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Ep. 1555: Netflix to Qwikster to Regretflix?: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1555: Netflix to Qwikster to Regretflix?

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Netflix rocks our world with the news that they're splitting up into two separate companies: Netflix for streaming and embedded media delivery, and Qwikster (yeah, seriously) for DVD delivery. Best part? Two Websites, two accounts, two queues! What's not to love? Also, Google Wallet and AT&T LTE arrive, Molly tees off on the Droid X again, and be warned, mateys: we do talk like pirates.

-- maintains today. Monday September -- -- 2011 minutes divvied up high -- test shall RNA saint -- -- tag on Friday it's been stocked it. It is solid feel and if you know what's good for -- on it -- that's how -- got off Friday. I. So -- isn't bad and iris project I don't think -- -- Is that I have -- and -- differences between buyers and prior. Years he's -- higher taxes and higher ash. You are -- But I'm -- are namely canceling -- during those for the first time can you imagine -- Can you imagine if this your first -- -- -- It's just that -- -- -- Hollywood organ and I love to welcome back and clearly hell welcome back miss Molly Wood oh my gosh. Saying ace I -- you guys romances Alton that it landed at an agent -- had it doesn't matter again. Yet there -- -- and. Not I know I'm happy I am glad to come back and -- like a partly because I have got I was like or group for awhile but then -- is so funny about it and now back. I love -- again it's September 19 every line. Top. -- -- -- -- -- they say is -- and her airlines had -- back I started I. So yeah. Buyers of favorite this like. In don't know what He -- what you can only using iron iron and dungeon aren't enough not that Netflix says that I desire that Friday night I mean -- -- -- in -- blanket -- -- she -- -- series the normal place. -- -- listeners who wanna stick around normally. Everyone eventually -- -- I think it makes it didn't sound so Tony Evers and in five minutes intensely local real artists cut. -- -- at a if but we are gonna words in -- or an -- like mapping I. We're gonna try to take alternate view me as even -- as possible -- will start with the new routes. And -- that was yesterday and last night last night Reed Hastings sent out blog post and also you might receive a personal email. In your box title an explanation and some reflections. He starts out with I messed up. And I owe everyone an explanation now you can read. All the contents He does apologize He does come mentioned how in hindsight I slid into arrogance based on past success this is in regards to how Netflix. Split up their services from streaming and dvd. And and charged -- it how they communicated how they weren't so transparent He always said He felt like -- speak louder than words and now He needs to change that. So He wrote us this nice letter now -- -- that later. These words sometimes words actually speak a lot louder than actions and -- drive a little people a little crazy so. In addition to his apology. They have decided Netflix has decided to spin off and separate completely -- and -- but separate completely the dvd service. It'll be called quick stir because refers to. -- -- me they will be adding in an upgrade to the service if you want to rent video games something that's been requested. But in one of the more frustrating -- for consumers because we've heard. The hail storm of bad news around Netflix the clicks their service will be a separate site. In which you'll also have to do a different Q separate from your Netflix site which was once integrated together. Yet and you had to -- He did they do note that that's it that's a -- that's a negative fit. One what is the negatives of the change is that you will now have to go to a different website and enter credit card information all over -- -- -- -- -- -- different in India which is always good times and then managed to different. That is if you are keeping a dvd and a streaming service if you choose only to have one. Netflix the name you have loved so well at the red envelopes that simply symbolize the revolutionizing. Of the dvd industry I think that's a pretty east. Has a little bit a brand equity in -- looks a little bit odd I would think that the red envelopes had had risen to icon status. Pretty close. That's but that's -- going away and Netflix will become basically. The integrated sort of device integrated platform. For streams -- media. That it'd it'd been creeping toward so they're just gonna go ahead and like push that -- through. Really rapidly He points out that there will be no price changes we're done with that He says which is again I think you never wanna -- in a blog post because -- -- we're not. When -- done -- for a year maybe. He says that it will be difficult. To get used to seeing the new -- -- logo. On the there at the humble loops but they will start marketing it as ports are now what color -- the envelopes being. -- the new envelope is still the distinctive red He says but it will now have -- -- logo I know that the logo will grow on me over time He says but still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you look at the comments and I think you know like we're being a little sarcastic here but I think it's a little fair considering that we seem to be like. -- the wind of the consumers there thirteen 1200. -- two comments of which -- -- thirteen. Then and I mean really like I read the first double page of the comments and everyone's just like yeah. And -- me. -- Error. -- think it's just piles on what we've seen first of all the split with the pricing than the loss of contents and that Reed Hastings and his letter said. By doing this we hope. And