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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1552: Facebook comes full circle

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1552: Facebook comes full circle

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FaceBook brings their own Smart Lists and you might not care about Google+ anymore. The U.S. Department of Justice launches a criminal investigation against eBay and their dealings with Craigslist.org. Plus, we experience a radio dramatization of Return of the Jedi, since the Star Wars Blu-Ray is coming and Brian can't wait!

Today is Wednesday hey September 14 2011 my -- -- even beat him. I'm Eric Franklin I'm Donald balance I'm -- song welcome to buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate linked as we trip over words in that we're trapping -- data -- today's episode. 1552. In the chat room. Live all of our lovely lovely friends but in the studio here we have Eric Franklin -- the dynamic duo for alternate -- -- -- yet. These are coming out its own problems and little portables that men -- that -- Bradley Mathers knows there's no around is around it let's -- -- it'll let. This is this is itself so we -- a Donna hand lot of destroys -- -- before we saw the publisher I didn't wanna make an announcement. It's two more days until starlet is star alerts on -- -- I'm just gonna be excellent care when and why does no one carats of for me this is not right apparent there's a -- early your Lucas apparently -- -- -- And you guys gotta -- him on board with its own I actually I have nothing to play it on would be the I'm confident player -- -- -- it right guys. On the story is just continuing on and off of Microsoft build conference -- -- down in Anaheim Los Angeles yesterday we told you that you guys get your hands. On the developer's preview it's available on through one of Microsoft's data center web sites but some -- a couple quick really announcements of support an additional features that will be coming. To windows -- Microsoft is touting their sky drive services this -- -- like their storage. In the cloud where you can upload pictures and content and it sync across devices that are connected to the network. Sky drive will be implemented into windows eight which -- -- -- and has a tablet device. As well as this is what I like because this is really gonna give them a big media platform. Microsoft's Xbox Live service is also confirmed to be part of windows eight days ago so this is gonna be -- music movies TV shows them right away on their on not only on their slate products but also on from. From the desktop PC side. Also -- to say for the record the sky drive is much better name and I cloud I think it's is cooler that's been unfortunately. -- owns news. Q well I think it strikes that have access -- -- windows live account I think many given attracts I have stuff my laptop back up so honesty and -- indicates -- known uses either of them connect. I say that to be fair. I think people -- the -- cloud just because they're they're coming into the iTunes music service but that might be you know for the casual person but will these -- cloud services really. Take off. Now and and -- well I'm only hoping for some kind of integration with Xbox Live. And windows PC games I don't have to like if I wanna play a game. Develop -- space -- and PC. I can have -- -- gamer points you know transfer over to my Xbox Live -- -- that you know Apple and segment the market of of gamer points. Both -- unity -- -- -- -- it'll it'll it'll -- and other data they did talk about how. On in talking about Microsoft's Xbox Live service how. Potentially some games might be able to be streamed between the two in the three can play it up from one device to another so you'll see him play daily PC from your Xbox but. C two like another -- busy slate device that I be more -- so -- -- It it's they haven't confirmed that aspect of it it has confirmed that the subscribers will be able to use like avatars chat. And also get access to a lot of the immediate content so that's cool stuff chair elect -- also guys if you wanna know what's happening in other parts of the tech world the US Department of Justice is open an investigation. Into whether eBay exacts broke the law and stole trade secrets while they were seen on the board. Of -- -- dot org -- -- the relationship they had between 20042007. When eBay was it morphed into like a thirty million dollar of investor of Craig's list. During that time there is a series of incidences where eBay executives. Allegedly asked Craig's list for some other information. Confidential documents in some of the data included like details on information on -- cities were Craig's list was planning to expand. How they're going to target letting go about doing that as -- financials on the company. What end up having leaders eBay spun off and created their own. At a classifieds. Section as well also misses so this is where the lawsuit is rooted in his if they did steal some other trade seek. Yeah I guess about -- -- -- this is what kind of trade secrets as Craigslist have -- you know I do like well wait your site look like He was made in 2001 hint that accidentally