Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1573: BOL does not support SOPA
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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1573: BOL does not support SOPA

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The U.S. Government does, but we just wanted to make that clear for you in this weeks show. Kodak's facing an ugly future, Barnes and Noble is looking to spin-off its Nook division and will Yahoo ever be relevant again? Kanye West is comparing himself to Steve Jobs, seriously. Plus, we can't wait to see all the new shiny toys at CES 2012!

Today is Thursday January 5 2012. Happy new year -- name -- Steven -- of I -- Bryan song welcome to buzz allows cnet's podcast of indeterminate length is episode fifteen semi three and I have -- special. Special -- kick off the new year we've been gone for a couple weeks the -- bring in the house old editor. At that Donald Graham Mac and our lovely friend -- miss associate editor Sharon vaknin things -- common in the house. So everybody's here. Will be guys have -- nice little break we're all getting charged -- CES in the will talk about that but -- Stephen you -- -- have some big news over the break. And I -- -- we -- teased yeah and I -- -- wanna know what would happen I'm gonna tell the bus now my and my wife does pro. -- And we've known for a few months now and over the break we actually. Or actually in the beginning of December we figured out what this excellence and we didn't we didn't know we had the doctor put in an envelope again and then on Christmas morning we sky with it was like very like. -- 2000. 110 yeah but we Skype with with my her family and Los Angeles and my family and Lake Tahoe. And we open up them below and am having little boy in the wrong thing -- Preliminary and was that was that -- was that like an emotional moment like you know the let him it was the -- -- -- -- -- it felt like -- in the room was like respect business with. But my wife Stanley to -- that was really cool -- -- -- That incredulous -- that lies ahead. You know it's like that is the year 2012 right now doing things like that -- -- that way I'm also during the holiday is that we talked about a little bit. About on -- CNET campaigns -- that you had overheard except that I I don't wanna talk about that company and before we get to -- is yours I guess there is that Verizon Wireless commercial campaign. Gone for a while the talked about the the holiday forgy. You add and I think that's a number number of friends and comment about how they -- -- their Christmas revelry was. Was ground to a halt when they thought that the -- -- -- holiday over to. I don't know if any -- you guys -- room or any of you listening. Or top -- that they -- in it before a similar time on how people -- sitting around Leonard noted that anti promised forgy for the holidays. -- he came across -- orgy for the holidays. And number -- member perverted friends that I have. Analyze cells we -- you have you had a great holiday is in were taken off 2012 now so basically -- we will be here every Thursday 10 AM. -- a variety of gas Molly will be back in house that obviously on during the week of CES will be -- coverage -- back to back to back. So you can expect the latest news some some of the fun stuff but listens antibodies was jump into its on the latest happenings in the world tacked on -- -- Kodak. In a news flash Kodak a long time as well. At one time even an innovator in photography but Kodak is deaf and hearing it definitely is preparing for a Chapter Eleven. Bankruptcy they're they're preparing a potentially file for the Apple what they're really looking at you right now. Is see if they can sell off some of their patent portfolio to avoid this Chapter Eleven filing and if it succeeds the then you know they're gonna be pretty much. Liquidating a lot of the assets that they have but it's a story of a tech company who at one time was right writing hi let's let's talk about in the ninety's. -- -- Was approximately more than thirty billion dollars. And -- in the ninety's this is in the ninety's and now its equity value is around 600. Million. Let's even compare that to its it has a staff of our employs 20000 strong or not as strong anymore compare that a company like Tumblr you know where we see people on the different sides of the -- of the decade Tumblr a with. -- less than fifty people. Worth worth about. Four to sixty dollars on the is also this is phones are sorry there -- about 700 million dollars. -- about Kodak. In the eighties like as a child of the eighties it was a logo that was everywhere you know -- it was just a brand that was everywhere because if you ever wanted. I mean you to have Smart -- used to take pictures and digital cameras to take pictures. You might pictures of your -- -- to -- by Kodak had the lock on. The film and they had said the -- comic all of the actual like reprints and all that stuff so you receive the Conan brand so often. It was like a company that seem like they -- and printing money because they they had. That the lock on. On people actually getting the photos made in night and capturing them so it's like how can this company not exist for ever. That there they're the go between for capturing memories. -- ditch her and make and I am a step into digital cameras. Which were somewhat successful although I know as a previous best buy and play they technically in the did you build -- they didn't no immediate. Nobody caught on to -- version of the digital camera I know gotten mostly. Elderly people who think that -- there -- because of the brand affinity right and a brand and they also actually -- design their products to be more user -- and others. And now what they're trying to do is since 2005 they've been trying to sell their other patents to make money. Money lost. And now at this according to this article only 1 -- spend more time on. Printers fully -- of what they've actually been doing is with their new leadership they have transitioned over they already have been transition over to focus on -- -- -- hoping. That's -- where they would make the money now we all know how popular printers here on CNET it's however. Most top reviews and not products it kind of is in a way because you you definitely -- -- research and -- before you -- crap you print area you know. Yeah I mean -- -- an article that's about foreigners would be obsolete by. 2013. NASA hopes will -- let -- -- -- you would only night that the home printer -- be nonexistent pretty soon because. Edit printing at the office or if you want photos you order them online problem back to letter pressed after this business. Well they're focusing enough printers hasn't really panned out. Currently with the market dominated by HPH -- not doing so hot as well Kodak ranks fifth worldwide. -- in the printer market with the market share of two point 6%. From the first nine months of 2000 limit so even if that is their main focus. They're not doing it well there we've seen other companies like Nortel networks they were able to sell off their treasure chest of -- for mobile phones and communications somewhere around four billion dollars. On in Dallas to a consortium of companies I think Apple is part of that group -- amongst others but. Kodak looking to sell off their -- and that's what's kind of happening with a lot of these companies that never really were able to make that transition. Well I remember reading a story or the I think even on buzz out loud talking -- how Kodak how they still make a good amount of money off of their patents on imaging technology like every. You know camera phone out there are still -- A little bit of money to Kodak just for the ability to take photos with their their phone -- so well they can make money off -- along. I mean that's that's that's a little bit of that so little -- -- -- change in the large scheme of things so we'll keep Verizon Kodak also when you over whenever you go to CES. A -- typically has been a huge Booth next arson in the south hall. And whenever you hear news like this it puts a dark cloud over it doesn't when you walk by you're the -- -- sorry to have the first thing you -- is -- -- Activists -- -- here next year. It was going to be