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Dialed In: Ep. 185: We go BlackBerry picking

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Dialed In: Ep. 185: We go BlackBerry picking

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This week's Dialed In focuses on new BlackBerry phones, Android rumors, the AT&T-T-Mobile merger, and new reviews. And we have a special guest with Roger Cheng from CNET News.

Hello and welcome to dials and seen itself on podcast I'm Kent German here -- separate Cisco along with Nicole Lee and I just a dual core. Sorry I'm Bonnie on the brain -- then I now why am I'm sorry I can't -- -- -- I will try harder -- a little glamor of special person is apparently forgot about. IE and yes I will not be joining us on his flying back from Canada at the moment that you really do -- -- -- There if you're listening she was in your in your in your country. Partaking in -- -- you loose your culture your people so -- in Toronto. Checking out some very interest -- in new Blackberry devices but -- Bonnie says she's not kind joining us we have a very special guest in Roger Cheng who is our new. Is our new mobile writer in -- -- He -- along with so it works Maggie -- department wants a welcome Roger. Thank you template looking -- guest. I'm Roger comes very -- -- thirst on Telecom and monthly issues He used to -- at the Wall Street Journal for nine years in the last in the last seven -- -- -- -- Telecom sent. Definitely is well versed in opposition so we welcome him and a special electric is what's new about this week -- As we will soon discovered. My knee joint is about. Began as a library. -- yes that He was at me and Kansas City last -- voice gutsy -- you'll see a lot more venom at trade shows on a mobile coverage fret about handsets carriers everything human attempts. I could have you board at so personal wanna start off for the stuff that I mentioned is that we have some new Blackberry devices. Last. Now that this started up like this on -- He was in late Wednesday it yes it is with -- it's late Wednesday or early Wednesday morning excuse me AT&T announced that they would be carrying three new Blackberry devices are running on the new -- seven. Later in the morning sprint announced the two devices and then. Last night Blackberry held an event in Toronto which Bonnie attendant and she got hands on an almost. So I'd like Blackberry news -- is my hero yes this is no small fee yes her last post was at 2:30 AM eastern time -- -- she was a trooper. Very -- sales and and unfortunately. I had to we have a flight to Detroit because the nonstop between LaGuardia ends veterans. Four figures -- so if only we and then she could have just gone straight from vacation yes I know I know she was in the midwest right down. Anyway so -- we have as we have the Blackberry. The first office of electrical 9900 and we heard about this a Blackberry -- World in many think it was -- -- held in Orlando they'd be this device and T-Mobile has already announced they're picking it up although they happily give -- the date. And now AT&T is joining on board with and then sprint will join with -- 9930. So you've probably seen a little that this device it's got us senate and none of these devices break -- new grounds but it's really -- what's inside that makes him a little different. We have. Paying a standard designed so just your normal Blackberry keyboard. -- has ON seven as I mentioned. -- to touch screen so you'll have -- -- and then the Blackberry torch and 9810. Also offers more improvements. All of these are equipped for it for AT&T is -- HPA plus network you know what they call for achievements. Entry. And then we have the Blackberry torch 9860. And sprint will get a version about carbon nine. I am completely confused by all means numbers I'll -- -- is similar to. -- the promise they also. Names of some equipment that torch -- as both a slider phone and the fourth -- that was the biggest confusion for amicus ice but and the one without the kibo was called us harm and does of course Verizon name right. So they -- late. Canada is at it they'll hold machine. Scheme and -- difficult to citing the torture I think flame or some. I think the storm isn't a bad reputation yet in this kind of crap bed -- the ultra insulated there's and they also have to legally -- certain names and media naming isn't just naming right you don't get to just choose. And every -- you have to choose which you want from among you have. Yet banks of the 9860. -- sentiments and is all touch screen so let's get -- -- -- -- -- in 1960. Call sorry -- -- -- now now. I never room with a card that -- press down on the screen that's surely that's like -- -- actions -- -- yeah that was not Canada. Canada that. So what we think securities eight you know we've -- lot of comments on things on these phones and a lot of them seemed to be that that's him. Too little too late now now -- Bonnie princess of the top of proposed. There's gonna -- -- the good news is that these handsets bring some much needed hardware and software. And she liked what we saw she saw the diagnosis is there is enough here to push it -- streaming catch up with competitors. And I know she mean by our competitors seeming -- matters she means everyone material in different country. And -- -- Apple's so you know she's not gonna singling competitor saying that. But I don't know what -- we think we are repressed. It's hard to be impressed with more of the same. I think it takes a lot more to actually bring this past the point -- -- than satisfied to get to you impressed. And I satisfied I don't alliances like there's been haven't spelled out them and trim down on Blackberry in an urging them c'mon guys c'mon give us -- -- That I would say it's almost -- it and there's almost a little benevolent downs it's like yes I am really glad that rim is doing something and not just floundering but at the same time. Come on guys these are pretty much the same that we've seen at the same