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Tech Culture: Ep. 16: OnLive Desktop, laptop backbacks, and the Sony Headman visor

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Tech Culture: Ep. 16: OnLive Desktop, laptop backbacks, and the Sony Headman visor

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This week, Ty demos Sony's strap-on 3D visor, which we've dubbed the "Headman," while Scott shows us how the OnLive Desktop brings cloud PC computing to the iPad. Also, check out a cool new laptop backpack, and find out what our favorite MacBook Air substitutes are.

It. -- -- Hey there everybody and I think we've -- actually successfully I get a logo up on the screen that's a big step towards actually having one of those animated entry is that. All the other fun shows have hello Scott Tyler and low end and and Joseph -- -- -- relations it is already -- a good -- good thank you thank you you've got a bright shiny ring on your -- -- -- that's right look at that. Now that would that is of those already six Apple bull I have before we get to that we have a lot of virtual labs cast style actually go through today -- -- that's right that's right Scott what are you gonna tell us about today by actually going to be talking about how I watch the Super Bowl high tech and low tech and also be shown up at. Interesting desktop app for the iPad the tries to the Windows 7 on who and -- what do you got something. Please say something I'm gonna show you a glimpse of the future. And I had Joey helped me out with this -- that is to be interesting. It goes what is good -- all -- can I -- is very different I think decades 2010. CES. -- 2011 resource something called and man. Which are currently applies on at and kind of the walkman but an -- head okay and are excited to see this Joseph nobody can be given here today just hang -- out. -- modeling measure excellence on your so -- aren't you. Think you were partisan wrangling. Pure reveling. Well that's right and -- eyes. Will be talking with -- company that's a very difficult -- -- choices we've had to make recently. And I've even got a cool new laptop -- -- just because you don't get the look a lot of those now from my iPhone what one of my least favorite laptop -- genres but this may be good example of a kind of -- a shiny -- I put an -- freight -- came from the desk. I don't know this. And I pick up what's here a little like 1962. High five K as they meet -- -- -- is that it's the sweet sound you look like -- as you like -- jets and we got there she got it's also my retro I'm -- haircut in this right. A price does look like a step -- and sometimes doorway when it's probably just it's -- that's an extra hard day's night yes. I forgot to tell -- about is simple experience out and they've -- -- and up that is all year long your team was not in the game but. Your team's next door neighbors were and that's pretty darn close I get. No it's not. It's absolutely not close. At all but I appreciate that but. Yeah like the idea of a Super Bowl but I'm not bad you know I figured well Sony gonna do a Mac and it can't badly for some TV -- after that. So we did get together grabbed a few people and I I was very interested in the idea of streaming I thought out of fact of the zoo in the first years that its first year that's a real. But -- -- would be streaming. Via iPad in computer web site apps and mobile apps but that was interesting. -- -- however I didn't use it lasted for all of about thirty seconds as far as my experiment with it because I realize that. I love the idea of streaming access -- that -- continue. But it's a communal game. What are you doing staring at your iPad for me I just kind of a solo one on one experience there and it's not a group sharing XP there's a social utility now they -- -- an iPad -- -- -- may seem obvious but -- -- -- for other games for for -- less XTG games and iPhone games during the season stuff like that. -- wanna catch this game -- almost -- don't wanna see. The jets -- the Redskins but I do and that's sort of -- a personal screen is great for recycling -- a big stage event that are based tuning in for. -- -- little selfish and plus it was streaming you'll toppling. And was about a minute behind the broadcast -- union. And that was enough I gave up but I have a -- copyright it is very choppy and everything is Monica just on a laptop running iPad -- on the iPad and this is -- and DC's web -- the NB CES stream of it and you know affairs to be fair and try it out later on and NFL's also streaming -- Through their website you also had the Verizon mobile app that was streaming if you -- -- Verizon iPhone customer I think that IOS app. I got all the music using only confusing and develop -- -- iPad wasn't streaming in it was like you know -- a figure that out. And it was streaming chapel is -- forgetting -- -- gonna watch on TV I use the iPad the iPhone for things like Twitter. Guys live on Twitter. To where you live -- the game I don't think you are -- I guess I was a string -- -- carry out the occasional Obama I -- yet -- -- get to deepen and although it starts sucking me you don't hit a -- of the patriots who got cut the day before and then I'm gonna tweaking or nineteen even though the company. Does that happen to me that -- -- then of that those guy who is like tweeting the whole game but we have patriots who got cut like the night before that's because you can't do that. A member of the NFL. It can't tweet while you're doing wand