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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1551: We all spend way too much time on Facebook

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1551: We all spend way too much time on Facebook

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The 404's Wilson Tang joins us today to discuss Microsoft's Build Conference currently taking place in Anaheim California. Stephen gives out his random temporary phone number on his new iPhone App called Ring Shuffle and receives around 40 calls within 20 minutes. Good times! Look for those voice mails on tomorrow's show. Also the Kepler Telescope has discovered 6 new Earth like planets giving us more options when we need to get off this rock. All that and more on today's Buzz Out Loud.

Today it's Tuesday September 13 2000 -- my name is Steven beach of I'm Wilson tang and I'm Brian Sullivan -- buzz allows -- -- podcast of in the terminally today it's episode. 1551. Molly Wood still out about in Denmark company and drinking and -- jealous of her and she answered and as well. Whatever yeah I'm just -- -- seasoned employees to be my friends right now. -- Wilson saying from the for a Ford -- and back to back duty here on our show thanks for coming -- we really appreciate it. Thanks for inviting me on those -- the ambulance to -- give us you know you ten have a pretty deep -- -- your voice acting Lois and you get a soloist. Wilson and listen to inference -- Molson today are those just. Either eaten into the patent and I reckon -- actually -- -- now moved via Internet on the NASA intends hasn't gone yet -- -- don't want that. It'll it'll play against as the bass knob. It's the -- -- that's -- Not -- endless snippets of popular stops listening and. Anyways -- -- Allison already the effects of the for a -- bleeding and from now we get stuff that stuff all right guys today there's -- -- lot of things going on this week in the world. Of tech and announcements Microsoft is willing to build conference right now it's happening over in Anaheim and they are showcasing and previewing. The first build of windows -- their debut in the first build. And overall impressions from most journalists. -- include Seth Rosenblatt has a breakdown of -- the new features. They enjoy -- You know it's pretty much like let's say you're blowing up Windows Phone 7 putting on a tablet designed this also can work on desktop PCs. It is a touch based interface that supports all the -- and it also gives you the option to either use the metro interface or come back. To a Windows 7 like interface. When you think. I I think that's. No they're trying to walk the middle line between the best of both worlds have to get that all this installed base we've got these all legacy apps. I'm good thing that I'm most worried about is. How is that can affect battery life as like the thing with -- iPad. And all these other tablets is that they get regularly ten hours of use out of them. And I really love like that the touch interface I'm gonna say it right here -- metro looks awesome and windows eight metro -- Don't know how you know like whether the rest of the -- this is gonna matched up with like the rest of the enjoyed and I analysts. Ecosystem when it comes. Doubles you know the one of the things that we don't know is when windows eight is actually. Going to become -- going to be released in it'll be sometime next year one thing that's really cool though for people at home. On they will be me -- the same developers build out their previewing and you can take up the videos will have posted on CNET. Dot com is a Adobe they'll be releasing that preview build at 8 PM tonight for download. So that's little helpers are no no it's open it's gonna for the public yeah. I hope the build of windows eight that there preview and is very early preview built. That's according to -- bodies when the journalists that was covering the announcements He said in every and people have confirmed that at least at this point in time. That it will be available today tonight at 8 PM Pacific time. For Dallas you guys can play with that now what's cool also is that Intel eight runs on both Intel and arm architectures some of some other things that -- or. Also. The Microsoft App Store specific to the metro interface so these apps that'll be running. On on windows eight in the match when you're using the natural interface of those will be apps that Mercury -- -- only approved by Microsoft. So it won't -- -- like it's like an -- like Apple's approval process. Well the App Store allow for the regular windows I guess seven interface -- -- legacy interface that. Known I know that what -- new features of windows eight is also in the in the App Store. Is the ability to install trial apps which is very very different than. Even the IOS App Store. The only thing you can do there is free apps or or paid -- so there's nowhere in in the middle and I know allowed developers of sort of been harping on that I it's good to see -- windows eight but I'm curious whether you'll be able to download some of that