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Ep. 1547: Calm down: Netflix stream limits are just a bug! (They say.): Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1547: Calm down: Netflix stream limits are just a bug! (They say.)

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Carol Bartz is out at Yahoo and the stock is up, which has got to hurt. They're still raking in the cash, but shareholders hate nothing more than a plateau. Plus, Netflix swears that at least this time, its jerk move (restricting users to only one stream at a time) was a total accident, and they're definitely not doing that. Promise. Plus, Groupon's IPO roadshow is off and the IPO itself may be off for good, and the Droid Bionic has finally arrived. Hooray!

Yesterday was Tuesday today is Wednesday September 7 2011 my name is -- -- Yesterday I was -- today. I'm Brian. I am always have been and always will be in the one in -- main. Other than the portals -- in Hollywood. And that's Africa that is -- unexpectedly there let you know I don't like -- taking anything away from her. Regard for the money -- buzz out loud in his -- -- indeterminate length that's episode 15147. And the parade that. Of news continues unabated. With the latest big bomb to drop last night Carol Bartz out. Yahoo! and she is so let's just make -- clear she is not leaving to spend more time with her family have fun. No error message to Yahoo! employees sent over email she wrote I'm very sad to tell you that I've just been fired over the phone. By Yahoo!'s chairman of the board it's been my pleasure work with all -- and I wish you the only the best going forward. Over the phone that you know what that's kind of an ouch. Sent from my iPad there wasn't for more likely that He sent to jail -- right -- you know that she -- hung up and you'd like all Arctic. Sands and then. She is mad -- lady -- She is out -- is -- -- Yahoo! and then this test I heard she was apparently ousted with about 833%. Approval rating within Yahoo!. And this has to hurt when you get fired by the board over the phone. And shares go up the other shares actually went up out upon the news of her firing. You see I mean it. I let that surprised by the time I -- it's always surprising when someone -- an honest in those emails that was definitely the Carol Bartz re going to be blunt and to the point. But the the board -- On the other hand sent a note to Yahoo! employees. Saying the board sees enormous growth opportunities on which Yahoo! to capitalize on her primary objective and blah blah blah. We wish Carol all the best critical time of transition -- to -- -- and may have installed Tim Morse. As interim CEO effective immediately. Yahoo! is I mean we've seen how the problem with their company is they've struggled to be more competitive and profitable. Really the core of their business that made -- Yahoo! which was search. We know how that played -- what Google did but then even more telling was there was that time was it a year ago or maybe even more -- than year ago when Microsoft. Offer to purchase Yahoo! for 33 dollar per share. They ended up using being as their search model in a partnership and that also kind of shows how. I really didn't work necessarily. Work out profitably for both companies because you would think okay beings engine William -- the search dead they were working on Yahoo! doing the advertising side lobbying -- -- their search. But with that move you would have hoped they would have -- some sort -- but it appears that that -- -- -- -- -- really people are searching on Yahoo! anymore. Yet and it's it's Yahoo! still has a lot of users and this is what I I feel like Yahoo!'s. It's almost been the albatross around their neck as long as Yahoo! has been around that they have this weird sort of arrogance about the literally just the fire -- of users that they have not literally Yahoo! email actually a -- Yahoo! mail. Yahoo! mail Yahoo! fantasy football. Mobile pool logo the casual gaming. They have a ton of services that that the home page alone. Is whatever it is half a million unique or more million unique today I mean it's a huge. Amount of traffic that they've never been able to use effectively but when you talk to them and in fact even -- that I sat down and today at thirty minute conversation with Carol Bartz you can -- -- -- CNET conversations about. Yahoo! and her sense was I -- her response student sort of these questions about what's Yahoo! gonna do. Especially considering that -- -- -- document trading around twelve dollars when them except governments 33. Her response was only the valley thinks that we're in trouble. That everybody else. Out there in the rest of the world is still using Yahoo! and they're perfectly happy June 11. And that's fine if that's the perception. They believe is going on -- the -- that thing is though. Whether or not a consumer chairs or uses your brand they would they were losing profits and mind share yet and