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Ep. 1553: Facebook is now following Twitter: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1553: Facebook is now following Twitter

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The Buzz Crew feels like Facebook is losing its identity after adding the Subscribe button a day after Smart Lists. You guys really don't have to be like Twitter and Google+. Windows 8 embraces HTML5 in their Metro UI, while Flash takes another punch to the gut. And there's a reason why you don't tell Apple internal secrets. You'll be scared for the rest of your life. Just like Donald.

100. Today -- Thursday September 15 2011 -- -- would be just Donald bell. I'm Brad some I think -- new options Michael that's my life without that -- that's okay I -- -- not unity -- -- naming cancer. Dom Donald -- -- on my hand are I don't know guys in the house -- that -- subtle load cnet's podcast of indeterminate like. So if I shouted -- -- -- -- has transcended my microphone and been picked up while He added I think people I think I should just out little mouse next time. From here like I've -- Yet just like that that that we turn does make down because we don't wanna -- it's. Alright guys look at a buzz allowed again. Our podcast -- -- rolled on we will still be here all day every day next week and then we will move on to our weekly format that'll be every Thursday. Add is it 10 AM 10 AM Saturday in a I have been asked my producer I don't even know exactly and the Internet and if it gets here for the right items you announced via anyways they strain out this they also if you guys have a chance checked out coming out -- -- a live chat room because. It's the best they don't want to show its investment interactive show interact with us have find the talk smack in a correctness may describe -- show. -- Yes so you guys -- take that cnet.com slash live and while the shows going on on to the stories at the end of yesterday's show. FaceBook decided to drop a little bit news on -- and so we were able to cover yesterday but. Today we can and of course it'll be our lead story FaceBook introduces. The subscribe button and why it's the subscribe and allows did you quite a few things. It allows you choose what people like you see from people in your new speed so that's we've always complained about. I hate how many times. My -- -- -- activity on his game -- -- I can't stand that I subscribe and is gonna help with that you'll hear from people even if you're not friends so you -- -- subscribe to them. And you'll also can let people hear from you even if you're not friends to denote back and sounds like stocking. Okay that but it also in this thing -- in two days. FaceBook just announced their own features. A pretty much takes what if one of the main different cheaters from Google plus and Twitter and now -- it -- -- their network. This is a screwed up feature. -- -- its its its kind accurately named because the only benefit I see from it is being able to better manage. What you see from your friends outlawed the like gaming updates like I don't care company plant -- plant on your farm just like I don't wanna see that. But I don't want Russia to off entirely. So this gives you that more granular way to manage like your feeds from your from friends. So that's cool but I wouldn't call that a subscription. There's a word is Omnia the word is -- like okay -- delay to any to subscribe to my friends now I know you already subscribe to your friends they're your friends -- A little while. Okay then what. What is what am -- doing with it then. You know that I look -- outlook for and I don't even have to subscribe feature because. It's something have to -- in Q and that's chemical that FaceBook did that. The then I don't even want to. I participate in it because I don't want people randomly subscribing to -- Will my stuff in less I -- -- there's some again this is where it doesn't and confusion the confusion because you have to use it goes hand in hand with how you can. Manage whether or not your status updated the public -- more private -- just your friends your auto circles geared. In does it very slightly to a little too much this complexity of ideas don't want -- -- I'm not even electing had to subscribe feature and I. Let me let me tell the good people at home aren't wide -- -- -- -- -- -- why this might benefit -- calmed down now what you can do -- subscribe as you can subscribe to interest -- people like us here. Now what's that what good example is is that. A user like yourself if you would like to be subscribed. You do need to turn it on -- don't your profile and on the left hand column of your actual profile when you're -- in it says subscribe. And then you can turn on to features whether it's two allow you to be. Subscribe button data they possibly every word that wasn't all that and couldn't come up with the word -- I wasn't follow. Like. Donate again I think stock would've been okay if a bad leg I don't think it covers everything the way that they would have liked and Italy but this goes against like -- like. You know public figures like us have all created FaceBook pages that are separate from our personal identities. It's gonna say -- -- -- it pretty much kind of almost kills the concept of what fan pages were there for ray because now someone. -- -- wouldn't you actually one of all of the real person. -- the fan page which is typically. You know