legacy interface. I'm kind of apps all you mean if you're on a tablet device on a desktop. Or either or I mean that that was the big selling point about windows eight. Is that you can use both in either situation -- if you need to pull up that old. You know standard windows kind of interface you can do that. If you have the option even on a tablet. I'm glad I'd like you know there's a lot of applications they just don't work well on it in touch -- I'd like to see if that's gonna be an option in the App Store. The act I can't tell you that I know that for a fact only knows at least in regards to the metro app interface they will be how they have to be approved by Microsoft. Of that lease or controlling. That that ecosystem and presentation but for sure through the window story should be able to you know download the other apps it'll go at least when the in the desktop. Looking interface some other cool stuff that they have is integration obviously was social meeting cloud services arm in addition because it's. A touch interface with the metro -- you lie on top of pretty much -- Windows 7. The ability for it to connect to printers and devices -- -- -- -- reporting earlier about how odd the they're using. Can -- -- more universal standard drivers that are able to detect these devices and -- more easily it has all the support. For Bluetooth and other accessories so it does -- -- baked in a it lead potentially make it more easy -- more easy more than making it easier to be able to print directly -- the device which it which is a thing that. In a lot of tablets are kind of -- in China. Just get the -- is building of that. I just like the idea of. I I don't think that the user anymore -- ever have to think about or worry about the -- driver I think that's such a big anachronism down like at this point. Technology software and windows should have advanced a point where you aegis don't need to think about that. That's what I'm hoping you know windows it will also bring in -- making the interface a life easier but that's that's something that. Totally but wilders a lot of users it's like nobody wants to go and dig around for graphics drivers -- printer drivers doesn't matter. Any kind of drivers that should not be in -- user's lexicon anymore. So anyway as I. So far from what we've seen and what we know. It looks great some the questions that we don't know marriage if fully in her is -- up block. Talks about like we said earlier there is no official release date for this other than. 2012. Ideally in time for holiday sales. Also how many windows -- excuse will we actually seat. And how much will windows -- costs these are all. Did the nitty gritty question that many you might be wondering to what what's going out that this is really clearly purely just a developer's build pre -- for you guys to -- check out and play and. Do you think they're gonna go into the once do you -- heard they still gonna split it up until like windows home starter or. Windows premium around in -- -- This is their samples of one of the things we mention windows businesses that. Corporations. Have earlier after kind of looking out what windows they offered have. Already for the most part kind of not turn their back on Abbott said this is feels really a lot more like a consumer OS right now. So if that is -- case and of course Microsoft can be pitching well you can so easily did you know -- with their business apps this is just the metro UI on top of that. And -- computers almost see if they offer some sort of business -- but if there are smart from what they've seen I hope that. They offer maybe two or three -- tops. Yet talked in like a lot of the features that -- -- windows in I was. Vista ultimate all and I think they were like twelve different editions of that probably more. I think should be standard features these days like people log -- to work over there VPN at homes a bit locker you know a good story encrypting your. Our -- that's that's something that everybody should have access to. The same thing with you -- -- network. -- what we do. I'd love to have those built in media functions built in. And not necessarily disabled I would just prefer that -- -- may be -- may -- a business version may be a -- home consumer version but I'm so tired of the explaining to people -- windows starter doesn't do this but. In a paid thirty dollars actually -- windows home premium. Yes some also just as a -- of one -- points that they did mention in their announcements. Of the preview build is some of the results from Windows 7 sales and a milestone that they. Had eclipse since its launch in October 2009 they've sold 450 million licenses. For Windows 7 that's just a hair over 650. Thousand and licenses sold each -- -- -- Is good about this more than anything they got a boost from the education -- with -- back to school a period but also the fact is out windows eight will be compatible. -- -- On its machines that are running Windows 7 right now. So that makes at least the adoption -- where and when Windows 7 transitioned. Or Windows Vista and Windows 7 like a