device models that we've seen and we want something -- -- Even if they did a variation on the style not that -- necessarily. In concerning the styles but in every they it was different it was different enough. And how many -- and we've seen in captivity how many. -- things that look like torches and there's so many people are so many curves it's time for something that's actually really. Analysts interesting when you said that like out of all the devices announced -- she thought I am most. Actually interesting and I -- -- most impressed by the bold. -- because the torch looks kind of the same in the -- 9850 looks like it in normal tasking and and the bold even though it does look like only edible but it's at least it and looks nicer has -- -- a touch screen interface to -- -- different. And it's of interest gonna funny to -- that was the London that was the most insisting. Out of all the -- -- phones and you know. So those things where if you live under a rock if you can't even living under rock the past few years and you've only been exposed to blackberries this is a pretty good update. If you if -- Blackberry and yet you have no knowledge of any Android out -- So that -- interventions chemical. -- -- -- -- I -- what I wanna see is like this torch that's completely touch screen this is the device we needed to see a year ago or we need to do it now get dual core. Or something better or something you know I mean it looks good it looks really interesting I think it's really intriguing to have a phone outlets like so many different Android phones that we have out but it's a different operating system. At its -- you know sort of a similar form factor. -- finally house in L a large enough screen. And it'll it will be interesting to see in her brother virtual keyboard also responds without and I knew there ready -- sold out on and -- Anderson you know the five megapixel camera if it's written. That's great five megapixels is fine with good software. The process are probably fast enough but I don't think that the list of specs alone is going to group people although there may be interest so I do wanna see that's -- -- -- -- They do -- I mean I doing it some it hands on time let's throw with the torch the first one. You know I pressed the exact as about it -- -- office and was very powerful enough to run the new -- some -- and yes. But spending like a week with the tortuous. -- -- -- under powered cars froze I'm just wondering if those same problems -- -- room with these I mean yes it's higher spec on the the top racism as the complex in -- is -- graphics accounting. I don't know if this spec bump that they did it would be enough and they've they've been traditionally those -- of the tradition -- powered. OS seven what we think them is that -- site. He's been a little more of interest in story here rather than just hardware partners I may in truth have not released -- OS seven in action yet. However aren't -- it seems Blake OS 710 with six the sort of a shorter gap than -- was five to listen excellence. -- originally was called Ellis explained on -- -- out basically anything aimed at seven you know a few weeks ago month studios and -- -- beautifully that it's not really that huge bump they just it's almost -- marketing thing. Okay -- sevens hold of the numbers I see that that's really -- -- affix a name written in a tight corner either way you look at it because of that -- seven and it fails to impress. Men were going to jumped on their threats for -- if they call six point one we're going to jump to other threats but they haven't done enough so which again worst. You know which is -- where it's. Yes and heckling and name. Writer Andy -- the next -- treatment segment is rhetoric he's yesterday about. Why you should think twice about and black. And 916 and comments so that's how most of them are negative. It's for people have opinions about his opinions. Sellers stylus. About what he's wise and here we -- But in it yet as centerpiece haven't tried out of bounds. There's the final verdict is -- of the reviewers. But just looking at from business. Prospective. If they're switching to a new operating system next year why unit by unit by phone now -- that with their old allotment system and -- -- -- a two year contract. And basically have an open system that means they may or may not support once they move over -- -- -- software they use and how playbook. Every appealed you know the old complaint which is still relevant one that. This operate system doesn't have. A breath of apps. -- iPhone. And suppose that with -- next they'll be able to run Android apps -- -- solves that problem next. We actually seen out of action as well and it's pretty cool. You lay out the emulator yeah emulator isn't exactly an emulator it doesn't work like you'd think an emulator would work for you take these -- -- -- it basically works kind of like an app. -- -- -- -- Yeah and it's like it it's sort of like -- self contained apps and you use them normally it's basically rim taking the Android market in sort of filtering it. There is some kind -- -- -- There's loads of apps that optimize for. Right I think it's even the publishers from what I gathered on -- -- and -- Android -- yet it's their choice and it just has to go through the same systems so. That's one of friends solutions for getting more apps on there it's a squeegee and buy it I'm curious to -- on my side we didn't really play with a lot of apps because it -- demo -- But we didn't see it and it seems like it was actually pretty workable. I'm curious to see how how many developers are the resources and -- converting their apps into format as -- and couldn't. That's compatible with its. This emulator of sorts also -- Ryan's defense. They are and not that I disagree with you at all but also -- -- -- another part of the story is that they are improving their developer tools they think yours is money to be -- Then the developers will take a few seconds to do you know maybe I don't know how