there. -- But you know as it does as gonna make a -- they'd joke I didn't discuss for the record. I didn't Alley that's -- and yeah I use it and that's too somber ST somber -- It's sad and the names -- we -- attractive thing it CS also guise of Barnes and Noble's. Barnes and Noble's everyone hates it when I say that's right after -- -- Barnes & Noble looking into a spin off potentially. It's not division. Amid a sales shortfall this is probably one -- you wouldn't want to hear specs of your Barnes & Noble. It's really one of their of parts that is dean of the most attention but they said it's X -- need to explore spinning off the nook. To scale the business. An. What is was and is popular is the expected. On their sales forecasts are looking to be be -- down off of what they were expecting -- I was in the stock market they decided to respond appropriately armed and their shares -- went down around -- -- around 63 cents but really what it is is that. They're looking to potentially also internationally expand. Up but it's bad news because we've seen how the candles and in the Kindle came out full force with their diverse product line -- -- prices. But the -- is always kind of been there and you've talked about the ecosystem of how that it could potentially tilt the scales well. Yeah I -- -- there there's even a deeper question belly on ecosystem of the company behind it to I have. -- pinning your hopes on. Accompanied by Barnes & Noble has been closing stores for the past -- here. And has been scaling back their retail operations and is using. You know I understand -- pinning their hopes on -- the e-book. You know and -- dear readers is the way to salvage the company but -- -- and I downward trajectory for awhile. And we didn't -- sad to note that as -- -- Amazon who have just been becoming this monolithic. E-commerce obese you know beast. Absolutely. I mean if if they spin off the company I think they do have a chance because they're not as popular maybe not as simple touch but the Nook Color is definitely popular device and and Barnes & Noble has not brand and they have their publishing house which. At sterling publishing are -- looking a potentially sell well I'll also. But this is just another act is signed diet traditional booksellers are. Dying that people hate beating I think I need more sign is that it and I like reading. It is -- -- because I purchased at the nook -- -- and those aren't the exact time and I like. -- -- So to see it happen at parties. The good news is is that the -- still support. Kindle style thumb that one thing just to talk about sales numbers Barnes and -- did say that they're -- unit sales -- 70% from year ago although the did not give disclosed. The specific numbers comfort 2012 for fiscal 2012. They're projected digital contents. A sales -- 4050 million dollars and and that comes -- play because. We talk about the ecosystem in the in the media content available. Barnes and Noble's for the most part really just sells books newspapers. And magazines. Either for the either e-commerce site they don't -- of you know a video or music aspect of that. Yeah we're aware and -- their digital sales are gonna be dwarfed by Amazon and even when. I was debating between nine and simple touch -- -- -- wasn't even about I like the simple touch product better but I knew going in -- like. I'm just gonna get this specifically for books but there's not anything that there's nothing else that supports it that and I antibiotics -- Realigning a lot of the ad does in vs iPods. Debate -- like. Microsoft came out that Zune HD was like -- this beautiful. Amoled screen device that had the built in. -- back -- services from music subscription was like it was the best coolest music player you could get at a time when people expected. Not just music but videos and games and apps and everything else and that wasn't even there was still like. Three years behind in terms of all the -- -- that you expect to be an elegantly woven together. For that experience on this they'll put my touch as long and I and I still I still shed tears magazine and the rooms and the -- touches -- is I mean depending on the US. Advocate is is still a little better product -- the Kindle touch and he's gonna -- -- -- app since it takes more of -- -- I got that right yeah well he's a company behind -- of his time on my cellular rhetoric now I lecture yeah it's just like me. The Zune has a subscription service in yours doesn't nickel. -- And obsolete product with a bunch of books that I purchase that's the worst -- that particular are. You might as part of the course are being -- CNET and put PC. Say you like obsolete -- I bought a Vudu box okay at the time it was like 300 dollars. They did -- a year later they integrated the software -- -- every TV console. Services that you didn't know. -- and it's -- it's like evenly by the right technology about my father in mall of the roku for Christmas last year and now there's things the 49 dollar. More awesome -- that people could buy that was slick and you can saying Rupert -- principles to the right thing that. Still have to buy the new besting every year and dammit -- -- -- pays -- money ultimately. Ultimately up also guys everyone is obviously heard we don't wanna leave the show with other changes -- top. With Yahoo! with that it CEOs PayPal PayPal of CEO Scott Thompson -- people president on now taking over Yahoo! and we just gotta wanna quickly. Talk about more more than anything -- the challenges. That does who has coming forward to -- a leading -- from our own CNET. And -- broke down some of the five major points and number one whether you pay attention to Yahoo! are not really and this relevance. Will -- the bigger question is will and ten Yahoo!. Ever be relevant. To at least in the tech crowd beyond just using it for email. May be going to Yahoo!'s main page for news and sports. And then the really that's for them to figure out there they're stuck between being a technology company and -- media company we've seen. There or -- at least internally they're trying to make more moves to be more about content heavy company so people will drive there and go to Yahoo! for that. -- -- -- -- I don't what I don't understand what they haven't made clear is how a guy from PayPal. Is going to -- Build up a media and news company -- its two conflict -- ideology since. And over the once you figure out how to make pretend money I would -- -- -- -- higher than that -- Q anything. He can get the guy in here who knows how to make pretend money to happen. Yeah yeah look. Corner office the other in the past has had trouble though just figured out there identity Carol Bartz the little feisty Carol Bartz might we say -- she did help streamline eliminate some of the products. And bring together some of -- systems and in the back on the back and integrating their company cloud. And they did a set up but that's that's all behind the scenes this is stuff that from a consumer side -- and user side. We need to see. I I'll be I'll be very curious to -- -- was I don't. For them for any company that's involved in tactic had to make big waves we have to see them shake things up I think their -- coolest product that they acquired. Is into now. Which is kind of like this examined TV then I'm not saying that Yahoo! is also gonna become a product company like that but. It's an app where you can hold your phone to TV show and then attacks it -- -- -- -- to the audio. Much like Cezanne and and then you can posted there has to be more -- they if they can leverage that. To make money by may be like serving -- is a companion or being in a by product placement products while you're watching -- Is that they should've hired you but I know what to think that at at the main guys got the big ideas how to turn Yahoo! -- Analysis and -- -- -- talk about this on previous LL be did you guys noticed that it took down the Yahoo! sign where on this on the -- -- Yeah yeah I know you have a beautiful billboards since the ninety's drain yet have the light to look like a Vegas it looked like an -- Okay yeah Mac and they they took it down and sold it to -- grandma who call for autistic people. Keep an employee -- maybe Jerry Yang has -- in his head. -- few -- and middle