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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1580: Men have little interest in Pinterest

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1580: Men have little interest in Pinterest

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Rafe Needleman and Donald Bell join Brian Tong on the show today to discuss all the new video-streaming options coming down the pipe. We got Amazon, Viacom, HBO, Netflix, Verizon, Redbox, and now possibly another service called Quickflix. Which one will you choose? In other news, the iPad 3 is coming in March, and we investigate who exactly Pinterest appeals to. If you are a guy you most likely have no interest in Pinterest.

Today is Thursday February ninth 2012. My name is Stephen -- Primary human eye and Donald -- and I am Brian Tong welcome to cnet's podcasts of in its currently it is episode. 1560 who I am joined here in the house with the boys -- -- well Rafe. Come -- back. And in the comeback for this week yet I appreciate your are currently here -- vast knowledge I know and also Donald bell. He's been working in here we have we -- -- I was talking about how much I don't know anything about interest. Back from where we will get to European tourists. Comments this is astounding just isn't the wrong demographic could be -- here -- that's not gonna sell that -- necessarily -- according to -- voicemails and emails -- -- -- a little different but -- the -- guys they have come into the -- also everyone -- -- live chat -- at live dot CNET. Dot com you guys can interact while we're talking and asking us questions and is -- part of the communities we appreciate you guys all for coming out there. But we're gonna start things off in today's leading headline that you just can't escape. Apple -- all things. The first week of march this. Allegedly were purportedly happen here -- Cisco at the ever winner center of the arts where they've typically held their big events and were expected to -- Something may be similar in form factor with the new processor but. Kind of to support this new revelation everyone's going crazy for rate you -- to -- squealing in our inner -- I don't squeal and Alan nodded not in not having to another -- -- reveal reminds me on how to enable. It was merely down -- -- it's so. What I mean what can Apple do -- -- they can't make it can't change to form factor radically just -- just gonna keep the head. With to get to keep the head and even more extend from the Android crowd. I -- also the select a rumor that could've been -- march of last year it and when they unveiled the iPad two. In early march as with Apple's battle and then there's there's there are protection 2012. They'll be an -- -- of the guys backed an entirely new market sense that I mean that's that's the joke list and get all this because it's coming from all things the -- -- coming come from you know. Yeah it's so it won't cost Quad Core were here first we heard it was in the Quad Core may or may not but it looks like maybe not who knows I don't know I'm not even gonna say I'm a minute -- that around because none of us in as the room now now we don't know. Jack about -- -- think it's interesting to me is. You know the -- the iPhone four S came out and it was the best selling iPhone -- in the history of the universe then. And it was. Basically a really good upgrade but it wasn't revolutionary it was just. Revolution -- good I mean seriously under the -- in the iPad three I mean is it gonna be the same thing it it -- it. Due to sales what the iPhone four arrested over the iPhone four -- don't know if they drop the price a little money. Without a relatively little logos and there will charge earnestly but they don't have to dealing and the -- Apple could do would be to screw up the lead the party of yeah established and -- to be like. Absolutely invincible. In face of everyone trying to unseat -- in the tablet market. -- new you know what everyone is expecting you know I don't think anyone is expecting. Great huge things from the iPad three from what we've seen and other Apple technology you know we're expecting to see a higher density possibly -- higher resolution display. Respect in the C Syrian degraded at a faster processor and possibly a better camera. If that's what they bring to the table that's good enough now -- really I don't think anyone's gonna say. Did you're gonna have the people that are still haven't purchased an iPad and that we're -- at Christmas he had. We -- will complain. But would still be the highest selling ipads and that it inadvertently -- the article had to pass through little -- and iPad HD unit at pinnacle itself out then they will are prices by the -- on the iPad two. May not -- on you'll have you know it's fifty dollars over the -- like eighteen different models like -- are right now fifty dollars between each one's so no matter what. I was -- yesterday what the current going -- -- for a refurbished iPad one news. And the lowest priced like the the sixteen gig model still like 340. Now you treat an early yet so I. Etc. so I added I don't ever want -- predators -- I mean if you just even like you said scour eBay there's a crazy after market. For just Apple products across the board then there was a survey done recently that showed that though I don't know the exact numbers but the resale values -- of Smartphones for at that were exactly the same age was like twice as high for iphones -- Android phones. It's like the Toyota Camry of -- phones. I actually -- ivory sold my iPhone one for this impressive and definitely used as an -- locked in a contract yet does so. Also -- you know guys wanna take a peek at what. This iPad three might look like it seems like there's a fire sale on the iPad three rear how to -- and the -- up. Everywhere in multiple sites in different forms so. Donahue did a little sorted out yeah and I want to make an iPad but joke out of the being the rear of the iPad Bennett and didn't seem ended its I had no idea what's ironic mention that I thought about here -- good -- title we have some iPad three booty shots. Right they got that could've been headline but now I am that the it looks lake. -- develop pimples they're certain that it's got all -- -- the -- are circled. The circle temples are there to as the evidence that did different. Shape of the internal you know the inside of the back panel here does that -- little screw holes for that would hold the that the logic board on to the the back panel -- smaller. Which would lead you to think that it's not -- in the same you know processor. -- smaller scaled Otellini -- processes -- leading some to believe that is not going to be a dual core or Quad Core science Quad Core processors. Because the size size would not allow for that. But then would also mean bigger battery different camera because the actual camera look like the locations -- gotten a different way. You can read the -- -- here in and get some -- and it's going to be different panel different camera different processors bigger matter. I think ultimately -- the big thing is it's the form factor pretty much. Other than a few tweaks externally like camera looks and changed butts and also I'm getting the rectangle -- my god but even more even more on this topic. It's -- they move the camera it just enough. So that you're still gonna have to buy new cases backwards you accessories it's part of how they do things that this'll -- and so. Anyway is where only -- 334 weeks away. -- to march. Market under -- Get excited. Or whatever -- open up your wallet and last year. The iPad two came out about a week or we can app after the announcement -- -- mate so that might be similar similar timetable but there is no official. Or you know. No one has found out when it will really be bringing -- -- the market so that's the Apple stuff. Arm -- to -- to some other great things and things changing up in the media streaming business. Yesterday there were reports earlier in the week but this was going to happen but Amazon. Wrapped up a deal. With the Viacom bringing content from networks like MTV Nickelodeon Comedy Central. VH one and more and really bottom line 2000 new titles to the Amazon prime instant video service. Which is now. Grown quite nicely and yes there -- knock in on Netflix is door with their integration of this in the prime service. Yeah and also ties into the Kindle fire you know -- -- streaming on demand. Innovation that -- -- well another thing that. And -- brag about compared to the competition in the MS eleven to do -- to these and Amazon video -- can be downloaded and other Android tablet you know what I would like is an Amazon video -- from -- iPad. Her -- I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon but I and we seriously just the other night I was like. And I'm Donald is home to entertainment -- -- accounts and new TV and you know broken all that. And but I wanted to watch. Drive. AM in debt and that is the iPad device. And that's that's the you know it I'm -- -- in my bedroom -- You know I don't have strategy -- -- but I do have an iPad and -- -- an end drive is only available -- drive isn't available on Netflix but this on -- for -- But there's no way to stream. This path that's not it happened I was at -- -- -- -- We'll see what Amazon could do because you know they've been really liberal about putting their apps on. On other platforms although you can't rent directly from -- I would be surprised at least if you could -- And Amazon prime app that's only for the free content -- stream just like Netflix because Netflix does it rate you have that subscription you just have to. Plug in you know. Get access the app they can do that but it when it comes to rentals of new content and it'll probably be a thing where you have to go to their website in unlocks it and then you can use the app at least to view it but the transaction won't happen. Within the app they could do that. Make -- go to website and do exactly but they could do that in the could. The question is does does Amazon want to sell. Fires but it wanna sell content if they wanna sell content they got -- -- as much it is possible. On the iPad and they have a Kindle -- For the iPad which is great I use -- all the time but they don't have a streaming -- -- for an idea that's come c'mon Amazon does let people out there who would buy your content. And they're not -- by -- absolutely. Cell Amazon Viacom on the hook it up and other -- projects are and I can't -- like okay. In other street in other streaming media news HBO has decided to invest. In a Netflix -- -- -- lookalike from Australia they call themselves. Quick flicks and and that that's. And deserves a chuckle because remember Netflix initially had announced their quick stir service for dvds. Netflix name is Netflix take the two together what are yet. Clicks quick -- so. On Netflix hasn't released hasn't established a market in -- -- yet but this is part of HBO at least looking to experiment and getting involved in the you know treating their own streaming service Netflix even intimidated -- -- -- -- in December that HBO Netflix. Would possible in the future look a lot like each other this is a step in that direction we we've seen HBO. At the moment offer -- HBO go service right as a complementary piece if you have a subscription but haven't establishing the service. Obviously would change the game for them and make them enter I even more direct. Competitors will also see Netflix step in making their own content to rank again with some of those deals we haven't seen them yet but. Hopefully we'll start seeing some of that stuff in the next maybe six months to -- everybody's into this direction I mean it's just a matter of time. -- broadcast TV is gonna go awaits them when it's all gonna be -- And this streaming model is the right model just the transition is really difficult because -- expensive and you've got these. The whole companies -- businesses set up for one way and to move to the other way just is really hard but I can't wait. I mean I I just think it's great you know go HBO and to do -- favorite -- make com. What is HBO go -- to make that available without having to also have a cable subscription that kind. Don't look right now that's -- right now ray we we know that the the other thing that. With all these things shifting over you know -- right now in the transitional period but once these apps are coming out and people transition to. Using these apps -- gain access to these services. I've got to wonder if will eventually start seeing data caps aren't. Actual cable service and in -- our home service of everything we start doing becomes -- -- The natural progression for those companies is to now put in data caps. Is that's if that's how -- consuming -- content I mean it's it sounds crazy but he