they believe they'll be better streaming bicycling the business and focusing and He doesn't dolls and maybe we are -- little too fast but it's hard to say right now. But consumers are you can't this is a lose lose for the consumer for -- that's a lot of times a business. Should really -- sometimes -- times businesses. Earlier closer react and to how other consumers are feeling but in many situations -- over the passing months Netflix is clearly do nothing in making their consumers and happy. Then and there I haven't seen any many consumers stand up for what Netflix has been doing. Yeah I mean the problem is that Reed Hastings is right to acknowledge that that the company has been arrogant because it's not just a mini. If you're not gonna -- go into detail and blog himself over and over for the things that they've done in the media but it's not just about not communicating that well about the price like the fact is. They announces price hike they were kind of oblique about it in some ways. But the the thing that He did -- was an excusable was to go into his earnings calls. And say. Consumers aren't gonna leave us and they're not they're never gonna quit and we're gonna make a Butler -- -- I mean that was their that was their methods to their shareholders would like. And it wasn't until consumers really truly started -- in droves because to -- has. I think that thing that He truly didn't understand is them the message that never changes content is king. And the streaming service didn't have the content to keep people the dvd service does like I understand that you have to. There's kind of a good blog posts about the possibility that this might be okay on both sides of the table dot com blog. One of the things He points out is that Netflix is caught with innovators dilemma. They don't want to sit still and watch competitors -- them -- watch the market pass them by because they did innovate they created a new market. But -- can't die by that new market. And that is true that makes sense they have to -- -- -- streaming -- coming along and they have to adapt to that but did take. Your most well known brand. And -- that them and your most successful brand still and make that one is spin off into a separate company so that you're trying to push the lion share of your consumers. On to another website now it's the change that's the problem you can't make. -- you can have you can have discreet business units. That exists under the umbrella of one company you don't have to create a whole new company with -- -- CEO they've got like a welcome message from the new CEO. You could just have a tablet. And make it clear to cut stick to your shareholders that he's into discrete companies that they have their own. Accountable you know the dvd -- is accountable to -- the -- -- accountable differently. This just doesn't. Mean to parallel web -- -- it's just yet it's not indefinitely -- canceling. It's silly also in addition that when -- were gone last week Netflix reported that one million subscribers had left the Netflix service and their shares dropped 19%. Now they did a breakdown on in articles of where those subscribers laughed and from the dvd side. 800 now subscribers left their wares on the streaming side. Only 200000 left and we know dvd is not going to die but it. By splitting this. It's it's hard to -- if it's getting for consumers right now but at least for a subscription base. People are some people aren't after the changes people are leaving -- -- As much -- and by -- this dvd group it's not like they expect dvds. To grope percent. From their business side rate. Yet no right now known not mean they're they're spinning it off in Q. -- kind of putting -- lets you going to -- and in future yes it I mean they're spinning it off and something that when it when they get so. To be fair if you're gonna split your company. Into two distinct brands. Ensure you wanna keep the brand equity with a -- with the product that you think is going to survive and that is the streaming product Berkshire. The problem is. That they're so obviously declaring the death of other business that it doesn't -- it doesn't create a lot of confidence in the consumer relic OEMs -- -- is going to be great. We'll know one that you know one -- -- is waiting to die. You know like -- wouldn't really want to be this sick up in the attic which is essential secrets are in our into the -- until it finally if just. But that the idea of making it so consumer unfriendly and him of making -- website. There's a really need -- easily drops off and you know we've -- A more than -- -- we've seen how consumers react on the Internet. We want as friction -- of an experience and that's why we like using certain services or get mad when service -- stopped doing that. Whether it's an ease of payment -- ease of use. If your time -- all the so now we have to create two separate queues meant as those independently of each other that's for those people that so those plans but like I don't wanna do that. I already have everything set up the way I wanted to be set up. I do is actually -- don't -- there are still people who are doing double threat like -- trying to force this transition. You either are you're either geek you're -- with us or you're against us -- -- dvd or your streaming and it's like. Look people still need both because the streaming catalogs still sucks like the one elephant the impact the stinking carcass of the elephant in the room at this point. Is the streaming catalog and He is not addressing that in Iran in an acceptable way but there's no way for you push people into this this. Forced separation. Or the totally. It adequate experience of managing to queues on two different web sites without. Really talking honestly about how He planned to increased -- cattle now. -- -- -- For now still. There's there's zero reason for me to either of these services. It's not gonna spend the time. And -- you know what it would I'm still waiting to hear -- good news from Netflix. This the second half of the year now it's all been negative yeah where's you know they do continue to tell us and we. We say this every time we talk about Netflix right where is the new contents at least it can make us feel a little better about what's been going on but -- explain this. Wouldn't have been nice is it oh and in addition the -- is we've locked down two or three new content deals -- but no. Or here -- the ten steps that -- taking or here's an explanation of why we still have such a crappy streaming -- on you know I mean they're just not they've never been transparent about that. And I don't even care if they lay the blame right at the feet of the company the content companies like at least be honest. -- could have this is an opportunity for them to at least make consumers a little more of -- aware of the fact that. It's really the content companies that are handcuffing them they've never had a chance to do that even in their past messages and now and when I talked to people outside. You know friends about Netflix they always -- -- complaint. Why does Netflix -- -- only you guys thing is it's the content companies that are making this service -- but Netflix has never taken that stance yet. Yeah and I understand that maybe they feel like they can't maybe they -- -- -- abusive relationship -- technical and you know but the fact is like. What are you gonna do IE in -- let our unit stay silent and -- your business dyeing your customers turn on you this film like this is starting to -- the biggest. And here's the thing right you could even argue from a logical perspective reached the one -- -- At that like we mentioned on both sides of the table dot com is trying to argue that it is the good thing long term. That may be it's not the worst idea ever did it it makes sense to seem to which -- the market's going -- all -- none of that matters to customers -- you. Like none of it doesn't matter how smart it is that could actually be strategically for it genius. But it doesn't matter because at this point Netflix customers hate Netflix -- it's starting to be like one of the biggest flame out Eckstein in the tech industry like this is -- an amazing company. But people just love like six months -- -- it was the only elementary you know the that they can have an -- that even when they're streaming library was not so hot -- rate is still have the love and the benefit of the doubt yes. Now everyone just -- Now things they're doing people in a reality check -- -- likely. Quite like to why am I doing this now its -- and nothing -- now. Support -- interest in -- CE let's see Netflix is next quarter's earnings because. Netflix did say they expected arms on the subscriber rates to drop off -- -- And that they would resume his normal kind of on their trajectory for their earnings I'm very curious to see what happens in the next quarter after this bomb dropped -- will. You know will you users. -- and listeners are hearing now are you guys still on board does this make you more said do you not care because maybe you guys only -- streaming but I'm sure there's plenty of people that analyst -- But even became more inflamed by what does -- It it's gotta read the comments -- on the -- it's a desert it's absurd though it's -- they're turning off the people that love them the most. They really are that's the problem telling someone of the -- and to send -- this -- -- -- each -- You know -- -- that it was this huge flame out but in a way yes because -- at least trickled away. Like follow the Roman empires out rightly -- how did it happen a little bit slowly HP's -- -- in in the Blu-ray this is like Netflix went from. -- tainted drug addict in three weeks flat. And it's a lot it's a lot more dramatic when this is a company that. -- is safe to say had some sort of emotional connection with its users. In a lot of brands don't have that. And when you start severing that it. That hurts you long term long term again and again and I captured it from a purely sort of semantic perspective that the apology is. New and I just looked at the Netflix stock and and it's going. Down totaling noon today albatross dropped like 90% last week another 4% now. -- by. Its -- to. I -- and this. Indeed the real anyway let us know what you think we definitely want to hear more of your thoughts and -- -- we have some reactions already that we rule gets you into an analyst Nathan. -- we could talk about the salted but we're not really good gonna take a quick break but I do you wanna point out the -- treated mean that's very funny response from -- the -- that would CEO. But a response and Google plus that just had a great idea we should split up or -- businesses. Deals dot -- will outgrow my loot and old -- will now provides Napster. That's still in a guy hey X. I mean certainly there but. It's. Quick start did we we didn't even mention that this they're quick -- quick -- Twitter handle is already being used all -- hello hello art the best part of this I can't believe I think you were named. The best part of this story is twitter.com slash quick -- which I will warn you now is not paperwork or children with. I know I don't know what's wrong with this person but it is Apple emblematic of the youth of America world due to turn your speakers down you might wanna put term in your mouse on -- both quick stir occasionally W I came as TER. Via cute sorry cute W I case yet. The donor Saturday that we can show that on screen that not not -- -- The key to treat a couple -- and can't put together sentence without at least seven customer base -- the