lot of people had to have specific hardware but the hardware will still support windows -- which is a great thing if they you know for them to transition -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you buy today. A that runs Windows 7 should be over -- windows -- and I think you know this number 450 million. It has a lot to do with everybody sort of -- upgrade from windows XP to Windows Vista. You and you know there is a huge title after bit after seven came -- everybody is okay. We can finally upgrade. Win XP is seventy years old now computers get along -- so I don't know if you're gonna see the same kind of wrap up with windows eight. Hope I'm more -- actually in the devices that are gonna come out windows eight the necessary software so we'll probably see like -- a strong ramp up but. I don't think it at the same levels Windows 7. -- and over at a vehicle to see some of those. Home home touch PCs as big guys from HP from windows it on an easy metro that that pretty that's that's I think I'd be really funds -- That's as each is still making computers. Will a -- you can use your opinion -- touch screen PC. -- -- -- Also an eye today yes exactly also on going on in some -- right now is tech crunches. Disrupt conference in. We're not we don't get into it too much because there's a lot of stars like come -- believes wanted to let you guys know. That's happening and it's really helped birth a lot of pretty popular start -- last year group mean which is one of the group messaging apps and that. Whole kind of phenomena of group messaging took off they were born from disrupt and then just to mention kind of one of the cool ones. That I -- is really sweet from from the commerce that's been announces one of these startups is called -- is it called real open box. So let's say you have a gift card. That you get from a Starbucks. But a lot of times you -- not a silly -- -- use active card at that location. And so would open box is doing is they've partnered at least right now initially. They've partnered with about six different companies including like Kmart sports authority subway and and several others in -- working on more relation just but it it would allow you. This platform where you could use your gift card to then purchase other types of goods so instead of just been locked to a I know people libel and I'm not -- selling Anemia subway -- card may be even if you're like a teenager rate. What does the concept of having to give card and mean -- -- take back credit. And then use it. To buy something else like using a sports store to buy clothes or something like that that is really cool so that's these are the type of start ups and projects that are launched or announced -- -- At techcrunch is disrupt Cella you know there's a lot of -- different things you guys can check it out at their website. Com but I if there's always fun like cool and if things -- pop either. Now I love seeing what comes out if it's always like disappointing because. A lot of times you see that amazing. -- say or service that you would totally kill the used. And then it goes away after six months so hopefully it's this is not one of those open -- sounds like a great idea. You know I I always like yes I do have peace. -- subway gift card do you really -- But I just never go I'd never walked by or -- the times and I do wanna just forget. Just -- -- you know 2:3 o'clock am right. I had about what is at I had a borders gift card and and I couldn't I mean yeah you could take it online press wanted to go into a store I've had this gift -- like a year. And I can't use it because in the start another until it is on line and -- do anything with because. Their movies -- like blu rays are still forty bucks on Barnes & Noble and not -- -- borders you know. It's a blame but that emulates Yassin just colliding is such a -- it's going on their futures of what's happened in the startup world -- -- -- -- over to books and digital books. A while ago there is a settlement that's been worked out between Google and book publishers that still. -- -- and on hold but no new legal battle was kind of started on the outside where Google has partnered with a lot of US libraries are libraries and universities. In order to gain access of the -- and they wanna digitize and so. Now they're being sued. By the Authors Guild it it has equivalents in multiple countries like Australia -- -- the UK and other individual authors and they're basically sane. That some of these universities. Like you -- California in Michigan and Cornell. There digitize -- their books. And they're -- as they're digitized in this library Google has provided them with the copies of the works okay Dave -- department Google. But now these universities have been involved with this this I guess He called a collective called happy -- that. Collects all these digitize books and then -- releases and enables them to be distributed. Through these campuses the problem with this. Is that a lot of these authors. Don't want these books to be a out of control of the Google but also being stored on the single