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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1565: Google is falling apart, iPhone battery fix is coming, and Apple gets a Spanish smackdown

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1565: Google is falling apart, iPhone battery fix is coming, and Apple gets a Spanish smackdown

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On today's show, how Google biffed the Gmail app big-time, RIM is the saddest little wounded puppy you ever did see (and hear), and CNET News' Jay Greene joins us to talk about his two-part series on Microsoft killing the Courier tablet and what it means for the company's future. Plus, when the heck is the Galaxy Nexus coming? Seriously, now?

Today is Thursday November 3 2011 -- receiver -- I'm -- -- I'm -- let love in a buzz out loud in a podcast of indeterminate -- episode 15165. And we're very excited because that we have news dot com's own Jay -- in studio. Who wrote a fan -- -- -- two part series this week. That we just kind of can't stop -- talking about the inside story of how Microsoft killed the courier tablet. Which to to start at the beginning actually thought that -- two part series -- have been the first official confirmation of the courier tablet that we had seen in the first play of and then -- like. Skull doctors. About them. Yeah it was -- Sammy you know as I've just thank you for me I think you've only got -- -- -- -- and it's nice yeah you know I mean you know. -- was -- fascinating project enemy knows -- -- is doing the school -- stuff. About trying to bring you know their technology -- -- to tablet computing in a working on this before. And the iPad -- came out -- and that you know on the end. The the powers that be inside Dan Mac stuff just decided it was it wasn't the right vision for the company and and you know felt. Note -- against our member of the courier was it it had appeared in kind of teaser videos and it was like -- two -- almost like a book and tablet and it looked. I mean these are able to and sort of drag notes back and forth between the two sides and is turning in your hand -- and -- The same time totally again and throw props to do is moto it's actually broke that story two years dominated anywhere that you know -- -- -- was it. The way the folks at -- -- described it was as a digital Moleskine which is kinda makes sense right so you know but it was a notebook you open it up. Any ideas on one screen you'd have he could be -- you could search the web you could have other kind of documents that you could use -- on and on the right screen you would. And jot notes he will you know for example if you -- -- designing a sneaker you might go onto the web in the for inspiration on that left panel. And on the right panel you could jot down notes maybe do some drawings. It was it was a really interesting idea. No one of the things they talk about you really go into your article is how. There are kind of two schools of -- of the direction of tablets and obviously from what we know the -- lost that battle but can you talk about kind of how Microsoft's. Culture in -- just the DNA in their company might have helped determine that -- Pressure weight and just back up once or interpret -- two schools -- -- I -- their -- -- -- -- You sort of the iPod version of content consumption iPad version of content consumption vs. The courier version of content creation on many regular external windows its internally Atlantis and tailor its windows vs the rest and and -- it if not that's -- happened -- my dad hates. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- A get -- Now so listening. You know Microsoft. Has this product called windows which makes. People money every year and you know there are business considerations -- the company has to take into account as it you know as it develops of the products. -- -- The windows. Used windows technology but basically stripped out the shelves so it had an entirely different user interfaces user interface wasn't like anything. Anyone who's ever used windows would have recognized. And on and the concern is that Microsoft is that effectively -- -- was would have created another platform. And it could have confuse developers because they would've had to develop for something entirely different. It could get confused computer makers as you know which what was gonna be a tablet platform that was sort of the internal debate and end. At the same time as as the -- team was working on its vision. The windows team had its own vision for what tablet should be the challenge of course is that you know windows eight is gonna be. That the real tablet friendly Microsoft operating system but that's not coming for another year so really in in killing the -- -- microshaft decided to. Essentially cede this market for two nephews to. Turns -- Apple. -- and what's what what I found interesting too was that it was so much in some ways a clash of personalities between. The creator of the Xbox and kind of kind of a guy who really led Microsoft's innovative. -- innovation and efforts. Within the company is now gone. And Stephenson not -- has described a sort of the sober business minded guy who's really in charge of keeping the windows. Legacy -- -- and there's no question that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's -- about it so. -- is this guy who the -- I wouldn't describe mr. of the can the consumer visionaries at Microsoft I think he -- was very success with Xbox. He actually was the guy behind is in which wasn't so successful but -- -- a guy who very much like to challenge convention. This really working hard at it pushing Microsoft just to think differently to come up with new approaches and I can greatly highly regarded at the company. And he he'd certainly rose up through the ranks in you know relatively quickly in and and did some very significant things for the company -- So and -- ask is not -- -- super Smart guy and an. The thing that. Gives him. Strength their -- there is he is very good at shipping quality products and in my accept that that carries -- -- And so. 2006. Right after Vista came at a rate it just is vista's coming -- news folks weren't particularly happy about what would -- -- At Vista was came out Windows 7 and really cleaned up a lot of the mess that was and so he had a lot you know a lot of weight behind him and so there's just it. Interesting sort of discussion I think inside of Microsoft's -- and about which direction in the you know the country should go. Now wanting -- Outside of what Microsoft had been known to do you know like you mentioned as in maybe not as successful did this. From and JE. Interviewed approximately eighteen people insiders on the project meetings -- -- Thanks -- in the house you -- a -- people out we you know people were intimately. With the project. Was it just that thing where Microsoft just came to a -- we're just gonna make a Smart business decision kind of the career doesn't fit into that business decision. I wasn't meant except is always about making Smart business decisions Eminem that did it as -- company should be -- the -- I think India became under this this idea. That. Creed really didn't align with these huge businesses that Microsoft cancer you know -- it has obviously windows. Office -- wasn't really wasn't gonna work with office at least an integrated web camera and when it came out initially. And you know I think and then as -- say they're they're of these other. Areas where it might confuse developers might confuse computer makers even consumers for that matter it's I think you know it it -- was an easy decision by any stretch. -- but yeah I -- I think as the in the united Steve Ballmer and and the other senior