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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1575: What mattered at CES day 1

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1575: What mattered at CES day 1

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After our first day of CES we discuss what tech is making waves in Vegas. What grabbed your attention and which products will never see the store shelves. Molly breaks down her interview with Google's Eric Schmidt and Brian Tong reflects on his time with LL Cool J live on the CNET stage.

It's Wednesday 10112000. Well I -- -- all I have Hollywood welcome to buzz out loud is cnet's podcast -- like live brand CES. We are on dates you than originally thought it was state -- last night lightning ignited alarm for us they make. That we continues to get harder but still does this month the lot of great the potency of lord everything yet yesterday it was the first official day of the -- for -- -- -- open to attendees. And Gaza everybody started to get outlook all the duct tape -- came off the vacuuming up -- -- Every got to look at what's actually on the floor and then of course a little bit more news that we'll talk about and we had our awesome CNET party last night them. We're still recovering from -- dollar in every. -- at one time. The parties have started to gadget the coming out -- the TVs are bigger. And up and actually are our colleagues at -- -- commented Jennifer David Beckham did a pretty awesome round out what matters. On day one and -- us. And we've seen -- you know we. We maybe not have expected to be this log -- him but it's even becoming bigger the way that from kind of what I've seen and feel. Ultra books ultra -- have been viewed you know we've already seen. Companies enter into -- tablet market but specifically here -- yes we've we've seen ton of entries dealt with their XPS thirteen. -- HP with their -- which is like a Corning gorilla glass. -- laptop on three sides now but there the definition of an ultra book is also kind of changed here at CES because. But we used to think of as let's say MacBook Air type clones we're now -- is the company's -- ultra books. Fourteen inch laptop -- fifteen inch laptops. So. You know it's it's a laptop but they're kind of changing the definition here at CES of what an ultra but used to be. Yet I had a conversation -- in -- -- -- here live after this we're gonna have a laptop discussion with our laptop editors on that stage Meehan and Dan Ackerman and I had a conversation with Scott -- instinct is saying is kind of getting skeptical of the -- -- thing because they've already -- create. Few things first regarding -- and Samsung is calling the new series nine which is a fifteen inch laptop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Three and a half pounds which doesn't sound like a lot but it feels like a brick compared to something like this eleven inch MacBook or something that. You started to expect on that -- the word that they're definitely having -- basically problem and then on top of that. Intel gave a press conference on day one that essentially says. Don't buy anything that's -- at the show. Is all the good stuff and -- -- -- gonna happen -- -- and the -- there. That's when you're gonna get voice recognition and windows aid and ivy bridge -- is being sneaky about whether they're prototypes or even running the ivy bridge architecture. It's I feel like algebra thing is much more up in the error. -- I thought it would be considering how many are littered throughout. Yeah I mean it's it's one of the big things that we've definitely seen the show but what he said it's another way it's the kind of like how mobile phones have taken -- where. They're they're gonna be released throughout the year rapidly and constantly where we're probably gonna see the similar trend with ultra books take that take you know all of -- so. Adds up -- -- -- been arrested by you know to look that clearly they're just gonna get better with time you. We got a look at first like yesterday that -- and every year there's like a promising concept that comes out this one is the project -- a tablet. An actual full fledged gaming tablet. They hope and they shouldn't -- some pretty impressive -- -- -- stuff. Yet this is from a the company raiser who does a lot of great team means stuff in there -- implementing pretty much controllers. On the side of a tablet. So everyone's complain they can't really do any hardcore gaming on a tablet for razor trying to say like no -- you actually can we're gonna give you the tools to do that regularly -- to see him. How how people here in how you know it's one of our nominees. They are not yet actually -- that same company got the people's voice award last year. For the switch blade which is the mobile PC gaming and on and off -- -- gaining lots of little hot buttons. -- -- Doesn't put that out there I don't remember if it did or not my Googlers while we discussed it with but that but it does it looks like another kind of potential. -- -- if it happens it exists it's amazing house and the like delegates so much present the end that it comes out eight months later like. We talked about a processor at CES where a lot things to