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Rumor Has It: Ep. 2: Amazon grosses us out

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Rumor Has It: Ep. 2: Amazon grosses us out

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CNET editors Emily Dreyfuss and Karyne Levy are back for another round of rumors. And what's that on the board? Did someone get a point?

It's October 5 2011. And welcome to the second episode of -- rumor has it I'm -- meetings and I'm and we got. And this is the show we're gonna run down the hottest rumors of the week and decide which ones are likely to come true and which ones are never. Ever ever. I'm so sad if some things are never ever ever gonna happen I'm -- -- acts as an ambulance. So. I mean how could we not talk about it first -- -- yesterday. Only did not gonna for 12 because you're sick of it where -- like it but it happened it. And happened yesterday it was most anti climactic day of my life yup Annan's. Let's give ourselves two minutes to really discuss it later I don't have -- -- -- So we decided is you haven't heard about everything you're following along we're trying to -- along with our live blog yesterday even Tim Cook and his miniature announcement. Broke the Internet and don't actually follow along. But we decided that we are gonna have to talk about in a little -- does pertain to all those nasty -- so in the middle to show we're gonna put a timer on. Give us ourselves to its off everything we need to our chest raked in if we miss anything and the two minutes are up then doesn't that it doesn't matter no problem we don't get it happen. -- But that said -- one note we do want to let you guys know about for next week is that I am not gonna be here. So careened into show all our own just talking to herself yeah I like I want and everywhere and it just came true I I point. No actually the lovely Sharon -- is going to stand in for -- deaths that's gonna happen next week where are you -- briefer on how to do that's a -- audio format like Sony are Howard talked naming his -- actually a lot of power in her hands she bet on my behalf and whatever 168 I -- aren't going mice -- you're gonna be in Chile and you're gonna -- like. -- be like having it to -- two day delay because the Internet is a -- and Toshiba and Apple and I'm gonna have probably take out for drinks the night before immediately He should -- on and you're gonna sabotage her exact moment Warner and general manager Washington has. Don't let marine and take you anywhere I don't think -- a few drinks. Hiring a -- that -- that being said let's go to our first rumor. The first rumor is that according to -- Wall Street Journal which sites people familiar with the matter drink up everybody and that it is basically a non anonymous -- I'll drink my water. -- drink. Collisions. Didn't tequila. But according the Wall Street Journal citing anonymous sources who are familiar with the matter. -- -- you has authorized. Investment bank Goldman Sachs. To send out public and private information about their financials to interest -- companies who might want to buy Yahoo!. Who wants to -- via. Why would anybody wanna buy -- And it will list part two of his or her before we discuss that part to the -- is who want diet and who want to know if they're not -- in -- of -- -- is that Reuters is reporting also citing anonymous are -- Anecdotes. With. Reuters -- citing anonymous sources saying that one interested parties is none other. And Microsoft who already and try to buy Yahoo! in 2008. Or more -- -- -- and Yahoo! and Jerry Yang. Said now said. Probably -- Island in -- government money -- time on Apple's we're so popular -- we didn't mean million viewers them on -- now. But then what happened was that Yahoo!'s actually not worth anything and sex -- so might not -- out years later so now. The rumor is that Microsoft has insisted again. And they would pay far less what the -- offer was in 2008 rates. And now Yahoo! is like -- the yeah now the only do the thing I -- -- playing hard to get. For awhile saying terminal we wanna be our own company didn't He bought were -- -- -- homepage get so many visitors number 1 users are I -- Yeah exactly what I think like Flickr is yeah yeah you Eritrea will again bring on any money doesn't give me is like -- don't actually bring -- money wasn't a good idea it's great simply use it didn't it doesn't. They help their bottom line. But. Then Yahoo! has been changed its Louisiana got critic Carol Bartz they brought in Meg Whitman who California didn't want marriages -- she says so scary is that maybe it does -- shape including our poll editor in chief Scott. -- -- -- We don't know. That. I get apparently -- and you just hope she's nice deal. But now that the rumor is that they're changing their tune and we know this from -- leaked memo that you're being sent out. Saying like I knew where were willing -- interest -- to break things apart. And so it's like the woman who was like flipping her hair playing hard to get we're not existed and -- -- she's like. Sees biological clock is ticking its Friday night and I have nothing to it getting any younger -- -- -- like -- those banks on. Wouldn't that make up on lipstick at her hair day is standing on the street like it hit me -- Microsoft like well. Yes -- -- -- been there done that fine it's a lot for you. This via an interest in part the other thing that gives this rumor some credibility is that Mike has sort of