drastically hurt the people who want to hook up prostitutes. I think so yes the -- I don't know if eBay can really -- -- that trade secret. One no one else is -- at least a couple. Of Greg this is only site that's actually looking up prostitutes -- you know party guys. Right daddy make it -- my away date Saturday they remove that such. That casual encounters is -- avenue but that said it Ukraine via PayPal that kind of audience Hampshire this thing adopting busses -- -- -- -- see what happens and -- that busters. We'll see -- see how this shakes outlet. On at the moment that's what's going on -- eBay's. Classifieds service is really not taken off at call. Yup -- most some people might adding even know they had a class but I didn't have a song like I -- AT&T. -- -- -- Seriously. I thought yeah I got any idea idea I you know it's kind of -- -- -- in certain languages GG means a whole different aliases. Now I'm telling you right now is two people who -- So it doesn't doubt that that I think that is a testament to like Craigslist being this -- -- once you get their first thing you get like that audience it's so hard. For anyone to kind of take that traction -- this look and you know the entire like online coupon. Coupon chair you know chasing and everyone is -- giving up because. For whatever reason group bonds is brand is so. His travels all over the name basis in ills synonymous with the concept of free deals right I know but Craigslist is -- -- synonymous with the idea of genome. And an. Not only lasts crisis has so ultimately -- dating someone might have swooped on the media and have root it but -- been able to take over -- terrorists I mean it's. As rudimentary as can -- is it's always that cellular grabbing -- it -- in -- sense if that institution. That's why people like it because I shall I just now. -- -- -- MySpace tried to -- -- it is wrong and minivans are like guys in many fails where companies might be coming together to. Find some success or some grains and threads of success Microsoft Yahoo! and AOL. Are planned -- a team up to sell one another's online assets is a hope to grab more of -- ad dollars are now spent. At -- Google and on online advertising networks the three companies. Wells are selling their own they're adamant inventory to in other sites. These would be -- graphic ads that they can't either sell their -- typically turned over to ad networks to handle their hope is. By eliminating going to these third party ad networks. And working together with each other and also they're trying to lower and other larger. Sites like in light traffic to be a part of this and -- ad partnership built to be to scrape a little extra profit because. And I don't and I don't I just. Sounds kind of wrong or illegal about this like it aren't you kind of -- the systems -- -- -- selling each other's ads. And nine. Anatomy gets as you can sell whatever you want and yeah yeah I mean it is He doing it artificially inflate -- and the ad revenue -- what you can charge for an addict -- you like me don't have any. Like everyone's trying to get ads on our network because all of our friends are buying ads on -- insights in them are vinyl their ads to make. Kansans like a weird gentleman's agreement. -- one of the things here is there even though you might. Like it sounds like a lol okay -- we're gonna control all of these ads. On our own they are not restricted from still working with ad networks to sell other kinds of ads another another sites and whatnot so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- statement that it apathetic but maybe maybe it's like -- While this is necessary for you guys do this anymore they can't just gets -- of the middleman which of these ad networks that they have to. Partner up with to distribute their ads in a lot of places. If they can just pump money each other's networks without having to pay about -- -- -- they make a little extra money this is you know it's only place. Is this at all like Google is the Hulk. These other companies are the avengers and they have to take down the Hulk the -- as one of the avengers there wasn't alone He was fun. -- way to -- one and that the -- the fourth issue they teamed up because He really went all crazy news columns damage yet it team up to -- taken down as He was -- is -- exactly like that yes I want it now I understand that what ended up happening in the hall went back to the vendors did brilliantly came back and with what is that the -- that the continuity of comics Brian. All of you know this will become a limited. Yeah -- noises and it's all over the place so you know anyways there'll teaming up to get into the ad network thing. Now everyone cares about FaceBook are people still using Google plus in this room. I I checked them much as -- -- forces its way into my life whether I like it and I had read the app was Chevrolet and I still using another Google plus because. What's happening now -- there may not be a reason really to use it as much because our friends at FaceBook have now started launch -- smart lists. So what FaceBook is doing you know we had talked about this a little while ago but they're -- group been. -- creating your own social groups based on