get lost in the shuffle once that was the year actually goes by yeah but all eyes on everything here another -- -- -- are still -- seem to -- Okay it's up and its -- I -- -- I but it was. They were able to manufactured -- -- it's been like a lukewarm reception but yet again cool concept from you know also on the some of things that we've seen here at CES with Intel finally showcasing. Their first mobile phone this is from Lenovo -- the K eight country. -- this'll be the first mobile phone that comes to market it'll only. Come out to China and they have not said the bring -- -- the US yet but will come with their midfield processor. The K 800 have a four point five inch screen it runs gingerbread. But this is one of the announcements where Intel really trying to step up their game in the mobile platform with the where they've really fallen behind with our chips and processors you know Qualcomm with their snapdragon. They've been behind the race is everything is transits the mobile. There really trying to make the argument that we can parties chips that are just as efficient if not more efficient than what's out there and you'll have to we conceivably come out with the later in 2.0. And I was happy to see Paul Otellini focused so much on -- during a keynote yesterday because that is you know that -- that -- press conference and talked all about ultraviolet. And people were saying -- it feels like. The real thing at Intel needs to be talking about is this war with arm why aren't they mobile -- -- -- -- -- better jobs of they they kind of finally be started their keynote nice sort of saying I know we've been in the game -- language in -- job I'm good. But we're super gonna focus on -- like we're all -- -- is that there's nothing we haven't worked this year we are all about. Though you got your hands on -- -- last night. Yes I mean the phone. It's a little block the write it's I'm still I'm still not a fan of -- like four and a half Ivins form factor yet I still have its not to have your -- -- I don't want I don't think they can travel up I mean I think I think four incher is Florida -- five at a gig and it gets a little you know. And comfortable for my hands but up the phone itself illicitly I didn't really feel like there were any advantages. Of its speed and snapping as compared -- we've -- on the market right now. Even the operating -- although with little different it wasn't anything that is everyone's gonna flock to an Intel processor but what Intel's challengers. Getting their processes are getting their platform. With vendors. Everywhere -- if this is really the only phone it's gonna take some time before we see either the processors across the board by other manufactures and other manufacturers already have these relationships. With other processors like we talked about you know arm processors -- snapdragon -- the hummingbird from Samsung apps of that. How much entry in the market legally get his -- going to be their body in this venture of -- can they really get on board to push their mobile platform. -- and they did have Motorola. Motorola -- -- Motorola joined Lenovo but announced that they would -- Intel powered Motorola devices later this year so there is. You're exactly right there may be a little traction we -- They've been able to trot out one partner British and the fact is a lot of these manufacturers especially that long lead time to be found some stuff thirty -- It's it it there's no question despite what they say their. Really late to the -- actually watching how this evolved -- the year I think it's gonna be one of the more interesting sort of company like industry stories. That we get to -- Lenovo like we -- another for Smartphone also. And we have a cool. -- -- The I have to say looking around the show floor I actually didn't think there'd be a lot more Smartphone announcements -- -- and there have been some. But it didn't feel like the flood from last of the Droid bionic and Atrix -- -- -- it was it was like it does not like phones -- -- other than a few phone announcements here but not. So many so we put up a -- At news.com asking our readers what's grab their attention so far at -- yet. If the we have an audience here really quickly if it's the look at data is that it's really what is really rabbit we're gonna just read down the five I've -- that we -- we'll have got razor and from what -- read and seen what is grabbed your attention so far here at the yes. First of all a bigger thinner smarter fancier TVs than -- that in the number one thing that's caught your attention. Okay yes no -- books. Alter votes and the new mobile laptops super slim and presently fierce -- and playing I can tell there I think -- -- -- -- -- -- these -- Uniquely designed -- like laptops -- -- -- tablets have not been tickling your fancy. Now now now now -- -- of the panoramic video on Smartphones. You guys OK hello I got a little bit a little bit greedy printers. -- -- -- -- I've added that according to our survey right now we we are were close around it it just came out and about thousand votes. The number one thing that is grabbing people's attention this year right now -- at home at least at home. 30% responded with the bigger -- cancer TVs. It's working. Now