it. It happen. It could don't -- a weasel and carriers now will have -- have the argument again about. Now -- -- and and then now the cable guys will want the services of their invested into come through. You know with it for free or or with -- not counting towards your caps and that'll be the whole lot. When he called extra -- the Internet Europe. You know you -- -- -- frontiers yet like it and the program two years. A could be something like this peak hours in around eighty guests answer is that downloads like caches -- -- predicted content you're gonna wanna watch. On off peak hours and you can watch back. The thing is if all you're doing is watching T this going -- -- -- like -- -- if all you're doing is watching lets companies continent you know you want -- to shows at a time or three or four hours at a time -- and that's you know being generous. In a house. That's a lot of data but it's not that much a lot of data so it should be an amount of data that would fit under any reasonable. -- then you know couple hundred gigabytes or something over -- month with as as -- within increases. This should not be a problem. We're not talking about downloading the entire. 500 channels at once because you don't need to be just what it would stream -- -- watching live they shouldn't be that -- -- using it shouldn't be the problem -- you even look at how we've seen. As a cell carriers and how the you know they do their data caps but also when you look at something like okay. Text messaging technically shouldn't be charged additionally because it's using the same network right right cable. And telling these -- these movies are these services in the future it shouldn't be a problem but it doesn't mean they're not gonna split them. -- -- the question is will Comcast find a way to screw us in the future I think the -- -- ethics cannot connect it with me and nothing -- but not content. You know go down screaming in applying. To I'm not so sure they well I mean the Internet is not that I mean the the service. The the answers for -- Verizon Comcast -- that for the wired connections I mean they're you know little evil on the carriers though I mean that's a whole different level -- today there's they've leveled up. You can't do it but I -- I'm not. Ten dollars and SMS or ten cents and estimates and that's just wrong. So I don't know I mean I have Comcast and it's actually pretty good. -- I mean you know if we look in the chat room we have. You know whenever one of our people to chat shade are seen with a family of four and that's the thing that to consider it was some of these art and these are already going of their 150 gig eaten. Per month limit so it's. As as a chance that I mean it's it's realistic about will change -- will -- -- -- all these things these are all wheels that are moving in that direction another streaming. Little story that we have here Verizon. Teaming up with the red box red boxes known for their dvd kiosk dvd and Blu-ray kiosks -- -- can finally there are few stores -- some eleven. They're teaming up with red box to offer -- video streaming service that they're hoping to launch sometime in the second half. Of 2012. And on demand video streaming service Verizon will own 65% the new joint venture red box will own. The arrest and red boxes owned by parent company Coinstar -- -- not only owns those kiosks but also -- that. The little queen redemption and I've actually says that the -- yeah I think I -- -- -- that Comcast bills somehow. Critics -- think that's so on the you know this. Verizon the -- If they integrated this into their a in to their phones because we know how Verizon loves to litter their mobile phones with a Verizon apps. And for the most part it's been pretty crappy and then -- -- anyone will tell you that of of the delivery method. Even the quality and general. This that this would be another kind of Verizon's already killing it with their four G network. And Ace of Base -- rolling this out in addition it's just another reason to jump on board with them to get presence as opposed to. As opposed to -- -- had an -- I still want my. My media. Service company to be different from my pipe company all even I mean it's okay to be different which is the fact that what if Verizon says we offer. X -- -- programs for free. Maybe not but let's just say as part of -- Rising user they have the best -- network right now I mean -- -- of those things where when push comes seven some of the connectors they might say oh yeah just it's a good move -- for item. So it's a look at you like Amazon's free video on demand -- for Keebler prime members yeah I mean it would be it would be an interest in Clinton. So also just in a kind of -- related story mobile also -- Coinstar and the whole red box phenomena. They also -- picked up. They purchased all of Blockbuster's kiosks because blockbuster themselves have had their own -- us they've been struggling revenue wise. Red boxes agreed to buy their entire collection it was a deal for 100 million dollars to acquire those branded kiosks -- currently. They added around 9000 machines with this deal to its existing 35000. Machines based. I'm red boxes really in the -- -- -- seen progress in dvd rentals when the industry as a whole is dropped 12%. For a combined sorry combined dvd and Blu-ray sales dropped 12% but every once in reading these things like a -- -- -- -- -- some -- -- like that so. Red box not only physically increasing their footprint but also getting into -- eventually gained the -- business. That's smarty pants and its market eventually those kiosks go away. But they're writing their -- how long -- A who knows what and but I don't know that it only recipient but eventually after going to just than just writing the curve writing them you know the could be -- can be one of those things where the kiosk is -- as it is something. Magical. Eye candy and I -- he hates about a -- -- them you know I do use them you know. I can't say -- I wouldn't I wouldn't think that I might be the clinical. Typical customer be villains of all there's nothing political about it make it -- my mom told me that it thinks that but Obama. You know they can -- -- that its its its -- and yeah I'm have to wait for -- you know what's really convenient -- back on the couch with lake you know she goes propped up on your belly. And going you think she goes on your your Alley no -- -- that would be Canadian idol is only