archive. That they really don't have control over that can be distributed throughout the university and a lot of this is also suspect because. A some of this copyrighted work that are orphaned books. And when orphan books are copyright books where maybe the author or the person who's -- who's written it has pass or they can't find them. The process of that just having someone mass digitize all these books release them to the happy just without enough. In a day -- day how. How much due diligence that they really -- to find out if these works -- Orphaned books or not or if they can find contact person because of her time -- an international collective unknowns and owns a book so. The Authors Guild is trying to at least for now. Halt that from happening. In an effort to kind of tried you also more clearly -- how diesel books at least from the university -- been distributed. I think that the I can see both sides of this issue being a university you want to share information. You want to you want your students and scholars to have access to as the world's knowledge essentially and this is like a classic use of -- like classic case of fair use. What I think that the Authors Guild is also extremely worried about it being a college university. And and a lot of young people around. It may not be secure like one day you know estimated to sneak into -- lab or the service. And copy everybody's books and put it -- bit torn so -- I think there's a balance here because we do -- you know our universities to Warner's students have access to the wealth of knowledge around the world. But at the same time I can totally understand if a guy comes in there with a hard drive decides uploaded to BitTorrent the next day. That's a problem. So under this deal write the Authors Guild -- -- working with their own settlement specific to Google to Google and their efforts now this is kind of explicitly targeting a limited segment of the public which -- -- students in college universities. Of how all these digital rights are granted to these universities to be able published these books. -- you know and global -- C will see what happens I mean the whole digital book. Scanning and distribution. For some of these orphan works and public works it's it's they're still trying to figure out sell moon -- it it's it's kinda it's obviously. A tough situation by you know -- you you want this information out there you what you want the war you know there's gonna be a day were going to a bookstore going to look at actual physical library. It is really just gonna be such an anachronism nobody's. I imagine. Generation from -- or two from now that's going to be the same as candle making. But actually going to a library going to a bookstore it's just it's not gonna make any sense to its next generation. Yes so they filed a lawsuit and though we'll see how this all plays. Out for -- one OK guys were gonna take a quick little break. Along we come back a -- there's always Guinness world record speeds and be on the most absurd things but this -- chemical new Guinness world record for AMD. We'll talk about that also. -- papers. Offering a tablet with a subscription. And FaceBook how much time's been spent there. Find out that little -- jingle but this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was that was -- Hey David heard they heard that they heard us just in the break I think that may set up the -- are high. Slated. No I thought that the chat -- couldn't hear the Mike's. They said Aden is that way to do it. Yeah. It's just like that it's -- that all I was like. That affect our -- guys. I'm glad we could got a job there and all -- -- content will be aimed at gay guys welcome back to the show a Wilson saying all the way from the NYC joining us today. Thank you very immune you'll come of course and -- beat some. Credit rent rent and those -- -- -- hot yes you don't -- not. -- guys back the stories AMD. Announced that it grabbed the Guinness world record for the highest frequency. Of a computer processor this record was set using an eight core. AMD. FX desktop CPU it won't hit any stores until the Q4 of 2011 but the processor was over clocked thinks -- the helpful a whole lot of liquid nitrogen. Thank you multi angle because that ultimately Google does on some. It was over clocked the speed a full eight point 429 gigahertz beating the previous record. An eight point 308 gigahertz and up a -- and have a little. Why are we gonna have a little live video clips showing on just how massive this is its its like a bunch a guys in a red room cheering as the as our benchmarks quickly indeed. And it is as zippy as you can get percent in the world record with the processor. -- it was. Over clocked. They did say though when they only used air cooling or water cooling systems. Mean they can get the processor well over five gigahertz. But you know you need a little bit of that liquid nitrogen. An elderly women might like it don't you don't like to -- -- its -- and so much you know like when you saw it at two gigahertz processor enhances your mind was blowing. And now this is