Blunkett for example He retreated 1970 He just three's level -- 25 -- original -- on the iPhone. Click a link to join my gang is almost market. -- in dealing with -- you know aren't just for -- and that's that this case you're wondering if this was a well thought out decision making process. Still -- went -- one has only together as far as twitter.com is better than that -- actually might be a genius He. Those. Efforts is gonna wanna buy that Twitter account right. Clicks there might have a whole new stream of income for his. Extracurricular. Activities and moving forward and I believe mobile employees get a lot of heat tweets I -- and some of the media -- -- Matt hymns and certainly not quite every connecting -- are either they assume that Netflix are -- or they think it's animal areas. And every time it entries in the early 2000 followers and -- -- -- -- -- -- There still an ultra -- -- they -- -- them. Also in top tweets. Like the best to -- that I've seen in response that they actually came from -- carbon her producer here at T and TV -- does threat. On Netflix it's like you stepped in dog -- in your wiping your shoes off onto your pants and what you need is a hosts. Take a deep breath focused. Maybe that make up the tab instead -- I mean quick -- has no brand cachet. Now none whatsoever. Thing with stir and it doesn't have any -- caching anyway. I do think you Britain brand -- testing and a name that came from 1980 five's -- but how bad things -- -- -- And. Opinions. And -- into -- big break when we come back. Google may be we will all be rock maybe it's so easy for us to sit -- an attack but we in charge of Netflix no that's not our job. Is there to talk about it -- about it. Terry it. -- critics alienate critics argue -- Narrative of the -- I literally have back it -- like about Google wallet. Pirates in governments. And could -- in talks with Comcast and Verizon about Xbox TV film shot -- an act. Welcome back to -- out loud speaker -- The year. And on I'm not gonna handle now on that's pretty accurate at it's about time toiletries -- get some line. -- credit line item -- -- notice how the shows has been a different beast. With the beat him here. Notice we we we will everyone here needs to give him a big we limits even -- about common -- -- -- -- for you because you know how it. But -- guys who did wanna coming back from the break we did wanna remind you. In -- some side knows that this is our last official. -- -- week of daily shows a week of daily shows after this week. On we will be moving to Thursdays at 10 AM it'll be a weekly show everyone will be here and will be about an hour show Deborah -- and probably more. But -- which wanted to remind you guys you know it's been lists meet the kind of broke the news -- -- -- has learned you -- to the acceptance. Phase -- its anti got packed in here and -- an -- and acceptance. And it'll all be getting. We -- -- -- and felt that wounded earth. I wanna remind you because I know that I know that no matter -- -- because it is hard to keep up of The Daily Show. That it's possible that on -- next Monday it will get notes that -- where -- -- show me so we wanna -- just. Keep messaging that can be as transparent as we end -- about her about our highly unpopular teams and. Armed by going to a weekly service will also add more content we won't be taking away content. In our contractual obligations with there. Content dealer deals that they'll still be in place. And we really actually we do hope to continue to bring you more and higher quality streaming content here in the nineteen. And one thing we're not changing the name we're not dividing into buzz out loud and buzz out loud or lesser now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- need a little. -- a lapel. Bolster public around they can go exactly how they're gonna hemorrhoids and -- okay. Back to the show that his day blurred -- the today. Back to show guys Google wallet confirmed that -- might be launching someone -- a little later today or sometime this week. According to -- -- home they've actually spotted. Global wallet point of sale display is right here locally at Peet's Coffee just -- the corner excellent yeah so omelet there'll be more to follow but. The Google -- service the first at least NFC. Payment service with phones here in the US -- -- in limited retail -- locations but. Very cool and then from here it's launching only on Sprint's on the sprint nexus that's correct -- whichever nexus acts yes -- so take it out I want that. I'm excited for -- nexus S is actually really nice phone via. And keyboard works on -- your Droid -- you do. -- like a lot of let me -- I am ready to take on the euros in my pocket that I have not changed back into money yet and just go and find do not mystery given to them and be like to match your iPhone or begins on -- If I am on my last I met my wit's end -- -- what happened now there's some. Jack and software bug that is big or doesn't work anymore. The work -- you try to type in any keyboard doesn't -- -- and pauses no words come out in it and now I know. I know all I know that this can lead to make things about Windows Phone 7 and running care the Droid X is the biggest POS I have -- you. -- and you're still use -- -- and during the week when you're -- I did say that I'm pretty share. No Italians and theater not -- should tong -- lastly said the mall is gonna be an iPhone violence is keep the real. You're ciskei period figured it out and actually it's pretty penny to a desert is -- -- is our sound is do I hear the nearest store. -- you gonna have a storm coming got a problem. And -- the -- In the month of October 2000 and -- You may be right actually because I got a the tip on the airplane actually from the guy and I can in -- and whose son works on