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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1561: The World reacts to the death of Steve Jobs

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1561: The World reacts to the death of Steve Jobs

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CNET's extensive live coverage of the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is hosted by Brian Cooley and Brian Tong with special guests, including Jay Elliot, former Apple vice president.

-- Everybody welcome to cnet's continuing to live coverage an ongoing coverage of the passing of Steve Jobs I'm Brian Cooley who I am Brian -- -- will be here for the next few hours -- take your calls. Honestly we're bringing in some special guests in the studio to talk about Steve Jobs passing -- just reflecting on his life as Apple's co-founder. You know we've been hearing the word visionary but it's. It's not too far from that uniting it reacted to use the word visionary and -- big superlatives -- Steve Jobs who passed away at his home in California home yesterday from pancreatic cancer and He was 56 years old. Yeah -- young man still both in years and in terms of momentum He was getting to really just. The meat of Apple's. Success. IPhone and iPad the juggernaut that's -- two thirds of their business are some of their newer products. So Apple was by no means tapering off. I'll take you now to the Apple website which if you're watching a video stream you can see is having completely revamped. And is now -- media. Every Cingular memorial to Steve Jobs just showing the iconic photo which comes from the yet. That's the photo from the impending new book about him coming out on Simon and Schuster in the statement through the air from Apple. Says Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who've been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend in an -- mentor Steve -- Heinz company leaves behind a company that only He could have built. And his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. They've also -- -- link there which is interesting if you wanna take part in this -- if you wanna share your thoughts memories are condolences and got a special email accounts set up called remembering Steve. At Apple dot com and that's obviously open to public as well as that's been I believe the -- The internal posting board when Tim -- around his email to the team last night He also told everyone and Apple. To send their thoughts and join there isn't losing -- they've taken this -- an internal -- outside data gathering place if you will by email. Yelling talk about people leaving their memories at that email address also you guys have seen on TV the coverage of people really going to Apple stores. To pay on -- you just kind of a spontaneous. Events of where people I wanna find a place to more and find people would just be around people like them. At the same time I gotta check out the storm will we have some images from those sorts -- -- -- go to later but. We wanna talk about some of just how the other visionaries -- tech pundits are people that have been -- -- Steve Jobs. How they reacted to this whole situation. We have a statement from Steve Jobs on family. They say Steve died peacefully today surrounded by his family. In his public life Steve was known as a visionary in his private life He cherished his family. We're thankful for the many people who shared their wishes and prayers during the last -- diesel this. A website will be provided for those who wish to offer tributes and memories we are grateful for the support and -- of those who share our feelings for Steve. We know many of you'll mourn with us and we SE respect -- privacy. During our time of grief will also look at Tim -- his official statement that -- alluded to and talked about. On that was sent out to internal Apple employees yesterday. He wrote team have some very sad news to share with all these Steve passed away. Earlier today Apple's lost a visionary and creative genius and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us -- been ports enough to know and work with Steve who have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor Steve leaves behind a company that only He could -- built. And a -- will be forever the foundation of Apple. The clip we're planning a celebration of Steve's extraordinary life for Apple employs double take place soon. If you like to share your thoughts memories and condolences and interim you can simply email remembering -- at Apple dot com. No words can adequately express our sadness -- Steve's death or gratitude for the opportunity to work with him we -- memory by dedicating ourselves to continue the work He loves so much. Now as you mentioned the reactions are still coming in some of these came in last night a lot of it is still coming in today. We have seen though Wozniak was on media CBS early show this one will be hearing from him a little bit later on today and hearing some -- what He said. Already about Steve -- of the of the most interesting comments I think because those guys are the only ones. Who go back to the beginning to get. They -- the beginning of Apple and no one knows where jobs came from as well as where He went. As well as Wozniak I think one of them forcing things He talked about was release Steve as a marketer. As much as a technologist in fact He really leaned on that and said Steve was a kind of guy who knew where the ball was going into -- where the puck was going. Not where it was now so that's this thing we hear about a lot about how He knew what people would want. And not just what they do one. It's you when you turn about Steve Jobs you also look at. How He surrounded himself with other people. That may not have been that have been able to -- the spot where his -- were lacking. -- -- you have the tandem of Steve Jobs and Steve Bosnia working side by side Steve Wozniak. Was getting into the circuits on the boards and making that product -- -- jobs was able to you know Steve Jobs is not. Well it wasn't a done by any means they will it was greatly and have by any stretch but He was able. To take that idea and vision. It's gonna help Steve what they pushed it this is what we want. And this is how we're going to bring this to the mainstream market and to the consumer this is how we're gonna do it we want a simple buy it's we don't wanna make this intimidating. There's even a story about -- just. In the developmental process of some of Apple's products the first Apple two. At the time Apple had been working on the Lisa and Steve Jobs is like you know it. I don't wanna go in this direction so -- He developed his own team that created the TUE and -- the challenges that when they first built it is not a fan. Was too loud He said what is that noise. I don't want that fan right out of all the things you think you have a computer her this small and they wanted to -- reduce the sound bad so -- it took them six months. For them to get that fan noise just right before they release the mainstream public and now one of those things that Steve Jobs. That's about as attention to detail -- -- things that people care about in a sense it is not just technological but its its lifestyle living with the product day in and day out. I wanna go to the Obama present Obama is a reaction statement to -- the past and Steve Jobs we had this of course a protest CBS news.com. Listings photo we also have -- this -- This is a -- never call this event from about. Those earlier this year it's right it was even last year. This was a a dinner in Silicon Valley Obama many of the at tech leaders there and then right to his left if you can look at this photo of -- watching our. Our live stream video here you can see their Steve Jobs right to left of Obama. Of course across the way you see Larry Ellison and a lot of other people -- Carol Bartz in the background but interesting how these two were up. Right together each end of the state little read part of it here from Obama Michelle and I are saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs Steve was among. The greatest American innovators brave enough to think differently. Bold enough to believe He could change the world and talented enough to do it. By building one of the planet's most successful companies from his garage -- exemplified the spirit of American ingenuity. -- making computers personal and putting the Internet and our pockets He made the information revolution not only accessible. But intuitive and fun. I think the the part I like about his -- the most is that He says on talks about how. No there's no better way to describe Steve Jobs legacy where most people found out about his past seen on a device that He treated. No interest -- yeah you know that's -- I found out about it I was zoom coming in from the airport and I'd been in the air for a couple of hours. By the time my land that it was -- as a story -- had been out for -- two hours and I didn't hear about of the plane there was no Wi-Fi on that planes it was interesting information vacuum and -- and -- site. Got the story there was always -- sort -- this huge array of reactions. And comments but all of them. Coming to me over other devices that Apple created that I -- with me or devices that exist in -- sector today that Apple created I didn't get on -- -- -- but I got on a Smartphone that. Might not be a hot product today. Had the iPhone not come along and made that sector palatable -- Treo was here is a smart phone for years the iPhone. He didn't cut through -- the iPhone -- again the example of Apple's marketing as much as -- technology creating a market creating an appetite and creating an approach ability for technology. For some that already existed in the basic form. But making it a completely different thing making it -- revolution. Not a gadget be different. It's -- the other you know taking those industries that had been established in May clearly did not even get to the mature point that they could have. The whole Steve Jobs imprint was taking those devices putting the Apple. Spit and -- you know spin finish on -- and really getting it's a -- that like you said approachable something that my mom. Could use my dad -- and mom lightly talked about to say who can even set. A VCR to the -- day could use an iPhone can use. Apple product -- difference of course there -- a lot of impromptu -- going on around the world and Apple stores -- Apple's offices is a photo while we see at the at the LA times this morning. -- young woman -- taking part in I guess this is on the wall around the Apple campus at one infinite -- -- in Cupertino. And the sort of thing is normally reserved for a different. Kind of person in our society this is more for someone who's an artist usually uses kind of reaction from people. That are in the -- that are in performing that are somehow more of a passionate individual. In the public side but that's is interesting about jobs as as a CEO of what -- is. The one of -- not -- most valuable companies depending on the day you look at it for him to also retain the art. The aspect of it being something that -- artistic. And to have no pretense about that and to have a low varnish. Sort of an appearance and a connection with his customers there -- almost literally. Less than a handful of CEOs of other companies of any kind in the world who have a connection like this -- their customer. I don't I don't even know if you -- you insane handful -- -- that's not the island even island and -- -- account on and got seals and identify just heated passion for their 32 or three in technology you have this kind of personal. -- human of their who they are -- their brand in some of them. -- on Scott McNealy was -- -- at the corporate organization Bill Gates at Microsoft but nowhere near the kind of high touch individual. Although He still associated with the brand there are just a few others and jobs ability to be the emblem of his company. I think it's so interesting and is a huge part of what was so much is. The morning of his passing that's really what -- about people thought they've lost. I think friend is going too far but -- -- they've lost someone who they knew or more importantly. Who felt like they knew He knew them. Yet someone who impacted their lives in every way shape or form we talk about any piece of technology. You pick -- whether it's an Apple product or whether it's PC product a non Apple product. Steve and Apple's. Fit and finish somehow influence that product in one way shape or maybe a -- -- -- on a laptop that a company would not have done years ago. Because of Apple's high level design they implement and that those are those are those the remnants of Apple inside of every technology even though they never -- been in touch and you. Yet but -- -- -- flowers investors and Apple stores all around the world of course let's take a look now at some of some of shots -- that's -- reaction. From San Francisco New York go -- reactions have been gathering through CNET and the CBS news organization since his news broke yesterday late afternoon Pacific -- -- -- -- -- -- GS only comes around once. -- a couple centuries so like best. Same banks thing. -- -- I think through Apple and iPhone and everything. -- -- I really think that words can really described like. Anything about Steve rather than just create -- it's just right to do you answer respect a guy who had given the world so much like in terms of technology in. In -- -- in a company that was on the edge of disaster. Mr. jobs is a visionary change the world changed the face of technology and -- Perfectionism. Shows itself in everything He did. And this is. Where we go to recognize. What it is achievement I was founder and CEO. App development company He made that entire company possible. I wouldn't have been doing what I was doing the last few years wasn't for the iPhone in his inventions. Skilled. Incredibly sad thing the world over has lost really incredible. Man and visionary. You'll be deeply messed. -- sold the world that technology. Is obtainable. There is that things that they probably cited in back to the future and it is different movies -- -- this link here came out and He created me Davidson was you know and it was it was all obtainable to where every kid -- -- had an iPod. He's just one of the best minds of our generation units there's no other ways to say I mean -- so affected our generation. So and those younger than me much you know so deeply because that's just change the way they've all communicated with each other's account. There's really. -- there is a really words to express how how much -- -- society it's incredible. 'cause on the screen here and -- site I decide to make a poster that to show everybody how how I feel that my thoughts. The quotes from that think different campaign in the nine -- -- the last line. Said because. The people were crazy enough to think they can change the world the once you do. Andy and He did -- seen as the. Alright guys thanks for that video that was on some of the videos but -- -- we shot. Yesterday that -- -- had live just the response and kind of what we talked about. But spontaneous erection of people flooding to Apple soars to pay the respects the Steve Jobs now also one of things that we have here. Went on with our live stream and our live show. Is that we wanna hear what you -- you're thinking in your thoughts in just reflecting on how Apple affected you and you can call us our phone lines 1900. 888. C and ET that's 18 a sorry 1888900. -- whose -- is -- 188900. CN ET. Chute that's 26 -- we do have callers here right now we're gonna go first of all to Dave and Dave is in North Carolina. Dave how yet are you doing today. -- Of the show. It -- -- we just wanted to talk to you lead your thoughts and you know the nights passed us since we heard the first news about Steve Jobs have even feeling it will lower your thoughts. I just kind I mean everybody news that it was coming you know pretty much as helpless in declining. And -- delicious kind of like -- You know gently -- -- because. You know you hurt -- remember this story. Steve. Jobs and people -- accepting up the company in their garage in and and -- 49 and so I was in 1920 Apple to -- came out Apple to connect came out. And that -- was -- first computer. One -- in college. And I got to see it like -- Tucci as well. -- I mean you know I was for those people who went Apple user group meetings. You know all the -- -- sure like to play -- -- machine and they can do weird things. And -- What -- want teaching here and we pressure to sort PC. To windows machines -- machines and about start to come full circle because. IPad to an iPhone and I have -- I liked oh and now I'm thinking about getting MacBook Pro. Conflict okay. -- we'll just turn around and around everything from actually started. -- when you know -- lists all these different products you have. How did that affect -- yet when you think about -- -- -- it's all of very you know your life but -- what are your thoughts about Steve specifically what comes to mind. I think that He really -- you know she she thought about. You know how it looked and you know the cool factor was certainly I've I've had other MP3 players before. Why are -- you know it's got iPod. Okay this really looks cool and what are the entire site -- neglected your producer -- I'm. A blind computer consultant and so well I I started to migrate over toward the iPod. -- and subsequent voice over started being something that made it very accessible and you know for a while that was you know part of the Apple two you know kind of a deal you can get things to make your computer talks. You know and then. The Wii -- -- uncle thank you for the call they're really appreciate that. Again that was -- calling in from north Carolina's image and He is a guy who really has a insisting relationship of Apple technology over the years kind of came into it from different pieces. And really appreciates the different phases of what Apple -- which brought to my mind the fact that Apple change their name from Apple Computer. To Apple incorporated Apple corporate what in 2007 I think. Right around there that was a big piece of the shift to this company that is why jobs has such a footprint today. Is because of the turn that they made from just being a computer company. To being something much broader a let's take a look at a video that we put together they will show you. The life of Steve Jobs professional life in these three key -- which actually even broader than what Apple became let's take a look at the full width and breath. Of the impact He had on popular culture -- with a list. You have to trust that the dots will somehow connecting your future you have to trust -- something your gut destiny life karma whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road. We'll give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leaves you off the well worn path. A philosophy Steve Jobs -- to embrace after a life of victories and setbacks and surprising diversions that made him an agent of change in how we communicate better entertained. He is gone but his vision of our digital world very much remains the story of his life in technology played out in three acts the magnitude of which can only really be seen now. Looking back. Pack one -- 1977. Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak introduced the Apple two the first successful personal computer. But 1984 brought a much bigger milestone in the first personal computer that was really personal today for the first time ever. I'd like to let Macintosh speak for itself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The graphical interface. Mouse breed of software and whimsical designs it was a completely different animal from this -- machines coming from Microsoft and Intel. Just as different was the TV commercials that announced the Mac. One they still talk about in the -- business today and which showed -- jobs and technology sells better. With a little -- But none of that would be enough to hold back the juggernaut of Intel and Microsoft. And the difficulties Apple faced in growing the Mac business -- to jobs being shown the door at his own company in 1985. I was basically fired from Apple and others -- That was difficult and when it happened but maybe the best thing that happens and. Shortly after jobs ouster founds next different isn't it kind of advanced workstation computer that runs on an object oriented software architecture which would become the basis of a dramatically new and better Mac OS years later. Similarly telling was the design of the next machine stylish austere and breaking convention sound familiar. In 1986. Jobs also acquired the graphic arts division of Lucas -- turning it into Pixar. The studio that mainstream animated features. And can boast that its films deliver the highest average gross revenue of any studio in the film industry. But it classic form -- three was job's biggest He retook the Helm of a nearly bankrupt Apple. And introduced the iMac the following year would what was the first of all now call a statement on Mac homes. From the marriage of the excitement of the Internet. With the simplicity of Macintosh. It was the first personal computer designed around the Internet. What Bill Gates and Microsoft -- to the PC era jobs was about to become to the Internet and eventually mobile. -- -- incredible stuff. To show you today his presentation skills that events such as MacWorld would become legendary examples of showmanship and star power in industry it's really beautiful. This is what -- Detractors would deride jobs hype as a reality distortion field but the -- -- Apple began to turn around. But jobs -- single biggest course change for Apple was not a computer but the iPod what is iPod. I had -- argument Parkinson. There is right there. Introduced in October 2001. The smallest size spacious and capacity. And looked good. But more importantly it diversified Apple away from head on competition with the -- -- computer makers while luring away their customers when iTunes launched windows support in October of 03. -- I'm here are reporting today that this is happens. Apple began to re write the music business to become a major media player and got its first taste market dominance. But in terms of financial success nothing tops the Apple product that was built on the shoulders of the -- Is going -- Reinvents. The phone. -- -- Good jobs and Apple showed an uncanny ability to once again -- the formula right. -- -- the originators and make a piece of advanced technology seems simple and magical can. And fashionable with that same DNA the iPad arrived in April 20 -- -- like to show it to you today for the first time. And we call it. The iPad and again it's just. He's had only nibbled at the edges here so it's so much more instant personal laptop. And it's so much more capable. In the Smartphone Apple has had its share of flops but they mostly paled compared to its fix it. And -- we're always notes of hubris around the latter day company seemed most in jobs almost dismissing documented problems with the iPhone four's antenna we think it's affecting a small percentage of users. And we think some of that problem is inherent. In most every Smartphone. But mostly -- since jobs returned has been a culture change -- as much as a technology company. One of the biggest success stories in American business and virtually indivisible from the identity of its CEO. And it seems right that the best epitaph for him might be found in the words of an Apple TV commercial that wasn't really selling anything except Apple. And while some may see them. As the crazy. We see -- Just the people who are crazy and I think they can change the world. And this continuing Apple coverage here at CNET we are. Live talking about the passing of Steve Jobs of course. Which happened what about four were twenty yesterday afternoon. A lot of people are -- in their -- in their heads wrapped around the today certainly inside and outside of the technology community. I'm Brian Cooley with Bryan song and joining us now is special -- we have -- -- here who's the author of the Steve Jobs -- A very interesting book that He is put together from his background. As a technologist but also as a longtime Apple employee former senior VP at Apple and a guy who knew Steve Jobs when. And -- welcome to our continuing coverage -- agreement to agree here let me ask you first -- How long. The go did you first encounter Steve Jobs and Apple. 1980 accurate and human restaurant will -- status -- him I was -- and -- my wife for dinner and I walks and scruffy looking with a beard white shirt. And -- in -- and Levi's and I was there are more like I am today more dressed up I did have a beard by the way to. That was our only -- ground yet. -- that -- -- a planned meeting oh when you're there. What would it what can it transpired at that moment not what happened is I was sitting and reading newspapers that can be read an article but I IBM and He sat next to me I was -- my wife random. And the just so computers you know about computers -- -- yes and we got talking is that I'm chemical Apple which I'd never heard of at -- time distance and and the -- -- and really -- here's a guy 26 years old which is variant common in Silicon Valley does choose. Dominated by -- and HP's so. It's a different Silicon Valley back -- which is an interesting part of the Apple story is right it was totally different the young entrepreneur or that we know so -- today is some people have never known anything else in Silicon Valley that was revolutionary exact at the time -- -- Give us because in those days was dominated by older. Businesses IBM and HP and so -- An older executives and like me. And so it there was -- usually meet this young start of brash kid did. And his ideas about computers there was -- long after that the UN to work for Apple and rose to the position of senior VPU -- did you get into the company. Steve said dude you wanna work for me and I said -- I don't even know you are -- -- believe him and He said well. I'm I'd like every -- work for Apple about three senator got a Kaufman and -- And that for all my adventures started I was fortunate for Andy Grove at the time and Intel -- idealized in total Andy's -- guy but it wasn't my company. And a softer and softer background and that's -- hard work and yeah. So I really want to get out of Intel and so after this give it a shot and the rest is history. Now -- JEU. Met the young Steve Jobs some of those. Did you see some of those same characteristics and traits that are still now we saw you know and -- -- -- charisma that passion did you feel that when you first met him. I did in fact to think about men and 31 years ago and hadn't He hadn't stopped. You -- just up until recently -- got sick. It's the same passion the same enthusiasm. Remember when He used a Mac. Ever the Mac produce itself the revolutionary thing about that it was a first computer with a with a microphone -- -- it. Or speakers and -- its computers to have speakers in those days and that was his first introduction on stage. And has -- the sense that same -- since. -- change. Here's a photo I believe from this would be early till mid to late -- -- guessing the agency's reports of on the monitor this is there yet and here in this room somewhere in this meeting now from the right hand corner of the younger I would have -- heard. RFI a zero a and -- I believe I -- -- a very different jobs than. -- it was all hit this this photograph and it ended up in Newsweek I think -- Newsweek dizziness and the Mac had not been introduced yet but you could see the Mac is on the back to that it was a picture in the back to the -- so -- but that was a small group of people who started the whole revolution music about it and and of the interesting thing most of us had that computer experience -- IBM HP and so forth so. Authorities experienced group of people but. But very young group Apple TV service saying never trust any of it over thirty years old and look at these efforts -- -- yesterday it knocked out. You that you're able to break -- -- Europe uses I was and then when He became thirty is over forty notes there we'll get there we are there in the for a lucky. Now if you had to give us one reaction. To jobs passing yesterday personal where were you image -- the -- always -- community. Yeah I was a -- -- cards I have a fifty year old son and high schoolers driving him home from school and I. By -- -- prison cells from my company called -- and you're the news and so doing He said. Steve Jobs just was announced has passed an ordinance -- Campbell -- data and out. It controlled with longer and almost that I just really broke go release said and -- pulled over. Told my sanity you have to drive us home and read revelations but united drives and chromosomes so they really hit me a lot harder than I thought it would. Why is that why isn't getting so many people never has their own reasons why is it -- such a wide swath of people who didn't know him who didn't work for him. Who didn't have any specific connection to him and yet they feel like they did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think that's part of the mystique of the Apple is so committed. Once you start using these products is like to love affair and I think legislature it leverages died of investment and that's a passion -- think people feel and that's what. That's tonight -- Know when you talk about your book is titled to Steve Jobs away. What is the Steve Jobs away or one iBook when I took I've been thinking about writing this book for a long time and Steve is a perfect example forming witches. The world have business has to change you have to be much more product focus and with Steve is about -- -- product. Is everything else -- -- matters about He is a greatest use server product for consumer in the world and what he's doing is he's passing his product you. -- -- -- -- But you don't don't buy the media's chairman is but he's gonna get delivered to you. The best product -- can deliver and that's what my book but I what I go through there's a process -- He doesn't and that's really put to Steve Jobs weighs about and I would hope other companies. -- -- Are you very upset to be the CEO of a car company and industry called a 100000 cars. Also Steve. Many host of products and He is surprised when he's on stage is not Steve it's an iPad let's use up these He has a product -- after talking about. What are some of the stages of this process you mention a couple nuggets of what He does because we all wanna know how does He get this unique ability to have. The vision. I don't like to use -- term of vision because his vision is more many times along the way you even know He didn't even know what iPad was going to be a few years before that nobody has vigilant right and he's able to I think reject more than He embraces once He gets his his design -- things he's -- tool to -- things down at least Apple does how much of that is a process that He doesn't -- He get there. Well part of it he's he's a futurists we -- in the -- -- Steve's looking way out in the future living there but he's also incredible student of products. He loves other products we love the walkman is I told -- about Sony. -- -- that products -- heat you visualize ultimately -- -- music guys who loves music you -- a product in those movies so He. He puts all this together and keeps an open mind wherever He goes and sees something the triggers a change and that's what He does and it's -- units it started way back to in the seventies and it's amazing these -- kept it going forward but that's since openness to. New things it's an openness to what do you like what you liked and products you know what that's -- he's about and that's what he's delivered to you know. It's all about that focus is all about to be in focus on the company's what he's all about. Nor are Tony. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How -- He changed from his early days because He went through a major set of reversals with Apple right next was sort of a mixed bag in itself He had a major mid career crisis that a lot of people don't bounce back from let alone to the heights He did. -- -- a journey do you think He made it crosses rather unusual -- I think you -- -- He learned a lesson He. Apple went in the wrong direction the Mac was delivered to be a competitor product IBM which it was not mean it was not. He's consumer guide to that product was an enterprise product then -- the next next with the same problem and built a 101000 dollar product for the enterprise market didn't exist. And so it was a failure. Pixar was not but Pixar at the same elements. Of his broader product when He started Pixar -- the long missing it produced was two minutes -- late. That's -- -- so when He got to them. He found the same kind of situation Apple talented people. He needed a product so guess what Toy Story so He took that same principle to two -- are made is Cecil. But what He learned today -- journey was couple things -- that He was a consumer got his relationship with Disney. It got him to understand who He was during its ups and downs of his news of this group. Secondly He learned. You got have a board of directors it's on your side you got -- board of directors and strategically. This part where you're gonna go to key pragmatic -- -- unbelievable because that's what you learn how could you possibly. Through the founder of the company out I mean in a guy -- as a visionary for the next line of products now. I got in trouble because -- -- Rumsfeld Leon's that you guys are making a big mistake and went to the board of directors and said. You guys are making a big mistake now go back and CC but but it doesn't cost ultimately cost me my job that's -- it go. Yeah I think that's played out best friend pretty resoundingly now or any. Past board members on part of that crew. Some describe you as being a mentor. For Steve Jobs for certain number of measures -- what role did you ever -- think you were able to abuse something -- -- him. As -- had a very good insight to what the business where we're gonna go any good insight to what Mac needed to be and I gave as the release. In I was able to stand up to -- -- you're wrong you're -- -- a mistake I don't think we should do that. What happens when you do that as we often hear that jobs is a is a -- -- -- Guide to pitch an idea to in any kind of a product meeting her future proposal. What happens when He doesn't like something. Now He tells me he's very straightforward about it either have to accepted -- I've Wii I debated -- given the Mac originally came out. -- finish -- act in the middle of of 1983. And we've said on -- table and tendon and did it and ran it and everybody loved -- we aren't excited about it and Steve so what's that sound. Well it's a fan on and -- fan and I don't that sound so it'd take. With cost is six months to get to fan out of it -- -- -- heat out of it yeah and so. And I argued with them over that for six months is and Steve this is ridiculous and -- You gotta have a fan mobile changes to the future products you would let go of it so -- -- -- -- I did when the disk drive discussion but not. Even after I got a gun that was -- Well Apple He decided He wanted to build a whole product -- Apple so you want to build a destruct in Apple so they've. -- build a disk drive division of about 300 people. This drives are incredibly hard to build mean Apple spinning and all that there's no yeah cause and I mirror and even then -- there are quickly going toward commodities to write and so. Finally has it Steve is sucked in -- works of the disk drive unfortunately is what killed Lisa. So that just drives that they've built went in -- -- in is really what was really the fatal mistake leads at and so. I said Steve does to -- so Bob Belleville -- -- -- a technology -- for Mac is also -- -- -- -- -- future. We've we beat on him for months and finally. We had a meeting -- they had it is destroyed division is very funny by the way Steve sits there and He said to be. I wish united hover above this meeting you could tell me what to do so. Mystery symbolism walked outside and value it has been yeah and that's not right -- rights and -- back tendency Intel's mobile -- decided to kill the destroyed justice. It's -- Steve. But that's me that I think had his role of those older -- -- meant to write good insight to -- the business was gonna go and acted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Com and I think we had as -- -- to -- He loves Sony you love -- adventure of of the walkman and so going to Japan was always interest in and yet. After awhile I -- tired of sushi and we're supposed to go to Begin their about a week and it was like sushi. Beginners and sushi after sushi so -- Steve love sushi so. Finally there's one day I said I'm not going to dinner -- you guys tonight I've had it. I'm gonna go find something cooked tonight so it down the lobby the hotel and said -- a good place to get a good state visitors this'll placed on the street so. So -- you guys later -- -- gonna do a review says sat down this'll restaurant by miso. The city narrow Sony's system is -- up next -- Steve He and licensee about such you're -- -- -- -- -- and now I agree William I'm -- decision to death. And then but a lot we have -- largest personal discussions about. You know his life and love and so forth and and the -- there's a personal side that really stevens' intent about about the business about the product. The also is kept his personal personally very private -- So that's that's a very good part of it was He it was -- pretty intense guy when it came to the workplace are now absolutely need. It was an intense and it really gives you the priority what you do and that's really important I mean you've been getting calls -- 3 in the morning or midnight. And had a great idea about something there was this intensity that really sets the priority of innovation to the company which is very important. But that's important for any leader to be I got a great idea at 3 o'clock why not call -- element grid ideas and its -- -- right at the end -- Wednesday finally got thrown out He called me about. To in the morning when morning and said He was old news -- all -- set. The bodies and -- JM out of the game and in sideline down and since Steve. You're not on the sideline. They are on the sideline your of the game makes it uses to keep them in your mind when you -- ahead and obviously that's what's -- -- does a guy like jobs were -- the guy just come from I mean there are plenty of really bright. College dropouts in Silicon Valley -- don't who rise to this level by any comparison not even close what is it. How much of it -- timing and luck how much of it is being outside the mainstream. I'm being sort of the anti hero which He can't always was in his view of technology and or something else. I think it's I think it's this combination of a wanted to build this great product been a product guy -- and sort of part of getting music -- -- -- partner and I -- -- -- -- -- equality of confidence. That nobody else -- is -- -- -- is of -- being it is CEO meeting once in Silicon Valley and Steve -- -- brash of these new people like Andy Grove and -- -- with a minute but -- had this. Confidence level that He was and actually produce what He said He was gonna do and -- -- just drove important. But -- Steve had which is amazing. -- incredible business instincts and reacted. The board of directors meeting have a sit there and He knew more about the business operations of the company and more active is like and -- all the captains of industry and I was. Always impressed city just had this this confidence in himself and confidence in his ideas that they were gonna be pushed. Or because in the end if you don't have the business rights which is common all companies and you don't live to fight another day exactly right you don't get -- bounce back from your. Failures when you do have them and your middling successes as well -- your failures in this day and age. Exactly right right and you just had just -- is about a but. And even -- He made some mistakes but primarily He was pretty right on and you look at Apple today I mean it's -- retail juggernaut native. They're gonna for -- companies to rethink their whole strategy and -- have -- -- -- you can't compete. Their own store which is you know and there's no way to competing -- -- -- a factoid