sort of like okay that's great I thought they didn't matter anymore. And it's this is all I mean this is -- -- -- from a you know just for practice -- red -- -- -- -- -- and bragging -- -- like the ultimate over clock so like me and beat the previous record of eight point three and was at eight point four. To nine so check out the video lots of cool with the nitrogen people think -- -- harder -- Yeah it looks like a music video. It's -- are right for listeners that are watching enrollment -- We talked about this -- couple months ago about -- -- papers. And the Philadelphia media network was -- and offering or at least forty with the idea of offering. -- 99 dollar tablet with a subscription to their papers and their media content. This is actually -- mean it's a launching now and it's at -- and economics behind is it to your subscription -- at 99 dollar Android based -- it's a Arnoldo. Ten GT tablet you haven't heard of it. You probably haven't heard of it but it's -- it's a partnership with our -- they're offering 5000 of these on a first come first serve basis. It'll be publishers of the Philadelphia Inquirer the Philadelphia Daily News and Philly dot com. This is a limited promotion if you only want to sign up for one your subscription. You'll get the talent from 129 but it it does have access to other things like you know an email application a web browser the Amazon App Store on an office suite so. If the if you want to dabble with -- is a tablet that's. I -- and -- I don't know if they're gonna confiscated after two years though they don't outright say that yet. But I just period I think it's a great idea especially for people who you know let all the people who get the newspaper -- -- It's a great way to introduce into the whole world. Tablets and mobile computing and of trying to find cheap -- 99 bucks. Mean how much is a a newspaper subscription these days like it's 23400 dollars rate. Yet these are like that yeah -- -- -- right now for this plan because I guess it's it is pulling all this content from these media notes -- 999 per month. And then you have the 99 dollar tablet. What I'm forward about is whether these tablets like locked down today you know can you install whatever else you want on America's. The fill the -- newspaper will automatically get preloaded onto the Archos tablet -- I'd be curious what they can do other -- attempts and the other into an -- Yet all they do it's -- you have axis of the Amazon App Store at least a valid -- It would I would assume. Very she's very carefully that you'd be able to be you know -- -- other apps as well and so. They also they also include -- lines health wellness program -- -- -- -- -- gonna save the newspaper industry I this I just like the idea that their release you know. Trying something different because we know how the industry is suffering and pretty much you know dying a slow death but for them to trying to -- Did do something no other media servers and I can recall is doing something like this then. I like a Canada site tried AEU -- -- just try and throw some stuff and see what sticks. Exactly and maybe if they market this well enough and there's people that don't -- who wants there's not everyone wants to invest in that. Even a 400 dollar tablet 300 even maybe. 20250. Probably a lot more likely 99 with a subscription content -- you already consuming you want. 5000 people did a little test pilots. Sounds like a good plan I'd like to see the -- New York Times sick at the iPad or I just the Motorola -- one of those. -- -- -- -- -- -- 99 dollar. IPad with a two year service. I'm I'm on it and and -- get -- but when you're done. And may seem. Amazing its gonna cost like 600 dollars is -- -- creators and zine also guys Tokyo -- Tokyo Game Show over in. Tokyo is Aberdeen right now and we talked about -- -- a little while ago but to some news at least that's coming out of it right now is that the Nintendo three yes. Will be getting a couple new Mario games as well as that and allow the device to. Not currently only takes photos in three but you'll be able to shoot video -- -- In the greedy I now see -- and -- And there's also a new -- -- add on that we counted. And -- about -- last week but they're really trying that's gonna be hitting the three yes in December in Japan and a retail for route forty dollars it's a -- An add on accessory for another analog stick which -- countries -- -- Everytime I see a photo that it just makes so -- -- start -- and thanks for forgetting to put on the first cut and this is the right. An -- when I see legislate wise this is not to deceive the three He has every -- -- way -- to give people headaches minions and through. I it was in was tickled alike for the first ten seconds like while this is cool and and you like moved ahead like half an -- in the eye out not. And -- -- getting dizzy thirty seconds layer like this is really not. I use a slide it -- back down to two. 3-D SFD aside. It's like while I'm playing a Wii in mind and now -- -- Sucks. -- I'm not written on it but I was first impressed but then I dental treatment