Android at Google. And -- and that the and this was a blow to all of those who were -- -- -- commander and instead of -- access time is not coming to a number. Which was the original -- there were -- But they were gonna move it up because the iPhone I was coming sooner -- makes them within a -- and -- I certainly hope they do but I'm not I am not. Using -- -- -- until the summer. You know that I first until it to use my iPhone four for just a day I think -- -- -- wanna go on -- in the store right now. And -- use for a week in Europe Blackberry. -- loved it. And that hackers know about Blackberry. Got even out and the little mechanical key made the -- that it is a war connected to. I could take in the -- -- and -- -- to type whatever it takes to grow your emails as long as you want it's I could I could make phone calls it was why. You're not -- Public baby Blackberry -- -- I don't even now I did IO SX and that I hadn't come out since you're still got Apple a long hidden but it's a very excited addicts. -- fit you in OS and you. You have -- on the brain and -- them. There is a lot of there's there's a lot of pent up demand for and I hope everyone's asking me like people that -- an iPhone users. When is the damn phone coming and its its -- -- scary actually. It's got a sad scary but it's the reality of an all. Also -- to celebrate international speak like a pirated this is some really cool stuff. The pirate party snatches a seat in Berlin's state election. So. This is an up -- band of Internet freedom activists and there -- about to have representation. I'll see note one of the other parties the free Democrats they were able to get eight point 5% of the vote winning its first ever see in a state parliament. Another platform originally focused on file sharing censorship in data protection. But then as a group. They started focusing on social issues and citizens' rights. And they have now found a spot this is the whole. -- of the Internet at its finest. A key is -- it's pretty remarkable that they managed to turn this all into an entire platform like this abducting -- liberalism freedoms self determination it's not the first European success. They the original Swedish version did get a -- in European Parliament in 2009. But they attracted eight and a percent of and they are called officially the pirate party -- -- -- and I -- right next pirates how to take. Iron -- iron. Thanks a parent I Iron -- and some iron. But I. Good -- I a and it's and then in other. On unlikely up -- sanity. President Obama you're in the US did sign the patent reform -- that we've been talking about when that has backed by Google and Apple. It is it was passed any rare an increasingly rare in fact display of congressional bipartisan -- -- Competitive and it basically in an until take us from first to invent to a first and -- them system yes there was -- -- -- the hope that they say hopefully. The -- will streamline the patent process reduce costly legal battles and give the US patent and dreamer not -- Trademark Office money to process. Applications faster. You know it would be -- -- -- when it always sounds like good things all around -- -- like. We'll see if there's any -- little ugly -- that come up from this but other night you know. But right now it's it's all it's all roses also guy's Facebook. On the path to offer media. Into their website directly now they have their F -- conference this week. I believe it's on Thursday -- and they might be making the announcement where -- be partnering with cloud based services like spot a -- rhapsody. Which -- stream contents. But also stream it through their site it -- someone was listening to let's say spot a five and they have a post on the FaceBook. A lot of times on these services you click on it and then it forces you to sign up. And who wants to do that. This would enable people to. Get access to some of these content sites are deal looks like they'll be a partner rhapsody. Marred -- French company -- there but this is bringing in just a media platform directly into FaceBook. -- but obviously they have not commented or confirmed. But it would be pretty interesting and potentially cool I liked the idea that they weren't would partner with all of them instead of sort of -- -- -- haven't chosen service I mean that's a smart way to do it if your face but they want everything to happen on FaceBook. So you don't mean up forcing people to change their behaviors like Netflix also FaceBook wouldn't have to think. And on her face to face it just -- this point of comparison. Entities that also wouldn't you know we everyone was -- -- -- treating their own music service. Which would. Which would then would have to you know that -- to Britain to another group a division images. Make their folks want to give it to the services people that is part room rate. Open up APIs with them let them flood decide on their own and they only have to doing the heavy lifting they're just they were here can't you guys can all come to us like it -- -- makes it easy for them. Microsoft though there are reports of TV on the Xbox and and I Assisi have been swirling since what CES I think is when it started to bubble up. Now -- blog it did today is citing anonymous sources reporting them except as close to a deal with Comcast. That would let Xbox-360 and or sign up for our Comcast service and watch Comcast TV over the game console. And now they're in talks with -- and finance department similar deals so that ideally I guess you wouldn't need another set top box and -- just it would all come through the Xbox. I know it -- -- -- thing about this is what it costs would you be willing to do this because that would cut costs for a consumer and we know. Cable operators don't like that you -- that little do you read that box via -- and it's gonna be on your Xbox. I'm assuming there's going to be some sort of be in between -- -- Had to do this because. -- by getting rid a box when I save ten dollars a month Comcast is not want that specifically. Yeah I mean if they if they have a lucrative deal with act by then you're paying for the Xbox Live service -- Maybe I do think it's unexpected -- because I have always had the sense that that Comcast was gonna let. People have other set top boxes over their -- you know cold dead bodies I mean they have really. They have put the kibosh pretty effectively and Tivo with cable card in any other attempt to kind of like an upstart. Cable box so if they've done this it would be it would be really interesting and and that were the rumors before. Where that Microsoft was -- trying to launch its own service I don't think partners with content deal with which would be a lot more -- would this sounds -- You know but it could certainly -- Netflix killer. Or who -- killer or Hulu Hulu -- more than that with my judgment. When -- be fascinating I would not buys -- There would be fastening and then the content. Traders would then set a haunting to think about it -- its Microsoft like Microsoft has clout. With -- own content companies they're they're trying to bolster streaming that new. Unlike results is not just a pillow talk -- you're right that does a good way of -- and -- a second time the national debt ceiling no matter what no matter how -- the company is the content. The studios don't want to have a clear winner. They sent a set time and time again will they want to each one of them don't want -- when -- have -- be -- -- Quick stir activists. -- is signed me out. -- Edit lemon -- explore the possibility that and maybe your -- -- -- post and turn and former un. Illegal everywhere in -- be fact -- other networks. Also ahead of possible iPhone launches or -- Sprint kinds of its -- return policies are doing away with the program. It was their sprint premier program. Which actually is kind of smart for a -- but it did its. Which -- used to give give longtime customers the ability to upgrade their phones as often as every year that's great for consumers but. -- it's like oh there's no fetus upgrade from an iPhone four to the iPhone tied to the iPhone six -- They would like you should be used to -- -- Because you out because in the rest of the entire world that does not controlled by the in steam who -- system -- is the carrier you can buy new hardware and every damn well feel like it or not. -- that we're no contract all iPhone iPod is like such a blessing in knickers in of the carriers like today but it does bring to use -- -- -- list. It would do it. The cave they offered more unlocked phones here that you actually like. The would you actually -- 600 dollars for a phone well that you didn't you would have real pricing. Competition yeah let's be honest the pricing now I'm sorry I -- get a legal trouble for saying -- but it is flat out collusion I think the fact that. The fact that every single Smartphone no matter what the components are no matter what the tear down prizes. Costs by 49 or 599. No matter what unlocked is. In kind of -- -- and then the subsidized -- all cost either 99 dollars or -- 199 dollars or maybe forty and what they get cheaper than. I mean it's like. Those prices are fiction anyway so if we had actual -- pricing competition I think they would -- welcome. Any -- either way they've also changed the return policy is used to be thirty days you now can attest that our product trial for fourteen days. Which is pretty much in line with other competitors so. You -- sprint says they'll buy it remove mean the premier plan. That they'll be able to keep them limited data for six -- We'll see how long that lasts because -- there's an ace for sprint premier program that's gonna help us keep that a limited data. It won't it's like everyone's jumping on you know -- -- taken of your bandwidth and you're like -- -- we -- kill that. Beale air the iPhone. Seeing that terrorists. I found that high yet under my lectures and shipped in Sebring has not -- bit scared in two young male race I found -- President of Davy Jones block debacle my Macs I. Now -- I can't act and again I got a nice contract action and and arts and. Okay guys and typically -- the authors of. You don't -- -- in -- -- change quick hits the quick stir. All call. This the quickly -- segment are an old mine huge. Fitness. Amazing. Limit our -- if they quick -- hits disparate today. -- -- -- LTE network is set to go live today good news for customers -- live test markets. We. Haven't -- the release. Atlanta Chicago Dallas Houston and San Antonio all dead AT&T is flavor of -- strengthening their -- Very nice that -- also. HP touch venues and 99 dollar touch pad is returning to HP's employee. Purchasing program that's if your friends who work there still are there on September -- -- -- -- so. -- so on -- on that they we did did tell us how they were gonna release a new batch of these guys. So Elise and -- employee purchase plan costs meant you know -- thought unemployed. Are supposed to get a discount. On products on their flight purchase plan we've seen that 99 dollars -- like 49 dollars for employees. And this crap. Seriously. We gravity rescuers -- look at. But that it's 99 dollars at retail where's the discount. Oh my god you know -- can go buy right now. What -- moved onto the next quick and noses radiant and Amazon is offering a fifty dollar gift card with a Verizon phones. So -- it so a Amazon's offering a fifty dollar gift card with -- Verizon phones. The HTC thunderbolt four G is currently priced at just one penny Molly meaning you basically get paid 49 and then -- wanna. Get -- get the thunderbolts always done and -- and then