has now let's be very active on twit got here and I thought for meat of the older -- -- this guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did after the game was over. I realize that went right to -- opposed to talking to my friends in the room as my life asset to me at the intervention -- and said you know like. But the phone down we're gonna stop doing that paying as much ram on and so do -- let me just clarify one point after this is very confusing for everyone. Before they gain the understanding wise. The NFL and NBC would together stream the game through their joint web site on your computer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It becomes confusing is IOS means iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch. As an iPad solution was different than what was on the iPhone -- -- yes was all about. The Verizon customers that they had only iPad as well. But it just turns out that the web based they also will send your projects has already -- the three G the the red clarify -- wanna clarify that one point yes the site via safari. Streamed. Through the NBC web sites on the iPad on the act which we didn't think it would be able to do before and I've yet we the people -- no no we did that some trying to say. Well to be -- we reported that it would so it was -- understanding from a lot of people I don't that was clearly communicated. The Indiana found MB Seattle was clearly understood answer I like to have a writing about it is a -- lot of stories nodding and others misreported. Anyway I I had so when he got there but we got to the game you're looking her a look at how to do this it was a big mess -- got confused I didn't know I had to go to three different web sites. And yet this is the sounds and only -- -- link. Why am I doing this is have a beer and watch the game on TV this is our it is -- super quick points one they should have Apple write the documentation for all this stuff. This principle into. I've never seen tie -- is disinterested as he does right now talking at a very good for Bob I left I though I bullies share is now don't you survived your first half Super Bowl and new York and new York and it was a New York based whatever they want. What does the equivalent to U of of that. Odd as it as I like motive like what you're brilliant Connell said. This -- a grand phones -- -- every which -- which is what I supports its Australian rules which is so look at like. Rugby slash yes. Some tomorrow and it's it's -- -- -- poem made up of daily -- tip of the -- instant. Available instead of ramble. And that was -- And that -- -- so what was the question. Out how how did you survive this this is this outpouring of football if I live in Hanoi and -- and went to a meeting and you did not attempt has been the game any -- -- -- highlights in the news lately. Yang yeah guys well -- this thing is that they showed a lot of the ads which is -- notable that is the best part they what they show at the moment during last -- -- you know I'd already seen the this site -- Staten and I would -- finance Simon you know there was -- saying hello. -- on let me -- the Howard Stern. America's Got Talent Provo. They -- no. Did you did you only 111. The NBC -- -- the national Mozilla. Did you see Clint eastwood's halftime in America and he does on the most discussed. -- -- -- Halftime manner a judge in California and where. We are very Cali -- will -- you miss one this -- up. Was the best a -- if you that of the bill -- that thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you went to modality at midnight your NPR credibly game mode does is undoubtedly 10 o'clock the game -- -- -- whatever we walked over. We grab a switchers Max out our hats -- back to the bar. -- you get -- high five drugs I mean life was good that is awesome I know from my voice. Not even the temperature here -- gimme more interact you know what I also excessive I -- isn't and -- -- to view in that situation is grave I I want to get there it's Sunday in my lifetime as jets that policy. I do have to say just have I have noticed small difference I believe you're you're goatee areas from Tillamook rain and -- and -- call it that's the stress that Ackerman puts -- I'm just -- subject. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Active member please visit WP but that interest them for the items. Let us through the weekend when it comes. -- as a result well you know you I give everybody Monday off from birthday and can -- -- Friday you have Monday. Let me just ask very -- -- move on from football topic got. Would you have rather. If if if it -- could not be the Super Bowl would you rather have a giant either not be in or lose as well or you happy that they want. And a much happier than that they okay commodities that this is my preferred outcome I think -- -- at the patriots Los of the it's it's wonderful for the whole mentality it is is great news. Wonderful wonderful news they can -- -- Tom Brady. Was iconic in answer of symbolic for our aging think. Well there already this is this is what ideas would be some deep reading it gets there there -- out there has announced it is right on FaceBook about you know -- and Jessica Simpson ever you know Massachusetts the -- the you know. Have gotten in the last decade but -- whatever it's all about today -- guys that that is aborted due to -- proposed Wednesday to a tape parade tomorrow. Let's get -- Somalia and you know what I -- I know I gotta work on our site where Android battery -- I fortunately cannot go because you're working. My son's mother. Is working the -- -- so I'm gonna have him governments and so I wanna mess. -- and -- and that's like take off work to take much and the -- I see you're a guy and laid out their plans I have Riddell I know we're here -- -- vacation days however the only Cedric you got our -- will be without me for a long time. The in the -- about for week that's regularly underwater on a boat yes the genocide and Richard a Lovett and that's right let's move on people we have more hard rated this -- -- I would like to see the Sony -- -- can you please show it to midnight today. There are idle and -- advertised I'm obsessed this thing -- at CES this is. Is is there you go total I think it's good for a reply as the return to virtual reality. My questions clearly went back in 1980 fixed by Australian -- -- -- you are lying dormant enough given everything and again raw poly gone. Can you see the matrix without on it is a little heavier than those it isn't. It reads like a drastic goes over your head to the back to help hold it up. So it does show me the inside go to the camera -- -- look of the too little screens there. This is like one of arousal easier hence it really is what they have not changed the basic technology that it -- fifteen years what are the what are the -- -- game characters -- read the screen lines. Its PlayStation. Game -- -- -- screen size screen now come on game guys get a get together I'm -- that removed him I'd like temple run on the iPad tablet idea which one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- I'm -- -- though I'm getting ahead in there are two separate displays in there and a very tiny but their high aid. Resolution -- and 23 that's totally totally got -- 20. A woman's. That we -- thing about days as to what is this a three display essentially but the weird -- is that is that this sort of like slider meaning. It's like yeah slider -- where you can -- -- economic -- But the things you can't -- their online. Saw a news if one rising one -- out. And it academic debate glory can't access to the whole screen at once while supposed to be is a 150 inch screen and its explode from the -- Iraq. I am I gonna be put up watching aha and have a -- where they are not gonna go to format. Summer of evolution and it is Michaels got built in headphones is willing. On the thing is it's not portable I didn't bring the box in that you -- to what's your own but it's like a little connector box you connect the books it would affect cable got -- Diana stride into the cable and Michaela that has then like HTM IL. Yeah we -- we aggregate our eyes if we -- work in the part in the studio with the Xbox-360. -- -- -- -- I was the most I don't know -- -- certain -- it's embarrassing but whatever Ashley -- the compatibility of anything you can lead to it can do it doesn't have to be 3-D -- doesn't mean eight bullets penetrated because you're -- to display -- -- on Matt FitzGerald columns -- take -- -- -- now -- -- in the middle of the show could you work related. This is -- it. And -- that the dancing Wi -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Publishing content. Is displayed on gently she played Kinect game wearing minutes yet oh my god -- doesn't this plant -- Because it's about the iPad but you could fill the -- there -- day. It's -- ahead -- Africa -- at CNET are convinced there's a connect okay I'm sitting behind me at these -- with the connect okay and which really -- -- -- -- -- is don't see or hear what you're looking at an imovie all around -- That's great that's great. You're -- can look like a retard. I'm I'm I'm very excited about this now now the proper name of this device is it is the page and stated. T one each analyse data quickly -- ZUR for those of us not. You know in this hemisphere yes yes but Canadian -- that you like it yet the opponent is currently an end and on -- they see. -- -- -- -- -- And it is it's it looks like the land speed. As out yeah it. It's very thought by looking but it looks like every VR headset they've seen the last one and it's also a little heavy as a little waiting on -- considerate over the nose to Wear that -- my question is is an -- is -- actually a shipping product yes and -- out right now right now -- on human side and how much is set in nineteen. -- -- All sorry what I -- -- mechanical half it'll definitely not -- artist interaction. You know I'm someone and we've known over the years there was of -- -- building. Some nice stuff but -- I think -- more competitive and indeed. Find a way to hit that sweet spot price one point 98 current that -- -- yeah I. What is the sweet spot for our virtual reality -- an -- -- exactly how this -- create the sweet spot that we feel it's necessary beatles' you got it like a perfect example of always said that when the blu rays. There shouldn't be. Dvd digital copy Blu-ray and then another -- this -- all of should be -- all three game Blu-ray digital copy. All in one box because the end. If you work by 3-D TV or do you -- you have only content battery right -- -- more likely to get widgets -- and efforts to -- to -- friend's -- but oh my god. Minority to review looks so great. Shockingly lucid observation -- you know I do what I can Monica that's actually quite done quite a good point. You have to compete with TV's with -- and 800 dollars you can buy its -- premiere episode I'd say Scott for 99 -- consider getting. I wouldn't biodiesel can you're watching 300 -- back you'll planted earlier about watching something as a solitary. Activity -- -- it's. -- There are some of the best like the perfect device to look exactly like adult kind of withdrew because you couldn't grant that could itself with a -- -- these things. Got a problem I usually key. But now he's -- joy and possibly at concert picture they'll have devised a good. -- That tie and -- understand properly if -- -- eyes still are advocates of a picture in picture alone why you say you're gonna want to hold anything in your hand. We believe that has sensory. And Europe currently in Europe where -- it's free personal experience you don't worry about like ambient noise echoing the room either. Well it you know I did it again -- -- people will be you know you went to list. If you could plug it right in -- -- -- using X mean and mean as a series of headsets like this was at the visible. Little -- it's a little visor once. And you plug it right in -- iPod and -- actually had an idea that they're pretty small they're pretty small I would like that and not have a converter boxes the one thing there is an HDMI cable come if possible I just greatest thing that the next generation in the situation like FE elected should be dealing cards right now. It's a threat comes in three different -- that you can at a Utah desert comes in -- that and the dot Duma which is very. After underwater straight on the cause he potter books. I -- out the idea of personal viewing world. It's like if they are portable and regularly portable a we have discovered I had this idea once for the portable man cave which was a little screen unlike that at that a -- box we -- gonna build a prototype. You put the car -- box figurehead and revealed little tiny screen and spread with an HDMI. And runs on visuals and -- a -- as a driving a white rim yet. You that has -- that they sold their which has it has a good idea but here I like that it isn't clear. Yet that's a Titanic TV. Or I do cry real question is -- are there any competing products that right. Now -- -- -- this probably some Chinese brand. The thing is these have been around for walls that 34 years the early models -- really hot look at you and actually get eye strain very quickly. But I think that having some sort of announces being able to it's just so that the field of vision okay Tom helps a -- you get eye strain slightly less quickly had a main page. But -- these. If you moved it slightly meant to -- are -- year for it is actually changes -- so sometimes you want to look something up in the right. -- had little slightly. So that's not good. You'll we -- doing this product. I will be reviewing I look forward to meeting that reviewed -- that would make make got a little more worthwhile. And this takes you back between the PRD's who's gonna substitute for the Adobe's big cylinders you can stand in no -- I -- VR goggles writer turned returned you know you turn -- actual virtual world. And use a joystick to walk when you looked up -- -- -- personal deflect if maybe they they include electric gamers some virtual thing like that with that. I think that would help the pricing gonna motion sensing for the helmet but yeah you you've got Apple -- -- get to get people who wanna meet. Who want to tie that in -- that connect and you could say who that would connect -- you turn your head -- -- -- division within the game. That would -- -- Unfortunately that's the Xbox Sony than cross that -- -- -- Iraqi custody hearing -- -- move sensitive and very rare like Batman and Superman crossover comics in the seventies which I have all of my iPad -- which -- -- -- global on this that would be -- compatible equipment and well -- a lot of eyes to -- speech yes you can angler fish -- -- -- like a -- uniformity. Of color -- the current. It. Yeah our -- are you -- music origin has figured he could -- fired in January -- -- that is the Sony headband as we -- calling it. I successor to the walkman. Since that's not really -- real branded -- more is it's not portable. Not -- Our orthodox I heard a lot about this not online desktop which is different in their gaming act out I would lefties Shimmy and we'd be briefly what it says because it's just -- -- -- about it. Aren't thinner iPad which is right here this is. And iPad and it's running. -- news. How is this possible now -- running your computer or that its own implementation of windows so for instance this is now loading up Microsoft Word. This is not from my computer this is actually a server hosted. In the -- cloud computed that they give view by fifty yes so -- live makers. Bag screaming gaming service. Have not online desktop of what this is is basically just a bare bones. They give you selfish shell access to this -- Windows 7 computer server somewhere. And they give you full right now full Microsoft Office suite so its like on live PC games even playing just instead of the game you just on the computer itself. Sybase and its remote desktop someone else's computer. Actually write -- as a computer where you're storing your files and how much storage tasty. You get out its free right now and you get two gigabytes of storage and put on human eyes down that's not bad for basically -- -- of Google docs. I think where you can -- documents in word to their web browser. There's no web browser out there -- resisting because in me in talking with them on my previously they were talking about how. The web browser element that there are so confident in the streaming of