many lines -- -- well let's just say it's not that much -- it's an emulator. -- this is handing them. And almost ready -- solution to expand their distribution and are still people use blackberries are still you know right. A bunch of people here. There are. And clicking and all the comments from August I used it on people in the middle of the new Blackberry -- -- -- -- -- the -- this -- -- -- targets morning and mean about the story when this that it does lot of people date they're sort of waiting for them that we -- -- them -- died on their English and running. People that still use it and you can you can see that some of the comments like Disco way to stop and an opinion there's a huge group of people because of painful the large Sony's struggle are still using it and still wanted to succeed really. I want in the sixteenth. Yeah I -- a little blackberries -- tell it to a month ago -- had a Blackberry for the last nine years. I didn't -- those guys love yeah. You wanna you wanna companies -- that that it. Had such -- role in the development of the Smartphone and development -- corporate email in itself -- -- -- the same discussion about Motorola. Before they. The period between when they were having the RAZR -- lead them to implement when they started commitment -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why I sucked I have -- really -- that -- -- -- Motorola Diana kissing. This is Motorola does the company that built the cellphone and -- -- -- memories hands and it's a company that. You know that it's still is He is -- doesn't that it is developing here and wants to it in months and -- -- still have strong US company wanted to see them succeed but. The same time you have to earn your success thank innocent just seeing there are some comments in the -- and a parent committee seafood restaurant but -- scene that is that -- huge in Canada beach accents right was released as it has a huge it's the largest market share in Canada and and in Canada it's still like -- -- -- -- professional like lesson in a lot a lot of countries actually. But based was seen as a theme that rich people explain my hand -- -- classy. So you know it's not mean -- known by of the -- -- yet but you know it -- -- seem to be a -- unnerving downward trend so hopefully. So wells and -- So -- -- a little more coverage of -- going on and we it would not sure when we're gonna the devices because right now we don't have strongly or release -- on any of these and im gonna. First AT&T one and I think the 9900 rubio. In investment I think amber found. And then the others were as follows -- the rest of the year so check back to the caller -- we'll have some. My answer is that it's looking forward to. So. Actually and -- and I was looking in -- Blackberry devices and make some previously -- -- years and the 58. 5810 which is the very first expect remain -- in the out of the phone. That its its wheels and -- widgets and I love the track will by the way I was gonna become a -- on him again yeah that was sort of Basra now. Yeah yeah. A thousand people don't know it back at. You had he's had some -- speaker. That's built in speaker mark had actually that aren't at risk awareness this thing you've seen as -- definitely. -- -- -- they've managed. And a -- in line. I am so where McConnell listening to different -- Android in these are confirmed things that we now -- they are have seen a lot of leaks out of different sites about rice's upcoming roadmap and Scott Webster covered this today. As always have a constant that this stuff can change at a moment's notice so I wouldn't put in in -- -- as gospel but. He did of course one of the device we always talk about a -- brown the Covert piece of little while ago waiting for the -- -- -- and getting the point of doing. An apparent planet to man really -- antibiotics factor fiction. It's like that comes -- squadron and U I it's over -- -- actually vying for the position of official biographer of trying to. Yes she allowed her doesn't wanna have it -- -- -- So He says about we've seen cutlery we see the couple -- -- they'll come out next month needs to actually see -- at Motorola suit told me. It basically -- -- is permanent. Account of material -- it. It's gotta come out -- it's great it's straight from Sanjay Minnesota and. Picture on the computer screen. In this -- says that's not it looks like there's actually -- So maybe September a say oh I'm. And then we should see a Verizon version of the Motorola soon which is presently time and the -- GC bliss. Lessening the ACC -- which we've talked about a couple times. And this is the other this is and one thing that He finds rather -- and I do as well that. It's rumored the president is already looking to replace revolution which is applicable to since -- to scan them and me. -- -- much of the revolution to hands. Something called the plate for instance so there's a whole selection handset here. Older vehicles yet this is evidence that president sockets He tells you the meaning of life here and cost but it. Is it isn't a shameless and check it out -- just and -- -- and we -- What's gonna happen let's not -- some of the stuff than. I you know these are these things like sneaky -- mr. sneaky blurry cam taking a random shots quickly moving -- -- And and also on Android. And Jessica wrote about -- sharp FX plus which is the new phone for eighteen T it's. -- I am lost. I lost my story Rebecca. Fathered -- yes so basically this is the successor CU sharp -- which was a messaging phone that was not Android powered. There is very little fanfare about this and possibly because it's exclusively available through Wal-Mart. And but it cost less than thirty dollars it's -- swipe. It's got that flight out pretty keyboard -- three -- phone and try it 3.2 inch touch screen and a three megapixel camera and so. Like a pretty good deal. On and a they'll last -- I thought am I actually enjoyed looking at it I enjoyed using it so I think that the hardware I mean Naimi TVs