that are in imagine that picture right at big -- belly. The Aberdeen and this is -- -- -- -- if you go to alone. Delete delete it had -- -- a -- and just with it with your. She'd only fingers just on the remote islands is on -- -- -- buy and you're watching TV it's also going to do -- -- out of the house forget it. It's -- beautiful image. Of the beautiful and it's also -- out of the stream business and this is Canada a little surprised all the Carney. Is removed mean all of his tracks from is a collections. From Spotify. Are -- and rhapsody -- just a few days after releasing his new album. Lovely titled kisses on the bottom this is -- -- iPad I don't understand this unless this is has got to be -- negotiating move because this makes absolutely no sense. -- musician in the modern world to look at how we -- -- -- Donald Donald Russell you know. I having just in my own little experiment. Out with my own band like I I get reports from two core handles all of the -- getting music on the different. In a digital download sites. And an iTunes money like the money you make office selling even one track off of iTunes is still its. It's so much more than what you get off of that half of a penny of many key stream from any of these of the services like. The promises of course that once people get hooked on streaming services that then. You know artists can push and and demand a better royalty from these these people but as it exists now its its like. Just little minor percentages of a -- does get a sound strained and not -- of you know something like Spotify that it'll take somebody like Paul McCartney saying I know this is a joke. An order for I think artists to get a better percentage of a streaming royalty. Right I -- so it is it facility is that. A very visible way to say look we -- the streaming services are not good for musicians right iTunes was. Streaming not so much streaming not so much -- her -- I doubt it not I was I would just kind of thing. When I first read this -- descending like I would baseball analysts are benign -- -- nonsense for Spotify and it's not helping musicians now get. -- that is that -- -- actuality I'm not happy about the promise of -- musicians -- for up and coming musicians is that -- but the services like Spotify have a much better viral kind of -- -- people see that you're listening to this -- and they want to check out what someone like Paul McCartney doesn't need like. A viral campaign to get you know hit him popular people listen to his music he can afford to do this good for you put that case good for you Paul. Also just as a heads up in case I thought it might have been related -- it. Problem but it looks like you may not be necessarily Paul McCartney is also doing a live concert exclusively. Through iTunes and the Apple TV later today as of this there's a I think it's around the some -- 7 PM or something like that so anyways if you're instead. You can take that out for free and that's cool in so I don't want anyone catch me listen to announce caucuses on the bottom side. Sir Paul it's sir Paul can happen on my jumped ahead but this is also kind of not kind of it is important to mention. That the end of an area Kodak which we had talked about who filed for bankruptcy earlier to try and save their business. Eastman Kodak has announced today that is put an end to its camera business by the end of June of this year Kodak. Expects to phase out its digital cameras you know what's interest -- market codec was never camera company. Now there's always -- -- film camping -- collecting it make cameras they a lot of campus but they would lose the razor razor blade model they were always to push -- film business and visual -- film obviously so what is the camera company do when it set up. Basically to make money from and symbols. Does this -- -- they plan to focus heavily. On their brand licensing. Not sure how much that that's the 14 and -- but also really more than anything. That trying to attract companies that might need some of their patents Kodak will still offer their Kodak gallery online service and their retail based photo preteen. Its inkjet printers. Will remain on shelves the -- for a long while. Time. So -- you know sat musing here but this is the way the industry is changing so Sega biding your Kodak -- -- -- camera little. Little portable play sports and all that our guys are gonna take a quick break but when we come back we have plenty. Of Google news Google -- the -- even some more. Also. -- you know it's a it's a little few days after everything went down but what actually happened with that. And Steve Jobs. And the FBI. They wanna know little bit about him back in the day we'll talk about all that when we return. Our guys welcome back to buzz out loud joining me in the house this week -- mr. -- needle in. Here and smiling Donald bell. In the house is wells also mr. Stephen -- children in the boards at the I was pumping -- up a little more than. You -- Alright -- back the stories guys we have a little bit of Google news in the Google blocked. Google is close to launch -- a cloud storage service. Rival -- Dropbox. According to the Wall Street Journal. This is -- like Dropbox Google's service they're gonna call it drive. And it's their response to the Internet can connected mobile devices and storage space for your files and documents and get them anywhere anytime. Now -- smiling. I find this so curious I -- I've written a lot about synchronizing. Dropbox competitors. CX sugar saying Xbox dot com now. And the thing about this business is that its. Terminal. I mean it's still growing. But you can see the cliff where all crashes because everybody is saving things more and more we've got. Spotify for streaming music button. We hope. -- your documents are stored in Google docs your photos are being stored on up costs or or wherever and a new cameras. Coming along that automatically upload your photos. Your videos are being streamed over the web the only thing that you really really -- in the future so far they only really really need. Local storage for. Is home movies and even that over time goes away so that the need to have eighth quote file storage system. Is just. It's terminal business and I find such -- and everybody's chasing it. Leaving Google has their music locker service to other award was music beta for handling your music. So yeah it's it is -- I mean if it's just. You know it's not it's