companies they they weren't innovating. Again ray once the innovator no longer the innovator and they just the -- safe once Google. Slipped them up with Apple search thing they just really didn't have any other answers and how to grow or diverse -- be different. -- and it was all it is all true that they still have all those users and that that people. You know it better not -- -- elite do you still use Yahoo! and love Yahoo! but they haven't been able to make money off of that or even converted into a sense of confidence and I think part of that is just like mission creep. I mean you look at Yahoo! anything what are you guys gonna do. They you know they they have services that are be -- like Flickr. That they have allowed to just wither and die on the -- they kind of innovate with Yahoo! mail but it's -- it always sort of feels like catch up it's kind of like. What He has gonna do other than to sort of sit there and have users. And it's it's safe to say they are. -- has been in in the tech world role in its true -- I know it's summer it's I mean I hate to say -- LA they are has been in the tech world. But keep -- real here. Also we talked about how on dream -- -- tenor Marxist and here. A lot of some of their other products now we're not doing so well -- just -- popular they decide to shut them down to just. Yahoo! buzz -- my blog -- -- gluten which was a favorite book Martinez favorite sidebars or service they decide until that all the Web.Com Yahoo! picks and Alter Vista button. Ultra Vista. Here's the interesting thing about Yahoo!. Throughout it all. Yahoo! has remained very profitable. Like you do start to wonder how much of this has to do you will remain -- people internally didn't care for Carol Bartz who didn't -- she had. A vision I mean you date you didn't see significant change under Carol Bartz but at the same time did you have to -- Yahoo! generated one point two billion dollars in profits. In 2010 on revenues of six point three billion most web properties will be pretty thrilled that -- To do that kind of revenue it's just that it wasn't Google when exactly you know -- and it's sort of and Yahoo! has certain irony media company or are they a search company are -- -- sales and may dabble in in. Original content I think it's really it is like this -- Silicon Valley. -- job in some ways it's it's the valley in the shareholders saying we just don't trust. That you're gonna do the right thing even though -- Macon. Quite a lot of money then it's not that Wall Street on the investor things odd. Do you think they settled election. Lawyer not as hindsight point 18 yeah absolutely. -- -- I mean what would they well that at the I'm gonna guess -- label would have gotten paid but so many jobs would have been lost -- mean I'm not sure it would take an ideal either you know. I'd I think if they thought that something was on the table for them internally. That was going to accelerate and grow the Yahoo! brand and maybe they would've said no we don't wanna go at Mike's -- even though you're offering has almost three times are our stock price now. And maybe they believed in that maybe they believe that they can turn -- -- I mean I'm -- it that would have made shareholders happy the shareholders the idea failure they run the show. Rightly got a tight world that would have made them happy but it wouldn't have made users happy and it would have as guild went on the Tara may be -- -- -- and. Curtis B that might have been about a successful selling palm to HP it's like if you have that many users and there really loyalty Levy serves as woody -- apps on Macs. Somehow it's just. This it's this trust to drain and got the more than anything you know and in the in the Silicon Valley we don't like it when a company plateaus. -- -- And no wonder you are -- -- once they plant -- once coming plateaus it's like -- -- to us show us something new. Bring -- -- -- table why should we care anymore right companies that are outside the tech world. If they're you know if their plateauing but still making their general -- profit line. There okay Blake did people don't really complain about its business as usual it but here we wanna see change we wanna see growth you wanna see more profits and we don't that's only turn their back on. Him and that's kind of that's part of kind of what happened here. And -- much -- -- and it's also a moot point now because now Yahoo! just doesn't have the intellectual capital B two B -- by anyone. It'll be very interesting to see -- they -- -- -- -- and -- CEO and what what you can do because we've also talked me many times over the years on the show about talent to get the stink on. It's pretty hard to gated off -- food. In other news AT&T and T-Mobile are headed to court. On September 1. Of the 120 in September to lifers sorry -- September 1. Lisa was -- segment -- ago I'm glad I gave it a leg really inaccurate term -- If only ten or does this thing I don't like done done done