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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1557: Facebook is not the boss of me

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1557: Facebook is not the boss of me

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Adam Curry joins the show today to discuss Google's antitrust hearing (charade or not charade?), Facebook's redesign backlash, and how HP's board is looking at ousting Leo Apotheker as CEO--which apparently has many more political ramifications than we would have expected. Things you find out when Adam is on the show.

Today is Wednesday September 21 2011 my name Steven beach of I am Brian solved. And I am Bollywood loving about allowed didn't like us to -- -- episode 15157. Welcomed -- -- Also -- happy happy autumnal equinox everyone's summer in San Cisco yet summer in time -- go and we're super excited today because we've -- -- in Studio One of them is gonna talk. -- the fabulous -- father atom Currie I. Do you like that name the -- father answered and your husband in what in the morning to get -- in Portland's. -- -- APA. That's exactly how this actually visiting the iron. This is the one that always -- hello Leo and lower their love and not getting. Thank you for. Those who -- too young that was via bumper music. And MTV. Had -- -- is -- greatly content. It's. -- to hide it I'm really likely to look it's -- and there is I think minorities originally. And -- -- I remember that amber and it was like free black and white stock footage remember that like an average normally that in that it. In the earthquake and stuff like and a. Anyway now though. Much more important tasks in your life post and no agenda of the no agenda podcasts have you -- -- and I hope you'll have. The outlook I think we have a couple of fans in the in the chat room which is -- -- -- -- -- that's pretty much what I do now is. And no agenda show that George and show no Virginia's best podcast in the world. Gonna say -- it Adam the best. Non tech -- like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ambient we get up maybe two stories in the rundown because by the time we -- the only show in. Added an hour by we actually don't like being in the same room at the same time you guys do the show remotely tea and we don't actually it's like -- had been over the last night the typically don't even talk in between shows -- kind of like a rule. We have we just talked about that yesterday how -- and I and we turn out to interact that much outside because when you do a show -- that intent isn't even daily but it's like hours long hours of rapid and it's not it's not like a marriage to someone you would never sleep or else. But not offense taken and I -- and I. I -- I didn't know him and John I know that's fine that's nice knowing you don't like me like I know you like me like that that's why it's weird. Habits that. Like that really ruins the spontaneity of that's -- television suck so bad is because you know that everything's pre produced all the questions are known and answers are known as just there's no spontaneity. Which is hopefully not how it can -- -- -- speaking of questions that are known. That. No literally -- it has yet to surveyed liked it. You rod assured us around like the Google antitrust hearing that is going to be starting -- I hope it's not a sure how to think it actually can be some of musty TV. But today is the David Eric Schmidt is going to testify before the senate judiciary commission. And that the power of Google Dan. Hearing. Well this is obviously. A power -- it's it's the same as the eighteen NTT mobile. Talks. The government wants power over Google -- -- in Google they've got back doors to Google -- you know there's a whole bunch of really important reasons to be in Google. And now I think this is just no play our way or -- or get in trouble. And in there definitely has been a lot of commentary to the effect of these hearings are going to be about putting Google on -- threat which is your cat union and we're gonna come so -- Logistically speaking the hearing starts at 11 AM Pacific time which is about eleven minutes from now we will probably dip into it. -- we're gonna lose the whole audience at a different -- can't wait to turn on C span. I think it was better than a conference removed guys in ties. Massaging it lol -- -- the sad thing is -- -- -- and Internet. I actually will watch the entire replay of -- And eventually -- well. Ensure that we talked about destination and crazy He just says that sometimes like you get out into the world and -- -- starts talking and certainly don't want He said something. The other day. And -- -- I'm gonna play and on and on no agenda tomorrow. He said something and He was asked about knew how to create jobs. And his answer was essentially. Well you know you just gotta work part time you know just figure -- job to someone else -- -- and work. And Britain and within hours and we need to lower wages -- mean. -- this guy ever heard of the phrase let them eat cake. A total dork He is -- like to get from -- exact. Actually the united badger you from Chicago and think of -- now they -- -- data from a tavern poems are in the media -- guys from our chatroom -- as a -- today. Yeah you can learn. It's not become interested in and -- -- and she met Erika and online. 07 of the chat rooms here in the housing -- a full house and they so we didn't want it we always let our guests come and hang out this because we appreciate what you guys I don't -- one at a time. So I wanna say thanks for coming in and out and that He is live in the -- -- can ask him questions about you know what it smells like in this room -- don't talk about catalog. But we can't today I'm. Not. Clear why why even put a battle right now -- -- -- quite a metal. I can map so there has been a little bit of a preview for the antitrust hearing I read -- testimony that that they've kind present today because the interesting -- about this is that they're not gonna just sit there and talk about whether Google's big. And whether Google is involved in every vertical they definitely are the thrust of this hearing is whether Google engages in specifically anti competitive behavior. -- else testimony is actually pretty interesting on that front what they said is. That Google started at some point once they got into local. They started. Previously they -- -- and -- -- material -- -- user reviews and their ratings and that they then started to use all that material and served as adding Google results without permission and without licensing it. And that whenever that licensing what they -- Google allegedly was actually licensing -- reviews are there. To do but once they started Google local their own service. They started to index. The material they previously had licensed -- right without permission. And then in addition of that is they play it. They put Google's places look there -- their hits for their services on top. Therefore pushing -- down as well so and in some cases they didn't even brand Yelp results as Yelp. -- sort -- just folded them into good in this is all according to -- I'm but then. According to their testimony today when Yelp complained about that practice. Google sent -- will totally stop all you have to do is remove all of your information from -- search database and not be surfaced. Can I do not gonna work via -- where's the consumer revolt and all of this. I I am amazed -- what consumers are more interest in swing really -- that's why we're what -- what -- we stand for this yet it. I really care. If we -- something we're able to find their rate it's that's what Google's argument -- -- cellular share where you share for the consumer what works with consumer works for them let us the innovators in the tech companies figure out what services we bring that that's their argument right if the consumers happy we're doing them a service. Via and they continue to push that so. And it doesn't like looking you know it doesn't replace -- for the most part Google you find -- -- for. A restaurant or say -- you know no we don't think about the business is behind it we just. Wanna -- wide zoom but yeah -- old. -- that -- account you care more than the average bear. And well yeah I care but also I find Google very -- -- and a lot of things that do a lot of research on topical. Issues. And -- if there's a new story and meanwhile is it the Google is is basically poison the first fifty pages are. Repeats of the same story over and over and over again if you really want to get down to something. -- you have to really get into advanced search and and hunt around and I -- not have other places that you trust more to that point to things I mean to sit -- is not really search right the problem. Google's algorithm is that it's always been about trying to predict what you lot it's about trying to tell you what to thank -- they say it's about trying to project predict what you want but it ultimately comes down to. Burying information that Google has decided algorithmic -- in this case. Is not that important to get the -- the big trends and more vertical that since morning. -- -- it at the end of the day I think branding is really important and -- -- I'm a member of -- list if I really wanna find good services and which works relatively well and not always great as I -- that would actually spears -- -- paying for it. And if I want restaurant yeah I'm not a big fan yelled with the most that stuff is still game regardless yeah I just called -- Iraq and I've personally Google's -- And even Google. But it consumers probably won't revolt as long as they contain is -- that works and a blog at Google is now is -- I where I disagree that that's education. It is longer working shows like this so the ones that should be telling people hey. Now you've gotta stand up and -- it and we aren't helping the government should be necessarily. Poking around and saying you can't do this you -- and this -- you can do this I mean. This if I and I don't see why -- a competitive search engine couldn't happen. I He was actually competition he's just a click away or use our Google says I -- archive dot org a lot yeah quite honestly very reason. The and that is what Google argued today is that they will say I think it right hearing we competition is a cyclical way. An educated consumer can go ahead and and find an alternative service it educated consumer and we provide good service but the -- but. We do have bright you can you can argue the merits of the existing regulation only -- but we do have anti competitive. Regulations like him we -- there are a lot about how you can behave in the haven't -- -- avenue near monopoly power to push -- the environment. I'm not a lawyer but this does have used this and Apple specific -- you could. I think it has anticompetitive regulations passed -- with certain types of businesses where are the resources are either owned by the people or are or. I need to have certain regulations because of -- scarcity. Telco. Air travel. I'm not too sure -- it can apply to just search. -- and I'm you know it'll unlock -- I'm -- pretty important I'm but I'm no fan of Google and I stopped using. 90% of the services they provide in my own mail server taken all that in house -- And -- for basic search networks but are you really are you gonna rely on just any thing for the best restaurant. Is that how is that what it's come. Usually excited about the consumer like company's live and die by Google now I mean as CEO is B is a religion and so -- -- -- so if Google is just being near monopoly power to push other businesses -- lowered to push them out of business and the fact is they are. They're the monopoly Google is the search -- here yet it's hard to say it also if it's not a monopoly because there are there are other search engines insist that's not -- Untrue and it's not a monopoly of monopoly in the business and we know is defined -- the largest of them the player with they get. Consult the book and I'll tell you what I felt that it's also going on that's really do need it by the way for C it's not just about search with Google it's about the fact that during -- with so many other businesses. That are leveraged often -- And I understand what the with the whole joke is about a gambling -- did not and that Sharon today evolved they have a monopoly out. Monopoly of chaired a board game -- Here are -- planet -- you Wikipedia. Does not help the bulk of not just help me. -- -- let's -- nine Sally Q speaking of things that everyone hates. -- -- -- -- Missiles and so every of the fire of companies that are trying to tell you what and how to think. FaceBook. And rolled -- reside. Right pitch forks and torches are -- -- So yesterday right -- actually went over the past may be weaker so they mineral at all these new