leaders really debated this and thought about it in the and the decision came down to this I think this fact that it didn't really aligned. With that -- -- eggs you know existing product portfolio. Let's so let's talk about hackers have been moving forward from that point right like what is. I don't -- and -- and your great reporter can but what do you think about that decision I mean do you feel like my percent yes it would have been a risk certainly to potentially fork. Their platforms. But we have seen other companies do that we've -- Google say just flat out we've seen Eric Schmidt flat out say I don't care how many operating systems -- You know -- and just need someone asked him dowdy feel about having to -- -- just to. -- -- -- -- you know for my supplement this is sort of the classic innovators dilemma right in and they want I don't think the company would necessarily agree with that but. And you know they have this huge existing. Customer base on windows that it you know it generates huge revenues from the company it is the foundation of that company and for them to the to. Create a branch of it to -- it -- to go in a different direction. Could undermine that mean business I think that is constantly consideration for the company is that the kind of thing -- can add. I mean are they gonna dinosaurs did I can see at the need when he wants -- -- and -- you know it and it isn't black anyway right. Windows still generates massive revenue for -- company that the margins on that product huge wreck and so. It isn't an easy decision and and -- egg and and I really I think that I did I what tried to try and convey that piece right. This isn't black and white. It's you know what was fun about the stories coming to -- inside that -- -- think you -- it it down. Helps explain the rationale on the debate inside. But it's it's not an easy decision you know -- I don't have an answer you know and out and make you know at varying people who are on the cricket -- who think it is said. It'll probably was the rate decision to kill you know they taste they love the product but for -- up maybe it was great -- There's no question -- on and we frequently. Q criticized Google for having too many directions -- -- -- that I've talked to people even within Google Ehrlich and we just. Maybe make that self driving car being indifferent as an enhanced -- part of. -- you can look like -- right I mean there's a whole forking the code base that's really confusing so in these are not. I guess and it does nothing cut and -- about this yeah one thing when you look at the future also moving -- -- But gave no one knew at that point in time because the courier. The -- you know -- are also. Would have been able to release around the same time as the iPad that's correct rate a few months I -- and I I you know what our planet very quickly that Microsoft disputes that. And posts spoke with folks -- the team and things they were telling me is that -- -- -- doubled -- if they've really put resource is behind it instead of killing game. They could have had something in in several months and and and it to be in -- -- access as natural yes and now the challenges. How how significant -- Microsoft and -- with the windows eight tablet that's coming in approximately three years after the iPad has now established this market. Of dominance and -- -- will will they be able to be a player in the web so it. There are in this market research IBM and the folks at Gartner think you know Mike Sutton get -- It's right I mean you know Apple has established what. A tablet computer should be. Their benefits I think. Having the windows to a windows tablet any meaning if you -- -- IT guy you care about -- me care about security you know those tools that are certainly gonna be in that. You know if -- they're planning people out there who just don't like Macs I don't like Apple those folks might look at this but Mike's got a pull it off right Microsoft has got to make it -- And and that bar is pretty deal on high right now with what Apple is created. Do think there would be a little. A bit more. Forgiveness and in the tech community of over -- -- killing the courier. Project if there were a sense that they were farther along with. Things like the tablet I mean I bomber has been -- expressed some skepticism about the idea turn it chased down the iPad. That maybe that's not what they need to do even as they march toward you know tablet friendly versions of windows eight at. I think there is a sense at least and it may be unfair. That the company is lacking in good direction that they are sort of claim that windows life -- which don't answer hungry than a lot of money to Berkshire. But it -- but but. -- -- -- You know I and -- I think my except appreciates. The -- opportunities. Tablets out provide and they understand that it you know that it is a computing paradigm that may need to embrace and even at its its document tablets ten years at university got tired yeah yeah you know big story -- -- doesn't do about it nights at an entirely right -- you know. But their vision didn't quite work out right. US I was at the build conference which is an -- developer conference in Anaheim in September. And that was really all about tablets I think my -- gets the fact that that's an important. Category for them to to embrace and and to really jump -- -- I don't doubt that the questions are you know anything in the tech community is whether or not. Full blown windows is the way to approach that market. Well whether they have time. At that to play the long game tablets -- does is -- that's -- the other. But -- and it's it's still there and -- -- is rated is still early days for the tab and you know we need the it's grown fast. In and the benchmark has been said but he really the in the iPad is. And I -- but -- it's less than two years old so it's it's still early. -- Fascinating -- you have to go to add -- at their tech and -- -- -- part of series we will have -- in our show notes -- the -- Latina dot com. Forever where you came here. I started reading about Microsoft in that 1998 at the Seattle times and I am in 2000 night joined business -- is -- Seattle bureau chief and -- about -- Microsoft. I left the area in the December 2009 and and I wrote a book -- had nothing to make something yeah -- -- Baghdad product design called design is how it works go get it. The act and then joined CNET in March that we're super happy to have you and your that's rocks -- great thank you -- you are welcome to hang out there that show -- -- like if commentary on everything else but I understand if you're on deadline if -- -- -- guy gets after you -- -- I -- -- -- okay. Thank you Canada Cuba and much annual will be talking to and banks are having fun online excellence. And -- even as had to connect in my -- you know pass through Skype. Area. The RI it also in the tech news Apple after. I don't know. Two weeks I guess some sort of as they do whenever there is it like a new problem with the new phone I'm not saying a word about IOS five -- iPhone four S battery issues issued a statement yesterday in -- Yet -- BI OS five. In there and there are cleverly crafted word in it they -- on the officially released a small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on IOS devices. They found a few bugs and better -- that's affected and I like them they're gonna be released to suffer update. Developers -- lead they were released a new version of IOS five point appoint one. Which is supposed to address some these battery issues. It'd have to do a whole full on blown out press conference but I like the -- -- of how small number of customers sounds very antenna gate issue yet and if we were -- call. But -- you know people of importing. Thing