been on a buying spree. Trail what was it that they just purchased. True it -- It's. Skype. Think about a little thing -- -- that little if anything it'll say I that we don't meter number and an advertising software provider op quantities. Alone because that's pretty -- quote me on that annunciation. Complete but yet and then -- -- the rumors also saying that it's either Microsoft. Outright or it would be Microsoft in partnership with Internet company -- Bob I'll rate which Yahoo!. Owns 40% -- -- So they're basically going to be am buying themselves you know -- like the MB buying a partner is on or silver lake partners. Equity firm and venture capitalists and decent hold of it. Does -- help clutter -- yeah yeah yeah -- me mad that I can definitely got curious. I adds its European country. It. Doesn't. Done -- these groups are Yang come together and maybe by -- for summaries and your question earlier let's get back to is why would anyone buy. -- -- -- -- Buy it what -- they gonna do with it once they've bought it yeah I mean I get it that it's the most viewed homepage -- and not -- -- why -- that's exactly why it is the number one visited site in America is so hard I need it boggles everyone's mind if you want those familiar with tech uses idle time is like who is never gone to the in my whole life you'll even haven't looked -- I've got to know what I didn't even think I ever -- and -- -- -- You also have two Gmail account I have. That a lot of things why would you tell you don't Hotmail account you know and -- -- that -- and I are sorry just -- I hate it I ain't you know what I -- -- went this one time I got DSL long time ago that entertainment -- as DC global dot net it's email account. And now that is late. What -- use for everything was just too hard is that everything at Gmail. Or not it's not it's not all raised such an -- and really what I did -- -- else is watching the show already -- and it's humiliating -- Email -- not an intimate. That is why I think you answered your -- that is why people anyone wanna buy Yahoo! because they are the most visited site in -- I remain years to get -- have been. Viewership people -- entrenched. -- they visit the same sites over and over again and -- a long time to get them to stop so. They rehab 178. Million people who visit their site unique unique unique visitor -- gas is huge every single month. And so especially I mean. This is why ABC just announced their partnership. Their content partnership the -- like three days ago to create unique content for Yahoo!. Reason they're doing that is because. Yahoo! has more visitors an abc.com ray are sure to -- and so Diane Sawyer and only people are actually willing to create little Internet videos like when you're watching right now. That are for -- because they're gonna reach so many more people so it's not so it's gonna be a little -- podcasts or is it gonna be little like TV shows I think both mean and what the cool thing about it is that they're all gonna look like mad men because that is the trends leaves on my -- and I love -- and -- trends in net new television -- are you any kind of everybody in relation. Canceled only -- -- -- leave that mean I did you watch -- nice. I can't believe -- -- Enveloped by -- but so that's why someone would buy it and that's why Microsoft. Eight Microsoft loses money every month in its. Online. Department it's like 08 I was looking at a chart in the day and was shocking Microsoft is still very solvent in lots of money eating lots of products are doing things. The wanna place they really don't have a good presence and is online and in on their like online tools. So I guess makes it's it's -- me so I think maybe I'll try to. I have -- fifty -- I've got some money and I have the Yahoo! account I know what their I've ever been there all do it. Answer to -- I got and I am my boss doesn't -- -- in the podcast comes. It was like -- -- going on we're not your desk. I need to it's important. -- -- -- -- on the television online and Internet. This case is not makes sense I guess I stand by these companies well one of buying yeah -- -- lab's current complaints that I've never been. I mean I guess I'm only going to it they -- they you're not there. Target user at all is their target user my mom -- I'm on it it really does not mean it's. I mean I actually I don't know that but that's what I'm not as my assumption. On the initial and an extra. Sure -- Next week is CT IA which I was just informed about 12 ago. And I am a couple weeks ago we got in in -- to a Samsung. Patents. To show off perhaps. The long rumored nexus prime which is all Google. The rate in news. So I am Samsung -- sister up things with an invite the invite says you know Samsung mobile unpacked. Google -- but senate and that's when the rumor started going in -- room that was to scan if -- all Google experience. You know that's what every is let everybody believed that that's what they're gonna unveil. The nexus prime is going to be the first Smartphone is sent to be the smart -- spark. It's almost it's summer. And only -- -- to run the newest version of and -- operating system which is ice -- much. Delicious. Which I feel like ice in damage has been out for sold it at all we do is rate and -- now be discussed only read articles about it actually -- it was -- yet it's not out yet the thing that's out now is gingerbread. A so -- handsets it's acts. The nexus my name is -- -- have a super AM OLUDHD. We lately