and -- -- jedi hero and machine September 21. Had she given Washington DC where I guess they're gonna have talk about -- they can -- testing done right. Yet this is a situation where AT&T and T-Mobile. They're looking to come to sort some sort of ground with the Department of Justice who recently sued them to find us to see if they can settle beforehand and then. Show there -- a case in court. To then move forward with this or if or if this deal gets killed -- there's going to be some concessions if AT&T wants to make this happen. -- she -- it's selling off more their spectrum. Some of the other concession we talked about you know at some of the services that they would have to then I give up to T-Mobile as well and some of their towers -- market -- Are they going to do that tend to push this through and at the same time if they do that. There's talks about how AT&T is offer for the T-Mobile merger may go lower because of those concessions as well. -- because the government may require AT&T to sell off assets worth more than 20% of that price -- and then obviously AT&T would. Be able to pay less for them so we'll see it certainly you know as we reported even when the DOJ filed its suit. This this fight is far from over all those sprint is joining the list officially. Of people who are of companies and organizations opposed to the merger they have also filed a lawsuit. -- -- that the merger would blot would violate the Clayton antitrust act. And there opposing the deal I mean when we all knew that there are opposing the -- they're finally as firewall anti trust -- They said the AT&T is proposed takeover this is from the complaint. A T-Mobile is brazenly. Anti competitive would eliminate one of four national competitors in marginal as a second. Pushing the market back -- in 1980 style -- duopoly that would force consumers to endure higher prices and be denied the fruits a vigorous innovation. Which we are sprint -- the fruits of innovation and like that -- It's just let you know it's -- of the -- -- kudos to sprint. -- so last and I oh. Netflix went on an emotional rollercoaster the like -- which I haven't seen since they announced the new pricing hit. It's hard to be it's hard to be there but BFF right now it really is and then roughly 39 million people treated -- This with numerous articles. Is a mild exaggeration. I am slightly prone to hyperbole it was probably more like thirty million people treated me -- do you think that consumers article linking to the actors. It's a qualifier that instead. That Netflix -- going to restrict the number of concurrent streams that you could have or make you pay more if you want it to stream more. Like one more than one movie at a time on department. So what happened is during the -- Labor Day weekend people were. Watching their Netflix and if they're watching -- multiple devices they got a message that said please. Turn offer discontinue use of the video service on your other devices in order to use for you to watch on this specific device. Which -- lead people then go believe that. Wait Netflix has decided they'll only allow me one stream. On one single device can currently. -- -- -- -- in the new ones -- and. Davis is out now a little time. Then name and no -- that Darth -- snow from episode three was a more painful tormented soul is like The Who knows the new no formatting on the tonight is more like don't kill my -- -- throw you down his two new units -- load. -- -- -- -- Any honest this is so it made people angry because it's not it's not even it's about sharing an epic account like a lot of people especially in the -- -- people cinemanow IA watch one show in the -- -- -- is another show in the other room and that you know you can't have more than 21 concurrent stream its content. Now what almost immediately happen. So don't panic. Is that Netflix said. -- independent and in an independent union we have done a lot of bad stuff lately but we are not doing this this we are not doing that is not true we're not cracking down on simultaneous streams. -- -- They said that -- know Netflix member is limited -- less then two concurrent streams. At the Netflix members have heard differently from us which is an error that we're correcting and they said it was a gonna pick up in their system over the Labor Day weekend new. So as a glitz not a policy change it's hard to RAE have something like this happen. After the price -- after the star's news -- -- -- -- hit me again. -- also -- cleaner they have some kind of an error message built into their system it says tried shutting down one stream in many man I mean. I'm not so yeah I'm putting in that still thinks the little man I'm not totally convinced that they -- thing. -- -- -- there wasn't there was a time though I don't know if it's still exist because they split their plans where every if you were on their dvd clan who. When you got one DVR when you had one dvd to dvds or three dvds elated. Kind of allow