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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1548: Carol Bartz? Unprofessional? Say it ain't effin' so.

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1548: Carol Bartz? Unprofessional? Say it ain't effin' so.

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The Yahoo aftershocks continue as Carol Bartz gives an angry, expletive-filled interview to Fortune and employees give Jerry Yang an angry, expletive-filled earful at an all-hands meeting where Yahoo tries to explain what comes next. Also, Apple upholds its reputation as a silent impenetrable fortress that doesn't care much for your security, by failing to patch Safari against fraudulent Web certificates and not saying a dang thing about it.

Today is Thursday September 8 2011 -- -- took a -- -- I'm Donald bell I am Hollywood Bob and a buzz out loud cnet's podcast of indeterminate length it is episode 15148. Tells us. -- It's -- Margaret definitely feel the weight of history behind us and Antonia. We also. We are feeling the aftershocks from the Yahoo! firing pretty awesome unknown -- -- Yahoo! for months on and even -- years let's be honest. And then they fired part Carol Bartz and -- -- -- you think this is Thailand this could have been the PR strategy like united and -- test out there -- -- They waited for the month of August which was very slow. To spark up the -- of the month of September. That's that's all -- waiting for the like there's this -- is safety supplement can't exactly. -- in the wake of her abrupt dismissal this week yesterday. Co-founder Jerry Yang and the new guy the new CEO Tim Morse is stepping in for users -- -- They had group they got the troops together and they tend to have a little bit of a pep rally. By all accounts since apparently every single employee there was just tweeting Kara swisher the whole time it didn't it didn't have the desired for. Yeah this is -- what what I love about this though is at the Yahoo! employees. Are pretty much just as smart as. Us looking out on the outside -- there on the inside they asked. A variety of questions. -- when employee ascent was somewhere very -- is doable one of them plays -- the board to give Bartz has ten million dollar severance package to charity too much applies. Who. In other questions out were thrown out thrown out -- them 01 of them was how are they able to shift. By praising her performance earlier this year -- then fired her fired herald sun and. Jerry Yang said things change. Change and hasn't changed we were probably lying -- how great she was apparently -- As we never -- as -- -- part of it sounds like they Yahoo! Googlers whatever they collier hooligans will the common they -- -- You -- and the employees -- Yahoo! for -- sometimes you just spent too much time in the Yahoo!'s in the Yahoo!'s they have been angry public for a long time about communication with an accompanying the major question they had. And the main reason that Yang -- -- them together was to answer the question of whether Yahoo! it's for sale to the immediate speculation. After Britain after firing was -- -- Yahoo! now on the block in a preposition. Jerry Yang said they Jerry Yang and most of the talking and has apparently He said. No don't know. Percent definitely it is it is business as usual -- and hunkered down and kick some -- The other question also is -- you know now they fired her what's the plan and they said they'll tell -- a plan in a few months so it sounds like. The firing was quite abrupt even internally they might have been thinking about but it's not like they really have a laid out plan that they could even tell internally to their own employees how they're going to proceed. Have they less the other that was the other question has -- them is like wouldn't it have been better for you to have had a plan in place before you fire currently what happened that was so -- lake. -- -- that you had to fire her without even having a backup plan it's. Remarkable and they asked about that in fact who apparently the biggest applause of the meeting is how how -- you fire her. Without first -- it. The plan in place in the -- answer was basically trust and just trust us just us and he's really kind I would say though it. In defense of like -- we're not selling things like why would you sell. Right after you kind of wreck that the status of their company by taking out you CEO -- -- you wanna sell like -- the company that has the illusion of being unloaded on on the up and up and one would think. And you think the tires off the carnage could spell that -- I. Only -- here you know an Oakland or something that tired we're working -- business. You mean that -- camera -- good -- now says Scalia Oakland anyway ego. Carol Bartz though I mean I gotta say no matter what. You say about elements for Pharmacia and frankly I don't know that it was any worse than any of the people who -- her nobody Yahoo! has a plan and I think what happens is they