it's humans for -- -- -- camera and it just really yeah. There backing it might like texture almost like it would Green and it comes in red and me. In. And it -- related yeah back realizes -- -- of the moon and it's like I'm very dependent. Markets -- -- that afternoon and there is utterly different like Apple. Daily there it is fix those -- -- the -- amendment act and AT. And get it within the hours and and I figured out -- in the past Google I actually have -- blogging tool because of the reasons that I live blogging from them mobile school. And then after about 45 minutes and I turn my laptop can't -- -- -- hours of battery happening -- -- -- like ten minutes left do you. At the -- of our needs to be cleared at the press conference -- -- an avatar and -- -- With your battery about -- look like you're in the locked up yesterday and -- mostly. But nothing that's ridiculously district using the -- -- work here. So we have predictions before the show we not you know we're gonna -- and I think. It's definitely how I Canadian I -- -- yeah actually I really like that -- -- the idea of what humans aren't I think reversed. But now it's okay about a -- I really like -- -- it's got a great design really about about. The fewer than in the hands I'm not that display and I just. I'd like to England and you move you've got a corporate from the side that wasn't all that yeah it's really matters seriously and I have UIE you know windows but that is from any use for a long time I did you know I -- -- market for -- -- -- the person you -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Authorities are now operating system and if you like it's nice. Match between Apple and entry level of violence mentions some of them together. Canada and in I was at the press conference -- with me that the deal with the studio on. You know we're back we're back in the US were back in North America and that's the T-Mobile that could last night and what we're back we're back okay and my favorite and yet. That does its job. I'm good -- You know -- -- -- Nokia it. It and a lot of people think about it in the US -- -- well they're just not doing well enough to company in the religion because so much of its business is overseas in emerging markets. Those little phones that use ten years ago I mean huge part of this -- It really lost some of the Smart thing because I'm -- get on carriers here what is important in this market but it's nice to see that support and -- them. The committee really -- and -- -- seven the carrier attention to it and it just seems like a really well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm cautiously optimistic it means you -- be protected -- inferences out. It's pretty bad and but I think that the real message that true test between that and also Sprint's new four GL TE network. It's gonna be hollow holds up under -- -- and start getting -- plans and governments are teasing them. Green and see the same problems that we by -- Francisco and other cities like New York. With -- congested and yet. It about it EG -- -- who works like him uniquely for every every thing. In this spectrum is just another thing that doesn't have -- -- restaurant on the train and subway like on the sidewalk -- yet -- but. Economic -- -- basically you know I think that these questions are going to be answered on the line and six month year from now how well the development actually got me. An -- tests on sprint that's another big thing happening here is that sprint into WiMax network estimate for Q for a long time and yet there's been a lot of issues with clear wire there -- any content which of course their WiMax partner. There are having enough spectrum and we knew at some point they were gonna -- -- LTE. And that's been at the show they've announced that I mean they've evolved announce a little while over the confirmed plans they -- -- San Antonio Dallas Houston and Atlanta by the first half of the year and it introduced two new phones the galaxy nexus announcement Nokia -- -- but for the. It's hot spot that actually switches between WiMax and pretty LTE which I think is really Smart even -- the thing. -- -- like him. -- -- it and went back to the interesting thing about anything else in Texas Instruments identical to the current version -- -- However it. I actually have Google wallet enabled on it -- that's -- big -- -- -- -- because sprint is a Google partner him. And things like -- globally says he currently some very easily get it on and every -- we didn't really use it. The company card. That basically if you either have to prepaid Google card or if you've got the city MasterCard and -- half. You can start using right away on the -- as well -- also and it -- Yet -- and. Aren't your style at the Verizon got its running Google at some point or it was pretty it would -- -- -- -- -- -- but I taxable and you know. Little -- mean people were upset when the rise nexus and it announcements and press you know did not have both -- -- and people then. So people started to actually -- -- their phones with. That -- -- on them. On in the Lenovo or react to certain and they've got an app on their -- That