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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1564: Molly's new iPhone 4 is no Halloween trick

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1564: Molly's new iPhone 4 is no Halloween trick

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In the tech news this week, Stephen and Brian bust me for buying an iPhone 4 on eBay to tide me over until there's a phone I really want--or until my Verizon contract is up. Nicole Lee joins us to talk about Nokia and Microsoft's new baby, the Lumia 800, and Sony's plans to get serious about making smart phones. Plus, stock advice from the gang, the coming nightmare that is the Stop Internet Piracy Act, and Computer Love.

Yeah. -- -- -- -- Who couldn't do it and and and and -- Me. David Bryan song I'm scared. -- -- room. I wouldn't I will look -- about the millions and -- an indeterminate length. How little we in addition to having their my throat that I love you know at -- and then present romance -- I that's any Nicole Lee is joining us today and -- -- authority crawler here at cnet's naturally -- -- a yes it is thanks a -- I don't know about what that -- pretty good and 15160. Or her -- I just I am gonna save this for later. He's an answer them. -- -- about a -- or early dive into the big textures and -- have a little thing to -- actually a little announcement CNET is. Going to be having a pop up experience in New York City. On November 8 through -- third through the 1990 through the thirteenth ninth through diet there tonight -- through the thirteenth yes Wednesday to Sunday. -- CNET -- them. November ninth through the thirteenth. Thank -- and and what it'll be about it'll be a pop star yet kind of just pop up store -- you can valiant and historic -- -- stuff but it's sort of like a CNET pop up experience there's gonna be editors on site to give little boot camps about in setting up your new technology. There'll -- demonstrations there will be. -- -- panels all kinds of things I'll be there. Regularly will be there the -- burning questions answered about the hottest devices adding that because unfortunately literally like holiday yeah yeah -- Someone had to stay home and babies of the fort -- Yes I know I'm staying here but it's okay we're gonna have some -- covers -- will also be a reporting from the pop ups or. On the buzz on buzz out loud that -- as well so. -- we'll do like -- -- will live hits back up answer yet it's basically holiday shopping advice galore with the scenic -- at this pop up things that go to CNET. Gotham dot cnet.com or CNET flash cnet.com slash got them for more information the real reason I bring it up is because we're having -- meet up. Exact on the third battery McCarron and it's the pop up there with the what I -- what you really need your members Thursday November 10 at 6:30 PM -- there is -- CNET meeting greet its isn't sort of general CNET editorial meet up I'll be there the for a -- has to be there and all the editors who are in town for the pop up will be there -- though. Come to that -- that. Guild -- drinks. How fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You and we have something I'll say yes yes there's a very important announcement to make hand a minute I need this music help out the -- status quo. -- it'll play. Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. After much debate C sign and pondering and Molly Wood has decided. Upon her final phone. So at this moment we'd like -- to raise that phones and -- ruled the world just. Liked. It has become. Mute them. -- the world. Once had is what has become. Ladies and -- now. -- Molly led decided. On the iPhone -- work. Big crowd and people will crying. If you -- -- -- brilliant that was scary. People -- Its stellar frequently as I know we need it I need declare I immediately because -- -- is like you can the IE what happened this is in fact an iPhone or. -- -- -- -- It is not an iPhone four -- I'm not made of money people I'm still in contract -- -- they here's what happened. One I am tired of this Android thing in the galaxy nexus for whatever reason it's like it's too vague I don't know when it's coming out my Droid X is dying it's just not functional they have to have something new and I can't wait to figure out what's gonna go on -- And done a -- it forever. I don't know -- she's the so I just like you know what this is a perfectly reliable thing it's a known entity you'll get me through. Seven months of next yes 67 months until there is something else that I want whether it's items -- or the right Android phone or whatever but yes. I also got under an iPhone four -- for the record. -- Tyrol I got them for so it. It's a -- had a kind of another piece of information to the chat room to some the elements of how this came to be I got message earlier this morning. You know I got a message from Hollywood and a one point this alleged C it was that I -- -- It has begun my friends. MacBook air and iPad. And iPhone. Loves -- photo -- -- iPhoto. -- known what had -- done. -- -- thank you of their music. By the way I. -- has not yet knowing what I -- You have cards you have cards the cards that you. I was saying that the next thing was gonna have a black streak in her hair. He thought I don't block intrusive opposite a blow. Sorry dance mixes and oh no desire O'Brien's tongue again and this. Sometimes the jokes work one at a ten always. I mean anyone -- attend a little thing I like to have. A variety of experiences don't don't worry I'm sure you'll be getting just as many complaints about the iPhone as He did about another -- but how does a keyboard work doesn't work it works but yes the keyboard actually so far the taping -- it it. It makes the letters ago. But will be honest I mean let's talk about this small and I've had the commerce like serious conversations behind the scenes -- about her -- like more than you guys can ever imagine and the reality is is that's -- dabbling in -- -- certain things that Android has but she wants a phone right now. -- can always do stuff with an in the meantime. It's I think it's a good experiment that you actually. Try it out because you know you'll get a broad range of do what I like what I don't like death. The automobile and everything will be I will be what better versed in the iris experience albeit more knowledgeable commentator on -- also like to be perfectly honestly I knew I was gonna -- transition on because there isn't a new phone right now that I really wanted. And I -- and -- had to get resale value yet. That's the truth aptitude to actually getting to the so does the -- this is like my Honda Civic greater. But little trade in value bottle honest than anything MM need to give me the bio that made out of two -- in -- Go eat afterwards eco. -- -- And that's a biodegradable can get excited salesmen -- and that's -- Mary's. It is on Verizon my biggest problem via Skype on last time and time is nine months and three G it again and it -- on AT&T could media on collars and text message Apple or at work. So that was silly but that typically is an issue -- all matters so far and I installed lingo immediately so -- RD replaced. Most of the speech to text that I was using with Android regularly. It's a little clunky because -- -- to respond to text in lingo as opposed to its in built in keyboard and texting but it's working so for like have been speech text and degrees. Magazine and now you know you think based on a loved ones I have and even edit them. And 85 right now. -- -- I got that on my mind I -- need to turn right and and intimate. And and recommend and it doesn't cost 100 dollars yet -- would be very. So yeah that's -- that's an actual -- -- -- -- and we had -- that got -- the militants. Are. You are amazing and. As -- -- ambushes that get better and I believe have a -- here this is -- well actually what do you think of my transition in terms is in what would you have done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- IPhone four S or galaxy nexus for the first time -- that people really don't know what to do. I mean is it is one of those. And different -- different philosophies thing I really fuel making -- iPhone prisoners as an actress and and they're very few people that consider -- bridge -- twirls seamlessly. And it Peter and I