you know maybe the high school you went to the proximity of where you live. They're treating some of these custom list that you can -- -- to choose to. Post to or get updates from you can also. After these lists are. Made and I guess it's a picture rated organized by FaceBook then you can tweak them out personally but it does that first step of chain that first -- organization you just don't sometimes. That's what was more sturgeon optimal -- strength. If you actually go in and do the hardware at a recent on the figure out how much I remember when I had to make my own circles from scratch -- a -- with the automatic. Is back in the -- Google plus early months ago. Did you -- Yet did you guys read a story you can imagine how you were a little stories about in poultry my laser -- surges and as way to put it leaves He is really it shouldn't matter right -- -- -- I'm not gonna go figure out. I didn't wanna think about like how all my friends are organized and -- kind of like. These people over here are the people from my old job like kind of my friends list but then when -- is not the way I just pulled some kind of -- -- I posted them. I -- thought about too much of that by the FaceBook thinks -- focus it's gonna be other seal like okay obviously. You went to you we see all -- people have that same. Characteristic of -- graduated from that high school Mac layer that's gonna be ought to generated you know -- they could post to an -- to. All these people work at CBS interactive and those all your friends and they're gonna be the southern list that you could socialism not posting. But that I think that's it that's a smart way to go especially since these sites have all that data on user already they've either volunteered -- they know about you right -- other channels so it's -- went -- there is -- -- -- kind of one upping Google pleasant and that is copying that that that that that feature their kind of going okay we're actually gonna help you do this -- one of the complaints -- tell -- any -- our continent was positive outlook items there of they are going beyond the -- anything about this. I think it's going to be I -- really don't care He thinks I'm gonna make. Don't let everybody has got it when my friends and -- now like posting. It would be interesting -- to see it look kind of automatically -- come up with like every -- you've broken up with. This idea I don't buy it anyway I -- your friends with -- -- broken equipment and -- I Nazi friends at -- my -- except for one while she she really hurt me ban. This is samba avenue now on maneuvers. -- -- medical and I don't hold anything instantly anyway. Guys check out some analysts they'll be rolling them out by the end of this week they'll show up on -- and called. As tools when you post. On you'll see kind of a drop down that'll give you some of these groups that these but the street view by default and you can go in there and customize -- make your groups are sorry. Circles I mean lists are a guy I apologize. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We will be back in a moment know when we return we'll talk about Sony's PlayStation -- it will be coming. In December but not to this country the United States also Intel previous some -- -- -- of new up process -- lines. And where and what products -- and. -- -- -- -- -- you guys cnet's podcast of the it's imminent and. It's like he's with you might hear this or that was that's supposed to be his best goal of the worst that was the -- Lou -- -- Area I'm only known attack that answers it's as the caller -- -- this -- it'll look out it's okay -- you to write about it okay we we got the on the -- yeah. -- about conflict of molecular entity. Okay guys and -- -- -- they crave podcast boys hanging -- with this mr. Donald bell. And Eric Franklin thanks for coming out we got more stories we got we have more stories I sometimes whistling and realism supposed to be present -- -- now professional and government stories that we have our story -- is coming out of. At Tokyo Game Show. PlayStation beat unknown of when its official launch they would be but it was rumored that be coming -- overseas first Japan will get it on December 17. One of the models has three G built -- and it'll be partnering with -- T -- -- for the council's three G paid service. This is really sick -- okay so lacks -- on again at the sad part. Customers have two choices here thirteen dollars or twenty hours 65 dollars 400 hours -- to be -- that's US. But also if you the first 500 units sold. Of this device. Will come with 100 hours of -- -- three G connectivity. That's a cool way to installation and then if any three G device here came with that stuff here about what it -- entice people to tried out a media lock in isn't automatically get turn off by three -- -- Seventy -- I messed -- -- pretty close it's not like I don't think I get a lot of my shopping done early for the holidays but. And is. It was -- -- as a reasonably and -- money -- Again Japan also they -- a lot of cool games might you know free gainers marvel vs Capcom ultimate investment. -- the alternate yes with the new characters will be in there. On but yeah yes you know I'm excited about this personally I