if you're a real celebrity manage vice buy not not the actual. And the stampede is how -- able to blast out stuff that I think are it is interesting got to cover work and I don't. Bother my friends about it who would rather not ever hear about Android tablets or any of that stuff. So that work. For -- -- it completely breaks that. Model why that was an attractive feature for users also the of the main benefit I saw from this. There's a real small percentage of people which it pretty much He means there's users that. Are trained to. That don't want to treat a fan page. And wanna be able to like keep my profile with my friends and and issue messages out to people who want to follow me but there's not many people that are in that group. That already have a page don't want to treat a fan page and this is a way to kind of take care not for them. -- -- -- -- I guess I know I know lets us this summer and I pay applied -- the first trying to solve I understand. The problem the trying to -- for right. Which is that. You you want me states would definitely wants more pub goodness and the public sharing. On on their on their site which is -- really kind. Why they'd be push out features and -- when things again -- and and their hold momentum is towards more public sharing. I am but they want -- to give people a way to. Have also some privacy over what they're talking Matt. -- this this is also. We talked about when Google plus -- we real we were talking about what's the next how do you take. Social networking to that to that next level feeling almost like version. Reno really a version 2.0 and it was like circles they -- your own groups but now that when you look at what's the next evolution of social networking. You seen now that sure people are more in -- more comfortable with dealing with basement but now. You deal with like subscriptions and when you post you can -- -- -- the public. Your friends that are your real friends and not subscribers. And then possibly lists of these smart lists that you've created. Yet -- becomes pretty complicated to. You have so many options now the deal with there's a point where you just have to light where these people say you know overly unique give you may be XY -- -- not -- BCD and. I just go back to -- -- just like kids. -- may -- just coming to FaceBook trying to wrap their head around with all these features. This so much of it is like. You know avenues in the public pages and fan pages and FaceBook groups and -- that it made sense at the time these little tiny. Incremental changes that. Just like looking at the whole thing as a whole -- now it looks like them. -- you know this was the what they called a seasonal launches and -- and they logical hold much of stuff like you know they're pretty much a lot of people would agree. But their chat system. Is now broken in crappy them. They added -- Google circles type feature smart lists which. We actually I like that I like that evolution and the now you're -- on this subscription thing -- -- you know back to back. And -- and like what -- happen -- FaceBook. What is in there we just got like a thing about how they're gonna change what messages -- we're gonna get like more important messages or something you have to going to make a budget changes in your profile to fix that. FaceBook loves to put this to work they always want us to work on our stuff and its its very annoying and probably this policy some killer feature -- limelight that private slate being -- -- nearly like select how you want here. -- your update status is to be. Whether they're important or not important or public or private whatever but you're not gonna get that may -- -- don't do the subscription. Feature like -- like to have it included high profile. This is this is getting -- points -- like FaceBook. Because they see what competitors are doing and they they might have been. Worried that -- gonna leave their social network this is where they get lost like anywhere FaceBook was really a place for your friends pray -- now it's become so. That's only my friend is my public transit people a lot of all of its its not about your friends anymore all souls like the subscribe button is clearly like -- an attempt some. How that Twitter like. Follower you now feature but Twitter is the exact opposite effect where -- -- They've done a really good job of keeping that just this very pure and simple. Experience hasn't changed that much or -- -- the little changes are like oh you can see photos now in Twitter or now you can you know. Do better search within Twitter like little things like that but they still have that core yet they kept right just Centralia. And that is that Facebook's -- the Britain Borg. Am so anyways guys that we know He. The chat rooms all blowing up we know you guys have plenty of things the same thing about we wanna hear what you guys think about of -- -- -- recent changes to really kind of implement or integrate some of those speakers from the other social networks are out there and try to make it their own -- it's just it's just messy -- just mess. So and I'm gonna -- and not not really a fan of what FaceBook is doing right now but also and basically news. We talked about these but you know going. Launching their eye peeled it looks like they'll be doing that and it's they won't be doing it this year rumors bursts you know thrown around -- -- ado about and 2011. It looks like they will be launching their