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Dialed In: Ep. 205: CES 2012 Preview

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Dialed In: Ep. 205: CES 2012 Preview

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In this edition of Dialed In, we chat about what slick smartphones and other cool mobile gear we expect to see at the upcoming CES 2012 trade show in Las Vegas, from Android Ice Cream Sandwich to new Windows Mango handsets from Nokia. Bonus: Meet our newest and ultra-cool team member, Lynn La.

All right hey guys welcome to another episode of CNET dialed in today's episode number 205. -- and a you know happy new year everybody. Happy new year happy -- -- -- To believe it -- -- -- sounds so it's futuristic. The Sicilian in the world right. I know we should have about you know flying cars or maybe living in the sort of a future to -- yet or something. For this plan. But I don't know. You know just wanna say -- welcomes everybody -- -- is a very special show. -- -- -- -- -- Very special you know not only is -- the new -- special you know you're success in years past now in tests and years and that's entitlement. I think we're all very special -- -- to say. Basically it's let everyone know -- we have a new team member joining us. -- And away yeah there's an innocent she and wait I'm Jessica you're behind the current -- I have. Been. Eaten. Thought but -- Palin -- has opinion. That's awesome and who has music. I thought man I need to get windows on the side there. Odds -- yes so it's a little studio all -- it this missed out. Oh my gosh -- Internet -- we do we have any editor it's very exciting. Yes so please welcome on -- -- not. -- and lie sorry my apologies. My -- has stuck to him I have opinions and I know anything about god and not his fault. The oceanfront that snapple and that the luncheon here. Arm and -- she is senior associate editor for mobile phones are on the team joining us -- we also have Kent German section editor for all things mobile cool in shiny alone. -- -- -- -- Awesome and now we also have the awesome just -- -- court's senior associate editor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and I'll even behind the controls this amendment the board. -- -- -- We are talking. Right before the show about some of the emails we've gotten from the -- -- called and we remember and -- -- I answer remembered it incorrectly that. Hey I don't wanna know what mine who will be that the external bit different. But I knew I just wanna kick off the show and -- today we're gonna be talking about C -- -- a 2012 because that is happening next week. Which is unbelievable and it's for guys don't know. It's. It is a massive. A consumer electronics trade show where are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos in on what -- -- hottest year will be on display in Las Vegas. -- we will be there reporting lives so. Get ready for that that's gonna happen is going to be wiles and we're gonna give it a little rundown of what we planned to see yet she says. Actually -- we do that we want -- but it when it might have once they. Hello all sure yes and I puzzled about yourself -- And I just after I guess I'm excited. The third day in but it's been really -- alarming but it really exciting it really. I'm super excited for CES and she really what -- at CES so we're giving her of these sort of like trial by fire. Entry to CNET and I hope and comfort -- actually. -- -- -- run on adrenaline and slim but we all their caffeine and sugar. You know just about them. In all the oxygen they pumpkins because you know actually the best advice ever heard CEOs was change your socks once Tuesday that it. Seriously Wired News that's that's my advice is all the electronics and dried up. Electronics area and I -- urgent issue that I got you know whatever it. Well there's a desert to make a lot of so limited doses and -- as a re Seagram and every means less recent I don't know but I graduate of carnage great journalism school so I'm supposed to big -- New York City. For when the -- one year by them where it counts now and yet -- And if it sees -- -- from California originally and yes -- -- began back and now no one season which it's just mild land since. And no rain actually this winter. I'm innocent and UC Davis grant so any Aggies their machines at your back and -- -- to MacWorld and owns a minority and and so we're we're excited to have her. -- -- -- Awesome -- CES yeah thanks for yes. But it -- only -- -- -- -- -- -- CS I mean we we definitely. We know a little bit about what's on the radar basically it means that the show I mean tank covered desperate for hand that we are expecting a lot of ice cream sandwich announcements. And also I am a lot of four GLT. Yes that's right. And -- initiative a -- -- to LT announcements today. Agency decided to expand so Sprint's -- announce LTE markets and Ashby -- very big theme. -- says sprint means sprint has WiMax forgy rain now and -- is clearly where he was going and there are making their correctly following -- And then in terms of and amiable we'll talk more about and it AT&T LTE. A little later on