Ep. 170: Web Exclusive: Tech Culture

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MixStik cocktail gadget puts a little Bluetooth in your vermouth
1:25 September 4, 2015
This glowing LED bar pairs with a phone to help you mix the perfect drink, and wants to win your heart on Kickstarter. Hit play to...
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Up close with Acer's 10-core gaming smartphone, the Predator 6
0:56 September 4, 2015
Packing a frankly ludicrous 10-core processor, the Acer Predator 6 is designed inside and out for hardcore mobile gaming. Hit play...
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Neato cleans the smart home with a connected robot vacuum
1:10 September 4, 2015
With built-in Wi-Fi, the Neato Botvac Connected is the brand's first app-enabled cleaner.
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Force Friday and the best of IFA 2015
2:41 September 4, 2015
Attention Jedi in training: today is Force Friday. Also, the best of IFA 2015, a new personal safety app explodes in popularity, and...
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Play This: Metal Gear Solid V or go zen with Prune
1:55 September 4, 2015
GameSpot and CNET editors talk about the games they're addicted to this week.
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Nextbit's Robin phone stores your stuff uniquely
1:10 September 4, 2015
Running out of space? Take a peek at an Android phone that stores 68GB of photos, games and apps online for free.
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Relax and watch your oven on your smartphone
0:50 September 4, 2015
Electrolux's ProCombi Plus Smart Oven has a camera right under its handle to give you a peek at what's cooking inside.
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Rock out with the old-school Marshall London
0:46 September 4, 2015
The legendary amp manufacturer's first smartphone is ready to rock. Hit play to find out more.
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