not as -- a mega upload or something my that if you want to share a move like a falling pirated movie with somebody else. I on this indifference or -- different service of that and I mean. For myself because I do use Google docs sometimes that will primarily work can provide personal stuff I do use the drop box. But I don't see that. I mean more and more people once they realize you know Google docs -- -- a lot better and it's it's a more than usable cable service and you know sometimes it has little hiccups. -- in there but for the most part. It's -- completely usable service I don't. I'm I'm one of the few Beagle that still uses drop boxing -- once in awhile but. There's -- there's really no need to -- say not not a not a high need for it then there's other ways singled out -- -- just email your. Email your file -- -- it from anywhere and placed him. Right now Dropbox and all the competitors to -- are really valuable and useful. It. It's just I. Things are changing an I think Google's doing the right thing and -- hero and I think that people are still -- for the next five to five years. People -- are still going to be file based it's just. Eventually we'll reach a point where that slows and starts to decline them. And may be -- wants to get in and become the infrastructure for all these apps like Evernote drink. To store their data someplace. Centralize and set -- in their own servers and they'll do an S three like thing where certain new businesses continues the global infrastructure for storage and and the scarier thing. A circular eyes -- also -- 88. Comes right into play with Android too like if it's something that Apple's offering them access a certain amount of you know cloud based storage. Immediately when he pop open in. You know boot up your iPhone I mean I think Google would want that same serviced just on a competitive based. -- the same thing about this is you know as an Apple user they have -- -- mobile me service and one of their aspects was. And I -- often where you uploaded files you can get them for -- -- from a PC or Mac. They're actually removing that aspect of their service while there's or bring it on because they've seen people are migrated dropouts a big thing here. Is for -- -- -- -- there's a mention -- That Google name. And the fact that people are already doing Google -- -- -- that's gonna. That's I knew I would suspect for me I'm probably gonna pull my stuff off of Dropbox and distorted my Google -- -- multi fairly easy Dropbox is pretty well entrenched it won't be so easy to pull yourself off of Dropbox because so many interesting new web services are getting Dropbox -- and you know and -- which is Dropbox has brilliance is they're like. Open up to -- the open up the APIs are person -- -- the whole lot better than as a single product. But Dropbox has done a much better job. Ingratiating itself and warming its way into the new web 20 infrastructure. So. We'll see that it Google's just you know they have their hands and everything why not grant writer really got to do it -- -- Also on -- and other Google storage facility made -- laughed as. You know everyone's looking to make a little extra money economies kind of turning around a little bit Google wants to help you with that by according to report they'll pay you. To track the web sites you visit. Yet the if you like that that's with a blended -- search and is promising up to 25. Dollars. In Amazon gift cards. If you -- -- -- the web sites you visit and how you use them through project known as screen wise its a net extension. -- even -- you sold your browser so easily the Chrome browser that monitors every site you check in and. Oh yeah I'm installing this right away 25 dollars Amazon gift -- it's -- -- millennia when my kid turns like 101112. Then I'm signing up for this I can see what he's doing and if you can't but Google -- -- and outlook and again. Well guys unfortunately at you know this article is posted -- this morning. The demand for this has been so large that that you can't at the moment. Get into their speed -- page I don't get this. And -- five bucks at your privacy completely read this I mean I just don't get it but you know it that the site was -- -- is worth a lot more and that the six was a -- about -- there's a lot of people that still don't value -- to them it's like. 25 dollars surf the web that's okay with. Let's let's not make fun this is actually how we're all gonna make money in the future we'll all be Google's you know little -- is -- we're gonna drive our Google map cars around a deal to give updates to Google Maps. You know what they're Google branding on the side -- aware of mobile T shirts and won't have Google life feeds. You know you're absolutely right and it just paints a picture wire we -- -- -- that the next week on X essential chat. So also the screen wise -- an initiative or program that they have going on extends even further. In return for collecting a web -- data on every PC in your home by installing a -- data collector a -- collector router. Which in addition the Chrome -- -- are staying at -- says a Google is also planning a program that will pay you 100 dollars just for signing up. And then it's forty dollars a month for as long as you participate to kind of cover some of those cable those came moment if you set your pain -- I'm sorry if that people will mean that is I mean that -- -- -- really you're selling a little bit here Sobel. To Google to enable them to -- -- -- -- Elvis look mistress -- -- gonna pay you 200 dollars if they can -- -- to your house to take your blood -- to get. -- how these two into the school and drag. This daily insulin to -- -- a thousand bucks for finger FYI the screen lies Bergen is strictly opt in. For now for now -- -- you know we've seen Google. And an entrenched in the you know how they're dealing with customers' privacy -- that privacy is a hot buzz of buzzword an issue are right now in the tech sector but it. While the the fact that people are are more than would do this. Kind of boggles my mind a little bit. And that's kinda sad it's kind of sad sad -- anything not confuse me and it -- I guess I think it is interesting that we have this this you know. Dual nature where where we add on once I completely criticized school for invading their privacy and then the -- the site we jump at the chance. To have them do it for 25 gift -- while it shows us -- right here don't actually