it and essentially that is rolling out as well so I expect that there -- gonna be a lot of phones and that. I AT&T and sprint announced. And in fact I'm -- and I earned him beat -- involved with the live blog. That's happening during C asked them for AT&T so we'll expect a lot of news on -- morning. That's right yeah there's going to be how we expect new devices com which is a -- thing because it seems like everything's moving up off from. Usually devices are announced at the Nazi today or even. World a global announcements at mobile world congress in Barcelona. In February but now. Seem to a lot of companies -- are pushing the products head and then -- CS have seen a busy week. ES was a really big show last year proponents TO they're -- couple phones -- we absolutely no amount and one of them is the Nokia leukemia. And it basically they US version which is being called you know at a time the 900 are also known as aids -- which is interesting because sampling has a galaxies TO. And so who knows -- that's what it's really gonna be called but that. Is the US version of Nokia's sort of higher and Windows Phone and -- tickle it at that gloomy at 710 for T-Mobile and he's going to be talking about that later in the show. That we definitely know that that this -- is going to becoming Nokia has a press conference that. -- is going to be -- blocking. -- Maggie Reardon yet. Answer we're gonna get all the details on that by that is expected to have a front facing camera and which the global version of -- -- 800 does not. And it is expected to you have LTE and also a bigger screen we're hearing instead of three point seven inches it's going to be four point three the -- taller. And then we also know that Sony Ericsson and is has and a Smartphone -- he -- and we don't really know a lot about it that kind of Houston image on the face spec page we do know that there's a dedicated camera button. Which -- some people to speculate that it'll be a Windows Phone but I think that I think that's possible but they've had so many more intrigued phones. That I think I -- it it would could very likely be an inquiry found. Multimedia is definitely highlight an -- And they're definitely going to announcement and says it could be that dual core Xperia cloud otherwise known as -- and -- And that we heard about in the summer and -- -- Yet another. Ridiculous -- name yes. What does that mean it sounds like price -- you're. Number Zamboni. Samba thinking and and by -- like a high speed train -- something that does have me take -- -- does help me get off on the second stop better than the term -- though personally. Can't obvious things a little pipers I think it as -- and -- and there. I'm banks if it's if it's the Xperia -- slash -- and mean then on that -- could be dual core one point five gigahertz processor. HD and display and a twelve megapixel camera. So we'll -- our hands out. And we always say twelve megapixel the black public secure banking. Because I don't care console and a camera water -- -- megapixel crappy. Little more of everything you want more bigger better -- brand celebrity. I know I am I gonna supplement that but you know I love it I love I love anything with more bigger better faster. You know. While an advanced smarter and smarter -- -- gentleman -- -- -- the fact that it. And I'll take just bigger faster and stronger. Anyway. Let's move on to the other and -- news that we are looking into. Obviously it looks -- it out there's a publisher rim news believe or not command that will become an on the show up. There does rumors that -- slash. I don't I think Britain is it gonna come out of CES we know who's gonna be there we know that each TC is gonna be there we know Samsung's going to be there. In our AT&T sprint -- always having a press conference we know there gonna be there. Out rim has not having a press conference the worst cities are trying to -- They're they're definitely making headlines but I don't know yeah right way. Yeah well that's true because it does anybody care. I -- I care developers conference an annual count. It will we would be because we have to be and we want to -- When -- wanna have a nice and a solid metal -- on the it's been discontinued during. Or is even reached the market of course. There aren't hindered you forgot that their rumored device. Those are devices that then removes allegedly working. The surfboard comics out of resources time or something -- of course design and and then there's also that other one which is based off the portion which was up. That one that was sold and would be -- up. Or where wasn't yet there -- was. You know basically costs like you know hundreds of thousands of dollars. Meaning we via we need the city sent -- -- He's going to be key and Justin Bieber and a bunch of other -- are gonna be at CES and they -- -- is you know play -- this headphones and things like that. LA will Justin beavers -- -- be there for robots but I did what they have phones many new economics lessons you haven't -- course phoned from the phone. Whatever -- like the other designer phones -- really have like celebrity. The announcement -- -- or service you need if you should get together with ram you can have little needing connection -- phones and of Canada has. Well I think they're gonna need more than celebrity endorsements forcefully address what's happening -- Well obviously it's it looks like there's only going to be one on. -- ten questions and was -- PBX ray because we first heard about it is EB acts that at its suddenly -- in our calling it BB ten -- pretend I know I know I just PBX its rules of so much better and it sounds really cool but -- gotten acts. I know -- but in any case. They -- -- they're only going to be. You know watching or working on one device which is up. You know there's -- -- You know it's it's it's -- up and that would make sense consolidate -- but -- but tonight still kind of sad Tata. You know that after all these plans of the whole line of column. PB ten phones that there's only going to be on one device. And I think what it's gonna be basically. Its -- code named of London. -- -- according to about which news report in and a and also the -- had. And reporter on this as well. Army looks looks a lot like the toll from picture looks a lot like that Porsche. -- phone. That that it tomorrow or release has its incoming angular look like metallic hand. -- sort of look. But I guess it's supposed to be running them BB ten and in most likely you know have about dual core processors. Note you know. A dual core processor to run. That about two -- -- -- a OS. And but I mean from what I understand these devices going to be delayed till what -- third quarter. Fourth quarter. Yet you know we heard about a delay it but I never got that impression from Blackberry world from that conference I never got -- impression on a response to come out -- we always knew that it was gonna come out later they were just announcing something. But they weren't showing us anything we are telling us what it is in and do they -- -- -- okay here's and it is you know like I sat down on one on -- meaning. And really like kind of pulled out what was -- -- -- and it button this it's not a surprise that it's coming at this time. Yeah you know I guess I don't know why people are surprised because. The -- executives weren't surprised this is pretty much with -- -- It's just edits this news that makes itself and oh -- -- took it -- it's another delay awesome if you know let's watch the train wreck. Surely go down -- -- you know. So incidents such -- funny but -- you know its attitude so. You know -- rim hopefully go -- a phone that will look scrutinized. Any mobile world congress from him. -- -- -- That's an exchanges -- definitely not gonna be showing up at CES in full force. -- -- -- -- the playbook around the -- factory when certain and they have their -- liberty and yes. They had Olivia Wilde. Now add and I was right -- -- so. She is definitely hot stuff. -- that house -- expert on him. -- decisions -- a part in a citizen of celebrities sing enough. And I had no advance -- -- -- a -- tech conference full. Well I've got -- might like to customer Lanza who and a Google music wants you know well speak of it back. -- -- it has not. When we get high end phones. That undermine its all this is not a -- event not a fun about talk about Google music now that's right you've got some. There's just -- -- opponent is cancer might out. You got there. Let's have gotten so we're looking for was if you had a Blackberry -- his -- -- getting him in the sense I mean for security in everything -- -- celebrity makes total sense. I've met his his -- make us for getting him into an -- -- and one in. And to buy -- Android fans we talked about app for awhile -- we talked. But -- -- cut -- speaking of rim you know I personally think we've been talking for a long time about their leadership structure. And how it is possibly not exactly what we would advise -- they've had and co CEOs for a long time. And I think that -- investors. And stockholders is as violence in and many others in the industry have been calling for a shake up. And a consolidation. Basically and it sounds like that might be happening you -- actually. Well you know any company was to CEOs -- ones on the because they actually on their way out here. I'm -- at the story and it it sounds like there might be an independent director and line -- and her name is Barbara ads tied to use their. And I'm not sure how to pronounce last name but that was first reported by the financial post -- kind of says she is the leading candidates are replaced its seal which is -- -- -- I guess I had his picture that there'd be consolidation. City either one of them like either Mike or urge him I don't Michael was also a co-founder -- -- I would imagine that you know it would be hard to get that your baby in your company in that position. Although many others around Silicon Valley -- -- -- -- sometimes it's in the past thing for the company you know and in other cases yet Apple and it's not testing and then he comes back. And fixes everything up so it would it would be interesting but I think that what it means is in at the reality ever -- situation and is is that they definitely need