weighed in to this. Place that's got fifty million thriving businesses everything has a huge user base everything has a reason to keep it open and it's really -- -- -- get them focused. But one of the things that always -- to matters that cheeses have all the bad -- period. The -- direct that after spending the email that and these these -- fired me over the phone. Then she put the analogy about people -- a fortune let's talk. And she gave them that the cost build interview. About how these people -- they Yahoo! board after over. And that they that He called and tried to read her script and she's acting as a script rolling the chairman of the board. Why don't you have the balls to tell me yourself. After she called him out for his script like call. You just tell me just talk to me because He apparently was. Reading and a lawyer's script you know it is -- reason it is our I don't know I -- -- had talked media laughter to name it. But you know I like held. After He read the statement she stares at. I thought you were class here and I got I got an idea -- to get the ball to tell -- resolved out of view you -- me over it. And some want to -- a little more class that your -- last year. And I thought that I wish I knew this about her before though you know now but I know that she's such a bad as a kind of want. Heard -- run a company so we all know we knew Ono it was known it was not known to me excited I want -- to -- -- -- new reality shows and. She did say that He plans to remain a Yahoo! director although she did refer to her fellow board directors as -- -- But she does want to use and how and Palestinian remain on as a director if -- just -- them because they and I go for -- -- -- another have been saying that the next grouped together should maybe be Yahoo!'s board to they have been pretty in the fact that it. Everybody -- as ineffectual and there's got to be a reason because they bring in CEOs who know how to do things as they can only assume that the -- word. On behalf of the shareholders or something is pushing -- strategy of inertia because somebody who talks like this and acts like this and came in with T I was so much swagger as Carol Bartz said. Would have gotten things done like this lady would thrown down if she were not somehow being blocked to get up at least nineteen. She also said in the interview that when she was brought on they told her that they wanted revenue growth even though they were told that the company itself would not have revenue growth until 2012 and based on their earnings based on their financial so I mean that's a -- in itself. If you're stepping in -- -- she she knew Lucy is getting into if that tool as presented in -- -- -- But -- -- I think -- I think she thought that she would be able to do more than you immediately I mean don't you field lets you want to do yet it might have been a little -- -- -- come in and she thought you'd come in all super regular -- and it -- done -- Now everybody also is talking about the -- email itself the I have just been fired over the phone. There's a big controversy about whether it's. You know and refreshing bit of transparency or unprofessional. Via the more of that F bombs get dropped one Cummings was -- profession. -- her but her initially email at her an initial email to them plays though it's pretty blunt and straight to the point and I don't know style is necessarily unprofessional. I was -- -- like yes reaction rightly claim she did she didn't demean the company or its employees or its executives said. -- on kind of upset -- she delivers I'm upset I was just fired over the phone. The luck to all houses that -- I -- same time you know I think that sometimes -- they are talking it. New Stanford professors who were experts and organizational behavior and there there's I think a parson did a little too much. I thought over the little and professional -- that was my that was the first thing I treated like them the most professional I've been mired in because I don't think that that. I think that's those descent. At your company and if you you know that's -- says I'm blocking out with a flame thrower pointed behind me. It because. If there were people who -- really loyal to her. Then that's gonna really upset -- rate they're gonna be just like. It's sort of like everyone knows what really happens when when a CEO was ousted but that the show of respect in some ways maybe try it tries to keep. Passions from being inflamed. I don't know I Hello World according to -- -- -- need to be making that -- -- need to yeah I mean. Also the way -- delivered it we know that -- internal employee approval is like 33% of employees actually approved of -- So right so the way that she went out was kind of addressing net giants who already wasn't in wasn't supporting -- But I don't know she was like fanning the flames towards a model I just you know. We'll certainly -- complaints I. Might think flames fanned the -- you're -- you're hot for bars and a -- And -- some -- you know it sounds like Jerry Yang didn't get a much better reception. And at at our hands meaning so it's on windows has mad everyone maybe there is no there is no other way to look for -- -- I I cannot account. Think that in today's. It sounds silly today is damaged the whole wheat howl like a little more aspect of transparency like live when we've seen people sat down and we don't really know not that we have to -- As thing it's kinda lame and like -- we're moving I'm moving on to new projects and endeavors. Like it but she would be true. -- she's not also shouldn't say that don't get us. I can tell you she's going pleased with their ten dollar severance I would be going places Xeon yes. Different ethnic -- we don't need a cry for Carol Bartz she is she's gonna be all right speeds -- In other news that today Google a -- is -- thing Google can't stop getting in businesses that you totally do not expect them to get into. They have purchased they got. The restaurant -- service. And seem hell bent on -- -- out to straight out of those crazy. Right. On his puzzles like no and now -- this is an awesome move for Google it it does kind of bring up two things one of things like Google's always been. I negating a lot of information but I wonder if they internally or maybe just was they got reserves -- and -- and I pronounces. It's only their like you know but we it's more important was that a dig at I don't know well I think I. -- -- RI right and I had a moderately at a bookstore before I honestly do not know him the proper pronunciation is that. Outlets covering all bases and because I knew -- -- -- right as they hate hate us -- it's as I got -- actually you guys. It's like arrogantly video voicemail matter -- -- -- the point is Google's actually pain for this content. And -- it instead of you know sourcing it -- you know using describing for as -- -- applied into. -- services. I just really. At this point are -- -- -- thumbing their nose at antitrust investigators. I see it as I could see about the travel service -- that we would integrated travel information we have we've -- purchase ratings companies that live integrated ratings information our minds we got a lot. Built in ratings are local search deliveries so that really no matter what happens you'll only average need to go to the website and it starts with that -- Then I use Google Maps so much -- my phone and on the web like. I'm happy -- -- this. I mean as I get -- directly regulate these tiny cheapens the got orbit the compartment -- -- They got to me is a legislated -- if I was like -- thousand rich and famous I would take my little purple book and figure out where all like the Tina thirty rated you know highest you know. -- of restaurants are in France I feel like. I know it seems like. Like a luxury service may be and paying too much respect to it. But this being integrated into the big Google -- feels a little bit -- -- a little bit lost a little bit of its brands. I'm -- I -- -- you're -- -- you -- -- -- I don't know I'm assuming that Google now owns them they're not -- charges to use their services or will they still. -- -- that clear -- at no you did have to end. You did have to pay to get -- -- the other guy guide yet. It wasn't you -- -- -- was -- around lake was around fifty dollars like the physical guide for awhile that was tenement. And I -- like ten or fifteen dollars via the an accident at telling businesses I'd sell these books to people who wanted the best place to figure out where to get you know from rock. Tetris company you know we've seen as it lets be honest and I cannot sign up for as they got to finally anything -- -- -- below like -- five and hiring lawyers and mcdonalds in this town. -- McDonald's has 26 and so unexpected and the -- back in the bad maybe I am tied to think at this point -- Google has been my coming up now coming it at DOJ. Do -- you will. That is that's crazy that's so and I use maps so much I like this is July integrated integrated vertical I'm excited to -- trying to. The piano yet -- does -- -- they also build in the Yelp thing that where it tells you what's open near you. In addition to the rating to the Yelp app has that -- -- let's open -- -- you can search Bernardino does whatever near you and then what -- of -- latest do we know what they paid for is that is that they had they not been so that they cannot disclose that seems like it would be. For -- the legacy that. -- god -- they would they would cash in via. I'm here though I do you feel like that's that the damage is the brand limit or no life there highly do it liked the idea that they were just -- independent. -- -- -- -- And and there are probably you know with a number that Google threw at them I think if we were -- -- also be -- and know they should it'll take a mile away if they canceled out to Google your speech that without -- -- -- should have made their own Android tablet just for Ike -- people who want. Like Symbian ready to ease the actual die