lately we don't want -- Now. Every time I needed act as eight equivalent and -- super animal led display I don't know -- -- I one point two gigahertz or a one point five gigahertz dual core processors out five megapixel camera. And improved sensor. And a front facing one mega pixel one -- and prominent -- about one megapixel camera. And use -- because they invite says Google episode I think it's pretty clear that this is when it's going to be. You know. Day the day yesterday that data iPhone extravaganza -- and Samsung released teaser video for the events. And -- shows a picture of the phone -- its slate it's strictly -- -- -- slip. Suvs and it's really interesting to see what it -- -- -- a picture. Yeah. And video popped up right after the iPhone or -- announced yesterday. He was pretty great timing considering that everyone is so disappointed in the iPhone four and I now and then this phone apart from the camera. The camera is not as good as -- on rape and everything else is like what we want you know you know I can -- pixels aren't even everything I know I mean people like to say I have a huge megapixel -- her. To take enough. I don't think I don't -- anything -- -- art eat but at -- if -- and -- really interesting that. That Samsung releases that other companies X you know other than Apple obviously releases -- users for stuff that's coming up for themselves. Yeah I mean it teaser media I wish Apple would do I don't because then we wouldn't have to go into a -- frenzy at every minute they have some sort of announce an indie night. It could be unicorn and Intel are. -- in -- I never thought as it has -- Linux Napster on it. I mean one reason I think it's on the Mike Simpson who hasn't using devices and they are next in market share for cellphones -- break after Apple. Why they do give us updates and if they didn't no -- would not see my can re little they are the second in line and -- who will buy -- -- -- galaxy -- are selling like hotcakes and everyone loves them. If they didn't tell us they were gonna have the event no one would. No one's watching them like -- to be like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The. They don't have that so they have to have a little announcement via. So that that is why it is rumored to be. Coming out at this announce on Wednesday on our next Tuesday of next who's actually during the first part of CT IA. That other -- story that happened this week this is neither here -- there. Is that their the telegraph about the -- from the telegraph that a flexible a Samsung phone might be issued in 2012. And it's so cool it's flexible and it can you can put on your wrist like a watch. I -- of the season -- watched phone. A -- this is meeting will be releasing not next week. I have -- 2000 wanna sit easily silliman of the country that what the -- -- yeah nobody may actually want but what I like to see. What I like about it is it it's called the plastic -- -- substrate to depict and what you know dialects and I really clear I do during pregnancy pronounce words so. That's I mean I like to say it but what it reminds me -- beyond a watch. Is -- Brief clips from the. -- -- snappy -- -- -- feeling useless totally and your Smartphone yeah I nearly. Lol yeah yeah like you're mad like you by eight you -- out this went terribly snap -- the hand and it's unbreakable. The stories of that this thing is on reasonably to hammer to an -- I mean -- Bennett guess of you pointed to other cool thing about this phone is -- it mighty. Be running jelly bean which is. That operating system that's. Rumored to be coming out after ice cream sandwich although we're not sure jelly bean -- the name that itself is or yeah so it's a rumor ever -- ever -- -- inception of rumors on the other. OS that it could be running -- called -- reflects. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean it's better than -- I do like it when names. Sounds like what they aren't out to like unlike the -- found running (%expletive) yeah but like I phone -- -- scenery. You count sorry sorry about anabolic lean and that's also means Saturn apparently big ball I think He bought the company that her -- developed it and the name which is so unlike debit is very -- like them because you'd think that they would call I genius IE. I eight. I something I was I was I am not let me would have called it and I ask only can't keep that app I L I asked I and it's horrible waste on -- yeah is that I. -- -- -- -- Sorry. -- are more so -- just said that we were not stirring up an iPhone -- it and it ends up -- our -- talent -- the two minute timer let's do it okay we're done with the Samsung I am an economic and and it's gonna -- look beautiful music -- it's nothing specific to answer phones and finally get her art and everything I am. And and okay I sat at it isn't it -- a whole. -- -- Typical where -- and updates are ready here's -- two minute timer to talk about I found ready. What happened -- her saying not all my -- predict WTF. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that it's exactly iPhone five. It's -- every didn't redesign it's it doesn't look canyons and no was it difficult. Exactly well and I think that's what is making -- -- works. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- I think it costs one penny to make plastic is like and then they charge you 72 dollars true except that they made them so they made millions and millions of these one penny cases. For something that didn't come out and now they're just gonna have to recycle plastic. EM off I. I just started a rumor or -- they need them and they would actually be universal -- citing an anonymous source training their -- to melt the plastic inmate. IPhone where. An -- we have we're gonna wanna say Ariane Jerry eye timer. I think and write about on. I'm gonna talk about being that I'm super -- okay -- which is related. This is our ability I think -- Geist. The iPhone rumors went completely neutral because the iPhone was released leaked and so -- went crazy and in our expectations were at. Over -- we couldn't have been more excited about a month. In the world so let me choose my mama -- my mom -- Like music night the day off work for this I I I literally had been home to make sure that that I could see everything. This is the saw that they saw those rumors coming He saw everything happening and gain what they want to be able to deliver new. So. That's the timer. The it was a dot I can't think of our -- so anyway -- iPhone two minutes. I just wanted to say that Apple should have let us they should undercut. And -- -- are expected to be ordinary because they shot themselves in the pilot I -- He was so that. And the news that came out wasn't Apple iPad like iPhone RS is act -- -- I just. It's done some -- some sneaky way to make does not lease expecting so much in -- -- would have been happy anchoring our guns are okay that sent. Are -- diary for -- you get now you look console picture. Our rates so this rumors kind of cool it's not about a phone for once which is interesting because it teams up all of our rumors even decide the iPhone -- balance. So in a switch people are cable operators cable is in cable TV. Want to go ala cart with their programming with their TV stations. So -- -- now it does not on -- -- US cable operators are privately working on a plan. To force programmers to un bundled their networks this is a story from Reuters -- And allow customers to subscribe to channels on an individual basis. So -- And is actually my -- -- heard in such a long time I think there too I also I'm gonna go out and say. I think this is. Inevitable I don't know I'm not gonna -- on -- time frame I think this is absolutely gonna happen because people like me. Who love television I grew up on television we all did it -- America's favorite past time in content. Watching that it its stalk Apple pie in TV haven't really TV is that of all those things. And the -- companies. Got so greedy inserted to do this seemingly they would bundle all of the channels together and an order for me to watch say -- -- Or RFX. And I have to get the panel agent that included ESPN one and two and 34 and five and -- all these others. Channels which I don't care about it all texture you like this incredibly disrespectful way to -- subscribe to cable companies. In the past were saying that the bundled packages offered the best deals and so that was their unit -- each. Station costs something -- you know I mean that's how it breaks down. But now with Hulu and Netflix and our economy and people and so many people like me who actually -- -- I just couldn't handle it not -- so cable companies had to shift their thinking you know to keep. Up and so when I first saw this headline I -- is gonna allow me to choose you know like my basic cable or an -- richest channels -- -- through whatever. And then net one HBO channels I want it instead of lake HBO East Coast -- analyst. Those that -- or maybe get rid of like the soap channel which I don't watch in lieu of -- -- showtime you know something. But really what it's allowing people to do is drop the high cost channel switch it turns out -- ESPN which is four dollars per subscriber -- -- is so much money. So it cannot even if you get ten. Hit which you know which station easy lines did drop exactly so it's ones that you get to drop so. Now I mean I guess. But -- -- and health I would drop yes yeah it's gonna -- actually he's only to watch the game. Exactly and so then I don't know it seems weird because if it's already bundled in your -- used to having it there -- -- -- law I reject my personal protection is that this would be the beginning of ala carte. That is actually more -- so that you can actually pick what's -- listen I personally would choose that networks guitar for originally. On the networks and I which is no facts Comedy Central and each -- Yeah that sounds pretty get it probably also -- And TV. That's up. I use less things to watch now only enough to -- -- -- -- game doesn't. There why don't meet this of the I mean I'm still -- -- -- I did not even realize the disease or was on entity. Granite and I did I guess I thought it let others know what channel is -- -- well written runs such non. It will get to our fourth and final -- -- which is that few usable dot com. Noted that Amazon went on buying spree last week after it or before it announced the Kindle fire. And bought a ton of domain names that have to do with the operating system -- -- -- fire which is called silk. They bought not just silk but they bought silk farm act dot com sorry for Android dot com. And so the is the operating system still -- which currently is only available on the -- fire it's got its unique system. Would actually be used on other devices. Interest there and I think silk of the -- -- name it is disgusted I don't I. Why I will back I -- media. Let's payload aimed. It's like a psychology at where we -- so I -- silk and you say what it brings to mind free trade association and anybody else think that while. I can't I do really -- busiest isn't it it's on the annual sand. That's okay. One to -- Chemistry can easily to -- Our. You just say it you buy it and mini Antarctica -- -- who are excellent. Okay ray won an -- have called is that brand upon. -- -- -- Agree to totally hippies and -- -- -- so that the world's I don't use this browser. I'm gonna be thinking about now if I hit east wing are good -- doing your browser. Makes the -- final. Irons that is that that is a -- worst movie I've ever heard the title of soft core porn buyer and silk. It's well it's a book that you buy it seeks out well no actually it's a soft core porn -- -- buy on Amazon. Because now you can eyes soft core porn -- hands -- we're not allowed to put the link up because it is literally not -- -- on the night. Already my diet and I had been given permission to alert you to the fact that this is now. -- cooler and -- and that she alerted an alarm and they. It. Well. Lessons of the society for I think that's -- will be different ethnic. The size of kind of build is the most disgusting name I can -- -- -- or anything. Awesome it is really cool browser until you got it all yet point. From what opera did with -- browser which that it does all the heavy lifting. From the cloud. So that your device. Doesn't get bogged down with all the stuff that it's doing. My understanding and low hanging so that even though your device only has its name a not a dual core processor -- single core process and it won't be that slow because silk is sending all the heavy stuff to the cloud and it's doing just the basic stuff on the device itself. So all Costner. Speaks pretty neat the other cool thing about it is that the more people use it -- the more the user uses it. User uses a different -- You did -- use it the more you that the more you lose it. The software can learn user habits. It can take you to please -- -- even knew you wanted to. Am grandma I'm kinda nice to just know I just want to know lake post since she clicked on this link this other times is probably gonna wanna click on this link next time I think that's pretty well as people unless you like lender -- someone who have. Has no common interest rail that and then your liking. If you -- it -- do you look intriguing Asian. The core porn guy like I don't I don't know what I'm -- -- no signal. That's not an interest in compost is not might be sorry hit eased -- -- and then. -- either -- -- on. The other reasons why I think. The Disney accents and why im on has public -- -- -- -- has track record of doing this sort of thing. -- when they had the Kindle Kindle was first just a device. And then they. Made an -- and that app is available on all devices because it's in their interest because it drives people to us on designing it for them rates and regardless of -- you have the Kindle you can easily use the Kendall I have still make money and so is it still could act that way and would be mean as least as we've said before Amazon is not making the bulk its money Indies. Selling this -- this hardware is being sold to bring you Amazon.com. Which is where He told it's not just -- Which is driving. So let's on the other hand so I agree so why not pencil everywhere repairs and media the more places it is about what -- finally partitioned my -- -- on silk but that's another thing. Other argument I think is that if it's only on the Kindle fire and it turns out to be this super awesome browser then that'll drive people to buy it -- fire. App rather than you know let's say like this is yet they get to say this is the only place -- get. Exactly and everybody news and also if it's the only place even getting you don't own one you don't know what you're missing. -- so many -- -- heats the little it felt teaser asked. Can now in Italy on that to snap -- notes so yeah. Cold shower -- let's get to the -- okay so. Fire a variety. Sound -- Let's take a look at and -- white board. I noticed something has changed something has changed -- what do you think happened I guess you're winning and losing audience like that now. I'm -- I'm not I am looking. You're right I amber about 1:0 am currently in -- -- -- are currently in the lead because I decided to be a gentle man. His friends. Sony dead to until the eighties so -- to beat you rule. Sad that the iPhone that comes out on Tuesday which is iPhone five will not have a removable battery yes and I decided that even though the but -- that was released on Tuesday was not iPhone five. I it was close enough and you still deserved appointment as it only -- -- have -- -- match your gentleness and also be a gentleman and say no it's a candle on it but. I want -- I am super competitive irony I monopoly and anti let me be the grant us that's fine sorry I think -- end this thing moment I really wanna extend -- courtesy. And say the you can have -- -- whole point. Wow things you didn't yet accessible each point in your watching last week you'll see you'll remember the cream -- That Amazon last week was going to announce the Kindle fire tablet and that was. It had all these other options what they were announced. We said when the options that they -- announce it as well as a -- in Green didn't bet that don't happen. But ice said that if that happens I would give -- half the point because I was gentlemen. Correct but conventionally. You don't mind our -- and announced