to change something needs to happen often times I think in business when he -- this point a leadership change is what anchors. Maybe for the past meeting on and it -- you know people feel like something has to be done and that's -- really is keeping dale. However -- Roger reminds us that there that I believe number two in number three largest shareholders and -- So it might be kind of hard to have an action and that might be why am -- -- has been dragging its heels and doing -- That's true enough a lot of people have been you know really bashing rim over last year. -- -- yeah I mean it's it's this easy to do so opponent. It okay Aaron and I come -- I come -- -- but still. You know a Roger also wrote a little -- as saying that -- you know we should count rim out so quickly they made. You know what is over five billion baht in revenue -- You know in in you know there was -- in and -- quarter wasn't. There was a lot of -- bass are still -- At least 900 million trying to hunt -- I don't know operations and brighter. Right and they're still the still making -- in and certain -- -- any president has Blackberry send it right I mean I 2000 Blackberry. You know I think that I mean when -- go on a limb here and say that. I think history -- Blackberry rooms that -- is you know you know bashing them but I think they can. They have a lot of god still. A brand equity typically. -- -- product for that -- at. And that I mean you know they have a certain cache a still you know they -- But he did a really nice hardware actual physical hardware really slick album it just -- -- bigger screen and thanks for it yet exactly yeah you know so mean. You could imagine you know. Okay it's true that their core reason for testing the security is slowly or quickly evaporating. Because -- so much security built in to modern -- systems now. That -- it and it you know they don't need to push that secure angle but what they really do need to do is they have at their core group people who love to use there. Sort of brand so these come out with a really nice hardware that's running whatever software you want. Then you know they could still can do it. PS I gotta jet out but com I want to but we'll see you next week will be in the pot will be on the podcasts on the station X -- quicktime is -- just -- And it's going to be Wednesday -- in nine -- be live and also taping it. -- will be live on the CNET stage which you should be watching -- week anyway it's gonna be really great we're gonna have so much coverage nonstop about everything -- We'll bring you out and is a CS OPX. And insulin is still standing by it and she's we haven't exhausted her completely yeah I think I should still be around them are drowning -- and -- We'll we'll just -- be -- I don't. -- -- -- From the prop you up against the expansion with a letter -- -- tape a phone whenever hander Negroponte and that's initiatives and association -- en -- -- damage. -- hurricane center in Tyler about that other big game. Oh yeah that's terrible. While some are asked -- found and app -- and -- In the title that I sun. Only -- the cedar. But you have -- -- that -- will come up with them. -- arrow. You know will be it will be rock and roll in the weeks. Let's see you. So. Let's move on to the next lets 200 breaks our guests as well that break. -- -- -- -- guys welcome back to another edition of the CNET download in podcast. And they'll spike said this is episode number 205. And we are talking about CES 2012 because. That's where we're all headed next week. Which is gonna be pretty intense so. -- -- -- Vegas Diego Las Vegas. Korea tempering my elvis' I think it actually used for it podcasts. Aren't going to be a think about it. Maybe the glasses the glass is -- and -- different planet will be part of an issue of the break we'll that's that's our that's our whole thing men were all -- with that -- lasts. Point 47 or -- parents. That's worried -- those. Are not now -- of dollars. Her parents about mutton chops. Of -- -- there's a now extinct. Yeah okay -- thoughts on -- let's suck -- it. Okay so. Basically AT&T. Has. Announced today which is pretty awesome that the has not expanded coverage of their each of their. Or GL TE -- updated network. 211. New locations. -- and basically. The mean things of course not some by -- The Mina. Just of it in most important things that -- dot. Com. -- -- -- and parts of New York. Because -- -- -- -- and it's full of reasons they can you know. -- all of these people's need for LTE. Here but of course the -- deaths after this thing out and have a need for speed it at cent in one fell swoop Sony and me and that's right now. Bay Area. And Los Angeles -- and Los Angeles and I mean it. The thing is I do we did see here and differences go LA and San Diego was singing university's -- yet. Yeah I believe so yes. And we beside they're -- force that is out there even a couple weeks ago but it was. And an official -- and now its -- which is pretty costs. In enough heard that. You know it's been in New York sort of often on and people talked about it for -- -- even though was on official. An absence of official at that are