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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1570: The Galaxy Nexus has landed in America

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1570: The Galaxy Nexus has landed in America

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Today on Buzz Out Loud we are joined by the Rumor Has It girls Karyne Levy and Emily Dreyfuss. The Galaxy Nexus has crash landed in America and SOPA is set for a vote on amendments today in the Washington. We play a round of Into It..Not Into It and discuss what the world searched on Google in 2011.

Today is Thursday December 15 2011. My name is Steven beat them. I encourage you leave me I'm really like this I'm grandson happy holidays -- -- -- -- because people put up a little -- give -- That track is so killer that is courtesy of bill who Bauer I hope I'm seeing your -- -- bill. Who buy you are here advertise that they -- in our view the super producer by the way that -- -- is so that. -- thanks so much for that because one of things that we always. We -- we don't say enough to the -- well crowd is thanks so much like the community. Can do these things that's like some high qualities. Yeah it's not mass and around. Right that's not just like a button -- on -- -- warning in the system does not so you guys welcome to buzz out -- it's episode 1570. Cnet's podcasts -- in -- -- now today. In the house. We have two lovely ladies the rumor had a -- join us scurrying. Emily it's actually Karine we -- sorry guys I let me tell me tell you Tony Stewart let me tell you I'm not let me tell you how to how to pronounce it reading. It's like your careening. Downhill. It -- I feel like I've said -- entry in different time it's nicer and I -- I always just answered about and then that's why can't actually haven't any idea as the overwhelmingly because I'm the I'm the rector at some -- -- -- So. That's now on today's show we're gonna have the rumor has a girls and we're gonna have a little special segment with in our show. Everyone now let's talk about the rumors about today we're gonna start off with the news of the day there's there's kind of -- a few hot headlines but really more than anything. When everyone has been waiting for Verizon Wireless. Cell -- at the galaxy nexus -- Unavailable Lionel finally -- nexus has -- back. Mac narratives of Verizon it'll be 299 with a two year contract you guys can also order it online -- -- Free overnight -- been -- you did mention that CNET -- We -- -- first in our next first review of the -- -- -- exclusives with everything else is scrambling to review that thing right now and just about court got it last night and worked. She burned the midnight well again I think it went live attendant when not yet -- -- -- -- M last night so the internet's first comprehensive review and actually just been using the nexus for -- she's been living with an -- She but it was the unlocked versions of this is now the Verizon version it's got our hands on it which is the one everybody will be able to get with the subsidy. And you can read her comprehensive coverage actually has C she gave it one review and -- like went back and weeks later talked but the things that -- work kind of giggling -- -- -- as damage that not the phone itself mostly dad now. Allah says it's the first ice cream sandwich -- Yeah this is amazing phone. For someone who has an iPhone four who did not want to upgrade to the Apple forest -- -- hearing them and me. And looking at this time I let's be honest I'm probably not gonna leave the Apple ecosystem right now because everything is so -- -- that's yeah hooks -- they have but. This is an amazing ridiculous phone yeah every system -- GL TE phone this is really the flagship. The bearer for -- -- consent which is going to be moving forward so displayed eleven excited because we don't know. No one really knew what it was coming out people -- like -- after delay after delay the app we can even see before Christmas. -- and then there is a leaked. Document doesn't this week that it is gonna come out at Costco -- Yeah it only costs us. My -- -- the irony I can't get out and you're eating into a -- air mattress. And so yeah. So it was week. First there is gonna come out at Costco for 289 this week and men. Verizon just lit up as was like no via -- to be honest I go to constant for the samples. Are they gonna in the islands and land -- you -- that does the and the dot com. I like Isley later on in the law and like I already had this neat little funny yeah our cookies and you're just -- -- So anyways I guys go get it this is exciting -- the world -- -- is shaken up I have that but also in the world tech and also -- -- Stuff that we're scared about we've talked about so put -- stop -- -- privacy act. And that today. They're going they're going through IDD house right now and they're pushing it through where they're talking about the amendments is our. 55 to sixty proposed amendments. Each one that needs to be discussed and voted on. I talk to -- -- McCullough earlier and he said that after each one is voted on the procedure that it goes through. The end which would be a presumably slightly amended bill and would then have to be voted on the practice depends on. Howell -- this advances it could take as long as three days. But the fear is Lamar Smith who's really on the person behind this bill is worried that it won't be pushed out by the and -- here otherwise it gets. It goes on to next year's vote he -- Because of congress takes its its you its -- -- holiday yeah they get like the biggest break at all. Yeah -- -- the entire government like shuts down precedent set -- -- -- is a piece out. -- we know on stop while -- -- for those you are familiar with it this would allow. Copyright holder's content creators to request that -- web site that potentially. Is some. -- housing or Holstein even -- animal or linked to infringing contents yet -- -- -- it down no doubt it. An entity would completely take down the site others -- due process which could fracture and it not only the Internet but just how -- ask next and it. Just how the Internet and with -- related links but were also a group there's an open letter -- from pretty much the founding fathers. Of the Internet. 