present. To get really is to guarantee access and any nexus phone just because -- get that. First update you get -- -- quick updates you get that Adam -- support for firmware right -- the chairman of the bat. But the galaxy nexus doesn't everyone ray meaning there is -- is hidden his sharpest exchanges -- -- So you have to -- -- her dead in Syria. And Israel Purdy that's -- it's really pretty though. There's gonna be phones to -- the galaxy acts seen electing to -- exhibit four G for different networks. So I mean the thing with Android phones I think and Roger Cheng from CNET news -- -- is spam popping and -- a few expect something like. An existing it as too much of a connecting -- so many Android phones to choose round. I can see you being paralyzed but the choice -- Which as I don't loan. -- camp -- -- it's -- -- well as part of my resell value argument is that I like to buy any CC thunderbolt sounds like it's a great on everybody loves him but then there's gonna be like in new standard -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- hundred and I -- not gonna keep -- for that -- so man -- Now -- you know we're talking about -- -- -- about and -- Nokia -- was at 1 AM around 1 -- Pacific -- Pacific yes do not yesterday but technically now a day ago data. Announced in debuted their new line of -- phones and -- kind of wanted to bring you in here as our Smartphone expert who's gonna talk about them in -- of tent about some your impressions we have two models first yet. The little me 800 Alou is 710 similar -- a few different features but similar for a processor standpoint yeah cause medically -- -- -- goes and it did look a little bit different -- the -- 800 is limited it. I'm very silicon and nine actually because in the beginning again kinda has that was the Migo phones and make them from Whittier ninety year again I'm happy that it -- -- it was a hit with the Bing needs a phone and you know me just gonna -- -- -- -- dipping their kind of moving on from that. But you know that that is -- -- -- -- daring his eyes in unibody -- -- it's it feels really -- was suddenly terrible in the hand. And according to Nokia debut this isn't -- this the inside out if it's -- fits perfectly and it is really -- and the scheme -- six slightly -- so from from site to sigh okay. So you have. It's I did it eases the -- -- site includes its amenities and I don't understand that yet -- -- -- you know it's a public what it has Qualcomm processor. Sixty -- -- internal memory and -- like most windows closed it doesn't have an external. Storage media thing is there's no -- anchor ST try to eakins and of beacon and out excavate typical Windows Phone. Has -- achieved at this and this time so but they do have that 25 gigs and freeze storage -- -- -- diet and other sort of trying to make up for yet eggs exactly. Is -- megapixel camera with -- the Carl's ice plans. In all of that so the usual you know whether or not you know for -- really solid and I think -- -- difference here it is just that. We'll get to that but you know it does in -- compared to the other phones -- market look a 710 -- sponsored the sort of the more affordable options at the lower end option. It also has. -- -- processors similar screen not as nice curved as the 800. You know sort of a lower end device this as a product of its -- image at the. A camera -- pull you and you actually the one thing that stuck out in our mind and I don't think you know. The processor has to do with everything we but it does it's only -- you know -- single core processor one point four. You gotta have your hands on it when you went over to Nokia how did -- perform was a pretty snappy like you've seen the from an iPhone to Android phones to now -- Nokia phone where is it to fit in -- in just from a responsiveness Leo let's just say a lot of the. The the reason why a lot of these Android phones are dual core phones is because the the operating -- the men's -- list. That the -- and as such a such as such a complicated operating system and I do feel it requires -- economic dual -- believed to an extra boost it's. And -- seven at its. Simple operating system still on the study you know -- it's very simplistic in me just that on the good thing about Windows 7 is is very. Very -- that he's used so. Like I did much of a million performance. This initial impressions was pretty decent. I do say -- like insurance generous yeah yeah I know I know I -- hey Molly Molly -- to use the -- -- audience at any -- just. Initial impressions it was it was pretty decent despite what -- things a single processor is -- -- -- -- yeah I think. My sense was that it was mine -- -- -- like your credit CBS media minute I was like. What they introduce okay. It's okay okay looks really pretty or whatever it's just that that Nokia and Microsoft. Have been promising for eight on actually since they announced their partnership in February yet that we were gonna get something -- -- -- Well that's not my problem -- -- well this is that you got this interesting and so the -- Islamic completely groundbreaking. The blue GSM and that doesn't mean isn't -- in hundred in -- -- -- -- the names can -- -- And that -- underwhelming analysts in naming is not really a huge thing in terms of buying a phone I just I do feel like that's kind of fact as well yeah. Into the -- what does that tell you and -- And to me that killer blow -- -- Nokia still does not edit problem. Is that it is there's no US carrier support announced and that they're releasing in the UK -- in Europe. Initially. With note note discussion as usual no discussion link -- Nokia continues to fail to get as US carrier partnerships and just don't see how they. They managed to gain back in that market share ground I understand that people buy phones and other -- -- -- and apparently. Like several European rate readers Mary Jo Foley on TV that was was saying you know it's pretty expensive unlocked -- a -- a lot of European. Readers -- to -- and actually. You know 420 euros is actually not that much compared to what they're used to paying for unlocked -- brain but in the US you don't pay 600 -- downloading and you're not. And -- and it. Nobody is an import. A hundred dollar let me 800 deadlocked because it's like the coolest part of the world IL nexus is an iPhone -- -- On from the -- what's interesting to know as long as that -- Nokia and Microsoft. Partnered to make peace owns essential rights and this is supposed to be the BP Windows Phone essentially what -- did genetic copy and other -- -- you. -- -- Other windows phones on the market right now are better to suspect -- the -- of the Samsung Focus asked if she sees -- people have. I'm bigger screens have a front facing vista's disk does not yet that -- the other let him. You just can't do that yet your your Microsoft Nokia you're under -- -- can not come out just a -- Is no more time for Easter is all this is not even okay this is hardware that looks exactly like again and nine and when I first -- -- Alexis and and night with Windows Phone 7 on it -- And that's what it annexing this is this -- of -- that the heartbreaking thing is that is just not as good as -- ninety. I'm in the end as a better written to the vaunted ram residents more -- that what and -- as a front using like. Why does not have a front facing camera so one of those lake and I didn't really know what happened behind his teens. And Nokia but. It just seemed like being the miss something -- really. -- -- -- And it's called they didn't come up with any new design they needed a rush something out there within a year because they've promised they would come out something -- this is the best thing to do put software. On hardware from X series that looks alike but inside is dated I mean -- that's a restaurant because of deadlines are just trying to -- and what's in it for -- we -- it's. It's absolutely a deadline issue I was talking to some of -- -- representatives yesterday and music. It's a He would have more -- coming next year you're like okay that's next you don't have. 2000 and -- It might -- mid 2012 not early 2000 iphones now -- -- -- why do you mean if they've seen the Android data and how manufacturers continue to pump out you know a new hot Android phone every three months from different manufacturers and rotates like that. They