don't millennial I know you are -- that the thing about the idea for me is like the date what they've aired their marketing is like. You get these awesome looking. Console games which you can play -- calling a portable. With thing is violently is also looking console games -- -- -- travel all legal on TV I don't want a plea that other solid. A little small little screen out of one and you know Sony -- a TV cameras and when it's -- -- house -- a cut scene that I can't skip. I don't want to. In Albion on the bus it's funny but it's all about use case at. The it's always like for you it -- -- to you told me like -- commitment to link that you need that Sony helmet. Thing where you can actually see the screen like mountain from your face and it looks like -- a walking me through this thing yet again. -- -- Anyways -- stuff pretty cool I'm excited you may not be it's all right. Also on Intel's having their developer conference and over on -- the developer conference they recently showed off kind of a prototype. Of their first Google Android tablet. You weren't ready on what they call -- this is an atom may atom chip for Smartphones and tablets and this is one spaces were Intel. Has yet to really gain any traction is in the mobile market they did announce that they will have a home with their relations He did not reveal the company they're working with yet. That Intel processors would end up in a smart -- in mobile products. In 2012. The first half of 2012 will start seeing products with that. -- it's. It's Intel -- tablet. Android running -- it's a thing. So there is -- -- we you the consumer doesn't really see you just wanna. Each one a product that perform adults really there relationships -- the manufactures behind the scenes that's gonna make it or break it for them in this. They -- I mean this is also promising just -- extended battery life Fred that's the hope. For happens beyond -- -- that is. I mean you're also dealing with how much. The whole Android tablet experience hinges on the selling point Adobe Flash. Tonight as that progresses. And in the processor that low power processors match -- you still probably just. Chain Monte entity like that ad network that just keeps buying everyone else -- that Erica about it -- you don't remove an analyst at it if it isn't that yet. -- would see I'm excited -- everyone wants tablets and last longer. Yes also on Intel previewed a bunch of their new processor lines including the year low power has -- -- that'll be coming out and when He thirteen with. Get this up power efficiency of the same -- power consumption based on their chart. Was somewhere when He times less than the current generation of processor consumption trivia so appropriate -- -- there they were showing casing that also. There are showcasing an announcing kind of their new line. Of core I seven processors and that led to. A story by Apple insider with their it and they call an exclusive that says that Intel's next generation of core I series mobile. Processors. Are not expected until the second quarter 2012 but Apple which has had relationship with Intel and -- typically in most cases. Released hardware products from Apple before they vote on the in the -- -- to the -- marked. Their reporting that by the end of this year 2011. Apple released -- speed refreshed the MacBook Pro line. There were rumblings awhile ago that now might happen whenever it was like -- He just released the new line somewhere around march or so. According to this story. It could happen this year. Before the end of the year probably late ends late yet before Christmas season but not am not a time for now so. Before December 17 -- because that's. That's Britannica as the cut off from me think that there -- that I've already done electricity shopping on Amazon -- -- it won't matter it won't matter. Actually adds some cool stuff coming out from a -- -- Apple also in other Apple news Apple. -- has a sprint compatible. IPad that appears to be ready. In the waiting -- To be launched out also. By this holiday season. This would be. You know there's -- rumors and rumblings of Apple were you more closely with sprint. With future iPhone releases but this is. The iPad the current gen iPad on sprint and -- solutions which is against which would be a good thing for them -- for structured it. And just do scan on -- outside that we are about that could do it spread until it happens it's like you Sonia. If it's -- every woman excited about back in April but that's Britain hasn't. Blossomed -- -- We'll get a little more excited with these quick -- I can almost to -- How -- yourself. You know what I forgot to open the police -- -- has resolved in all right real first placate Google travel. Takes flight with their first product its called flights purchases. -- of the fruits of their acquisition. With the -- IT a service that empowers a lot of these travel services and travel engines for -- flights. This is if you go to google.com slash flights right now this is Canon. A skeleton what they're doing it's not a fully fleshed out -- fleshed out you know. Apple or feature yet but it does give you chemical nice interface -- Actually like it -- -- bare bones that it's not trying