because -- that's -- about it. It's also a real quick go to gamespot dot com there there in the in Tokyo covering games such again games product yeah there's always a lot of cool announcements come out of -- for -- all you gamers listeners and another's point of view. Okay also America FaceBook time how much you guys. How much you guys spend -- basement but more importantly how much time do you think Americans. Spent on FaceBook I know I'm on there like at least today checking the percentage of time let's say Internet -- percentage of time I know -- on their whole lot less -- on their right now actions. When you're talking a month is an -- makes -- so according to a data collected from Nielsen. US internet's users spend more time -- -- -- any other brands. Four what is this -- dude this is according to a through May of 2011. Americans spent. 53 point five billion minutes. On FaceBook. You don't like it that number sounds you know fantastically huge back and curious -- count it because. I'm descent animator -- have a FaceBook tab essentially open all day yeah. And I I mean like this does -- count. It running in the background or every three seconds and I'm looking added that. I mean it -- so credit where it's like you're constantly on FaceBook there's no such thing -- not -- -- these but at that moment. Yet if the apps -- on the accounting -- get disease maybe you can read the -- page that I had exactly and I'm just delivering the statistics right now. And fortunately I didn't have time to Parse through -- that okay. Now let me tell you some other things from the port but I do know. So most -- Albertson blogs continue to dominate our time Tumblr -- an emerging player nearly 40% of all social media users. Access content from their mobile phone. Some other numbers of the some of the other sites and the time that He is -- right FaceBook 53. Billion. Minutes right. The next up would be blogger. Where you're actually just writing you know pieces. 723. Million. That's that's. That's not even close Tumblr 623 millionth Twitter 565. A you know over 565. Million and a Linkedin. Has people really don't care about -- 345. Million minutes. Who vs FaceBook. 53 billion okay. That should be Lincoln's tag -- -- -- these. You can see job link to me a lot higher and that that's columns and there's a reason why we don't have award writer reasons however we don't -- house but I -- milk. At this alright guys and of the stats -- gonna -- jump -- check out the little quick it's -- Last time Wilson was on the show He was like I've been waiting for the iPhone five for so long you -- like. I remember you like to genuinely disappointed that -- -- Eagle -- and since -- -- But we didn't even know sales come outside but you know it will -- I mean I'm I want title by don't -- your but I just thought was really finale you're. Ambulance use you want is an I don't want this and allow The Beatles as you -- your expectation for the last four years it's been July. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean I got my ten out there I as is its. In -- waiting for this day. It's like it's it's like July -- it was they'd -- it catalogs catalogs as the dog a dog or you would it. It feeds -- -- and it would start salivating seek voluntary. And every July Wilson starts jewel in a little bit. And like what's what's -- arguably you'll -- It's July. Anyways and it's my Christmas -- -- IOS five beta according to blowing its reports beta eight is releasing developers this Friday the gold master lead. According the report also sent to the factories to be image. And installed on their on their phones on the 23 with again an early October launch rumored. Can you top regional and announce them at that time about to leave the room to crafts I just -- -- I just. Also com Sony officially has launched details of the Android walkman that was a showcase off last month that. I don't mean the -- even the iPod Touch and gaining traction in I don't panels here's -- -- -- guys I mean obviously the walkman name as brand name. Mean something to us our you know that there and a thirty year -- something but yeah twenty year old something doesn't care but this is the walkman Z series. It's a one gigahertz dual core tegra two processor comes in storage capacities of sixteen -- their two -- to predict the -- -- The retail price sorry four point three inch LCD screen retail price I US it's not. Distinct lead not officially term -- somewhere around close to 300 US dollars. The sleek looking device would you previously cool. You will with the whole convergence. -- don't they just get an iPhone -- -- I don't wanna pay for a plan. But still I mean but there's no -- you know there was no alternative until recently -- phones are all over the place so. I mean I don't know I guess like if yours if you still -- still need -- single music device. This looks like a cool one but I I don't know it looks cool and are gonna get -- Laporte yeah -- by problems and that's what they -- ten years ago they'd be capitalized new walkman brand far too -- far -- to a point where it was like to remind