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Dialed In: Ep. 181: Just call her Bonnie

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Dialed In: Ep. 181: Just call her Bonnie

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This week on Dialed In, CNET's cell phone team debates Verizon's new tiered data plans, iPhone rumors, Samsung Nexus S troubles and the name for Bonnie's new column.

-- Hello welcome to dialed in at -- cellphone podcasts today -- Wednesday July 6 and we are an episode. Magistrate can actually grab some 181 we are tracking 200 -- the stories. I'm Kent German here -- -- Cisco with -- -- -- court -- everyone in the terms of eagerly waiting for that was. The task is using any -- at -- -- Where technically and nano and impeachment. And life from New York it's about ancient. I know -- you know little. Mine owning a sex on objects and then this additional -- there is that each nation and our glory you can -- -- -- It's so now we're back after a Monday out -- house of its -- excellent off its. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't like it though a lot of. And questionable legality for Aaron on the street from yes sir -- directory. Because on -- -- rocket business. -- -- -- -- -- -- And only these people like these neighbors of -- -- in the middle of the -- he could drive he wished to partner. With. -- and development. So Bonnie to me before the week she was gonna going to hardly -- but she -- I denied. So you do not see what's his name and -- that Joey testament 62 -- Which is. Are they did not our I didn't wanna see the -- -- eating contest my friend really went into a technological just write the low cost we decided to stay in the fittingly -- -- fire X. -- -- -- think it does it say it's gotten. A well. -- little bit to get through this week and it the first story is something that people -- -- too happy impoundment and actually -- our top for a second top performing story in the -- cnet's and to reassess its as the interest people but that's. If Verizon has confirmed that is changing its tiered data plans. And institute changing two tiered data plans to me and instituting a hot spot church starting tomorrow when the seven. Now we knew that this is coming there have been a lot of leaks about it and Stan. Couple sites -- posted some of the official. You materially -- -- to this story store representatives. So we got it as so Brenda Raney who separate one of -- -- a spokespeople spokespeople spokespersons. Identifier and confirm mr. -- wireless yesterday. That so -- will be in being its unlimited data plans and instituting fourteen years. Now the first one and ten dollars per month for 75 megabytes would only be available for feature phone users -- People -- the because the octane in -- -- again thank you messaging just message seen in they have their web browser or maybe even have a real full browser but. Not a Smartphone so no Android no announcements have -- like a Blackberry like. So the three available for Smartphones will be thirty dollars for -- two gigabytes fifty dollars for five gigabytes and eighty dollars for ten gigabytes. So that's only part of the news that. The other part is that about -- -- in this one thing. -- and if you are much like AT&T did if you are on an unlimited plan now you will be grandfathered -- And Bryson says even with future handset upgrades so when you -- and I found in. You wanna get the iPhone five forests for whatever this company called -- You'll be able to get that win and I'm if you you know keep the same plant if you add something so if you go to Stanley plan if you. If you make changes to the plan like let's say you're on. You change your minutes or something like that and then they -- but if you keep the same plan and you can go forward. And then. -- now so that's somewhat goodness I'm overcharges will be ten gigabyte ten dollars per gigabyte of data regardless. But the hot spot service which is something that has been free and Verizon -- talk to me insisted that it was a promotional offer but I think announcement and there. They will be. Giving you and so you'll now be charged thirty dollars per month for unlimited access for people that currently house hot spot service. If you do not have it. And you at a later you will be. -- twenty dollars per month. And now we'll give you two gigabytes of extra date on top of what authority have. And then you can use that two gigabytes however you like Sarah if you unease abroad hot spot you can but if you wanna use for the about -- them through the other. The other the other gigs into. You're just -- -- use you can do so you can understand this get a lot of people it's. The question and then mobile has spent so. If you add it after if it this is a new addition that's your only option between last month -- -- -- and yes so. A lot of people -- as you and can probably understand because it's sort of it's a sign that. Industry looks to be moving this way experts AT&T started this a year ago. When my predicament the iPhone five