changes face that called it the -- -- launches. And they dropped the bomb yesterday with. For us to get our news and our news feeds and I don't know if you guys are seen as everyone is it's going crazy there right now are eight. There's different ways to look at your news -- summer based on -- recent -- that FaceBook. Somehow the -- creates this algorithm that they think is relevant to you and shows you stories from people. You date think. You care about in -- it and I've looked at the news feed. I'm now finding people who -- need to block. Because I've ever interacted with them before like a console that I guess that's usable also over on the right hand -- right -- integrate this whole new real time feed. It's like a ticker. That constantly moves as every new post and every interaction -- one of your friends -- is displayed. So that that's that's adds another little layer of Dunkin' isn't an -- open up the chat the ticket goes on top of the chat. It's a mess. It -- -- -- what they're really isn't the -- getting a design wise and engineering wise it's completely baffling the other thing is that it space but just continuing to. Try to -- Google style. That it knows what you want. Pray that it will manage. All I'll just I'll take care and -- you may -- you don't know how to manage music and -- -- that young girl around things. We seem to be in -- cycle right now in Silicon Valley aware of now all that all companies are starting to do this -- that always has to be this quote innovation in -- have to move forward I'm here for board meeting in San Francisco today so I know exactly all the buzzwords that -- needed dashboard and attack vectors. Net attack vector dash. And -- believe we've seen this where is. Almost every single big company -- done -- we've got -- -- -- with -- I feel unnecessary redesign we have that Twitter came out with the -- design but also Apple with the with lion. Miles of -- completely unnecessary -- we have windows coming out. -- -- Probably an unnecessary -- design and haven't really seen it. There was just a cycle that we're in right now and I think we'll have to see new things rolled back and things changed. I'm glad to be faced -- you know molecule that I have to FaceBook for a forward only few reasons one if I wanna see my daughter's -- And of course she forced -- -- friend of my ex wife which is horrible. I really -- on friend or without blocking blogs about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because we're friend and and that's the most egregious part but still -- in hand but about the going just a mess with people just like -- horrible stuff which I find quite amusing and for your birthday don't try to -- not everybody is. -- there is -- yet. When your report that -- -- that was another thing that all these people who I know would never -- million years is that happy birthday pops up on their screen that lets. Happy -- each speedy and that's really speed yeah yeah definitely I feel so special by the way I'm I turned 47 I don't care about half. Happy birthday happy Britain. That. So. I mean I don't. I get what I don't understand about this but at this point is that it -- look -- 750 million people that -- make. May not make you -- monopoly spewed it -- -- speaking -- -- Evans 750 million registered accounts many which are bots but. They're huge. And they don't need to be in what feels like panic -- I understand that Google plus is coming down the pike and I understand that their fi that everybody's trying to get into social. But your FaceBook like take a deep breath it's like that much of babies over there at sort of an open secret in the value that -- -- over like thirty they have all these boys. That's -- -- running around all these children running around and put. And there in incidents along the -- I urge we should investigate this and investigate. And I feel like they all need to take a deep breath and say. What -- were fine. We're doing good we can innovate on features we don't have to keep like moving the freaking out pixels around. It's one of the things that face because had a problem with rate the users who are not necessarily the most tech savvy -- don't want change all the time. So we've been forced upon FaceBook play my totals they don't even roll these things -- necessarily. They just roll out the change overnight. Right a lot of these as you mention about the changes -- -- windows Woody Allen an invitation and another artist -- beta but some sort of Vietnamese. This is a beta -- -- -- because we talk about you know all these we designs like analysts say. Apple Microsoft at least you know it's coming you -- get a peek of what's gonna happen you can. You can be ready for but you're faced a big role in overnight and within two hours of a blog post and also like what -- -- MySpace -- so paternalistic they're always so -- you want. This is just to make it used -- for you like why don't you just let me decide who I wanna hear from. While they're my friends not your friend Molly botany Molly I don't like being told what to -- you. I wore the T -- for a reason today. -- -- elicited user you are a slave but FaceBook. Because you don't pay for that so they can do whatever they want to I do a nice value added and the whole subscribe. I admire my data with them -- paid and I whatever so the whole subscribe and follow -- news ticker thing. Actually find that interesting because this this to -- is. RSS -- poorly. And in -- -- I really I get all my information I follow you all all this stuff through our assess. And I have -- -- -- you know -- the river of news concept so it you can go to Adam friends dot com at the server should stay up I think. And if you go to -- friends -- com you can see it's just a continuous scrolling. List of the news articles it -- RSS first came out. There are -- guys that -- guys turned into like a Google Reader right it's like a mail client which I think was a mistake and the whole idea of stuff scrolling by the whole time I think that's actually pretty good I think that's what what's good about Twitter. And you don't have to like feel like ought to go back fifteen days and find out what happened. And you can have multiple types of these. Rivers of news. So that unit stuff just the big hope fire hose or vetoes of stuff and and stuff I'd never want to miss. And conditioning people for this through this this implementation of FaceBook I think is good because. It