it ballot that lists after you heard that entire -- maybe some people all. Actually it is the bigger fancier TV we talked about how it's gonna be really they're pushing this is the center of the that the but -- have -- seen the led displays. I thought that I was. I really truly thought I was over it pretty loud IDB's at CES and now can't get your brain cancer in the TV aside like a house lawn and this and and -- and that I sit in -- -- TV and I just I was -- it is beautiful. It is actually that much of an increasing quality and -- -- -- -- -- on any time in the year -- -- probably not. Right but it was. It was enough of an increase that it was really. It's it is standing out I think people are actually seeing the value -- isn't even if they're not necessarily ready to buy. It's still it shows that TV's top outlasting. An exact factor and that their focus on -- has diminished people's interest and it's happening TVs with a better picture. Yeah that either great lesson right stick better -- thing. Yup so you guys can you get a chance take it out in go to LG's Booth and Samsung -- -- displaying their alleged that some of these TVs are literally four millimeters thin. There -- ridiculous thinner than some of the phones that you guys have your -- Sharp I think is showing up at eight KTV. Which I am dying to get my eyeballs on I heard and it sounds like. Their -- -- ridiculous client but. And I encourage you to look at that and the LG -- 84 inch 3-D it more today monster monster TV really -- -- of Florida -- -- take a quick break when we come back we'll recap some of the cool things that we. We got to -- yesterday. Mainly friends not what I do that now what hello worlds and voters. Welcome back to buzz now online at CES they have a studio audience they would -- that is coming out anybody coming out. There's going to be a lot more amazing programming on our city might wanna sit right -- we're gonna have an epic look at laptops and -- to. -- that. Fitting then we'll be on arcade -- yet talking to -- time there are pretty excited about now is the place to be allowed to tell you see a predicament that down. There's room. I think yesterday we had cnet's kind of does like our premier panel event in the next big things to perception where we need. Talk about what we think is going to be the next big thing next -- tech trends expert point of this series focus on ecosystem. Tech note that about because the -- ecosystem with -- around roughly nine million times it. -- and beyond. -- this you know this really this idea of all of your devices working together in concert either from one manufacturer. Or all powered by something like Android so. I sat down went we had a great how much I thought that Eric Schmidt. From Google for twenty minutes we talked to him Baxter's the president -- -- America's consumers and enterprise divisions that we talked -- -- -- -- BC guide -- on your partner -- -- on the Amazon board and we really just got an overview the whole thing. But -- -- -- my experience. Yeah I was gonna say that that was kind of world in the news bits and packets came from you had a chance that you're the one interviewing him it's your mom if he seemed to be a little -- -- of your questions and not -- them directly is that an accurate statement lastly if the fact that if you. Mark my words he won't go into politics the through good but they -- -- -- panels available online -- the whole session but. One that the main thing I took away from the the thing I really want to try to get a question on was whether they feel that Android is too fragmented. Because I feel that way and when I asked. My Google+ -- -- my Twitter followers what they wanted to hear what their number one question was. It was some version of one of the fragmentation and -- -- offer a stock that was that -- clever suggestions actually was. Could Google start offering -- stock Vanilla Android installation like secondary rom or something. So that you could just install socket 900 you have to know how in them like an obvious ignorance. -- -- -- normally do that is not happening in fact is that. He doesn't think that hundreds fragmented he thinks it's differentiation. Between devices that continues to offer greater freedom so differentiation for better or forward for better or worse and a that they feel -- but. Our panelists really especially lake currently is a venture capitalists and Flickr -- who founded sling and is on hands on board they both seem to build Android at this point. Is pretty much unstoppable in terms of that platform is going to drive. Multiple deployed devices in fact we even saw we've -- up to I think. One from Lenovo intact and one from a TV manufacturer that I'm not familiar with -- Android powered television you know. And Eric Schmidt told -- -- -- even operating in at least one refrigerator that he knows that. So that was one of their goals about a -- ability announce that kind of initiative the push and -- Its other platforms aren't like they wanted -- home appliances yep we're sorry to see that keep out there so because of its flexibility. At least to be able to do what these manufactures wanna do it that it is going to live a lot longer -- just beyond the mobile devices. -- and -- and it seems like bodies and you know I. Sampson -- -- at -- rate is an ecosystem but it involves all Samsung devices. Amber -- -- ecosystem that is. Their platform. -- the congress that -- -- I would say that dot is actually at the end -- I asked one question it was you know my last question goes. -- answer that question and answer different question its bit. Public under the covers that showed that we always right when you ask them what was more important because I was hardware or offers or exactly what -- -- -- -- egos. A package that I'm asked to tell you what most surprised in 2011. Like -- that instead -- where -- -- asked them if I plan. He -- he and it eventually answer eventually did answer the question -- idea. Politics but another thing that you guys can look or -- -- -- -- national rate limited tech panel. Death penalty at CNET and that's it for today is day at 5 o'clock activist Angel -- technical document and are obvious but. It does it the other guys in about industry -- and -- -- -- be -- -- some ire from Google. -- award at the CTO at Cisco and battery maker founded on Flickr and found it on -- operating -- -- it's gonna be a fascinating. Election when I think -- talking about why there's never any group here at the. -- also CS you guys know there's a lot civil celebrities that come out here to partner with companies that. -- -- products but. We had a really awesome opportunity -- we'll take interstate yesterday but he wasn't here to -- product he knew nothing about it he came to showcase his product its called boom diesel. And it really is -- a -- changer for audio music production. Where you can real time. Treat music with someone. In a completely different location let's say someone on the east -- some on the west kill someone -- -- completely other another country and be able to make music and that. We got to test -- out we got to play with that. -- get a little rightly -- us right now because you. -- -- -- -- -- They have the most fun time -- -- -- -- a little bit of the late night on the I don't know delighted it was obvious you I don't -- I don't know that's embarrassing anyway it's actually fascinate -- -- that I don't watch that -- -- -- idea collaborative music making -- -- very cool -- About -- -- -- I mean he's -- really Smart guy but we walked on the show floor. A lot of times sometimes we do these two -- evils wanna walk through them they don't really care now about a technology -- I would I think you wanna stop is like Alex that you got he would silken. -- -- some of the new demos that Sony had with there. You crystal LED technology he would walk up to the LG wall and we know we are to stand there for five minutes and he was like -- He's written in the units is loving every moment of itself half in and his buddies there are -- -- now Desalvo led TVs. You know so -- -- he might -- -- in -- he loves -- secondly you know he's all about it so. Everybody aliens are active CES news -- that give -- a wrap up with a little bit of non CES news. Kind of cool story. We all know that Microsoft is pulling out of -- What you may not have read our I have read -- read on news.com is that. Microsoft CES lowers basic they have a huge corner there in the central -- credibility -- dominated all the time that space. -- 845 and in -- that it. It obviously was scooped up pretty quickly a dish. And Chinese electronic meter high sense of they treatments are splitting that space for the same price that Microsoft would -- -- -- It hasn't I don't know -- toilet that priceless you know they -- it will tell us. Nine dollars because they have any sense of how much that it's recently -- -- organization -- insiders. Now I guess you could ask are marketed as I'm sure it's a lot that is extremely. -- realistic and I it's. It's really interesting -- pocket isn't all it's for years years and years and years has been Intel -- And he would be all different -- -- I love that it was disliked. If you're wearing that people weren't as interested in having big flashy Booth space on the CES show floor and there are you know apparently that's still working for them. All right so we have this little gadget have you have you had a chance to play with this little thing -- but I want I think I don't know if it's still in our back in her CBS area but. You know we had there's there's always kind of like puns silly little toys that are playable here at CS of how -- inflatable -- An inflatable bouncy -- for your iPad. -- it is not for you maybe for your kids. Or maybe for you. Adorable but it's you they can sort of embed your iPad in what is basically a giant bouncy beat ball -- It costs a dollar a -- -- your house for iPad. Okay I have a lot of fun product that I -- -- -- now. Anyone buy an effort to kids. It was Obama toys -- I -- one had -- back there that's right into it -- I don't exactly -- -- additives like. That's on that list. Random tangent you know how we talk about -- catering to the kids. Who comment I can remember the company -- Tom and I should but -- digital experience they're showing off. Literally I DVR. For children. So you put it in between your cable box and their TV it's -- handheld device and allows you to record scheduled programs. And then -- that