is as extreme as -- battery up for their iPhone. Going in about an hour losing half of its charge. You know or even lasting two to three dollars for the iPhone four S and it has impacted some iPhone -- so mid got to get on this and -- looks like they're gonna do that let. Cynical -- little. In a few weeks actually I have a sense that it might indeed be a small number of -- That of a particularly bad batch went -- I think and those were the ones that were having two or three hour battery lives. On. For a guy actually have been having is ongoing conversation about it began at about math and from an -- -- -- Because you're like. I that I am so excited to get -- iPhone party is again my new for us -- actually -- he had one of the ones I had two or three hour battery life. Take it back got a new one. And then said the battery life and the new one is better than that but it still is not great it's more like I'm barely using it and its lasting eight hours and hard to say to be. As a lot time sometimes you get these new apps and I just recently started his new group -- -- because I if you didn't hear beluga our favorite loved beluga -- is going away because FaceBook which purchased it. -- is integrating their team into -- -- beluga is gone. So I jumped on a -- mean which is another group messenger primate outlet may be my phone battery -- Getting messed up because of that app. Sometimes you don't you don't really know. Also I'm sorry but I think that Syria is a battery sucker I think -- of the battery sucking novelty -- I'm not sorry that I don't have -- -- -- his ruling goes I am actually leaning more and more towards nine again in a forest now. Yeah I don't I don't even it you don't -- -- lets you re -- only ended like -- for the for a camera is so good and I mean I understand that cameras really greater whatever BO RD Everett area of good enough. And then you can get to get enough with speech to text with lingo and even the built in speech -- that still has those just not -- -- -- you're experiencing -- items and. -- -- town are you guys elderly using series as we talked about it when. When Gillespie was here of what he really usery foreign and a lot of people that my friends -- have four s.'s. I cannot -- -- -- -- for voice attacks but that's about it. -- you play with -- and asked of the silly questions I have not I'd like I'd been like waiting to see people walking around talking on the phone I haven't seen at one time -- I think about it Simpson scale. Everyone -- and I think that's one of the obstacles or challenges that. People feel awkward talking to their phone like that in public via you know I don't I don't. Isn't walking on the she'll be talking -- totally. I completely I am -- -- loaded. I don't mind you but I am the only one I've ever seen but I -- -- that I will be -- and -- shirt comma I'll I'll meet you at the restaurant later period. -- -- -- -- -- -- People on the bus that gets super -- on the phone and I can't stand it those might be those same people -- would like. Talk to -- you really loud -- -- your everything they're talking about it I wouldn't you know there's not humans. Well that's where I never talk column from the neither do I swear I got I I'm I was like on violator. By the way we totally industrialists forgot to introduce our in studio guest when we went right into Green because you may notice Brian Tong has little -- today back in -- a lot of -- an atomic Cardin. -- don't do weekly Delhi's joining us in studio. You too can get -- little head scratch from Brian Tong if you're coming to town that is -- -- -- don't advertise that humans are made and -- -- get a lot more people on and attract them and you never know a I that we have been reporting on an Apple patent battles on the show now for months. I mean really for years but that meant specifically the tablet related patent battles. And one thing I shot a little segment yesterday or the upcoming CDS holiday gift special. Which will air on CBS against Italy logic -- were all gonna be an inevitable teamster union on CBS on Thanksgiving Day between the two football games will be a half hour Spina gift special that the new year out features all of us so any -- shuttle tablets and weapon that we -- -- -- lined up there -- -- iPad in the let's -- It -- when a -- stated Donald bell. Is that the rule against the Samsung tab actually I'm -- affects -- -- Michael O'Leary did. However. Apple as it has you know obviously the ongoing battle has been with Samsung but they also picked up by the small tablet vendor in Spain. Called and TK. And it was based on that design. Design patents claimed that -- to -- copied the design of the iPad this week. A Spanish court ruled. In favor of and T today. -- victory -- little line Samsung's probably -- mean like. We haven't announced and they can we talk to your lawyers to help -- sound. There's been a lot of injunctions against Samsung tablets over in Germany. In rushed was -- Australia Austria Australia for been able to settled their tablets. Spanish tablet vendor and TK. They they won -- they -- they -- the ruling went in their favor. Yet which is a good because Apple had not only attacked them on the sort of civil grounds -- patent infringement but they actually brought criminal charges. Against -- day. Saying they were attempting to attack them under criminal law and saying that it was not just pirate that it was product pirate. See not just not as it -- -- -- -- SO ADK is gonna seek compensation from Apple for the lost revenue during their time they should just make up some really crazy numbers -- Everyone in Spain was gonna buy an -- -- tablet they would have because it was completely it was banned for awhile they did win an injunction against these anti -- tablet and in fact I shipments. From China -- c.s -- At one point educate and literally ended up on a list of European product pirates and Apple is going nuclear with the -- So they Wear out pretty excited that I mean let's be fair they -- in their home. On course system but still -- season -- you -- -- -- home court at least and it will be it will merely interesting to see whether this provides any precedent for Samsung. You know anything and they can use anything in you know attempt -- at this -- is like. Anything. That they can use they will be using them. Anyway so the and TK tablet can going to sell like 45 more units. -- okay. I don't want -- and it tied me so forty cents and everyone in Spain by that tablet instead of iPad and solidarity. Yeah okay. If you want to go ahead Spain -- like Apple. Also -- yesterday Google and build. The amazing -- Gmail app for the iPhone won't. Everyone was like you don't get it don't get it now. And then and -- realized wow this is kind of like a piece of doo -- -- people were pissed about. Like the button -- everything they -- site now I'm not having this I don't mean the web mail is actually better than this dedicated app. So on Google then yanked the app saying that it had a problem with its notifications. And how is integrated so. I don't know if it's been pull -- back up. -- I don't know -- people have been in the tech that I know it when -- not Eleanor. An ongoing sort of Twitter conversations about did you get it -- -- it was -- on what happened -- people when they installed it it immediately threw up an error message throughout. Other -- -- -- immediately barf all over you you got an error message when you first opened the app. So so but that is what Google's -- was the bug. When they pulled it. Apparently all the other stuff about the button layout being kind of weird like people of essentially says Jackie its -- exactly and that and here's my -- complaint. It only allows one. Account one Google one inbox one Gmail