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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1544: Of lost iPhones and shrimp ceviche

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1544: Of lost iPhones and shrimp ceviche

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Apple, evidently, has a lot of employees with drinking problems, and it keeps letting those employees take iPhone prototypes out of the building. Really? Wow, dudes. Also, T-Mobile tries to pump up its employees over the merger situation, you can finally legally play Doom in Germany, tablet makers try everything but the easy solution, and China is going to kill us all. Or give us $99 tablets, hard to say. And Buzz Out Loud is getting out of the daily deals business.

Really. Today's Thursday September 1 2011 my -- Stephen -- take as a rental. I'm Donald balance the Hyatt I'm Molly was to look at -- And He -- but again the minute I didn't think there. Yes -- -- here or in Atlanta against. Vessel -- -- -- OHA. If there were like I actually would be -- hamper. Every line is episode 15144. Of buzz out loud -- where we have a big announcement to make you guys ready for this little doubt about that on your -- Okay. We're giving you plenty of notice. As -- September 23 the week -- September -- it -- buzz out loud is moving from a daily podcast to a weekly podcast. It will still be the same -- -- Brian Tong. Where and it can -- it can usher in a bunch of changes -- to CNET -- schedule so here at cnet.com slash live where you can see our live shows every day -- and -- -- -- do. But we're making changes basically to create. A pretty awesome to our daily block of live programming and will start at 9 AM Pacific every day with a for a four. Noon eastern and then we're gonna announce sort of other show changes and schedule changes moving forward probably -- I -- if I didn't like -- is aggravated again. -- not -- environment has had an -- is in line. Oh my god and it had tears being -- we have president. To give back we're yeah we're giving back through and now. It's not there will be when you're you're gaining yes you're gonna get so but -- -- will be an hour long super freaking awesome weekly show we're gonna bring in fantastic -- Gonna do the news round up like we do but it's gonna be more like roundtable style. There will be new shows I will be doing a new show that I'm super excited about more details on that coming. But -- I know you're gonna love it and then we Ebert will probably have new programming in the form of art. Our it's cute new person that we hired a New York. Yes so we have brought a new member to the team hot on our roster if you're familiar with their her name is Bridget Carey. Formerly of the Miami Herald she pretty much. -- over and treated their own division protect -- She's at she's ADCs and -- is one of us and so here's little -- this is a video she did about. Some of these Danny games but we're so happy to have -- -- part of our team -- shall be covering our all of our stuff -- New York. And there shall be wants to -- when new -- is a CNET TV. Yes definitely and mrs. you know on this -- we we will get to do more content like a Saddam -- developing a new show -- excited to -- like more prized by its more other who -- electronic content I've got a lot of sick stuff openness -- you know it we got -- -- ideas we got ideas. So I I hope I hope they get content that I think that it ultimately going to be a great thing. You'll still have The Daily Show the forma for the for a -- who knows leverage its gonna bring but it's exciting times ahead everything everything changes. But we want you know that -- excited that appeared that it would not given up on you guys were not given up on yet -- -- -- -- Netflix like we're not gonna charge you more than half a after -- to get less. We would never -- you pay wall you don't have to pay or anything. The good thing is that we will be we really will have a show that is even more mediator. -- -- In more meteor Marc you're you're you're gonna be bigger and longer meter -- hammering it -- we're gonna bring some other you know elements the -- -- We hope that you'll stick with -- we -- so honored that you guys have been with us this long -- -- Molly's an affable ride. And is still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- we we are not a Burgundy and take situation that that that can fit through what is undeserving is out and you know it's not leaving and there's really there's always -- that things will change again down the feature may be it will go back to daily -- road who know. Guests of the month of savoring the daily this is the highly popular I don't like how. -- are laughs at our last daily show will be episode 1550. On September 23. And then our first weekly show so then the new CNET live -- schedule changes will -- that week the week of September 26. And then our new our first weekly show -- show be on Thursday -- Our hour long show and -- will happen on September 20. -- and also guys if for -- all you taking in the chat room in all caps. You're gonna wanna stop that need to examine -- we'll teach you -- days should I do I do a separate show -- -- read read all of the chat and welcome compact and the -- -- my -- there's discussion of riots I will -- -- if you keep PLO daily. But -- -- I like -- do that there's a -- in -- Brian Tong sounds like HP all of a sudden. Veto right it's gonna be okay and analysts point out to be -- going the way of twit that doesn't sound -- Can -- its gonna