amount -- taxes -- -- so I insisted Tuesday I mean I I would love to use. Who -- future but there's lot of you know. Three a little fuels and get no -- retreats recruit three. You don't even know what you base that we recently I would look at threat. As you get you guys here's the ease fears of ethernet as well but mobile payments -- -- -- Not at night meeting -- at our. Money money that's not -- a -- time -- meet again. I agree you can't have. Going to the -- In -- -- -- opposite of the gen expertise with me on the way back -- and and I really wish I had eatery you know one area I'm happy with me. I have I -- -- -- -- -- -- I think government alerts you and you -- -- never -- -- sooner or later we what I need and it never won an early music. -- actually just until that would be excellent -- -- for a lot of business and reasonable that if they know everything else I don't know I think the goal. Yeah I don't I don't into an iPod that you know people. There that. So at any disappointments are. Anything you wish you had seen that we and. Completely perfect diction and I'm not gonna be -- -- -- -- ice cream sandwich and it. -- to -- Everything else is gingerbread 2.3 point -- -- five point nine apps be comfortable -- on yet let you know when they -- wrong. That was pretty cool -- that it. While away -- -- -- devices which running and sandwich. We took a look at but I you know of course they don't have to -- them. Any sort of lead you -- about really put. Basically if you one and the key witness in their -- -- devices and then one of them -- -- metallic. I'm -- you rent movies doesn't he get that you get it right you know other than back. Hope that -- -- Heartbreak -- back cover really don't even know that -- I -- That's pretty that the -- so you know funny Celtic. Mean it's a written you know and -- it's because they looked. So close so similar to that since the galaxy SQ. It was a little bit. Need to the -- that are displaying your little ones that of that because it looks eggs it looks so close to that MySpace on the. -- -- -- completely away yeah you know those of computing project. It's been a little -- and -- sandwich you know I think that we basically the only two that we say we think it is going to be less threatening -- -- -- -- -- -- gingerbread is you know is right after the galaxies and act as an access rights. And royalties and then we didn't see a lot of random name out there we -- -- Froyo and then it was. You're also looking for work and that does not accept either yet -- there isn't quite corporate quite courtroom sitting around widgets to the dad buy it and it's coming Madison -- don't actually now. If -- the clockwork like drinkers know it is but I mean it's it's not needed if its not out it's not a -- for at least it's a living now. You can open it up we can just be thinking about the knowledge and skills would be useless. Oh yeah I thought about about an agreement -- that was -- those dropped in the audience -- press conference date time. -- Lenovo is introducing an image a lot of PCs and make a lot of desktops now. Laptops. I'm so did beach property found so we'll talk about the second we'll take a short break and I'll -- back. -- Then we're back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Intel processors. And is Lenovo K 800 and -- kind of weird because we were expecting development recipient to a press conference suddenly it was. Boom years and you've found Mandarin and so I'm I -- actually I know that Brian Tong and check out last night and at Kmart beat them at download.com -- -- -- What you guys think you mean this crisis -- is. -- Wondering how well that's going to succeed Dell's credit that network there are other companies use sonic -- I'm here on that we haven't looked -- yet. Are they telling me I mean thinking that the carriers and the meter manufacturers really on the market that interesting to -- something else. Especially if there is some sort of innovation on it but I don't know -- wasted effort and. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet -- that place but throughout -- the idea. What I did through which we get out when you're gonna -- the man okay so I'm thinking. You Lenovo and I heard this from the folks -- people heard this but what if Lenovo actually I thought Blackberry rim. Because -- its business. -- and then you client. So imagine that -- phone actually picks in the business of -- and business. Uses weak from lack. Now I do wanna check it out though is that it's the centrist and yet as -- and we don't really know a lot is gingerbread on it I think there's. Climbing the camera thing theory and that there are very short on -- -- released -- timing or anything like that but the that is what's been the first of a quite a few Intel powered phones. Instantly by Lenovo currently in total entrants are another player in the market and -- -- like -- -- exactly. So -- -- just over targeted break just don't want me mention of course the T-Mobile press conference last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we authenticate me -- them right currently. And you know could -- all okay but hey hey if you Google -- -- -- -- pink dress and steeper gradient in real quiet and -- These and an average human wearing the theme dress that she was wearing to the party an article where -- that to dealing at a party here that I think I. Glanced at record speed response and I -- when fighting. You know being sandwiched by currently you that the girl inside and then that we currently -- -- -- -- -- leaking out and finally. I asked how content I don't like him. And I can understand. You know I should note we're familiar. Like -- and screaming every time it. -- -- -- -- Some progress there. I've by magnificent creation event gets elected we mentioned earlier team -- -- very much -- we're back -- back in the land and the north and but I mean we're back in front. Trying to merge at AT&T we are gonna get new phones -- if we -- spectrum we got the caption. The pop -- if you came on stage. And actually -- at one time -- I thought was very forthright manner I really appreciated about it the most honest executive. Statement summary I've heard it's. We are neck -- it I thought it was a little bit like we're determined. -- -- Maybe it I think the most -- in the carrier's saying things like our network and strong alerts urging. Largest and fastest and most reliable and the entitlement don't know that they're very good about hasn't been anything about anything you like the last nine months and hard. You know well. Well I don't think you're talking -- effort -- get it with upset that market and we'll -- that -- -- -- that of that that's. I was only T-Mobile device that and I hate to see we're these quirky enough for next to get access. -- you know. We -- and -- not report -- you at -- press conference in I was having me. Well because they reviewed it and you -- with -- on here. I mean that it -- the same thing with their client and easily find that all these things like featured demos work it's not your sprint. Its -- -- you've ever hot spot but I was. I was -- and I'm just trying music -- now. -- that the phone to do. But I'm and then you guys a and then after you drop a Blackberry thing happens a -- there yes -- and I went to leopard and it was a formal popular type thing but analysts I think black and anything and then clearly -- -- -- -- -- investment but. That -- terrorists by the end. Very fancy Vietnam unfortunately there wasn't any news -- father and you can yeah Blackberry. -- -- -- and the last. Which is really gonna -- -- -- -- -- it's really good development -- for developers and -- kept -- how it's supposed to be you know. -- over -- -- leopard ten. Images and which which is coming out some point. TV there we knew all of this mean that every brings -- notes product we knew we needed before -- -- -- -- within -- content for a while. But when I -- the credit that it's been along time to read them. It -- And that's it yeah and then enter the content management commitment and it is still -- -- -- here not integrated products that actually -- and eats up about half. -- -- -- -- -- If it yeah and they that -- have -- have pockets -- -- -- -- duopoly mobile congress the right -- that's the -- -- next month in Barcelona where activities emotional in the world and we'll be there to typing -- that lets -- Blackberry and because craft but -- funny to -- and oh yes so Motorola was. Since you actually ring another phone that was announced this week this is the -- Green RAZR but if you purple visited the decider when -- look so. That now. It's got purple all around the -- it's really been the same -- -- the original recruiter. Com what it has a purple along here along the edges and done. You just -- -- back here so I feel like a very metallic purple device. Home with Android on that's really fast. This could be looking. It's pretty -- -- treatment. That's pretty much better -- my thing but I haven't on different things and make it with an island. And I don't like it I'm telling them. You know him as -- because -- doing exactly there was a period got to forget when it was years ago where we haven't -- phones like bright room. Six purple purple was like the -- -- parliament. Minute -- was after that for us. I think black gray -- and dust that colors or white is undoubtedly Arizona I think -- the new black yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One of the users and found that this is the Xperia -- -- me so sorry Sony. Is complaints well definitely -- -- that he does. That did the violent commitment good that it is the Motorola Droid -- -- The onion right -- it and it really only because it Kennedy. Only because -- -- media do not a battery in the back. Yet only -- -- really think that adding that it -- compared to different and yet. Mean -- committed to them and that. They must've been wings because you can't and battery upgrade. Yeah yeah -- You know -- you can't keep -- -- it is giving it back where it really depends on your individually it's -- -- -- Eight pulling the backpack. -- that'll help them on the right. Human user basically in the classes. Athens and that's right because they have to have more battery constantly pop -- and that it does not back. That's already been an adult industry -- -- -- sleeping with -- if they didn't -- way announced that they now. That's gonna last for little hands and -- -- gonna announce I think that was Sampson and -- and couldn't. I mean citizens and its its gonna disappear instantly an intranet site and any public. It's cute and you know it accurately tracked in our lower picture in your hand I haven't had they during the community -- -- hands on your -- -- on an auto focus. Only that I haven't you know basic front and then went through over the focus -- lose track and -- of people that don't like it appears. Since Sony Ericsson's aren't we I had announced he found I -- -- -- -- -- it and then it is as Sony and Sony. So it's -- Sony and am -- announced two phones Sony Xperia -- and the Sony Xperia us. Xperia completely -- papers because it is an area announced that the exterior nothing right completely different though. -- spirit and a person yes and yes -- upbeat music really. It's the time android's gingerbread and fortunately it's not. Expensive but it had nothing hands I know what's going on you know we get the promise of what's coming it's coming out they say it's probably just like you know with the droids here move those guys presenters -- But on the job done -- basically has media. You know it's a two megapixel. -- the camera in front you know and evening to actually be twelve made me pick out that through this with twelve megapixel lead him. It's pretty impressive. Well I'll -- your friends. Twelve megapixel camera and -- -- -- sixteen megapixels that the east TP -- few. -- there's you know in electing its vivid over the -- them. I didn't plan that's that's -- maintenance. It. We look at that might. Actually have keeping megapixels again and also with that Sony. Few moments in an afternoon but anyway -- -- and it that the megapixels it's it's again issue we talk about July. If they didn't change a light sensor at the rendering software isn't any good preview topics that -- ambulances is not so hot. You name it -- and even matter it makes them exactly so will be putting all of you for your camera. Often. -- -- -- you do a camera's. Pointing cameras seem to be speeding away. As if people are using their phones as cameras and so lives have been more important now to actually have a good camera. You know and especially when you want us -- it over to Twitter or FaceBook recently that it's something to do. Some kind of fancy -- enabled cameras. And in -- your big fan of the time. -- like me neither original titan you know I got an argument that some other. In a mobile lockers without the fast and in and out there and these that the tightly rehearsed and arguments to -- -- they are all acutely okay get this to cut. Ireland but it I think it means that I like that and -- Windows -- version of the same thing accounts via steam client. And they act basically -- that they like the titan and -- titan. CXP so much better because. Yes they have increased battery life increased became read it out for GL TE and then they also just gonna give -- a -- Little bit of paint that the different color that's a soft touch finish which is distinct from Google and there's little picturing that. -- well so all -- all I think that's a much better device and if I. AT&T didn't believe me at 800. And I definitely think that means you could be the best sites but I think it's it's gonna be neck and neck -- wildly interview want to. It's nice to -- -- windows. You know the -- we'd like to of them and they're really kills the other -- I would see if Verizon and you know they don't act and act requirements and we -- -- sprint is picking -- a long time. There and -- one no that's okay okay of this writer forget -- -- at present having that either that AT&T is definitely dependence. -- -- -- I'm and they are getting much -- T-Mobile you know they did it actually Polonia incident and went on sale today. Brian review that on a little while ago you'll end so it was a pretty you know it's not bad I mean it's like -- -- -- -- price. President 49. Fifty bucks basically and then you get old basic features. And it runs you know Windows Phone mango. Very well com you know. -- new performance hiccups or anything like that on and you know you -- do everything they could do an Android phone with. Device like that are the least I think so appointments that it has -- 58 cameras and megapixels. Me but. But that price and -- -- you know it's planning and economic rate that's right yeah I am white and black and maybe some other -- I don't act equitably if independently -- -- and yellow. This isn't your thing now I mean for Windows Phone and Nokia Nokia -- -- -- back -- back you absolutely can manage. Up -- of our AT&T has a high concentration enhancements. T-Mobile and next. Nokia and Microsoft are gonna have to get Windows Phone and all we're carriers and they have to be real -- and I think you're something interesting news -- -- met with absolute right and I have that we had. Talked yesterday to talk about -- and we asked the question about incentive. Because the windows there are a rumor story that feels people are going to Begin an incentive. So money. -- basically if