unless I don't know I -- that is I want to -- technical. I love my only got branded tablet that only tells -- great places to -- injured. -- I'm gonna put automaker at the obliterate. And I didn't take a quick break when we come back how Apple is playing fast and -- with -- securities and more HT -- goes after Apple thinks it's in Google patents and how to auto mute. News of -- -- It and that's what's -- today. You for listening to buzz out loud to continue listing please press -- and now. Don't -- but I get it but that didn't and didn't -- Made the right digital photo Arctic trees and -- went and somewhat seriously I had to six -- me silent don't just tell me. -- but I don't even and later emulated just a paradoxical to view and and you couldn't. It doesn't -- ticket -- we needed there the idea was a console. Steve. Steve -- -- alright guys welcome back to sell my way to -- because -- really -- smart in all three of us Nazi got it if note Siemens that He didn't I didn't prevent it it makes sense that the show will be off so. It's the right there would be -- and you press pause it's like it's -- I know I don't version of an agreed painting. Don't let. I'm gonna keep -- ago stories as Donald bell in the houses on his podcast assesses plus thirty it's really behind the Donald -- -- The not a podcast this is not inconsistent with notices a train wreck that's what it is so what this and our -- guys -- -- the news. Donald crying -- west corner we were asking yesterday and today why hasn't. Apple blocked there are harmful be harmful -- certificates we talked about -- Microsoft -- Mozilla have all now blocked. There SSL certificates from did you note to didn't know tar. Apple is still -- this point not responded or done the same and this also kind of falls -- lines of what it happened with the commodore -- where it took Apple about nearly a month. Before they updated their browsers to provide a patched. Now it sure you could. Click through these prompts that say you might be surfing on an -- site where that would at least -- -- might be fraudulent but how many people in general. Either click the right by nor the wrong button indeed out -- the other browsers are just outright blocking them safari our friends at Apple still has it. And that they haven't commented on an element and inundating comment on Atlantic they're trying to how to spin this as a feature I'm sure there's a way to spend so they are -- there's thing -- -- are. Platform is infinitely secure this isn't about how you can -- our pleasure on the web than any other browser. Maybe they just assume that no one is stupid -- have to use safari. That is one terrible browser but seriously I mean I did -- CBS tech minute about it this morning to Nike -- Apple needs to stop this stop. Get over the pride about how you're the super secure platform because this is not about the ability to. Run and execute. Malicious -- right this is about people who go to fraudulent website enter personal information and that personal information is harvested by hackers so quick goof around. With it where it were an impenetrable fortress paint and patch of bringing browser and that's just ludicrous the silent impenetrable fortress -- -- It's like -- nothing to see here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get on -- Apple passes I mean really also -- Even. I don't think you could honestly I finally an amendment to switch like I mean this would slowing OpenId of mysterious I mean -- -- just the best bad ass browser on the planet -- to that was just -- it -- at a rather this. No I can't wait for safari 2.5 point seven I have been an affirmed crown tougher at least two years. I'm a lot of time for me to stick with and technology like this I said red cross and Seth rose about it this caliber see what he's using this week in ninth incident. There's -- browser has all these plug ins and tabs and it looks really scary actually gotten there. Severed -- -- police are looking into a little after a string of keystone cops like embarrassments need to be the last -- -- and they are now looking into what role officers may have played -- And the search by Apple for the missing and released I've. Get the right it's just like Donkey Kong. Digital content is stuff I'm always. Dragnet team. All right so lieutenant -- Dangerfield said that an internal investigation has begun in determining how officers assisted to -- security employees. In their July search of the home the Bernal heights residents. -- -- in case you have forgotten what appeared to have happened is that originally. It sounded like. It was just a police statement then there was no police report -- we couldn't find one because the police -- to -- the name of person who would actually filed and not just think the company. And then it came out and possibly what'd happen is that the police had escorted. Apple employees there six people over all connected to search only two of them -- police and. -- at least two former Apple iTunes and