83 prominent Internet inventors. And engineers sent an open letter to the US congress this includes people like Vince Cerf co designer TC PIP. All the -- the author and binder Tony Lee co author BTP protocol used for Internet routing their -- Howell. Passing this act in the whatever form it is even with a slightly amended form would hurt and be detrimental to the Internet as well as innovation and expanding the freedoms of the Internet. -- now so scary and we're all very freaked out about it India and I mean ended its Internet censorship censorship lake. All the countries -- censoring Internet that -- we don't wanna be like them yeah -- -- is and then you don't even have to give a reason there's like taken down it's gone yeah. I need to ensure that buzz out -- viewers already know how upset we are because smalley is like the most obvious ahead on the -- -- -- -- nights out with good reason. I think we have -- only to. On voice these grants for us in -- -- Alec what they should really be fearing. On I usually hears that she -- -- -- crazy idea she's. -- a good day to get this the the good thing is that you we have a lot of representatives behind this that are asking for different amendments things Zoe Lofgren -- represented from California. Some of these amendments the 55 of the sixty that -- talked about you know whatever menaces -- -- -- DNS operator should have no obligation to block web site a lot of these things are. Trying to curb. Fundamentally what this act is all about the -- -- about the protect IP act. Which is being pushed through or will be eventually -- -- -- these are two kind of related. Bills -- so we'll see how the shakes up what I think I really feel that. I hope these deliberations for each amendment takes a while and also that these at the end -- represented as a wake up and see what's going on its its -- -- -- because they don't really understand the full Sierra what this means they just think it means take -- -- immaterial. At least one cool thing on tech and -- story yesterday where he read on interviewed representative Darrell Issa -- -- senior house Republican. And that Darrell Issa was saying that he thinks so but is completely Anderson infringing our rights and that shouldn't passed a wonderful thing about it at least is that there's a bipartisan. Recognition that it's terrifying death. Which which might be. Super helpful yeah -- -- sounds and vote on and Leahy told Akron I would expect this bill is not gonna become law in this congress -- -- these problems are resolved so I guess that's what they're voting on to David. I mean it just -- it can just imagine them in their -- like -- -- -- -- like such an arduous long process of vote on every single amendment and make it happen in the hills -- those little cheesy thing I don't like I'm sorry little -- everyone smells terrible again. So it's just like blogging on the Internet want to -- one of the. Fears is how these companies will use this and really abuse. The DM CA takedown process but we seem to. How this -- -- specifically for -- you who -- a -- old and good friend Tom Merritt I have an issue with Natal load now just to. Tell you what's happening right noble recap -- in a moment. A judge has decided today are declared that universal music has -- -- for hours to explain its take down spree. This is -- in response to an end date Thursday that it abuse the DMC takedown process the sensor. A promotional music video by the upload locker site mega upload so here's the gist of the story mega upload treated this music video with a variety of music artist. And we have the -- the -- This include like PD -- Will I am -- -- a variety of artists. What happened is and they were under contract with -- upload to treat this video didn't -- Put out some like three million dollars they really draw attention their Hong Kong based website. Then universal. Claimed that it violated. Rate -- in that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Potentially was not even -- I knew what would it ended up turning out was that they were referencing -- -- of the errors they represented -- from New Zealand today syndicates here on the song. And then -- up -- like now or not. This song we didn't user detainees -- carrying some may see great day and now. That sounded like -- yeah how -- I guess I'm a woman is no human noise that sounds like Macy Gray. Universal -- -- -- hollow when it's actually a hammer out. So they -- down this amazing video then a tech news today Tom -- show played a segment of the video clip talking about the controversy covering the story. And then there are episode. Was requested by a universal to be taken down as well the YouTube video of tech news today that episode. Was taken down without asking without asking -- without asking ticket down -- -- Tom. Filed a counter notice under the DMC -- of the show. Up until I don't know if it hasn't if it's been restored today yet but typically it takes around ten they had the need to go back frame -- -- and becomes irrelevant -- and it. -- total daily news has so unbelievable that a legit news site. Is part is posting this video talking about this ADR talking up a song and -- maple valley -- legitimate universal's going -- it's I mean there are another example of Hollywood not understanding the -- Or not understanding more into the Internet and I feel as though it's such a dis to the Internet because they're like well it's not real news because like it was on TV was on the Internet and use a real show -- are gonna take it down because -- infringing on everything aren't made cannot make any money on their totally threatened by YouTube and like the idea of like -- -- -- yourself video. It's just out there. But actually that is a legitimate -- -- -- -- -- universal comes up with their reasoning. Uh oh will follow up with it in some -- should perform in next week's show. I think I need -- degree should release a statement emulating what is and released a statement will -- -- It was six it was thought that williams' lawyer will land himself was the first person who -- to to -- request -- take yeah and then it wasn't now. -- and then I mean can't does dot com of mega upload it without apparent mess up -- legs and my name is not. Honestly -- and we are not sure if that is her real last name. Where she invented -- because she's so much of the Internet are my other hypothesis. Is -- she could. The -- complete 30 Rock freak. But because as you know from -- television show 30 Rock one of the main characters names is dot com. -- What's his name's -- tracing Aussie bargain his posse yet. The but -- dot com then said that she spoke directly to Willingham -- Willingham assured her. That he was not the person who issued the take. But it wasn't like I am setting it they can't they found somebody with a cooler name then will I am and it that is tailored to us why they were offended by that so easily and it was -- Selig does -- that also in cool tech news. Timeline. Timeline now available or at everybody at the time and it's only did I have the timeline -- I think you Sharon vaknin like. How to how to video -- exactly assign it to be a developer and then you can have timeline since timeline has announced. So I had timeline before -- mine was a sign that. Might hipster -- it's. A we -- only once. You click on packet all the -- didn't you have the opportunity to switch back to the -- if you hated timeline. I did it once I did it I can't I kept it what what FaceBook is also doing right now they're giving people -- seven day grace period to clean up. Their pages -- yeah people earning -- on the top in this new in this new way because. It does. Publish and post like photos directly