can't compete with that special to bring -- the table cell. Analysts -- -- -- appointed -- -- I think defeat the future from Microsoft as the low end international Smartphone market. Because Apple in the Android makers aren't really making cheap -- for Europe Africa India China etc. Which is a good point other I would argue that even that 420 euros is not -- -- and I mean maybe with a seventy and something like that but I sort of feel like if this is what is this what they're coming -- With the flagship if this is the first born child of the Microsoft and -- Nokia a union at flake. Some. It was an okay now -- all that time my concerns remain the same. Meanwhile Sony is now apparently coming knocking at the Smartphone door which was kind of surprised Sony announced that they would by Alex. Sony Ericsson's stake. In the partnership in the partnership in and Sony -- and -- and one point 47 billion dollars on that and basically tablets are coming out smart. -- one of the motivations behind this is that Sony wanted to -- -- ownership of five there essential patent families from this partnership so. It was also not only to kind of move -- and change their business model. But on some really get rid of the feature phone. And focus more on the Smartphone but also take this intellectual property be able to integrate it into some of other Sony's products like P. c.s TVs tablets and laptops so. In that's an interest in a way to let implement that in no I'm not sure what specific patents this applies to them and how will implement into their next Sony TB but. That was one of the motivations for for tick -- in their state. And it just seems smart to get that all under one -- especially as everything is becoming so kind of. Con activity driven you know its market -- -- to consolidate on the. And then they also as we mentioned revealed that they're going to phase out feature phones Sony Ericsson for years has been making those kind of. Phones that are good at communicating messenger noun messenger now Smartphone you know real web browsers and all all the other goodies that we get these days -- that there -- lot of -- Smartphones now that I bought. Either cheap or at the same price as a lot of young fans like you like a fifty dollar difference yes oh for Smartphone as of the feature exactly yeah I think nobody people had completely -- understanding repeat -- -- -- was always a transition and anyway it's -- makes sense that -- like a. And we're talking about Smartphones now that are zero dollars on contract is 99 dollars -- contract -- -- Although it I know the data plans are expensive but apparent that look at that and be like okay I consider getting my junior high students are you know out about elementary school -- -- high school kid. A phone like that. Like the low end Lincoln drive and officially heiress or whatever but yeah yeah I kind Atlantans should. There was also I thought this is kind of interesting a little nugget of speculation that Sony might consider buying webos. When asked to consider buying webos sir Howard Stringer. Responded quotes. Never say never. We are a -- of -- Justin Bieber song. It's at the I don't know talking about -- -- -- July. I but I didn't have that as a minor nag them in the -- and at the Sony and rim need to hook up quickly they're both can. I I would say that they would have a better chance to let us and with empathy you -- -- HV. Noted that Sony and 80 -- Couldn't get together Sony can get together with iWeb by a Leo -- for sits on interim site and the retirement -- Sony and written that -- together. We give them naked maybe build on the black print and it's not that does nothing like -- and pakistanis like a sort of stylish experiential. And yeah yeah I think it's a but the -- earning -- the things ever ever and they get out of love with seeing Linda HP noted fee you would have to mount that. All of the software is really good at -- listings -- -- may be no Sony Everest. Plus webos. Software it can happen although analysts are humans and now thinks -- -- it's -- And. Also nobody -- to be Netflix. Will fill out how she Alex those -- -- Netflix had its. And app nickel gonna get back to work because we're -- talking about phones for the for the moment thank you for now. Where they are -- -- nickel we appreciate it and -- them I as a movie doesn't Netflix they have their earnings call this week as you already probably know they announced that they lost eight. 100000. Subscribers. In the third quarter and in what could spark the. At. On I don't know. -- They and it was pretty amazing actually CFO David Wells wrote that quote the primary issue. CEO Reed Hastings and David -- the prime issue is many of our long term members felt shocked by the pricing changes. And more of them expressed that by canceling than we expected. Member paper's announcement present into the -- have their quarterly earnings. Are all they have like a forecast with -- -- in a ditto everything's gonna be okay you know we really feel like people are still gonna be on board with us. This is just for our business Malta grow in the future and deliver more content which we shall see. The waiting cornea -- we're getting a little trickles but until informed so. The interesting note about is that their stock. Was hammered. I mean. A pampered immediately after the beacons look like if He clicked into go to Google finance and you use search for them -- -- a little bit today but if you do that like the five days zoom. You see this. I'm not believable. Drop it's a -- this is a full on -- So click the little five. The top of the top of the chart proper -- was to move and wouldn't do it by a -- Wear their -- their own data and and net right -- Seattle line used to be way up there. And then all -- can -- The -- -- clips all the way -- this of the same stock that was hitting a high of over 300 dollars sometime sometime around July via. And now we're talking about somewhere around 81 dollars. That one day it went from about a 1192. Used 75 dollars and has recovered somewhat to 81%. Drop. What he's -- again I just don't go boom I had a -- Now I'm not an album I'm spoiling the buzz -- a little bit but like. Week I can't buy Netflix stock none of us tend -- -- public interest. -- right now -- you -- because this is an overreaction. By a professional opinion and analysis point for me is that this is like. This is the stock market freaking out everybody panic England but Netflix also announced a record revenues they announced that they're gonna be expanding into the UK. I mean they need to solve the streaming problem but they they've. They put -- kibosh on the the split yeah. And I think there's no reason to think that the business isn't still strong even though they've had a couple of missteps like I would this to -- is the violence Irish. It's it's a hard it's a -- -- a look at also because we've talked about this though they're still. In that the middleman between the content delivers and the -- and the consumers so no matter let. You know I'm sure the content networks are actually happy. That this is happening in the Netflix because it gives them more leverage in the future. To ask for higher prices from Netflix and order for Netflix to stay alive well again the consumers on the other side. Are mad and angry oppression knowing how Netflix runs things but because of the consummate -- -- Now all a lot of this stuff in palace stock is valued -- a lot of times based on perception -- you have all these investors the rich guy there is like guys that are likely. I don't want that anymore get rid of it yet but at the same time -- M I would say okay it might be -- right to -- but. Netflix still has a cloudy future ahead of itself is -- going to really start drawing or stay flat has it peaked. Mike has Netflix really -- it kinda feels that way but until they say tallest and deliver like five major studios of content and new relevant content. They're -- subscriber bases are we gonna -- -- much to everyone that knows -- Netflix is is they're now. Why do I wanna get why don't want to my friend you have to get Netflix -- I'm not telling people anymore you have to get Netflix them so. Slowing of the interesting point counterpoint. Well played counterpoint. Also that Amazon take a little bit America they had their earnings report