you to have an additional cost concurrent stream with each additional dvd -- -- physical Clinton when it was a combined plan. So let's say you had a three dvd plan in like for five people are like -- at home that that messages probably built in for that reason as well. Yeah I mean what was interesting about this -- I did not know. That they that was part of their terms of service policy that you can only have the number of streams going the number of dvd -- that you -- -- We now with unlimited streaming -- a standalone option. It does make you wonder what. The ultimate that's -- kind of wonder appear an error message it makes sense like I think acrid cemetery may make sense that. If the system was unloaded and they couldn't deliver a signal or overloaded beacon delivers signal to -- was overloaded error message might say something like try shutting down when it receives but it sounds like -- message was specifically. You have too many streams going. At once. And so I do wonder if they aren't at least flirting with this concept and I don't know. But certainly -- terms of service right now only talks about the number of dvds you have available so it's a little unclear how they plan to handle that was streaming only and also leave gotta wonder moving forward what is the actual limit -- -- -- what their plans wrecked. And I got up and it real that's what I want -- Knoll and limited the limit now Amman streaming only. How many can I watch I'm the only two is it three have a feeling that until last night that can be one. And now Natalie is like those that lets anybody and neat yeah that's with special unit thanks to new X man on the on -- -- street investor hey did you turn that own and I told you not so. Is Batman and so -- Netflix has clarified at this point that the number is two. -- Netflix member is limited to less than two concurrent streets less than -- -- guessing you can have two. At least a and then after -- your personalized and Nancy does or does He would happen to me it's always been like and enforce straight that you. You might get an -- now and then enter forgoing by it. At least the couple's. Is that. I guess it's kinda like watching TV and -- separate rooms. To Netflix -- -- -- and especially if you've cut the cord you know -- cable absolutely I think it's very common. And it ain't Netflix they had bad night of they had now they have a little they have a -- dot com hangover finished with a spokesman them. -- we're gonna take a break and take a couple of aspirin when we come back. Good news about patent overhauls group on May be canceling its IPO and the -- bionic. As wind and -- -- now. 78 months. -- -- Student age. And -- Went to Compaq. Has great. Light -- -- -- Actually. Was that it was that Arnold Schwarzenegger and they can't silly thing I think you and those are real -- -- You gotta do to knock the He was doing and are -- channel on -- -- yield. I think this news -- with -- them with you and I think it's an industry it noted -- -- a few -- test -- Douglas for of the development. Alright guys welcome back to the show miss Molly Wood in the house also edit the -- up. Google. -- beat him with his slick production stills and you guys are watching you don't know why is -- another hat conference opener. -- studio desk at today's studio against slash for a pet very pat Dixon head in his hair day only. I have an audience -- -- lived in San Francisco and the the first time He is bothered them and yes skiddie. That's awaiting -- I know right now they're gonna be coming out of the woodwork like oh yeah -- don't. Knowing how awful course in alright guys will welcome -- -- -- come and hang -- out that's me back and show. In -- 93 to five senate -- 93 to five US patent overhaul comes closer. The becoming law so this would clear one of the few hurdles remaining in the passage of a patent overhaul bill that. We are excited about shifting in the country to -- first to file system for receiving a patent from a first to invent system. A lot of -- some -- they missed the first and to invent system. Was partially responsible for this slowing down the overall system people debating on who was really the first one to treat this now as a shift the first to file. The the other challenges some these smaller entrepreneurs are worried that. Larger companies have the resources to. Puts their password but it's really coming down to first file. So that. Is a great start and great process it sounds like there's just one big speed -- left -- How the patent office use is the fees that it collects and now it's literally just coming down to. The money involved and how big our government -- can -- them money so hopefully. They can figure that out -- basically trying they're basically haggling now over how to deal with any access -- Those that go above and beyond the patent office's annual budget. If they can get that figured out then it looks like a patent bill could come to the floor. For actual debate