deeply sedan with an executable. -- -- answer may be counterparts but -- Carol Bartz came out the shotgun start at. I like that it's alright guys you know the tech world isn't all sad stories right we always have that we have to have some some happy stories and I think -- -- throws in music. Think retailers get this. -- first sales increase. In seven years. Overall sales -- -- just a modest 3% in 2011 Neil sound scan reported that yesterday the from the industry's point -- music industry's point of view. Any increase. Is a good thing. Hmmm I saw what this is a happy story but it's basically like a -- -- -- for some -- plummeting to their data. The announce its -- fifth. According to according to -- -- does allow on the sales came in at 103 million. Up 90% digital tracks climbed one point three billion in eight point five parts per cent increase from last here. A Nielsen's numbers only -- for unit sales and not that number or the revenue generated. On some of the cool things that they point out here is a I I'm assuming an -- -- like. Yes a doll a -- what does -- do. She basically -- was the reason behind this you have no reason. -- this and it could be -- -- is everything. -- article says that popularity of 21 her second album played a big part because you sold. Six million and -- albums and almost six million -- of rolling in the -- -- -- -- -- the song that was killed by the radio on time I had the compilations. Is what made this happen. I think we need to all give a round of applause from the group vaguely. But it was publicly -- for a moment I still watch -- so religiously I stopped -- -- lots -- -- two weeks ago and they did this rendition of man in the -- let me tell a lot of times you don't mess with Michael Jackson's words but a man emeritus it was hot. It -- gramatica it was dramatic. Is is like the whole team come together each guy like they had spotlights in the balancing like one part the light would turn on another part it was I've never seen an episode of equally well and can you. Odd -- different but I bet -- Fidel and I also think that it has something to do -- YouTube artist I have the ability to really produce and publish your old out your own album without the help of these middlemen. We'll I would think those will people that don't use the -- if it's an independent artists I don't believe the RIA gets any kind of that. In these are people that are labels labels let us -- -- things at RIA is seen is that their antipiracy efforts helped. Because they shut down Lime Wire -- even though most savvy people went and other places. I'm obviously the proliferation of mobile devices that's got a hell yeah plus an outsourced I mean that's. I think I think they're having a talented songstress is the recipe for it for actually improving the music industry examine -- and there is an -- like this he was Norah Jones. It was -- when you find that perfect like. Like palatable every one -- eggs like. Agree that -- like this artist and your mom buys a CIE and I got -- -- exactly what you're saying it if it transcends kind of all the different little you know. Tribes of music buying and -- people buyers -- an iconic artists that actually produce. Wonderful music helps to sell record half half that's -- and it. While he added that corporate schlock more -- less -- and countless highly -- when I first got -- -- clearly you don't revoke the error. I know I know many -- that -- attention and my dad back -- -- and the convent okay we're gonna save you guys on Ellis you know we're gonna take a quick break but when we return. We're gonna talk about US the United States' influence on Spain it's kind of scary and implications -- -- but. Also Google. Making the change to seven establish their own Madden -- We'll find out. Welcome back to buzz out loud -- -- gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages in the house. Mr. Donald bell paying analogous ms. Sharon vaknin in the house is well and seen -- Beecham. And in the show -- working with site -- with -- with boy in coming. -- comment. Alright guys based learning and -- with us today I'll renege jump back in some stories of what's going on. And that has some SATA -- scary implications of how sofa might be looking -- for us and how the US government -- so but. Over the weekend that it had been revealed through a variety of leaks some coming from WikiLeaks and other media Alice that the United States. Threatened to blacklist Spain. For not implementing a site blocking -- so this is a leak letter that was sent out to Spain's. Outgoing president there has been a regime change or -- you know a new political party. Over in Spain that is now taken the reins. But come a letter to them from -- US ambassador warned that as punishment for not passing a -- a style file sharing mobile site blocking law it's called a seemed a law. Spain -- bit being put on United States trade black list. -- -- Showing the influence that the United States has with other countries to -- -- them by. Pretty much say hey we're gonna prioritize you lower and trade sanctions effort -- potentially bar you from future trading as a nation. So is as long as you. Pass a law that allows you to take down any site is infinite content that's accused of -- project. This is a power -- -- it's going I would -- You go after Spain. Why -- they first on the list it's that -- against the -- and -- irony in those articles payment and decide with. The defendants so they almost always -- the file sharing sites. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about what I don't understand why the US festive go to such extreme measures and got involved. This well this is how this is how -- it was arm more than 100 leaked cables. So that the US Purcell had helped draft the new Spanish copyright -- legislation's. On and it heavily influenced decisions of both the government. And the opposition I'm well -- this power exchange disparaging changed and the United States wanted -- -- them to implement the law immediately. But during that change rate. They were they were unable to pass the -- de -- So then as during that transition. By not -- they then approached. The next the you know the new regime India. I believe -- the part -- -- the effort yet depart part -- popularized the venue were -- party of the Spanish government. And -- advisors from their side. Pretty much said that they would they would -- trade barriers because of what the United States was telling them if they did not move -- so on January 2 2012. Ten days after the new party was put in a place. The laws passed supporting the -- gala. What does Spain need for months turned to train I mean they have the most amazing food it is they've got beautiful women. I mean really that would only heard us our our our American addiction to topless alone -- -- it would hurt us. -- topless. -- we don't mess with Spain. I agree why you. It is it's part of that package of the sustainable economy law obviously. We need is saved ups need to stop this so. They knew how the full right arm at the moment to take down any site so that has been -- by a company who owns the content. Com within ten days complaints of the right holders that -- the -- And we will take you down so nothing is change on that end. -- but -- -- shows how how. Behind the scenes. The US government is involved in it similar laws in other countries and by involved in the mean is a bully meet and other government -- -- -- -- Jesse -- and how -- And how they view that here in the US. -- -- Great -- -- we we want to stop so well but. The machine and the people beat the machine. Apparently not right now doesn't -- so we'll we'll find out also on the -- is planned on being voted on sometime this year they have not rescheduled date. For those hearings also there's the protect IP -- so these are too. To laws -- go that are going to be debated heavily and hopefully we can continue to shine a light on them so that you are aware of and and it if he gets a point where we really need to continued we know about it. But if we need to take action on it on as -- people than it might get -- that level because. The -- their far -- and it really affects our jobs done and -- that you guys are able to content on access that breaks the Internet to break