it will it will swing back people will get tired of this. And we do want to hear from people and we wanna hear from our friends and I think that's fine it's this really if the sort of monkeying with the red it's like FaceBook is inserting itself now. I think to a level of people finding comfortably look stop -- just want my -- And and I understand that you need that you like we have -- we had an agreement right I would get my speed and I'll get to look at. -- find out who got app from high school and I'll get the stock boys and all of that and in return I'll give you my personal information now the compact is just leave it alone. Don't don't come in there and be like oh we don't let you actually wanna hear from this guy may -- disk as a little better for you than -- like mounted on -- out out of my business. When -- -- the product of the business this is what you get an extra and that's a good lesson for people so nothing that'd be it's amazing though how how much talk there is about the FaceBook redesign and meanwhile our very own government is pulling the rug from underneath us and we re re signed that Patriot Act and were being listened to and -- dropped are known gives a crap about. -- -- particular telling better than a thing and yank that -- you -- -- that's that's the guys who find them absolutely to -- FBI director walks around there like did you read that time article with the interface -- faced with settlers. In the time article the guy safely I happen to leave it like I got -- -- opening. And I just want to say hi ho Hak -- -- Director of the FBI and the audience like hey can year old -- redesign just -- things again a little -- because we need to keep them that well so the thing the that. I'm happy to see -- people are. Already and I just did a scan this stuff and I I really look at my daughter and her friends what they're saying -- is not 21 but she's been on the stuff for a long time. And they are I'm annoyed to say the least about the decisions being made as to what is important for you to -- -- I think it's. In a way it's dumbing down of us. And if -- and the more we accepted the dumber we get because your brain is a pretty good little computer you know you couldn't. Go through a page of even 500 or -- thousand little status updates -- unit as you scroll by you can stop pretty quickly -- that's interest -- -- you don't really need this -- station which is going on. Which of course opens up the -- to censorship and moments of other things and the whole idea of calling it a news feed -- -- marketing as you'll get your news from FaceBook. Our man that's like if we really fall for that -- we deserve what's coming bend over here comes again. It's only a little left -- Less is going to arrive tomorrow actually -- as Facebook's F eight conference comes we've been talking about all the rumors then and what they were dislodged and developer conference big developer conference now it sounds like we are -- excited well aren't interested in the fifty million changes that we're gonna happen but now at least according toppings. Only 48 million changes are coming. Respect and -- -- we had talked about how they were gonna implement these new buttons for following in light to read and listen but according to all things. All the rumors of what has been announced. Were announced that everyone's like hold on so not so fast that it's now -- do we know of FaceBook actually generating. Profits. I think -- recently were able to get oh yeah like recently -- always we don't officially know they are we don't air net revenue positive. Or something like that when things like slightly did say. So if you could clearly make a profit on a -- Australia I don't decisions. About re designs because clearly from their perspective this is meant to get you to click more. And then create more of and by the way please send me a printout of a smoke my social graph of I'd love to know what that actually is. I just -- is that it can I just. Put on the wall and I have rather than -- really because the attack to remember that man whom I know things you don't know about calling let's let's take a break let's dip in actually adhering let's get nightly -- 510 -- -- to see what's going on animal going to break and when we come back. Awesome news of the day actually the possibility that HP board which is even crazier than Eric Schmidt -- FaceBook -- is now boot. -- -- -- And then now asteroid their company updated through their company which I guess it would anybody -- might well -- him and some pretty big iPhone rumors. -- -- -- -- I know you're not real men downloaded okay. -- had -- experience in that area. Besides that whole -- figures as -- anyway good needless all the same crowd rocked and rolled the only thing that counts gamecube hard -- his -- awesome. Little Rock enroll. -- I -- I. I also noticed this morning via loops when -- was sentenced. I that I from the city health inspection. I was in -- -- being comparable she didn't because it does sound hitting a -- they did the day you know. As the swamp thing guy just died this year I'll being -- Their -- -- and yeah it was a good episode -- Smoke and mirrors those children in -- deficit narrows and yeah it's on I think it's on Netflix or Hulu woman sued. -- get a look at everybody welcome back to show off Adam -- in the house. Also Molly Wood joyous and -- -- and we're gonna jump back in the story is. Sony's PS and this just in Sony's PS and is down again. And this is not as scheduled out is this is an unscheduled one Sony's confirmed that it's down the -- that -- -- PS and user experience an outage and in their Twitter feed. They just said that they're working on bringing the service back up AS AP. We'll keep you updated the and this is that we all know their history of what's happened of them with their previous outages. Could it be another hack it it's unscheduled. Highly likely and then in a target of all the stuff. Here on the -- -- decide couple minutes of the the senate hearing we were hoping that we can get like. Fit Eric Schmidt right into the break but He did not cooperate although. I think headed into more of that Adam has this update. A monopoly etc. yes from the book of knowledge known as Wikipedia which is always right they have graces I am -- had a very. Very kind of you -- a monopoly exists when a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity. Now if you could argue that