have more Apple investigators who are the ones -- enter the house the police allegedly escorted those -- Apple people but the person at the residents thought that the Apple investigators were. Actually police say yes of the -- the distinction here is that the police can actually do the search possible that is correct yeah employees -- the ones and please just kind. So there and and bag let it happen Dangerfield now says the officers never entered Calderon's home that they participated in the search. But didn't go into his home after He agreed to the search to they said you can either registered to participate in a sense that they where there anywhere there are little Donald Lewis is changing as we speak. Well you got that I got the outside is get really emotional -- talk about you know cops iphone's current -- and police corruption. After -- and agree to that there's the police stepped aside and allowed Apple to go through his house car and computer. Now that it doesn't sound totally -- common but it sounds like at this point it's now so embarrassing for them that they're going to do an investigation. Him. Maybe they can investigate safari -- you maybe and guess who guess who has a comment about the situation on Apple. Had a couple of course not I thought impenetrable fortress -- our us. ACP has sued Apple they're probably also not commenting about this. With using Smartphone. Patents that it bought last week from Google it now in our fund zero -- poker game. I really I really -- geographic actually of does not it's gonna be an ugly graphic but it -- filing poker game with all the guys sitting there with the cigars or whatever and then they discuss the pilot patents in the middle it's able and then the money. And the need to shift them around so it's easy tend to money of Google's lane and Google and -- -- patents and then. ACC is now suing Apple. The ACC amended complaint with the trade commission yesterday adding five of the former Google patents to the case. Three of those patents Google -- from open wave to others have been owned by palm which has acquired by HP last year yet Google themselves. Holding pattern for a year and then it's easy matter that it's though Google can't say that we're suing Apple -- because it's really there to shift in the patents are HT CH TCU LT one of the complaints is that Google wasn't protecting its -- vendors in their battles with app. Apple over Android patent issues or interface issue so. Now that Google is. Not yet approved to obtain this war chest of Motorola mobility is right it hasn't been approved yet -- will probably go through but. At least some -- the other passive acquired over that time there -- ten helping out vendors like -- -- -- Amazon has had a deal on the California sales -- collections legislating the grader at some of the Merck. I literally leaders have agreed to let Amazon delay collecting sales taxes in -- year. Four years -- they get sort of a little reprieve and then meanwhile Amazon will drop its battle to overturn the state law the requires the sales tax to be collected. So the good thing that we're so flush with money California right now yeah -- month -- -- -- button on the -- -- for that and. -- -- by Amazon kind of getting this grace period. They are going to try it for themselves to get congress to make some sort of decision by July. Obviously in Amazon's favor but if they can't do that September 2012 will be the dead the will be the time where the taxes will they'll have to get taxes -- -- California. -- other -- originally was to plot businesses create more jobs for California. And then to further taxing until 2014. I think because these both sides of indicates -- must -- like you know -- What does not to but let's just stop this will give year and you guys have figured out with. -- lessons that they don't get another year after year they -- its test flight -- personality that mythic map out that it. Well why wouldn't and it's a moral right there and Jerry -- like you know what I'm sick of this -- way for a year and a and then will come because it looks. It looks bad for Jerry -- few people are really -- about mostly small business owners and Albert you are extremely of -- Grand -- like keeping key -- wanted to go for a little while to -- is just upon. Atoms -- there will be another -- and you know meanwhile are stable continue to crumble around into. But we still have some of the precious written -- -- Delivered via Amazon prime. Minister of I can't -- -- -- humans in and ethnic into the tank a somber and as the next time. Yeah yeah you take this I'm -- think that's one of the only -- the speaks of any of volume on the speaks to all of us are real and here it does a hacked TV your mobile auto mute. Snacking now Donald. Brought this little remote -- crave quite a while ago that just few weeks ago that -- it's it's an awesome project where basically. You you set an iron. Blaster and the signal from your TV that can read the the text the text part