they're not new to the electronics game. So I haven't seen this phone yet. But based on reputation alone and based on the original sharp -- I'm guessing that for thirty bucks -- it yourself probably -- pretty good phone. And you likes that you expert and their effects is actually over a year. Mr. -- actually does this this comes around yet you know and you know sharp is known for making these changes messaging phones conceded that the site -- a couple of the a couple of the -- the shark meat. Islam itself. And this is actually that this will remain through our servicemen and someone is being sold through Wal-Mart. It's being sold exclusive -- exclusively through Wal-Mart PCD is the company about products -- him. And I don't mean the press release hub personal communication device yet that's exactly at -- their role is as a little bit and skier in the the industry -- pretty magic thing. Sharp is as one of that company is that they explicitly maintenance. And -- its now available to all -- retailer exclusively some. People so. And just got thrown up their own way vision -- what our politicians -- -- -- Christmas edition eyes but that's part of that vision. And about the -- generally seen a lot of double their names like us to galaxies something. Anyway this is a phone that while image as it means manufacture. Probably pattern in -- using era. It's one of bears sort of higher and -- it's an injury 2.3 gingerbread device it's got a one gigahertz Qualcomm snap dragon process -- five megapixel camera. The flash and -- -- -- Capture and playback you pretty much get idea plus it's sort of like a sleek looking phone -- -- touch screen. Which made mention Allah and the big selling point against -- also that it will have a little bit. 3-D technology that gasoline and three -- home screen -- used. So it's not like and LG real or the even treaty where it's actually trying to have a double camera. And pre treaty images for you. Don't know anything much about the markets -- will come to but we do know that it will come in September globally the US may very well not be. A market which is is too bad -- because. Most of the -- phones that I've -- bound for the US are intact and -- But it forget he's a good. The low and once for the prepaid their. Customer base that cannot packet and in the past the Wailea send an it took a look at -- -- seen enough looks like it. It's gonna be -- a pretty decent offering for its its category. But it's nice to know that violate does have is now its -- -- little bit higher. And hopefully some of these devices will trickle down and -- -- -- here. And it's a matter of -- relationship there. There's still trying to break into the -- market -- done so -- naturally. If rather relationship with T-Mobile but since -- teacher isn't certain it is Somalia it's mollen and the devices aren't that -- there period in their hands on it that is coming. -- tickets to -- -- some -- yet now an announcement. By. -- that we have seen some of their other -- before an audience five. As well which is a year in its. And it I keep enjoying seeing these because I hope that when -- one -- -- be able to review and did. Really can't hire and while -- found for slowly slowly making me unity began doesn't use any excuse -- like it's gonna be pretty and not is coming to you and cricket. -- And it's the sweetest sounds already. Sent via -- an amateur. And there's the MetroPCS exclusive tap out version -- lifestyle brand. It could happen. Yeah. That's an interesting. Like I mean. The team are actually garments and the team tap was -- that was the year house called the U 51 you set you fight that sort of news -- final eighteen. But that came out it was pretty basic facilities. Management companies. So now we're movements little would analysis pieces -- Jessica actually wrote something today that we have him some ground to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I'm Jessica to being all about. And analyse scene prepaid carriers and their phones who has more Smartphones. Who does a better job -- that men. -- are taught how prepaid is actually slowing down and it says -- to -- pieces -- Yeah there are some idea I basically -- actually dovetailed and attachments up to Roger story. It's -- Roger -- interesting facts and figures -- -- -- think well you know what about prepaid carriers and Smartphones and can they really. Quench the thirst -- consumers -- for Smartphone and it's really well documented. That. That consumers want Smartphones and I remember speaking to you MetroPCS executive. At CTA in March has basically saying customers come into stores and asked for entry. It's like well. What's -- PC answers when it happened and how has that changed. In since March and what do they have coming that I kind of took a look at ban on Virgin Mobile boost mobile and cricket wireless looked at their phone line -- to see. Do they have what it takes to satisfy that mean -- And also what is their percentage of smart thing users and all four carriers plus T-Mobile and AT&T were very forthcoming about the percentage of their customer base. That does -- Smartphones so it it's pretty clear that's what's happening and I AQ identify my article some weaknesses. And hurdles that all the prepaid carriers have standing in -- way to succeed. And it's it's actually you know. It's hard to be prepaid -- here. You're worried about your price and you don't have the negotiation power with all of cell phone makers. So piecing together a lineup is really hard and I think that virgin -- and its mobile. Kind of have -- you stand out phones MetroPCS advocate went in orbit the trance. An uncle reviewed and Samsung galaxy prevailed but I reviewed a while it attributes are. Really -- found that you'd be happy to see with any carrier. And I wouldn't be surprised at Sprint's relationships kind of helped broker the deal to get those two phones specially has often times if you -- -- -- phone. In -- note that's higher caliber sometimes you see it on a different