search is a commodity. And that a Google as the only supplier then you'd be alright. But -- not. It's sent some members of the senate although apparently not Dianne Feinstein. May attempt to argue that today but competition laws restrict monopolies. Holding a dominant position of a monopoly of a market is not illegal in itself. And -- In fact these hearings are pretty much an American I would say and people are just you know whining and moaning. You know it's -- by the way there's nothing that says the Google could make these businesses profitable these. Yelp like businesses is very hard to make business is profitable at all that's that's a problem -- token money so I would say go ahead go. You'd be surprised. You -- arise making money W -- now you'd be surprised. The company -- hearings are also going against them because they've said they've lost business because -- next tag which is an advertiser. -- business. Any crappy business -- -- do it waiting in the -- do we want in your little -- media -- -- that is not against it and people meaning on it because there. There. He opens up close. Technology. Course. I'm down I'm down. Paul Allen bellas illustrator to -- riveted. On the iPad I don't know this -- what -- -- This is what I do every single day I'm watching. Action I've met -- out Adam. But I appreciate -- understanding the real important lessons very good thing about -- -- safe and I am saddened. I have to say in America and I'm not understanding -- -- -- can talk about it was a -- No I'm saddened that that this is going to weekly show. WT have. You're not only when all we know they have legalized reading angry feedback about what is it a budget thing -- what is it you can't talk about it. Budget now it is all the things we think it is you know I don't know which is say well does that we want to do other content. -- and -- climate and we wondered -- I CNET TV. -- dot com slash -- -- you how we're gonna then we're gonna do other shows that you know and that daily show is is extremely hard to maintain and we feel like buzz -- -- can be. High quality awesome caliber show as a weekly that we can do better content we can be better research leaking battery tests and then we can develop new content. McCain is really really make you do those talking points well I'm I'm very excited about that moments of the bulletin this exhibit this is a red dot on your forehead is that. -- we like Eric Schmidt got. Anyway I'm so I'm saddened by promising them. More time for you -- What does that mean I don't know moons and suckers pour -- Our actor Eric Schmidt let's give him that He taught him -- speaking to learn about and. X 60% Americans while they do not -- all this is of a missed opportunity in my view -- -- started initiatives help small businesses get online partner with Intuit another test offers local businesses that Saturn. Last year alone Google search and advertising tools provided 64 billion dollars in economic activity. Two other companies publishers and nonprofits and United States where they are very proud of this -- feature -- greater I have an idea that outraged. -- you know I'm running for 2016. As a presidential candidate. I did not know -- -- serious are you now I got here oh we announced that on our show but that of course no one here is that that's let's only for the crackpots. Out there. I guess so Johnson to borax can I -- there are running for a 2016. And we were putting together art and kind of our campaign plan. I'll be present to be vice president elect to shoot people in the face of -- thought to be good for him how appropriateness spam and thank you perfectly it has great. I think 10 -- where we plan to a lot of things particularly with spectrum and nationalize it you -- can call these these annuals out. I think we should also nationalize Google I think that would be. Our main platforms is to nationalize Google. And think of all the jobs we could create to be great to be great jobs program and than and -- all these other countries that want access to our Greek monopoly or they can pay for. China shiner you want to China -- to pay for it. -- -- So that'll be one of our the main points by the way we're not gonna live in the White House. -- -- just gonna do the show every morning that's all we're gonna do -- as president vice president. Now you and I don't think got you pumped and I nowadays -- yeah I think it like I guard and I would I would love to have you my cabinet. How does anything you'd like to the -- -- think you think would be appropriate for you. I'm thinking minister discuss secretary of defense yes absolutely thinking defense and you wanna play it was only you you like -- and a little bit of a military -- and -- -- -- -- I think it -- you know -- -- let's let's see some other tech news will will sort of keep an eye on live blogs and -- towns like most of what Eric Schmidt has been -- so far is that they're trying to keep consumers first and be open Internet sort of a wide -- -- at the why Google is so awesome partly can Steve Jobs keynote when He talked about how well Apple's done that's where we are right now. So -- and I and that meanwhile though. Now that Leo -- maker has so effectively and efficiently almost like and a brilliantly executed government assassination and take -- HP straight into the toilet. The HP board has. Has broken -- potentially according to reports and may be considering. Ousting him after less than eleven month -- -- first thing that's very disturbing to -- is this guy's name. Because it is a Dutch name and you would pronounce it up -- taker and -- pharmacist. And it's really can't look at this guy's name without thinking -- -- my pharmacist. Really yeah that's an island style pop the -- yes -- -- yeah I think yeah well. Well He must be on the drugs because well. But I have to admit I love the fact that the board is considering this -- although isn't -- the board that says the guy from SAP to come in and do an enterprise software hit job on HP in the first place. What bit. Welcome to the snap I think you digital alarm. I think you have to look a little further have to look you probably have to look at the resignation of the -- -- -- who was essentially responsible for buying HP into government. He procured all the contracts -- And so this guy just resigned recently was the chief information officer He is releasing -- yet the guy -- who would talk about skip logic and actually. Out of his mouth came attack vector -- dashboard. This is the kind of reduced bag was -- airline and -- -- -- and -- well attack vector dashboard dot com points no agenda show. Wanna unlawful since the -- until there's a lot up and -- though you can't. Well yeah -- already got it you gotta be quick. But I I immediately. I think that this -- these guys are probably buddies. And -- vector is clearly got ousted. And in the need to get someone in there who has the inside track on whoever's going to be there are running the show in the White House in the for the next four years. Which actually in -- interestingly leads us directly to what appears to be their candidate. Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and her -- armory and need -- former candidate effort for California until this its heart so inside all these -- shows these elites I sat. And so inside. I mean that's really what HP is HP is that these these supplier to the government at strip and -- remember that picture of those of the war room when we killed the fake Osama bin Laden's. Priced number that it was all HP laptops -- like. Please remember some parts that it does a few logos are still those laptops -- they really do cut their business I now have -- HP's stock by the way XP shares up 8% on the news. The reports that there. Can think they know -- common in and they know was the connections with -- with government is very simple this is a very simple. Also -- and it also. Here all week and right -- -- but also simple. Like yesterday that -- if you don't wanna wanted on the Internet don't put it on the Internet I heard you say that and also speaking answers. A Microsoft employee who tweeted about nine release Nokia Windows -- earlier this month. -- -- -- -- -- -- Decided that hey you know what we -- we -- is content. I'm gonna tell people to think about them so -- and I just He wrote I just got a chance to travel the -- just Nokia phones I've ever seen. He talked about the camera rated an eight out of ten in his mind that the camera. Was good but didn't have optimal lighting. It -- easy I had her at least He took heated up in review you might as well worked for CNET on the -- for -- -- anyway he's out no surprise there now potentially as surprising if you've been waiting for the date. The date appears to be all things. CEO template. Here's here's another a prediction for -- no one's gonna give a crap about this phone. It's just like there is gonna be just like the FaceBook redesign -- well just like the well they are now redesign. -- you guys are all excited. Now of course it's what you do but that's all right -- the head of demand is ridiculous for this -- -- I mean it. Everything we're talking about what you can't tell them now they hadn't had these high end and in this group yes in this no outside this room how many people that are still -- and three g.s and 3GS is at all like when's the Apple -- coming out -- the Apple byte and zero. Tests here zero -- seriously I know hero it's going to be day now it's not gonna it's gonna be it may be a big launch a lot of people talk about it we art. If you step outside this room we are in a and it's -- -- heading towards a depression. And that people don't have the money for this sentence some from minor bugs actually -- but now it's written now it's really hitting. That that is an interesting point because there's this other rumor that says that Apple board member Al Gore might speak. Or was speaking at a conference and confirmed. New iphones. Is a which has been there in October and one of the rumors has -- that they would do a smaller cheaper version of the iPhone. Either for developing markets or a T I mean emotionally tied to her contract by easy Verizon and Sharon now of course -- -- late spring and a potentially way cheaper. And there that said there had initially the rumors were that they would do a modeling how for developing nations that there is a possibility I don't think that they decided to do it here -- you because. I'm just predicting and I'm just predicting that this will not be the huge hit that there's some people hope who wants to will be or think you'll be. People aren't gonna be upgrading. But just not -- and there's no reason to be forced. And there's no there's no there's no lever right here because the whole iPhone lever -- always -- in the hip -- factor. And quite honestly I live in you know in the epicenter of a -- where culture is created in this country which is odd Hollywood -- -- better -- -- just can't hear it right why am but longer in it's. The iPhone is just not cutting it anymore as the as the hip device. Everyone in your hometown and -- -- what are you talking about -- answer them. Everyone needs -- famous Hollywood. Snapped I'm just saying there's a global market. That -- -- that I will not carry grade -- that we will not a -- -- policy okay it may be I mean that you know later released in on the fourth is that the deal October 4 ounces and an announcement to what are your releases just in time for what. For their current ones to break the way -- program all their stuff. In -- tell I invented that Sony and and -- buy the land by the way it's all conflict materials these iphones solid out other products coming -- materials and now it's killing Afghan handling labor. And -- Chinese earns our. Overrunning the entire continent of Africa to build your crappy iPhone -- save the world ain't no buyer boycott iPhone five. If you're on T-Mobile apparently you'll have plenty of opportunity to boycott iPhone but -- won't have it because they want have a faster some on T-Mobile. They squash the rumors Obama -- month to month I gave up everything else I got so sick and tired of the rip off there was so many rumors that -- -- because now it iPhone five is apparently coming to sprint and T-Mobile finally just. Issued a statement to signal -- -- so people know that people announcement its Android running -- -- mod seven. -- that's they don't think I'm like some huge -- whose talks left and does write well after that I got credits Adam because that the elite is He has made the switch from Apple Android Android Android I've seen it I'm not a fan boy and in fact I've its antigen modular that is right moment -- -- illustrated right so it's not the stock Google's stuff so. And also. Mine doesn't have the near field communications spying stuff. That's all taken out and he's not here to