several. It breaks at all alright guys. Let's talk about some rumors as we like rumors -- handwritten crazy tech stuff that people think is true and isn't always true. This one Google all Eric Schmidt he always likes that he talks okay if you get in an interview on -- Wednesday -- to -- -- little nugget of information a few weeks ago. Eric Schmidt -- -- -- tell you something mister reporter he told a reporter that the company -- -- market. A tablet of the highest quality within the next six months. Who does that will now did you times like -- Ericsson -- at it let's jump onboard they're reporting that a so called nexus tab will be a seven is device running Android ice streams -- And priced to compete with the Kindle. But it will be of the highest quality. I mean that's like constructed out of lake gold and you know the movies the latest metals of them and it. I know I. Problem parents feel like there is there is. You know Android tablets of the highest quality out there and people don't wanna spend the money to buy them transformer prime -- -- our -- they want to build announce them might desirable Warner did. The day as a high quality tablet but it comes as a high price but if there if there really aiming for -- 199 dollar. Google quality tablet that's gonna that's gonna do it at the highest quality meaning. Affordable. At the same quality as I guess them by feel like -- -- -- -- ankle part of this isn't the part of this that. And even Schmidt in all of -- -- giving. Wonderful -- thanks in the fifth thing is that access. If that nothing that makes the Kindle fire so great is its simplicity. Married up with the ecosystem of all the great services that people -- no interest before -- -- came over to tablets. Google's now just kind of getting figuring out music and video. As -- in terms of all that and Google books people talk about all the time and it's not. It doesn't have that same. Kind of brand quality that Kindle does and what Kindle means -- -- though. Good traffic -- -- this'll make things more interesting but I don't think that just because Google's. Aiming at the -- fired -- -- necessarily need me. This are gonna have to break all of the complexity. That people love about Android in order trying to make a simple device. If that's what they're interpreted it. Should talk to them don't -- did it I like digits and says the tablet could be ready. By April. Digi times also said in a random related story that a new. Two new iPad to be announced at MacWorld it's an account with -- so I I take that source Nevada however big or small grain of -- you today you Tuesday. Also. I love the Apple TV rumors -- AM you have to have a new one every week through. Every week. In the latest -- one USA today. But a few pieces together of what everyone is sane. But is now reporting that Apple is said to be looking at a 42 inch or larger LCD TV. With built in Wi-Fi. Its its cash. By a USA today isn't usually the source thing now and also gave me putting together as a result was the best part whenever you come out with the -- one of the fundamentals that you need to come out with another piece of information that no one has ever heard a kind of -- -- watch how this might be a real right. The source is quoted at saint industrial design Jonny Ive has a slick. Fifty inch TV. In the company's design studio. Notes. Of course they headlights when he iPad designs two years ago and their office. Does spine concepts and I want this that I -- is you yell you actually want this when we need it was last anybody TV. Okay and you're in the market via the leading advocate in -- now -- the timing of all the. -- though makes sense if you if you want putting your tin foil hat and might assume that Apple's -- behind leaking these tumors are these -- Inspiring people to get -- on the press red -- -- -- so much of the that conversation -- CS is still gonna be about TVs and apps running on TVs and who's who's gonna be the best that who's like the elephant in the around its Apple still had that they're going to probably -- some kind of TV this year. I actually it's gonna happen in 2013. I think -- still. And I think that if if they are like much like the iPad tenets of the pump -- from CES two years are whatever is three years ago in two tiers of the acting. -- update that's excellent but if -- when Apple -- their TV they'll do it much like. After CES everyone's like we -- really Apple in the view and then they dropped the hammer and everyone forgets about what the -- -- acts like one it. There's a TV. 3-D without glasses that looks perfectly every direction -- and today at -- Lepore and got the Apple TV will not be. Able. Oil will support it but you don't need to worry about it -- -- -- and they throw in TVs. It's not like. And they don't even price of higher because -- three it's -- like. I did it's a price that's a feature that does is in knowing Apple they'll leave it out on purpose to say that it and didn't give it to you for the second generation and I don't think it's -- -- -- -- They're -- you know it needs to make a comeback in the Apple TV. Some television whom did you ever member there there -- like there is a like got a device plugged in your computer. And it had a mix. Something like -- there -- here. Or literally I went the extra one called like I'll leave the olfactory. Generator would ever -- Clearly missed that's now Alec is that the -- the problem this -- crap that technology -- far as I understand and I'm keeping up on this technology and two week is that. Ultimately after this all the smells of come out it smells kind of fish in it yet we're still combined that's a -- -- -- -- get all the different kind of smell generating -- Little vials and merited generate -- -- it's like it's like when colors all run together and make brown VF if it at the that there. But they -- some of Tennessee with an. That's come out at this TV acting I think I'll kill it because like we've been talking about the ecosystem and they really have -- It's not I still don't think they'll -- that that's this might take because. Because of the pricing because and how often people buy TVs like when you said -- You want it I the first question -- what was last time you like TV and -- -- don't like five to seven years the wheel house of people that are in a minute TV. Especially with. The prices of what we've seen -- TVs over the past two years they're so cheap everyone -- most people. On a new plasma. Like with in the past -- -- so little fly off the shelves by that's what you want from an Apple product is now what success and out. Apple's used to selling computers how you count of five your own -- and equal you have I mean they're selling them in -- interest groups this is in a I'm just I'm just -- you guys might be bullish -- I'm a little bit -- in 45 years. Once. You're talking about once via -- talk about a nice dinner at a French laundry. Michael Minas you know you need -- -- -- and -- tell your boyfriend. -- we got mileage in of that okay also -- Apple news. -- where we -- -- -- -- -- I had done because I close the article thank you for reminding me or even beat him. Over the break also -- patents so that the next. I spots -- -- -- the Xbox and toward new Xbox and Xbox Xbox three whatever you wanna call it on rumors or -- in a -- what it could be. But on December 27 US Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent to Microsoft's specifically. For device -- would serve as both the game console. And a digital video recorder to boo yeah depend on language says -- digital video recorder DVR application running alongside -- television client component. And allows users to record media content on the gaming console. I wanna know -- Knox. And DVR. Well -- just want you. By -- to refresh the kind of looks cooler and now. I think I think and -- -- ideas that anybody's who's against Pete Cunningham said it surprised me on me. The thing today with the thing is that this would go hand in hand with the rumors that right Microsoft. Or every company's trying to find out their own way to be able to pump or treat there is our own on demand network with the content content creators. And if they do that than a DVR makes ants have a conflict with the way then and we televisions are going -- they're trying to do the same thing they're trying to prevent that from the at least the station's. Are trying to keep their current cable contracts in place -- that's where the -- the most money. Not to these -- like could you imagine yeah I want and all current plan I only wanna buy ESPN in AT&T I don't want anything else for ten bucks thanks by. That's is not gonna happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't even know the DVR reduce army would help me record Judge Judy -- the game -- -- my -- -- -- station still. -- And it would work of an Air Canada which would you be useful. Careful what is patent rumors of economic times -- just filed in order to Google -- band. It is exciting yeah but that -- mean if there is this patent specific to Xbox other gaming -- would be able to integrate that. Is this -- -- specific to DVR -- in a gaming console. That's what the language sentence though at least that gives a mum of the advantages there okay guys a listed on -- we're gonna go through some quick hit some fun stuff PayPal. Ends -- dispute ends and destruction of a violent -- have you guys heard about this. And this was kinda crazy. But what it happen is there was a PayPal transaction where a gentleman -- purchased eight. World war of violent that made it through that was claiming to have made it to World War II. For 2500 dollars the buyer the disputed the authenticity of the label and one -- his money back the buyer contacted PayPal. PayPal said well. You need to destroy it. To get and and -- TV the refund the purchase price they have a policies when it paid now topping the violent sounding like this right now. So there's a policy within PayPal that you cannot mail back counterfeit products -- order for him to get his. -- -- -- his refined yet to destroy it there's a picture of the destroyed -- that's the seller side seller was so paid sick. It's been verified heightened world -- -- okay let's F five that I can't. And world report and if it wasn't like lobbed in the middle of gunfire it is and and added a test in his back. -- don't know. I don't know. We don't know I was option -- movie rights to this right now. This is a soldier -- in on his back -- you can do guys like to name in a movie about war horse there can clearly be war violence. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Deeply plays guitar in other rock in the idea is like some weird right between that -- -- straddled him -- -- -- again and Friday its -- and law now with them into this and -- you are not getting. On man doing -- -- -- to business of this was the fact that it had to be destroyed in -- -- fund in the course sellers like why did you. I was right captain Carly is -- -- -- They -- galaxies aren't LSD. I only have seen of the town for a few weeks and it's been along break I appreciate feedback. Just relax until -- Amazing. -- right -- in other news Apple also -- of five million dollar to settle patted pregnancy we love. These -- stories but of the bottom line is Apple's been five million dollars this settles suit filed by UN micro electronics he said -- That Apple is violating a patent for multi touch technology. Apple and came back at them -- -- -- -- of -- patents -- decide to -- before the actual. Case was due to go to trial February. By million dollars done deal -- that's how you do it. My policy in -- cash used to get out your wallet from. Guilty you transition over to patent -- because I had this stuff is fascinating -- they make a lot of money. And descent. If not they -- to -- It's gonna stop but hey this. Another story amazing it's something that's more familiarity and you have probably -- arrive a little more an expert in this over just over Wednesday night. Popular music artist Kanye -- Decided to unleash like this well we like describe an epic Twitter and and it's been paraphrase an eighty -- little -- out of proportion but he wanted to talk about a new organization. Called done though which is named after his mother that is really going to be a design company will bring together amazing thinkers -- -- -- feet of space to bounce ideas and dreams of each other. He said we will pick up where Steve Jobs left off now everyone saying that -- US said I am Steve Cobb is yeah saying it. I will pick up where Steve Jobs left -- but you know whatever your Kanye West with this track record of the things he says and does. -- compared he said he was being Michael Jordan of music that it -- Jesus. Is and it says he said all types of things. On. Anyways there is I mean there's -- little silver lines of this I like the big. Ideas may -- delusions of Brandon yeah I -- he's picking up where around Charlie Sheen left side. -- like he's a he's a wizard -- reference away from. -- -- -- -- 2000 wells turn -- -- he says this organization will have more than 22 divisions -- goals to make products and experiences. That people want and can afford. It'll be the way lady don't -- way to -- Yeah and -- Nutrition at bass should be -- is mission statement just way future. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd like to Kanye I just don't ever like the Simon -- don't ever just. Be careful to say because sometimes the Internet and it takes at the minerals as -- I will be the next Steve Jobs. Not some of the sometimes in room and they all. -- admit this headline that I'm reading here as it's -- united he's -- united -- Steve Jobs Michael Jackson and the queen. So what does he think he's the fantastic world title -- member designer. Why is doing is people possibly could do something brilliant -- I think Connie is a must Eric Holder can't -- Apple. But it is adding I actually think he does have some good ideas by and a yes Steve Jobs picking up where left off morning -- News flash I am special I will never be one -- -- -- Thank you and I apologize to the chat room my -- -- the wizard blood reference I meant I dagger island. I'm sorry I'm sure he said wizard -- at some point in. You guys that -- really -- serial I mean I know which are seen it's I don't -- -- because a manager like that. I like -- fortunately I hereby grant you'd give you more power more mythical creature abilities critical -- -- -- -- The reason why we love this leading government is Swede in -- Swedish government -- -- recognizes file sharing as a religion the church of -- -- Religion is central Tenet is the free sharing of information as informal formally recognized by the Swedish government. Obama's lead and all information sharing its hole lead this is real guys I'm not I'm not messing with -- and -- the value of information multiplies when -- -- they hold. Control C. And control the keyboard shortcuts shortcuts or copy to basin to be sacred symbols. Of their religions. And wrong. Me. Formal acknowledgment. Yes. And church of optimism. -- wants to know how -- I convert. The this copy and paste maybe that's all you need -- this is actually interesting tactic against this open thing because then they can't enact legislation against it because it's a religion. A religion we can't we can't put it so here because where we'd be offending the through that this group. Now that's how we should do this is certainty they have an official logo. Lead the church's website -- -- I'm going to right now they've all it's just a much attacks this is Apple Maureen. Then they do need to -- -- going to be selling cool. -- Control C -- like a fist of power. Just something to something. Anyway is on the that that's all fun but. That's a lot of the -- -- -- -- but we wanna talk about what's coming up in the go Las Vegas that alone. -- -- -- -- -- We're looking -- sports a lot of things maybe go around the table we all have kind of different beats -- division that we like to see here. Sharon. Looking for anything specific -- just in general -- a CS. I'm actually very excited about and what televisions will bring last year it spent a lot of time and you'll. First look videos in Vegas I do although I do not all of -- we all do all else. I'd you know you almost I. I deleted all of I mean it's not belittled his life. Yeah those are your grandma. A bunch of different categories clusters an -- time with televisions and it was all about the -- so I'm excited to see what else they may bring in May -- they'll. The