about a month -- ago Apple has the highest. Retail store revenue per square foot of any retailer. Including Tiffany which is a distant number two mean which is amazing and seven times that of a best buy store exactly it's just uncanny amounts of success -- -- -- -- you wouldn't think a technology company would have any business being at -- Gateway had tried this. Dell had tried this they all tried stores or kiosks or some thing. And we're just flat embarrassments run and then here comes -- completely outside the realm of technology brick and mortar stores tables displays class hours. Huge numbers of employees. And the company excels that the to me that is the most. Amazing -- wire. In the second half of Apple's success story it also stores the that it comes at a no. Exactly right it's just amazing we'll come on how much of that was jobs saying I wanna do stores -- -- or someone who came to him and said. Here's a vision for store. Now it was Steve we -- actually a lot of his vision was we talked about -- eighties when I was -- was -- meaning He had. We had ideas of of other ways to do it in fact. -- -- -- bring in executives CEOs of other companies to meet received just -- from incited industry and so I brought Freddy Smith and from FedEx and we got. So you've got all excited just -- -- enabled us. We'll just fly your -- around. So really and this is right before -- got thrown out of Apple. We grower members seek remember this we had built an automated factory in Fremont California I remember that Macs were building -- -- -- building Macs every 242 or Macs went off the into the assembly -- So Fred Smith came out we took him for attorneys said -- you know -- -- We should just directly sell is an -- -- for you. Who walked out the back considered whenever you build -- -- you -- -- not -- already started thinking of building a land use it to apply in the FedEx. Always a step ahead -- that's always a step ahead at how we're continuing our -- -- VP and Apple joined the company in 1980 as He was telling us earlier ran into Steve Jobs for the first time at a cafe in Los Gatos California and Silicon Valley lot of interesting -- -- here and regain some really interesting insights on Steve Jobs the man as well as the executive. As well as the visionary which is the V word being used so much about him in and out we're gonna come back and talk with. A good opportunity. -- It's really beautiful this is what it looks. This is made. It's incredibly horribly this is poly carbonate plastic the stuff that make bulletproof vests out. What we've gone one step further we've double shot it in rubber all the way around so what you see and oranges all -- it feels wonderful. And it makes -- -- even safer to travel with again all on the back. When you open it up. It's really beautiful inside. And the -- got a fantastic fifteen inch display. But today we're introducing a model with a seventeen inch landscape display could take a -- -- We. Are opening 25. Apple owned retail stores across the US this calendar year 2000. Point five. And the first two stores will open a Saturday. Here at Tyson's corner -- between Virginia and yet what -- -- in Glendale California across the other side country. Why the -- to. Because they were the first ready. There's nothing magic about it. You can trust that we know Mac OS-X is not perfect we think it's a tremendous start. And we think already in many instances we are way above anything else on the market in terms of certain aspects of performance in terms of certain features. But we're not stopping there. And we are continuously going to improve this OS so that is the best in the world in every respect and -- work. Criticisms and -- -- help us a lot so keep -- coming we are listening. We are announcing that the second generation iTunes doesn't just run on the Mac. But it runs on windows two. Exactly. -- same. Thing. On match. Again on the windows. This is not. Some baby version of iTunes -- the music store it's the whole. Thing. ITunes for windows. Is probably the best windows -- -- there is one more thing. It's one more small thing. And when we were inventing all of the technology to build this. Tremendous technology to be able to do -- its way far ahead of what anyone in the industry. Is capable of doing. We decided to apply that technology. To something a little smaller. -- this. I -- again. I knew. Twelve inch power book. It's the world's thinnest -- It's so thin it even fits inside one of these envelopes that we've all seen floating around the office. And so let me go ahead and show it to you now. Okay. Taking down here. This is the new. MacBook Air. You can get a feel for how thin it is. Yeah fairness and now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And. Okay. You ain't seen -- Gotta see this thing in person it is one of the most beautiful designs you've ever seen. This is. Beyond the doubts. The most precise thing when it was beautiful things we've ever made. Glass. On the front rear. And stainless steel running around. And the precision of which this is made is. Is beyond any consumer product we've ever seen its closest kin is like a beautiful old like a camera. We'd like to show -- to you today for the first time. And we call it. The iPad. A and again to see the whole web page is from home right there holding the Internet in your hands. It's an incredible experience. Keeping these devices in sync is -- -- it's quite -- And we call it likely. -- -- It's our continuing coverage live here at cnet.com of the the aftermath the reactions. Of the reflections on the likes of Steve Jobs who Corso passed away yesterday after a -- -- is how long he'd been dealing generally with health health effects it was like seven years all Orleans of his various health issues pancreatic cancer. Of course so apparently the most serious on the one that their claim is like a brief statement from the families saying He passed away yet peacefully in his sleep and of course remaining. A very private affair as says Steve always conducted his his personal life. We're being joined today also by author. I'm Brian Cooley and Brian Tong as we. Take reflections and -- -- your calls as well. Yes so we're gonna do right now if you guys -- are listening to us we're gonna take your calls 1888900. CN ET that's 263. So the full number 1888900. To six street. Gonna take your calls your reflective -- and -- from his experiences. Obviously really close experiences. There's gonna -- to chime in and some your thoughts as well so we're gonna do is gonna first take. Real Honda waiting for quite awhile think -- for sticking with us all the way from Singapore. -- on how you doing today. I -- good value its. Fine thank you it installs in your thoughts and how you're feeling about the news of Steve -- passing. Well I I learned about that -- -- -- whatever happened. And it tourists -- it -- what it was shock I mean everybody prepares. There's -- sometime but this is actually shut out. Once you design some people that start anticipating this but to come this quick. -- I I didn't expect that sort. Hand and to be honest can still black condoned under -- And what what are some of your favorite products or what. What legacy -- Steve Jobs has on your life what comes to mind first. What to be very honest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One other thing I -- inspire emotional and let the arguably great presentation. I mean. I have a Mac -- an iPod an arm and an iPad. But I love getting my school in Indonesia but a portable music player or the law -- patent. Today -- -- what the law and people that wanna give me what He looks and in Boston it has become the iBook. Patent it -- so reluctant to bet that in this has been an entire chain of exchanging the lines says it exists in and delete it -- -- devices. Is -- -- -- being in this stone these things and not a couple of books. Aren't there is an interesting point -- thank you Ron -- a call from Singapore how -- There was a pretty short time between jobs exceeding CEO chairman and then of course passing away. I was surprised now that I think back about hearing this news yesterday. How quickly that happened because when you move to chairman and it was. It didn't seem to be sort of -- a figure -- job they said he's now going to -- -- -- active chairman of the board not emeritus or something like that. I thought -- right it's gonna be at least a few months before his health takes another dip it came pretty quickly. Guys are but I thoroughly thought that at the time and -- Edmonton area -- and after He made their presentation to the City Council in Cupertino. About the new building and said that is the end of his latest -- -- that's the building was always one of his priorities in fact. -- know this but back to 1985. We had I am page design a complete Apple campus was unbelievable and read this summary here that a train rounded a tram -- it it was and it had. Buildings that had. The of this -- into the presence roof for -- to look. We went -- down in the buildings He was going on a lot of cues that we see in the new design exactly right so it had -- that was way back to an 85 so. When He did the building and I said to myself in that set these finally fulfilled and everything that you wanted to do -- site and somebody asked He wants and I said. I don't think much more about six or seven weeks basement -- provides an interest in -- -- but again the shock of it happening in Houston is just an unbelievable. Yet the reality is they always kind of a gut -- let's go to low we have one fighter -- and his calling in from India we're getting calls from all over the world as you can -- we have been since this news broke yesterday -- welcome to cnet's ongoing live coverage of the passing of Steve Jobs when did you hear the word and how. I'll read it right in part by Atlantic market about -- -- and are not it will cut back the big. And -- public figure. Out what -- a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reverend Steve Jobs. And companies -- Google -- But. And that's that glass that's just the role of job I was marketers need to be building a marketers an advertiser or marketer and regular call -- -- Marketers someone who knows -- to aggregate and address a market. It's not the same as advertised but people often cringe when Steve Jobs -- -- what He was primarily a tremendous market or even was said this and they say oh what to sounds like an ad pitchman. That's a different thing. Marketer creates markets that's the biggest part of a business. -- together part of it Steve creates whole products and it's always -- this was debate realize that about the whole issue of a phone they -- here's some -- Android and here's iPhone. And -- -- -- product it's a software. So does not it's not -- -- it's -- that Angeles's Steve creates real product that's what just about and that's why. -- Denny's that the product is what markets itself. And that that's a dangerous thing to do is that the product fails to your. You're gonna -- -- but so it's a very -- Only one iPhone if the iPhone the ones currently on the market and there are a couple others that are older models -- it's a one trick pony if it fails you've got nothing to fall back on until you roll out another one. Which now has to live in the shadow of the one that failed it's not like megs fifty HTC phones that come out this month I can -- Back from need when the antenna gate came out -- reflected member of the Apple three failed. Apple's three will write it -- table and keyboard to debut shocked. In its sales for rent and we -- and so have I started thinking about wonder what Steve's thinking about it at his -- that was a big. That was a big blow -- Apple -- -- in warehouses hundreds and thousands of in in the warehouse so. It's once the Apple speak when the product speaks for itself that's a big risk -- has to be received toward. Now. Was He the eloquent speaker you know live in front of the stage did the -- to build that skill set how did that come to because everyone talks of the legendary Steve note written it's called the Steve note. I his name how did you see that development. -- -- because I was aired the first presentation He -- on a Mac introduced itself but Steve is always just a master of just. You just had as a way to to articulate things but again he's there is a product he's not there is Steve Jobs is there is whatever product keys document. That's a big difference in presentation skills when you you assume. The product through -- As its -- -- of his products speak for himself and he's speaking for the product I think that's that's a magic is -- changed every change from the -- -- the Mac. -- -- last time He was on stage it's unbelievable. And that's that's part of the reason why you see so many people. Emotionally. Connected to this whom who won the here in the news I've been hit so hard because Steve was the product right -- to Friday felt that emotional connection when He resented it when they had in their hands they felt an emotionally it right it's pretty amazing when. -- -- their reaction as -- Rick in El Paso, Texas Rick tell us how you felt when you heard the news. World. When I heard the news it was just. Another. Quotes in the heart I mean. I'm just here sleeping followed. -- idea of job hunting. Weren't. What -- what I got back home. I had a push notification. Stage here. Our local a local radio and along. Where is my local TV stations seeing that that list He just -- But first instant reaction -- -- into my head was. No this cannot be true I mean. -- mean you know. -- She was probably an inspiration to around the entire people I -- Eric Rick how old -- you know I'm curious -- you. Arm arm around one okay so you really your entire really conscious life -- being colleges of technology. Yes there's always been that Apple in what I call the -- air -- iMac on forward. You know that that's around -- from right now running. I didn't know right now. -- that. Of all just been solved by either or both around everywhere. This entire place -- me. We'll -- you for the call -- I appreciate it nice to have you call in that's -- for El Paso, Texas He called it Tripoli 900 CNET -- 900. 263 we have a couple lines open now if you wanna share your thoughts and recollections of myself Brian Tong. And our guest -- re pleased to have -- -- You know He mentioned something that does -- emotional call. And -- a guy who's affected your recent talk about products -- gonna talk about -- -- real B iPhone was a bigger this is almost stood just about person to person and get a trauma design usual. Person to person linkage between jobs and his customers and there are those who are jobs detractors who say. That's all just sort of that's just that that's the product -- of two of Steve and his product that's all almost a cynical thing distilled here how do you respond to that. So I think personal -- wrong to me and Steve is about the product is about the quality of the product cumulus a product that's real that's real. This is the game and is not a he's not acting. In fact Steve because He is so private He doesn't get out you don't see him there's an on the stage for the product community was. -- never seen her husband would -- fasting does He live right in the heart of densely populated Palo Colorado meg not out in the hills. Of outer Silicon Valley like so many of the -- Are famous or wealthy in that community -- right and you grosses -- small restaurant downtown -- then of Palo Alto so He. And He was He loved. -- -- -- children's but He was always use actually more and admiration of them than they would be of -- and and have merged. Tremendous admiration him but He was more awed by them to the news and. Is it has -- about him and he's he's gonna in the middle he's not old guard Silicon Valley he's not today's new crop of almost pure Internet service in Silicon Valley innovators but. He had a foot in both but I think He has uninteresting. 1960s rock ethic in him. More than a man his age almost should be a little bit young to really been completely all about summer of love and all that I mean -- -- -- he's he's he's in -- but that's funny -- -- -- his entire life in the fifty's and sixty's so for him to have such a deep connection with rock bands rock culture. There's a key thing the -- -- on stage any and He has you know Beatles or stones -- Led Zeppelin playing and that is not like anybody else in this business he's feels attached to pop art. Right exactly in fact. I used to be amazed at some of his -- to be -- Dylan -- somebody -- running -- others could call somebody an important factor rider to Mercury -- -- -- -- -- core element or Peter instructors right that is disease could easily I was to be amazed -- some of his votes are unbelievable when that's you right that's the that's a whole part of who we was that's that's relative to remind people He never forgot he's in the art business. Exactly right right. Key thing with Apple and known fact the original art that -- on the Macintosh came from a restaurant here and -- -- called chose you want for dinner -- love their menus -- brings a menu back and said. Here's what we -- -- but the -- -- I remember that historic trust has a Greek restaurant over there now and I know the -- idea and I remember those menus and fresh cut -- and He also tells the story -- -- his address and able to get it later -- sets Stanford University 145 years ago. About how He naively you didn't. Didn't graduate from college but He really obsessed cynically receive class yes I have little measuring -- and how that got his passion -- have great type photography in the Mac which computers had horrible type by and I already does not horrible nasty characters that just sit well on a screen rights record. I mean Gutenberg was another one of his heroes and that was the -- part of that whole that whole secret of the whole thing. Memory and original days of Steve Jobs He signed his name with the smallest and a small jail was until later that a change it to be -- and big. It because they'll only come along later in the Internet -- and every company spells the name that these factors you can cool but I started that -- right. We're continuing our live coverage here at cnet.com I'm Brian Cooley with Bryant's home and our special guest. And we're asking people how do you feel and when did you hear the news it's a pretty simple gut reaction at this point. Gabriel tell us your story about becoming aware that Steve Jobs had passed. I fail. I read from writing. And it -- Well and and and it was earlier now. -- -- -- Sacred spot in that I got -- thinking -- In revolutionize the easy search. And in -- and -- the old and I think that you let that one more thing I think. You -- you know a lot revolutionize the eagle little under a lot work. You know that -- you know quite well. And you are a user of all Apple products or a mix of Apple products what's your gear profiled vessel is -- interest and as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay so again most of your life there's always been. Apple as a dominant company with iMac iPod iPhone iPad iTunes. I cloud it. The -- era is unparalleled. Honestly -- in thanks for the call Gabriel its unparalleled in American business in a way -- in terms of a string of hits that also -- innovations. I was -- But they'll go one off the other immunity to -- I thank almighty. My. Following the -- it's an iPad nano mean all it was as the iPad was an extension of the success of my phone and so it's all been it's all strung together. It's also by the way -- people forget about the -- underneath all this is iTunes. It is the under current. Streams puts all this together and it's really important to understand and -- it not a huge moneymaker for the company about interest in -- -- they they lean into it hard. Because of how it helps the product salt try to get -- right but it's not a big -- -- -- Interest -- -- -- one thing I wanna talk about his. The caller mentioned how -- industries -- industries that Steve revolutionized but also when we talk about his love for the arts getting into a Pixar. You know during journeys time and next you talk about how He is also -- take a movie studio like that -- an animation company like that. Not they did use technology but they -- you know