write him and it does show the real difference between what we as pundits you know. -- -- Bowden and what people out there in the real world you really care about. You know where we are I mean. We are habitable bubble here and what we say is important other people like trying to five bucks for -- -- when I I guess I that -- the only part that upsets me is that there's. Damn I'm prize is worth -- that Apple could. Like if -- -- the -- is -- -- and defending the the end until the right price comes on the twenty I don't have this -- -- card you can you can do better than that people you know what you're actually -- a very valid point which is that Google's data is gonna be a little bit skewed towards people who -- their privacy has not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- other super high -- people like you can be like now my privacy is worth more -- of Google's -- and know what people are really -- now because guys like you're going to be saying no way. Stephen were harping on this would you do it. I would not do it now but it's this this is only for like a certain amount of time only for like a week. Will track your old that was it but -- they -- they said that the extension that is a program where they installed router and then you get a hundred dollars and twenty dollars per month. To be a part of this more long term that's what they're that's not -- -- that's -- going I don't think I would just crazy. That is crazy nano monitors in your drinks when they say drink the Kool -- they're going could mean that rates are right also just in a quick little update with a cool. In the Google world you probably already heard that they finally released their Chrome browser. For Android devices. Very nice and in addition to that development I haven't I haven't been able plant itself. I really don't have any -- it's it's really good you like it it's fast it's awesome its -- should be yes I put on my on my galaxy nexus super. Prime whatever idea we should also is only -- in San yeah and area and how's how's the tab browsing like it gets really isn't an inefficient and dumb I liked the fact the bookmarks that I have already sync between my PC's over Chrome sync. That is pre Madonna mobile also I just -- -- for Android also will not be -- Any flash supports. In case you're wondering why maybe some of those little fashion sites that you visit -- were probably the -- was really eating at me yeah so month. You can you know you can view content pictures of close to once. I just -- as the New York interest -- -- popularly I had at a time there. Actually I'd only put too little tech goodies oh my -- I'm trying to refuse or somehow make my clothing. Interest board private I don't want people to see that but I -- to click here to see what you Wear an identical. The wedding dress like and now will because you don't know about Brian comes gothic Lolita -- oh yeah right that's totally private. And I should not about you brought up on the shelf now I'm thinking about it now is now is actually special access and immediate -- that got data. Sets. All right only we talked a little bit about privacy Rafe. Yes there you've been writing a lot about this whole time I thought I was done with -- you have he's -- unleaded but you know let's just talk about -- in the whole. IPhone address uploading it right -- -- what I'll summarize in the -- -- okay -- path is this little social network is a very private social network if that makes any sense so it's it's for sharing you know real intimate moments like I got up at this time I was described their -- -- buy -- I don't -- in that -- -- -- just -- it like it is yet. So with with your close friends and it's a very popular service is a very beautiful very good service among the -- to -- now. The problem the path had is that in order for a social network like this to grow you really want to know when your friends join up. L or when their -- -- path was doing was when you install the iPhone app they were taking your iPhone address book. And up loading it to the -- servers so they can do matching when new people join that were in your address book and then they would you know send you a way to have him join up. That's how they help the network -- But the problem was they didn't ask -- users if they were OK with that with path storing a copy of their iPhone address book. And when that was revealed they got in big big big trouble among people who care about such things. So people giving up there into the web browsing activities in Google they -- care. Yet these items 25 dollar gift card in that's right general manager venture -- they could afford anyway so what happened was Dave -- and the CEO path but Apple blog post saying we are so very very sorry. We are putting the new version of path which makes this an opt in and furthermore -- deleting. All of the data we have up but we have downloaded from you guys are from from our users I would disliking all out so if you want it up there -- -- start over and -- It just the store and then have played out that earlier 2010 he had said we do not upload or store any data Evan walker put up a story saying. He's a big fat liar. Of course at the time that he wrote that -- saying we don't do that they weren't actually doing that -- later -- -- -- -- continuous -- -- I can't -- a -- I -- -- -- what's interesting about this is that what he did was wrong and it actually technically may have violated the terms of service that Apple -- with its developers. On Apple of course makes. Didn't do much to protect that from happening they do protect location data but they don't protect contact him in the same -- we'll probably change that. And yet -- -- day it was a -- that day for path and yet we put up. Well little hole on the article they erode after their apology about how people would be reacting. To this and -- with the options were is -- apology enough. We know it'll -- a is it's -- -- it's enough for me thanks Dave -- no I'll never trust path again see I don't see what the fuss was about. And that after voting with this you know kind of smaller sample size but so -- enough 55% people of the respondents said no I'll never trust -- Yet -- peaceful people don't like that they don't like not -- they don't like non trans opaque and its. Path should have been way more clear about what they were doing and why they were just running so fast they got ahead of themselves and it was a