it makes them so let's take a profile makes those -- your photos. Very prominent out directly in their gas I really sexy layout INS and as it gives people an opportunity to put a picture of themselves on top of another picture yeah so. That's a -- city. I don't know pretentious lay out its I was thinking is kind of like a waiting you could gauge someone's personality because it wasn't the intended use that upper picture. That it would not be yourself -- actually be like some -- that represents you exactly but easier you can use those pictures tan. To tell a little story gab by or are you just one if you're just like goal -- specifically. Here's how big picture of L one -- -- and another. You -- -- feel like you know it -- -- sound. If as this space but time pointing rolls out I feel like it's our mission to call the people that do picture of -- within a picture. I like to collect a -- of the Charlotte and I have a segment a FaceBook timeline Conroe. Yeah yeah landing it was time basis do they are still use and that big -- -- like an awkward size -- every reuse them like stretched out pixelated and you'd like that of I go ahead and an automatic -- -- like -- hybrid is also proud to know whenever I see a panorama I think of scenery not of my -- rates. I had my -- for a minute until I realize that that's not what that's that's what are falsely you don't wanna see you like your. Horrors. Yeah general Ramsey mind -- -- -- salmon's. That interview -- and India us but it should not be an IP -- -- it might be worth -- your picture and it's about X is admittedly to sample size you like anytime I think it's really I think it's pretty it's clean and it's fun to scroll down through it is that whole history of your life -- and -- out. Apps have been interact you know ales on a but it. As well yeah but it's also cool like one of the best per SE but he's getting back in touch with people you've been seen in some years but one thing that -- some time. I don't highly or ignoring them because they're stock -- you know it doesn't but when you do -- highlighted some of the actually really are curious about. And you go and look at their page you can it tell that much about what's going on wouldn't you to see -- where they work where they live and like the last four things their friend sent to them. But it would be kinda cool with -- you can actually get a cents. But I I've recently got in touch with a girl was my best friend when we are acting openly -- and I hate to see it's time and I -- is that I'm. I cards at once with. But it -- -- -- on mine like I can go back and actually see all of the things that she's experienced since then you -- -- and I think I think it's a little creepy it's nice to see if it's coming and nice -- You -- implementation. Of the white face but this must be -- chronicling your life. All of your status updates all of your blog post whatever that you shared their your pictures and whenever when you scroll Dominic really only have these -- the events are happening 2009. These and events happen in 2010 and really sexy way. There are right guys yeah -- the timeline to get to go check that everybody that's the -- we're gonna take a quick break will only return. The top ten searches of 2011. Bill Gates going back to Microsoft we hear directly from his -- and Samsung. And it still a little bit of and I foam -- this. Welcome back to buzz now allowed humans brands selling here and how superior river hasn't ladies -- That's me -- and. And only -- join in -- On -- and the people an -- -- to stated how it got it definitely being physically active advocates -- either been announced on May leave me. Laughs it's not like you're -- -- -- last night in San Jose with -- actually is amazing show times you -- saw iso that's. Stephen beats him in the house -- the show nowadays drives now he does it also on the if you guys haven't heard of our segment into it not into it. Yet it's gonna happen the announcement that got a red snow and Randy house IUI idea is that yeah alright -- back the stories Google has released. Their top ten list of searches the site guys 2011 this is always some fun fascinating stuff as well as conversation pieces and a -- porn. Let's start off with what number one came in as Justin Bieber and so -- wrong I manually back up free. Ian black I yeah. She. I mean she isn't it to me she sees them notice not as she's amazing like I've been behind. An -- La I didn't you didn't -- resident -- a because if you're thirteen years old -- she was you could've done that at an -- And of the -- -- -- that's amazing -- care how bitter battle is that's why I mean that I usually like turned to drugs and drinking like she doesn't sound like -- married or not and went. Apparently she is -- I mean. And -- song granted it's not the greatest -- Oh I I really really -- and I -- entertaining when -- -- Ian. Unlike that she had yet it was all she would have to restore the rock remakes actually I heard a rock remakes of -- -- actually sounded like nod of her voice but some of the -- -- -- -- The sexy -- -- it's not guide inner and -- got to be in the Katy Perry video and jeans and one years old and she will comments on because during Black Friday sales day. So I heard her use her -- as the commercials on actual -- -- like a Black Friday. I bizarrely time and I like all of this -- the day they -- have a call a plumber thing -- yet it's pretty bad yeah. Contact -- doctor colleges blown away by the fact I said I've been behind. Prevent them. Well I'll tell me about I had let downs and ride -- and let's not take that -- literally that this is now on record -- also on in the top -- gonna go through a few of these talk about some and go through others click here. More quickly quicker. That number to Google+ I was surprised by that -- Easily been -- top search yes if you are insisting it lets you -- they did not deny the Nightline zine yes -- twice. I searched Google accidentally for Google. Really -- Google so I think it might -- Remember that time this is my favorite and the Internet there was like two years ago and it was when a bunch of people who were like older people who are on FaceBook. Had been Google linked FaceBook to get into their FaceBook as they didn't know how to go to FaceBook dot com and leaving a comment and then drop them rather than bringing them to FaceBook -- brought them to read write web. Which had a story about FaceBook and they didn't know it wasn't FaceBook and their -- and I can't not the -- all -- on the rewrite -- Book -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So take this outcome. What's cool about it is in each of these top ten as search terms there's. A link they can go into to check out -- in photographic and also kind of more details of the impact that these searches made missile -- -- tracks -- have to because of the Google+. They say in June 2000 -- Google entered the social networking space okay. There info graphic shows how old Google+ and the term