and moved -- to -- imminent plans. Verizon is doing this sprints out there are -- -- -- a limited and Scott and his -- this makes it appoint him -- T -- is unlimited data sort of Qualcomm like a qualifying because I'm speech at trial if he -- So soft yes so. -- and that leaves a good thing that -- a space for rent analysts in a time when there really struggling to. Really find their identity and you know fighting -- CT and T-Mobile merger. And this may be a window for them to do it as our new mobile reporter Richard Chang wrote today which -- later. -- It's a big deal people upset that you guys think -- -- Now -- customers are not -- happy. And it would be effective spyware you know anything you know. Like recently we've seen this come me and -- luminous beings where even even to you so you see coming that doesn't. You can't complain about it and I think the thing that makes it even more worrisome is that. A lot of services are now very dependent on and no -- to -- and on and on just reception in general you you get Netflix and if you have all these stream mean the streaming -- dismisses that idea of rhapsody in. In a -- -- -- might come to US and that this -- Internet use team idea. And you know you might estimate of a lot like a two gigabyte that's not our best that's -- weeks -- actually would never. Satisfied that but you don't that's that's today that's today you know in a year maybe a few months. -- device you get maybe you'd epidemic here's something depending and -- use it again. So and the press comment on that on Scott's story -- -- by the Netflix -- average you know you do you. And it does take up a lot -- even. -- has yet again telecharge and other audio streaming artists' -- In and -- and -- yet Google music great and that's totally depending dependent on having data constant stream data in fact. -- And it's at the problem with. So united. And they question of course will be at sprint you know aspirin can parliament this at some point is an especially I -- -- I think two restaurant -- more that. This maybe can get an iPhone a an opening to it. You know maybe the iPhone a go to sprint because app you'd expect indicates Apple mean if if if they're talking that well what elements -- a limited -- -- -- properly -- -- -- -- -- -- on cell phones. Com it's -- it's. It's an unfortunate trend that's happening because it just discredit it it shows how expensive it's getting an analysis shows that people from -- restrictions. -- and this definitely brings up the -- I get again a lot of questions from readers. Asking can I get a phone without a deal plan in this -- -- -- It out because it's so restrictive. So we'll see about that -- -- Verizon so if you are. And -- -- -- in the East Coast but if you -- monogram by Verizon phone I get on the next couple ASEAN now make it happen if you wanna locked in a data plan. As a sort of introduction like the four person shows up tomorrow romanticism. And the minute news and yes -- missed it by a think tank. -- It's also Scott wrote up a rumor that. The sprint will be announcing the Motorola conquer fourteen. Which is something that he -- -- last week and and of course we know about the photon foraging. The Motorola for two -- for -- that was me. That was what was having one device with the announcement the triumph as I am president of digital mobile yes. So they could arrive in the next few weeks according to -- -- Sam's Club documents. I passed -- -- central the Samsung handset Samsung. Conquer four -- to be released on July 24 where the Motorola phone could have changed why it's. Mean that's what it's a time it -- -- -- has. That's good point I'm. We now -- the conquer west ridiculous and I'm Samsung's -- say last weekend's announcement diocesan models have a that McMaster has -- -- -- -- If you see that the language -- it's. There's a phone it just appears there and I'm beginning to think that -- -- -- somebody to -- nine page. There's always the ones that find it and you -- -- good to them kudos to them definitely. So -- posted. With the specs and then of course was pulled down very quickly but the conquer for Q1 -- -- one gigahertz processor a three point private despite. 32 point two megapixel camera front -- treatment. So and -- reminder of the futon for -- and -- dual core tegra two processor -- megapixel camera four point three -- Ph.D.s. Display and it's sort of remembers the X. -- -- -- -- -- -- And then -- I mentioned this briefly by bunny did you industry that went on its limited said that right and go red -- Test -- tuchman. Well I think we did talk about -- actually Ment okay yes this is just aren't -- reporter Roger -- -- analysis on Verizon's new pricing and and how it's advantageous first to. Having a system that spells a very good point that I just want to talk about it again. In -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seems like it might be able to this corner that price and affordability market whether that's enough to keep them going we'll see but I'm. Seems like -- and that's