yet AL lawmakers see you this first file system as a way to help the US innovate and create more job yes think yeah I hope. Dixon. Courtesy. -- but other. Okay got it to an end and it currently apparently all excess revenues from patent it's a fascinating -- that discovered in the reading about the story that this is. This is kind of the now this is -- hold. Currently -- the excess revenues from patent -- go into the general fund and used for projects that are totally removed from patents and it leaders in both parties many of them have said that the is a major contributor to the three year backlog in patent applications and. The decrepit state of the patent system's computer networks like it could be a more efficient system with the modern computers that do not run windows three. And you know require the monkeys actually use stamps instead of the Internet -- of the US Patent and Trademark Office also has the right to set its own fees and hire more examiners. With the transition of this as well so the floor for debate thing is Democrats are likely to bring the patent bill to the floor for debate on Wednesday. Furthering its. They're paying attention to our show at all they should know we like that that's. Who -- at happy to derision Gator down dinner done. Also coming into seeing and being in urged that may not get done. Urged Canada -- -- the group honors in group partners group mine has canceled its IPO roadshow. The which was scheduled for next week and may delay. Its IPO completely hand or who know He could be on. -- part of the speculation about -- delaying the IPO roadshow is that. They have that internal memo get leaked. The group on CEO fired off this huge memo to employees about all the reasons why they were still -- -- even -- the press and -- or hate non ambiance that means. And then that memo was instantly. Leaked to the Wall Street Journal so they were accused of potentially violating FCC rules as they were in their quiet period then you know we're -- any talk about it in not supposed to talk to your employees nobody. You talk about it like a -- So there isn't. There is some speculation that they are canceling the IPO roadshow because of that to their money -- trouble with SEC. Or -- their -- is their re evaluating their plans for an IPO in the face of stock market volatility. Will -- ignore the fact that their business model appears to be tanking fast in the take ten. And remember it was Google that offer them six billion right for an acquisition. And we'll see how this plays out any I I don't know -- the I don't think their number. Is it just based on perception. They're in their number has already dropped -- -- mind it's not. -- and -- beyond the number I mean people are just taking. Aim at these guys there's -- -- agree that marketing pilgrim an analyst says that He thinks the blunder by the CEO Andrew mason -- thirty years old. There's this there's this sense that He is just so arrogant and has no you everything's all the rules don't replied oh yeah obviously if -- -- put out a memo that. Not detailed during that's easy high -- -- either like ignorant or arrogant. And they talk about and this is what -- -- Quote in my opinion group on CEO -- -- mason is a huckster. If there's nothing wrong with confidence in fact it's a necessary quality of an effective leader when companies -- cover for arrogance and -- seeming disdain for anything that gets in his way of getting to where He wants. That is -- When you lead dog is characterized as childish I folks in the industry that's not the kind of image company needs to protect when they're trying to get people to invest. It's -- you got all you got these young bucks that are doing these -- that explode. I mean you can help get excited but sometimes you need the adults in the room. I think it you may need -- grown -- at this point. Hulu as we know is on the block Yahoo! Amazon and dish -- -- to network have all apparently -- Some might interest in pedestrian sounding billions of dollars for the service in the. There's this great these are helping is the about how Yahoo! Amazon and -- are all expected -- between one and a half billion in two billion dollars for Hulu. An exchange or the free video site -- subscription service and the rights to exclusive content for at least two years but Google. -- is out there. And one more yeah that's there are -- numbers out here but according to there -- sources they propose a different acquisition on a larger scale. They want more than just in the exclusive content they'd want to extend that period of time. And also a potential idea. Which you will see of -- really does sell this to Google or not but. -- premium content. And integrating it into their YouTube platform and that would be scary. Because -- make them a beast and YouTube is already the number one most visited the aside out there. And then to get that arm of premium content which they haven't had an. We've seen stories over the past two