account it's a single account. Who does not have. So let me have my Gmail account if you have multiple gently log out every time log back and where it's now the active -- and right now. That's yet -- -- actually Rick Adelman wrote a pretty great. Sort of scathing indictment of it was basically like Google -- do better you know because he was just like. I might use this may be if I have a ton of email that I have to sort of deal with -- violet. -- you can do some of those features that you can't do with a native. I guess I just use mine eyes that all of my Gmail accounts as exchange accounts is that will -- it is enables Google sync to -- All of your contacts of the phone and then you can have as many cancers you want. But you can't star. And you can't put them into folders which is kind of -- what that's that's not -- however it's no marvel at them then like you can only -- one account. And it's pretty spectacular. Sucked -- -- and -- amazing stuff but you -- who's not letting us down. Amazon -- Amazon keeps on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Amazon is now becoming a book Lander so Kindle owners who subscribed to the prime service yet another reason why we love Amazon prime and why they should sponsor a show. Now I'll have -- the prime prime users -- subscribers the prime service will be able to borrow. Now this is the key thing about this is that none of the major publishers are really on board yet the six large publishers in the US. But what you can do is you can lend a book you can borrow it and put it on your Kindle when you choose another line you'll only be able to lend or borrow one but at one time. From the Amazon a store. But. This is this is good stuff the other thing that's interesting and that may help to get the publishers on board is the -- books can only be read on Kindle devices. Death so it is not you know it's not of those things where if you're sharing your account with someone they can read it on there. Computer or their tablet or their phone its just -- borrow once and then read. Only -- which is -- which might be nice for publishers the let's be honest for someone who does. Other Kindle devices and they put their app everywhere near you're -- Mika you're -- -- Yet minimize that might be kind of frustrating but it into it what it really is is entering test -- for people who are loyal Amazon consumers who -- Kindle. And who are so -- prime. Prime subscribers pretty cool it's just -- the -- that. Publishers being on board as the -- yet. Because so far they can also like to -- I think allows lending idea it's just that I have yet to see a book that I own. Have the publisher island. -- this is this big difference I should've made it clear is this is lending directly from -- library -- Not lending books -- you already own but from Kendall's. 5000 titles they have in the library that they're allowing you to land from Amazon directly it's almost like -- Amazon link to instant streaming and sort of like an instant library but. It so the thing -- -- -- also is like -- we talk about how the pub it's always up to the polish of the content creators and delivers to see. If we're gonna get the stuff a lot of companies they implement these. Features but then how much content do we really get from the publishers. -- I mean I have to say like the publishers have. They have been downright music industry like when it comes an age when it comes to standing in the way of digital distribution of books and these are the kinds and animations that get people excited about things that you know that they will get paid for. The despite the best efforts of the book publishing industry. They're still everyone is still scared of with what happened in the music industry and iTunes -- that freaked all of those content creators out. Because they realize how they how they lost so much so -- But what Amazon is trying to do here is create that like the rhapsody of or the Spotify of of -- Services -- it like roll. Book lending and book subscriptions basically into their yearly subscription to examine the -- dissent is Amazon prime -- must have service. Yes. Answer crisper shipping alone -- make our own Amazon prime jingle. I feel like we talk like every officer until -- didn't -- that Atlantis this is why they Americans -- -- because the fact that they don't is the only thing that keeps our love. In -- slightly appropriate territory. -- -- -- -- Gillis an idea canceled its Kindle fire pre order today because these that it didn't make sense for and and one -- -- medium Apple universe is these threat. That I as a little sneak peek we will be discussing that exact topic at CES in our next big thing -- are you but I mean you could just pre ordered it to resell it. While these math actually type pre ordered it just to Kindle not the Kindle fire and gathered at night and that's a router -- Kindle yet attached to -- -- It takes of your site and -- I worry take a quick break when we come back shocking news and -- just -- long long story of the Internet explorer's decline. Yahoo! is -- -- publishing ol' yeah yeah and the galaxy nexus. Let me -- -- not it's a mix those -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some bloggers being interpreted totally just like -- big blades. Welcome back to buzz allied everybody -- on here in the house with ms. Molly. Thought it would. And -- -- don't run in the show he knows how to -- it also are. As little dance and -- and I ate cereal and a carrying out -- -- program. -- -- the idea. Of the. -- studio audience it pays to be against -- and are. Alright guys -- -- to the show Internet Explorer believe it or not this is. This kind of shocked all of us -- share has dropped below 50%. For web browsing this Internet -- no longer claim more than half of the -- traffic as of October. It's rain has come down now safaris hold on the mobile traffic space at 62% has put a little -- in this but also your titled the growth. From Chrome -- Firefox. And safari that has taken out a -- here Firefox. Currently accounts for 21 point 2% -- traffic Google Chrome sixteen point six and safari eight point 72 -- Google Chrome. -- putts here -- house Yang and -- I mean you change my life with her. I'm not -- -- when I say that. This is like things we love this link to Oprah figured we'd -- special that any well we are. -- -- -- -- -- -- Chrome increase its share of the desktop market one point 2% I know its -- small you know in the big scheme of things but it's significant they've. The most expansion into it was pretty it's pretty big deal that I mean IE had dropped below 50% market share in mobile. Browsing -- you -- quite a while ago but it's a pretty big deal. That it can no longer claim even like half of the web's. Traffic because it was the it was then majority share browser for more than a decade widget technology terms to hold onto a market -- lead like that. For that long -- is remarkable. And there's Friday but I'm not evenly in the chat -- that are saying who uses that are explorer anymore because. -- people on the tech community the prime move past it but. It's it's it's everywhere so the fact that as below 50% as a big deal I had a really interesting to read about that I actually from someone who respondents had that they thought it would probably go back -- because I. I. I -- complete -- can -- use -- that when I need to use an alternate browser because some some -- corporate solar whatever doesn't work. IIE -- IE instead of Firefox and selling a and a time to wait that's stupid thing around in that might. That -- and tools seen those HR training videos even having a look at that lasts and -- -- It's I'm sorry you know first -- proms -- but when you have to watch a training session for an hour and a half and