search. -- Google+ rose from 2010. The right to apply shot up by 101000%. Because of the things exist in 2000 -- -- and Max -- that's what I'm -- Does spindle and panic really -- Google putting out as Google zeitgeist Google Google go yeah I really really trusting I don't know I asked our analysts -- there -- a few more of these number three -- -- -- -- I have to. -- you communicable I was gonna say hello Ryan done from jackass that's news. Is that we needed help NASA needed help that's what I was getting and it ain't -- I interrupted you before -- get executed. Because it's a brand red Bennett Jack as they've impassively Casey Anthony are not just as scary of a photo likely have no worse -- that eighty dollar. On iPad but -- little one you have battlefield three video game extravaganza number five. IPhone 5. -- comes in at number six X I don't cry any more popular there was so much hype around it and is also one of the reasons why. Apple's revenues or their sales figures at the most recent earnings dropped because people were holding out for the via the app until -- as came out and that's with yet. The new report. Is -- their new reports -- -- after that we'll have the force included searches for iPhone 5 -- 1658%. Between 2010. And 2000 -- making it the number six fastest rising search in Google we all have. A Dell of cars -- dollar -- instantly everywhere all of currently expects to take economic base now number. Apparently over her. Sorry that number in number -- With the Fukushima plant on allergy -- of the earthquake so that was it that was a huge huge thing also although. Tragedy I didn't really like how -- text text donations. Kind of exploded. From a from Apple situation -- of that that really took off -- people. Really were on. Just comfortable with donating to their phones side. There you know a horrible event over there but still some something did he come out of -- in the -- also rebuilding that rebuilding an area number nine. Mr. Steve Jobs and gas and number ten the iPad two price Steve Jobs -- -- number nine I would've thought it might have been little -- actually and -- -- -- -- it also is only littering pad at the end of the year yeah pretty and it's only in the last couple months yeah yeah we've got things like -- Casey Anthony story that's into an all year I'm -- I'm pretty surprised brands -- is at number three. -- -- is I didn't know I really didn't feel like everyone really knows. Now -- TV that's why there are few he was doing so much retail -- -- is Ryan -- but I -- because not everyone is of watched Jack ass -- but I really think that Casey Anthony is number four because of my mom I really think she's responsible for -- 100% early 60% of vehicles. Don't think that I understand. The Google. Like crazy -- just said three of the Apple related searches are in the top ten -- if there's a -- you guys thought. You might have expected to be in the top ten into the searches evil us -- -- that dot com because an -- think what I might have thought. Which could have been there that didn't make -- unknown. Not Motorola Xoom. It's not in the galaxy how look at those are all like in the last two weeks script written in the galaxy nexus -- like what is the county -- -- -- and are right so check out the top ten was always the course of the also did some additional top ten -- of searches on in categories mounted on moving along Bill Gates that. Rumors. Reliant on other things that you like even report on is on how to you know -- aren't -- -- -- had earlier this month fortune reported on rumors that Bill Gates was considering. I come back to Microsoft. They'd need need new leadership whoever it is -- at all but -- in Sydney -- interviewed during. Course on his holiday with his family -- went -- like a bill. To listen yes the big fat can you -- -- another beer and also are you could -- Microsoft's. Delegates -- responded I'm a part time involved with Microsoft including eight including even been in touch this week to give so my advice but that's not gonna change. The foundation requires all of my energy. And we feel we're having a great impact this -- the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation if you are familiar with it is amazing philanthropy programs -- -- job. I'm only sites across the world you're using his money -- to really kind of and it. -- are managing Fatah ever more he's Tizzy like I -- is doing okay where there. There is no easier they wanna go back you -- -- please keep giving him -- lives and at places people who need and its data I don't think so. So okay so also. We talked about the iPhone buzz right you know I know Lawrence -- I -- I -- is still getting my ticket and did you use yeah for that. We just throw iPhone 5 it'll RS CO -- -- -- Search engine optimization that yeah and click that even if it's a story about -- completely dot MySpace dot critique I didn't -- A five gets these -- -- you can remember the first time you heard that I sometimes. It super. So Samsung. They have little ad I don't know if you guys have seen this on TV where they have a a line like three or four hits there's outside of a gray stone billion. And it looks very clearly solar area looks like it looks like it was -- since Nokia and it looks like it there in line effort for an Apple waiting in line for the Apple iPhone 44 -- or whatever they're trying to show that time. And someone walks by with a Samsung galaxy S two. And then they go he would Cephalon currently has likely get as a bigger screen it has four G and -- it was as -- -- my iPhone does not forgy. Now I've been waiting in line for twelve days for this this -- -- -- a finding that it's pretty brilliantly using a bad -- like tonight can I see my touch. It will really enhance you -- really get it right now there's no -- so. This -- pretty Smart dealer really fun I enjoyed -- -- After six days after Samsung -- and -- that add. The buzz started going down and that a survey by you gov this I don't know all these companies Alexis thrown in there you -- brand index they -- the public perception. Of consumer brands including Apple they interviewed 5000 people every week day. That's a lot asking them if you've heard anything about the brand the last two weeks through advertising used a word of mouth scores can range from 100 -- negative 100. The most important group in consumer perception adults eighteen and above. Likely powered by these new ads sent the Samsung -- a Simpsons brand awareness. Uptick slightly higher as the -- been dropping down another -- declining even with each other. Today's -- because of that and a of that video or do you think it's because of all of that lake lawsuits or is it just like it's all coming together and it's definitely definitely a bunch of different pieces of the pie but. That was. A pretty Smart -- accurate. -- Apple suing Samsung in all this like tit for tat that's going on between I think one thing that it's doing is giving Apple fans the knowledge of Samsung. And making them