a movies do not isn't necessarily. At the heart attack company. How He. Sir you know it saw over the development and evolution of Pixar. -- Pixar had some great people John Lasseter whose it's -- Academy Award winner was really incredible use of creative guys -- would Steve found there was. He region looked -- the company's action for hardware development in the united to build. Animation kind of dawned on him that they had the skills He was impressed with the talent they had what they could produce even the short stuff they did. When they decided to do Toy Story which was the first -- -- they did Steve had a right person right to be checked and He at a very difficult time -- that was one thing. Being with Steve you never -- cat. -- whenever you want I was Steve make sure you bring money conceded cavities and does so -- He had a hard time writing big checks and so. But He had to do it -- it is when He did He wrote that check and then. Took off but He had He saw this mixture of and again He loved that business -- -- My brother in law enforcement -- cancer had a video store in Palo Alto so when He died it took over the store from prison for his children and that's Steve as the number one customer in the -- -- I want -- movies you rented but but anybody -- -- a lot of movies all the time -- and He was just to you as a fan so sold Pixar was an extension again. Of -- interest in media just talked about the rock. -- yeah I always kept at the -- He always did things that were about what -- eight -- -- your own dog food is the phrase we -- in this business a lot it's like it'll be of your business exactly right not just flying in because you're a CEO and some other sector before and now you're gonna come in and darn generic business widget tree is accurate you he's of the past and I wanna -- to another call hero we got -- constable calling in who founder and CEO of use stream. Who of course people around here in the CNET live community know very well -- -- thanks for joining us. -- ever wonder what we're doing good what's your what's your reaction to the passing of Steve Jobs. You know you're gonna get my reaction under the digital -- told story can enact an actual story experience that was Steve Jobs. -- what would you stream both -- -- business partnership on and on my shelf we've got an -- a lot of opportunities duke. In Iraq -- what I call mainstream Hollywood celebrities and you -- years. Quite quite frankly I've never. Killed at least one moment were also restore truck. Indians from the tech world be unique -- can. -- hacker growing out. And cultural story of about a year ago action on and I got invited. Cute guy He -- Rupert Murdoch's shortage. Contrary. To private parties -- -- -- -- heard forty of us there. -- We showed up to you -- your typical. You know you're hanging out there talking atrocious need -- -- We have some shrewd -- -- I looked a lot left. And in walks into this fairly small gatherings. Steve Jobs. And are the most complete restore shark having -- little -- world. Looking across a room unexpectedly -- CEO Steve Jobs was a complete. -- complete and utter shock. In -- and -- opera nine is there actually allowed us to do. Any private acute recession would think so -- -- -- quirky Matagorda actually was in her yard on. Kind of chart -- one by buying were perched on change Murdoch who partially. It's currently involved in the press but. We were able asking questions -- there are so compact and very into music IQ and a session that He wanted to keep. You practiced conversations dimensional cameras He wants everything often record. -- -- we were in order -- crushing dark force. And at that moment. -- you know about a year ago there shall be iPad I just came out. Can literally cannot -- -- before this party. And wanted to question that was matched -- -- there's. They ask -- and Steve. Do you really think the iPad is gonna be successful. And these -- sparks. -- a local literally. Under discussed legislation. And -- -- the other person in front of -- -- and let out and it. And obviously. This is. The second ever wanted to learn what they're silent no relaxed and everyone just ordered their what -- -- huge art. Think that really. You know obviously and body. Good -- -- He had in the end and -- -- due less to make the decisions He had and began teaching English socked in Q. And illegally leaflets which closed you're -- secretary deliberate decision deliberative and you didn't see that through no matter. You advocate baton and rightly or how that turned out and so. That is so we're seeing you aren't. Able just from the we understand your point of certain human a lot of the tech companies that are currently out they're -- But urban you're you know our -- gasoline was one I got a little bit -- -- on the market alliance. And we greatly ministry was an inspiration for policy doesn't -- without collecting -- culture were punctual Steve Jobs are here to the dark -- and -- I'm in the -- had a national. And -- course social source goes back and Apple two days to release and and consult social. Are yet to three axis Steve Jobs. You know it's amazing how He and Apple in the first phase Apple the second phase we know now and then. Picks -- next. Kind of the -- in the middle there I mean what an amazing man a full array of successes in their different ways some of numerous successes in the moment others were successes in that they were investments in what would come later like next of course. In two OS-X Brad thanks for the call thanks so much appreciate it -- -- constable Aussie on co-founder. Of of you stream. In our continuing live coverage here on CNET today of their reactions and reflections of the passing of Steve Jobs -- -- -- -- Brian Tong. And a special guest is daily -- -- -- the Steve Jobs way. Before -- -- a couple more calls. There was always a lot made about the battles between Apple and Microsoft -- they were always polar opposites that that's the religious war of our aero. In technology is those two companies in their platforms. But then there were the times when that didn't appear to be the case Microsoft's investment -- Apple back in the dark. Bankruptcy -- days. War one that was one of the infusions -- save that company. Yes and then Steve Jobs and Bill Gates on stage with the with Kara swisher and Walt Mossberg the Wall Street Journal in 2007 I think and it was this owners to see these two guys on my favorite interviews to C was job one of the few He gave where. You know you realize when you pull back a little bit you pull the lens back a little. These -- enemies. These are people that are of a different technological vision. But are both great stories of American technology who are going the same way different routes. And it gives you -- pride in this entire. Technology culture in the US of which jobs such a huge part. Right -- I think that the there was competition obviously -- is very upset nearly days when. When built you know took off the softer and mated and miss -- -- -- and so for awhile He never really forgave him for that men. Marine -- bill and Steve in -- Carlyle Hotel in new York and Steve was very upset -- Microsoft didn't deliver the software for the Mac -- they said they were gonna do in the early days and Steve just said to bill bill you don't get it. Harbor drive software's popular around I'm gonna bury you and. Which has no interest in it is no one else has cracked that code though I only job is that you can say that and deliver on everyone else software drives hardware everyone else goes to commodity. Right exactly right and I didn't have time I thought I did agree with the statement that an as -- as He got into this whole product. Article holistic product the whole thing it makes a lot of sense because you don't want other people's parts -- -- your parts and I think. That's what -- sort of been a downside but. The Bill Gates I believe is a different story than -- I think the infusion of capital by Microsoft was important for them -- was only at that time yet only competitor critical item but. But I do believe it was real and I do believe that. The Bill Gates does understand. Stephen Steve is finally sort of understand bill to two degrees I think it's. Literally gone full circle the -- to the icons of the world. The business of -- believable. Government and both Solio great stories of idea. Of the of the American west I mean this is there's this culture in this part of the country not to make too much to be a big thing we awesome awesome things too much at Silicon Valley is really where it is but there's something about. The culture of the west from LA to Silicon Valley to the Pacific northwest. And up and down this coast that has an amazing. A streak of innovation and like you say. A freshness and unvarnished -- and ability to speak truth to tradition if I can coop the phrase to -- the blue suits. From the big companies would be heavy iron companies back in the day and there's another way and a better way oh and by the way of course it's gonna be a success that's that's a true jobs right. The job straight right all right. All right so low we talked to -- alluded to that. Interview with Steve and bill side by side at all things. There's -- a lot of -- Not Oman have capped by kind of thing in other blogs in the press -- the -- that we wanted to. The first -- I -- interest in asking is what you think each has contributed to the computer and technology industry starting -- you Steve for bill. Vice -- Com. We know bill built the first software company. In the industry. And I think He built the first software company before anybody. Really in our industry knew what a software company was except for these -- And that was huge. I was really edge and the business model they ended up pursuing turned out to be the one that worked really well you know for the industry. So I think that the the the biggest thing was bill was really focused on software before almost anybody else. Had a clue that -- it was really the software. That's that's what I -- not lot of other things you could say but that's the high order bit and I think building companies really hard. And and it requires. It requires -- Greatest persuasive abilities to hire the best people you can't keep them keep them keep me your company and keep working you know. Doing the best work of their lives hopefully. And bill's been able to stay -- it for all these years. So. They'll -- that the country and Steven Apple. Well first -- -- -- I am not fake Steve Jobs. But what Steve's done is quite. Phenomenal. In -- -- it back to 1977. That Apple two computer the idea that it would be a mass market machine. -- the bat that was made there by Apple uniquely there were other people -- product but that idea that this could be an incredible empowering phenomenon. Apple pursued that dream. -- and then. One of the most fun things we did -- Mac was the Macintosh that was so risky and people may not remember that Apple really bet the company. Lisa hadn't done that well -- And some people are saying okay that -- approach wasn't good but the team that Steve built even within the company. Today person got. Even some days it felt a little ahead of its kind. -- and remember that when He gets dropped. 28 K cap. And I think He did. Steve gave a speech once which is one of my favorites -- talk about in a certain sense we build the products that we want news ourselves. And in -- -- he's really pursued that with incredible taste and elegance that this had huge impact on the industry. And his ability to it. Always. Come around and figure out where that next bet should be. It's been phenomenal in Apple literally was failing. When Steve went back and re infuse. Innovation and risk taking that it been -- -- of the industry's benefited immensely. From its its work we've both been lucky to be part of it but. You know I'd say he's contributed as much anymore. We've also we also both been incredibly lucky. To -- had. Great partners. That we start of the companies with and we've attracted great people. I mean so it everything that's been done at Microsoft and Apple's been done by just remarkable people. None of which -- sitting appeared you know today you're sort of I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- -- we are. -- All right welcome back to our continuing coverage of Steve Jobs in the aftermath of his passing we're here in the studio with -- -- author of the Steve Jobs way. Also will be taking your calls you guys can call this phone lines are open just keep on upon us at 188890263. That's 188902638. We saw. The interview between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and now we have Bill Gates. His statement. In in reaction -- Steve Jobs passing on from his gates notes blog you wrote I'm truly sad to learn of Steve Jobs death. -- -- extent are sincere condolences to -- friends and everyone Steve has -- his work. -- I first met nearly thirty years ago and have been colleagues competitors and friends over the course of more than half of our lives. The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with them it's been an insanely great honor I -- -- Steve immensely. I like that statement I like the fact is idea -- or -- before how it. Inner tube -- -- the only two. Leaders in this industry we all love so much who didn't come to it the standard way by amassing three or four serial degrees. And getting all their ducks in a row. And following the path and simply X accusing a little better than the next guy these were very specially in jobs case very on unlikely stories. -- these are guys that didn't necessarily fit into the standard path but I guess that's probably the reason why they had the success they -- that mr. jobs. Yeah I think they were right outside the -- in the path was going down the wrong road and I think you know and a reason I left IBM is that -- was going down the wrong road and I think that. That's the reality of corporate America at the time they -- group of willing to make changes in its income due to be a part of the west I'm not exactly sure why I mean. I'd I think dimes one of those also by the way -- I went to college but I. Came from a pioneer California family I was raised on a thousand acre ranch milking cows I didn't. I don't have the pedigree of going to harder in place like that so you. I had this sort is similar view of life. The Steve that is probably -- -- -- -- together. Yes and independents than that the that is different emblematic of Villa Silicon Valley as what -- much of the tech industry around the world but it's something about Silicon Valley to radiates out from there -- gives us figures like jobs and -- at a very few others. That are in his class as -- this and this is the tough question is. -- jobs passing. This is being asked when He left the CEO position a few weeks ago. Is Apple in any real risk of of maturing out not flaming -- -- maturing network becomes one of those companies it needs to. Protects some legacy. It's in the Microsoft affect people always ask at a Microsoft lose its mode -- -- it had to move on to being. Something else than being in the -- -- business that's kind of a young company DNA Apple's kept a young DNA longer than it has a right to be honest any company has a right to Richardson. Is there a risk now that Apple becomes. It's a really solid company with -- iPhone four -- I think I think there's a risk I believe that -- when you work for -- -- have -- experience with them. In the back your mind your sorrow is in a winner would Steve would do in this case are -- really want to be Steve city. When I left Apple myself I had my back to the mine was a wanna create my own Apple so I wanted to. I believe that legacy is still there within his his team -- leaders but. That's always the inertia did you have to fight their have to fight to be -- up as easy to happen as such it happened -- Microsoft and other companies but I believe because as Steve and his impact on at a personal level -- these people. Believe that they are that we'll keep going but I did I -- the Disney legacy the same thing Walt Disney. Lifted him He started off for the small clip film clip about six minutes long and built this dynasty but when He died. We don't do without material issue did eventually did you go through some of those period. It -- that the leadership became diverted to fuse right and you end up with a lot of -- think it's just -- the way things going on and wonder how is cooked and handled as the new CEO with his -- its exact same management structure that Steve -- yes but -- Yahoo! has the strength of will -- the -- division to get in there and tell everybody. No. Gonna go this way I have good reason that much is being obstinate but -- this is my vision we're going my way back. I don't think most of us have the ability to take the most valuable company in the world and say no. Let's take it my way I appreciate your input but follow me on this crime that. A that's a tough one to sleep -- I think I think we'll CMA and I think Tim Cook has certainly got it. That infused by Steve uses partner and I think that -- for many years these guys were hand in hand in hand so hopefully that will continue on -- and but Tim has to be himself obviously I was -- and unhappy with the last press conference I thought the whistle but. Not a big Winans but I know the fact obviously needs He was gonna die the next day I think I understand it. -- that talked about gonna show price. -- when you look back and in retrospect -- they had to have known what was happening behind the scenes and that might have contributed to the overall tone of it just. Not we're not expecting Steve to be on stage but everyone walked away from -- I really missed the disaster that Steve would have added to that and then that had to be heavy on their minds. Those who were there on stage cook and Schiller in the rest obviously were. Certainly have -- art they've probably considered advise jobs and past couple of days card which none of us knew at the time watching and what it casts the -- fluorescent iPhone for a -- in a different light now and I was wondering this -- those driving in. It is Apple such a media companies such a good company a document in its own message -- its own history communications I hope that they've been doing in the last few months. Some private interviews with Steve for posterity. You could call an oral history in the past and -- -- -- video history sitting down with him getting him on camera as clearly -- And his organization knew that a very special light was coming to -- -- and -- hope that they've done some in depth discussions with him the can be used for the future. Yes -- media productions or for students or for students of what jobs did or what have you. Because so much has just gone away. In terms of just access to what do you think about this what do you think about this Steve what would you do here. That's -- right exactly inside and outside of Apple. We're continuing our -- live coverage your special coverage. On cnet.com. And of course cnet.com slash live if you are wondering where you are how to get to our stream where you're hearing -- not sure what this link is we are -- -- -- live coverage here. Two remember reflect. And -- take your input on the passing of Steve Jobs of course the age of 56 yesterday after several years of health battles. Not a shock but a huge impact. Allies say is the best way what that we can described his death so we were hearing about it now let's move on now to perhaps the guy who new jobs. Best and if not best earliest in his technology career interview now that was done with Steve Wozniak in the aftermath of this let's take a look. So how are you -- that's remember your friend Steve Jobs. Com I'm gonna go back to you know the little. How young and naive we were in thinking out our original ideas and we would look back now and -- -- -- card. That sort of person that's worth thinking could actually lead to what it led to. I'm gonna remember him as always been very quick mind and almost all the time that we had discussions about. What how something should be done in a company He was almost always right if you -- -- out -- thought out why a product to go to the left instead -- to the right. So. You just really his intelligence. Common sense. Knowing