spin on this. -- Amazon know what's scary about why retailers should be scared about this thing the beast -- Amazon. More and more you see them throwing in these like fifty dollar twenty dollar ten dollar Amazon box. With a lot of high profile items some and I -- shifting my buying habits now like even video games now -- through Amazon because they get 120 bucks that I can use later on more stuff. Yeah it's scary. Until and it now highly active Winamp and she's right to read the fine print very carefully on Amazon -- -- -- -- By yeah. Click I -- leg. The dying you hit tight on my phone. Like I'm not the only way I can respond to attack or send an email or anything is speech detect which thank god that that works. Because you can't keep on it. And then Droid life -- only will we use media software update is going to come today on September 19 but we're not answer. Ring of fire -- for infants and fix -- emergency. Emergency just into quick hits about the -- I recently had been I don't know if you guys want -- wanted at all analyst. Anybody come in a tweet from Alec -- -- wanted to address the fact that He did have a news -- -- joke. Built since the intro but at fox. Generally think -- go over so well so they killed it. I thought after just -- I was at Christmas to pick up as an iPad after Ricky Gervais. You can I do whatever you want in those awesome redeeming. -- in Arctic bringing back. Ricky Gervais for. The office. -- -- -- -- for another awards show Louis winner might in the corridors and I -- maybe that made viewers are bothering did tweet box didn't kill my -- are packing your which sucks because I think it would have made them look a little better. A little it's all -- -- human hand and and also on this is Stevens or a particular week He included a link for the enemies that. Seem to celebrity Smartphones -- a little we have just shredded on TMZ. -- level -- territory but it's all the Hollywood report. Well -- that so but it's been since we'll what is cool picture from that's Martin's course easy. I love actually it is pretty funny that they admitted that the public all the pictures that I saw was the petroleum Michelle and apologies for -- for our idea listeners. Taken out later admitted it's coming to -- conflict. And -- their -- -- party to into the evening on the photographs -- really. Crappy and the photos taken cannot let up but not as crappy as Madrid and -- on the bottom left is from person of interest. Local lodges premiering this week. -- That -- -- -- that clintons and I look like -- seats. -- L the -- journals augmented -- seriously. It's actually a cute idea for a story it's like looking in people's party pictures you know yeah anyway go go check it out -- on national actually -- probably -- -- -- probably pleasant entertainment began. I'm sure it was good -- -- mr. Alder we're gonna and this is so stupid -- we know that guy. We 500 there's an awesome story today and end -- in -- -- yeah. We're just spend in the show has long we -- -- It doesn't matter -- -- we Eminem and hanging out for a week you know we really missed ten days in a surreal to go out the window and Michelle mentioned back on clauses informative and educational. New carriers who. -- The good little role beyond those like us and Latino pirates -- come from and I -- parents I need -- line. And in that three weeks gamers. Have deciphered the structure and. Key protein in the development aid that is actually been stumping scientists. For years. There -- the study published Sunday in the NASA in the journal nature structural and -- molecular biology. Her for -- for an apparently there's this game called folding at. And it was developed by researchers at the University of Washington intern scientific probe problem into competitive games of the industry -- kind of game apply to have these problems that they can't solve -- -- the kind of crowd sourced it to gamers of the -- the people playing the game. Are not -- on I don't yet they don't they have no knowledge of really what's the underpinnings of it right they're playing a competitive -- and -- politics and they have. They say that in some cases people. And especially gamers have better sort of space reasoning skills -- computers and so they were able to you in this case predict the structure of this protein. Other retroviral -- is which I'm sure you've heard -- humor from Poland interests -- to all. An end and it's an enzyme that plays a critical role in the way HIV multiplies and impact then. Goes from the viral stage into -- syndrome. So they say that unlocking the build of that protein in the way it works could potentially aid scientists in developing drugs that would stop the -- -- from spreading. -- who said video games rot your brain. Seriously video games could -- Diseases -- remarkable. This is -- and it -- game application is a really interesting rendering out -- using it a lot in education. And their you know they're they're saying that after. An hour with a video game that kids come away and have better math skills then then sometimes kids -- been learning for an entire semester and her partner. What's also crazy about this is folded in not only made this breakthrough with -- research but it's also aided in cancer and alzheimer's research so. You guys the links there yes beating -- the article also encounters not useful to game. Now they don't -- and play if I wanna contribute to that I may not be smart enough. I can -- well like you we all know that people like the hardcore strategy games -- there's a whole way of thinking that goes along with it that is. Pretty unbelievable -- and this is just a cool story good news it's -- good news some good news. We have actually a little bad news though little concerning news. Concerning report from our caller first caller