of the that broadcast -- you can and having. Preemptively look for any word -- I got flat out if somebody gives guys -- certainly deserve a Nobel Peace Prize I think it has. -- can also haven't -- any time we mentioned waffles or you know who are singing around whenever and did. What we say you know it's up to -- -- person to actually insert the music notes to protect I don't think I've got thirty genius is that we are alive and you can't you can't stop the musical notes that aren't biting and you could set its a variety of celebrities are the hot celebrity or annoying personality that -- -- -- drive you crazy in the -- -- it's. It's critical that. This is -- device from the Max Headroom might vision of the future that would be illegal. Right yeah and let me it's absolutely genius know it at a cost of nine Lomax Smith and and get it now aren't content it's here now and often I think -- better at school because it's it's too passively taking control that over that onslaught of crap that is thrown at you accommodated and kills the audio book and card -- in wedding they know they can't do it or not thank you and that's -- I really don't care guys sell it it not -- the audio for thirty seconds. It knocked out the -- with thirty seconds but if you started like littering it with all the names of people you can't stand that are on TV -- -- -- -- -- watching what Steve anymore we're watching it live TV -- interesting to you like -- would actually have -- I would imagine to psychologically might be the reverse effect where every time that TV -- automatically. Your your may now made aware of it you'll like what is -- have -- be talking about. Bother talking about it's not any I know it and that. I think did it again metrics gathering to write the letter really is like thinking about this this -- yes so the only on the soup. Further attack angle of this this is going he's throwing this out -- open source community to play with that and do what you wanna do with that it's not going to be a commercialized product although. It's an ingenious and I wonder someone's gonna pick on the -- maybe we could offer this -- -- -- a mainstream company offered this as an option on the remote that would be -- I say I annually while if the code is out there and available I see no reason why this -- not become a tablet -- Because now they're a bunch of different remote control apps for ipads and other tablets and I can see this going that way and I want the the only promise that it needs the signal -- From your TV to to go to read the transcript part as fast they go to liar blaster yes of the -- to come from your TV so really it have to get a TV feature. And I would think. That is. I think there's -- way Apple -- always there is always how is the way and I believe in technology. -- -- -- -- -- -- Some -- that Molly can believe in and that when I saw this article I was like this was diseases made labor visas may. Did it again assuming its -- Leonard may be okay pandora -- they -- -- -- it worked out stations yes my friends work -- stations there's -- dozens of new offerings. So ranging from eighties -- -- Alternative in during training. Classic rock power. Country fitness and analysts. Dance party L electric car it goes on and on its twelve there's two of that pop and hip hop worked out on there. -- -- -- -- -- I'm often at the idea of country fitness -- it seems like. Hard -- strength training -- -- -- -- evening yoga. So I'll -- strength training this is this this is pandora's words here big beats and -- jams from iconic artists like a Lil Wayne. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little dollar payment element and not let all the have a -- job and hello Wayne got expects. Like they meet him at the college Gateway going to -- Their younger channel has and the electronic sounds from deep forest Deepak -- -- this Brad I've directed this rat island area that is outward -- -- and also that is super smart of pandora to do that genre stations in general because that kind of -- the spot accurately connect Billick. Spot buys one of their cooler features is that they have -- pre made witnessed ciphers -- I read this this these were actual physical like treadmills with pandora built on them nonetheless these are actually stations are like this later. Yeah I'm excited Oracle. Sun and -- like oh my -- Ahead because you still like right yeah -- here's here's without paying that the ActiveX this -- my brain is still screwed -- is -- I still feel like people like. Like to have like add a cheaper disposable -- can -- -- across the GM. MP3 player to work out with after if they're exercising -- better whatever device is intelligent enough to know stream pandora to it. Then against -- all of you touch. And I am doing things like spot -- pandora and and getting emails and text all the time and I I -- -- want to email SanDisk and album has to. Also like a -- not -- -- use treadmills but always had Hillary that you have Crimea and all of -- have