your child can. Disconnected and take -- with them wherever they wanna go and watch TV shows that it recorded like it DVR it's one of those -- you know ice looking type toys. Little screen but. I mean it's it's scary because we see how advanced kids are getting with all this technology the touch technology employs a touch screen but this is -- DVR for your kids and -- that when I thought I'd like. My nieces would totally use that not that I'm gonna buy it for them because that's danger is -- and I wanna be a good I don't want my you know my sister this figure about a local. But kids and that stuff that's -- -- comes up of them you sometimes -- some of those crazy things but. -- there idea I like as the that is that -- I am also skeptical that the eat nothing but backhand and definitely picking our you know. The public. -- it's a real quickly not at CES and -- update on so which we have not forgotten stop online piracy activists everybody on the Internet wants to go way. I had actually -- it actually they got from the day yesterday about this -- that -- you know. Congress people are reporting that they're getting hundreds. Even thousands of phone calls about some by anti so -- calls because partly. It's such an easy sell right arrow really got to congress every love the Internet and they -- -- protect it and nobody wants to hear about people with a lot of money getting benefits -- he. They come on if they like paying these people -- a lot of money -- -- who exert undue influence on congress want congress to break Internet. And a crowd goes wild -- So opposition continues to grow -- is -- Read it which is -- a pretty geeky online forum is actually they're going way farther than the energy to avatar picture. They have announced. An entire blackout -- on January 18 the entire site will go dark you know for twelve hours to protests -- So this is and if you're not openly with them this is a news aggregate our site at its greatest news aggregators sites and -- -- their messages look. If you if you let's open -- path through stories or sites like us. To be completely removed from the Internet from existence without. Andy do you process. They would they would have no control over their Psycho analysts though they're putting a big message -- that's -- so but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's an apartment so to any website that allows commenting that is a forum that has sort of discussion going on. Is at risk for you know having someone accidentally or on purpose -- the site infringing content. Under this law. That domain could be blocked the domain could be removed and you'd never be able to get to read it because some imposes -- what was said by someone -- by a private party to be infringing content. But for those -- and for those you -- -- -- entry. It's far reaching it could take down site to literally like a you know break the Google search is eBay trend that if they could say look there's. There's a legal content on eBay we want to take that down not take down the option take on the site -- and it's not far reaching. It's really that we have already a lot about it are viewed on our talking about how to access later or have read up on it's it's terrible. Regimens and where it's. And -- speed of Google -- Twitter and Google going to be -- fight right now Google this week rolled out some personalize search results where. They are changing their algorithm instead of just simply giving -- that sort of most relevant results when you're signed in you'll get results that are a little more. Personalized to fuel and as Twitter puts it a little more heavy on the Google+. -- -- group that is that Twitter fired back -- very clearly said. We're concerned as a result of Google's changes people will not find Twitter results they'll find Google+ -- -- said. Google's changes and that. That Google is breaking the way that search works this is probably gonna be one to policy heating up -- -- Capital on Twitter information harder to find but it does feel little bit like Google. Prioritizing some of their own results which we've seen that -- in the -- thing that makes everybody nervous about Google and -- machine now. I that we were let we're getting this thing so we got -- -- We have more stuff coming up on this date does not -- buzz -- -- -- today we will be back. On Friday there's no show tomorrow because the best of CES awards presentation is happening right here at this. You guys can't miss that I am winners of the best stuff that we've seen here on the show floor up and hopefully -- products that will continue to be the best. Throughout the year but again this this is the flagship award ceremony here at -- that's -- come check that out. I get that right after this we'll be looking at a bunch of new laptops Dan Ackerman usually says that the arm load of them and we just. We look of dollars of it -- gadget porn happening about fifteen minutes here right state. Pity that I -- -- -- back at 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock to eleven attack and -- that's just today. And we are not going around the net state of the it does it stay there -- you guys have I got. -- What little. And we'll --
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