network first. And then you'll see it up a little bit later on -- in a different version of for the -- -- sounds take a look at article. I recommend people -- And and. Well alert -- -- some of the reasons He saw that a prepaid slowing down relevant. It's. Couple raisins. Part of the Conning you -- stock market and the loss Dallas and other points today. But the -- to continued. And high unemployment rate users. Which was once a good thing for these prepaid service -- -- -- -- it is your job very earlier news -- -- securities and that minimal. -- -- a prepaid residents contract but now things have gotten so bad that. There even there they seem to be more willing to drop. Even these prepaid like -- -- -- which serve. The higher end of the prepaid segment and -- -- -- are -- making regular payments of 5060 bucks a month. Even -- -- which is sort of record of attracting. The lower end customers. Kind of felt the pain. The one bright colors from assurance wireless and there a government subsidized. Service. -- lifeline basically. He if you make under certain levels the government. Government basically gives you free phone that's powered by spring action of the part of Sprint's business -- businesses and and saw that and that's. That actually helped their numbers they they actually had really impressive -- Relative to -- So. Gadgets and the depression below and hi -- -- -- CT mobile is getting more aggressive computing is a prepaid I think they've basically. Children up on -- data is keep losing customers a rapid clip and in all their Smartphones are available on a contract basis and you can pay monthly installments to get these smart so here. If you're in that kind of higher end segment -- did it's -- that option. Are you seeing people -- off when they enter if they're they're dropping up higher in the prepaid market -- just visits often together are they going sort of the pay by the minute. Regis he's absolutely need to there is yeah there's a couple on the Internet going to the on the low end there they're dropping off to like insurance or the Paco which sprint also offers. -- or attract them which -- a pay per minute. Models while and then the high end. Service just point out the Smartphone options aren't that great. That's why -- -- -- to deal but better. And again T-Mobile offers those kinds of prepaid options while. So the kind in squeezed from both -- But it's her instincts not quite what to expect to mean -- -- In a day beginning -- this -- beginning winging about economy people go to prepayment and now yet at the varied and suffering that's it that's just got. I'm with you -- a common knowledge that prepaid was the fastest growing segment. And I mean and still is still shows the growth is just no -- As much as it works that in really think about -- AT&T is one -- -- big things for their merger right now is that. There they're really showing the threat from carriers like MetroPCS and there are some of their biggest competitive threats are now that was on -- it's easy documentation so. It's interesting to hear that that this is going on. At the same time. And and I read about the AT&T -- merger actually I'm moving to that point. And -- it was brilliant think a lot of bad if you're a lot of arguments about why this people think this marchers about things and I'm I think it's good arguments for them to part. What do you that we we will lose choice and innovation we'll have higher prices customer service will decline. It will only have one GSM carrier but. I got to thinking about T-Mobile Smartphone line up and just how aggressive -- and in the past year and even since the merger was announced soon. It's like march 20 and when the merger was announced so you -- it's been a while now. And since that time we keep seeing T-Mobile pump out these really good devices I mean we've had to editors choices. Two -- a choice award winners like and within a month yeah we had the -- to -- -- to acts which Nicole. Reviewed and in the cessation forgy -- -- reviewed. But then we have stuff like the exhibit four -- -- -- fourteen in my myTouch four G slide which Jessica looked at a little just recently. And we -- even further and Lisa is really strong devices and -- -- really struck me to this line at this really gutsy has been aggressive and these all of these devices. Have an interest in their own way they've offered something -- -- offer something that's pretty unique. And you compare that would AT&T'S -- from that time here are the same time period we did have a couple things like the HX of course. We like and they were little better with Windows Phone 7. And Barney's favorite is still the Samsung Focus if measurement correctly yes and I they had these tasty seven HTC 67 asked which of course to -- -- seven. Had they inspire forgy it was the first had the first OS six handset from rim the Blackberry torch. But it. It's just that Davis who might be just -- iPhone to really hold up their Smartphone lineup and they don't give. And they don't and as -- as the success it's come at the expense of other operating systems. And it just that -- it seems to be safer it doesn't seem to be as. Sorry but it's not as exciting it's within less choice not an exciting less innovative and I worry that and some of course always has been like this mean their early Smartphones like India and the rest area may be clunky by today's damage but -- -- -- -- -- And the idea they came out with a dash that was the Q alternative. Which. I -- about and but it was seething hatred but it was something that started them on our -- on this -- little bit so I worry that. I think AT&T is closer it seems to be just. Not as aggressive in that sense and I wonder if we're gonna lose that customer I like everybody used to describe and -- stodgy and that's exactly the correct. -- I think -- this one -- let these as one of those less tangible reasons and dumping it in the only other thing and thinking it's assuming that the merger does go through. T-Mobile -- T-Mobile