today in our feedback index. We like to get inside information from -- cause we encourage -- all the time so if we look. And some of your very passion about the so we wanted to give. Our own caller. Know some love. Sorry uses words were. Often listener combine -- -- Yahoo! messenger chat rooms and are working. Future Yahoo! messenger blog for scheduled maintenance. September 13 2000 -- web -- Console curb your more than 122 continents -- -- -- chat -- forces working. Your employees this network. Has been working since September 11. -- to show some pictures. I mean let's -- -- we know September 11 has lakes and -- but his -- was more urges that the chat was it -- to check the logs. Anyways that's not working and doing now we know of any media and Yahoo! messenger users very helpful think you were worth now -- -- for taking on that. I championing the -- -- is. In work sometimes for work. Our guys on the emails we got a lot of responses from you guys about the Netflix already -- and below and up. The Internet over the week -- this when it comes to us from our friend Michael as cats and Columbia Maryland. Administrators what I don't understand. -- -- sends out this email to apologize for not explain the rate increase. And -- never explains why they did it I was suspected him say that they had -- had to raise rates because the movie studios but any talks about renaming the dvd by mail business. That's -- all -- We're sorry -- so -- -- this going to weekly podcasts but now we have a new RSS feed address. -- apology. Have -- She heard Mike from -- -- irritants like many -- -- I -- up to an email from our pal Reed Hastings. At first I was furious and put off by the decision to split a Netflix and blamed the lack of coffee in it being 5 am. After my copy -- my morning work out a ginger realization. We knew this is gonna happen if my memory serves me ethnic it was -- or maybe Tom who once said something to the effect of they -- that Netflix or reason. Three had Netflix was eventually going to get out of the dvd by mail service although I don't think anyone expected it to happen today. Well except this change doesn't stop me from being very reticent about it I'm sure there is a legal mumbo Jumbo the keeps these two services apart from here on out. Over the thought of having to -- -- subscribe to two different services now kind of sucked. I am going to keep -- for now seeing is how my apartment complex just. Upgraded our Internet from three megs to one meg that's on typo. And streaming quality has taken a major hit and is that Netflix can sustain itself on streaming on -- for -- to have to change the name to regret flipped cool move. Anger and Ling now and saying -- and that's painful. -- -- real painful now are the song comes us for a body. Chip from Boston a buzz to. -- militant about this great new company I found. It's -- really good to have a sizable dvd Blu-ray collection to -- from the have to wait for new releases they also have an okay streaming service that was part of a different company. Until recently when they merge the two -- much simpler to use as you only have to go to one site also. ABC announced a big content deal which will give customers access to a lot of new release movies and they just -- pricing plans so. It's now cheaper here down the road they're looking eliminate the delay on new dvd releases to I think this is the best service out there. You know when you play the Netflix rate backwards. In makes a whole lot more sense I wonder if it will sync up with the dark side of the -- moon again. Love the show. Chip from costs. But for now it's G. -- believable and -- also yeah that shouldn't that. Well done well laid off them and then on a totally different note we have to send basically -- buzz out -- hug. An Internet -- holly -- who is one of her longest time listeners and a wonderful friend and chairman actually wonderful friend part of CBS and -- -- even when who wrote to us to let us know that her father just passed away. Completely unexpectedly. And and -- -- cute guy and CNET user and apparently had really secure passwords that now known to break. Anyway it's unlikely you're having a terrible time and them we're just really sorry we just -- -- and you wanna give you a little bit of the buzz out televised -- love Nina. But some of and I know that I know that -- going to be giving you virtual hugs like right now. -- Thing in their we're thinking about it. -- immigrant and we and move on. Okay guys -- thanks for coming back -- shell man's back and effects back in effect through the rest of the week. Mr. Keating will have computer -- In front of you for -- -- -- the question computers. Like emphasis in question you know we'll all be here so we're gonna just enjoy this -- together. -- -- What's gonna have a great time this week army guys to check out our show notes and everything that you heard about. In this show that -- dot cnet.com. Or if you want to youth policy 80616. 263 we know we're gonna hear all about Netflix it's directly raised fifty we want we want to hear -- -- line. Thirty to 45 seconds okay I know you probably -- -- you wanna go for like two minutes you can't. Also email us -- -- lesser -- -- -- -- Florida locally and out. But as cnet.com is -- you know dress and no market. In Q -- -- be back and -- data between him can accurately complete him and I know it. It employs some experiment is -- extra boys actually in the in the -- airport and there's like. It was like as long as you love me and I'm like that's so sweet and like -- think it's -- -- pants. -- I don't know. I have to obtain who knew. -- -- From Egypt and -- two news saying let's have a list titled your -- calling on dad. And we'll -- customer we will see -- senior.
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