be a great show going the way it went Gallagher no games yet -- a tentative I was like -- AT&T and likely no. It's it's changed yet. The for a floor by the way is going to pick up some of the news. Byrd and -- and so you can look for that show to deliver kind of what's going on and now there early in the morning because they're on the East Coast so they'll have like. The daily news kind of at -- hopefully at the top of the show and say not gonna lose out on a daily news show. And then of course you'll get. More different content from. And also if you come to CNET TV live every day of -- programming. Like an hour of contents from although lately this -- list on CNET TV so you can tune in live from -- Cisco and just watch like all the videos that we -- that's really cool if we'll select. -- -- I mean we use the hammers and drop now guys think as hard we know changes -- Tell us. With no. -- Analysts aren't they -- went yeah. And and mostly manually managing metal box on both say great I XBLA -- -- -- Things are really excited to -- actually is get more guest on who really do that -- around him -- may be does have guests on for like ten minutes of talk about a certain story rotated Mabry and somebody else awesome but if you've got people. That you really -- -- on our show -- is ready to book up yes clean -- and you know and apparently testing outlook on this the evo. And the and the UK. No limit the fine and they intelligent conversation and. The analysis none of that's gone away if you still get me BT still get Donald surrogate -- yet He -- up. Intelligence from Mali and the literal size. And I don't -- from Donald. It on your computer -- like once a month once availability Apple and accurately collect enough and then it they won't go away and you know who knows what happens with that should be curse him fired out like I think we're gonna put together greatly -- -- and I'm really excited I am very excited about some other -- contents. My -- showed He can't wait to get started on. India and India -- that sweetie this. Okay so we -- the needs yet. Let's say that news yes. Also will this be on the top of like tech mean and all the blogs today -- I -- so should. -- -- helped get -- attending bitchy about. In the news in new stories that may not -- it could not get any bigger or more idiotic. Tell us if you've heard this one before. Apple loses another. -- released iPhone -- blew up on the Internet everywhere towards the end of the day this is a CNET exclusive. Led the turn of events almost -- you know one year after the anniversary of the iPhone four being lost. It appears that an iPhone prototype went -- seen. This ever Cisco mission district restaurant and bar called -- a 22 in late July. Apple scrambled. So find -- device over the next few days. They weren't so lucky but some of the other details are. It's unclear of what the device actually look like is it an iPhone four s.'s and iPhone five. But operating system was -- running on what other details what is even look like that's unclear but it appears that someone left it at the bar. And it was taken and allegedly may have been sold on Craig's list. The home of Apple prototypes this recently actually that they -- that Obama for 200 dollars in cash and they have still yet to recover it. They haven't found in fact they try B because I -- this yesterday with like no. Away no way and and then every tweet it and the funny responses and one of them let's has anyone Apple -- -- find my iPhone. Apparently I was -- -- but apparently they use the find my iPhone feature you and they tracked the phone to this guy's apartment. But then surged and it wasn't there. So they have been unable to recover it but and this was just this week apparently that they searched it and and it wasn't there and they guy a claim that He had no idea. What He was like I don't know anything about any iPhone and even continued to say that when. Apple employees apparently offered him cash on the spot no questions asked to return the phone. Yes so it's a listing of what's it. Missing Kennedy -- -- is that Apple did not file an official report with police. So by not of but finally our -- Brian Tong -- any are -- right lease on their advantage they don't want this to show up on the record clearly. So they worked with the authorities to try and track it down offered this gentleman who had been at that bar that night. But had allegedly no information about the device from -- I don't know how much money they threw it in I would have been adjusted to see how much mining accident altered -- -- -- -- as a 501010151000. Who knows. But He still had no knowledge of this arm according to the sources and that iPhone is in someone's pocket right now. Or not and that's also like let's ask the question is valid and their relatives are buying this at all is literally ask a promotion for this bar you could -- insulin that amount until you buy -- I'm totally fine -- story completely oblige them to like we've got a picture of the bar and then we've got like info about the menu and right. I idea that -- -- -- in celebration I think there's an internal email about some editors going to. Going to -- -- too late tonight and tomorrow never happy hours ending because apparently they have a lime marinated trips to be too quick I think millions -- -- into the article snippet sounds a wetlands areas that have on the wall -- that has some influence on how they lost their -- maybe they're taking a photograph this of each -- post on that FaceBook it is