this. Flash content there should be able to fully played -- -- -- my question flash games they said because of their experience. Everybody says that but then again we are skeptical about online if and -- games there's pretty good so although -- their IOS app for the game not hear it always and it's done in December every preview that we've seen and it -- -- apparently not approved by Apple -- so -- got approved almost instantly and so it's interesting but I don't think -- have a file on that if you write something in there had -- infinity yourself. Good question and I haven't entirely figured out but -- basically if you there's no email that I could see. I believe -- you can simply it's -- talent. But -- a website access cedar log into the portal amenities -- -- district and I can access it from a computer that there's a web there's a -- a -- way but that might -- dot -- so widget -- you're gonna have some details about I was gonna basically -- -- -- I've had -- working to document the wanted to continue to be we exit from an outside source -- and -- so here's a -- so here's like for instance that there's so now and it sells now. I think utilizes both -- and updates solved a modest pay for all the licenses they don't get her and there are things like got there have been to student elections there -- virtual environments like this thing is -- -- accident that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I've experienced so far is that yet the experience looks pretty seamless. And out is -- more compatible so it's really nice you've -- your Bluetooth keyboard in cash to work on this but there is lag on the terms of the -- access. And I -- every once in awhile it says the servers busy can't lie again which if you were canceling mission critical -- -- The issue to me is that with only these Microsoft Office apps right now. There are so many ways to do and -- pages you've got -- -- documents to go. Either a lot of sorts and I can't -- yet Google docs so I mean I think there are other ways you could play around with Microsoft apps but how do you access. These apps how -- you install them it's all being brokered by online desktop that there is gonna be a premium service is gonna charge. Ten bucks a month alive. And then you -- fifty gigs of storage but apparently unlimited. Possibly unlimited purchase accessibility for the apps that they have available he is very unclear these generosity -- general wants to know if it'll run you know third party browsers in the future and it Quezon and doesn't out and doesn't have Dropbox support. I am I haven't seen Dropbox support on this. And and right now the problem is that it really is Windows 7. So in a way I think that -- against it because a lot of these serve simply say oh. Responsible press this button to do this access familiar window seven running Microsoft Office a -- dirt on the buttons. And a -- of -- some of which are not relevant. Because it's not your computer and you're not online in a sense that you -- -- -- -- unique take on the -- he can't. You can't do that stuff so. If they're stock in just a little weird is or what in this in this box what the that'd be curious about -- like acting on our -- -- -- will eventually support being it was a VP and then back to certain -- you have here -- if it opens up a bit like exactly it'll open an online -- -- -- of various -- -- -- this. This PC or -- guess -- for access to -- category. I think it's very interesting it's a good proof of concept right now but -- I created man and Dallas and nothing did I do think that Apple is because like in the snap your fingers you just -- -- very exciting iPad that's running at willow asked the light. And you just -- Windows 7 on it which is the Windows 7 tablet is sleep and use what I mean. We'll also look at it and I'm gonna take in consideration even the doesn't even though there's possibly little -- on this generation iPad. We don't know that three is gonna look like and how well work and then which is write a Russian flag comes on the -- going to ever -- yeah that's as well. But it does work and it's a you know what it's available now it's free so -- you -- play around with them and it does have those -- that office suite so. It could be inching -- ballet -- -- and keyboard you wanna play around with it heck go ahead -- I have two -- two very quick topic gonna go to the guys very quickly because we are spent on time number one is. We don't think we don't let every laptop bags got just -- it TVs do now I -- out I finally got one. That's pretty cool it's from one about companies -- -- called ST am -- in a militia that stands for. -- but it's not so -- her favorite laptop -- genres if you will but it's a good example of the -- it's called hood. They -- it would manhood and and as a backpack and you know -- how I feel about laptop backpacks. But this is a pretty innocent looking back packets and he's seeing things breaks back but they've really is yeah I Indiana Jones the ominous on the jungles of anthropomorphic. It does its elegance. Potter and the -- that but it's got a big flap here -- like the big flat out Nadine backpack. -- if -- create. Pocket appear in the Frans and it -- the middle section into two compartments and here's one. They can get -- stuff and it's a little pockets -- -- back when -- laptop goes what's I've slept under the council's board of seventeen -- you know I'll tell -- I put a fourteen are pretty big fourteen in this actual Christian thing and that can -- fairly well and I think you have this bigger -- section that you could probably put like a desktop replacement and there's -- -- either way. Yet it is a -- regulatory -- you know the electoral quasi real content on their audience in there that's pretty good -- medical input 85 but. Aren't -- -- pass and -- with a big headed stuff on the back that. Bags back outback has always have an out of water bottle holders you don't have to warn about these dude don't be -- -- they'll be back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As Jim hood -- 85 -- Jefferson storage and I haven't seen it that actually for -- anywhere but hopefully will be available for. -- -- While one final topic which -- promised to bring up around the time and it Rutherford quickly anyway I just -- you be sad to learn that's gone and I. Have to send back our MacBook -- to Apple finally has the best Ali and his nose left -- right I must say that doesn't come -- -- Adam ever what I do with -- -- that we we haven't been so much stuff still here we get them within a -- we have the F systemic MacBook -- -- -- you pick up instead. That is the big question. I'm I'm gonna ask dot first what he'd picked up to use as is just one around laptop instead of that eleven -- and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- HP toll at thirteen Benny -- and you're happy with that yes it's great -- -- have a MacBook -- back. I get a -- thirty editor's choice so I a would love to have the air back high -- I think there's no beating. Have super thin. And easy access gestures that I -- the gestures -- great. The fuel that the design hardware software interface is beautiful don't know temperature in them. For every for everyday use that that care for writing this fantastic and palm I like the -- thirteen for a little more of its site. On the show floor -- and -- -- ports. And dad -- you know just like in the thickness actually it was kind of nice as far as. It's like I -- -- -- some reader with an air to their for their -- so anyway that's Matt that's a good -- and you're. I when the teacher -- Z 835 super thin super light that's kind of had much cheaper less fancy laptop that's got to 128 he guesses be. On a -- of the space bar but until filming a better shows up bad that's only if a little while or I just -- most of the time anyway -- bugged her about new for the new. The new iPad -- the -- -- -- the -- guys -- are -- breakers so we should see some air is complete and hopefully this you're out of class roared back is because they got of the new government and -- I do wanna check out the Dell XPS thirteen which is very air like him and I'm interested in seeing that. The one thing I'm playing right now -- -- fun little tech -- Is just that ami had dozens and oh I don't know what I'm so what -- really Sarah these are bullet cluster -- deliberate just written about these these are monster attitudes. And they are you know. -- -- earth when it fires the -- now. He's getting athletes business -- candidates with big it was a bit yeah these -- name goes to Beastie Boys brass monkey addition. You know what they're -- -- Bellini an end and rose colored for me but they are they they -- the fact that on these I was interest in the fact that they are socially very accurate in the middle range. More of that sort of like vocal tone. And -- -- -- for live music. And -- -- -- me and -- -- HF IT news. And seven trying these -- I'm I'm very obsessive with earbuds for iphones in the middle for like orchestral beautiful and one of those costs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If they sound amazing I don't but it is a heck of an investment -- has never sound as good as over -- We're gonna do I love and -- rarely do I share yeah yeah you don't love them but they don't. Now I know they don't tell Brad Lewis the you know what -- -- because I beat to the sound headphones that found that yes -- needs a good thing you might try pace over -- -- like -- Over your -- of thing about the -- -- and some of them got favorite technology coming out Canada it's about the isolation from a Specter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we're gonna do the -- thank you -- But it does have thank you god because follow -- got a trigger action jets got you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lionel. You -- follow doses you're going to buy it comes with how particularly focused really the building speaker followed me and -- Dan Ackerman and of course you can -- check out this podcast on FaceBook it's seen Atlanta gas soared to step. Cnet.com slash team Atlantis cast except for except for I'm gonna -- a little music. And actually go into that. Try to. To meet them feeding back into an hour service through a line -- that with the demos. The new streaming software that whatever south chemical -- Seneca organized it was a little vandalism -- Hi everybody could hear the M -- has. -- Yeah. -- --

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Tomorrow Daily 106: Our 'Best of 2014' Extravaganza
27:44 December 24, 2014
On today's show, we celebrate another year gone by naming our (and your) favorite tech stories, pop culture news and video games of...
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The big trends to watch at CES 2015
2:55 December 24, 2014
With CES around the corner, Bridget Carey tells you what to look out for at the tech expo. Expect buzz around the smart home, virtual...
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