last list 3-D well and make it splashing in -- I would never really used that they just like to see that technology act. There's a lot of talk about four KTVs. Bridges. -- -- -- -- -- I -- budgeting LG is bringing and so that's that's -- and -- man IE I don't have a specific beats out -- and keep my hasn't been. Yeah I think it and think to be able LG they have their out -- 55 inch -- that -- even talking about we've seen -- led. Displays as far back as maybe three or four years ago Sony released they had a seven -- -- led that they were putting on this on sale. For 2500 dollars. Now you go from seven it's -- 55 inch even though it's been three years since then it's still probably be pretty expensive TV. But oh -- makes I mean the best way I can describe it yeah whatever rob rob lock infinite contrast ratio in makes HT look better than HD. For all the things that's. And it's kinda hot but it's inexpensive -- like four millimeters thin at the base certainly guts of the team is circuitry is separate from the television itself it's kind of like in the base. You think we'll ever get the fourth dimension -- relate where jumpsuits to have rumble packs in them so that it can feel you know all of that there I have the -- And then with the head mounted display in the smell O vision comes in for the fifth dimension. A -- I want the body suit that taxes they'll. Like an -- he acknowledged he accidentally it acts in movies at all it's not. Other areas. Okay I'll be looking at -- -- he has Donald. I'm I'm looking forward to a lot of attention being shifted to windows eight tablets -- Which I I don't technically cover -- and you know. But. Yeah I mean there's gonna be a lot of ice -- -- Tablets weren't you know I've heard that I schemes image on the tablet you can get up and running get the basics. Kind of shown off. Baghdad and not not much more than that so I think we're gonna -- -- any of last year's tablets a little bit thinner and showing up ice cream sandwich but not anything that's gonna be a real. -- I -- we announced a super shaker so I'll be covering a lot of tablets. Nothing that I think it's gonna steal the show and seemingly the Xoom running honeycomb last. Also I mean you might be -- that there is that tablet -- next -- -- name was like mega something that was gonna do a glass less 3-D tablet. -- -- for that I'm sure I find I'm sure there's still the applicant for funding and without mile -- and they'll they'll be Adobe -- -- your email box. Also -- some cool little nuggets and have come out before hand. We talked about the LG TV also grow roku they're launching in fall but the enemy showcasing their little streaming stick it's now basically -- USB dongle. That plugs into a specific port on your TV set. Not all it's -- it and it would resident NHL ported I believe it's like a USB port or is this a sorry it's a specific video port. Culled and HL I don't know what the breakdown of what the actual -- its micro. HDMI something and I'm just making it up off the top my head but that's gonna be available in fall. Some of the TVs -- be announced at CES will have the -- but we don't know if any of the major manufacturers up to this -- like Samsung or Panasonic. Will be supportive but it's a roku -- the -- He said dongle. It's a stick -- a box I put it up on that are it's a stake in Amtrak's. Also -- we wanna pimp some of our coverage that we have going on. Next big thing which will feature Molly Wood and frankly will be talking about the ecosystem will have just like Eric Schmidt. -- I think. Official from Samsung talked about how that whole how they're trying to lock people or. People come to their ecosystem and needs and their forget. -- we have women in tech -- some air from Google and others will be part of that panel. And then we always got to bring -- annoyance with some cool -- celebs L cool. Be on our state doesn't have access I'm excited for the -- cool JS LLZ eight hi has. We're gonna we're gonna actually do a live recording session from Las Vegas with LL cool. Engineering alive recording session from -- with -- -- -- I date. Kids hide elements. Stood so anyways now we'll have that cool stuff the funny thing about fifty cent as he came on last year to promote headphones. He's coming again this year -- to remote that -- Minimum bids -- it's enough cells and had thought -- Don't that we had a dollars in new tellers a different companies -- ask them what -- they -- it's a different headphones a bit of -- coming what happened over that. All right -- over -- a bus a little bit of science news for you. Are right this is the coolest science means it's in a long time scientists have figured out how to cloak -- him. And it's so it is so incredibly hard to -- -- gonna work collectively try to figure this out -- so count me. Don't be configured as a share. Okay so scientists at Cornell University figured out a way to edit a little piece of time out of space and time by. -- -- -- Reflecting light and like making light go out of phase so that a particular piece of time cannot be perceived. By human by humans. So the scientists created a lens of not to slight but time their methods splits light speeding up one part of light and slowing down -- -- like. There's a way to get when -- -- sound out of phase like the sound like -- -- it's there but it disappears. So they're doing that with light. And it creates a gap and that gap is where the event is -- You can UK okay this is that a quote from Alexander gates. The director of Cornell school of applied and engineering physics you kind of create a hole in time -- -- event takes place you just don't know that anything ever happened. So they use all these fiber optic cables in the shot a beam of light and they were able to edit out. What is it like a few trillions of this of the second. So there was an event that happened but it was masked by -- By the light -- bent that's crazy -- -- -- like you can't go back in time and undo things about this is that the real -- cool application you can just undo the present. -- you can hide your eyes and hide the president bill I could go rob a bank yeah exactly -- -- that I would bank hides it says bank -- RIs. You can -- announced. And you wouldn't you be looking in that spot and then you wouldn't see anything happen yet I don't know if you would -- -- that -- he and I know I would you would use this tool to hide it from the viewer. Or you could just use a can of spray painting covered lands of the security camera like they always do. Or -- in the term -- to video news or bend time. Yes and time. And -- so -- this is cool thing about this article also is there their necks that now is to increase the time interval you said it was -- naturally it yeah there were gonna move it to a Milliken a second forty training. They hit an event that was forty joints of the second. -- they think they can get it the cloak to -- a -- the second but then they also said in order to stretch this out to a full second. It would take too big of a machine. About what is it Dem machine or the cable -- that would be required to this would be about. 