to attack me with Google ads that are trying to guess what I'm trying. -- traveling to -- trying to serve me ads are -- a get a car rental because you're talented guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- when ago and listeners as well let's go let's go to Omaha go wherever you wanna go so. There is available for of this service right now at least what you see in what -- pulled up an aggregated. This is currently available the limited amount of cities but it does it's pretty bullet it's pretty straight to the point is -- -- you see the airlines that are supported you can -- number of connections just. Yeah so I just like Craig's lists of travel sites and what you're -- -- clean and it is earlier this that is -- well rendered in like ASCII content and -- -- can make it -- conflict with posters and emulate the services you know connect the curve to the prostitute yeah no. Don't know about the flight also known thumb so yeah Google's doing this they also talk about how. This is the first iteration of this obviously but they're -- integrate a lot of different features and tools. You know if He -- if you talk about like some other that image database newspapers. Geographic data this. You could take off so they're looking to obviously add additional things on top this right now though. Not seen in its current state it doesn't look like anything that is compelling enough for me to say oh I'm gonna -- legal use this over kayak right now I don't think you're gonna see a swarm of people -- -- but. It's the beginning. It's the -- Now want that that the Google feature where I can print money first announced of the votes in place that can cause so much of the -- isn't looking draconian and -- hopes that Internet. Also a London -- SP this is sweet stuff early -- Speed freaks who really want real broadband won an ISP is offering one Gigabit per second fiber broadband. Hyper optic is their name. Because that's how fast it -- -- that is an eight game game that is it DJ name I had ever. -- -- -- Packaged this consolidation and offer one guy's been presented by order Stephen to give me the -- I read this story okay -- of one Gigabit per second fiber for this. Connectivity for some properties in luggage shall rise in the offers residential customers want to give its -- -- and -- are at Michael's very well that is virtually thousands -- but that's available. -- in -- and it is Virgin's medias which is up to 100 mega bits per second. The -- cable service but this would be amazing fifty pounds per month. For the service fiber optic. For. Each day -- ruled. Egypt. Also -- with you fall TV season coming up and everyone in the next week or so it is launching shows like crazy. Some cool stuff or at. For NBC's live shows sure those are small. Audiences that are -- like. Jay Leno are already people in the Odyssey mile yeah I it is harder is a lot -- of these days but if you are. A live audience member at either the shows -- you'll be able to unlocked and share exclusive. Get -- virtual stickers. On Twitter face they get you know they're hoping that by posting this not enough people really -- -- -- like. It's not it hasn't really taken off it's kinda like you're not the -- with it -- the foursquare. But for viewing TV shows those that have been at a location you're watching a show me but it is -- -- -- you can -- -- tell -- watch your friends and I have a few times. -- imposed by -- people like that He noted in a -- Arctic until I. So -- if it works it breaks genie is always the best yet it is on -- -- -- -- -- also. It was that's going -- the TCs and also with CBS our own parent company produce some cool things in our website as well as you know doing a lot of like. Live Twitter click too many things going on so everyone -- like pimp their shows see what can happen. See if -- -- generally care options. They should do something like this for like torrenting TV content. That's not an announcement of -- about a legal product and you're now an -- -- -- it. Picture of the yeah MPA will love -- that I endorse that -- broadcast -- -- -- -- is also introducing their web analytics tool while ago they I had acquired its company backed -- And now what they're doing is they're -- they're making -- available to a limited group a beta testers is as the locals of these are analytics. That first show you how people are sharing your content on Twitter you can also see -- picture traffic -- -- From Twitter a lot of people you know that may be content producers are even web sites they're curious about how their own site actually do. And finally concede how much or Twitter button that is being used didn't who did that at a -- collide look at that -- three eighths. It was tweeting -- planet Butler. So anyways this is these are cool set of analytics and adding that next layer it's only beta -- -- but. We don't know if it's gonna be free but they do say it should be -- available shortly. Let's tally showing the power of your. It presents yes -- -- Twitter reach yes you you've heard about that -- thing that. Have you heard of -- yes -- what -- this was quote it's tries to measure. York your overall impact or influence based on your social networks how many people all