IPO in late 2012. There are currently. Valued at somewhere around 66. And a half billion. Dollars. I wonder when -- will be at the end of when He twelfth. We will see as a moral espionage means they'll feel like it's it's -- this though FaceBook is gonna get uglier. Garcia and it is this ugly face get them and also there is they're so threading did you do all that music immigration. You know which is just gonna add more layers of complexity is that the whole piracy threatening you threatening it and we're gonna do yes. Are you ready. It's. So -- -- for their IPO they they say it internally that they really wanted their employees to focus on launching more services and features instead of the big payout. Thousands Larry knight's wanted to pay on Enron task ahead at is -- nasty and also on just an update because Facebook's. Chat and messaging integration that was compatible with -- At for a while to lead into -- Skype for a windows but now the Skype five point four beta for Mac users is also compatible C you'll be able to. Cross chat with Skype users on the Mac where it was at least limited for timing for the past month and -- -- so to what -- users so it's one of -- -- -- it's not broken. All right also -- update continuing with the windows eight in with news coming out of their build conference. Yesterday course -- number has gone up but Steve Ballmer said. That after the first night of launch -- windows 38 preview to the public. They had received they had over 500000. Downloads. Of windows they -- -- a pretty nice fat number from windows yeah and lot of people downloading -- that's not finished. That's -- I don't get -- again the test run we we are timeout this in our pre shown you know one of the things that is. Really you -- like the different identities of companies is a company like windows. Release. Releasing a product pretty much almost a year before it's even polish are ready just to get people's hands on it. And sure people might be excited but -- -- they grow as the propped his -- and -- is obviously we've seen Apple they don't release to the public anything. Until they feel like. All the bells and was living covered for the most part. Obviously have patches but then then they get out -- and people all -- but do it you kind of grow with windows I don't know if that's relieve. Worked in their. -- right it's like -- Apple is. It do it just works and when this is going to be. Work with us it'll work so yeah I got a -- -- but eventually it. Our economic -- -- only properly geeks in islanders and understand that that's okay but still even when you get something so that -- before its launch it. It doesn't. It doesn't work completely new -- -- okay well I know I did it as is or but I -- kills some of that excitement of this is is is good PR pro for Microsoft that that they can show that there's this interest then and just. Overnight people are like that that base of people who are. Still very much in the wind is -- Aren't rabid for this product they want to be grade. App I think it's good news from Microsoft I hope that it it -- have been you know as as awesome as they want to -- -- we I don't recall that we accidents this in the other. The past couple days but windows eight. It's not going to be specific to either Intel or arm platforms they're gonna make sure that it's compatible on both platforms and we know we talked about Intel's really been pushing out. Their new mobile processors are getting into that game so when does -- it looks like -- it will be compatible with that. And in other news about windows eight. Microsoft has announced that they will pretty much for the metro UI and web browsing. They will be a plug in a free experience. A bit and that would mean they would abandon flash support at least from the metro UI interface and more tablet touch -- -- -- -- In favor of html five support. That's as another vote -- -- not -- it's definitely another -- -- MO five. You know they they wanted this they say some of the reasons that they're doing this is because. It would you know late in the plug in technology would distract from the platform. They want to improve the experience of browsing they also. Say it would be more battery efficient and a line that we've heard from other free companies. I don't want a sample. -- thing but I -- that's. It's it's it's a big deal that their their platform is saying we we are not going we're gonna relational by opera web browser. That's cool now I think I think -- guy it doesn't mean it doesn't still sound like this is going to be the most battery efficient platform it sounds again as little. Like as a measurement tool there's still so much legacy support their for all the milk processor hungry applications out there and if this is gonna be a device -- and install the full fledged version Photoshop on possibly. Because the windows support is there. I mean -- -- to have that power but with that power is gonna come you know lot of processor intensive battery. -- we do want to be clear this is for when your web browsing with metro in the natural -- UI with their browser. I EE ten which would be you know like the windows. Though windows you're used to cnet's under that's you know -- -- running at the same time you'll be able to use IE ten with flash. -- I -- getting I'm finally getting the story now and but the fact that I'm only finally getting it. -- -- and if this kind of brings a late that is confusing the hold hold