billed as a tequila lounge. I'm -- how come you Ariel only hiring drugs. An Apple lakes and as -- and prototypes we -- and it's okay if this happens what time you know. Then that happens one time how -- another -- how -- iPhone prototype ever even leave the building again. And not as -- chain into a bunker now well I mean they do have to -- voting began they do -- -- testing device and we've seen people in the past take these out in the wild that the ability field tests. I think and while banks. Blaming at all not at -- -- alcohol. You guys you know Valenti -- evident but wow I thought I -- believe it now this is hilarious by a last month the TV -- more details hopefully will be forthcoming so far so far that literally all we know I mean we know that. Apple has taken extraordinary steps since the loss in the last prototype to protect its devices the next generation iphones since carriers in -- sealed boxes. So that the carriers can check their own network compatibility that's. I would do it I just wouldn't be letting engineers leave the building with them anymore. Well the other thing that's in the report He released from nine to five Mac as saying that the the device looked exactly like an iPhone four. -- -- -- in the case that made it look like an iPhone for him or it's actually like half from four with different fares -- and that's is that Myanmar -- you know iPhone fighting. There's nothing about it that even if you were selling at around it would be nice. Some great extent to publish about the iPhone. Gathers developers that Apple works closely with other been reports that they do wrist they have received belies an iPhone four with a faster processor inside. But cosmetically that's all men that's olina. -- -- -- and and those are in fact all the details we know that we should plan that's with the -- that exclusive group so good job if we love you tipster is. Keep coming out of the woodwork even if this turned out to meet Motorola actually power for top -- in the photo here you know technically Saturday and evidently hasn't He dissident. -- I guess it really does have the right for -- burning question really is. Is this in fact a bar and restaurant that only serves tequila. And lime marinated should be taken that's kind of what I'm I'm -- and I Gugliotta McConnell can get you -- -- -- phones that quickly write apps is a dangerous company currently they also serve iPhone prototypes to science at that's in the menu element in the terms as news bullet didn't Apple start a program -- fact that Apple only hires employees who are in recovery. From now because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Phillip how much -- CEO of T-Mobile USA has apparently center and an internal email to company employees encouraging them to stay upbeat. Even though that mean. With AT&T. The focus He says -- to be on stemming customer turn. Like trying to keep people from leaving T-Mobile and and pulling new subscribers into the fold which is obviously -- T-Mobile had trouble with over the past couple quarters second seed effort if. If this has been looming over T-Mobile customer RT mobile employees for awhile and that any gobbled up -- possibly redundant and then cut out. Cut out of the equation -- you've probably been suffering with a little bit depression for the past few months is it. Waiting to get gobbled you know. You know you don't really did pick me up -- trim lines -- You know we should maybe we should just go finally T-Mobile peeps -- -- take -- out for some tequila -- plans to and I'm -- back. Delicious does it -- -- and its relative amendments what I can what I. I don't -- -- -- and make it's that happy or maybe maybe. -- -- free happy hour tonight like an angry meet up with buzz out loud bands tonight Coventry -- but I don't wanna be there. I might be sacrificed. But what I was interested about. And in -- with regard to this email that I wondered in -- -- encouraging them to stay upbeat. And I -- like the encouraging them to stay upbeat hey maybe they -- bias. Or stay -- it's okay -- -- -- get acquired it for I can go either way with T-Mobile and now. They they have to make everyone feel like at least whatever happens there's still a good place the lower yeah I mean. The that's merger and in fact the email is pro merger -- You know we think that the DOJ has failed to acknowledge the significant consumer benefits of this deal. It doubled happened in my opinion I'm T-Mobile at this -- I'm thinking. And we could really have a lot of fun with that is a lot of lime marinated terms -- us. I -- stock option. And McCain we've kill that one and -- evidently -- Also Amazon is offering in the state of California in California lawmakers to build facilities in a bed to and the sales tax by. So this is where California's trying to charge. All of Amazon's transactions. And get somewhere around 200 million dollars. Or 300 million dollars a year and unpaid taxes from their Internet sales. So what Amazon did as they sat down with some of the lawmakers as well as a members of the California retail association and the like. -- -- Here's the idea. We're gonna invest in 500 million dollars in new facility is. We're also gonna enable you to bring in about 7000 jobs in the California where will pay citizens of the state in return. Value not charged -- Decides is that so -- the deal on its on the Angeles and to beat is still needs is still -- -- The retailers group not surprisingly responded with. -- really funny joke Amazon. That's basically what they -- it