realize that Apple really is worried about -- and Apple's worried about Samsung -- Samsung's also yet a lot of people otherwise may not have considered at all it's. It's truly -- through this article in but Samsung. With their whole spat with Apple in Australia. Has said because Apple had brought attention to -- and they are actually projecting to sell more tablets are totally out of The Beatles press is bad press. And you know for the general consumer that has more impact you know -- -- in the little tech it's -- it's -- in the -- but also would like -- -- -- could be but for a TV -- like that. It definitely makes more -- of the east specific people that their -- that -- interview itself. Look -- Apple. I am Sampson and I'm gonna get jabs and although they're still available to B 36 chip if you need it could. I. -- the also antenna some on surveys and some data up or at Nielsen in the as set -- -- has been a recent stayed about the mobile obsession. With data for US teens. Now all this recent -- recent data suggest. That the cell phone bills of over 65000. Mobile subscribers who -- to participate in the research amongst teens aged thirteen to seventeen. They tripled their -- usage using an average of 320 megs of data per month on their phones. Increasing two to 36% over the last year. Texting and mobile -- to -- its. FaceBook it's sending those not even as his accent is -- is -- down early this picture picture up you know picture messages -- A lot -- Like HD and -- -- mare on the notice also is is pandora is selected data -- and does it -- I just got a text -- from eighteen teasing -- in the top five percentile that -- a serious -- cost him my -- and and costly. A highly audience you AT&T. Has much argument and funny -- an unlimited again and now. I don't even worry about it why would they even tell me without express it in my experience I -- Man you know -- although the teen increase in data usage was the sexiest. I you know I think we should show little love two -- 65 plus and higher 133%. Data entries from. 170 megs. We got our -- -- -- using Smart finally got a lot of oldies Alice you know I'm I'm. I'm also WCI again I listen to NPR I have the end -- -- -- -- and you're back -- the oldies are. Oldies like the eighties. By alias of that that's the -- from Nielsen it's it's always on the look at -- Africa. All right -- okay so we're here we have the river hasn't ladies in the house and we wanted to kind of give our viewers a little bit a flavor of the show so. I'm gonna let you guys drive this segment on my gosh I hope that -- making. Weird I do know is right now -- legal RA. And hand. -- -- -- -- We do everything I know -- Just clean the show really quick what we do is read that on the week's hottest rumors we run them down and -- be back on them. And then at end of the month the person with the least amount of points. Loses and then it's a humiliation day -- -- person has to be humiliated and thus far. I will have you know Green has lost both of -- months. I have been lucky enough not -- I got humiliation hastily make it more exciting I thought Mike looks like it's the funny Twitter followers we can get and maybe we can -- -- -- -- have a Twitter or nobody even has a -- is now. -- cloud -- but I'm dreaming. Every -- OXII. Scanner yet you have. The I went up and I feel bad that you have a lot of clout looking cloud is a total made up PS I know. Yeah. So let me translate it's like people don't -- feel more relevant about -- so exactly in the show up after only. Only thing I've got. Did not ever ever and I airline came so you can't rumor has a ladies so I -- out of pocket so. This week we found out that Apple's meet -- possibly bringing ultra high resolution displays to the MacBook road question -- Sony and citing industry sources and what happens when it's an industry story -- with we drink we drink and sorry so what -- selling identities are the -- -- times is reporting today. Yesterday that Apple is currently planning to launch a new MacBook Pro in the second quarter that would come with that. 2880. By 18100 ultra high resolution display -- -- is not correct to not display. -- the screen would be even better than the company's thunderbolt display which is crazy time because that why they want to render the thunderbolt display even more unnecessary and Orion as it can afford that. Protect you -- -- -- who can also -- for the new brand new MacBook Pro will have the retina does. Hey guys hearing you know it's gonna happen -- -- -- and I'll tell you why. There's evidence inside of ID of lion already that shows support for high DPI displays -- as well as there's graphics files like the desktops. And this is like a no vote because I have to eat drink and sleep the -- stuff like that up. -- tops and icons that -- twice the resolution. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- position and you're only buying -- despite with mr. buying Apple Computer for probably. Spend my tests the display. Itself. So this comes on the heels of the report that the next iPad will also have a retina display yes and then we'd be hearing more and more reports about and it's gonna basket and Samsung is adding that in the coming -- -- -- -- -- displays -- like you're gonna have the iPad three in. February were gonna have the -- -- and with a high resolution display its. Staff sells -- -- so these higher resolution rumors mean nothing to me because I'm so blind that you can have one big X on the screen and a few lake. This discreet display is also. Icann the -- I think -- cannot tell them it's good. To vote the vote across the board it's -- -- yes I also think it's going to happen yes. It's okay excellent okay so the next rumor is that little Google who does like to be left behind when other companies are making money on that product as we now and they like to copy it -- -- -- In his though he -- -- despite Apple's very popular voice control assistant Siri. With their own version of the updated voice assistant. Need to. Another pronouncing him me Julia may not be asked -- very important. Tricky -- men from the chat room and he -- list to not yet made jewel is the life of its -- creator yet and the voice of the computer on Star Trek and also ulcers. Us targeted -- -- that she was -- in multiple different characters and is also on the on the next generation which was the season the the series I really watched case a quick correction though although Google has copied let's be honest app Google had voice recognition with. Voice to text and maps search -- that's -- that is true that well and the thing is of course they already have an app that is. And the you can speak into Wednesday you know -- -- -- a pharmacy I want scheduled a second to that but the difference is it -- their current app you have to say. Three -- phrases like when you're talking to your car's GPS you know it's like find the nearest grocery store I can take my -- Expect -- friends. Come as a -- had that but the thing with