like an iPhone and iPod -- now or you just drop in the cup -- that -- -- really weigh you down instantly feature before -- the -- is these are just now the law blog it's been since that didn't just. -- -- I didn't I didn't wanna call you out and I mean I know -- working on the -- -- little do their iPad I mean actually bits. -- Yeah yeah they they watches they -- -- it's actually watching TV I mean I like mark and is becoming one of the cheaper devices easier and has solid as Orioles kids using the iPad is a biceps as like as a curling. -- -- -- One of us body thank you -- I I really appreciate you. And examined adolescents. Animate at its exact it's okay out again. And you only get rid of this likely ever to the Salina on -- -- feedback or you know no last. -- -- -- one more it is that Eric Schmidt I love it when I love it people keep put him on panels more that He keeps saying yes and people let him because every time He ends up. Out in public at a conference He -- like blip blip -- Says some stuff so what He. Inadvertently may be announced was that ice cream sandwich the next version Mandarin is being released in October and her. Which -- -- like what. It looks like we'll write this down only Atlanta April owner it's been a stocky old real. At all are -- lot. So that led people are speculating and -- need dot com speculated that. The pessimist suggest it's probably more like November which would mean you can expect an access on him late November or early December makes sense to have it right up against what would. Hypothetically be iPhone. Announcement -- you know of that stuff yeah. Stuff Schmidt says it's not that cross Tom Green paint -- eyes. And. -- and now it's time for the feedback. Technology into use this -- because -- wanted. Luckily a lot of -- -- a lot of you listen to the show but it we've started a bit of a pet -- but also. Our first caller has questions about easier ways for Apple to keep to -- protect. Its. Eight. It just made brief note oh by the way I have my -- them. -- -- -- -- -- want to say that -- -- I could use more and there's been like this. Probably out for a couple years now where the dongle that attaches to your phone and cookies. And you get like 25 feet away from your phone. Arm goes soft and all that. Wouldn't that be cheaper for Apple to get them -- like hiring two or three security people. To. Take care of the whole business. Anyway and it's where I'm from West Hollywood. Really -- -- show -- As there is that an app or is it actually now -- say it's a physical and Bluetooth dongle so when you get out of range 20/20 five feet it'll make a noise let you know that like your keys. From -- I love how they can reaction we saw that video in them in yen -- Was like oh my god bondage Betty now here in natural ocean you guys actually talking about I know. Well you can easily use battery accident -- the above Humana can in the back. Yeah. Yeah that it did shock value as an add trickled away from that actually now -- like. I'm old so I can tell you living in San Francisco I've seen play any of those like walking on the street it's not a thing I can't. But heavier than an hour rally and and you can bet that that admittedly not -- it. Yeah -- yesterday we asked. -- yesterday we asked you -- you guys thought about Yahoo! and the news and and Yahoo! in general so. The meeting called mandolin is no way why He quipped and if. Booker. Which is -- call from a lot enjoyed it. On the reference to the -- situation. The opportunity. -- don't Yahoo!. Four on army years now. So. Now that Yahoo! was that as part of our. -- -- -- -- Try to call -- -- you -- them. Protect org and they want to -- you give them my personal information. Via email from the capital packed and at that while in -- does open up the Gmail calendar. Things cool and and -- dollars. So -- Tommy you got a virus on -- Yahoo!. Oh. That's leaving it to -- contraction out of it till I -- I apologize for bringing this -- -- another and now -- played with him though wasn't all right on to our emails infants. It's only discussed. -- -- -- micro biologist writes in says ABO I was a bit confused about Netflix story on 1547. Adult only ever had streaming only and have been getting this message for years whenever my laptop -- to something in correctly. It -- Netflix -- -- -- -- their two sessions after restart silverlight or sometimes Chrome. -- was a medium and under the impression that only one session was a lot for streaming only plans. Though this also -- earlier on when reaching my parents disc plan for online training that's all love the show sent. The. And and then -- said similar -- that she's only rent streaming only and that ever has been watching Netflix on the TVC can't watch it on a desktop or laptop. So rarely did I mean we did she report that they've been sporadic -- enforcing this -- -- and it just seems you are those things that maybe people objected to mourn principal amount of interest in. Danny from -- well we know is related