years of them trying to get more -- -- can expose stuff to make them. More of a legitimate branded destination site for real content. This could do it that thing is that -- -- want to sell to Google and make them the big machine. -- mean Google. Hulu is partly started out of the philosophical fear that all web content was being aggregated like a big black hole into YouTube and this would. Definitely create the center of the web video universe and and put it squarely on YouTube. Although I wonder despite that kind of obvious anti competitive concerns are -- and the fact that there wouldn't be any other. Sites out there doing that. I do wonder if that might loosen up content owners but if they would if they just had one place to go when one site to negotiate with instead of trying to figure out all the myriad places they could potentially digitally distribute their content content. Maybe except that they don't want to negotiate with Google. So the prom also is that how we ever seen any of these studios. And content provide content creators want to deal with one specific site as they really wanna control themselves. And ideally you -- fragment -- -- people just go to their dedicated sites via you know that which was kind of also they -- you you could argue that argued. They could have decided do something like that with YouTube back in the day but they decided to spin off to make Hulu their own. Because they -- is happening with those other services like we need to make our own an awesome and I wanna watch TV YouTube hate that -- well I think that's terrible. -- you know what if they created a TV section that was different looking from there. You know hodgepodge. Comment laced troll and you'll find any -- I think I think it would make it do it now if they could do it we'll see we'll -- Marcy and I mean obviously Hulu is is. Instead of what He can almost all of these are some sort of -- hostile takeover attempt like Hulu isn't even that -- that they want to seller in the whose owners. They are -- -- scheduled to discuss the array of bids later this week and then we'll hopefully no more. And also Google's recent buy of Motorola. It's not gonna stop them from buying more large companies to all they got -- money yet if I mean grenades -- there they're on it in a bit of money. So yeah Larry Page He glad He did say that that the direct quote and He said we're just as we got a billion dollars -- Motorola doesn't mean -- in south and no. Right this -- There's impede there's a picture of sushi on the Internet and everybody -- -- and everyone can't contain themselves out is -- tech news does arise from me -- The blind entered think from the sublime to the observer and so if you want some new juice on the iPhone five this. Ways and gentlemen is not only a dish of avocados -- hand roll. How much she -- game. And it looks like some. Oh looks like sincere action on the continent -- and -- -- excellence with this image is potentially death. First purported image from. The iPhone five. Think I'm now -- -- -- and done on now to the July ninth and the reason why there's a suspect those lists. Is that in the images -- data indicates it was captured by an iPhone four. But the rest of the data suggests a different devices used the image has been cropped. Its dimensions portray a five point 12 megapixel image but the original picture. Was just shy of eight megapixels. And guess what that magic eight number is the megapixels of the next iPhone. Content on time. Understand it's coming check it out and certainly -- CC never looked as good from a mobile phone I don't think that's. That's not the best premium piracy and also the lighting is kind of shadow here. It's coming soon and you know it's coming in because -- the first story today at cricket. If the Motorola Droid -- make it out the door of the iPhone five has got to be imminent and after what is it a ten month delay has been a long time month many bets were won and lost lives were lived in between. -- I haven't announced epic tales are told the -- the time that we waited between CES and the actual release of the Motorola dread -- management by the time it finally appeared it looks completely different. The specs are not even really quite the same as they work but. It is now rocking the cost them dual core processor Verizon four GLT's support them as four point three inch display. Enterprise capabilities like a web top app installed security. And that pretty much standard -- this visit kind of the new king rendered -- Yet now that'll be coming out I don't know if He said this on Thursday Thursday this week it'll be launching. And so on you know Molly's got a decision to make -- in the near future I do will be a drive on it over Olympian other phones. Right FF that takes pictures of sushi can be some other -- Could be some other phone that takes the -- she couldn't be. -- strong -- -- -- command. What do you want you -- -- she sushi -- bionic man. When you