has always been trailing in terms of numbers and science and if they can -- it why can't different. Agreement. With with offering with these these -- -- yeah. Because. What I'm thinking is that. The cell phone makers. Are going to have they're gonna have all of those people who were basically -- account executives -- working on the T-Mobile account if T-Mobile disappears. Then they'll be down to -- screen. And there'll still be the same number of phones to spread around. So I'm just wondering you know can sprint sort of learn from T-Mobile and if this happens -- their contingency plan B to model themselves after. In and a T-Mobile but they've got a slightly larger -- well maybe not anymore. There are hundreds saying that maybe that becomes their thing and they take on that role and their like you know what we may not be the largest. But we're gonna offer some really great fountains because of T-Mobile can do it may -- I would -- the. He. -- sprint the downside to that is spent is CD enemy can I think the reason why a lot of the HTC and this is just as my answer is -- -- -- the reason why HTC. Such a huge player with key role in the very beginning because -- TC as. -- -- to meet yes phones for them for the global market is gonna make sense for them to transition. But it's not even added to China's transition those phones to -- them. -- -- -- mulling a keynote a lot of that great phones -- -- -- the first to have the G1 which is the Google phone in the you know do a very pioneering in that aspect. And that's just to be -- risk Tiki bar TU SSS mission there. That's good points and -- -- -- To it but also as we as everybody moves more toward the old team. Well maybe not Sprint's nevermind I'm gonna -- below -- -- in every -- in every time. Living and LT -- enough of -- -- -- -- taping this it yeah well implied though that more complicated switch yes but. And very big spending today in useless. This event as it's called wants to be there when the -- -- -- the -- -- like politics too many people looked. -- Apollo alas things we have a new design for iPhone atlas blog and it looks a lot like Internet lists of even looking at that recently -- -- to score takes our coverage blogs reviews how to. Features and app coverage -- -- on one place a check that out and where you at the top you'll see the updated almost everything now iPhone five rumor roundup and I'm -- even consider every rumor we've -- lately but. There's a lot. And so a lot about what we'll see when we'll see -- September October iPhone five iPhone forests mountains but. Just check it out then. Nokia had an announcement on Monday -- this is the Nokia 500. Appears that Nokia is using a somewhat new. Handset. Designation system we're not -- -- yes some -- -- Yes it is a Symbian phone it looks a little it runs not. Excuse me it. Looks it runs on Symbian and now which is the latest version of the OS and -- -- some little like. And some of the screens and a little like me go a little bit. But actual hardware shift kind of reminds me and Sony -- yeah yeah after then tested again. Especially the hence a control sentinel on on them but. This is a has a 3.2 inch capacity touch screen it has any. You'll come in several colors and has a five megapixel camera video recording and messaging email. Web browser Wi-Fi speaker dependent list and links in our assortment of things He probably -- of the Symbian but Nicole RS and -- actually covered a little while ago. Stephen you -- the CEO says there actually -- -- the until 2016. Yep. -- -- -- -- -- Does He support -- It is a true world phone that supports forges -- and 53 G dance that we will be -- so will be available. Ability -- -- let me change that almost anywhere. It is available -- -- markets are probably not the humans but it records. So He can that's -- 500. And man and -- USO had a very us some from basic phone update with the LG -- on yes. An -- -- can't use the online that misty LG on alliances basic flip and our audience and it makes calls. And -- it's my favorite kind of -- are tough. And He is I did is because it means so basic is a BG cameraman -- -- -- CD camera so it's super basic but -- slut -- ten dollars you -- -- hasn't warehouse somewhere of these. It's like -- Arafat. And now. Thank either bury them or give them away it yeah not you know it's rallying if you really want a cheap Sony -- -- -- -- in regional coverage -- then why not. -- affordable. When -- makes calls and as -- BG and Bluetooth. So that's the and then the lessons Jessica has piece -- Mobile payments this is just gonna be a really quick hits a Latino that this is here but should you be interested in the wide world of mobile payments. That is. Rapidly coming to a -- I -- -- repair yet I did a rounds up. Of -- the major players are kind of it's like a reference guide's guide so. There are -- articles if you are questions about how are actually there are far different types of mobile payments -- aren't -- And you know who will an FC which is sort of -- attempt to pay who will that benefit or. You're really interested in iPhone in and Willie -- and -- you're wanted on. So I have gathered together a list of summoning key players and mobile payments like a -- -- Of what's doing went. And so. It's Google it's the carriers and what they're doing some that the banks and the credit card company -- and what they're doing in PayPal and square. And their phone it and then also list of articles but CNET has written recently. To kind of track what's going on in that space and there has quite a lot right now it's mostly partnerships and planning trials. But this is going to hear really fast really stand and if EU once you put your finger on the pulse and I have them around -- we'll help you do that. Everything He needs in a -- payments up on one place. I was extra -- and went back with some couple reviews. -- Never back. -- mentioned reviews this week to get through first -- the Motorola triumph. Which occult or elliptical. Yes and the Motorola