being line and not off. Of course -- all crashing. With other windows about it. So. You know not many people I don't think have -- the handsets -- need to actually. Operate on the network as. -- -- -- three of those right now. -- it -- I mean. I think it is it is absent ensure that cover Tennessee I don't know if I couldn't number them -- I'm I'm I'm gonna say five. I think they're gonna release five for GL TE handsets at CES. -- -- -- -- Bold prediction it's a bold prediction I'm gonna make it. All we heard it here heard here folks I have certain other news Microsoft and Nokia as we know that there's going to be and Nokia OPE -- but we don't know it now and that we we like -- -- in the way that you have a very important things. I'm so we think about going to be announced at CES and then and there's a report that says that Microsoft and Nokia have that there money where their mouth as. And have dedicated 200 million dollars into pushing Windows Phone especially in the -- knows something we also heard and it. Nokia world in October. -- when they first announced at -- of the two premium phones their first windows phones. And I think it's really gratifying to see event this is a reality now that they're actually going to that the resources. Making this happen and see if it picks up and see if they can propel and has found and to sort of like the number three. Or possibly number four slot may be even beating rim you know 1 day saying -- -- -- -- At a very special place for -- Actress set. My three year for -- on their -- like bricks Anna -- an announcement. But in a good way and it -- -- integrate and the way that you cancer at an evening and now look at tank. -- -- So that's something that's really interesting to me about the story -- sort of like almost -- and note in the story. -- that Roger -- is is that there'll be sales incentives for retail workers. Assigned to get them to recommend when -- -- devices so that Meehan. The carriers -- because this is a real problem -- -- that -- carriers. Basically happens is working and then -- -- when you're recommending the phones and more often than not they're recommending the iPhone or an imprint and so. And then you know there are reports for adults and like an announcement about windows then you should we future really that -- -- -- and I think it's -- -- like him better. So they're actually may Begin again and -- -- -- -- monetary. You know sort of like almost like -- rain or some. Around it so if you sell -- number perhaps or for every you know -- this -- that you sell you get X number of dollars or cents I can add up. -- -- think about that. Stories and I are working condition -- -- Where eat very Nina meant there I am working on and something else that they just want more money from the company. And they they just wanna push all these products and easily implement -- -- Yeah I think I mean. I agree with -- feel the same way but I also. I also gonna have to hand it suited the team of them for realizing -- weakness and then trying to go after and trying to fix it they now we have a problem with this. Here's -- we're gonna -- it. I don't know if it's the right way to -- but it's a way and at least they're doing and an in activity is something sort of criticism I've had of Microsoft before. Plus when you on the have a working as I use my windows symphonies in turnaround -- I -- -- you nines and I don't. I'm just waiting for some of the most mainstay Andy -- The discrete Windows Phone. -- would like to -- meets my cable to an entrepreneur cable. Like the -- -- obviously cable -- at Kleiner. Yeah and like. But trusting them and that's okay you city. -- and I -- next and then an outside and when where why recently. Had -- -- president. Got a hold true to these news are aware -- -- a -- Q. Now but I know I mean -- be honest I think when Windows Mobile and windows are -- -- Windows Phone next to him and a phone names now. Mango in a commute between not like mangoes. You know those that the phones are actually really powerful. A lot more powerful than people -- given them credit for or at least now they are. So god they're actually pretty good you know -- pretty compelling product -- and platforms so. You know. Mean you know I'll I'll take it would it bring -- -- but I don't listening those guys in. Common -- current predicts that NT 2013 windows phones will show up as prizes her -- brand cereals and who I I think not I think they'll be more successful -- it I think if rim doesn't later heart rate in -- black areas. Oklahoma. As part of this nutritious breakfast -- -- and that we could not live like glow in the dark you know like -- In a few bullets and light for -- you know from -- African and a minority. -- -- your phone doesn't. It. Even glow in the -- and cut the line attack at the last Friday. Aren't well move and on we're gonna talk really quickly about. Verizon doubling -- if there are now iPhone sales over the last quarter which just you know it's not a huge surprise you know of anybody. Since it -- -- -- for that. For those devices to actually go from eighteen C over to Verizon. Com but it's just you