you how many people -- tweet interact with -- -- on and -- enough -- and it gives you Roscoe or. -- -- -- I have detected. Late in awhile I just signed up for disclosure and only gets bit if it's like the whole like how many followers you have -- -- club store. I don't care I have real friends real implementing -- mountain. That's -- -- whenever you're gonna go back deficit into a nation. And said He hadn't taken a while Allen -- check all dark clouds schoolers and then put it up as a tweet. -- announced -- -- just one more reason for me program. I -- guys you guys have a show a podcast that is every Tuesday. Every -- is a -- -- -- I. That is McDonald's like. Yeah so -- guys maybe tell us a little about a one of the recent things you guys talked about recovered. -- had an awesome interview yesterday with -- co creator of the -- keep bond question co creator of the original keep on dancing robot thing. Which was like an Internet sensation for years ago. When I was dancing display and music and that you know infecting the -- webs but now I've got this consumer version of it which is a lot -- fall. Apps like 49 backs and that's. You know it's a novelty but it is for anyone isn't an adorable robotics that that dance is worth -- yeah yeah He He response -- like He. It does look like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do an adorable little -- it and somebody else to please Nokia cool technology areas. Lol like I seriously should just come as Baghdad attachment for a boombox really really all that's awesome along and they didn't. Are they selling these right now her -- -- and its ways I can -- pre order them. -- like -- and analyze data need and leave you one now there's like five of them in the world -- edit that and -- -- sorted. -- -- -- -- Are you guys that we know others claim you guys listening on the podcast is called keep on KE EP -- and together as cute little yellow. Dual -- the consumer versions called my keep. I think it's -- -- -- -- this mean just like accessories and top hats and police you know Portland's western. Vests for. I got rid of it did He say anything as dazzling I don't know but I think that. They have got to a podcast from yesterday the -- podcast as we we did a really a thousand league in Kenya I'm. And that's okay we'll just keep up and results on the back the F -- guys Melissa got a few dilute its gonna be all about you guys today Cella. -- -- -- We love our lady listeners there is has not been one single female voice on the show today. We're gonna get it -- -- -- Sarah from Colorado. Talking about the Sony lot. Act if they are allowed out on -- content that. Knee injury -- Which sounds great except that are not what it might -- and it. My current eight Arctic and the Apple iPod you without -- Our economic well companies all my -- O -- and Italy are. -- yeah you're right Sarah you're absolutely right. The blogs -- really good. I did offend the walkman now of the voice sounded as merely a gallon of making back the audio quality technology in the house of places like exceptional care that they did doesn't never really trickled down to many phones. -- -- -- Just yet. Well we know we know well I I think that's a good I think that was the point to make the kind of got -- 150 dollars and -- the extra kind of a DD converter chip. On you know a lot dedicated walkman but -- Keep them some -- -- sold out the certain these are people. Alright guys -- mark in now -- talks about using face but it worked after we talked about our little poll how many billions of minutes. Where time is spent on its fifty -- -- five billion. Kabul to mark can now. -- to comment on the podcaster and it won't and print book. There -- -- kind -- more and more onto an Internet site. You're you're company would fired -- now what I'm going on FaceBook -- that. So he's in -- billions of hours. Calculate that eight hours and -- because I'm going to check and make sure optical and I've -- people shoot. I'm just in the well. -- of personal mark the -- you live in Mali and you update your company's FaceBook page for living you've got it made yes. I'm not that's brands as we get trader what was and we you can take my job -- -- Right if you're shackled to your desk and -- -- you know. Piano FaceBook updates and pretty horrible but only for eight hours and years the guardian I had -- part of it now is now between. Nine and announced that might also I don't like Tenet they shut down like 10 PM -- really get. All right -- a last call comes to us from an anonymous caller that things AT&T should maybe offer some other kind of rollover plan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- -- -- he's a genius idea and I wish they would do that and the numbers yet but it you know it even as a general or for data not. The people that don't use the data that much. I don't you literally Bennett rollover data wouldn't benefit them actually in over someone like us -- probably use motor or data anyways. And you'll get to fifty make plan. And I can imagine now linking out to make we can't bracken don't like stream that Netflix to our phone this month will will we actually build up all that data -- only use it to. Providers and stuff. An ounce of