this -- in and they announced that they. Had a significantly lower revenue mainly because they had made this huge investment in the new Kindle line what I thought was really into -- was the little -- in -- about how. -- -- -- I mean Amazon said look we spent a lot of money developing these new candles were probably gonna take a loss on the new candles and we can -- -- but you know our goal is to make it up. In selling. That apparently they are seeing. -- -- demand for the Kindle fire and have started to produce millions more than they -- planned projects. -- this is a good thing that their earnings to didn't delivering they're investing in products that people want a lot of times -- companies. That because customers were attracted from them this is this is not why their numbers to get it. Brett editor now this is called off future growth this is all about future growth as those same deal same stock advice. And since the deal. Anytime Amazon goes goes on in my opinion that the deal like that in these guys are gathered they're doing it there are not -- and even if they take a hit even if they take a small loss or how -- margins on things like the Kindle fire like. All indications and -- -- -- in -- Any one of the things that they're investing and is more facilities to distribute their products which costs a lot to set up -- well. So. Which means -- -- faster delivery times. And more people continue to jump on Amazon prime which we love of fishing grounds for -- and then now that the book. We talk about Amazon prime setup. Mind and clear and maybe up to ten to accept an that you -- -- like fifteen dollars a pop now I'm in need to buy those like candy canes that. Like guys -- that's -- its -- zinc finger of your search and -- I don't know about that for me but. I. I finished the -- don't -- isn't it but I wasn't and to some sixteen dollars. I answers we're gonna stop talking about earning a little bit when we come back we are going to talk about how stake in the senate -- Internet to disability January awesome Twitter is dividend bed with X-Factor and do not go anywhere because it's the last show of the month which means. Come here -- But again. Please. Computer. -- -- Had no computer. Just use the cable and. People. Oak Creek. In person He -- -- -- to hook up -- -- to contact. It and anxious to see it. He in Houston took us. -- -- -- -- I want to wish they can -- had annually. And -- hand. -- I love. It says. Does deliver -- delivery and Syria are not only -- -- for about the guy out there Qaeda is an Alice yeah you're the man. The -- I love our special Halloween show us -- only this next Terry was in fact as scary scary Halloween trick but it sounds like it's not. There's been a slow actually have a faster version of due process and -- And evolving -- and intellectual property disputes. They just keeps getting hours and hours have been following the Senate's protect IP act. Which would which is -- an antipiracy. Measure the house apparently has decided that the protect IP act. Which many people -- that might break the Internet it legalize the domain seizures that would make all kinds of due process. Absolutely banished the -- has decided to just go -- make an -- Works together introduce -- -- stop online piracy act. And the steam it's very similar to what the DM CA takedown notices have where you know a copyright holder says we need to we want to take this down from YouTube with a letter. Content will be removed unless the person who actually posted it content you know the content objects to what was there which -- times right. They don't because they can put that up there without on -- approval but here the different specifically here is that rather than just requesting the takedown of some of this hosted material. The intellectual property owners can also go directly and it hit the marketing and revenue for the entire site so as long. As that intellectual property holders includes some like specific facts. That support their claim ad networks and payment processes. We'll have five days -- cut off their contact with the web sending questions so they're not only doing it from a content standpoint there are also attacking them where the much where the money flows and as well. And again this is without ever appearing before a judge. Or setting foot in a courtroom without ever involving legal -- is the spread of these private entities can can essentially go to. Ad networks which include Google for example Google's DoubleClick anybody like that and then they can go to visa or MasterCard and just say. We believe that there isn't a violation here stop processing payments stop placing ads on these web sites. And actually. Maybe this is a little -- it does not short of allowing that the private entities to just remove the site from the -- they're not allowed to you that everything else. Everything else they get shut down had a -- to do that they do say that this scheme is largely targeted for foreign web sites but let's be honest. When you have something like this that's laid down. As law and it is as if it passes then we know how cloudy and -- becomes and they can interpret in a variety of ways and it's not just made to -- foreign website. It's and there's no means its -- from Schneider is the good point -- are -- -- what this really is is just broad based censorship and -- appears to be. No -- no recourse. If -- for example if the private entity -- in the property owner is. Found to be mistake it through what ever Byzantine process I'm sure that would involve there doesn't seem to be a penalty. So -- it is in the interest like. The DM CA had already made it in the best interests of property holders to just wield it like a club right to just use copyright the threat of copyright violation or intellectual property violation. As a club to get just about anything taken off the Internet like we have already noticed that right that's already been an unintended consequence in the DMZ. This makes that. Look like child's play and it. And there is no -- whatsoever to anyone I mean the fact that private companies can be negotiating this stuff behind the scene outdoors. Eat it it is not hard to imagine that all a future in which this just becomes. Wide scale censorship bright I don't like what the site is saying about -- company or I'm not you know or its Wiki -- Right you could say -- WikiLeaks is is -- violating copyright. -- don't process any payments and has nothing to do -- the court. That's. That's a but that's the major problem yarns unacceptable you know you have the -- protect IP act as the senate -- it is proposing. And it with the same kind of motivations and how they operate without due process that's you know it's pretty much unconstitutional be able to do that but you know they're pushing the fact that. This some sort of censorship digital censorship is -- more important. Then going through the process. -- It -- when you look at the language in the bill you realize how to what extent congress has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Hollywood I mean. Bit this is this trend has been. Growing in strength for the past years it definitely has you could argue that. That those who feel like Hollywood shouldn't be reading our -- -- party lost but when you look at the language of this -- you see. How it was just pre written and -- and to convert to the house by an MP and are handing it talks about. The trade talks about the sites. As Rogue sites. -- sites that might be targeted by this that I get you know foreign entities a key section of the bill is is referred to as the like this is not an unbiased law -- this is obviously. Vendetta. Based language and -- comes from one place the lobbyists. And you don't have to be pro piracy to oppose censorship and the kind of bad lot -- will have far reaching consequences on legitimate website. So we'll keep -- close to see -- that -- yes. Keep you posted on that also does Alan Blake occupy. Occupied us -- this you -- right on ahead of the usually to get everybody -- -- on the counter movement shocked Austrians -- make history. -- the government -- the get a fix these problems. There in the pockets of that okay Ramallah. -- back to -- is speaking of the US -- doubt any of our government Google started publishing requests from governments for user