educate. Listen to your elders that. We should be more respectful and also we should do the cricket that's a good idea. I -- I -- I'm glad to know I'm sure -- -- and guys -- in fact is who runs this joint. Apparently it isn't it okay. Who's the boss is -- a boss listening somewhere can't really is let us move. Invest in the US cellular as well actually He does listen and everyday act on the agenda of any source that we're going weekly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right pandora has a new revamped to the website nice it'll play on the top but according to Lawler. Eyeballs of what we see it looks like -- lot of big fat advertising on the right side that's a lot larger than your actual playlist. Huge -- I think we now know the new pandora redesign is all about if you go there any sign and what you basically see the little tiny mini music and reliving that well but they say hey there's a business is available there's all types of other you know unlimited listening discovery with friends -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- yet as I did some title though it's a blog I just got a pandora counts. On September 2. The kids were over the house -- -- -- like a Mexican birthday party for man like. And have no Mexican playlist and so -- end -- as I once a pandora had not signed up. And that meets -- in the what are you laughing about nothing as you know it's you know it's coming don't shift. So let me tell you what's gonna happen pandora is doomed. -- design or not and I'll tell you -- I'll tell this is exactly what happened the Netflix which had a prosumer and talking on Netflix as well -- -- -- ads are really -- if you want to you to talk about -- related to yesterday's show. You can talk wanted to great you talk I saw that yesterday -- we did we get a little others that percentage was nominated -- -- -- -- it is. OT is there that's -- an okay I'm so. These companies that are intermediaries. Cannot succeed. It is impossible this is what happened the Netflix. Besides bad communication etc. etc. The owners of the content are just jacking the price you have no way you could ever become successful at Netflix is scrambling like crazy for their own productions which of course they're destined to fail -- because they don't know what they're doing it's not in their culture. So the splitting off of the dvd product which by -- it also blows chunks. Because these DV skip they deep freeze its like they really crap that annoys me because we have this subscription to both. And of course they have a very crappy library for the streaming stuff -- -- -- TV things Nancy really have to have a mix of Netflix. Amazon and and Hulu to get any kind of -- real and that's still a lot cheaper than the cable bill which is give up but pandora for that very reason. I feel is built on a scam because they're making money off for banner ads which are not looking -- We are now is that good or bad I'm having logged -- you are look at it that. That better and -- we we we tell he's impressed and they just keep rotating over and over again but units in the background people aren't looking at its skin. Ansari -- and we talked about and that it might you know actually words like that the are negative then they cannot make money with the -- alarm any name that more users they get the less money and it goes back to this for the air -- -- about four months by the way about four may be. -- right after the beginning of the year. That Jerry would actually like me ask you about the biggest conspiracy that's been going on the show arena which is my personal -- that pandas don't exist. I have another office -- -- -- cute and you're in a black and white shirt which is the honorary colors -- -- beginning of pandora went to panda I can see how we got there. -- pretty I would not dismiss it outright. That's for sure they're cute cute I would not to since that -- shift that is various display light blue and Maine it's. You beautiful somewhere in the Begin -- -- a year happened I'm going to revolutionized music business. So you can look forward to that I'm just it's a little -- a new product. Which will change the music business forever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- from yesterday or today. -- some of them came as an emailed statement this morning at ten men but -- video voicemail today -- love the video was announced comes from patent addresses -- that elephant in the -- the -- They've been United Kingdom milestone in Las Vegas, Nevada and I'm very sorry to hear that -- is being reduced from -- occasionally. To one day. In addition to gates. And the deputy culture the chronology in my everyday activities I'm sorry. I actually can look really. And I look forward to many -- is. And you entertaining and form a huge thank you. I like that -- -- That guy I feel like our show is more professional for having him as a listener. You -- you are great He should have him do a segment on the show. The sad Brit He said He was Akayev had Britney was in Vegas now He says I think yeah -- -- is I'm India both places deletes it really it was a half keeper at that picture I love you I love -- -- retrograde and -- -- -- -- -- retiree I mean really you just raise the caliber of art of the temple that's the kind of guy who should be going to no agenda show dot com. Well I -- -- -- I'd done the you get a tiny bit Hitler that -- study committee and -- About an apparently picked music them about other organized. About. -- none because the mix it up because we have 700 domains pointing to a site so I think. All I have something speaking it was absolutely free to remind me after Rick -- sucks dot com domain and also works. Tyler reds and longtime listener first time you Miller time that their FaceBook redesign -- left that I like and -- become a computer -- -- several friends complaining about the new FaceBook layout which I had not quite had yet. I refresh the page and bang there was at first I was confused the new scrolling updates about what your friends are doing on the upper right is definitely made so we can do more than just creep -- -- your friends. But it turns you into an ultimate -- -- All in all the changes we're not too bad until it figured out that the news the new news feed. Is not in chronological order -- -- up with that -- a -- -- -- my friends' status updates. Shortly after that discovery by the way about 200 of my friends out at me and