people. I capitalize on the walkman brand like five years later than. Half a -- early Sony music please release the 87 believe that means only try to shake -- -- the mini -- revolutions the elements and and she was beautiful. Okay I'll also chemical report for quick -- The question -- -- how many pages. Are on the Internet will the world wide web foundation and founder timbers -- They've set out to -- -- -- figure this out they had a one million dollar grant from Google and the planning to release the results from there online forensic search. -- -- -- -- To pretty much find out and showcase. How many web sites are there -- -- the interconnected and how they influenced. -- growth in different countries but more than anything really its try to get some sort of number close approximate number. To wrap our head around of how big the Internet really use. See there's about one trillion. Oh web pages right now Internet and that is like way more than. Neurons that we have in our Marines to the Internet -- margin than our own human operate. -- -- -- -- only hope you get cracked and -- that's something that the patent and magna Donnelly and there's a whole limitless information Internet -- it's a picture idea and like creamy. So critical stuff it'll be coming out. Sometime later this year. And it's a five year project -- where they will be -- reporting and annual port. Based on updates in their surveys to get some misinformation was -- Internet users. ISPs national governments and search engines where they collect all this stuff to come up with their findings so it'll be some hopefully some critical data point let's see if. -- -- -- -- porn and you know on other things and a and I'm actually curious how you know we've we've talked about content farms -- people like. Creating -- and things just so they can get the SEO does that count towards that number is it sequentially in. Pages of actual human information. I think that the -- made -- crap that's out there probably weighs. By huge numbers on actual content that people of me. -- -- in this chat room thinks it's 90% porn might. Ads -- and you can I access -- left the studio when you went to attempt to compete alright guys Omnia. You wanna you wanna tell you about this next in an -- -- itself. Us so the scientists have discovered that there are six new planets out there -- it was from that NASA's Kepler space telescope and -- discovered sixty planet huddled around a sun like star. And one of those planets is that's super earth -- -- of the calling at the calling it. Because yes super earth which is it's as its earth like planet has rocky. Rocky two weeks now -- And they believe -- water. But here have an image of -- -- that they in the -- named him after after the -- that'll. Satellite there. But yes so we we talked the other day about the diamond planet. Buttons and other stuff so this is part of that in the say that there are all -- around Neptune -- -- -- -- -- So this is really interesting refining -- to redeem missing album probably a lot more that we can skate you need to. And I was reading this story. Yet yesterday in you know -- colonies planets -- huge massive like three times six times the size of yours. -- rocky. Andy and myself and this is where Superman comes from Writely it and -- three gets -- strength. It's a much heavier -- Kepler. That's the real -- right there. Since it's an island. Where there's more places we can go -- you think you think He says. What we're re -- this planet. Right now we also hear an -- yesterday we talked about you we want to use -- whatever gathering yes and shovel out -- I was excited about it it's not it is the right side I downloaded the -- -- lab yesterday after we talked about on the show. And I got a random phone number created its -- you get here here's the -- -- and what you -- my phone number but it's like play school. It's like a Playskool kind of interface it's really simple looks like -- and when drew with crayons and stuff. But when you enter your phone number in your email address and that it in the new hit shuffle and don't give your random phone number. To use or seven days -- you can also extended. Link -- and phone number you wanna use. If you need to. -- -- -- -- -- Examining give Al -- Phoned my random phone number my temper remember this is ring central's that it creates a temporary phone number for seven days -- if you wanna sign up for different things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And until -- ran the show. The numbers 415. The -- 66. 