dual operate great news so dual dual browsers. Browsers and many countries browsing through the metro UI here you're getting the mobile version of the browsers can be plugin exactly the mobile -- Browser plug list price. -- Death Andy desktop version pluggable the -- -- -- double. AC MO five yeah they said. -- Microsoft said they really invested significant time. Researching this decision. They examine the top 97000. Sites around the world and determined that 60% 62% of those sites use flash many of them already have an HMO -- option as well. And -- on flash other plug ins were rare with the next most common -- used in just 2% of sites examined. So. That's the -- for. A Christmas -- -- okay also omelet is the follow up Netflix. Netflix cuts its guidance by one million subscribers. We know about how they decided to move -- -- was splitting their plans. And is they say they're higher costs if you combine the plans are turning off more customers than expected. The video rental companies cut its third quarter subscriber objections from 25 million to 24 million which uses a 4% cut. -- Data and expect -- this many people to to leave right off the bat. But still. I mean one million off of the -- like fifteen. Million that they've they've got on their dvd plans not to mention that. When He odd million that they're -- with a streaming only. Is still adds up to an ocean of money yes that is going through Netflix -- That's -- -- -- is not gonna feel that you now the lack of coins went -- the acting assistant attorney -- -- really. Really -- reference thanks. That you lost tales lately line now -- on the -- this and I think of someone diving into oceans of money I think if it. Yeah it's -- -- -- That's the matter while. -- also armed. With Netflix yet there this is -- a small speed bump but they'll be -- -- that the -- Obstacle that Netflix is really having is I haven't heard of any new content deals -- them -- other than they did get breaking bad let me let me -- on that -- one show is not gonna keep. A lot of the subscribers and listeners that we have that are a little fed up with -- the new content. And. Always hearing complaints of people saying there's nothing on the streaming in at this and everything's or leave more things are leaving the streaming -- every day -- -- Abbott is it's kind of like is so there. It's an echo of what has happened with iTunes before -- where it was like how we can't let Apple have all that power. -- all that content and then eventually they'll like the tried all the different you know all the media companies channel they're different ways to work around Apple to sell directly and and no one's getting it like whatever you eventually -- to surrender yourself to the fact that Netflix is this giant. -- in everyone's living room and if you wanna be on board you have you stand to gain more from it. Am I trying to spend millions of dollars making and Netflix like thing that just has your content and that no one visits. It's hard also because the content creators and movie studios and TV studios. It feels like -- they specifically don't want there to be a winner in the in the media and a video space and and they we've seen it even without their deal with iTunes -- -- with you know everyone's fragment with Hulu and Netflix they don't. They don't feel it doesn't feel like they really want any one service that to beat Allen for the consumer and -- why should it. Yeah except that. When you cut again everyone on board with -- -- anything you can get enough money off of being like having -- those people stream your content. Like all those Nickels and dines out. And if they out at the more than you'd make by making your own rival service then that's not worth fighting. But I mean I I think ultimately my -- would still be -- Netflix. You know coming out of this analog media companies doing the same thing that had to deal with Apple -- admit that. They're not making money they got -- hear him. Per -- -- -- guys -- gonna take a break when we come back YouTube. Brings us video and -- dean. That's chemical also. If you wanna know what Apple's been doing lately with banning apps we'll talk more about that and computer. That Fries and -- and notes on a MacBook Pro looks like one. True. Initiating buzz out loud transmission and. -- -- -- -- a gift from the from. -- -- Moved to initiate. Man that's that's -- boy that sounds to the beat box for us for the buzz allowed theme I'm pretty sure really -- -- to remember his name on man is its. Analysts say his name wrong term becomes clear that we're gonna ain't with the spill covers back Omnia the microphone and -- it was like. A year ago or so but He did a full beat box of the buzz out loud. Com theme song in it was offs He said it's like three of those that really ul be playing this for you guys -- we do we need to get his name again I don't wanna say it was here. I think -- I think it is Jared yet is it -- -- and -- in -- way back with that I. For some reason I think it was -- I hope I'm right there he's like start it. -- right guys back if they don't have been locked in -- Donald bell in the house with -- saying and -- -- -- run in the sheer oh at a show. Howdy everybody are right back to back to the stories YouTube is -- a video editor. -- -- when you upload videos now this is they've had an actual video editing feature in their test tube which is. Kennelly you know how Google does update there -- different ideas