their handler of them they're corny videos. It's. Your eyes your ears your nose at all believe. But but that does silver lining is the sexual harassment video those of the best -- I love that I love it. The two friendly repair guy. -- Yahoo! apparently everybody had -- been waiting for this Yahoo!. Finally on Wednesday launched its -- stand digital newsstand iPad app I thought this is kind of instinct in announced plans board in February. And it is a very sort of flip board style. Digital newsstand that -- they're hoping it'll be the kind of thing that you immerse yourself in content and dolls from Yahoo! -- -- can use the services in their. And I don't know why I was sort of taken with the fact that they wanted everybody of course immediately was like. In a note board is a much better they don't you not understand about how to put the user first. But I found -- fascinating that -- that Yahoo! was going in that direction at all. I got to do with the little it's it's all right now it's really -- -- is a lot of contents. Armed services are you know magazines and web sites -- names they -- he just. -- -- them but there's not really niece there's not too many social hooks and yet another -- -- -- has been all about. You know what your friends looking at and and what service bubbling to the top. -- -- and what -- you want what I'm doing well -- like flip board of social lives and they say is personalized but it's not so dedicated to everything you want all the time. But I do I'm just sort of interested in watching the evolution of media on these devices although I'm -- out. At I rail against the idea that its device specific but that sort of tablet that -- content is. Mainly it's it's a really interesting. Evolution well this is Yahoo!'s latest attempted you have an iPad -- -- -- -- A -- also seen though just add on that point is how old tablet interfaces. Has started to leak over to even desktop browsing I Wii title on Amazon store. Which was kind of a little more tablet basin and how their website is now designed to be simpler but. Still tablet friendly and even when you look at something like -- redesign like cnet's it when you look at it now. I think while it's laid out more like the tablet a lot of the tech sites are more catered to how we even as a simplified version but still pretty but tablet -- -- You know and I have to say it to me it's -- like this inevitable march toward touch screens on laptops that I would like now. I never ever thought that that was that was and and develop you know we talked about gorilla arm and it's never gonna -- to have. -- on computers but I. I increasingly where there and I wondered if that is a trend that we will start to see at CES. I am gonna be keeping my eyes peeled at CES for just 11. Touch screen laptop I don't want there's gotta be line. There's that certainly there's a -- in -- in his basement. Making wondering I don't -- to be over by the rice cookers and in a weird and the -- -- -- I want regularly I want to keep us collectors this yes I miss that I want that -- -- over the sand over this every day I am although like the real legal they've actually done the sewing machines -- come out of the sans writes that -- zone and those -- brother has like a big. Booth right on the meeting like operator your name right on to reject it because it's a -- at the sands of the others yes so. We're we're gonna go like this -- is that there's like a side. To mention the space X of the big -- -- space it is also nice apartment and but the sands. As we get all Michaels -- Rob read says Fujitsu has had them I want I want to see that that and I wanna see that. Start because I look at -- now I -- -- look at you know and that the kids we're gonna grow up on. On live stand -- apps like -- -- clipboard and they're gonna be doing all of their media that -- meaning when he comes up to my MacBook Air. Which whose screen looks exactly like -- iPad -- like I'm like oh. We know who's. OS is only kind of capital to be taxable in the Microsoft windows eight as the -- -- right now that at least looks like their ducks are in a row meant to be that dual interface. Yeah you know right now that that's how they designed it from the ground up so -- seeing. We'll seen. I cool story today over at public knowledge dot org one of my favorite blogs he's definitely take the -- these geysers that night if you want to be reading up on the stop pilot online privacy act which by the way go to coming latest rant about it -- I was. Angry. About and then go and sign the White House -- -- petition against the U parasites so that act it's just a nightmare. Nightmare for the Internet anyway you can -- read more about at a public -- with. But today they have a great story about how the Department of Justice antitrust division. Won a lawsuit against H&R block. When H&R block with attempting to acquire a smaller competitor called tax act. Which does not sound like a story the -- in the buzz out loud lineup although herald Felder public knowledge of the great write up about how. That ruling and the fact that the DOJ won its lawsuit against -- black bloc could be great news. For those of us who oppose the AT&T T-Mobile merger. Mainly because and -- pretty exciting. They it that it DOJ was able to use like good old fashioned antitrust arguments yup and win this lawsuit and and say. Essentially if H&R block -- tax -- it will older it will negatively affect competition. -- the DOJ argued that removing tax that would -- a virtual duopoly between the two surviving post merger -- that's. HR block -- into witness Turbotax and trade in the likelihood of coordinate efforts between the dominant firms which -- unfamiliar -- that sounds like a set up that might. Happen yeah and and its analysis says it turns out that there is still life in traditional anti trust theory and traditional concentration metrics aren't quite so outdated after -- that was one of the concerns and one of the things that AT&T -- trying to argue. Was like hope the markets totally different now and that you know they're smaller carriers in the word the world is not what -- used to be in terms of of concentrating power kick competition can still exist even when there are gigantic business -- -- stomping around trying to -- them. I think this is a really good sign but it it is the mobile carrier world is a little different and tax software raid shows that the department of justice's at least. Willing to make a move but then when you are about talks tax offer -- three or four players know the mobile -- we stop playing they're still a -- -- -- at least semi significant mean -- You know -- your release really stripping it down -- two but. Com into -- see how that all plays out in -- About that -- General Counsel -- Steve says there always has been like an antitrust -- that it's just a question of whether the political appointments. Want to enforce that law -- -- I think that is partly why this is potentially positive movement actually -- the DOJ did manage to win on those grounds. -- the it will bode well for the future it certainly doesn't mean you know in -- over tilt numbers are filled concludes -- we all agree but it is. Think it's a happy precedent possibly. Still happening until you. -- -- -- Now that was created I hope it doesn't Apple's -- -- And net new invention have left -- and it totally -- They're gonna come for me. Anonymous. You know the -- activist. The -- collective slightly -- -- slightly -- activist collective anonymous had announced operation cartel. Where they you know they've taken on government they've taken on -- they take a multinational corporations and by god. They were going after the the Mexican drug cartels to those guys that's is bad news or bad they're gonna Wear