big mistake and it's hard I I I doubt that they intentionally write to do that like maliciously I don't know -- look I've interviewed Dave -- the CEO of path and I believe I really believe in talking to him and seeing what he's been trying to -- watching path be developed. But he's actually trying to build -- servers and not trying to steal people's data that's not what this company is about however he screwed up. Yeah you know and people are -- for people and upper forgiving on the net especially can -- behind -- -- that you know -- Edit and political -- I Ariel for real names on the Internet I think -- on something with that. -- right arm also if you want to talk about you know identifying yourself knowing who you really are. If -- are about the story. The FBI did a background report. Back in the day around 1991 on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs the late Steve Jobs. After he was considered for an appointment on George H. W. Bush -- president export council so. They've released. Some of these the actual report and it's it's a long report. And it just I don't know -- an -- revealed anything we didn't know about Giles but you know everyone can have a little fun with it just the fact that. He could've been on the expert counsel. He would have finger and will do what's via was the question of what the number one the thing -- -- -- came out of this is when they directly asked them are you a Communist. I'm surprised that I mean I saw that in the in the PDF there I'm I'm surprised that is still question that we ask people. But that's not -- topic for the show and I got an X mark yes or no and -- -- that's like a Rico things have you evaded any tax is this like. Have you have you ever been was a Debian been a member and any to have a group organizations. Which plans overthrow government. Lapels worth more than -- government right now so much. You could probably say yes on the one -- anyways its like a fifty page report if you really wanna look at at all. I chose not to it's -- -- -- your tax dollars at work with you know they could just read the Isaacson book they would it's that. But this was ten years ago I was -- -- -- -- 22 was it. Twenty years ago. How little he has changed. If that had changed so are you guys so we got a little bit of science news to you -- you -- buddy Steve and -- films. So this is very interest story. Some scientists and researchers at university of Berkeley headed by Brian Paisley have discovered. How -- read people's minds and convert. Convert their brain waves into actual audible sound. So people never do that yeah yeah and I -- but I can't read minds but I think in the future we're gonna be able to read minds. So basically they've been able to isolate in the brain where we actually hear different frequencies are free -- brains. Process different frequencies like there's one specific part of her brain -- -- here 1000 hurts another part though here like 5000 -- -- him they've been able to. Manipulate that in to actually producing audible sounds -- actually have a sound of them reading -- rain old -- for hearing. Pretty pictures. That is not sound noncommercial -- They went -- this your brain on alcohol and the idea so base here this here's. Well. -- -- -- -- -- So that is the computer interpreting sound spots and turning it into an audible sound you can hear -- -- make out so let the -- was the first part with the actual person. Said and then they played it. How the brain actually interact -- at rates in the -- and was talking and then the in the computers reading their brain waves and repeating it back to how low are they hooked up to to do this -- -- unit as scanner of some sort the I think they just let electrodes. -- -- wires and I'm not exactly should -- -- -- -- to the article but it is you know. Thought police are coming soon so mean that cops gonna look at you revealed the scam -- -- thinking. The likely yes there -- meta for the use forward to -- if -- as a musician looking at someone playing the piano but this has off. The musician to build a detective despite what -- from being played visually. But the sound would be so that's kind of the same -- making the connections between. You know seeing that -- actual. You know electrons the other day -- them -- when you read a sentence -- just read it you don't see it out loud. Your brain produces sound inside your -- you like hearing yourself talk. So that's that's what they're trying to that's what they're trying to isolate here and tree into an audible sounds next week Google paying you -- -- an electric cap on your head so that they can hear you're not lately and I read my mind at -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Recording anything their rhetoric with its public right now but I'm -- -- I'm recognize. Clearly you guys have to say about her show a last week we asked about interest. On we not a lot of responses so let's just see what we have in the feedback. You know we -- trying to figure out who pay interest really is for. Some people say -- in some people say. Guys a lot of people -- women but now we have some voice mails from aryan in Champaign. And others of you that -- hopelessness. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It just heard about it you're not too long ago but I'm actually in very sick on my alternate -- interest. Like a creed he wanted to opt bureau ordered it for our wedding invitation expert -- -- for the people. -- bridges for peaks and all the other stuff like all political -- and -- -- Though I'm not interior somewhat craps out church under your cool but ultimately it -- -- A lot to look at them on up -- additional. Let's unless -- too many assumptions crafts can be -- things. -- model rockets with -- -- -- -- -- I consider idea I mean I've -- -- another reader wrote in do you like crafts of his name on interest as well. What other things you craft. -- you are used -- you're you to scrapbooking -- and -- let you look like a proper amounts amount you know if you are -- them on the it sounds very don't kind of dirty at least not I didn't Donald. Scraping now not so much that I had do you feel like -- a lot of the DIY projects stuff for dudes is starting lake instruct doubles and make magazine that kind I don't know. By I would need. A separate site to build their -- -- latent interest is like an opinion board of UEU tag without up on there and by the way go to interest that