and things like that. But this is more of a simplified editor that after you upload your video. In kind of do some adjustments -- teams that built on the video. Basic editing and includes -- off the beginning of the video and the end because they looked at a lot of stuff that was in a lot of -- that's added on YouTube is. Not not the cleanest you -- they -- -- -- whatever they're Tim record. I'm realizing that this is now this is gonna be ins that Graham effects on all of our web videos is gonna be a -- generation of sepia tone and act like. First comes bundled with -- comes videos. That they look back on in the you know in history -- -- What happened in 2012. Everything went off but beard -- -- -- So anyways you guys -- -- check that out its. This new design -- -- again is only available once you upload pictures and photos. But if you wanna see kind of some of the other crazier stuff that YouTube is doing just from a video editing side. Go look at their -- -- stuff they've got some really cool things there. So is this different -- and testing -- -- -- like there are different. Different -- -- looks at it and can't yet to -- and it's hard to June 2012 -- -- yet convenient. A you know in there in a statement that they had an interview with CNET they do say. What uses are likely to latch on to the new effects tools got fourteen effects and fourteen -- facts guy. All -- that the little blah girls that is like the Americans nationals until like their laptop camera and out and how does the the sepia toned in getting around them is gonna make everything more dramatic -- -- Until time if -- analysis -- you don't know what what I like is Donald -- actually -- me this other day where you can who go to share video Donald L. -- -- -- -- You when you good to share video you could put in the time elected a type stamp. In the share thing and when you send that video to someone else plagues -- at that time from that early point -- -- I -- and I try to do that with a lot of -- videos stuff this is -- to get the overall lit intro crap compared to -- end of the video. Yes so I'm also with change is the editor. -- preserve the original video. Also if you -- so -- if you wanna come -- on the road. And -- you know I really like that parliament -- my camera was coming out of my pocket and then you can re add that part in the video. They also include a quick way to swap out the audio with one of its -- own licensed tracks something they've been happening in there with their previous -- and beat boxing and from royalty free music. Nothing and should license -- Google by doing -- well. It's. Our right. Next up in stories with as you can escape was allowed -- -- -- Apple news that's right. An ex Samsung Electronics Company manager test it is testifying. At an insider trading trial's primary global research exact James Fleischman. What it happen is this is. He's charged Fleischman of Santa colors charged with two counts of conspiracy. For facilitating the scheme where employees a public company's past confidential information. The fund manager clients like primary global be -- to what happened here is. So -- long worked for Samsung. Was at a luncheon in Mountain View with Fleischman and another hedge fund manager. And -- hold them confidentially that Samsung. Shipment of liquid crystal display screens. That they were supplying to Apple. Was I pat were iPad screens before the -- of the iPad was even in a really -- -- talked about. This was in December of 2009. He mentions in this story he's testified He He -- Where's that He was granted immunity because really you know they're trying to prosecute Fleischman and -- PGR but what He did is He said He freaked out. Because after He said in it on my god that it is tell you that we -- -- hundreds of thousands. Of -- means -- for app. He's had as soon as He spoke He realized that a man at a nearby table staring -- -- the -- -- -- He says He soon became concerned the man was an Apple employee who'd overheard his comments. He then get her -- if you haven't Siberia now Mountain View He turned his company badge around to hide his name and -- -- logo. Mac. After He said it -- -- I said. The first thing I thought was while I sent it to loud and I really freaked out. That's when I guess I commute here pants I think -- was -- -- means He was being paid as a consultant. By PGR. He was then later fired by Samsung in June of 2011 and He He didn't. Initially tell -- and when it happens He used he's pretty much been living in fear. That someone would come and knock -- out. But -- -- -- -- in 2011. Man and some conspiracy. Book fodder for some. Somebody else's when news like this comes -- this only this merely in stills more fear of in the whole culture. Of releasing secrets -- this -- the thing I 2009 if you -- where we're making a product Apple -- the iPad people would have laughed you then I can call it. Gamma that -- -- -- whatever they do that they're not gonna call the iPad. -- but that it was later on every was plagued away via -- -- we really call it the Maxi pad -- and -- stolen it couldn't help -- why He admitted that it. -- -- -- committed so the -- is that that's what's going on in you know little cloak and -- Trials He said Tom Clancy's answer is absolutely I bet there's there's some of them people blocked in basements right now said too much already that only Apple knows about. At a luncheon in Mountain -- -- -- -- if you know -- -- savings when