181600. Miles long -- -- that happens. I don't hide a -- of time that no one can -- could be why we never find the higgs -- on non you know may be eggs and then god particles is living inside of this little. -- -- -- -- Before break we're going to announce that they had -- and I never I know I never saw. We will deal will look into that and talk about a buzz out loud when we're at CS and a few days does. I don't think there's been resolution -- that you have heard about it -- -- -- sand is 2012 on enemy claiming time cloaked for a lot of things I can't remember. -- -- -- -- -- Let's say got a voicemails -- of -- -- here from you guys. This first call came from someone who's caught this -- depressed after reading a 2011 tablets to avoid story. So -- it is. -- -- -- -- I just want you didn't know how old very depressed science after reading. Your 2011. I have -- too old boy. -- Meaning long and 160. Culturally and expensive -- could all the Korean War worked well in its. But so long and happy people were multiple -- that. But thank you it was entertaining and I'm actually working on -- iPad so. I'm happy people spend the money for bikes are full episode -- Apple hardware -- is now illegal and it's not so it Donald I mean you had -- come with analysts via was and this is depressing for you well. -- usually depressed. Because EU seem like he was happy that he had the iPad and he's beating on there and I don't believe him to -- is actually he was reveling in his decision that I love them. There is an undercurrent smug and that whole. Message. Via it was them it was she got tough -- -- there's not a lot of -- eight in this effort that the -- along M 150 and a few others that there weren't -- the horrible products out there. A lot of you have -- putting together a top list of mediocre tablets doesn't have the sizzle it's like. Don't -- these tablets -- your. That's a better headline you -- a moment -- Well maybe after CC -- right. Again -- to die after looking at -- it is it is it was interesting though looking back at the year that tablets have had from Mike. Even that that Walgreens tablet and 99 dollar Walgreens tablet as the -- on one. Being such like an event I couldn't remember like -- -- -- -- remember the 99 dollar Walgreens tablet and it was such -- to -- like it was so obviously a bad. Product that people still bought it in tried to make that thing work. And and and then just mean that read up next to like a 700 dollar on contracts. Zoom and that 3-D. LG. G slate -- this like this weird. Analysts out -- announced -- and then kind of ended -- this Kindle fire. -- admin QUS. Aren't known and they don't need that anatomy. To -- do we put a feedback loop millions in doing cumulative -- I had a bad forgot it stick. -- a I have been celebrating the excellence that is even beat him was still excellent to be honest I think -- technology's army -- -- -- with local it could. Alex is missing now is like he jerked -- month -- -- -- -- audio and amp. I write some guys gonna do this little thing where we don't circle going to rotate and read the emails if you guys of the emails pulled -- so also the first want to chairman -- -- second and -- compared. See you guys are seen how this publisher has been made. As we speak are here just on -- -- -- from Steven -- to see -- spelled the same as Austin. There's only a few ways to spell Stephen. The cool thing cherries -- -- -- really like to make a prediction for 2012 that some computer maker will create a windows eight or less likely IOS tablet. That someone -- and IOS tablet guessing that's going to be. Apple that falls under this now will have. A laptop and desktop dock which will have separate processors and ram so that when it is docked. The mobile processors will be supplemented. Would the additional resources. To present the user with a full. OS experience. And this -- of course then spell the end of traditional laptops and desktops in 2000. -- -- most of the song. You like that. I like that I guess -- and his or her. -- and -- council's vote yes at least the transformer doesn't have separate processing inside of the dock in case you lose it never had that capability -- -- and it -- it and then. I mean that because it was like the -- the Motorola docking -- -- copy of the Atrix four GH allergy yes. And they did that with another phone after that and that mean that revolutionized everything and came out that -- -- and now think anyone has a phone anymore that doesn't dock into a separate computers. Saying that -- -- around and it includes spreadsheets right here's the good and bad about CES last year. That whole mission it was hot like the hot as it was like and his image a Georgia. Ducks. And it's become -- Actually I'm sure a few people use a few when I say if you literally a few people you know it's a joke is this is one of those kind of flying with a hard jet pack idea's really that's obviously the future and then it you get a -- -- go. -- -- actually -- -- And couldn't get it and it still has like a video calls too as does the for the same without any of these -- like -- To the degree that -- with Arista pre clinical -- advertised them like this sixties and sent me as like a replacement for regular calls. You're it did take a long time will technically video calling to your -- still resonate you know is still hasn't caught on its salty if computers are duties hand held devices now but yeah I never took off -- These lasers -- -- -- -- baby name announcements or baby gender announcements and things like that -- like I need to get a Skype -- together and get everyone around but it's not like. A video phone as he -- my phone at my desk. -- where you know tea for well. -- -- -- on -- is looking camera idea. Analog I don't think about being camera -- are excellent -- my mom my. They aren't when I came out of the -- Yahoo!. V you don't only talk your mom down on but it readiness is a -- you know this is a -- issues straight up because there's -- let -- -- -- you want to know why because every time back to the -- is like he got a -- -- doing got a MacBook -- let's let's let's just -- Whole final look it'll look well put together like girl always say that latency as a guy I don't like this the unflattering angle that most. Honestly -- get my T and already have my machine is a multi lookup your heads -- -- better and it'll work out with the I'd have liked that -- -- even if you hold it right I know I know of solar down and up. God -- around. I know guys guys I take that back at night and I tonight and -- Ellis nine and funny. I I got but again not -- sexist now but you you don't like it because inside immunized in Europe to you about that was it because you don't always like. Presentable because it isn't present -- easements on more than just mom and raised near -- I've done ultimately -- viewed as a matter what you -- and that's true -- now. I know -- I am met with close friends and your parents doesn't matter but I'm talking about to make it ubiquitous him if the reason why it hasn't one of the reasons at least mean it is the present results -- because sales business calls and acquaintances and things like -- a need it's a perfect. And on and I I wasn't -- are -- expert -- I'm sorry my standards are different. I think that there's a ton of different reasons I don't duplicate of it I looked great and we actually now that -- helps me out as I just don't give a crap -- -- -- -- It but I also don't look back to communicate -- to -- some people -- remain at my laptop or my mobile device and not everybody tax. Anyways who talks and I -- -- act. Now you got you know it I'm sorry I guess I'm a -- -- here I enjoy talking on the phone. I -- my friends I wanna hear their voice only be able connect -- IOK guys I wish I were a better person breath. Q when I am -- I wish it or not I wish you are better prevents it I'm I'm I'm I'm everyone who knows me in my life which is that -- -- and this is Wang. That's oh so right now the -- newsroom 31 texting -- calling. Tax you it isn't and that's the main way communicate taxing look at the -- They say is ultimately but I am delighted my way to call more often just 'cause I -- I respect that I wish I did that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- AT&T no longer sponsoring buzz -- -- a couple of it's all -- all right email I have gotten out of my essay here is that Gizmodo I think was overlooked but -- -- out there -- but it could. Easily be done. I think and I don't know who this person is -- an -- but Google will buy T-Mobile in 2012. I'm just saying they've got the cash and lots of dark fiber so why not. Eighteen were in AT&T and Verizon shaking in their boots more so than Sharon can make -- -- and boots with her. There are comments by AT&T cellphone coverage AT&T cellphone coverage depends on the region in the area that -- -- and men they're back they're sponsoring us again. Thank. -- Idle and AT&T Google Google by T-Mobile. Interest in I don't know strategically. If Google to become a provider yet I don't I mean I don't see in their product line -- the product offering that they have right now if they were going to maybe integrate. These whole like three G wireless antennas into liked. Other consumer electronics. And maybe but they would have to control that. And they don't have any of products -- compliment that or have. Plan to release it would also I would think screw over all the