what they're going after. So this is very exciting as everyone Bonnie Cha. Has -- -- monthly column. All about -- I'm not buying our body taught my phone on opera on our content is me means yes -- spot something. But -- -- -- it's called Smartphone unlocked actually with -- -- be called Bonnie. If you -- -- to sign up to -- -- and just just running in the now I gotta give -- -- -- for that Athens and the content to Smartphones. That it is quite an author on unlocks. Eat and it -- anything -- -- for you. And unlocks the secrets of smart -- not -- you. So basically it's gonna have vehemently com I just talk about the different technologies -- -- they think it can be confusing. -- it's just changing really ask ten you know especially if -- Smartphones them. Gonna tackle different issue every month and he kicked it off with and taking a closer look at software updates because anything. -- that people don't really know what goes on and there's a lot of misconceptions and ninety know. Using a -- and as an excuse for carriers or are manufacturers are -- providers about how slow they aren't they have released -- but there's a lot of testing -- involved and so. He and I talked to some OEMs and carriers Anthony HTT Verizon sprint. As well as Microsoft done. What they do on there and and you know. There's a lot of back and forth testing you know goes to that. Once there is code available learn a new OS available goes to the handset manufacturers first and they perform -- tasks. You know and in -- best case scenario it gets through in about three weeks -- nine you know they go back and forth again with more taxing. Once it's past there it goes to the carrier and this is where you know there's. Verizon explained to me essentially they're testing a new product -- -- It testing -- for network in activity voice quality battery life and doing all these durability test in addition to testing the software so. You know they said. Their best case scenario -- the stuff out -- ten weeks in worst cases fifteen weeks though. And you -- those things are usually I feel really sorry for the users -- have to sit around and wait and we and we are upgrading it. Reading this I now feel really extremely. Sympathetic from the testers. -- -- and -- bare bottom line was like -- -- we could you know. Just cheap he's -- update out faster -- it would not provide the best user experience and we're not gonna sacrifice that we're not gonna throw this out and -- give you a half. Eight product I mean there aren't you pitchforks urban riots with lots of -- -- and things and valued sharpen an album Marcel. If they actually sent out something that wasn't quite finished. Right exactly in -- And I defended this isn't supposed to be you know I'm not letting them off the hook I think they can do a lot better at -- communication. Along with -- this process but. That's it it's -- time consuming thing you know and it's not like they're doing this on -- -- -- you know they're just making sure everything. Of high quality. That on the your phone in the that does happen that is really interesting to me audience prelude to institute the custom -- -- and how fat a fact. -- -- -- Yet it is interesting -- you know Microsoft's take on it was a you know it's really important to have this consistent platform that's why they've kind of lock down Windows Phone. Armed but it ACC was like you know we -- to deal with carrier customization and doing so -- yes it adds a little bit to the timeline but. You know we're used to it it's not -- complication necessary. Necessary and I am I thought it was interesting to the Verizon rep said. In some ways this -- custom -- It it leads to innovation which is a good thing you know he -- he -- -- has been praised for you know its its features and sometimes it's worth that worth back -- -- to. It's something different and innovative now Apple has an interest in point -- Look for this column and the first Monday of each month and -- -- all -- neat things about how Smartphones work. And if you guys have been topics more hybrid that -- I can actually -- and in the act of them in all the -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is a veto -- that he didn't even. Access it'll need to do but actually it in the chatroom running problems and says you now with -- and -- With having first name recognition personally -- that it. Line mean. It at the. -- -- On means the -- On future. Now appearing tonight at me. At the forum in its users in. So Nicole went on to and talked about and -- issue we've heard a lot of town and this is that the nexus S four G the Samsung access which of course is only -- -- -- That has had we've heard -- a lot of people and have people listening right now but it had a lot of trouble with the my next congress. And mean it's not something that. When I tested the device originally contact him. -- April I think. I don't really notice the difference than that -- the things are happening Sara Nicole took over -- really get down and didn't get into this and find out