it and which I think we all agree. They're about they're gonna -- gonna expose things about them and we're gonna target date drug cartels. And. And then basically. The -- as they test drug cartel. Responded in kind and essentially said okay we're gonna find you and -- your bleeping heads -- So another what we do. Anonymous because you know they are the the champion of all things -- should be revealed they -- -- post identifying information online about civilian associates. Of Los say that's exactly. Nexus the most powerful violent drug cartels in that spirit would be that a cable. If they expose these names then those associates. Would be tracked down by rival. -- -- -- But in response -- that also. Is they realize like well I'm just pecking away on my keyboard and I don't want -- actually die. Pay for this I am -- teenager with a computer and these guys find people cut their heads up with them -- -- like the girls environments -- -- to like your mop. Think -- good at this. By anonymous. Wisely. Stood hopefully not too late. We did like. I back away from operating cartel because we don't want people actually we'll -- -- has been reportedly started have been trying to. Hunt down some of these hackers already. And -- you know. Anonymous basically took -- step back -- not serious gap. That it really got serious and. You -- they will cut your. Heads off. Yes on it and I know I did -- -- I'm not -- -- up now aria. And idiots though is scary Mexican drug cartel. Scary reality check beyond reality -- -- -- -- -- I gotta say I think -- -- Molly McMaster Molly that's -- no announcements knows -- well analyst note from Wallace and I'm diagnosed from Alice this next story. There are reports -- a little confusing because we weren't exactly sure of the galaxy nexus release -- in the US in the first place. But there had been reports that it would be November 10. A Verizon leaked document seems to suggests. That it may be delayed -- And or at least not launching -- -- after November 25 that being Thanksgiving. We'll see that's why you don't really shouldn't -- -- the dates because you can do things like especially now when your Android which is always late. I'm sorry but Android is always -- But -- cool guy there little guy at the party that's who they -- -- and they only in the robot. There were some reports synthetic Atlanta resident -- after November 17 general -- people who are thinking maybe it was just in and of being sort of a Black Friday released. No one really knows. And I can guarantee that ice cream -- somehow is behind. The thing about this is okay. Black Friday holiday season. Lot of shopping. Now maybe this is a phone that they wouldn't even expect to put on sale or offer any kind of deal because it's new. But you gotta get that thing out there -- more yet Black Friday. Well and considering that the Droid RAZR is -- that is launching. This week -- I think on Friday it during prisoner has like. A growing a slow growing buzz because it was sort of stomped on by the -- -- -- but that is a very. Cool phone and people were looking for a hot Android phone are -- potentially just. Get to the residents -- by that -- not even know the out connections existed they don't even know existed there's -- HTC -- which despite being spelled with a -- which -- wanna kill someone looks pretty cool -- the iPhone four S is gonna be engineered and the Droid bionic even you know you're obviously a lineup of ironic take a long time to get -- do you like that was -- it was an entirely and here is that amber and I plan. Expect while it -- cool got to the -- you know it. You always wanna take a positive spin on these things to say you're the -- -- the party but -- Android people its skull or okay. Good news though people had been speculating that -- at four point no -- can damage might not allow customizations. And apparently according to slash year. A completely open source version of ice cream sandwich will come out in just a few weeks. Just a few weeks after Black Friday understand does that hint that the timing for -- -- -- you -- it doesn't necessarily have to buy. I couldn't lead to they think that you know different versions of Android devices like allowing TouchWiz. And the HTC sense and then also other customized US -- -- Also really if this thing is hot and is as hot as advertised. Meet people the -- be more -- about -- is that you gotta get those general consumers to like get these things that -- the ones and make the difference. It's not it's not like we're we're in it we're in a little Boxee -- that talked about the stuff that we love the people outside the -- are the ones that are gonna decide on this. -- -- Yet get an uprising but an act -- that we're that word of an open source ice cream sandwich is not necessarily. The best thing for Android because. It allows more of those customized -- like ice cream sandwich like honeycomb is supposed to be the version of -- that ends fragmentation. It is the one -- to unite them all. Except that then I'll put out an open source version which means you can have TouchWiz and -- can have sent on -- -- -- the -- moto -- on it many can fragment it's more than you can have the different versions and then like the HTC that the one for girls -- totally different versions makes these older girls yet -- outlets around the -- man -- the purple one it's only available in the US and purple. But they say it's not for it's not for girls -- -- custom home screen is like a cute girl in with an umbrella standing in the -- It's probably only for an. Girls are guys -- where paint. -- united and I like physicians'. Incomes and a dongle. Another event like a little -- little -- and well I am. -- you know it also into about fragmentation retired -- like the Kindle fire rate a lot of people be like oh that's an Android device apps that I purchase on this Kindle fire. Those are apps from Amazon's Android store then you won't be able to get the same apps that are that you're gonna get from a general and -- Android store. At the same time if you have enough. Of the market that wants a device and the it really that -- of -- invisible to them and they don't care. Which might be the most the case for a lot of these people I want a 199 tablet that's fine but at the end. -- I hear about other cool apps you can't get on your platform then you're like what -- I just do. Yeah well it creates -- a lot of people have asked that question Mandarin and the Kindle fire in particular -- and it creates. Too much confusion in the marketplace what am I getting when I get Mandarin. And and open source ice cream sandwich I mean I know that the open source community this is like anathema to them but open -- -- -- -- will lead to. Potentially further fragmentation and that is supposed to be not what this this OS is all about -- send -- -- says Google's slowly dropping hints that they want me to buy an iPhone. -- -- read earlier actually when we talked about the buggy Gmail app coming I was saying my Google. I mean I feel like interestingly going all the way back to our conversation with Jay Greene. You start to feel like Google's do we do it all -- -- is really starting to hurt and you can see it -- -- -- a lack of focus across the board even on these things that seem to be. Really big initiatives and -- and -- ethnic group. Although. Let's be honest when we're talking about somebody needs to get it together. I -- Google isn't pretty awesome shape. Compared to import rim are going to be on on the -- -- the -- timing and I think we are. Research in motions. Declined below book value for the first time in nine years. -- the Blackberry maker worth less than the net value of its property. Patents. And other assets. In a sign of investors -- -- Less than the