6379. Novel called my cellphone right now and I have my ringtone on -- here. An idea call Bailey new messages in -- when I get sick of the phone ringing. Probably tomorrow or -- it's gonna it's gonna stop these. Days outage -- deleted any time. I can. A number expires after some days if you consented to expire after seven days but you can also deleted like. Like right I -- right now for the call me guys. But here -- the -- Which personally. -- pick it up just tell -- and time again and only -- near the person's. It's -- 40401 -- are -- a -- guys while we collect those voicemails. We'd like to hear what you guys have to say no voice -- today but we so doctor emails in the feedback loop. Opinion of -- question. And I'm alright so does -- -- -- and lovely Cleveland advisors. Maybe I'm cynical but when I heard Steve and bring up that app that lets you -- temporary phone numbers all I could think was the this'll be used for one night stands and for screening creepy guys forget Craig's list. This'll just be dishonesty for blocking someone's number going to date give a fake number and if it's a disaster there are -- if it's a good went to tell me change -- number -- to show. Rich if you're already on the first date. You probably already gave them your real number. I'm gonna make that clear right now it's three and -- here is I don't trust I don't trust a common -- -- -- -- -- real messages. Reverend Tara -- that's -- anatomy. -- right -- Wilson are you able to -- the emails are now yes do you want a case so we did yesterday -- -- the Android is potentially mean in their next OS. Jelly bean with a letter. So honorary the first one and then if you can kind of static with mean -- Oracle's -- Right area hey guys -- the operates is that how about a little spice a little south of the border action I propose -- -- annual. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's still a little -- violence in China. And semi animated -- at least -- RA has got a decent demand out -- Next Android version will be. German chocolate cake from Karen Morris he's posing German with the Jay is -- and -- -- -- -- Suffolk okay. Next Android OS name should be jingle jingle jelly donut from. Yet we have allotted Toledo but like jingle jingle is a national donut and you know in the Portland they have an amazing place called voodoo donuts -- yet -- -- that. Certain. Does have some really amazing just like till they have the -- don't of the ship like a voodoo doll. And then it's really popular ever -- check it out as. Okay -- This is a good one. You know we had a lot of submissions for jelly donut the one I thought I was -- -- was how about instead of desserts Jamaican food so Jamaican jerk. Inch -- and. -- chicken or take -- jerk chicken aren't an excellent disorders and instinct is the new Android version of thou shalt be called. -- -- -- and the Jesus phone yet that it He premium a Photoshop of use with Android OISO. -- is that's buddy Jesus. I'm not gonna I'm not -- and resentment if not skills. It looks like temples of sperm is gonna -- -- some -- -- a delicate point awesome. Our right and the last one -- B it's a fruit and -- candy pretty sweet Huntington infant and I think that's -- -- -- -- -- like -- that sounds really cool okay. Alright here we go up until more emails to your bust you regarding episode 1550 I hate to be want to point this -- -- But there is a Netflix for -- in fact there's been around for decades maybe centuries. It's called a library. -- -- While you're really gotten away and -- interest not matter thanks. -- this -- also from here on it was just going to tell you -- -- Android tablet has made it possible for me to go cell -- lists that's award. By putting my cell phone number to Google Voice and and setting that up to ring to my Skype in number among Motorola's in my -- get -- -- calls text messages but Emily -- 35 dollars a month for the data plan. Granted a forcing -- to the Bluetooth headset in my year all the time. -- -- Button and Latin third of the cost of my old voice data texting plan it's a tradeoff that I can live with. Now I got it got tired of carrying both my tablet to my Smartphone with me everywhere I went -- -- -- a pretty much have the same apps on both devices. But of cameras I found that I was really he's my Smartphone for making calls anymore when I realized I could just drop -- altogether and keep the number. Seemed like a no brainer that comes -- -- -- although I did Collie blue tool -- only 35 dollars a month for data. You did a lot better than -- idea. Now the good guys get -- that reminds me of like the PSP. You don't you know in coming out. I think if they're selling -- version with three G. And I don't understand why it's just not a phone. What is and how it -- -- has -- own yet. Because I think it's because they're gonna be advertised features is Skype calling I believe yeah they do have -- on it yes. But it's got a three G modem and antenna and there's so why not just add the phone functionality that seems like a very some minor thing that the -- -- They could've done that though it was always hold it up like is -- all night. It looked like a model phone from the past anyways guy's arm Wilson -- -- coming out help and is out today those awesome. Thank you -- -- and done yeah I think we're gonna call today you -- holiday down -- are right so the old at cnet.com for -- show -- stories links and videos everything that you saw here. Also call is 806162638. CNET. And email us a buzz at cnet.com we'll be here back tomorrow Donald bell Eric Franklin will be joining us so other than that. -- -- --
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