come. Can terrorist dot com slash CNET somebody here set up -- CNET interest. Paid -- chemical. Com. It's that there's something about the design. You know I got -- -- is planning on is I'm gonna get totally -- on this or something about the interaction design the -- -- -- -- -- -- that really appeals to women when it. You know it does is -- that demographic -- -- -- out and I you know flame me as much as you want it just look at the numbers it is huge. Analysts I was gonna be I don't -- I like I I was gonna agree and I think you're innocent that you like the U. I think it's a beautiful you -- that I never use it. It doesn't appeal to me edit added. Hazel -- levels are okay but it is working in the in the other demographic and it's really really interesting to show to see that there how big -- difference there is that. -- right now we have another call. A -- from a gentleman who want to tell us. How it feels about interest. Hey -- well it's all well -- well. I like just certainly -- -- our current role. -- -- -- In Europe and and -- The option actually viewed. And my white -- it and great anti electoral can give one another well -- -- this is that it -- I feel like Molly -- have to say something when -- -- to clarify that I'm actually it did I think we -- This -- -- -- also someone -- called -- -- say he might have found what the purpose of interest really news. -- -- cellular development group. Cited soaring but you have to be part of -- -- Twitter and -- -- -- is an online. My girlfriend when he is like one you know something is some interest or cook -- -- interest. And I'm kind of over. -- on the site yet and -- Error with the and this -- It's a key is making my growth and asked me to do -- residents and the girlfriend you're doing it wrong. Okay throw up there you know some. You know chili recipe is -- stuff like that -- the same. From a -- me this honey -- -- -- -- -- -- and that's a tough customer that there are right arm so there you'll severe voice of interest I I guess. We will play the last -- -- a little bit but we just wanted to quickly go over some of a couple of the emails that we had one of them was really -- this was sent to us. From the coal and Nichols at -- -- crew I think this sums up interest. Perfectly this is really on great chart. -- the Tumblr. She says I have interest account and I am female but I just don't get it if I wanna share something I find online with my friends -- do on FaceBook or Twitter. And I wanna save something for later use -- -- if I don't wanna make something as to buy I do it on Amazon. I just don't see -- enters its and so. Maybe this is where amendments that -- the that I charts according to this completely accurate pie chart. Where we have -- so -- of data collection. Fees come in looks like a majority of pinch people on the -- at the -- In -- point 2% men about point 5% designers. Want to be food -- And it takes up claiming their wedding this of course is made up the start button I have to say they'll use up I had I have to say just to be clear about that -- Branson as much for the but. If interest is -- it pictures has managed to secure the wedding planning industry. Wow. Good job in this business guys and gals not a bad thing as huge -- -- brilliant business. So all right let's read this other email about the interest of this one comes to us from Gloria C ladies you need -- Colin -- -- -- the ladies right. But I'd like did you call -- all the Gloria writes in subscribers to first. I'm a lady so maybe what I have to say is not what you're looking for about I really like interest. I'm planning -- so I'm pulling together images of flowers and hair styles that I really like to help with inspiration. I also like to find other recipes pottery on the potter so let's see what other people are doing with their work and other creative ideas through interests. But I can see where it's like and it's and I and market for people who. With for people to X chromosomes ID find it overwhelming at times have trouble itself duration we'll see how it changes -- adults. As my fiance who introduced me to -- -- well. He said when he discovered I was on the site. Certain females love interest it's -- it. I don't wanna read the quote directly they just read a for the first time how to -- -- Had to be really. Easy appropriately and now -- you -- that all too well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not gonna do that again but it's we do you have a final a voicemail and then two more emails a final was no firm buddy -- who. We we get attracted a lot here -- wanted to make corrections. Brought from watching and I'll I don't want to believe a lot of general -- -- Armed cult show last week Brian Tong and that -- constantly reading -- -- on whatever it was early in epic. Chaka Khan came -- after -- But we've -- Yet the wrong season brand. With its. I got still looked nice and and I think we are also trying to say that it was it was shock upon had been -- That -- -- on other -- I have not yet -- future. -- You the okay ray if you know how to vote for this -- -- I think that's an electric company again mister Rogers and Rogers EM company. Captain Kangaroo. Like a way that need we felt like up thinking thank you welcome and of -- ninth street and by the way you could. -- -- I was still lets you -- you know this link of this until then. Hello in response -- -- site -- about the stickiness of -- but I would have to disagree I've had FaceBook account for literally two days. Before I deleted it actually find it and a boring them to each its own against Tillman 845 million people are probably disagreed with right now. Just one it is meant that there. Also the song comes us from Thomas he says I was going to say. I was having -- not amazing day was as clean and listening to show. Then I hear Brian until some caller how to -- give it dot com and interests it made my day. I loved. For. Our guys I think it's gonna do for our show this week on make sure to check out our show notes and all the links to our stories -- -- dot cnet.com you can call us. Call us at 806162638. That's -- CNET for the last forty -- and also Eagles -- -- at cnet.com. Rates. And although it's fun he smiles Donald S accurately valuable -- So pleasant here -- run the show hold it down as usual C guys next week. On Thursday. Same time same bat channel he has a right have a great weekend.
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