net value of its property patents and other aspects yet. Talk about rim death watch this is the big step forward in -- -- -- this is this you need -- sound -- -- the Blackberry ringing and then Mike and taps. And and -- Yeah rim grilled you point 9%. Eighteen dollars and 37 cents. China in the book value of eighteen dollars and 92. Cents analysts say things lake. In addition to calling them -- -- they've been losing business there -- operating technology problems there is not a customer loyalty anymore. But I can't. It is a -- can -- magazine is basically like if someone bot freedom they would be selling their house -- -- -- Essentially. Heartbreaking well you know what maybe they can turn things around with -- BBN music service. This business is -- -- -- -- intuitive amiga and ISO -- let's explain this we talked about this earlier. Rim officially launched their BBN music service and you know why wouldn't you want all the music you get with the music service will you won't be able to get that with BBM's service. What it does is it allows you to choose fifty songs again. No more just fifty songs -- if you want more songs. Equipment. You have to have your friends be your friends to share their fifty -- -- RBX. Can't tell -- -- a charity care now. Anyway is really for unit. Earlier library it is BBN music service yup -- friends. And let's be honest I don't wanna listen the same music my friends -- -- this is horrible yet -- -- be times music in the way way -- -- ones -- -- why didn't want the second -- -- you -- on party rock. Long time ago like six months eight months ago you now and the -- the you know not really bad out. Or what about -- -- and go where he's go to lean. In a blue screen Swiss Alps with that but that's amazing stuff I did discover super -- on the -- of -- -- So tiny pilot and I -- Aguilera live event planning and has played list in alignment partner anyways BBN music service. Not gonna turn that ship around heart breaking. -- death watch. Continued -- let's find out what else happened in the news also this week also this week. Or cool to do that again okay see what else is going on in the news also this week from. Page 8080 navy's big game -- if you are our British girl. Yeah I was like it needs is selling the BBC has been totally student -- didn't. Love it HTC. Has become the highest shipping Smartphone vendor in the United States now done. Had blown past Apple and Nokia as we noted -- and number one Smartphone vendor in the world. But HTC has taken that title in the United States a huge legacy tenants stay in the Smartphone world public and it's -- puts out a phone every. 32 minutes. It. Out of act -- was HTC -- one of those phones these purple backed Allen because that's you know that's the difference maker right there -- -- -- take them. News yes yesterday and injured atmosphere actually had Jason Howell the term will hold Arnold Buddy Guy is awesome and he had an HTC -- was shown -- little charm it's really cool he liked it actually human league. So I guess that's not it still -- for girls -- Anyway. Next. Let's say hello Jason. Everyone knows island -- and so -- was for -- -- Also this week. Oh yeah you're leading to me yeah -- survey. There's a regular days that survey says parents ally -- -- help preteens. On FaceBook among. And a new survey from Microsoft and university researchers they asked there there -- viewing the child online privacy protection act copa. Which says that website can't collect information about children under thirteen unless they have verifiable parental permission. And they found out that -- out of this and some thousand. Parents have been surveyed nearly seven in ten. Who had. Pre teens on FaceBook admitted that they help their kids at a they are and they Atlanta -- that they -- about a Pittsburgh they helping yup that's. Where they hope they can plan to it but did tell you I have an advantage in -- of Memphis and -- has the -- -- but we had talked about this how they should make. Will they have social notes for younger kids but really they should allow. Younger people to be on FaceBook yet to interact appropriately. Because there -- there. At least an -- single serving. October Cayman -- with no iTunes match. Where is it the -- S -- and iTunes to do you have like him inside information. Well they just released of -- no I don't know why it was delayed but they did our resident. Ellis stated released to developers an update to the beta service that they've been flying out with developers but. It's -- I'm watching my calendar. It's not the end of October. It's November. And a and is not -- -- cool guy and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet there it just -- and -- and -- And. You have anyway is it I think that's -- for -- nine to wait for it you'll save some money so don't. Little later it is the more money guys -- forever in the terms of I actually forgot about them. Mac and pilots realignment isn't -- Some forward looking news Barnes & Noble announced a special event or Monday. Where it is expected they will launch some kind of and you -- Probably to take on the Kindle fire. Seven inch color screen rumored rumblings was -- none excited about that also something to get -- about the job bone up. Known for their Bluetooth headsets. And it tracks your activity. Whether you're sitting on your but are actually -- -- exercising. Your food intake did there's an app on your phone recent I think this is a little. While they're out there but you can take a picture -- -- And it estimates the calories. -- -- I -- I don't like it didn't really know how much butter Paula dean put in that. -- -- -- -- I cannot calories and if you start to get a pretty good sense of it so if it's if -- -- feels like it's close you might be able to be like that you here and there site and. You had tracked the sleep cycles it's not gonna be available November 6 for a hundred dollars the cool thing about this is a while ago I remember when job only got -- a bunch of in investment funding. To kind of pursued new projects that -- outside of they're really doing Bluetooth headsets and audio products so this is really one of the streets. Of that. I -- off on it until I totally want us especially the part where it detects what stated sleep your end. Again and there's the video and then 88 can wake you up -- -- in a light sleep states alike you can say airline. And uses a little it like -- on your wrist to sort of like gently wake you up -- like -- save weight she gently whichever ZoneAlarm. It's not an alarm -- -- it's like if you've set your alarm for 730 and it detects that at 715 in your electric. In and full alignment and -- you smarter than ugly nightmare like drool mode. It will it will gently ease the migration mattered to sort of bring you to a later stage -- -- -- -- -- -- Only that up to be used for a variety of things -- happen but -- parents and stay active guy was leaning on a free in the metal shelves and his legs. Thanks opt for measuring act. Pretty awesome and then there's an app. I think it's cool I wonder how comfortable it is highlighted is when you run around a lot of people using -- it. Yeah I think -- this is you know going after market -- surprised at how many people and attract everything that the during but I like. The sound -- like China. -- -- my ankle so it's like come. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pilot didn't science news and. NASA wants to make tractor beams a reality. -- -- I thought I'd say about that yes -- write articles on -- -- -- -- production they have gotten they've been awarded a 100000 dollar. Grant to study experimental methods of -- for rallying particles and transporting them. Via laser light to an instrument akin to a vacuum using suction that would collect and transport entered into a cancer -- -- And in and then -- -- delivered the instrument would then characterized their composition is tractor beam quality and see -- it's made out of it's -- They've -- -- NASA has awarded that grants. To some scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and of course it's been done with a -- asserts answers. And ill tempered -- and -- -- the concept for remotely capturing planetary or atmospheric particles and delivering them to robotic rover. Or orbiting spacecraft for analysis like how do we not have this yet. Yeah we'll get payment plan because that's -- -- you look at it. Does it require that lasers to break down things and transport them yet biggest drop. -- not an extra sucking things that's pretty exciting. Pretty exciting it's like a space Dyson. If they get an inch. Is based diets and what they could -- quarter -- anomalies are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now while the deal and -- -- there was -- -- is time for your calls and -- the -- and. My loves me just -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that left -- we have a question a lot of times the we get questions about the various products that we -- we have one of those. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or some kind of institution anti. IPhone four K. And I wonder what kind and it let us now -- Magnets and -- case. Not some mare and -- -- Barrett added I'm loving writes I'm economic toll for -- to bring in the case for the case in here remembered. It's this is that it's called the bios -- At -- -- dot com and it is made of plants. Could fit but but the thing is made out of nuts and berries and -- biodegradable. And you have your constitution that case -- -- -- I don't know that's great but is a deeper. That's amazing that's great -- and -- did not so good at things that I'll bring in say in an attempt. They strategy that I had one -- squirrels stole my own all alone I doubt that the schools like renewable. What actually really do like about it -- they -- it's slim and light it is hardly adds any bulk and it's super lightly and so I've been pretty happy with my -- theory. Nothing wrong by the elected it was I think I have a few more -- around in. I know how we are -- about it -- -- -- -- patents and a but arm and an -- but I'm -- -- -- -- until we got and then. Receiving get Doolittle pulled giveaway for people the right into subtly -- -- other -- callers -- callers holly and lets people call in with product question. Like bath. Then maybe it with the alto. From our -- from today email us -- animal -- -- -- delegates ago that I like it the colors are a little like. But it's really light and united what it's not so I'm what do you expect out of the hands of Aries you can only look so good to keep -- -- -- very urgent. On any emails posse in Helsinki Finland's. -- Regimens of -- -- -- realized that IOS the IOS five update has rendered the podcast listening experience. Down to useless one there is no currently playing indicator to the podcast directory is listed alphabetically as opposed by publish date. Three there is no indication of playing status -- later and later half an -- of individual episodes or there's no way to download new episodes directly from the device. -- if you're losing your podcast playing does not continue to the next episode rather it continues to your music library possibly the next alphabetical song where a -- -- -- Samberg at -- because when you think about it -- update -- -- keep it makes it very difficult to keep up with your show and any others. Thanks I didn't realise it was that bad there are threatening our livelihood you know also adjust the IOS five update to the iPad music. -- -- Is a joke it's horrible -- -- they change the organization -- the way it looks feels it's it's idiotic. They really need to go back to -- morning to Scotland the what we were using -- the past year which I keyboard generally. No no they weren't they would most and it was fine -- it's interesting how often they messed with. Podcast playing and downloading considering that -- the London and -- and help push that forward yet. It makes email on -- -- this one arm. Surely you can -- Anyway a lot of people wrote in -- because I was asking for -- turn by turn direction. -- Richard election app for my new iPhone four which out for those -- -- I love so far. And I know they are astonished to hear that because they complain about on all the time. I've had math on four for a week now and I love it has great battery life -- seems to be working fine I replace safari with the hunters had also been. I -- I need folders. It tastes a little good I have a -- and photo very various photography -- installed on -- -- our products as you guys don't notice but -- intravenously pumping her up with a more -- And it and I is -- from a speech -- -- and Paul age from Atlanta reading to suggest internment turn -- app he said that he uses talent now which he was using and Blackberry for years. Which is a good tip for Blackberry users can you don't have either. Is that it's there in the App Store at 99 cents for the app and 999 a year for turn by turn which is actually pretty cheap compared to most -- -- So -- out as one suggestion a lot of people suggested map quest which is apparently re now. And then the one that I have settled on an amazing so far is one called ways WA is the ladies and it's free and it's super cute it seems to be built over Google Maps and it does. Sort of mesh network traffic information -- anybody else who's using it. If you haven't align all the time it'll it'll -- sort of mesh network traffic satellites in ways so far I like that camera on your phone. This stimulant and -- -- good. I know it's ridiculous this weekend I had an engagement party for my brother and a Halloween obviously on Halloween seven it only use -- camera and honestly business and -- knows me can filters on iTunes. And now it's it's on like Donkey Kong all right and -- -- last email comes to us from South Florida. -- From -- If he -- a buzz -- I was looking at electric camera and I just realized the most important part of this photography breakthrough that no one else has brought up yet. No more Fuzzy images of bigfoot. The Loch -- -- any of those other mythical beast -- people claim to -- running around out there with the infinite focal length now we will all know if there really is bigfoot. Are just some -- -- and could actually -- things right he's right I could not be marcher and also. Although it's like Fuzzy pictures and gadgets they obviously I'm right there there's like we spotted -- IB 800 -- -- why all. Half. Okay that literally -- that a mythical. I don't labor sobre Google when -- into the conference the thousand to go with two legs via the horse is available -- -- -- -- -- command. That's creepy but some manners and that's a -- -- -- Morse. -- up the reverend Jerry suggests motion acts GPS drive app -- paid mailing it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are -- -- back to -- that I wanna think of any future but for everyone's like oh my god I can't believe this source is -- like a Mac. The epithet at -- it is not a very tall man horizontal Parsons -- links and it's a Morse and and -- you are present or. That's the way there is one of the words you never say out loud he's -- it. Read G -- article. Fascinating -- to the three disagree reader RG YR users can you -- at a senate to be all that cnet.com you can call us we're gonna -- -- And that's -- -- case. 806166. -- nuts and berries. And that you tell us about cnet.com with a big guys like to do. We have had a great time it was the guys next week. -- -- --
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