information about a year ago we've seen some interesting. Reports come out of that at least -- at last report that came out but on Tuesday this was fascinating. It revealed the number of user accounts involved in those requests and revealed that the United States. Makes more user data requests from Google than any other country. Any other country and encrypt and fax requests data for far more user accounts than any other country basically their governments -- -- -- -- And it and it's -- -- so the US made 5950. Requests for a Google user data from January through June of 2011. That's a 70%. Increase since at last report that Google had published. If -- if -- don't think your data is safe not being neat potentially used against you just look at this little thing equitably idea on numbers. One really disturbing thing about this report actually was there was -- and it's not I think it's not in the story but there was -- Apparently some police organizations had to. Law enforcement agencies had -- -- request to Google to remove the video that showed like occupy video that showed police abuse. Really Google did not comply. The good news is that Google is saying we want -- to be aware of how much information your government is trying to collect about you know thank you Google does not apply to comply with every and they request request obviously. I would appreciate a corollary report tonight from -- about how much information they do act have. But it is. It's pretty. -- like listening happier -- let's let's let's shift gears -- well sadly Nexus One users not happy. Not happy at all to discover that next the Nexus One which is the last ten. At the very first ready for yet the first the first on -- the T-Mobile phone Google app was ordered online through Google's -- -- Google flagship phone. Will not be getting -- content. Which does hits with -- Google's. And with their new updates strategy -- and that they would basically make sure that every phone was supported an updated for at least eighteen months and but it is only like three generations past and so people made -- comparison to that the iPhone 3GS which is getting. I -- five and unlike the Nexus One which is not getting -- contempt and He. -- people can complain about how compatible are how really well these you know the new or more modern OS is work normal work on the older hardware they do you support it but this inspired. This lovely we like visuals nations -- -- Democrats yes and so it inspired this visualization of some of the major phones that are out there on the market. And -- how they've been supported with future. OS is rolling rolling after that so we're timeout you know Apple's phones as well as some of this. Flagship Android phones and this this'll in the graphic shows based on color how many -- juror versions. -- behind not like. Five point one more time -- a five to a for -- for Android from a three to a two healer from ice cream to. Com that the donators -- declared -- -- infiniband I idea I'd sits along those lines. Let's say that Green means there on the current major version of and there are not very many greens on this list the Nexus One actually was is Green all the way up to the current release an Android but will not be getting -- -- silence. Militants -- also they show the support. And one year after the release two years after their release. Now we know though that we've kind of been conditioned to pretty much change phones out every two years -- so when you look at that okay it may not be that bad but still. A variety of these in their phones that's -- the -- even trying to address and move forward with is. Having and it phones being able to up to Apple control iPhone it does it made a bid did I think -- -- -- -- so fascinated. There's always new sound effects and -- iPhone four I turn I don't know what to do not -- found. Anyways. It just shows -- the proms and Android is based in trying to on remedy with being able to have phones currently supported on moving -- and rolling these updates out. Approximately around the same time. Yet it's what it really is as bad timing and we don't era I don't think the three G is gonna be -- -- -- -- And I don't think the Nexus One would probably run ice -- -- very well however. Once you set that. Expectation that you have this flagship phone and that's the one that's gonna get -- staff it is disappointing thing to some users and that it's not going to. Be a continued to get it and we know that it's. A variety of pieces the carrier's. You know the rollout with that in the compounded with the phones but it's. They've got at least be on track with the route with two years -- when somebody's phones are three generations behind. And it's in year to -- an embarrassing about -- yet and I think. The next only two years old array. Is it tears I believe it's just a little it's either two years -- a little over 2 -- I -- might be -- -- that's actually not very old. But it's the only one -- beginning at its the only one that's really getting the full support rate of our reference and a reference Google phone. Yet it and the HTC evo four G and the Droid incredible -- seem to be the only ones that are like sort of effectively -- today at least according to mr. -- so. -- Get the galaxy nexus I guess what they're saying well it also made it when I see this data it's -- the reference phones that. That are like the likes of Google phones if you really wanna be on top of -- and not have to deal with all that stuff. Nexus One. Nexus sensing that's -- I mean I'm behind. Yes that is what even even the most vehement Android apologists will still. Be forced into the corner of admitting that if you want a really -- standard experience you gotta go and access. This is like the first day and at least in and actually the fact that the Nexus One -- Mac Unix and I am moving on to Twitter yes -- and television and television -- television. Twitter had an exciting announcement the Saturday they they put up on their blog the fact that they were partnering with X-Factor. You know that awesome and you know American Idol spinoff shows on Intel and the cultures in your -- -- seriously I was like really. Half of their products are very adult actor so that you can now vote for your favorite contestants via Twitter -- not this is like -- out of compute. -- -- -- -- That's still okay so it's a vote via the follow the X-Factor USA and then you send a DM to them and that's how they kind of all these notes we -- we are titled as -- Remember our buddy mark Scotland we talked to last week it was find out the social interaction and integrating these two worlds we've gotta imagine that He had a part in this. -- -- we've got a nightly locking you out of -- out of me you've purchased media -- but. You know a lot of these TV shows are trying to take advantage of like -- like Twitter can offer for them like. -- said -- it was like live tweeting the Summers and only the closer -- like. I think it's cool I don't think it's gonna shake anything up like some significantly but. I think it's Marty can play with these things more and just be more. Involved in the in the process that's -- -- -- everybody should be I mean every day you're already talking about shows on Twitter so the shows themselves should have. Make it take advantage of that and it doesn't cost you a text message although now they're -- a -- charging us a flat fee for text messages anyways so. The number messages we send don't really matter even though they're still using the same data that we've already paid for. Kill me angry BT -- I take that out -- -- just now we can just I methods well I've had an initiative where I am ex communicating myself with all friends are not on -- I've actually been using. I found -- -- client via an anything other G talk or -- The trouble now Mike and I couldn't use Bluetooth -- is monitored and I can't. Contests message. Via the run up and now they died when you use we're having an Android on the cellular. And -- media ads on on the show idea beetle -- and adults. Worry guys I'll be back -- -- is beat him down unthinkable a -- of on the show. -- -- -- Let's quickly dude yes -- shall be -- But Steve Jobs McAfee has -- on the shelves for a little under a week. -- it is a spokeswoman from Amazon says it is likely to be their top selling book. -- 