tried and but it sort of mentioned that -- its panel making mean niche. Droid X and the reason I say that's because it has -- sort of seems squared off. Design -- is very square very scared. Scotland and yet that's the only difference is that the giant access curriculum on on the Mac Nixon's -- pretty flat. It's the I'm very impressed at the spelling in a -- mentioned in the past in the previous segment -- -- that many. High end Smartphones -- -- and this is probably the highest end Smartphone for repeat -- -- I've seen. It's like it's not support mobile because dvds on their country and the un but this phone. It has addicts see Android 2.2 which is not not bad for a prepaid phone likeness. A very nice are point one inch WV GA display -- -- the same. An aspect mission off the original Droid -- it chooses not to Begin at I make a pixel camera HD video in the front facing VGA camera on the front here. On the best thing about it it is a Motorola phone but there is no vulnerable so it's a very clean interface. Marry -- you know there's no. Really crazy social network feeds you have to install on your an. It's just a very nice clean interface and nobody -- features really fast and easy -- On the camera was widget considering it's -- I -- X. -- -- -- -- Nebraska and across the pond. From Canada -- and I. -- I think this is the -- mean -- -- Smartphone originally neatly. I know that has HDMI -- I haven't really seen those for any other prepaid yes -- this HDMI out and He has new HD video. Utility. So it's like a -- it. -- -- it's only it's eight dollars a lot okay but it's not for anything not its prepaid so it's ten dollars. No contract and you can eat -- -- -- buy -- -- -- dollars. -- dollars a month if you -- -- -- gimmick that the -- -- Samsung galaxy indulged. Which is for G enabled. -- and -- enable affecting about. -- -- yes that was like 399 dollars yes this it is brand new or as a much. Greater -- yes and -- to 99 US HD media and all of those features. It's a great deal if the if you wanna go to the prepaid market and you wanna get really good it's exciting this -- So Reagan. Now some say we need an air quotes on. And it sounds like. -- it's not like I'm not -- it doesn't on the one hand claps yeah that's. -- and then a -- actually it's an all on the causes. I don't normally all full marathons and I have factory lately doesn't Barack Obama orgy in -- not -- -- -- ninety. So. This is the for the time for energy and I didn't really actually very -- -- Am -- very skeptical about it at the minute -- but it is a very the and the neat this is the specs and this was an amazing it has dual core Nvidia tegra two processor. On the S that Android 2.3 gingerbread which is amended if you do debate goes out -- that for sprint down. And you know it's a very fast -- impressive. -- -- -- Complains about is that it turned -- at many big imposing a -- -- inch display -- conceit but they -- let large display is this is pretty dead. It does have -- -- but it's not quite as bad as the but the H six I believe He ethnic register area the second you might start slowing of demand. Canada -- -- you -- You can avoid -- you that you have to do as a doesn't know you can you can not registered you know once you. Also add a thing about this on I was nearly announcement ambivalent about with sprint ID unit think. And Jessica yes and opinions and has been -- -- there. Are so I was idea cars to -- Kind of wave for you to customize the user experience with -- preinstalled widgets in pre installed. Short cuts at apps that increase that Verizon's Jessica papers and yeah yeah exactly. Yes so -- -- dedicated SpinRite but a nine year. So added now I just wasn't. Elderly while -- had to -- it is nice about this -- came to my passengers -- to the -- difference -- yes it -- -- -- visual treatment as well that's -- with sprint -- here and it's also much less intrusive -- which is something that sprint -- that they were going to be doing so they have made good on a promise I think I don't think it's a -- the phone like it's it's not -- detractors and I mean to say when He -- that you might never -- a different ideas -- separately but this -- -- line running on -- for the -- my life you can easily -- What this is likely kind of Latin because it -- moto -- as you can't you can't ignore it you can't. You put it aside expo and you can sort of you know -- goes on ion -- because we -- not there. But -- the bottom will be their prominently on the bottom row of cells in of those things right. And the -- is really nice. Is one of its own Motorola's own flavor. And writes in years -- -- that. Overall you know it's amazing specs they -- me at all those HD MIA. I'm connectivity telling me in S four -- it's a Sprint's WiMax am service so it's pretty fast. I don't -- and also that the one thing about this phone -- -- is really -- hot on is that it has enterprise level security. Since -- -- encryption and -- of higher end. Security for enterprise doctorate program yes -- a giant ground level He has slate Adam exchanged part of chorus all of those. And you know it's a really nice looking yet. Beautiful -- four point TH and QHD display with cool wallpaper. Cool I'll save America -- end of Pluto is also a world. Is sound both GSM GSM and -- gave me. Sets on -- isn't an item on -- DOT's. They give you -- -- yet the system currently in him so you have to -- and -- elected but the deal is better but I think it's planet within the US to use spin and then in -- -- -- You know some of -- you know -- -- there earlier through his Verizon phones have a dual -- -- ability. You had to use their roaming partner in the next couple of recent ones you could buy a prepaid sim -- -- the -- and I forget. I think I think ushered acting you can ask that carried it might be able to find any Sprint's been pretty good at unlocking phones -- -- the world phones yet again. So any has a cool -- and that expect that we -- Texans. Island and then again. If I had probably could get out -- it. This