sense and it stops at a time and IRA guys here you go come into the emails the -- is pretty cool and this comes just from Chris says hey buzz treatment was in the recent discussions. About the changes of the Star Wars Blu-ray coming out in two days. Most notably in return of the jet island Darth Vader screams -- And you. Or saving a sign. Attacks is a short audio clip. Of that scene from the return of the jet I radio dramatization. From 1996. So Brock Peters who betrays Darth -- sounds like he's in pain. We're gonna play the sound clip select -- you guys -- students of at you know it's an -- audio only interpretation. -- -- -- We all -- -- -- -- -- I wouldn't. That's counting down until the -- on the giant. There -- it's pretty clearly He tells us that I'm going to throw you down the shaft it. -- -- Radio -- easily as I explain that -- and that's. -- Lebanon and that's the one with the -- and lives and the -- do not have heard you right now look at. Mash up the good enough father -- glowed in the recesses of -- tolerance. And He. -- Alright guys you -- -- avenue I'm all right trio here comes our last email this is coming to us from our buddy. Thanks to about it and then -- indeed the -- dinner interpreter. That -- Doing some crazy inter pertaining. To their customers -- -- -- -- I've been listening -- you guys from the Ares -- Love the show but -- -- now I'm bum note not nothing to do with -- switched to weekly podcast all the -- Last I was at the gym listen to Friday's -- -- when -- -- Molly says she's going to Denmark and -- I about dropped -- -- away well as China and pop up my guns to pull over my head sure enough I sat down my computer now or later did some Google -- And it turns out there is a meet -- two hours previously into opening and now. I'm north of the birds about an hour in total away from that particular venue so I figured. It was too late -- again this morning hoping for another chance but by then mulling -- we did that she was at the airport leaving this intercity normally that. But judging -- mall is two million tweets. It looks as if they'll likely have actually -- -- -- the meet up. It's. Molly was on it to -- -- -- -- smacks forehead it's not enough that the Summers like Leo -- -- out here the weather is cold and -- in gray and wet like it'll be until next June but. I missed -- is that. It's enough to make even a 55 year old who previously just couldn't see the use to break down and sign up with Twitter. My first tweet this buzz span severely depressed bloody guys DD interpreter. -- -- Interpreter. Hater there's a reason why don't. Feel. Sorry you missed most hated it pushes them. If our right guys and shattered yesterday as around under threat in the know I'm not to forget about alien and I would never forget about technologies. -- Anyways early listening though. We've done this little Stevens like -- Demo and we had -- you guys how many people who -- calling you. A pro I got laid a hundred phone calls and lessen my cell phone voice mailbox is full liked first our moment -- -- it was a fun experiment but I got a lot of cool calls prominent placement of voicemails we actually. Got a call from -- -- in El Paso and we called her back on the after show it but it rankled him back in achieved -- that works and here's here's a message. He speed and security parents yet I can't believe is currently hot and you content via word of Megan and. She's in a closet somewhere -- hit a finalist in -- and it is that this other guy Communists whose kind of funny -- out of planes use while he's from. Simply that you actually. This number inserted on the shuttle it's a contrary geared. You're better at tiger are you gonna go walker ridiculously. The current -- -- what was up. At a public the heat from -- the buzzer in your phone actually caused some friction if it catches on swarming him -- -- I got this call from a dude which is calling tickle me ten times He was is counting here's counting to ten myself I'll play -- put it altogether if. You've -- this works just check and first look. At number 22. Numbers -- in this -- -- the report them to do yesterday. They're corridor -- Whitacre remember -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't get dirty phone calls this -- have got things that I think maybe its -- -- his county -- program audio -- -- -- Return. I think He is account speculated his account compared with those that are those all the calls via the Odessa thanks guys and my experiment is over have deleted my number but that was the ring shuffle app for iPhone I think it's also on -- so check it out and it's cool in a day and it's it's on both platforms -- -- -- can. Enjoy someone counting yes -- Alright guys it's gonna do this we should this day's show. The old dot cnet.com is where He did mention at the stories call us 80616. To 68 CNET -- thirty to 45 seconds we. We we like we received -- how many. Fifty I'm -- calls we don't do that here. Thirty -- -- and Doherty I've okay we like it like that also you guys -- -- at buzz at cnet.com. Comments questions suggestions and 81 a Tug on the show will be there are so you guys -- -- Thursday Thursday gap. -- here.
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