to how many dvds do that and your plants of people have an unlimited dvd planning -- or any Internet and possibly. Possibly Danny from the minor antenna -- -- I watched the video about the Droid by -- -- and have winter has already jumping too lazy to get my legs. It everything I ever wanted in a Smartphone and so much more. This is finally a high end on the got it right altogether with the sleek design and explain the dual core processors import -- let's all the elite that's three. And thank you Motorola are realizing to buy their own monitors and laptops by making a thirty dollar monitor adapter instead of just making this patriot -- fifty bucks that -- laptop. -- -- -- To listen. Just like I have the Droid X I can safely say that other than the obvious Droid X too this is finally the best new Verizon -- to provide all the features I would ever need. Now we just wish I O would get -- -- performance upgrades independent mindful that well. While. That's not gonna help if you don't even have orgy instant India -- counterpoint gonna now point definitely -- discount a point. From Stephen not Stephen but Steven. I would hold off on the Droid by sonic Molly. If your concern with camera performance that video -- -- and -- on YouTube do not look impressive. And wait for the next is kind of a prime. Nexus prime on Verizon around November December nothing's been officially confirmed that a model armor from -- Samsung Smartphone has shown up. Eric Schmidt has -- -- ice cream sandwich will be released on October November. So you'd also and I have to worry about and reliable Verizon Motorola updates if you can wait that long HTC -- should also be releasing on Verizon around October 5. As -- this leaked roadmap. Which has been fairly actress of bigger I just -- product names are so silly player they're trying to make us giggle like schools. That's all that science -- but yes it's a good point. Animal -- epidemic. Yeah but I'm gonna tell you. Rule what is what are the referenced on the Nexus One of photos were all right are there all right all right get -- -- tells -- from Bryan from New York. Would not be a buzz -- just got email from rim because I'm a stubborn blackberries -- her Blackberry owners. He of 100 dollar check card when they buy it playbook anytime the next two weeks is a clever ploy to become competitive or a desperate move. And nurture. -- let's let's just put it -- they remember they announced their price dropped from 702 by fifty and with that card. Okay fine maybe year timeout -- fifty it's still a seven inch tablet for 450 bucks. -- sad is like that this is like an -- -- He revealed the capture without the hundred dollar discount you know that's the part that kind feels. -- from. 700 dollars -- that's rough. Who's gonna buy a tablet. About was that seven inches and even -- that -- with -- needs a pair with your phone to get access the emailed contacts -- -- calendar and I don't think anybody lead maintenance tablets and greatly with the 700 dollar figure comes from -- was -- -- -- the nine subsidized. Was it Office Depot. Price. For like -- 64. -- -- -- -- -- Anyway to answer your question I -- -- only. I think you only think that it's -- to become competitive because you want to love them steal but I'm pretty sure that we can all agree to move a desperate move. Islands. And then fill in items and in response when -- -- that menus and all that stuff about YouTube. I have on the YouTube isn't much more entertaining and mainstream or real media have you ever seen -- W -- -- cord or digital they make awesome videos. Of course at thirteen year old my opinion is probably quite different from -- but still I think there should be nicer to YouTube. Just to be clear elegant thing man I mean I'm not necessarily commenting on the content on YouTube just the website. And totally impossible -- The island knowing there's some some. Quality stuff on their budget yet not enough let's but -- -- -- but it's actually -- that there's -- there's like a whole generation of Tillman type that. Are only watching YouTube -- mean that's absolutely teacher. And I just start -- amendment amendment will. Angeles Sony noted that much is TV and watch YouTube videos of -- I'm entitled but that's the -- -- -- don't -- my guys -- the man trying to think who that with the wind up in the room in the near future if -- from the future. -- got are at -- -- I showed it live to close today at that the non podcast from my cat crossing your husband can. If you would like to complain about the quality of the show you can find our show and a -- -- comment section and the -- that cnet.com. Jesus they can. -- -- we might even go weekly. Call us at 806166. Through it routes and also email us at buzz at cnet.com. That's gonna do it also -- a computer. Supper tomorrow yes lots of computer. Continued to send us your love -- we load we'd love them would love it. Hey guys PS my room and we'll see a bike path.
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