know. Basically demonstration of how compelling. These units are. And its its amazing that they sold you know four point two million. Of these devices. You know I mean that's. Crazy. -- claims layman's terms the whistle sometimes -- -- and -- It's. Like falling sales and -- A. There aren't -- -- the day again. And then I Android lovers if you are liking ice creams and -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- and you'll be happy -- -- that Google -- standard standardizing. Via hollow -- -- -- That's what they're calling for Android four point and devices now every time I see that at HL at an average -- and I think like how. And anyway. -- I am so it's not that -- necessarily. Telling -- manufacturers. That they have to be locked down to the theme. It's more like they're making the compliments available for did that for developers much the same way that Appleton. To kind of create a unity if the developers want to you. And across the different applications -- there's an email client for example they knew they can use -- the same components as the native Gmail app. And kind of have that feel. The similar look and feel so that users will open it up -- -- kind of know what they're getting but it does not mean. That each TC sense is gonna go whale or TouchWiz or anything like that although we still don't know with optional look like yet. We will be finding out very shortly PS. That's pretty wild I mean a lot to talk about the you know -- presentations. You know. People skins company skins over on the Android onslaught issues but com. You know I mean I prefer clean interface and sometimes that causes a lot of -- caused little hiccups with -- -- things that's. So -- -- for. So while moving on how. We are going to basically talk about. Them. The new -- -- illuminate Mumia sorry since there. Intranet environment god it's so tough to say these names in music. No cure leukemia 710 for team -- CNET and has passed. Killing its 700 human -- means that it's time for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No no no that's okay I believe you can do about it in your area -- I I you know it's it's tough mimic some of these like this site board. Board and into her as a tablet as I board. Easement and talk about a tongue twister arm and so anyway I -- -- -- at that would be cool if it was called silent. -- you know there's but I AUS -- it's -- we're talking about the Olivia. 710 and basically it is a 4999. Handset -- running Windows Phone 7 point five mango in -- on. T-Mobile it will be combing. And I believe the today so with the should be a shipping very soon column available -- source. It's actually pretty nice device is compact as -- -- an onscreen. It's not -- -- like some of the other. -- mango phones out there but. Does have -- -- about black technology. Even only me -- 800. That's the W released house and England's Green and now an -- -- slip a little bit nicer brighter than the sun but I agree that human contestants really nice and intend to. That's not open this sonim. X fifty X fifty bucks and no. Arm and okay I mean it's you know it it seems kind of tough like. You know when this is reminiscing about Nokia device palm of -- of this has you know it has a tough. Exterior looking and it's coming out of plastic -- but it but it looks sturdy feel sturdy. And it runs that you know. Windows mango pretty well so. -- which about the review. In the you know it's to -- a pretty nice little device if you don't wanna spend a whole lot of money -- for T-Mobile. You know and gets some relief -- shifting in different side user interface. Capabilities in -- whole look and feel -- -- Android or. You know a -- for T-Mobile don't have IOS but you know it's it's a little departure from Android device so. It's worth taking a look at. And it's cute looking device. That'll get our personality and that's specific and it. Shoots yeah I know. -- say that word I don't know is it just -- them out to older and it should be very easy for you think that's shorter -- you but still them you know as New York it. Okay well they are but -- There's -- people the world. But -- socially I think yeah it's a very very attractive. Device -- we check it out and then. You know maybe it's a harbinger of things to come work up Windows Mobile. At and T-Mobile T they have to get back in the game now that they're not gonna be acquired by ETT anymore. Ticket to take a second talk about CS. Yes I do that because -- probably -- have a chance will be able talk about it after CES but our CES show is really gonna be a ballot. Everything that we see -- there at the show. -- but -- that you guys don't follow along if you've never been it is insane I think I don't even remember the numbers it's like crazy crazy hundreds of thousands of people there. Yeah this year -- -- more people than ever before I don't know how that's possible. -- -- clusters like 250000. So I thought it was more than that mirror image I don't know a lot -- like -- Word up. A hotline -- people the -- The CNET stage it's really like a glorious thing. -- -- and only -- the use he has -- and -- one's about -- last year. But I just