you're so apparently that you think someone sitting next -- lunch overheard who's gonna like -- -- why would you have a meeting like that in the city that is. Half have made up of the employees of Apple. Or are friends with them via. It's smart it's a real smart. -- it also another Apple news. The creators of phone story. Launch the game on -- -- and it's still available for Andrew that it but they say attempts to provoke a critical reflection. Of technology. And so what it does is the game that involves a player like cartoon versions of real world world scenarios. Like mineral mining in the Congo reports of suicide workers at Apple manufacture plants and planned obsolescence that tech gadgets. And the resulting environmental impact Apple. Of course decided to take down the -- it said. Cited big sections of its guidelines that ban apps that to pick -- violence or abuse towards children. That's like yet and -- in the messenger. But. Is we're right at the -- cell hitting person downloads and -- their phone that depicts how horrible they are for having a mobile phone that. You know it. It's like if this is printed on papyrus is something -- in the neo om machine now weekly then -- could be one thing but it's kind of weird that you actively seek out. Some kind of app that would tell you how bad you wire for having electronics in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe it maybe that was what their purpose is right just to get the -- and -- -- dimension and on the show at the still available on Android -- -- SSL available facility has now. Also on the in a really cool gadgets this is a concept that we all love a little bit the electoral -- mobile kitchen. This thing can sliced diced and cooked -- surf the web account only sites but this is a LCD screen. Connected. But it looks like a laptop but it's not it's connected to an induction heat stove top. That's -- -- camping gear while it also serves at a cutting as a cutting board and a touch screen LCD into one unit. All right well this is the -- the cookbook tablet. All -- one -- how do you. I guess -- the PM Teflon coating on the screen. So don't get the grease on I don't wanna -- Greece a big victory screen. You want. It's all over the place. Maybe -- could come out they could be like a roll of He now. Active. Saran wrap that you can hello this there would be -- -- that -- candidate embedded on top of it. So you can talk with your friends who may be walking you through the cooking process. Except -- like the big increase lies on the camera and -- went you -- This actually happen I don't know I've seen -- -- things happen. I think this is actually quite this is actually when you look back in history this is gonna be like that one of those weird little missing links before you have like -- tablet attached. Star Trek food materialize -- that just. Arranges the atoms in the right order to meet you burner you would instead have to showing you on the screen how to fry it up in your cave man -- I know who should get this product. George Foreman should Wear like this all our -- And it and like. Teleport into -- television sets is -- use the future patent that figures the market grilling 3000 elected. -- Man you write erase it George Foreman can get behind a second see it being adopted a huge ass if you are competitive with tablet in -- -- That's a -- is called the meaning that that -- Our agonize let's take -- some replicates -- It's got you an alternate switch back and or I was there are you prepared for that I think so I can't excellently to notified that -- -- and it's okay. Amazon adds their ads to their ad supported -- to get -- Amazon local deals when idle. This is their right Kindle that support -- -- -- only 814 dollars it does not get in the way of Reading Italy shows up when your screen is idle and when your in the store. Which about the great idea well worth it for me if I was gonna -- Kindle. I got an -- instead. Anyways they'll be delivering those local Amazon deals to those devices. Smart. Pretty smart just a smart group behind getting back on track for their IPO. Some in October or early November. According to people who've been briefed on the matter. I was not one of them -- Also -- Google. Is but this has recently purchased 1000 patents from IBM again snapping them up to build its patent portfolio. To defend. The Android mobile operating system some of the stuff includes JavaScript in wireless technology circuit design desktop -- -- hard road blah blah blah blah but. Continuing to add on to -- Chips are right and then. This one this is this is to prepare yourself because the chief of France Telecom saying that the iPhone five. It's gonna pop up October 15. -- -- you can trust the French you contrast that. You can integrate disparate treatment side of the -- I don't you -- people French colors. -- and -- you need to respond to that's quite offensive. I'd say Americans -- at least trust Chris eat them and the elderly Chinese restaurant where -- How will take -- -- copy every time and this is Martin's mark French there is more Chinese people out there to sending email and different people so I'm safe. I'm one of them so I'm. Alright guys -- gonna take -- the feedback loop. Sometimes the best leaks come from -- tell workers that you know what they're talking about. Brian Chicago in -- -- -- tell this is experience. It but don't -- Couric Brian in Chicago -- -- to say I was in a sprint store today