what made sense in a product what wasn't gonna sell and what was gonna sell. And when you should implement a new technology and and be ahead of the world than when you may be should be a little bit of a fall were when you don't -- that. You -- -- just entered where almost all boils down to the when He comes across to -- its common sense nobody else had the common sense though so was a lot more. And -- best friends for all the years leading up to Apple may be five or seven years after we met. We would just go driving -- far -- places to explore you know. Music catalogs of Bob Dylan and people that had fairly rare photographs of them -- -- go to concerts together and we talk about. You know where the world was -- them philosophies in the counterculture movement in sort of this idea of young people in revolution and then. We just do everything together that the Princeton go to movies and concerts and driving them up to college in Portland Oregon -- remember that. -- -- his legacy is pretty solid. Just -- mostly. Being able to run the business Apple taken so far and -- -- great products and I think creating the great products is what people remember the most. And I think that's what brings them something in their hearts and makes people happy how many things you -- in the world that I just have to have this I have to use it. And how media actually on love I just depend on this I actually enjoy doing my work on this product and that's -- Apple brought to so many people and that's why there's so many strong fans. And they associate Steve was hit because He was such -- manager of the little details matter. And little details tiny little nuances. In between one product and another makes a huge difference when we grew up it was like Sony. Compared to may be ten other companies that made electronic products. Sony's were always just a little bit finer and you could notice that you could put -- in words its source that you feel -- that's how Apple products turnout. Steve Jobs cars and ultimately get Steve Jobs -- Apple. Has a man. He was a very different than me He was always respectful. Never once did anything in -- to me like this -- did to other people. Aren't we out when Apple started up to -- started we -- similar and when it started here's his correction was to go into running a corporation. Learning how to run every little aspect of being controlled be in charge in the main thinker and a company. And -- -- to do excellent engineering -- you know my face of the -- so. From that point in time we -- like different people in different categories. I'm shocked I don't wanna run things I don't want the big highlight -- -- like to stay in the background. So. And Steve was always also. A little bit afraid of competition and trying to push -- hit and we had to get there before somebody else does and we have to go in the new technology direction and we have to believe that our way is right even though -- stick with the old way. The Macintosh experience -- -- the law. Because we took the good approach to computers having mouse is and menus. Where's all the old the PCs running on Microsoft software we're gonna stick with the old way. Just why did the world -- the new way why didn't Microsoft build a new better way and it was probably just too expensive you know confirmed what they could do with the time. -- but I but from then on from then on He always wanted to somehow find the way to do the different thing. Better and make it successful not and not sort of -- like the Macintosh in terms of market share. You. Won't. Even last time you think that -- -- that. I would put him. More of of those is in the Walt -- category. Edison was a real in the lab designer who actually did work -- And then became pretty much just a person who ran a successful company project after project so that's not totally unfair comparison but Steve what's it like -- laboratory -- Part of the problem was He was -- is best friend. And I could just design anything -- build it up and write all the code and so He never did that real. Right down to the deaths of some of the technology of the the actual design hardware software but managing it you know understanding. Knowing who's got the true sports and who doesn't about what is possible which technologies are good and be applied to a new product. And he's also the sort of person who would see -- technology and think this is what can give. A real person in the world user social psychology once -- related so well to the users the -- -- products. So marketing I would say was his greatest strength. -- Reflect early days Rath. E-commerce. Site -- -- -- Actually I'm offer -- last couple years when He was calling He always kind of war. Brought up those days it's been so important and fun. And I -- want to talk about the but I never never took the time to get into it because he's gone so far his -- it's hard to go back. To those little simple days what we were just you know -- and -- and just think you know we might make a few bucks here and and we're just doing things moonlighting. -- so we didn't we didn't get into it deeply but He spoke about that almost every time. Any -- even -- when He was on stage with Bill Gates talked about those days with kind of a smile was disheartened to see it. Yes I think I think it was on his mind in the west days. An area. Well legacy is up -- young person who had basically nothing no money but had a brain. And development started a company -- -- company to bring the world new things that it never had before and to challenge the existing ways. It's issues. -- leader Apple. History won't one -- they've got going against them is it's is already built up like a -- icon. And so a new leader that doesn't kind of comes in a little bit might be in an un trusted category. How much of Apple's brand is due to. The products it makes it what price and its marketing and everything and how much of it is due to this mysterious image of Steve Jobs being in there. I don't think I don't think in the short term and all over all the reports are really that the short term nobody expects Apple to the decline. So in the long term I hope we always have way to remember the formula. And it's been really depend very strongly on the person at the top Tim Cook is a very good person. But in the future Apple got a wrong person to talk a company can fall down so fast and you -- lose the greatness that Apple house. So mom I just hope that the that is what Steve -- it is something that we all should live up to forever. But this is throwing a fit a lot of them both some work -- eggs and some of them work. -- if they were legal but. Get putting little little -- our high school hadn't -- signs come down when the seniors graduate with a signed flipping them off but. You know both of us would still laugh at those sort of things or -- trying to turn the get to the speaker brought into the building where the sprinkler valves were -- in the sprinklers on the parents during graduation that's -- Yeah lot of those those fun things I I left I left and humorous things and -- and being -- businessman didn't have as much room for humor and his wife I can go on playing pranks my whole life -- I wasn't running the company. And more go on all. I don't know right now it's pretty much pre written statements that are just clean them get the message across -- -- The and I don't so I don't know if the -- memorial to whatever Steve what -- planned out. I'll just keep my mind -- to the -- just like everyone. People didn't -- once you know. He was critical of people that didn't perform well well I guess everyone would know that. And I think that was a big part of Apple's success and He clamp down very much on. Bomb. On leaks and -- in privacy in -- -- in the company you don't leak information out and I think that was really important to developing great products. They come from great products often come from very different ways of thinking that's the whole world was around -- -- -- you don't have a chance -- it even tested. -- And. All right welcome back everybody to -- live coverage of the ongoing you know aftermath of Steve Jobs passing we're here in the studio. Frankly is set to offer -- over joined by mr. Charlie Cooper executive editor science and technology of CBS news.com Charlie things are coming in today -- pleasure. And that Charlie is here also joining us in the city is still mr. The author of the Steve Jobs way. -- -- Steve Jobs as far back as 1980 met him. -- -- in a Los status it was at a bar He said now as the rest for -- front reading the newspaper. As Steve Jobs approached them. As He is -- newspapers say Cella. At Apple with Steve you really like to talk about not only some of the the friendship that amnesty but also his careful attention. To. How you talked about the story about the Mac with the fan where where other -- and other places did you see is that his detail. But Steve and even be down to the table of -- -- cable that the power be -- loved on the Mac that little thing and so did. It's in the -- the way it connects -- down to even that He would hold tables we just feel -- -- -- how they felt -- mean and think about the iPod when it came out with the cable devoid. -- -- down the front you everybody in the world was cool men had -- -- and you wouldn't be dead and Symbian blacks we had. In this incredible view of the detail even down to the when we first introduce a Mac we wanted to have -- owners may want to be able to them. The product was so simple to use. The Mac couldn't do that because -- just had too much so we're sitting in a meeting in the -- people said well you know. We gotta write a marketing veteran and understand them to okay and it's it has to be redundant twelve grade low and find a planet wealth greater than that -- -- to the high school. I've got little content together we've hired to -- greater right to you than owners -- -- mean. That's the kind of detail. That makes more sense when you think about England fine and industrial writer I mean that's a whole different -- -- That sense of aesthetic. That's something that until jobs and Apple came -- missing you didn't have that -- even after. Jobs and Apple how many other companies how many other technology companies really wrong what what aesthetics can do for that. Over used term user experience. I remember the first time that I got my. My first Macintosh He came out of the box but the box itself. The cardboard everything was just so it wasn't all right let me take a pickax and trying to figure out how to get in there. But this was elegant it was -- it -- it was a delight and that's something that. I think jobs. You could you could feel his imprint on the -- design. Right that's that's part of the love affair with the products and meet people only get the product are just so involved in the -- -- there isn't so involved. We even talked one time about it when you open the lid of the box to real -- and -- says hello I'm on my iPod. Welcome to my world -- -- we even talked about going that level of that kind of of a technology to introduce a product itself well it was. That -- iconic PC magazine cover with the Macintosh. Andy PCP early Mac in the early PCI BM PC and on the Mac they scribble the words hello on the PC it was dropped it. -- didn't think that that. -- -- What why do you think that outside of Apple technology industry has been relatively late to have to really. Embrace -- next to the degree that that Apple cats. If I think they're very -- they're caught up in technology -- caught up in the fact that they're building chips are building great technology within the product and missing the reality that. There's a person out there that wants to use this product. They're caught up and at a faster chip but bigger more storage analyst but -- missing the reality that. I gotta use it and in and and I want. I wanna fall Loveland and I think that if you look at Apple products that's exactly what happened and and again that's Steve to Steve Sullivan and -- In -- He products you re used or liked it became part of him and that's what that's what it's all about. That's a great observation that there was rest in peace a terrific computer scientists at MIT Michael -- teases me and her two uses wrote a book. Talking about this relationship is -- relationship between computers and people where. Still despite advances we are essentially the sleeves of the computer and he's talking about -- day when. The computer would actually be really user friendly. And that's another part of of Johnson's genius in implementing that vision it's not a 100% there but it's. Long way. There. English they -- that a far better job than anybody else in business. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to be used both for expressing things in communicating and also do things and that sort of comes out of his mentality of the -- refusing it also part of the way things look and -- and such it's a whole thing it's a whole. Like -- holistic product it's a whole product and he's delivering to you from arteries every aspect of your relationship -- that's that's really in the magic to grapple. Yet. Looking at his hand and we've seen how Apple has really. When of their strengths is the UI in the interface and moving from. A keyboard and a mouse and -- to touch and then but this most recent event we finally saw them unveil how they were -- to implement. Voice recognition but more than just voice recognition was command the ability to have some sort of natural language and speech -- -- could talk to our our devices. Did did you ever see him talking about -- He wanted to take computers to this next level -- new interfaces. -- -- was -- -- an inefficient think about the keyboard is really that's your interface -- -- product and it's really clunky -- He was always wanting to find that next interface and ultimately. And it's voices -- -- interface or right movement whatever it's gonna be the universities to make things happen and I think that that was always sorted down the road dream of about or gonna go with a list of I think that's all of that result always part of -- -- interest and to make the products -- to go away and you just. Getting information out -- getting information in the whatever you do and that really is all those all part of you back in 1980s. He'd be projected by 1986 we have the first. Mac notebook we never got there but that was when He projected. We start looking at the screens analysts of the suffered during those times them. -- the Mac notebook. One of those things also -- Apple is -- knack for. -- -- things at the right time when the technology is available but also available at a price. At the consumer can afford and then build this in this into this entire package right. Not always mean they actually when you talk about the first PDA dating myself here not. -- You know the Newton yet on which the idea made sense but it was ahead of its time in the implementation. Using the technology available back then. Was in elegant a bit clunky and ultimately failed. -- one of the one of the AS and -- -- justice. -- for jobs. That was going I was belly right judgment after after job's part want to -- or other stars -- arise. From them and so. With was -- rain and Apple in. You know -- him and Steve Jobs they did have initially tight relationship -- a simpatico. But that. That developed over time in and began to break down. Is did you were you close enough to that situation -- -- developed and. I was part I was in middle of it was I I was the catalyst to try to solve it and didn't work amused at worst the worst I've finally pulling together when. When afternoon -- got to resolve this I can have the president and chairman the board. Openly -- -- each other public human error that point -- -- been talking anymore Steve was very upset that John did not. Get the Mac going -- that he'd spent too much time getting Apple to. And there's a whole issue about the dealers remember the Mac. Totally contrary to the dealerships I mean. Dealers made money by selling new peripherals and train the Mac -- have that so was totally contrary to -- computers were sold and so is out of it just was wrong wholesale system was wrong secondly. It focuses towards the enterprise market to get it's wrong it's it's is a consumer product and so and it's all of these issues started to bubble up and it just became. In the early days I think Steve viewed John is his guy He -- control. Literally on -- CO and He was forced by the board to do it. Is I told Steven -- that you -- -- got the message when He tried to -- the 1984. -- in the board disapproved. Mean that there is -- there's something going wrong there that they disapproved -- running at that can and that was a mark of -- that it was just. I'll believe you don't what I -- -- -- yes the most recognizable and iconic cat -- they talk about the ads of all time -- commercial stands out as number one that is the one now. -- the board opposed the -- and it was jobs and Wozniak there really pushing -- to get that out is that correct. They agreed they would put up their own money to do it. And actually. Eventually they couldn't sell spot and so that is -- and so. Floyd climbing ever -- Floyd Floyd was there -- to guide is a law office has decided to run nobody else. There -- ignorance of -- -- -- got to spot we're gonna lose some money flows rather than turn out to be the most incredible. -- ever run and and that was the first time by the way. The computer stores -- lines of people around. Now -- on the alien thing about this and what other products or stores have lines of people around -- stores yes my my children engaged they did it. But not computer stores so that's that was a first time. A red so what we're gonna do is we continue to take your calls here. At 1888900. CNET rating keep on keeping those phone lines open for you and we're gonna -- few calls this one comes to us from England. Across the pond Adam your witness Adam also when you heard about the news in your thoughts about it. Aren't doing any good after that you don't just read your reader can -- and -- I He wouldn't structured and you didn't -- -- ninety -- Or trying to put it that actually ecstatic -- Or change it -- are like -- like -- and what -- mean you don't expect to pay -- to -- -- someone you are. Alternate peninsula but look at what point you're able to a different kind of character and it alternate in the -- like that. I'm -- but not such a can instantly and we are old lore oaks. And that. It won't get as well being will not support the old media have been somewhat surprised -- that she entry action -- I mean. It's been hoping -- can't. It'll all be BC morning and the other places so I think you show you how big an impact illegal well since. -- -- -- -- -- You have an Adam what was what was his biggest impact on you yourself. -- -- what you get a little cute. It -- -- neat site to Begin opening Nokia regardless what you think the problem there is something. You'll be able according to what -- they're going to know some things I just need excellent tech ice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like that's all each each or actual -- evil is. A neat thing there is conducting a -- track in. It but it looks like about it -- water company to get a -- media ancient. For what it actually is -- I -- outreach to get out more about school. -- -- Adam take you so much for calling in everyone still listing we will continue to take your calls. To play -- -- some -- about just whenever you've -- for so long -- you have plenty of anecdotes and stories but it just. Before I get into that -- just want to pick up on something Adams said the outpouring of emotion for somebody who most people obviously only new jobs as the icon pop culture figure if you will. Somebody who they see on on on TV. Put together -- and gallery earlier the date reactions of people across the world. And this outpouring of emotion no Adam in the UK remember when -- -- died the same thing but these are a few and far between. I can't -- call specially for a business tycoon. This level. And He touched a chord in so many people. Personal -- I got -- very early. Today in order to catch my my bus and because of the -- -- -- there was nobody on the bus except for the driver and an