put. That -- I haven't read the -- and then when you put a ballot to put it that way although I have to say. I need to know if they've done -- -- at the camera to -- Motorola cameras are terrible. Tolerable super fired up but I'm stoked said Dixon can attest to this actually I'm so fired -- about the dramatic that I spilled -- on -- an accident at all looked a little tiny bit on purpose it was needed by accident Mars like hey guys I just builds and Seattle -- though they. I went on to -- -- with -- the yeah yeah oh no I think -- -- bit. The new -- -- a -- is being announced by Tivo it's called Tivo premiere a lead now this is a beast OK it's sports four tuners. And two terabytes of storage. They're not messing around -- then. You take a step back in -- like the wind is tea lover Demi right -- they always do me wrong. And Amazon -- -- -- three years later. If this is the premier -- man this is exactly what we are one of the premier to beef or because you burst had come out with a fourteen years like everybody was sort of start to creep into the fourteen years and all that extra storage and then Buena Vista up and then that's -- things. The -- like wow that's. -- of a lot way too late. Supports digital cable Verizon files 1080 PD via HDMI TSB ports can accept the wireless adaptor that you still have to pay for that's not -- -- -- -- -- What what set top box doesn't have I think forty remote which is the only cool thing that they have now I bet that's not in the Indian and Italian daily -- -- -- -- so we're not gonna beat up on us anymore. There's an expected retail price of 499 it's like Axel beast but then its -- -- I'm pretty happy that the U verse. I'm still using my series two Tivo. There's no reason for me to buy another one -- -- mindset -- into the network and have a mysterious -- that when economists and we don't really know what that is -- have to restarted a hundred times and I restarted 150 times and never got better and you donated. -- -- -- -- They let you clean -- we love you lots. And -- are gonna come on adding a kimono show anytime -- I don't think that we need to talk to them would you now but any. Sony good pink -- hired a former there where there you know whether -- not Astaro security anymore they're going straight to the top and the former Homeland Security employee. As their new ahead of networking security. -- Now I can take it seriously can you know is really good -- computer stuff the government. -- -- I like -- maybe but maybe not that good PRM is -- from except. Aren't actually an Xbox Live as we know -- never been successfully. -- -- -- that's actually gonna get. -- -- Alright guys FaceBook IOS fans. You just got a monster. Like -- yesterday the ability to share with -- you want. Tag friends -- places and post ability share external links from -- -- at a new design profile and group -- skinny me. This -- anyway is they released their new update to their FaceBook -- I'm allowed people to get an excited about this stuff honestly. It did I love the story and I want to leave it in because at eight gave me a chance to get really mad about. The Android one because I looked at the -- line. The other day I almost since all the latest update because I thought -- -- want and you know -- can't take my friends and post right now -- as -- and super annoying. And then I wanna I think I -- this appears to that we can look at the reviews. The latest update. Which are basically like oops oh crap I installed and now force -- every minute but the -- Called an Android and Android app. Recently went on to for she sushi. Our right FaceBook it's also just in a quick little note I decided I -- -- -- started to throw this in -- who -- that first half revenue doubles according to reports. Drain a one point six billion dollars Reuters that the company was able to generate profit nearly 500 million. These are not official official numbers from base but but this -- citing anonymous sources in -- though FaceBook there -- their machine. There machine and their growing. -- -- -- I onto your thoughts your calls and letters everyone here in the feedback. -- as it longtime listeners of the show we'll know that my roommate for now the one of our favorite -- -- is permanently exempt from the time that voicemail timer because it. At about getting Stephen didn't even know an editor down to only a minute I -- -- are usually minutes humanity a little -- Florida I mean I gotta love you -- -- I guess someone's gotta keep the rules and see even exempt because the first time that board however called the show when I said that I want to beer -- accountable under acute -- long -- voice -- about. Watching Netflix in bed and her pajamas. Because that was not available for Mac that's to come -- -- -- -- -- I got my jammies the government implement Netflix and. So. Since she originally called that Netflix and she's married makes you even exempt from the rule where that -- has to be about the current news is