2011 while and we're gonna make this could -- so fast that. We know you're sick of hearing excerpts from the -- Iran -- I actually have one right here that I wanted. It's up on I gotta admit though that cover the book is so big it's a -- -- its aerial attack. Today he's appearing in your freaking high res and here's all -- -- about -- and Kindle for items like I was each don't -- up on need -- like an -- like that. -- -- -- -- -- I meant heart. I am going about that new idea movie not. You don't also is really cool did you -- did you guys -- the basement piece you haven't seen in -- and I know man made him think I know it's about time. It's on -- Netflix are. A -- anyways Sony Pictures acquired the movie -- a Walter Isaacson biography and -- who do you think could trade this movie. In a compelling and interesting way may be Aaron Sorkin doing. They're looking to bring him on board to write the screenplay potentially for the Steve doesn't really which it makes absolute sense -- would be. -- -- Google's YouTube is expected to announce as early as next week that they've signed a slew of partnerships to produce original content. And that they may soon launch their video channels we've been hearing about this for a long time. Google is said to be investing -- hundred million dollars in original content they've made deals. With we think. News -- -- -- a unit -- hot. CSI creator -- sticker. As I see an interactive parts elect us so all kinds of different media partners and they may actually start -- looked out Netflix and Hulu plus original -- To be seen to see how they carry this how they organize this and that really each trying to slowly by taking these baby steps try to appear a little more legit. You know with content that's team that has their own channel and location instead of in all these individual people -- split all over the place I mean they'll still always have that by. If the agency. -- share. And also of the Blackberry outage remember that remember -- while lot of you guys laughter blackberries and bold the rim rim is facing a US class action. A -- US and Canadian users are seeking damages for breach of contract. -- they weren't happy enough with the -- giving them 100 dollars -- apps they don't care about. They would like a refund. -- They would like a refund for those days that their service -- out more than anything so that's really what they're asking for. And in the you -- US alone. The US consumers part of this class action lawsuit would include 2.4 million California residents sorry California residents so that's a -- people that -- not to take care of if this goes through and I I wouldn't see why not because. The -- know what their. You listen via. Also -- bad news for Nintendo during a six month period ending September 30 Nintendo lost nearly one minute. Billion dollars. As sales of the Nintendo Wii plummeted. Which I guess ouch. Would be -- consequence of not building a future proof console this was one of the things that people speculated about when the Wii was announced that it was an HD. That it didn't have Blu-ray that it wasn't something that would hold up until in the long term compared to. The Xbox-360 -- the PlayStation 3 and that seems to be indicates in the new console you know. Looks nice but we'll see if people really jump on board that translates well and also. The 3-D S has not -- -- -- -- and -- pretty bad witches. Where they have made up a lot of ground and in the past in the past when they've been unable to fill it was that same 3-D -- that's -- retailing for 349 remember that. Vista at 1049. Where we're messing with -- shoots. -- -- -- -- Of and I am excited and some pretty cool gadget -- Okay everywhere I -- yesterday. IR ion Tuesday I was literally only hearing at one thing that's nests this. But we published a couple stories about the cool new -- thermostat learning thermostat. And then every segment that it was all over my Twitter feed every is publishing the story that -- and then literally -- -- in line at a taco truck. Then and there is a woman to two people behind me like to have its -- dirty -- it's from nest. And it's like -- nerd world wept that's so for a service as a valuable. But it is -- So this is hardware designed from the creator of the iPad Tony Fidel but this is a smart. Learning thermostat that plug your system that generally pretty much. Develops based on what you said -- some of your preferences and tendency throughout the day but also can be controlled remotely turn on or off. And again it learns those tendencies just like -- Priestley may -- turn it up like ten degrees and it picks up those patterns but it's and it looks. So. It doesn't look like the iPhone and of service it is the guy is actually the iPod of its thermostats and has built in Wi-Fi seat in network it together with your other if you have more than one you can network them altogether and then you can control it remotely with an iPhone or an -- -- apps or whether your home or not. And then in the house seeking to sort of sit there and you know. Turn it up renowned and that it has that -- The -- part of the way that it -- your -- -- that has a motion sensor built in so intense heat if people are in the rooms there's an eyeball in their base your home right now think need to you know -- up. -- -- it. It uses your home wiring to recharge its own batteries it's pretty silly nests and then they say that it could save twenty to 30% on average heating bill which is there's about a thousand dollars year or so in theory can pay for itself in the first year the customer for about yet it sits -- 250 dollar investment now. So would have app. Because I have apps while Andy and has the control -- all of camping controlled outlets at those as they let the what does it do any. True that when that when it's on such -- read it looked like how it -- it looks like -- I I mean it's cool I think it's really funny that the holder -- I mean like Steven Levy -- -- wired devoted roughly 37000. Words to it. -- -- -- -- -- It's I mean it but this fencing is a little -- -- is Silicon Valley investors Leo the big. Whatever reason a nest is huge I -- people's keep talking about it I. This is kind of the thermos like a thermostat right now what is like fifty dollars average so -- the key is are you to -- someone dropped 250 dollars. That's you know yeah I'm gonna -- -- town that bail papers opened its first year maybe. Now or they just really ought to house pretty went and -- one of those things then it's pretty. Not quite as awesome. -- -- as -- -- it's not a gadget it is their baseless freaking awesome but for all of those people who write themselves little notes on their -- you're gonna get yourself cancer so you should instead it. A post lots. High tech means low tech products -- low tech giant at -- email this the. NN is from a -- -- like a -- youth Matthew freebies she -- -- a few yet the. It's excellent -- -- concept imaginary. -- -- -- we encourage you number there's no actual watch them. Like like there you can write little notes and of them turnaround when there was a physical lives in the -- the post that part was the Apple supplies rate because a mechanical. That is so clever I can tell you how many people I know we still write things on him and talent in imposed elected all of them are getting closer -- pads for our -- Oh man I -- -- -- -- Boehner holidays now. RA. We gotta keep irrelevant as via iTunes and lane on -- love penny let's start with. Well latest second before -- to get that feedback loop -- -- -- this. -- -- -- So this this video came to us from -- Strom. He sent us this fun little video and it's basically like to cat sitting at a desk. During the news but its -- queues and -- plant. -- -- -- -- -- -- You can't look at -- link between -- And. Reason Carlson gold bar -- XTV. -- -- -- -- -- So that -- Without you I had misled because the guy. Put a lot of time -- that enemy Stephen you'll know I'm giving him props school year this is your segment own it don't feel sorry about that. And I'll talk to our boss about your decision making. These continue with. For the most part it spot on yet so I think He did a very cool the that a lot of work -- that very cute and I -- That talk intelligently you know as may have had that app that's crazy out -- let's move on to the other