elderly men. And this man was wearing. An -- He was listening to music and we got to talking. And you know He said it's it's interesting that this one person affected so many people and it's true. Absolutely I think -- who just aren't the love affair with the products who do you love the products -- -- loved -- and uses is almost romantic affair that -- just got -- so involved -- that's why. I think -- they think they know is it because of the just the products are used in the -- -- -- -- -- and they love him and is just. To me you've never seen that before and any other business or more of. Went when Henry Ford pastor at curious to go back in the -- I see whether or not. -- -- with -- as well I don't -- you know it's interesting what Thomas Edison and everybody's now. Making the analogy between Steve Jobs Thomas -- a good one because he's had that. Type of impact on the society for on the world. Or Walt Disney and other what I -- closer to -- more Walt Disney's I don't know the point that what happened when He died but I know that that He was so very similar -- person is the but. Again his products -- different reduces. And you know it was a different connection. Yeah okay we're gonna go to one more call here right now before we jump to another video we have Michael who's been waiting on the line patiently. Patiently at Baton Rouge, Louisiana Louisiana Michael are you doing. They have done under great thank you -- -- -- No no problems so can you tell us. How you feel and in your reactions to everything. Sort -- obviously you know -- -- just saddened for. -- certain -- -- on you know my thoughts are with this family obviously you know He had -- like in a few kids -- district amateurs are Gunter talked -- But -- the Q points just real quick that -- wanted to get to look obviously you know He was. A great man and He -- just several industries from the computer industry to music -- the phone on its. And personally in although no code or programming or anything like that. But for me its products -- -- -- -- for me to get excited about technology you know someone -- doesn't come from that background. Would find myself just just captivated auction dusty -- presentation that I would target on modern look. It had kept myself just -- -- -- -- Just -- in just a passion that He had about about its products she noticed it seems like He had a way of knowing what He wanted. Before you even knew He wanted it you know. In I remember. You know computer was just -- computer and sought out my first black MacBook. Any it was like it was a piece of art and -- that showed off to all my friends and you can just you know. Give everybody else don't understand how great launch and that's not just -- would fall in love. With these products because they're so simple in -- He duties you know -- three year old daughter. -- he's not -- in my 88 year old grandma hawking used -- has might delay that fake iPod dead and where. It is you know it just works and that's not just -- sang it it really -- you know. Michael have you ever head. A similar feeling towards any other piece of technology -- households. -- -- -- It really it it's just something different about. And not just change or just change. And I mean I'm not like crazy Apple fan boy article -- coming -- I'm not a lot of that product that's not aren't we cannot as a MacBook. On this is also about it where the -- it feels like. -- they knew what she wanted. -- that's how they built the product. Just three you know I use bots on every single day using a term called the lights are on its facetime calls with my kids -- on that -- So that I can see them when they get home from school He can see how they're Daiwa's. I mean -- -- videos and pictures that much except that birthday parties or learned how to ride their -- it's on -- you know. I'm not just ordered -- I just ordered a tricycle from a little girl yesterday on -- -- You know I mean just everything and it seems like we do what we're using these these this. And specifically not found just just so many different areas -- -- -- cannot read books are read my Bible on it on. Just it's every little -- not check the weather in the morning to know what -- to shut out from my kids -- -- -- just it just makes it. So personal actions. It it's -- you know its products can personally you know it's such a lot. Now no thank you so much for that Michael -- -- piece of that. It's funny when settle on not a fan boy but then He listed do the other bad -- the myriad products. But that's that's that that's the big win for Apple because he's not a fan boy and yet he's so passionate about Apple's technologies and products. And you know I mean Apple could if. Recorded and cut any part of what He said in use in their marketing materials it's anarchists. Exclamation point over. How successful -- -- vision has been. Religiously fanatic about his price -- delivered to be ever talked about that or was just -- organically happened. -- just organically -- his whole thing was yeah -- build it took Thompson's it was so it just organic. Relationship and He aegis use so. -- -- Focused on this product ability to work but it wasn't really didn't -- -- The that was to have this wild effect on people but He thought He knew it would have an effect on him to -- back to that he's sharing was viewed his product -- -- He loves it. You if you -- and think that's that's a big part of it's also -- just from last pointed -- -- I travel out to New York due to -- student in the financial world raisin capital from a company. Three years ago I go -- the more meetings always Wall Street people they'll have blackberries but you walked -- to -- value walked in there. Their ipads and iphones and their Blackberry to they have now. The with the iPad usually -- -- into that world and it's really interest in what -- -- how people react to that. -- that is interest in him back in the day Apple's first entry into corporate America was through the back door with. Desktop publishing and that worked but you know it would work. At some -- ninety wouldn't sort of surreptitiously bought this stuff and then at -- executive -- walk by when they go. Doing the public's -- and let's -- Fast forward a decade plus now it's no longer in the back door so full frontal assault with -- and you've got you know -- the iPad -- iPad -- it's just you know. Winning you know converts left right and center and what's the difference between Steve Jobs as a manager. Part one -- is part -- what was how did He grow because He wasn't as great a miniature back in the day. As a -- turned out to be when He returned as a result of the acquisition of next. I think part of it was his failures and -- it to failure of what happened and Apple got thrown out and the failure really of next me next failed basically -- I think He learned from that I think you'll learn from the positive experience and head of Pixar. And and -- then eventually would Disney when He came back that He was ready now. -- understood what aborted record really should be the understood and strategic value of them and He understood. He always has good routines or add to that the operational level as -- that you don't -- -- -- learned He had to be in charge. It wasn't that He was gonna work for somebody that He had to be focused on his vision in his vision only in a studded affair and will provide. He's not to presidents at the CEO and the -- -- different direction. I think that's really what changed in the maturity of Steve learning from ascetic and that you did a good job. -- -- talked about consistency of vision having strong vision contrast that with IBM -- -- let's remember that before Steve returned to Apple second time. The company was on the precipice yes you know people was saying okay to subpoena from 33 minutes before we see in this -- -- it into oblivion. Well back in the 1980s. IBM which had nothing in PC it's sort. But they crashed when the clone makers came after them. And IBM was unable to figure out an effective apply what they did is they came up with. Remember the PS2 the whole micro channel architecture I've tried it was a -- it was a disaster. And the CEO at the time was ultimately pushed aside IBM to bring in Lou Gerstner He had a different vision. But. In two companies two very different experiences -- Buzzing about when I -- is that IBM IBM was in -- 135%. -- chairman -- one company in the world and but to them today person what happened and I told that also -- resent left IBM's because. I felt an opportunity go into the consumer market. -- -- -- treated when He wasn't consumer market but they didn't do that the battery thought about PCs at the time and and they didn't do it so that lost citizens Begin their vision didn't extend foreign. We talk about and some these large companies and corporations going in the consumer markets -- deciding not to be recently site HP. Pretty much say do we give up we're pulling out of the consumer market. Apple -- continued to really just steal this market share from all these large companies and without any other visions. Or you'll ideas to bring the table -- they're just saying we're gonna we're gonna get out of this game right now. Right I mean I'm started just hard to comment and HP disease keep -- themselves but let's exit unbelievable I mean but. -- Apple set a standard that they can meet mean into the money paid for parliament thrown away I mean is ridiculous random. And I think and an HP employs very smart people very talented engineers. But it comes from the top exactly and they're very committed people PH people like to working people like -- HP Billiton BHP people but. It comes from the top and -- -- leadership it again to me it comes from the board of directors besides from the top and whether they doing and is unbelievable. -- Geisel we've been talking about how reaction is spread throughout. Not only the US -- internationally but we wanted to take a moment to show you similar reactions that are happening. From New York so we have a video clip -- -- -- -- -- show you of how people are feeling just the aftermath of hearing the news of Steve Jobs passing. Yeah I mean the instinct thing about it is that the company -- work -- actually. Started on an Apple business they were direct marketing channel in the eighties for. Apple and it was really that seed money they created this sort of thirty year old digital agency. Slash -- consultant that I work for right now so. Yeah it's pretty -- -- -- it to work for coming this started off of Apple and almost you know kind of interesting to see how things unfolded and thirty years later here we are so I'm now that I'm a designer. -- work on mobile stuff so I mean all mine. You know my whole livelihood is you know how iPhone OS and all that it's pretty much 90% of my -- there -- I mean really I think using design as sort of a driver to make. You know people. Want products you know and -- to create this ecosystem where everything is working together I think. You know that sort of forethought and that and design of every component. Working together I think really comment made it you know that that's really what I think the catalyst was in terms of turning people want. Really thoughtful products that kind of work together. Really I don't think that anyone you know is gonna compare I don't think anyone has quite that vision in terms. You know making things that. Seem very futuristic or future focused into tangible real everyday products because that would in music Apple -- changed the music industry completely. People buying music and producing -- as -- -- it. Specifically for me quite significantly. I found to have this afternoon when He died. I was really sorry about it because it thinking is a very gifted and very talented. And I tell my -- that it listened to him I would have my phone and I'm not -- good use of the iPhone. I think he's going to be a legacy -- although the well I read in my hand and activate -- and -- I did it. I'm I'm not -- -- technology cell island how to use the iPhone and it was so easy that I haven't. And once I have and I don't change -- I -- settlement. He's the best and -- -- Or is make different products and body sizes of what it is certainly -- The studies -- Clients. -- -- that actually likes it. I think kids really seen on. Often -- on -- views. In a fan of Apple as everyone around about has been. Bought -- to. Foveon on. -- -- on boats. Short ones ups out to -- and blow people leave flowers. -- Without Steve I mean that BB. Nothing like the -- -- see behind you. Rusty could be nothing with that nanotechnology you know iMac and on -- to change the phone in 2007. So amazing amazing and this deafness. Is that these Chinese technology industry -- Well actually found out from a Twitter feed on iphones and I believe god it's it's very sad he's been sick for awhile and it's really unfortunate. I do believe the scenes technology for the better drastically. And the way we even use our phones and act. Our computers and everything -- really changed everything and hopefully. Friends -- -- live without and we'll -- his successors. Just as creative -- him. But -- it's really unfortunate and hopefully on. Apple does -- sound. People see the consistency and the quality of the brands and there there Johns who when they they go. There for music because they're -- Derek computers together forum that phones now so it's this is just got it it's kind of become a pioneer for this technology about I really do. Appreciate album brand and let Steve Jobs has -- is really it's really. -- -- So one -- my cousin horse for Apple Australia and He texted me until it died in the magic line that -- joke. And I checked now -- it's -- they can I couldn't -- -- you know what happened. It ones that know -- and I am I forests deeply million NB duplicate Pristina like fifty -- story complaining. But now you get like afforded -- touch and -- well it's only you know it's I succeed where -- NASA. I like ice I see you know -- he'd stepped it up young Mac books are pretty expensive but you'll survive because what they are -- -- compared PCs it was a price. But they still sell like hotcakes. -- Welcome back to cnet's coverage of remembering Steve Jobs -- Steve Jobs passed with age of 56. Yesterday and -- we have some live shots coming out you from -- Cisco these are shots from the outside of the Apple Store last night. We talked about all the post it notes. -- put up their spontaneously people -- Paper pens flowers and candles I actually stopped by the store last night just to get a sense of you know people want -- lot of people. Were walking -- You know spontaneously happen to be in for an Apple Store and you could hear them say oh my god like. What happened they realized they put it together on these are all the posts notes left over from last night. There aren't as many candles there but someone had put out probably around forty or fifty just -- light candles. Litter the floor with down mum but every one you see even see the apples there ray next -- candles on -- -- Pay homage to Steve Jobs in we will see plenty more this outpouring it's a little earlier in the morning here 8 AM right now -- local time. 11 AM local time -- -- Cisco so. Will be sure to see you have more footage of this outside of one of the thing about the retail stores -- the I'm not sure you guys knew about this but they turned off all the lights. The glowing Apple logo outside of the stores yesterday I don't know if they'll continue that -- -- several my friends and -- -- will be turning off the lights to a pair -- Steve Jobs sells. And it we know how bright those lights glow at all hours of the -- just as a sign of -- Apple's here so you can -- -- different languages. When I walked by it was everything from Spanish Portuguese Chinese. People from around the country who had heard the news descended. On these stores last night and day in and we talked to some of them in it's just wanted to be a part just in respect him in that they had no idea. Him there was a real -- from I walked over there after work last night and at the -- was Genesis around McLarty 10 PM you and people would take pictures people were. Lighting candles. Just stopped to enhance walked down -- I like -- like we talked about earlier the pain on assume like Iraq star. Michael Jackson -- NE CD's -- reactions for those having -- not a businessman. He was a rock star immunity in in in our culture where technology. Tycoons are honored He was a cut above I mean this goes beyond purely just a computer Kiki really in a talking with. The people that that called in before that He really touched them in the way that their lives now revolve around these. These extensions of themselves whether these phones -- smart ads or computers or software. And think about beyond just the tech geek -- the cultural impact of what we've seen -- the TV commercials from other companies have emulated. Apple style they look like -- -- -- -- ID that you see like oh that feels like an Apple idea. You remember. The young person might be able to handle it that's where remote we're harnessing -- -- -- -- Even a few years back there was a company called -- Remember -- yes -- entitled to keep talking as well Canada and they had a series of ads which I thoroughly enjoyed but I knew that they were just in. Impenetrable to it to normal human beings we would have to real -- guys talking in. And it -- conflict thirty seconds. -- -- To commit fly into it. That you would never see that from Apple you never will see that from Apple. It's about the products and that's a big difference is -- about. The style of the company here trying to goodwill of the government's about the products out -- work from what they do for it. Otherwise -- mention it travelman Steve wonder if you CEOs in the world and you approach for our progress everywhere. A Caribbean in the lobby of a hotel in Japan in these little thirteen year olds girls from up and won his autograph as I said. Most CEOs guitar autographed from a subpoena but not not a not in somebody's autograph -- -- to be fair gates gates it is in that same level where people will. I asked for his -- but that's that's very unusual and -- In his the people we do is you finding out here just a worldwide phenomenon it isn't just California. Or -- the United States it's one of those unusual things that goes around the world and it's amazing in my book tours it's amazing what people. Just they just love it when times even I talked -- running for political office Internet and agenda an -- -- We were decided He would beat him a senator but we decide not to do that put them. Imagine if He was well today that He would be He be a landslide to be elected or whatever and -- really. You know it's in -- Unfortunately illness took him far too too early but it it's not a crazy idea when you think about what one of the things that I think jobs represents. Two Americans. Time when America worked and I don't mean -- hacking people with employment but this. You know we look at the current state of affairs in the country -- -- -- debt downgrades and political. Deadlock in Washington. Well He represents. Innovation. Brilliance can do all of these you know American -- -- traits that we like to think or typically American. In other countries had a point in its history where. Well you know there there are some concerns about where we are and where we're heading and He. -- always will will Harken back to a time when things will brighten only. We're getting better. And I mentioned earlier you know we built a Mac factory in Fremont California on the first Macs and it was all built -- random. One of the reason -- that we want to keep to jobs here's a week. We do that but look to the job to to do -- Apple's creating in the economy mean. And that's that's unbelievable nets but after a lesson from and that's when the reasons and I wrote the book is that we gotta take a lesson from this and -- A new system being able to. We're not innovate we gotta you've become innovative again and that's a big issue we have today and that's what and that's again with the passing of Steve -- worry about is where's -- innovation and it come from. This is one of our next great thinkers overtime rate will will we see someone like that especially but there's I mean how -- we gonna see -- -- even. Comes close to -- all of these different fields and putting -- to one -- Well never -- never say never but if you look back. In history Thomas Edison lived a century ago and -- I'm sure that there will be another brilliant star in the firmament but. Don't know the Steve Jobs in our lifetimes. And it's gonna be now that's tough -- these types are few and far between. -- right now we're gonna continue to hit the phones but first before we go to your calls we're gonna talk to Jason Jenkins. He's editor over at CNET UK and that we wanted to -- your perspective Jason on. What's happening over there how is the reaction in the UK and to some -- your thoughts about Steve's passing. Hello Jason junior S. A get did you really -- -- I just sits at -- would you like me to repeat. Okay so -- wanted to -- you Jason Jenkins editor over at CNET. UK and we wanted to talk to you about how the reaction is over in the UK into some your thoughts about Steve Jobs passing. -- So. When did you hear about the news. First thing this morning. Could look up to it and -- was on the radio and I and I was kind of mixture of much like its gonna -- -- out better. And then went right to compete certainly chilled that we have -- intellectually -- well it would come -- probably think that -- had a mixed with. Chill could increase. Again deeply. In -- -- becoming let them. -- political official put it -- development. You know what -- your peers over at CNET UK you -- technology. He's been a -- -- huge part of that in some of us have been inspired to get into. Covering technology because of our excitement around the products when we were younger kids plane on an Apple -- Well what it what are your -- seen over there. -- Apple's pundits. Well but it could be eligible for content companies as well as -- -- it. It's stated that the reactions are not labeled content. It's currently in its additionally it stated that the public -- carrier and aerial with the with the look at what kind of it reflects -- -- And up for yourself what it sticks out in your mind with Steve Jobs legacy. Overwhelming. It's unusual for us because we it would we've been all about and he's got a lot of -- it -- they stick figure -- -- in the UK media. That -- audio optical and that watching in street and -- -- -- a great product but then of the event keynote under -- the -- because it Cleveland on the top of the EKOP critical as political deal. That I think and would that was that was a -- interest experience because them. -- Although it look like you had an operation in which utensils global discreetly. In some remote because it's such -- I've put -- do you have publicly in optical regulate it. Thick -- of course frail. -- -- not that -- political and immigrants on the unit. It is very well. And not -- -- in my head He was -- He was to on global -- -- Everything was going on knew about it there's a ticket to a relatively -- All of its launch. -- the -- the -- -- He was extremely -- figured -- Now how people over here in the US have descended on Apple stores. And have left flowers and notes are you seen the same thing over there in the UK. It will -- everywhere now this morning -- -- ethnic a couple of the seat because schools and in the political or at least street which -- -- -- it -- Under the Congo which because Apple's -- year to. There was much got ailment as a -- and some of going up but the agency will -- -- eating well -- Apple's been. -- And an -- -- country and -- -- it's a it was a -- to -- -- because the popular. That the Pope is difficult to tell how much. Anyway it -- people getting much -- people much economic. People -- I -- it is because this story broke most people. -- -- out -- it and maybe people who read about it on the wait until it reached its electoral. Material to work you want. A -- -- slightly. Yeah it's it's really fresh for you over there -- you and your in the UK and obviously Steve Jobs sent an international impact. DD do you do you people over their view Steve Jobs as. And -- for America with what He. You know is innovation and all of his products you know the brainchild which is coming from the US or how how do you guys -- Steve Jobs. Well I think and people -- it is in India is. It said that He had that the that the American as Apple it means -- each. I I think probably any that. Note -- -- is right in that. Breakthrough here. It again He is being on -- devices. And extremely impressive and. Are able thank you for your time Jason and I know you guys will be continue to cover the story of of their but that's Jason Jenkins. Editor at CNET UK we're gonna go to your phone calls -- continue mean that you guys can call us at one at 90888. CNET that's one less manic while flipping out 1888900. CN ETT sixty -- -- a feeling my brands over the place but we're gonna. And too big of a call from -- and Abu Dhabi Stephen are you doing today. -- They sort colonists can you tell us about your reactions and thoughts to the -- they heard when she heard a steep -- Com quote a source who shot from in the Middle East studying right now and -- look up and is and they're certainly not prepared for it given the fact that let out a short time ago but -- it. Actual impact the industry surrounding. Are our of our most students in in your in your school university. Are the -- using this or is it a multiplicity of computing devices. I would hit -- good eighty to 90%. Devices. But that ordered it friends -- -- MacBook. I thought I'd throw abound and -- He looked at customer relations people on campus and the only thing the iPad -- Very much an Apple based -- How far has as Apple products. Infiltrated the larger society -- Abu Dhabi. It. I would say in this city in particular not too heavily. Actually the -- The campus we're a bit of a special situation but Apple products are continuing to make it bigger impact in this city. -- -- -- -- There it is this year -- -- a little bit of higher demand. People are definitely aware Steve Jobs and eat it even though witnesses so far. -- Google agriculture arm. Who have never seen it yet and we're completely Arabic culture -- about balancing delicate -- audio and and it is something we discussed. The department -- -- -- for its heat output now -- newsletter. Well there there is also a a Middle -- link that tangential perhaps split his biological father was Syrian national. He gave them up for adoption shortly after. Steve's -- -- -- -- That's why you tune in to buzz that Tikka. Syrian border -- here in -- represented in the Bay Area. All right thank you so much for your call Steven really appreciated and it -- them news how's the media. Over their -- stories that it is a big news story of -- I haven't read anything on -- in particular the local news com. Of course go to after the fact a lot new here is haven't sent it to a story there are well -- at a local media. Opt out what to do it. Com. And just checking the national it is beyond being estrogen newspaper and think you have. On the news it is not -- commercial. The yeah I mean clearly though Steve Jobs impact -- -- everywhere in this world so thank -- -- that call -- -- we're gonna do next is gonna check out a video these are some clips of Steve Jobs from sixty minutes from our friends over at CBS so. Sit back in that -- -- listen to see Steve. Sixty minutes over decrypt -- -- -- Let's talk about Steve Jobs. -- What direction. I like working with people. That make products that will be used -- experienced by a lot of people. Where you have a chance to tip in a very small way influence. How things go influence the way people look at. At a product or maybe even the world in a small way and -- -- -- like I'm very lucky I get to do that in Apple's. That's what it looks like. You know I still believe that the computer business is in its infancy that there's a tremendous amount more tremendous amount of innovation that's gonna be coming out. I'm optimistic as to the future of the computer business. Sixty minutes -- retirement. My model of business is The Beatles -- although they were for very talented guys who who kept each other's kind of negative tendencies and check. They balanced each other and and and the sun was greater than that the total was greater than the sum of the parts. And that's how I see business you know great great things in business -- never done by one person. They're done by -- they're -- a team of people. And and we've got that here -- Pixar. And we've got that Apple as well as so that's that's what lets me do this. Well you know -- The Beatles when they were together they did truly brilliant innovative work. And when they split up they did good work but it was if it it was never the same. And IIC business that way too it's really always -- -- Just minutes overtime and. This all started with George Lucas. He had a problem. Now to describe this problem let me digress so that when you make a copy of an audio cassette tape let's -- an analog copy of an audio recording. You get noise artifacts hits right we've all experienced that. Well the same thing happens when you make a a a an analogue copier and optical copy of a piece of film. Few copy optically one piece of film to another you get hiss if you will and can in this case the noise artifacts from visual you can get -- dirty frame. Well. When George was making the original Star Wars He had to come online. Many many pieces of film together to make one frame some with the models some with a matte paintings some with the human characters some with the special effects. And by the time He got through combining all these pieces of film to make just one frame of his movie. It was dirty. And He being the genius that He was. Thought I wonder if I could if I combine them digitally if they could be totally clean because when you make a digital copy of an analog recording it's perfect. And it turns out if you make a digital copy of a piece of film that's perfect. Sharper clearer sharper clearer without the noise artifacts of George hired this -- -- and count them. Who was at the New York Institute of Technology come until the computer group for him to figure out how to solve this problem and they did. And George was the first one ever do this. And after this problem was solved. George decided that -- solve this problem and He He could He decided He would sell this computer group. And I ended up buying my met -- and and told me his dream was to to make the world's first computer animated film. And I bought into that dream both sort of spiritually and financially. And that together we started Pixar in 1986. We're gonna make some history together today. I was basically fired from Apple when I was thirty. And and was invited to come back twelve years later so. So that was that was difficult when it happened but maybe the best thing that ever happened to me. There wouldn't be -- Pixar that had happened. You know I still believe that the computer business is in its infancy that there's a tremendous amount -- tremendous amount of innovation that's gonna be coming out over the next five to ten years. You know. Someone long ago told me. Managed to top line. Which is your strategy. And -- people. And -- products. And the bottom line -- follow my my model for business as The Beatles. They were four guys who who kept each other's kind of negative tendencies and check. They balanced each other and and and the sun was greater than that the total was greater than sum -- -- parts. And that's how I see business -- -- great great things in business -- never done by first. They're done -- it -- -- by a team of people. -- -- Continuing live coverage on cnet.com -- the passing -- Steve Jobs aged 56. Yesterday. I'm Brian Cooley with Charlie Cooper our guest is. Andy was here in the early days when Apple was still very formative company. And of course can tie it together to today is very different very much more sophisticated. Technology company -- it was back then and also our most important guest star -- Calling it Tripoli 900 CNET Tripoli 902638. We have calls here before we go back to them -- -- take a look at live a live shot from Mara. Our -- backpack camp at the San Francisco Apple Store -- it is there. And -- you can see even in this -- drizzly pretty still fairly early morning hour we've got people out taking pictures of the store to get pictures the impromptu memorials of -- A forest of post it notes it cleans it up when -- it was reels from -- about 10 PM last night you can see some of the remaining memorial items -- -- candles flowers. It's obviously -- scene played out across the globe. At stores everywhere at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino in Asia in Japan in China in France in the Czech Republicans. Memorials this morning as well and close to unheard of for a CEO. Of anything. To have this kind of connection with. -- to use the phrase the people. Mixes them -- I mean we won't watch right now but it's true for and you cannot. I cannot remember that a similar instance where. Either an industrialist or even -- technologies to passed away He has triggered such a response has touched such a chord with so many people. It's almost like you to reach back to and you say industrials -- it does seem to you'll have to reach back to the days. Of the populist industrials and Andrew Carnegie almost you know who was loved for building libraries -- like that that had a populist. At least. Face for the public. -- anyone else who has this kind of connection with average people who pay money to buy his products is -- -- libraries troublesome for you to -- -- your hard earned money -- still the feeling is He did something forming. He gave me the opportunity to buy more -- to buy into. A new way of living -- I don't think -- is overstating it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It we have -- is in New Jersey and it does there waiting patiently and I wanna get his thoughts on this and of course or asking everybody -- we get channel line is. How did you hear about it and what was your reaction. -- -- still with us there in Jersey. -- mute on after we kept on hold for a 37 minutes we'll get back Zidane -- mail -- resistant pretty priority across the -- of saying how great it finally picked up and I'm gonna go to -- it's let's go over here to -- Shiraz is in Chicago Shiraz welcome -- cnet's ongoing. Live coverage of the passing of Steve Jobs. How did you hear about Steve Jobs passing Shiraz. -- -- -- -- -- This should try to insert to get on these and she'd. Gesture exploration but -- -- -- -- Apple knows just what it. And seriously that work she hit me like right now all you -- there. It was the worst and don't like -- -- -- the couple months. And I understand -- not you know an Apple fan boy or even a user of Apple products wall to wall. Not a decrease in alike site to Apple products obviously -- that like our development and everything but lights. Just like you know what -- knowing more about. Older it was just it's such products all around and it's I don't know every eighty -- -- Excellence here. Yes I find a story distinguish your one of the millions I'm sure if not tens of millions who don't default into Apple they had to -- as the debate during your business. And you didn't just decide to join the club you decided to analyze the product on the premise and and say that's really Entrust thank you for the call and say that's really. Kind of the -- the durable part of Apple as people keep asking us or asking you how are they gonna fare in the years ahead now. They didn't get their overnight they as they used to say was at Smith Barney we do dual -- way. And they aren't a lot of people over what's have been NASA's 97 has been fourteen hard working years is only they had a product last year -- got everybody's attention durable. A durable popularity I would think. Right tenacity it -- -- other part of it is just keeps continuing to grow and that's the people get more used to the use unit they liked it better images continues to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The memorials is to worldwide phenomena -- children are being about it isn't just the United States it's across the world it all over and I think that as part of that now. As I go and other places in the world to see Apple products starting to boil up particularly the iPad and the iPhone. And I think that that's the other part of -- and new products are just. Dentist continue to grow and they're given the -- -- is gonna continue on. But I think and -- have talked about this in various. Context before. There's a bit of -- James Dean effect here which -- sound crass but I mean it that way Steve Jobs died at the peak and pretty young. Before He had a chance to age out of relevance. To society He went out of the south yeah yeah and this will give him a legacy and perhaps it'll rub off on Apple for many more years as a result that. How He just didn't think -- they could do no wrong well you know He. There there has been no shortage of commentary on the Internet and it was a -- -- the date in the aftermath of the iPhone four -- Which can only get off track -- but. There had been some disappointment. And -- unfair disappointment registered about the iPhone four S is a really good iteration of -- fantastically popular product -- And 11. Blogger wrote well this is harbinger that. Apple's failure is approaching because they're no longer this is the lost their Mo Joseph argument -- them OJ argument you know I don't think you really amounts to much. Look companies to stumble even the best companies. Encounter rough patches but for the time being for the foreseeable future there's enough product. In the pipeline there is enough DNA that's rubbed off he's hearts and terrifically competent people. The question of course is can they maintain that spark of creativity He can't comment. People to be creative -- has to be something internally engendered and you know nobody can really answer that -- years tense but for the foreseeable future. There okay they are there more than okay. Like so many things from writing to -- -- Too many other pursuits it's not what you do it's what you cut out that make some things print well which I keep coming back to his part of jobs. Essence right in that part of it Jae -- had a a pullback on things that are extraneous yes right -- -- to make us and it certainly -- argument in the present tense because the stills of fresh -- under these garment that He is he's a great editor and -- are exactly simplicity is what it's about honestly was able to edit things down to simplest form is what you want lessons more. Yes clear exactly can digest something simple how many consumers do we know who. It's almost -- -- parity in the technology industry who just want an iPhone. And that's all they see this one and iPhone to them that is the only Smartphone that is a smart -- is the category it's also anonymous -- statement -- jello. And it's because they were able to for the first time in the history of advanced phones digest one of them and figure out what it would do for -- -- people. They want plug in play not manipulate and free. Thanks for and that's that's right that's the that divides the -- that divides the holy war in technology right that's always been the -- -- -- in the Mac vs windows side DOS verses you know Mac OS always been that son of that the -- kind of discussion of do you wanna play with -- Or do you wanna get on with your life -- it's funny -- Microsoft's. Most recent Smartphone campaign has been the one about get our Smartphone are windows Smartphone. And it almost has dual use your phone let's get on with your life -- get -- gonna move on -- That's an Apple message just you know twenty -- -- -- that after Apple I'll come back -- -- towards -- more about -- what Apple's pipeline might look like you know -- their product futures couple more calls we've got. Some good George here in San Jose Silicon Valley right here in the heart of Apple historic and and and literal country. George welcome to cnet's ongoing live coverage of the passing -- Steve Jobs were did you hear about jobs. Jobs death. Aren't sure that's hurting. So you hear about it yesterday as well a -- their role in global territories. Here's -- -- capital partners Terry it'll let go shocked everybody. So