remember coming out you there is there's basically make the -- apologist or most of the mobile things take place. And you've got escalator in new kind of like glanced at the right and there's like CNET everywhere at lake big red balls and stage in the TV and there's always something happening there. It's really really cool and are a ton of things going on the stage we had buttons last year's wag. Early stickers are gonna have a bunch of giveaways this year so yeah I -- -- Eric. They're gonna be foursquare tensing giveaway as. Going to be Twitter things like they're gonna be all these -- interactive you're actually in there and if you're not there are pretty much gonna -- programming not around the clock by it. -- -- -- eight to six yeah maybe 9 -- 9 AM to like 6 o'clock. Come and -- -- -- -- Fifty days. Accounts payments it's actually. Any entity to be sent there you have possibly realize -- if you -- that. Yeah you can different you know what's liberties. Possibly in the Bryant -- dining out celebrity it's just mere. Actually -- something really cool we always have that super session called the next big thing and -- most of I have a brain Cooley and Molly when right. And am that would mean what's the theme is here. Televisions. And that's that that's yeah our we have a whole team for big -- -- this report by. For that super session at its its like one of the biggest things in the show it's like standing room only for years and years. And -- -- I don't remember what they're talking about but they're talking about something really cool of them are actually hosting -- -- -- I am a -- women in tech panel. And are going to be some pretty big names they -- to make amorous marriage of Google and -- of -- you basically started -- Flickr. So. That's for insulating -- warrior who we decided -- -- the coolest name in the world. The social Soviet they're tissue and -- and that's gonna be hosted by our editor in chief Lindsey turned Heinle along with Bollywood. And so it's just gonna be like this big amazing show with news coming out of every -- out of -- ears every corner it's gonna be so exciting and I I would say like. You know I I think that the holiday season is the best time to buy a phone and before CES like ripe for CES is the worst time to have. Because we're gonna be hearing about everything that's coming out and then in -- Couple months it'll come out. Or if you're the Motorola Droid -- on -- -- will be announced in January released in. September. -- -- -- -- Maybe you know all the hot phones that you wanna get -- policies in have been sold out by the time you get them the new ones will actually be shipping fifty. -- -- I was gonna -- so. Yeah what's up with T-Mobile you have the galaxy S -- but -- going on. I don't know if he -- this issue. The leasing have you tried to buy -- galaxy S two. I've been seen -- I am not an -- Yeah I was looking around to see you know press and rule Otellini couldn't find it for awhile open that's changed. -- -- -- That's because the guys selling that windows -- out of their van -- called inventory. -- -- the new inventory. Not an interesting I wanna do you like a couple months -- go into a store and actually see what happens if I try to -- In MC of -- steals personal actually tried to steer me in one where another. Grade. And they need to be like whoa wait a minute man -- man -- you can hostage. Like I know we -- trying to do Earl. Like -- -- here you know there are coming good. We thank and you end up happening to self -- like it and let you know you could do this you know -- it seriously. Worry. Here's the future -- Yeah I mean yet no socially. I would -- wanna buy a phone but I wanna see what happens he has want to know what's coming out for it -- you know make decisions. So definitely you know tune in next week we're going to be doing of a podcast. Right at the show. It's gonna be awesome so Wednesday January 11 9 AM. Right. Well it's a little early but hey you know you get free T shirt -- the only. They're there. That's -- if -- if you're watching -- yes I am -- a that you -- that happens and. Giving as a way who yeah okay and phones -- Then that's like that that he was built and -- -- -- special. Such as Annie -- at. Unless you put in the last -- -- company. Because -- had pencils or take them out for -- -- Bahrain so how we have we -- and again we've reached another and I think we how sad to say one no can't believe it. So. Thanks everyone who have been listening hearing and then learn about CS. -- -- -- -- -- keep up with us in sinister suggestions or comments. Much of of the show things you love things needed whatever stud drops line and say -- -- dot. That's -- -- -- -- -- and now hopefully at -- on an everything. But that's right you'll definitely your best so it so c'mon guys like. Keep those ministers come and and so while -- an email to -- in at cnet.com. Or can just -- fashioned way -- call up. 866402263. -- and leave a voicemail. There's also our blog you can check out a down in that snippet come into podcasts. So. Thanks for joining us see if from Vegas. I --
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