feedback -- the other out voicemails and -- in. -- -- -- She was tolerated. -- little known fact that's it and we believe us just out. Cuba following idea for real village and that is where you dress it up to us. You know I don't know yet again forgot Saturday isn't going to parties minutes ago I was -- -- dressed as a Filipino mail -- because I'm not actually one but I look like one. -- my -- about it and now let's -- -- its -- let's do it our first caller Hadley things -- -- a scoop on the iPhone four ads will be in this. Paper screw the workers are hopeful spirit -- -- -- -- -- episode locally. Story you're saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- having a problem battery charged. What -- our. Apps don't think Apple expects. So I'm no super -- people -- out shortly. Coal we've been weaving and about some of -- -- -- potentially an early batch -- had bad batteries out of the gates yes I have acted package. The -- and I've -- my iPhone four from on eBay. He's said that He had bought a new -- -- was all excited of the cap on your crest near about clarity and take it back because the first and only and a three hour battery life. And nowadays they take it back -- -- given new line is that the next on you know if He wasn't loving it was getting more like normal smart about it. So apparently that is that thing although I have not heard of any kind of moratorium public it is had -- -- about -- it yet to be case. Also -- we've got a call from -- Orlando that reminds us something very specials plane happen on November -- just think it's yet forgot. -- but that about it. -- in Orlando. I have something interesting on our local -- Orlando. Since the next they occupied -- in November a peek at the November. And I remember that. Anonymous big supporter of the occupied an anonymous hence you'll right after they're gonna take at least -- -- -- -- -- And I'm wondering how that's gonna work out is it opt for Ireland that that you say -- they a lot of message that. Just a lot Alicia. -- love Ed that -- -- a big -- now with. -- EM isn't. There -- now. Will seeing an -- there will they decide that. Organizing is more important -- -- I think I think -- -- gonna move to Twitter. And oh yeah they're -- me that they're deliberately doing the right choice. Plus and I didn't email Jeremy wrote in -- felt a little let down -- ice cream sandwich -- last signal is that she's excited about it but let out. To me it seem like she'd -- decided she wanted an iPhone four S and wanted to find every little thing wrong with -- -- in the galaxy nexus. No mention from you guys about the data manager app the pre -- call responses or improved notifications it's all seem pretty cool on top of the other improvements. Plus all I know more megapixels doesn't equal better camera but it's a lot more megapixel seemed a little off. I love you guys but please give us Android fans of -- -- So highlighted today that. Although I was a little let down many -- can access to announcement in some ways it's true that we -- ice cream sandwich I think a little bit of a short shrift because. There are some great improvements and -- -- -- I think my biggest concern about it is when -- coming out of me that I may just doesn't seem to be. Very nailed down. But there are cool things in their for share. I hope you didn't think Saturdays and -- -- back from breast because I do not I think we've we've talked about a lot show we're just -- tired of companies showing -- stuff without any known release -- at all. Because then when when are we really -- get excited about it. You can't. I'm just they've been -- and has been a little flaky in the past in terms of delivery. And I know they've been saying November for this phone but they have -- they still haven't given it a firm date or a price. That's not to say that it does not potential -- just like the real or not. You are right here we go this one comes to us from our friend as -- open up this. Engine. Early -- annually to an account that's it and a candle to an excellent okay the song comes us from Angelique she writes in you know -- but I missed the most on FaceBook. It's not a dislike button it's the I don't care button as in do you see -- dog and say something that if you found funny. I don't care is this a person I've not seen for ten years listening to the killers right now. I don't care. Of the shock ouch. Willis you'll have to Tehran in November the fifth middle all the don't and I get it maybe a bit on the -- that happens shore up your FaceBook accounts make sure all your pictures of smiling up at the I want -- of all those pictures are gone. I have seen by the way Google real quick to see if there was any update on and and galaxy nexus release date there are reports that it will be. November 16 in the UK according to wine. Retailer and may be on -- Okay so there so that -- furniture collapse at the time now you gotta admit it was -- -- it very of. Then Kate -- in -- -- Halloween -- as I love your show and used your commentary topics to create my Halloween tombstone decorations from my front yard at. I'm putting a bump on Saturday it's perfect for the crowds of people at storm at my house every morning and -- -- to -- to go to work. I'm sure I might have I don't look at there -- numbers and tech news changes -- and while you're only listening at all my god there teams and that they are IP Netflix and RIV -- -- individual and. -- RP not no. Well not all I don't know I know I'm a keynote never say you need a fix that okay our IP ping now the idea being that thing was -- -- moment. Goal. Einstein's. Because remember there has to believe thing alone. -- -- You are one smarty -- yeah -- also a Verizon galaxy nexus teaser page you are -- seems to you can't -- November 10 release Wednesday. It nothing else the next update just to show you how like nerdy we were right we saw the note on the -- so we're like -- Now I know I don't know that I'll no doubt know -- that -- take just the new oxide template. Rim on there. Yes yes yes I'd be better flag as you have waited patiently for a like a month or like a month and so it is time let's get right here you. It's. Okay. A bad they waited so long for this so we're going to jump directly into -- the emails and he's a great ones okay the song comes us anonymously. Here's the story it's delayed until recently had never been able to share the -- eSATA myself -- many people. Then I met Chris I was looking for certain things and a guy shares my religion is shares my interest able to hold a conversation and -- is all of those things I love I love that. But there's one thing he's not. Hot. I don't mean only physically I'm very picky about that but he's cute enough nice he's -- -- not his primary thing the real problem is -- He dresses like a geek. And even sounds like -- be as geeky as I am I can't deny that I am. I don't fit the stereotype nearly as much as He does army really respects anyone whose intellect -- -- -- fly because there always going to be judged -- even persecuted. I've been picked on for -- two but the rest of -- really uncomfortable. Dating someone who my friends and I as well I don't think is cool. I know -- -- also mean but I would also bring at this point. I think there's a big difference between not hiding your deaconess birds is not trying to be stylish I think Chris is a mixture of both of these things like. He doesn't know how to be stylish and He doesn't see the nerd to try because that's just -- is. And I'm not satisfied with that. We've been on a -- we haven't been on a realty we just hung out in group settings but we -- email each other all the time we're getting the points of labels. What -- it -- for draw from the start trying to dress her boyfriend as much as I hate how we dresses. Tall White Sox -- shorts that help me out here a guy is. You know that's. -- I also -- insult him so how can I avoid that and still get what I want which is for him to change his style or. I just need to get over it get a I realize that probably -- -- overly much what other people think it even been superficial mild self. Otherwise why would it matter what He wears. -- -- The -- in -- in the -- -- my name is -- putting -- and view into an eleven high. -- A few planes appeared -- anonymous I do -- good -- nation really have to change the -- -- I feel