tell -- I have to ask everyone in the in the world would ask when they hear you live in San Jose -- you work in the tech industry. Actually order semiconductor. Street from her -- senior. And that's really where they can't. Political poster Apple chronic and it goes -- do -- -- electric -- seventy. In 1980. Apple pupil per minute -- -- and I wondered if her child were to church -- I'm done. They showed me that a computer and aren't gonna be measured media is to encourage people are. Well it -- any political machinery and put some numbers and it automatically calculate everything. Well you -- -- we would enter in by hand. On -- Without a calculator crunching numbers. And that's what I saw that in my aren't so why not abide. State -- at midnight. Reading and I tend to use it in -- the next morning -- -- in the morning saint saying. -- political candidate. Try to Begin -- cooperate. How they could make my job -- here but eventually. We got its order. That -- very close friend who wrote a program and a basic program and buying it would have this account program which is a spreadsheet like excel. Very early first yup there was limited -- -- able to. -- data air and print to it and -- Well new data and and we -- -- 38 jobs -- -- people really want it or our jobs. -- here's a story like we're talking about and George thanks to the store and appreciate you calling -- as one of those stories of it was the behavior the blew me away they showed me with Apple products and with -- visit cal which was -- of the first. Breakthrough title on Apple -- -- visits are made the Apple two but think about that -- we get a shot of it here we can actually see it -- let's go back to the day of the -- of the dot matrix. Dot pitch Green screen where we're talking wait three Mac here yes when I can't fully year. But a couple things that came -- on the Apple two the Apple two was his account so it's an out so was the first time. There's an app started dominating that's why it was so successful at selling hardware -- an -- I wanna use that software would work on exactly -- second part was teachers -- Tuesday to. They could Alter the programs of major work for their class so to get two things to the app and also. I build my own out and that's just that was really the beginning of the whole thing and and -- DNA is so loud today that is right absolutely you know I remember there was an. -- two advertisement commercial starring none other then Alan Greenspan. -- yes right. Seriously that's amazing. The imaging of a couple times com. How. Jobs at an early understanding of the need for advertising to be spot on. He were to have who's the -- advertising guru McKenna Regis -- can't -- McKenna. Yeah it really was. -- -- -- And beat -- -- wouldn't see him so Regis wouldn't CME didn't have time forums He sat outside his office for a couple of days and finally we saw him and He then sent a guy named Don Valentine over to look to this -- an investor and is -- -- -- crazies to kids inflate but all of a sudden some deals got envoy also. He really got involved in this whole branding thing early on -- that's really important. -- -- -- The whole branding part of it and and then that took off in the 2002 I think of cancer but -- legend -- legendary name and He had game and unbelievable and by the way. He go let go bye -- Scully after Steve Doris you blew him out soon. Since the love actually this really gets just keep comment and -- deep the same day that I got thrown out. We -- with a term recall pirates not the navy that was our whole under current term of how we operate is -- -- how people who -- how we operated. In -- data -- fact we had skull and cross bones -- And in over the building and mean how many corporate America expect prices drive -- morning and chocolate causes like it was just like how many corporate America buildings -- -- -- crisis. -- -- bonuses over the WiMax is the we've got to look at an early Apple print -- the result many government here's one of the early ones we can take a look at here -- -- leading on the whole Apple thing. And that the copy here if you're not watching our video stream. As a picture of an Apple. The -- Macintosh Apple is my hunch and that's what two years something that's the two connected to a traditional on television and by the way -- the copy is the era of personal computer of the personal computer is here. Now there's Apple Apple challenger imagination and today and for years to come. Thousands of uses from finances to fun and games sink your teeth into one soon and it says of course dating it. Right and there's the address for more information to -- -- brochure but -- nothing in there and they certainly -- talks about. The most ram ever. Expansion boards using connects back to Iraq we've got the such and such costs. But nothing there's no technology in that entire Batman and the Apple the fruit is bigger than the computer which is in the foreground -- I mean just everything about it says. We're going a different direction than all those speed and feed guys and they weren't afraid when IBM got in was the welcome IBM seriously there -- right dose right. -- Yeah yeah the on the other thing that's interesting is I think with we look at the the staying on the average sound but some calls and a second. The advertising that Apple did in the secondary in the I era. Of course ended up being so spare. And so clean. I mean the most iconic is I'm a PC from a Mac everyone and all that series -- that's really taken it to the competition in a way that. Most companies won't do most companies don't wanna pick a fight with their competitor -- there's always something get a guy has on you -- but as soon as having the measure of Apple's successes what are you -- And they did it with -- it wasn't mean spirited now -- no Larry Ellison you know tweaking HP and all are now this was done with with with humor. -- -- -- -- With very funny and well done convincingly and was I think it was you know very very well received yeah let's get to -- -- Henry's in Los Angeles and he's got some thoughts on what made Steve Jobs Steve Jobs -- welcome to cnet's ongoing live coverage of the passing the Steve Jobs what are your thoughts on what. Jobs key qualities -- that -- -- so so unique. Well He had so rare quality. He was an engineer and artists and spoke both languages. So -- -- -- what you'll need to bridge gap with. Specific. That's a good point that's a good point He was of the craft whose of the craft's. The two that matter -- what He did. Exactly. PE you'll be able to balance. Old argument equal equally. Edit and and make it simple. Yeah that's that's that that's is that we -- -- -- to lose the clarity. With which the -- -- at Apple was able to say this is something. You will enjoy using -- whether you've heard of before whether -- -- with a new concept but the tablets. We're gonna -- ped thanks for that -- of that call Henry appreciate the thoughts that rely back at the Apple Store. Here our video feed from our live camera there at the Apple Store in San Francisco -- a little bit bigger even though it's a nasty wet cold day in San Francisco that of course. Will not stop what -- the a thousand people who've left. Post it notes or some other kind of memorabilia. Or memento to Steve Jobs they -- at the -- downtown San Francisco. And this is gonna -- -- that every woman Tuesday of course of of recollections from both our listeners. As well as a CNET editors -- from -- last night's coverage as -- -- today and I really wanna thank our special guest. Who is raping us -- up with us now he's the author of the Steve Jobs way this is the -- -- -- -- in this book we've been talking about this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are seen as continuing live coverage is continuing as we -- A myself Brian Cooley in Charlie Cooper are taking your calls -- -- -- go to another call here. Let me ask you what what Apple product is off the top your head when Apple product made you go wow the most of all these products whether it's I aero or be something earlier. What Apple product by say you Apple what do they do most where they do best for me yet iPad iPad interest. They're number two products by sales and outside it's a hot product but not the number one. It is it just doesn't mean something I've bought of my wife sometimes she lets me play with the and I don't play with it I sit there and I -- meander and it just delights me. And I can't -- we were talking before about products that. Delight you yeah I can't and no disrespect to HP or two -- noble -- Samsung or any other vendor out there. But I can't I just don't get the same. Roll up my leg if you -- and I do when -- sit down with the iPad and. If I tell you HP or Samsung -- there -- -- -- computer lines can you name any model. You can name them but. -- -- -- you -- getting a model that He potassium aged 307 W or something -- mean Apple has the way of having just you know they have just a few laptops. In you can name of once called the air and once called -- pro. That's people get that right away. As opposed to some long code they're so good at positioning. And creating these kinds of at the product. Identity it's you know -- Of the technology -- You know and is DOS was fund to deal with -- for about ten seconds. And the Macintosh was just an entirely different ball game. It different animals are very different. Let's get to -- another -- here Phil is in not Tennessee. And very interesting recollection he's got hero -- a sister -- us about not just his reaction but his wife's reaction fill up thanks for joining us on. Cnet's ongoing live coverage up. Tell us about your wife's reaction to the passing the Steve Jobs -- understand. While I was watching TV and chief counsel for more acute you know which -- billboard so what -- Both kind of supplies in public into the computer and thus -- there. And -- -- potent strain on Apple's side and so I don't know what's in the final morning and looking at it is on the prior. -- saw that all the passenger wants me. Now what's his connection -- -- works. -- -- -- was within the printing industry and I won't be there for seventeen years. And it started in 1989 when I first -- -- exceed -- Popular college room and these students were sitting there are looking -- -- -- computer -- what what what is good for commercial and what a world without war and well but there -- -- that I edited into -- so. About two or three months later. I -- Java. -- newspaper. Column based on the market their abilities like. And they were all on apples and Macs and I walked in -- room -- these artists wouldn't do me stop this. Newspaper the -- -- that all the -- I'll just -- at all the capabilities and -- -- only -- -- with that kind. One what the technical Apple -- available as assistant general Apple -- bought both of them. And I and become a problem came -- that work on -- and what are you -- -- -- -- -- -- So it all went -- to do research using these two books going back and forth trying to solve these problems these people -- -- -- -- the Paper. And -- -- over the six week period I became more knowledgeable. Despite what their problems and I lost my career because that went into. What's called stricker. And in the print world at fort color strip and while console people supplies -- -- an expert -- There's nobody to -- -- historical or cultural. They've got -- guard some interest but it. One company developed working. They say what they go and -- back six months later He said what if you did what NASA Lullabot -- Apple will feature. -- -- -- -- Trying to develop programs and Google out of as the work is what we had -- -- -- didn't wanna -- their networks and simple computer department. And hospital -- so. -- movement -- Netflix subtler. For three months. Actually their allocated to three months and I doubt about that moment of truth because of the research and -- Apple they're. This company is yeah this process. -- -- career. If it was amazing. Who. How the seventeen years follow Apple and their virtual office -- even more -- more knowledge. More education more equipment faster Clinton and Apple -- there -- -- point now in the interim I have. Earlier when He left Apple it -- because in the ninety. But you may well be aware of the desktop publishing industry expert club I mean this wasn't there anymore. And that's what -- supplies. Yeah because in 93 I was at the Boston. To look -- and -- -- our exploration and -- a particular piece of software that this company with an opinion. Stewart personally talks looking graphics in -- -- group of understanding there's -- -- where Apple recently because of engine. And -- Seven years later. With a lot to vote so they -- god has said this. The problem -- the whole move Balkan and the little -- that Apple and they're gonna be great yeah I'll long heritage. As you mentioned in the graphic communication. Printing. An area that it is still. Even though there's been a lot of incursion in that area by windows says still people think creative machine and thank you for the call -- in synch Mac. It its interest to me -- He was talking about -- Artists were gravitating towards fees the early. Mac product and it's true. VP acidic we were talking about that that jobs. -- it to the to the game yeah I was really embraced by. The artist artist community written large people who in so called creative professions. Desktop publishing was the first entree and later on when jobs returned the second time. Now the company just Begin to appeal to a -- Very broad. Customer said. Beyond the that the quote unquote fan boys. And came out of almost nowhere in the video industry and just absolutely right dominates the majority of video editing her personal anecdote yeah -- jobs came up here. In the scene and English not. Too long after the introduction of the iPod. And the ground rules -- that it was on background to Louisiana on DA and you'll have launched -- Knows Jeff after the -- -- gifts -- and it was a no holds barred conversation where we talked about various and sundry. And at one point in in the conversation. He was talking about the push into digital consumer to -- and things like that. And I asked you know the real dummy question. As to -- -- -- go more vigorously into the corporate market and He just. Dismissed me -- listen that's fine they'll come along but what we're doing now. -- -- changing the company were expanding into a bigger. Yes tree of real people a -- of light is millions of customers got and He was obviously correct most. And of expanding into new places let's take a look at video now going -- in 1998 of the launch of the iMac -- -- member jobs came back. Ninety -- is ninety segment late -- was late 96 -- -- Bought next and it -- -- 97 jobs and come back. Early 97 perhaps in -- interim CEO and then writing these full time and the first resurgence of the I aero was the iMac and it may hold the -- -- -- CRT screen is that like The Beatles looks like something that the company would never consider making today but this is a different Thomas take a look at some of the what it was like that when the iMac was lost and we've never seen a computer like that and again a computer that was focused on what it did. Not what it was made of -- -- this out. An iMac comes. From the marriage of the excitement of the Internet. With the simplicity of Macintosh. This. Is iMac. So why get the screen switched over we've got a wireless camera here and I'd like to show you what this thing looks like money and you gotta see this thing in person but I'll do the best I can with video. This is iMac the whole thing is trans -- you can see into it it's so cool. We've got. Stereo speakers on the front we got infrared right up here we've got the CD-ROM drive right in the middle we got dual stereo headphone jacks. We got the coolest mouse on the planet right here. -- around all of the connectors are inside one beautiful little door here ethernet to USB stuff. Around the back we've got a really great handle -- the back -- this thing looks better than the front of the other guys by the way. And I've. Got a -- -- one more one more swing around it's you can see. This is what it looks like and again you've got to -- one of these things in person. I've got some -- and what this looks like you mean this is. Incredible compared to anything else out there it looks like it's from another plan. And a good planet. The planet would better designers. This keyboard. It's on -- universal serial -- connectors on either side to plug the -- whichever one you want with -- right -- left handed -- the other one for peripherals. -- -- -- It's -- it's it's the most wonderful -- you ever use. -- And continuing live coverage from -- of the passing of Steve Jobs I'm Brian Cooley with Charlie Cooper. And Anderson we just watched the a replay they're a part of the -- of the original iMac in 1998 where the passion the right adults know to ask about this and it's -- a -- people say well you know Steve Jobs had a great run what were some of his. Not his but the companies -- -- failures during his -- their there are few and they're pretty small but that mouse was one of them that was the round puck mouse which He says they're the best -- -- used. Quite the assist but the machine it was attached to of course pretty much you could say save the company. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the older -- -- Oreo but you know what I mean this is again is slugging percentages off the charts unbelievable -- and and certainly since 97 since the return phase two. The second coming of Steve Jobs has just -- that that's an unbelievable that's that's for -- batting averages truly best in the industry. -- and rapid succession and again lets you know it they've always been and he's always compared against the gates and let's compare Apple -- Apple vs oranges Apple vs Microsoft. How many wonderful successes has Microsoft had in the last ten years. -- with the biggest achievement. Yeah. Right. -- Huckabee yeah they they block the sun out over anything else that's been happening in the same errant airplane a Blackberry is of course but the -- huge thing a huge platform like Apple. And that -- didn't get an ecosystem of the same type by any stretch black sharing and now it's filtering. Right but that's a question many have now is you know what that's what we're -- so much what's next for Apple let's talk now to up special -- we have now joining us from from his home in France -- and -- Cisco. Who has a an amazing website -- put this up in the a in the chat here and a few moments and amazing though web sites -- it is a it's an honorary. For Steve Jobs it's a site where He is some really trying to -- own personal passion for what jobs has done. And what jobs has meant. He's joining us now from a Steve Jobs dot com which is the site and checking -- its -- -- amazingly beautifully designed. From -- welcome to cnet's ongoing live coverage of the passing the Steve Jobs how are you. -- -- So tell me a little bit. Choked. Out a little -- -- -- on -- it is yeah Steve Jobs -- -- when He got that URL. That's the debris could trick so com. This sites. Has been going well and you'd put this up last night that's for sure how long have you -- this site and -- I mean this is -- in a world where a lot of people have a passion for Steve Jobs this is even the above and -- although most people do to express that. There are other links to other restrictions and -- -- yeah I'd close until people who admire Apple. My -- as well but Apple wasn't as big you'd like -- -- not you know and there is committed suicide whereas. What I -- digital myself. Mainly because I was huge -- -- is all carrier. An awful close story in order that subjects are annexed and well -- there are a lot of kernel it -- Devoted to Apple. There are unknown but where are devoted only to see -- and -- especially McVeigh's and so on it. Potential to give earning 100 on the web and so decided to look -- What was it that it's first got you into. -- guessing caught Apple culture was -- a product you bought was it. Some thing that that He stood for army what is at the motivate someone to go to this degree of warning to reinforce. A vision that they believe it. What Apple are used using.

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