series it's different is -- you can use -- natural human language to -- case series where's the pharmacy and she is able to Parse them understand it. So Google feels that they need you got to the rumors from the Android and in pretty neat site. Are reporting that this is all taking place in the Google slap which we now is the -- top secret laboratory is -- Google. And ended their hoping to launch as early as January. -- gonna happen or not. -- asked in January February. Probably I don't think it's gonna be called Natal I think that that isn't yeah name I think it's gonna be a little longer till it comes out actually Amy and I agree -- -- excellence -- you know -- this -- -- because -- -- three -- -- -- -- That doesn't care -- like your -- -- and out I EU is already in the final rumors right ladies. Well I gotta do that well yeah. It be the final rumors story is kind of interesting it's something we all knew about and I'm sure you -- already -- and even a rumor because it's probably -- -- and the rumor is basically if I can exaggerated just a little bit it's that Mark Zuckerberg goes home at night and when he opens the door his house is jam packed full of patched -- all isn't. The roommate of -- that doctors are uncle Scrooge yeah exactly as dives into the -- dollar and -- his -- nephews go in. To their -- full of money and this rumor -- trails -- and I called it. -- telling -- emails and that's the thing Mark Zuckerberg may have money a room where he swims in money but he doesn't use them to buy shirts. Fashion is all -- -- gray shirt they need it -- it basically very constraints that we had a nice alright whatever Steve Hassan Omar Thornton did not tell uniform. That's a free can teach -- it up are free on eBay. This -- credit when do you discover fashion. And and your fashion sense like when you're and you're in you're young and you you teenagers and college. Like you've figured out and he when he was at Harvard. And everyone else is -- homing in on their style he was like holed up in a room developing FaceBook and change in the war look -- Rebecca black can do it. This -- -- he was writing that song and she discovered her actions. That picture and -- covered sunglasses. All right so are rumored true yes yes he's lying in swimming in money and -- -- millennia yeah I mean I don't even wanna give any. Dignity this rumor comes from -- whom I -- Feel dirty talking about it and I today is cite anonymous sources who they claim are. Credible -- -- in the room of money -- exactly they scholar money knows icing. RI it. Military guys -- it. Rumor has it rumor lady's -- is taken out what day is it at every Wednesday at at Tuesdays at 10 AM Pacific all right and stellar -- for a well. Tuesday's I am innocent sitting on our right -- girls we're gonna continue what was stories out with some kind of few quick hitting stories in also notice we say this -- -- thank you very much. -- the fact the Internet Explorer will be starting automatic upgrades across windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7 and the new browser I. Will be pushed through -- on these different platforms are operating systems and so you'll be able to get the better and safer Internet Explorer experiences kind of moving people -- With the technology that they have built in there also if you wanna talk about new technologies Verizon is expanding. Its LTE. A network into a lab in new markets that'll be starting today so you know all the sudden. Just in time yet -- as you -- a forge media and your like. I don't have -- -- And you live in markets like -- dollar. Lafayette Indiana and -- and -- I don't I -- -- Massachusetts. My kids -- a picture. Saint Cloud, Minnesota amazing. Anyways these these in a variety of other markets will be getting LTE also. Markets like sandy illicit or Cisco Washington DC they will be expanding their current networks as well so. Week I think. We predicted last year that Verizon would be the network of 2011 Alfred I -- -- -- -- Andrew Fisher I am so grateful to be with parents and come -- not sponsorship. -- -- -- -- and everything went downhill -- list also PayPal this this is ridiculous to me but whenever everyone's doing it PayPal is throwing its hat into the online. The elite Q pondering key players silently it was a real game room and down. You know over it -- the whole I'm over getting all the spam in the yeah there's answers to -- I'm not they're just making you living so exact the other day was giving away in late. Fries and a coconut burger from McDonald's I know without any justice Arnold treatments -- -- yeah actually -- yeah I don't like and I got out one great deal. Senator. Clinton and yet because I'm gonna build a -- as they lead deal out of line and that stockings operatives. I freaked out now have an idea is to get that big Mac and on my god that is so it literally -- -- release any cuts of meat on those but I -- -- So anyways. It's so ridiculous I mean also the daily deals have the worst interface and it comes from PayPal. And it -- a lot of them. This is this is. And Apple fashion. From 1980 -- assessing how to handle raw data they had a catalog I mean if he didn't think I mean my family had these charts is these these are some amazing photos Cella. If you guys I am have an opportunity. Apple's fashions from the eighties. Ethnically pencils I mean I can't believe excellent and belts and trust me mine my parents Lancashire -- a -- on there's slide show of -- -- Own my own just wants -- -- -- was gonna -- that now kinda ironically I wish I could burn and yeah. Look at those -- And short shorts where you Seymour -- and you want to. Love the funny thing about this was that it was a legit catalog and then it dent on the and -- -- Underneath each of business journalist Blake go to -- -- -- Yan. Yeah it does take the news that adults and polo -- until. On your. Thoughts and easily and you how to use the English Apple -- -- that last picture those three -- bags at the very Abercrombie -- do you Medicare popping caller before popping tires easily -- and their double popping up online yet they have to callers on the room. And. That maybe -- pop that. Okay also on this is -- killer story just how you could really take advantage of your own content. And the Internet and what every all the technologies have to offer Louis CK after you guys are familiar with them. I I've actually seen a few sub but I don't really know this was -- you don't anybody -- meeting I think kind of like Louis CK security got about this -- than. Sir I mean sure I Lucy K if -- -- -- seen a show he has Louis on the facts and many also has to stand up when is -- -- really topical -- actually a lot. Kind of became famous when he did he went on. To a late night show and was talking about how technology in the world is so amazing and everything is so incredible he never have to wait for anything you can always have your information right we -- it. And yet he said it was wasted on the worst generation -- ever come around we're also spoiled we don't appreciate it. And so that's how we came to fame but Lily show on FX is like the most depressing show -- acts he's like a depressed crazy. But it turns out genius because what the point of the -- is is that he created. Himself he wrote then did stand up special and created his health on a MacBook which -- you might mean he typical one man band. And industry -- on this website for five dollars DRM free meaning you can do what ever you want that you can cut it -- you click it you can mash -- -- -- you can do this -- do that he doesn't care. As long as you pay him directly five bucks. Like an experiment and the thing that is amazing is that in four days he made a process. 