like. Now I feel I know I mean get a really move -- you don't hold really nice to have it and you don't think it's not. Clone look I don't know I've seen a lot of girls go for ugly is -- lot of guys over ugly I think that there's a tragic matter but lake. I think okay is it is you could if you really if you feel like you really if you're embarrassed to be seen with him that will not tell -- I'll be like a cancer that's wrote on the idea and it won't grow and I'm not even gonna judge. Whether years. Being -- or not because we all like you have to feel proud. Of the one that -- with you have to feel like I wanna be seen the islands are lawfully do. And you can't change someone and in three to track. I think though from when I read this address them if ya enter in her motivation. It sounds like she's really stick into this whole fashion thing more than anything else. And all you have to do to help that out -- -- gold buying emanate schools through taping He looks get in a lot of times guys. Don't actually -- experimental -- colors they don't realize what looks good at them on them they distract. Great black white and blue might be risky OK so if you trying to get him one shirt and -- school college or any publisher if He likes it. That might open up his eyes and that might help you -- to understand the girl -- the shirt for the guy isn't it helps analyze. There's there's definitely positive reinforcement you -- try that but if you haven't even -- on a day in your -- embarrassed to be seen and I'm just debuting in nova. Did you guys Anita fashion consultant I can help with -- there. -- Not their -- in and says I'm a fourteen year old and I need your advice on the first day of ninth grade I met a girl let's call her way to its immaculate saints. I -- young and foolish but she's the perfect person for me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And most importantly every time I -- to -- a smile on my face and you'll happy wondering how I was lucky enough to meet her. The thing is I don't know how I should pursued it. I considered asking -- you want to do anything over the weekend but I know for a fact -- must have hectic schedules due to -- rigorous high school -- -- going to. I want to eventually ask her out but I don't moderate our friendship -- -- especially since I have her. And most of my classes what do I do and when I -- -- -- race. Did turtle question I like a girl and what -- Alex thank you ask her out her App Store -- This is asked and answered on -- and eighty got -- like I understand it's always hard. But after after something non threatening you can study if you go to -- rigorous high school may be could goes like study together on studies. -- we also. Have showed in the past we're asking a person out -- there was male or female has worked in their favor on the show -- has like if it's a sentencing -- the confidence. And hopefully we can do to the conference's ask -- -- because you'll never know. You'll never find out and also if you're trying to find a way to kind of ease into it we did this video about you know -- -- games help you get girls. Angry Birds is on there. Also -- yeah lake. Those epic games. It's -- harbor master toy -- -- put harbor master. With the votes. I sort of a full on my conversation with this girl on cal trains and as He gave me her number I never called because I -- like which is wearing. But -- I'm just so pleasant. It's -- letting everything fits Burton's. Suggests -- study -- or whatever. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Early fourteenth and more of a big deal you make it the more likely it is to be -- of your in the feeling about -- not literal. Your disk drive I don't. You'll get -- there don't worry when -- eighteen us some calendars. What does make -- got you have to make oil copying out are you an equal about that and you don't it doesn't get awkward. I'm just saying you don't come on -- don't don't stand there are also ready you know that would allow or don't do that being like. You like it has been like Katie on a steady yet again -- -- mention of now they are. I can tell you that never works. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Put roses in this girl's locker for junior high and -- -- like me now because it's too it's too intense and hysteria it's a no I was a broken or a locker in the resonant. Friend over in the locker forum -- the company -- And. Speculative -- I'm opening myself up for you guys that I held every eviscerated so treating -- -- -- that. Hey buzz drew a notices your normal computer love story but thought it was -- -- anyway. My husband and I just got -- a couple weeks ago. -- But my mother wasn't able to come -- emergency knee replacement surgery. They do so what DT coupled to do we had a -- hold my iPhone running Skype on our end. And -- would -- my mom connector laptops -- 42 inch HDTV. So they can watch that play by play. She invited over every when she -- -- and even had pizza and cake after the ceremony at their own mini reception. But you guys and enjoy a high tech solution -- -- -- for anyone else in our kind of situation stinks for all you do -- -- in clerk in the I -- it. -- that that that is linked with. This thing I've ever heard in fact I think that should be the new wedding craze sweeping the nation because everybody -- of the problem of they're people live far away -- their only so many people you get -- -- -- can't afford to invite everyone but you could totally true. Of virtual He had to say they send out an an invite to the virtual wedding to like we're gonna be live streaming it and you -- all. I wanna find a wedding planner and just -- they need to write it into their proposed. Don't bet that's the sweet deal means you'll have to hire someone -- the camera. Yeah they believe people have a laptop on the tables. Most. Video via aquifers and it if you need any help I'd be more than willing to help and -- them as long as the cake just like the Lander has very clinical. Okay a few years ago my boyfriend at the time and I were doing a long distance relationship as a way hang out. Over more than -- racking up phone bills oh this is an expert but I just for the last one you'll agree this would answer our content. Other way if you're hanging out ever more than Amer I can -- -- my boyfriend got me into this new game called World of Warcraft. We would spend hours ready around -- staying in leveling together I guess they can blame him for right -- -- now. -- to that relationship fell through. I had -- -- raiding guild it's amazing how late it's an estimate personality when you're working with them three nights a week whether you actually see them are now. I've had a few relationships come out awhile though because we never met they -- last month but I have heard of many coupled. Who have met up on game and gone on too long lasting happy marriages World of Warcraft. It's the gamers. You'd Sarah has nailed it. Start playing it like this. Must say yeah yeah I'm missing out because also if your girl on of those games I might take awhile for them to believe they're -- -- -- pretends to be a girl. But once they've got your really a girl union a lot of attention to -- can imagine that you're actually police today about their success at. -- the steel around. I don't move -- and -- -- and I. Maybe thirty seconds of what I saved for this entire show. Now I don't know if you guys know this but I have this. It's Halloween themed Halloween -- I have -- like hidden talent you know everyone -- -- -- random talent. And so. I'm gonna take off for Latinos and the numbers show -- does little that little ghost of decoration that you see. And people's front door when you -- -- and when you walk by it makes it like weird hearing noise in the can replicate -- place. Are you ready for it. We don't. As beautiful thank you agent on the for watching this episode of buzz on happy Halloween from us. Well that's CNET -- Is where you can find our show notes links -- is we talked about it and leave your comments 1800 signal and 6638. -- on Halloween impressions or comet that got lots. And buzz at cnet.com or email address we look forward to hearing from you everybody for hanging out and and hopefully -- -- in New York. ROC -- guys emigrate to Canada and.

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