what happens and the -- what did you do. So she lives -- -- to this identity -- this lot of problems with that and -- Cisco's four G coverage in general is not that -- -- three G coverage yet and it's not that did it. -- I -- -- coloring a lot of my perception my experiences. As an -- to the nexus S forage on its own out to the Golden Gate Park whenever -- it was just like it was just. Happy in general if -- -- -- one bar at the point 36 so in general but I was pretty bad but -- so what I do it over the July 4. Long after the two night weekend. Competitive Easter eve the 3-D which -- he and others sprint four G -- And -- trotted out in some of be given as one analyst at no four G at all. Thank you very analysts in the middle of -- industry which is very congested. There's a during the fourth of July celebrations was crowded. And again very poor reception. -- couple of bars and add that in general it was is really not very -- environment. And -- their day it was just downtown San Francisco which -- and -- get the best reception. And a lot of basically following I added we did that it does speed -- net an app several -- analysts. To put it over -- loading times of the CNET contagious as a public and -- out of a tank. So. I know why but we found was that in areas where it with nonexistent or very poor -- -- It's about this -- it -- them both equally. Opposes the two nations but in downtown San Francisco was where we read that -- I really -- a huge difference average download speed. For the next assessments -- -- 2.4 segment. Was at a -- speed for the -- -- -- -- -- -- six -- -- -- -- -- consistently -- -- -- -- and and many times and it was consistent mean much battered and in -- which he. -- -- it -- does everything. And was beaten almost not a huge difference and it just depends if an accident just re read the surfing around but in terms of Michael -- speed tests. It was a definitely a big jump I would say. So me I don't know -- It all if every single mixes those idea than as the same issue but -- and we had definitely had. This particular issue and for what I understand. Sprint and Google. Have recognized. And BD may be already be working on an update to add -- that -- is simple software here. It soon did sprint the sprint -- about two or no it isn't that admittedly this was this was to stop I've ran out of time. So I should not be clever a couple things desperately -- -- -- obscenities at -- and while we looking at an amendment -- heard. -- -- us let's have one number one bestselling device from your coming via careful candidate that -- written there Whitman and whatever whatever whatever that -- I'd been working on it. Yes I don't know -- I don't know if it's a software ethics. This recall issues like an issue why exactly is the problem but it does -- -- wellness. But it does seem funny little -- and her monthly column this. That's an elaborate it has -- union signed up money. The I was sustaining at the right speech and does not like it even even -- even Canadians with the best thing Dallas execs senator it -- acting. In new York at -- and you get nine. B fifteen and -- Just sprint excellent it. Them. From what -- period you know Jeff Bakalar -- -- suspect and he has the authorities heed these there's no plan that incident and it. I -- -- may be Canon. Minister of the 248. And should definitely compact. Yen from when I've seen. So if you're sediment from different academic circles and the data and -- And a few quick things. Now it's time -- actually percent -- and had immunity that. We Jessica put together an interest in spite channel about Smartphones and then and now sentence and what you footage in which a look at. -- It's it's been -- bad I've sent another pupil assignment that the iPhone and really revolutionized the Smartphone market and what it means. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- it's like totally have the simplistic design and of the -- and I'm like well you know let's take a look at the major players were before even though all of us here. I think we're being amendment and one way or another I was back on the download.com team and -- -- looking at a lot of the software for it but I have -- these devices. And I was talking with somebody in public you know it's it's not that. I found in an era grade are in now -- they're actually quite meet the market. But it's -- they disrupted it so much and changed it that everybody who is a major player before. -- to stop what they were doing basically and reinvent their entire -- even though it in Nokia's case they've been doing since like 1996. On the smart. So I thought it would be entertaining and also instructive to take a look at some of -- models from before and some of the software and in -- kind of poke fun at them like. It's a really I. It's on the market and -- kind of like. The same players now so those players are Nokia mostly with a -- platform. Microsoft with the Windows Mobile platform and today that's Windows Phone because they scrapped an overhauled and and there is