200000 dollars and that's app unreal and -- for all money -- it went into the production which is actually quite a bit of his own. Cash guys he sold he sold come from -- is of 1101000. Copies of the video. Bring in revenue over 500000 dollars and then after you deduct as costs currently at that at the time of this article. He is yet profit of over 200000 dollars -- -- -- -- I don't I don't have that not having to you know you know I have I mean. Out of sync -- -- our story isn't pointless like. That they -- one of the reasons -- use this castle is that Louis CK already has. Is huge all right I -- you and I did it you know we did -- rumor has it 180. -- followers. And you guys that you could still get a five dollar but well and that's not -- room. -- -- -- -- This kind of change in the model and -- he's definitely gonna be doing more these more these ads and you can't get things right to an end I think the cool the -- singing isn't this another. This show where we talk about all of the ways in which Hollywood should be scared because everything is changing. But this is of another way where he's cut out the -- And you can't cut out stealing your new big budget huge blockbuster film that you can't when you're Louis CK who is a great writer -- capable of editing your you are the star. I mean. He can do it and so I think that Hollywood got sort students and in the -- is informing us that he made pretty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did not know that carry a very gets -- I think each and every one everyone in the -- you wanted to -- you wanna make 200000 dollars a profit. Do you really see you call -- if you call -- tanker that's pretty good title. All right we're gonna move on through into Stephen Beecham's favorite segment of the show -- has ready how are you ready -- ago. I'm into it I'm not into it. -- -- Yeah. Maybe I. Harry don't be -- -- don't mass differently and pumped up okay get this straight here that everybody. -- -- Welcomes you into -- -- digital. Some recent tech product launches and -- quickly whether or -- we are simply too important not to get ready let's get started. -- the Twitter lodge is a major redesign of the site -- changed things up a bit Brian's song not into it involved Korean leaving Intuit Emily tried -- and do it the correct answer -- I'm not into -- -- -- backwards and it's beginning to look a lot like FaceBook like. -- Next company called -- geologist released an X -- app that allows your iPad through the use of augmented reality to -- catalog models with their clothes off. And Brian. Song up up up up into it dream -- I ain't love naked and yes. They drive data I'm totally into -- technology suite correct answers them not into -- this is creature creator all of its never curves and odd. The Motorola side boarded eight point two -- -- can now it's bright column into it. -- leaving no I'm not into it and Emily drive absolutely not -- it looks like a surf board its dominant source namely -- surfing -- it correct. -- -- not -- -- data isn't out its use alcohol and an item ordered. It's more expensive I think that you -- cares who cares okay next Gmail is new redesigned look calm in 2 AM. Agreeing handy I'm so not into it makes me angry -- -- -- -- So. You're both correct I hate it you I'm not it. What's right back I'm never going back that you have to get it right to be honest I've never even solution over -- -- I want. A -- next then the Chinese knock off companies produce the mere thought -- -- was tiny compact near for the eighties. The MacBook Air rides on the line. Looks matter installation. Really it's totally agree and so -- -- -- drive I'm completely not into it I. Now I am so it's easy it's. -- adorable there's another picture. -- -- -- Number six Verizon is -- the white Droid raiser today Brian -- In -- -- -- extremely me definitely not -- -- Emily Dreyfuss also men on it because he -- Intel's light from the front now you guys are so wrong correct answer is -- Intuit everybody's have a white counterpart for the -- community. -- -- -- Microsoft's founder Paul Allen and company -- larger building the world's largest aircraft called the spaceship line which we'll take lots of people is based bright spaceships hell yeah out. Dream leaving same Intel -- for a heavily driver EG I wanna go so it and I'm going to space we're gonna get my damn ticket. And -- at least the website current and others releasing Star Wars net nut crackers would not savers for the holidays -- -- as long as it doesn't crack planets and into it. -- -- Same hair totally private. I would only be -- if it were cracking nuts I'm not into it because it's just for looks to say you can't really crack nuts and it. Oh my god the correct answer is -- can't be more accurately the force be with your nuts now we just. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Since -- automobile of that does that mean millions a unit you know I didn't see those beautiful okay let's go -- -- -- you guys have to say after you've been -- -- -- all day. It's -- of the feedback -- All right for skull comes to us from -- -- wants to tell us why it's okay. To get -- HP touchpad. Murdered her chance -- -- -- -- public about last week show up each beat out actually act out. You're seeing that the chat with but he cannot do it the credit card -- -- I bought one back collapsed are softer and Twitter are all -- -- want -- but I put a gorilla mode to tell the -- -- It'll look for otter pops repeated OS upgrade everything that -- -- -- Old. Cool Android what are you want to attribute you to repeat what OS or -- -- Are right a -- because we last week we said no now are a couple we see a right known NO -- deputy to test that went on sale but. There's good there's errors given us. The voice of Leon Jackson you put emirate on and then it's relevant and then one -- you want to upgrade to the new Mandarin you can't because you could only have about emergent occasionally -- -- -- to the video player. -- have been. Tells us because we -- Wii tennis smack talk about serial -- I I don't think everyone's really isn't it that much I don't need our seven Nintendo wants to tell us otherwise. They book through this is Kevin from upstate New York -- talk about theory I use fury all the time for