three and -- candles and can acquire so. We said we had to be super specific seat technically didn't get it icing. That I should just get a smiley face in my Sarah. They and it is -- at. The end of October we are you know neck in neck and it's a difference of -- points like decimal points. You can say remember that's -- is I was actually point. -- while not even a half a point -- So I had a full or not it's -- -- and carry your appointment. Are -- -- and a music and. -- so -- better hope that it's. Sharon at -- In my -- Next week so let's just point system I think -- are having -- being visit I think I was having a (%expletive) about airport. Do you don't need to an -- -- actually. And -- and then get it. But yeah I think you're right we did we first we integrate them explaining last we have -- we are excited to read English and -- game to this whole thing you know -- they're gonna change yes so I think. So last week we -- -- all the rumors. And then we picked one and each picked one that we were gonna. What we should do we are discussing this earlier we think it will we should do is instead of just picking one out of debt 46 or whatever -- we talk about that we should go down the line -- each. Teacher each rumor and then say whether Yasser yet we have to see -- -- on on each one and we will keep tally. And out for everyone we are very very high tech white board. God we have a very -- high tech is not -- earth. It's the cow creek and -- -- and now. No you're not up and running until -- -- -- -- still for the first time ever this week we are gonna go down all four of those are busy is heard and were each gonna say -- Yea or name exactly and then I think that'll help -- get -- it's on the board and then. And of the month believes are not loser than non what's the PC can't say there is -- Not been on the beat up on wit -- -- PC or Mac on the -- winner is going. Through have to d.s and saying. Home and components. -- as -- -- the loser and so are ready to random errors and now here's the real -- portion. -- argument patent and ready to okay. So the first rumor was -- Yahoo! being up for sale and possibly being purchased by Microsoft's. Yes I think it's gonna happen. And now I shall we say it is going to be sold or going to be purchased my stuff -- -- Microsoft only can offer. Microsoft will -- all rights that you think what I wanted to. -- don't wanna do the right. And these minerals -- I think we should have this be to park. Say that it be confirmed that Amazon is willing that Yahoo! might get Friday -- coming out. At Yahoo! is willing to be purchased and is accepting offers and offers will be -- on Yahoo! and that's part one part and part two is that Microsoft will be among those offers at -- Or that Microsoft and -- buying I don't think we can vote -- yet at. That's not even reorient its digital offering a you know I'm just -- that rumors to win. So what do you think is Yahoo! percent yes. I say -- to. Will Microsoft make an offer. Yes it's against him -- guy will remotely like Clinton is the wording that on so many things so it's. -- at the it guys are it's -- the next -- that we talked about was that Samsung unveiled an axis prime next week. Rather than -- He found -- act like rather. Now it just that at and at the lexicon does not -- okay. About -- would -- -- -- that him and -- and traffic and it might end up on it right so will the nexus might be announced October 11 it's -- -- -- I'm gonna say no just to disagree rates. -- the points and then the next rumor was. Cable cable. Cable going on the kinds I was gonna go -- -- and say yes yes yes to Christ He writes now -- I don't think it's gonna happen I think -- I think that the it's just been so long that they've been it's been in greens and every -- -- that you have to buy a bundled package and -- don't think the cable buyers who changed -- we just don't of the -- -- somebody cable cutter is something they can do it if I think -- cynical. I'm hopeful in -- cynical but -- -- evening I think that's okay and then the next rumor is that Amazon still well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the will be available on more devices than just the Amazon Kindle fire how hard I -- using. I'm serious adverse that's fine I think I'm gonna say yes okay I think Amazon we got. -- -- -- -- Amazon's track record -- with how they've been doing -- in the past I think that's. But they did it wasn't an adolescent passed in more senses and that's why teacher I think it's an arm camera it's been -- second. Ain't gonna have her -- and writing thank god for the chamber. -- -- -- I was I think those are all week we also have one -- to report before you leave it is not the -- to see if I would've had this great new set of last month us and at another point now because. On the Xbox innocent partnering with Verizon Comcast HBO all of this content right now we -- might have been. Partnering with. -- -- -- They are and you're gonna be able to watch that on your Xbox and every -- labs yes I'm gonna get an expert. On Saturn now. I know thank -- my little baby -- -- of the current round Mira. You how -- I -- able -- epic and eight X annexed back fit. And beyond that He has his eyes as an observer has -- -- have so much fun actually be -- and I'm gonna be on I went -- -- to I'll try to chat room review. In -- consumers -- anything rumblings. Whispers why is talent and tell us -- thinks you guys I.

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