this is her response. To finding out the Netflix might have been restricting -- -- -- port at. Killing at a time out people. -- -- Opposite -- but that feeling -- look like I. Hey let plopped me at the customer and I they lock -- out thirty -- never I would say at -- All built Netflix. And I'm one of very few who actually they have for cricket dot. Streaming library remotely like whatever BBC note that the app. But for me there's some value not XP palace where the value market but -- some -- And and night making it policy and all that important policy. Only allowing streaming and one by the time -- Debbie T why the state. Start enforcing it with outlook -- it's really to. I mean. That form so you Yuba City to me but that -- Netflix you can buy. Tool. That's edited version yet so hopefully Florida didn't -- subscription just yen in her ship. I don't see any have you had a little extra -- and then went to bed and then got to the next day and you first day of hey I just serious issue and if you may have come to give it. New title and Sam Adams would if you put those together and it happens -- around -- district will. Incline of the terms of the teams they get toned down -- called -- -- an edited. All other minute there I love Bagger galleries with both that we supposed -- and as an out take it back girl seriously. Are right. -- add -- and emails -- some cousins do us from burning Chrome guy -- -- -- well. -- -- in the Netflix streaming only due to the increased -- meanwhile I saw Netflix is still advertising. Their stars play service includes a screen shot is -- Netflix is hope springs eternal. Mr. burning Chrome guy. It's not because they are still promoting stars stars will go on -- least be on the service through September September. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Feb. 2012. September 1 -- taboo -- searched. It's that number doesn't. I don't want reggae and I Bianca have been a bit behind and we -- have -- by previous episodes but last week you mention how the seven inch form factor factor. When the boat that just doesn't seem to -- I beg to differ the seven inch form factor has been sailing a solid -- more than year at the Barnes & Noble not. The problem is who is going to pay for 500 dollars for any preloaded seven inch tablet Android or otherwise when you can read at 250 -- is truer now than ever. With 170. Dollar refurbishment development laughed a little about how shocked and awed the industry was by the steady interest in the 99 dollar XP tablet. They didn't know it was all about the price point marketing research AL's. But the good email -- in light of the the speculation that Amazon's tablet. Potentially Kindle -- it may be a seven inch tablet let's hear it about -- -- you know it. -- retail commissar antenna getting wrapped up in the hide the missile can tell and I wanna see I -- fired RA and I seriously adapt I wanna see this thing and tennis that the written not gonna -- I I I was aria and median. Our at a guess is one is directed in our general direction in the sun comes to us from stereo Steve in Calgary He writes in. When hunter is about doing the Kessel run in less than twelve. Flight -- hyper space in as short as a route as possible as we all know traveling through cyberspace He like doesn't crops boy. Now without precise calculations to fly right -- -- -- -- too close to supernova and that would in your trip real quick wouldn't it. So -- is talking about shaving the travel course close to a -- and cutting distance on the trip thus making it. Quicker -- Yes a par -- is distance but in this case it also relates to time for -- tree does this. So yes often that is exactly what I was thinking about when I said that. That is that by far the best email that we've gotten in weeks I mean we all know that that -- true we know that. Will save and I -- that -- -- and get the job of course is yes you can got a lot of -- sent a lot of emails about this there was intentions of mas and black holes -- -- It's awesome and I want you guys know that I adore the fact that you are willing to Parse Parse acts for so -- I you know we can actually parts are -- -- quotes. From -- sold directly wants -- -- says. You get a feel dirty about it -- you blocks enabling. -- freaked him pulling -- And I'm not now that they're sensitive real. If you'd like departs I think the -- comments who visit our blog Leo well that cnet.com we also find all -- and -- -- sensors -- -- and. Give the -- -- and 8061626. Create. We wanna hear calls about anything you like to the show what you think about Yahoo! hasn't been dead -- you for awhile you guys still using it because our people that was -- show that are still. Definitely using it. With for more than just email and dictionary games with the friends so lessens your calls and also email us at buzz. At cnet.com and I think we're good to go for -- eggs so plenty of tomorrow are right -- I was.
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