can I didn't fingernail. -- -- Because it says digital ones alike when you pick -- the expanded automatically knows that yet it automatically turns out does. As a little. That it'll ask -- own kind as well as well. Amid cracked about how the error popping HTC's. Very quick to point -- this is digital -- -- is so much better. Is different and Clinton is -- and a lot takes -- Back -- -- -- Manually kick stand that -- -- it. Okay anyway and this -- some like in commercial about. The teleprompter -- -- like an independent promised how mean some really frustrated person -- -- Yes so at every one of that one of the better and Spain has sent out a definite out there with the -- -- even reading the they're gonna affordable to nine -- 200 dollars. It's not gonna change that. And then lastly we have LG a tune from -- -- -- So the vehicle to -- -- -- it's used essentially US and others vision of the LG cosmos touch. And you touch it is a -- out when He learned and resistant -- -- so not masked. Walk away right yeah the Catholic would. Though -- it on the phone. Apple announced the -- -- business to -- is is just old school as you back every time. And is such a basic phone you know me I mean it's in Olympic team -- it's the cameras -- -- the photos and that great. -- -- -- on hand it is like knowing absolute. And so it is you know it is pretty portable at two B dollars is -- -- one of those. Messaging centric phones and -- really need. Who are now demanding users like -- -- -- -- -- -- And then. We have one upcoming review right now. That's the Samsung galaxy adults with dementia and death -- -- be getting an imminent for cricket this will be 83 -- and because it first. In and with it first debuted as a forgy. In fact -- MetroPCS is first four G Smartphone so it is and -- And it will be interesting to see what it can do you mind cricket. But we're not actually -- -- -- an area that area is from now. So -- being tested on the cricket network that are currently. Can't aren't you just basically testing of MetroPCS. And then again pretty much. Of it and then. I'll take a look at the AT&T version of the Samsung nexus past. -- see how that differs from the nexus ST Mo and -- nexus -- G. And a lesson we have one you know this is from two -- in Chicago -- -- when. I was looking to get another found -- was real interest in something that was forgy however I noticed that all the four G phones are Android team now. Wet do you know win the other platforms for devices and want for the last year it's only been entrant. Question. Them. Well. On -- I mean. It's not true it's not mean -- genes capable and don't forget route than in key. Well -- we -- meaningless Smartphone. -- carvings. Smartphones in it and it -- day because the and we don't they went under the promise that. Them the great majority of the phones -- Haniyeh -- hundredth. Well there's that. Whether -- the resources and I mean its its network related and its hardware related to yet set a hardware hash Steve B for -- capable. And right now. There there's a reason not a lot of the funds are entry in part about his demand of part of that is because Google has meter repeat -- -- easily Begin operating system away for free. Basically -- I mean that's cheated on me. Not just -- -- -- you want a dual core Smartphone in Q -- like all of these -- and -- key you know. It was the photographers came to Andreas is one of those things and I just tried out first came to Symbian apps let you idiots -- -- and lay down the Nokia -- and windows nobody knows about I might as well. And to -- -- it. Windows Phone 7 amendment that speaks in a larger problem that Windows Phone 7 devices we just haven't seen a lot of them and we need to see more and we need to see more or do a lot more things -- to support -- And that's gonna happen yeah yeah. That we'll have to safely in the next crop which should happen next peripherals Microsoft has big problems and is able to -- is that. You have to dedicate you know. -- amount of resources to developing or Gphone and had a plug in. And -- system that is improving in the market and Android is -- which is like saying. -- of what you expect to Marta and Apple is not -- -- and four -- it is. Although forty phones easy power -- ago. And Apple's -- about -- don't -- OpenId you to follow I want to make edit. Has the power management they want the customer experience once again this isn't too big that was that was -- to put three G in the very first accredited. The couldn't come up with solutions -- Ads are doing we can give -- a timeline -- -- -- tech is hot -- says He in our Charron says He wishes Steve Jobs would be cast on CNET. And you know we did invite him any type -- -- just couldn't get through that our. -- -- -- snacking content. Where's the room with us this I might get it together can -- Yet we can Molly -- -- at the time and -- -- -- diseases or Brian Tong I have no idea -- -- be. But apparently equally scared. And -- Cell that's a show for today so I think you register Chileans. And its anatomy we will have you back soon. We are due back as we have millions of -- into people's that we definitely liked them. Other people to upload files and it has definitely went -- -- -- -- we definitely like the the -- and sites so you and Bonnie will be back next week. I will be -- next -- indication -- Could happen again and that was that's pretty much -- to me. Anything else Indian tennis more questions we like the instruments if so thanks dryness and of course you can check out all the stories that we talked about on the scene and the dialed in blog later today. And yet you can find that a -- and dot cnet.com. And you can go to all of our other podcast -- all of our other. Podcasts at podcasts dot cnet.com. And you can send doesn't amount and founded CNET -- And we hope to your police who are down and -- -- concerns. But it may have different -- thanks for joining us and we'll see you next week. -- -- --

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