they could sell certain. This has been a lot of reports that act carrier staff are actively discouraging people from -- Windows Phone they go to the stories that now you and they aspirin customized for Windows Phone. They know you wanna get if you wanna get Android -- you wanna get -- for him. Right well exceeded -- because Microsoft. -- and it actually said that a lot of it has to do with pushing services so. You know maybe the windows devices. Do not have hot spot the lure of the reads to me into. Some of the carrier services that. Generate revenue for themselves but now it's getting more advances hot spot there's all these -- here content and stream video and all that stuff so. Tablets things like yeah phones devices and and and that I think taken on the story. That you'd think there'd be other ways that might be that sometimes the representatives would push something if they were -- -- -- You know extra payment -- selling a -- service or more devices into the gravitated toward Android. Where they did that and then also I think that report is packed with AT&T -- guilty events and AT&T that -- but -- -- That's not how they operate they don't work. -- though it sounds like that report it immediately that fall. But Microsoft definitely is that he -- you get into the retail stores and other. I'm mark -- where more manufacture scored an -- -- -- more cuts. Straight district in the app community -- developer community of the things that really -- operates. It's actually -- -- skyrocketed they were at 181000. Then 30000 and -- they reported that across the iPad. -- -- -- -- -- equality. While there and it I think it is -- -- -- Windows Phone pool which. It kind of difficult. With the breakers yes but I I was around. You know when the windows phones on T-Mobile. Expertise minimum friends and family that problems like what is that that we don't -- Currently well edit your windows and people whenever a couple weeks ago when we need Windows 7 a lot of comments were. I can't buy it -- Microsoft windows and its permitting NASA. Not really the best attitude about it then later purchased it yet you run windows people have little if you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I did okay cool tech test on my fifteen year old nephew who's really into technology and -- -- -- up and I've gotten ahead of him. -- and -- that the -- to let them like that healthiest. But this time. And he basically you've played with that I'm certainly keep you that this in this you can use colors you can do all this stuff that you got thinner -- -- last. And he had to act like I don't normally get -- and then want it. -- -- -- -- -- Ever else you think that. Maybe in a spokesperson for what is -- he -- It's no contract and then there but -- -- differently. Can it be any human error -- -- -- -- Perseus but a few words. On that it's very crowded and very key and that a lot North Atlantic actually -- I think -- -- those that uses the you really came through kind of melt my face and her immediately and by the fact that you sit here and -- island and is now looking. And maybe you'd hear her yet but that's -- make it there you missed the confidence we. And T-Mobile right to act quickly -- it bluntly he did well. Now that we can't get out yet. My athletic findings partly -- problem -- Brian and I. You know what I mean -- numbers -- great moment. I actually had a really awesome moment this morning from the -- and I -- a mr. Obama -- electric. You know that's a car and -- not car guys well and that much I realized I dig and dig electric cars in this is the electric. Super car that is really -- -- looked different it looks like it looks bad ass I mean pretty much you mean besides like that this sleazy tale and notes you -- you should talk to and yet it should not mandatory governor Wang and his apparent thickness because opera and I student movement and other things. People didn't -- probably do wonder -- -- the scotsman Putin's response. -- -- Am I I have to say I -- an -- I've never and a lot of development but for some announcing currently I have actually seen -- liberties that I -- I've -- them. You know a couple of chemicals and of course here on CNET stage yesterday that I watch on TV. And -- anybody. To that more people write on them you can't tell your friends. It's okay after this course of 10 o'clock we are doing -- cnet's best of CES nominee's commitment categories including phones so I would instantly you know we will be announced in those. So -- you can hang around -- come back and out of date to two minutes and a 10 AM to me at that time. You're from Las Vegas -- the us -- cnet's best of CES awards nominees. Of course the winners will be announced that. That's about it for dial in at CES I you can join the show actually trying to podcast actually every now movement Monday starting -- -- -- days -- it is Election Day. 10 AM Pacific -- and where Brian joins New -- just him and we'll announce that Francisco citizen and every minute for now -- -- joining us today CS to me about. Cancer there were just deprived him and Christina. -- -- -- -- --
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