and I guess that it leaves lips sink ships and -- -- gadgets -- slips to about Sprint's secrets He mentioned that alt -- towers going up all over. Chicago to a secret to greater immunity -- not. In the boats quotas on garbage to sort out but iPhone is not imminent. And they have all the October phones in the back to and I comment there of course -- excellent it because Steve Jobs would never. Give them but not out. Anyway at Cuban airports -- government contractor and not yet. So look spread absolutely -- the controller in the consideration. Keep history and of itself. But I mean the app if the iphones can now should be and -- that the phones and credit. Just it sort little partner via patent just just look a little better okay. Onto our emails -- email comes to us from our friend of land and land says -- -- -- And if you -- this as I'm a few shows behind but whoops you know I missed on Google -- thinking. When you Google docs breaks every show and it's because of the page break -- because circles let me do this woman -- attack. Claim patient rights dozens of say but -- First I'm -- about the weekly show. So second regarding yesterday's -- about Sony being late in the game with a walkman because -- Droid X that's sounds great for her but as someone who doesn't own a Smartphone. This is exactly what I'm looking for a Wi-Fi device that gives -- the Android market place and a great MP3 player. This is really the first iPod Touch like Android. That's been released like that and -- tons of people who -- it just look at the positive responses from Samsung galaxy player. That's yet to be seen states. As far as -- it -- sounds like a lot but I'll be sitting pretty. With my 250 dollar spent while the -- paid one mini nine for their phone plus 2999 a month for 24 months on contract for data -- dun dun -- And 120 -- You enjoy that phone all use all my apps and music and that extra 670 dollars. That's the sobering. I guess I still have the whole -- -- IPod Touch deal -- this is -- -- -- I've tried that Archos has one out there and uniting and sell them Dell streak. You know five it was kind of attempt -- that -- It's it's also to timing right to a late in the game as everyone you as an iPod Touch like that kind of complementary device premised on it -- That Glenn did -- best. -- and -- is He saying hey let's drill I don't know if you've mentioned this as -- -- -- shows behind but this is the first daily deal. I've received from Amazon. Not only that I don't remember ever signing up to -- deals from Amazon. So if Amazon is going to get into the daily deal space in just push our daily -- the entire customer base. I think group on and the added deal services may be in real trouble. Love the bush though the show Glenn one thing that I do know is. Several this year and probably lot of our listeners. We've been getting some these Amazon local deals -- Amazon deals emails without like. -- -- subscribe to them adding even say yes I want these but it's part of their terms servers where they can at least initially send these emails out changes -- about. You do that. Also an -- -- -- California. Amazon stepped up at the commands in the Amazon birds get raised in the hand -- did you get a -- you've -- yes I got it is again at Amazon deal this morning. For a restaurant Berkeley so I I never sign up for and it's got enemy go with interest and -- might actually use it. The Godzilla. Pretty much it worked -- -- -- it did excellent that's what they want. Alright also -- -- meaning it works for you I I -- I got an Amazon local -- and I had no idea why suggestive but I need to picture -- music forty dollars off of 100 dollars with the framing -- night. -- -- 600 from but I'm like why did I just -- That was Steve the Amazon influence its it's power it's too easy all right this last email comes to -- and Chris. A -- to just a couple suggestions Fuller. The new format changed. First as an on its citizenry to be extinct daily schedule you could introduce the new show is cnet's podcast of predetermined -- As opposed to something more pedestrian as our long. Also. Budget permitting. It might be a good opportunity. To update the show's logo elected council -- Vintage microphone perhaps. They -- she gets -- -- money it has some great hand scrawled. The votes yes for those that nice one for crave got crave Tuesday's 120 you mean He offers his artistic them his artistic values I -- Microsoft paint. Make it really got me as a logo for fear of the empty the assessment. It was a hand basket I like and its two colors probably dead in red yellow light is I think -- I think I -- saw that yes it actually. And some Zaman a budget I thought Donald skit actually did that additional now that's -- eight that -- Our -- as. McDonald thinks the company you know definitely -- -- for every Thursday here. You will be a year and will -- for our weekly shows I'm happy to. And okay guys take as a -- -- all talking about calorie and it. Due to show -- people who are producing the show and a big plans -- that we're making up right now content. Alright guys check out our show notes at below that cnet.com you can -- -- I'll I'll call 80616263. That's both CNET and buzz at cnet.com is or email. Have a great there's everybody will be here on Friday rates needle in the -- for that. He's gonna become an in the studio tomorrow so we'll be here with us. I have a great -- -- yet.
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