Google plus. -- nice time for Google plus open at every one and then based minerals us out that's why isn't it does eats it deep. Sit there was it -- it really better to keep your mouth I'd let them think your full and open it and confirming its. Dave Winer wrote not a word the other day which is that was nice if you sit by a river long enough eventually you'll see your enemies body float by. And I thought that was that was pretty good. Hands -- -- -- -- there now anyway it are just unconscious from cal -- -- -- the new -- design alike to think of let's wrap. Better check my privacy notification settings also that flashing sidebar thingy -- but straight from -- A candlelight and love the show said yelled England down only when -- but canceled it. So that -- there's this isn't because Tom -- is successful with -- AT&T thing it does nothing to do with it because I'm thinking of moving into an aspect and I'm gonna move into -- space would sell well good because we have some questions impact actually. People are -- -- alternative thoughts obligation and this could do this Cameron read that in regards your comment and created the -- seeking. UV. Computer you'll see like a got a microphone. I'm items sixteenth of camera and currently -- have -- 4888. Texts this month. And of -- cycle and an eight days when you do the math -- about 222 texts a day and I do food machine. Theft operation that as -- added to the sun is like a Teddy girl the problems on. But -- I just Alito deserves any and this is the follow up with our. Contests Xbox box. Jim -- and have an Xbox and have an HD DVR but I do not think that I would give MI dvi to consult at the devices so that I just had the Xbox -- -- Xbox is. The loud at that point and if I had to keep it on all data. All day long -- sure all my shows get recorded it would drive me crazy second. As much heat is acting puts out it has to be -- least two to three times the energy -- -- that DVR well it was -- that report about how the DVR is. Takes a more houses and gas trader super powerhouse as superpowers anyways now is that true yeah yeah more than were afraid more and refrigerator their highly inefficient and running all day and up and -- have no idea that they -- the secret just like vampire. I I heard this is German reports it's just freaked me out. -- you these smart meters that put on your -- to -- to measure your electricity usage cap that at least the German ones and I'm sure it's all the same company making -- they also detects and send off which channels you're watching on your television while I know I mean if that's even -- for me but that seems -- which are technically I was being done -- attitudes. I well -- -- and I think that ultimately Iraq is but the cable it's just going to your power. Or your cable and others -- has Wi-Fi and other stuff in and as well right so it is communicating those things I just heard that is like really Erica a lot of people are really -- are concerned about the smart meters to the prime. Yeah I mean because not only did it I mean. Even if it does all that crazy stuff it's also like it knows when your dishwasher on and pioneered you know well this is good news your habit this is a big part of Google's propagating is the smart devices the smart grid. And then put -- aware of where this eventually to the government shutting down your dishwasher during the day and yet last minute there's Jerry -- -- I guess I don't Brian -- I was like He was chuckling -- Night I -- to the email madhouse that everyone is professional -- stripper attendant says that you know what my doctor closed down his practice to move away. He offered me a referral to an equally qualified physician who would meet my medical needs. The same was true in my dentist retired in my account -- cutback to part time. Another -- shutting its doors at least report -- each and every week where do you recommend I go for daily updates on all things tech. I'm sorry but once weekly doesn't do for me I can hear you now telling your kids you don't have to -- every day one meal week is more than enough. Doesn't watching your clients and customers starved for technology in -- just outside your office door -- -- -- People go outside enjoy nature. -- Guy. Please get a lie -- -- immediate laying. -- missiles had in my favorite -- does is going weekly you said. Then we get our daily dose of tech news from the -- for so does a good listener I heeded your advice -- -- strive to defeat however. When the episode in question was 3.5 minutes in. And the -- jokes hadn't subsided. I was crushed I get enough mail overload where it mean the only female suffered here in in my opinion -- detection -- a woman's perspective and -- So Molly is devoted fan -- geek girl my little ears will only be listening to what a propellant test you'll be -- -- -- from -- But we will pass that -- -- -- for. We tried that daily show diligent. And by all accounts He was really -- and I hear you talking about this girl what's her -- -- -- Bridget Carey is she hot. -- I got look at this you like the new Natalie -- -- what is the deal she's -- -- Natalie that's Sox that's I can't believe you said that that's more subtle plus some little darling little wanna be the new Natalie that's horrible thing added I can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Discovered Nathalie and I know pick up. I know I haven't gotten over that. I will say though that the no agenda show would you define a -- of slaves dot com. Is. A disproportionate amount of our listeners is -- female sysadmins. It's quite large and I've met a number of them -- -- Mickey joint appearance I went on five and half we toured an RV around the country. The -- parked 2008 tour and don't -- life. I tried any of the -- -- and I must say these women are awesome and by the way they tell Dick -- debate and anybody says. And with that I think -- probably get them to sell well. You know you'll get much more of the show coming up momentarily we don't bring our can I don't know we -- on child on cnet.com and. Our blog where you can comment that -- when and it's excellent 663 days -- -- number but at cnet.com is our email address. No thank you and I another URL to that we keep track of the department -- Leo that if it's. It's so unfair 800. -- -- Obviously. A day of every and I thank you so much for knows me will be a little bit -- you are.
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