example of -- And in the cards that say -- remind me -- to be blank when I get all of the Sandia. Hundred feet away. Get a little alert Derek don't forget you make -- -- of that little. All else uses for your show playbook out loud episode sixty. Well -- -- that all the time. -- the show back later. Kevin violently he blinked his explanation -- Siri is made me a believer that that's the reason I wanna use it's for my quick reminders like yeah that's -- All right -- our friend -- Calls into us a question about the iPhone. I'm headed -- recruitment -- and not just flopped aren't you the AT&T but -- And I tip of the iPhone four -- confirmed four G which I don't exactly think it is. So it -- forty or -- that ethnic in the -- on the left side. Thanks but. -- -- -- -- Up a lot of people even when it was first announced they would find links where the iPhone four as a -- -- as a forgy it is not. A four -- phone yet and well I -- I now have water for the fact that iPhone 5 will be. You just started a rumor -- For ST program -- GS -- rumors had assert their own rumors. Didn't just. -- it also we have a final call from our friend who decided not to be identified but as a quick point he'd like to me. -- -- -- -- -- I just assumed that the -- industry racist not racist. Yeah I hate white people can't you tell -- Look at look at all -- look at all my enemies and history -- we -- to other week that it isn't a big NBC started it but. -- Okay buddy first of all -- -- -- got beyond that I own both. -- -- -- -- -- I even have a Wii that's -- in the corner that I don't play with my Wii and an Xbox might only over a year old. -- -- So I have both McCain and now you can just go to sleep. Andy's I love my PS3 does much -- Xbox. And there that was the final statement on that I don't realize it yet. We picked -- -- just -- Xbox on Black Friday I got a 299 dollar bundle for 199 dollars and a little worried this job and fable three. And the little headset and three months of Xbox I -- Muscular love it I can't I can't stop working and we -- my household is a PS3 -- hustle your result wiring system. -- -- -- -- Well you know the Xbox was white and then it went black. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you're -- likely opportunity we should have a -- -- we're gonna -- -- anyone else. Brendan from Maine writes in hey guys did they would have you'll jump on the EB refurbished HP touchpad -- Sunday. I guess is no surprise after hiring former eBay CEO Whitman. That they chose to use eBay all also say -- check out crashed minutes after the sale started but plenty of us. Were able to purchase from eBay. Canada and eBay UK. The progress does -- have made with the Android on the touchpad is impressive if these -- tablets are basically -- I'll be sitting back my brand new Kindle fire well silos. I didn't -- Sarandon. -- -- -- I think when people -- in -- panel -- the incident and -- sentence -- these are the song comes us on Danny hey guys although I already own a first and iPad. I was looking for to -- in this is prime. It was awesome -- about about when a company replaces an older device they ought to replace its soon after release this release turned out to be awful tiny man sues. Because right for Christmas when tablets are popular few are buying their product consumers don't wanna get the older model -- on the previous transformer. But -- -- for Christmas so they choose another brand with the current model I work at best buy -- the computers department. And see many consumers intrigued by the features and functions of the seas tablets keyboard dock when they learn it's not find the eSATA go another route even -- requires a Bluetooth keyboard instead. Even the 100 dollar price difference is not enough for consumers and plus you gotta get your stuff out on time per Ayala a got to get that and that the -- still is no definitive date although we've heard that it should be coming in around the twentieth. That the transformer prime -- is. -- may or may not be -- So we'll see when it comes in time -- holidays if they want -- -- the nexus got that figured out out. -- more right under the gun. RI this is -- on this is a write in in response to our episode with our friends from scalp. Chris in San Luis says -- scout and so far while it is in -- -- plan. It feels almost like losing a game cardiac you can play the game but if you wanna do most things you gotta check out some cash especially a -- who checked me out function. I just don't see that it's worth it yet. As it doesn't seem to have hit critical mass -- that -- is still such a dominant thing I know they aren't the same thing but so far I'm not as impressed as I was when listening to it being described initially. He want to -- work and please come back to once a dean. And make things. Moon. In Syria appreciates when you say that you love. -- -- and sand Lilly. A lot of series surgery lovers here. All right trade -- our buddy writes in hey guys are watching yesterday's special show about the top 100 we -- -- scene at 100 should recently. And enjoy the talk about you guys -- biased and BT asking the question is why -- all get singled out for that the answer is simple. You have the bigger fan base than all the other shows slash I thought. Hurried and I can attest to that absolutely hasn't gone I stand now the number of okay -- It's that you guys have -- -- to give you a hard time or maybe it's just because Apple products are superior. Apple none Honolulu president that's great app from isn't alone. Odds after representatives say and -- -- a -- rep was not from Idaho but we're neighbors. Idaho and Montana -- -- that in the end I represented Nevada -- it -- -- us. Humans who are gonna need. -- -- I -- every -- And other behind -- I -- -- Soviet evil from Idaho you know I gotta take it where I can't Orr in Washington Montana Idaho and a -- to think -- Excellence in its assets now -- John Ellison America's only Molly Molly's frenetic with idea I through their own exit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stephen has anything to do with it not that I thought I. Allowed -- configured as long as. You've got -- three votes are against income thinks. Check out our show notes at feel all that cnet.com you can call us keep on colonists at 80616. 26 or -- that's 80616. CNET we really appreciate you guys still calling even their shows you know gun and a weekly we -- we -- so. We will continue to play those voice mails also buzz at cnet.com is or email follow us on the Twitter comeback will be here every Thursday en us. Let's give that Twitter handles were quick because they know Emily and -- and a big Twitter war I yeah we are completely out my clout school. -- -- -- -- And finally at and very easy and simple and thank you. So don't -- -- name omitted known. -- -- -- -- -- I read have a great there has to everyone we will see you guys next week and an idea. -- I don't big sky news. -- Okay. And --
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