Blackberry with and it's the same platform and so that's. Our -- is the maker and then there's palm which has just -- all over the place and I didn't even touch upon us but. Like software was on by one companies and hardware -- owned by another and then they've joined up again and out -- by HP. So I definitely know. I'm recommending you take a look at this because there are some find it interesting specs about the -- and the now. And there're these great phone designs that in -- alt key antenna sticking out and -- hook it. My favorite and it when in my favorites is actually an Ide environments -- of respondents with old Blackberry. -- and found that -- think that the series is actually the first cover color. No not monogram. And yet and also some some tips and some specs and a summary of kind of where everyone is now. So. It's really -- is the very early release months and rumors guilt in the -- people would still carry. PDAs and influence their belief that the -- like a big deal. V me hit it well we didn't really problems Smartphones at first the only thing we get a slide number -- them. Since then Nokia N 9290s. Are in evidence of that be -- this is beautiful I had -- and that's plan. Any chance need to again to by a number eleven I'll just describe it. So. -- Basically. That's when it came out in 2000 -- is eight point six ounces. -- the Symbian O -- And it was this giant finally an overgrown portable phone numbers on the outside and you just look -- openly clams. But it -- cover four and a half inch screen on the inside this huge pretty -- -- very spacious and roomy. And in -- and actually had. Somewhat decent display at 640 by 200 pixel resolution 9300. Yet -- costs 600 unlocked which sounds like a lot unlock now -- -- think about it bad -- -- management console something Japan hasn't really changed its and in am looking through -- really funnels them thinking through all of the reviews because I looked at a ton of phones before choosing the ones that would be honored in this list. And is just really fun to read -- stacks and read our reactions -- -- hasn't absolutely brilliant display. Now you know 4000 colors back in the day there are again very and -- -- as good as -- -- My mom dad bought it has to -- -- when a debate as car phones. And it was a massive thing of the meet Kate yeah you -- in the car. Is ridiculous. Yet. But they -- ahead -- -- -- like technology. -- cutting and you just don't have to get rid of it after it. It was physical sites have taken out because that's my last from -- house -- line timer that it's. Thanks -- okay yeah. Yeah so in other words read that are Tesco common -- and show it to yourself. It frequently from argument behind. A few minutes I just this thing really cool cocktail of good enough -- -- -- original. In the first slide -- and it. -- the little point of them with a -- when it raising money. So what does -- few quick things of course would have -- would -- -- -- ordinance and -- without an iPhone five -- -- The latest one instrument scientist at times -- that. They're gonna have fifteen million iPhone five units that are to start shipping in September and digitized courts buttons that means it would PA. Big update in the iPhone fiber than ninth from four so I want to see but that's just another data point for -- yet. Thinking about this is that apparently the components are from. So in its -- the components -- from a laptop make it's it's a little strange -- It's privacy close to make it ran. -- that yet. Consequently. Are then -- at this -- -- -- this regret a couple of bits of news about the or the long -- Motorola Droid. One is that it would the first was the Monday on for the July that. -- -- site had seen me. -- sorry paperwork and a launcher to artists for -- and them. Last Friday -- actually last week it looks like them I tried frantically to the FCC so there is. And -- central spotted a one at that one of the documents they don't say Droid by McKinnon but of course armament and point toward. Which should be a deterrent panic in and so every electronic clears things you see that's another sign that it's on its way is still a could be ages and -- could happen never. But still it's an -- -- point and would also was also -- let's look what looks like an HTC with -- -- for T-Mobile. -- -- currently sees the hands on a call -- bit of news about Blackberry bridge. Yes. So. Let's see two months ago in -- -- ago. AT&T he -- the Blackberry -- and along with that the Blackberry -- software that is required. -- playbook owners to essentially tether a playbook to the Blackberry this was the only way to get. Email and calendar in all of testing contacts -- was it was the only way to do as -- yet admission application. And here's the eighteen key. I was the only carry a -- not. That you download of rich applications. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Auckland strange but few months later AT&T -- the county said it reviewed the -- -- Needed sort of -- testing and everything's I'll -- to get a team of matter and now you can do officially. Yet and so that's good news for. -- -- then we will take a sharper and actually really cool did you working yet it is that it's a cool feature. I'm mean and they need it for you and yes it's a bad about them that -- -- make applicable and highly necessary. For full function. So we'll take a short break and that'll give him. -- And we're back with a review -- have -- this -- -- talk about but it's the LG Genesis which reviewed. The Genesis is what I would describe -- The grown up -- -- vision of the elegy NB the LG -- EP don't remember -- -- -- is those. The dual screens that phone from Verizon Wireless that would -- would the big. Messaging phone feature phone hit of regular wireless but many many years. Being you know one of those hot feature films from the time and this LG Genesis at the same kind. Factor yet the dual screen flip form factor but this one is an Android Smartphone instead it's only get Android two point -- -- you get allergies own. -- -- -- -- on here you can of course -- settlers -- apps on unit is pretty typical for a carrier. And I think the design was that many do you get a bit in -- -- display on the front pasty point five inch display. If it did open the script is and in -- -- also touch sensitive. It is a -- I just connected -- -- a second at best cute touch screen displays. But dozens as a -- testing displays. But you don't wanna use the tasking on inside the the key what is amazing new music by a real pretty keyboard married to me very easy to text and -- -- I'm that the navigation pad on the right -- against its -- anybody to use. I thought of complaint is that when the in the -- is open and internal the -- the very bottom row of the internal display. Your finger bumps up against the public key but when you want that -- bottom real test so -- of those. -- design design decisions that -- was a -- not really got -- out. But overall I thought it was overall a decent phone you don't money in that little. We work of the design touch that also because at that because it is a flip phone because of that the Houston is the size of it. Very well he's very hippies seeks ounces it is -- At a bake a -- gonna break up of and 380 that just because of the to test six ounces yes -- it's a very very big maybe a but you know -- it's -- pretty get you get you Wi-Fi even get and -- any media share support it. And -- roughly -- because -- megapixel camera scientists a pretty decent camera four. The price and it's 150 dollars the thing you choose a service agreement yes. -- -- -- And then between -- from what any reviews coming -- from -- yes I've got Samsung galaxy -- for cricket wireless. Okay. And -- that's a little strange period don't have a lot going honorees were. With a closer to files and because of the holiday mammal cloned from an animal come back. Any reader payments by reading get a lot of emails speak either the monsters and -- busy barbecuing and set up -- And there's room from Chris. And Alex -- -- And hookers he has a question regarding an international roaming and you as he -- Nexus One and on -- those -- network in Canada. Heading to Vegas later this month -- and wondering with an unlocked phone. He wants to come in the US and -- -- sim card to get a temporary local number to use it how would I go about doing this and -- -- -- US address open up an account with AT&T to be able to. I -- you know you don't really need like a local address now you don't act could complicate that you can just get its -- and if AT&T would be. It depends on the three G Indian Pakistan -- -- -- different. Now -- -- of course I've never done in the US and an opponent prices but I'm I had a friend from it from Australia last year and I told them I would go with him and -- he spent then I was -- I was the one answer he just went down to AT&T. And got a sim card just prepaid service got a local number I had my attempts to messaging phones and into data. But the pre -- data is available now at -- Yeah it if it's not -- little it's much suspense but if you want -- -- if you -- number -- at least he can taxed. And can cause then -- -- -- donating US number. You are an address you just. -- pays the money and gets the number its so -- be -- problem. And how you can even buy these to it in -- have to go to an AT&T. Story can even get these and you seem a target -- Siemens oh yeah he got lots Malaysians something yet and then an opinion and even need to talk to person you can just take this card and confident and -- -- you're done today. While some people like that that'll talk to people just went -- to get out and and any else -- Have -- instruments okay we have nothing. Well it's a little bit about it nothing nothing -- -- perfectly -- -- to see here please move on. But thanks for joining -- everyone and we will of course be back next week and with some more news. And that's should be inference from dial in number when he -- Also see -- next -- -- friend every day. -- --

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