relationships they've been developing over the past five years -- Android phones and every major carrier if they have their own even then why -- on your phone even even just from whenever they've built their own hardware everyone's like wait. Are you trying to challenge us are you trying you know they've always had kind of the reference phone but right now the Samsung nexus amazing phone. That's that's -- hot that is like what I want a Google phone to be like right now that's great but every other manufacturers like -- election when a sub what's going on with that. Express its -- and read this email. -- -- -- Aaron had I can't do that -- the novel and the hello gang. Something I have a MacBook iPhone and an iPad. -- have a Kindle a Samsung galaxy S two I don't running windows HD ready -- men to look for him to do we do and I was a dot net developer for sixty years. I like computers gadgets obviously. And I'm getting a little tired of hearing that oh you're just an Apple fan girls comments subtext. Oh you're one of those people that would pay thousand dollars turkeys of two -- -- and -- and had not allowed -- -- -- -- it is just stuff on Apple as a company or Steve Jobs as a person I really don't have an opinion. -- -- This easy and I -- -- families often heated discussion about Apple products and people who buy them they're really something. The heated discussion was not coming for many different people who do not use Apple products rock and I end up having to defend what I'm spending my money on. I'm really thinking and -- a grown -- dynamic ram on any and I can use it however I see fit so mind your own business. Insert Beyonce tracked in the background I am glad that this is a woman writing this email I do and it -- -- thank -- that's why planets like. I'm starting. VA. Potter and people I know who use Apple and I. Double click on it handles its of the Google docs on the hospital data -- school. I'm certain -- potter and people don't use Apple products just sort of -- them and don't talk about them very much. People who don't seem to give it much more thought and are surprisingly aggressive when they talk about people who do. Many times and someone writes in Asia into the show and are really upset about something they are referring to you guys as being too easy on Apple. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw I can't help but wonder at what is it about the company that provokes such passion. And unique and from Stockholm's fleet and and. She is honest converts to have -- The -- hiring converts -- is that is that a quote from sex in the city and the you know I mean I don't carry brought -- second I don't want you -- -- -- -- -- -- I would like -- I generally like blues -- brand job that I do think you. I am -- and other remember that makes me think that. Just so sure there's a lot saying yeah but it is not Apple products and so much more than anything else. There's also a thing where it sometimes -- -- a light. Like I don't wanna say a class thing but people like oh you just oh you have so much money you gonna buy Apple products it becomes -- -- -- -- -- -- kind of like. -- what what is. What is your money worth to you what are you willing to spend it on -- I. Plus cross like the the class and so much but I I do you feel like. There is a sense just among my friends who have you know iphones that is linked in only wanna talk about it like yes that's the one giant -- the -- -- I don't think about it. Where is like that the people item -- Android phone. Folks and maybe I am exposed to a disproportionate amount of them. -- -- Wanna tell -- all the time about what Romney on their -- out how they were able to. Reset the device to get it to not be you know running so slow and overclocking that there -- obsessed with that device act in a way that. -- -- -- -- -- Apple owner -- -- -- I think that. -- and especially it was just the obvious answer this is the obvious purchase and for all the -- users like you side it's. They really did spend time comparing on the -- and maybe think about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ecological and -- in this thing I think after -- once you've invested in advice you've made your decision. You feel compelled to defend your buying decision and it also routes from the fact that because Steve Jobs it was such. I would like the passionate association with a brand and Steve Jobs was -- -- and associating either love or -- season. People were able to form emotional connections positive or negative. To the brand and that's what that's why they care about it so much if it's like right now with the transition Apple -- anyone who knows how many hits or misses all have moving forward. But -- out that the face no one's going to say. Ol' Tim Cook said this they're not -- there's not a brand loyalty is not that there's not that person that you can help to personify it and so I've got to imagine. Either Android is gonna become -- -- of them the more the more passionate or it -- -- economy. We've gone back to the top of the the podcast that type my -- I mean talking ballot fees you know -- -- the people buying up Kodak digital cameras is because it was a brand that meant so much to them when they were younger regardless of who's in charge of the company. I do think that brands can transcend. -- whoever's running the company to beat up into there. We -- can have your loyalty and have something you trust this gonna work whether or not at its. You want to make -- You're gonna lock down the -- you can't walked out yet mechanics you -- diet okay guys this is our last email. We like to provide fair and balanced in Mosul -- -- the rights to -- says I have been an avid listener to your podcast for years now but now. I learned that CBS is supporting soap -- I have discontinued their podcast and -- your parent company changes its mind thanks -- We'll set that I do wanna remind you that it was actually here on this podcast. Where we outright did bring to the attention that our parent company. CBS. Fashion companies a -- retail companies. Media companies but it. It's clear. From our thoughts and our views expressed. In this show that obviously CNET. The and many of its employees are not in support so like. Donald almost locked out of the show. I I did until I realized I had more to say and I came back but. We feel like with CBS does I think that's the point that we. I'm sure if you -- the larger things that some of the companies that you're working for or above the top that you disagree with it's I brought -- the idea of us all quitting in protest. -- have you can I run cooler but then I went in about ally and an M in the -- -- -- So who better to have our our voice to dissent out there. Tell you about -- and how much -- -- so here's Seth arm let me Davis I bet you probably was in the -- then I'm an. I'm in my money on it that we keep it real for you with you as for you as much as we can I think we -- I think it was -- of -- to -- CBS on the list and call them out. Other companies would be like. Those guys over there -- solemn. Bottom line we do not support so here. And if view -- sternum and it's your choice -- and it's and it's your choice to listen to our content or not we you know we wish you well. Enjoy not laughing for the rest of your life. We've got a lock on laughter. Here at buzz out loud. Yeah well as hello Al Symbian and you -- slowed its. Okay guys on the check out our show notes everything you heard here because like you and you're not -- -- listening to us right now. A -- set us up as well we'll set to stop listening happens all the -- right. Our ideal world -- our show notes in call us we have been gone for awhile but we will we back next week. I think we're gonna be on -- mean Ford isn't there something much much days yes it'll be -- in -- with CNET live from Las Vegas and we're gonna all the podcasts. And everything will be year old strong 806162638. CNET is -- phone number you guys can you Millicent continued emails. A -- as I'm Brian Tong Donald bell is here. Share guidance here Stephen B tamales here and we appreciate you guys listening out this we will see you at CES in Las Vegas CES. When he twelfth CC SCS. Games. Disease.
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