will see it there. This so called -- that Amazon has proposed is not serious -- bill Dombrowski president of the retailers group. Lenny Goldberg of -- California tax reform association called -- quote a totally cynical maneuver the part of the game they try to play. In every state. However I think what the retailers are finding in what congress does or what the state legislators finding is that. People who were previously on Amazon's. Affiliate program -- that is what they do you wouldn't -- it's had to collect sales tax. For some reason I probably because it's -- big California has become like the last stand for this particular sales tax -- then. But I think it's possible that the state legislature has been surprised by how angry people are. About angry people are who were affiliate. You know I mean I -- I've seen now several different articles from people saying you know -- I'm down -- California. Like between the crazy high income taxes in the distant and that the failed state paying in the bad education and now this -- surprise Emmy people Epstein saying. This particular thing might make it might the money that I'm losing on Amazon affiliates of the a lot of small businesses here in a -- They're like this -- the last drop from him out here's actually do wonder if the state mine uplink. A little bit then -- job creation and a 7000 jobs that subsidy AT&T again and it doesn't opt out. And -- -- -- brick and mortar retail businesses out we're putting out of business don't -- -- -- -- -- 2014 then we'll -- taxes and by the time and that -- some of you will be out of business. Sorry the. -- over -- Vietnam only -- good -- right to the Internet is hard. In disrupting economics as you know it's messy business yet. Microsoft was -- this week over -- storing location information about its Windows Phone 7 customers even if they opt out. But having that data collected this was -- ongoing scandal. Along with sort of the Google stuff. It was basically grabbing location data without consent. And then now apparently. They have been sued by Rebecca cause an -- in a Seattle district court. Yet -- specifically remember I'm we talked about. Microsoft did say that their phone OS did not capture any reallocation data -- it happen is it was found that when -- taking pictures. It when you first load the app it prompts you to ask you. Are we allowed TV camera location and whether He said allow or cancel. It still collected your location your accidentally in that and that function. And out of the problem and is in the lawsuits and my except parade -- continues to collect users' location she apparently Rebecca has now hired a security analysts to run tests. On a Samsung Omnia seven she hired the same guy. Who ran the tests and found that Google was. Dropping a persistent cookie that was also collecting location information and indeed it found that even when you hit cancel. When the phone intermittently transmitted information from Wi-Fi networks and cell towers to -- host on my Mac. The -- wanna know where their customers -- I think it could actually buying their phones can't find our phones that and it's a new feature. Find my windows ultimately we can dish and they're not in an. A brutal anyways. It's a mean Donald doesn't mean I understand academic and understand wanting to know this could. Are they are they -- cattle are they all are now. -- product counsel them let's take a break -- get ourselves and even more trouble when we come back an update on the FaceBook music service. Someone still sticking with daily deals and finally it. You played doom in Germany -- SAI's net. Because you like. Patent litigation. -- singing involves. And chat rooms full of people trying to impress Molly -- You're watching buzz out loud unseen -- -- make them. -- -- I stand -- at Circuit City parking lights and think yeah. Yeah. Thousand and Alice Ellison. Sweet. And lovely and we know who that was from. And I mean it -- name the -- meant to them. -- guys welcome back to buzz out loud still here still -- cinemanow and Hollywood still here gonna stay here. Donald bell still here. Asked to stay here at the tired am I gonna be legally obligated to stay here against his will with the chain on his ankle trapped there will be here and brands -- out here you vaccinate. Okay guys back the stories FaceBook we talked about the launching a music service yesterday and it looks like they'll be -- with multiple services of -- -- music platform. Was modify mug and are DO and now this is -- -- mash -- and sources close the matter say that FaceBook itself will not directly host or stream any music. -- -- rely -- -- partners bright content as well as looking to become a platform for other music services Tara. No listen to get involved with the FaceBook music platform. -- -- Massive but -- also says they've heard whispers that phase but intense for the platform to go beyond music for example it's possible that Netflix can stream movies. Through FaceBook but we don't know if they will gobble up beyond the music platform announcement. -- at F eight for its part FaceBook has that there's nothing new to announce. Many of the most popular music services around the world are integrated with FaceBook and were constantly talking to our partners about ways to improve these immigrants. This is -- then we're talking -- is Google's strategy to write the idea lake even though you have all this power you could wield. You know enough of your your awesome nested make your own music service but instead you just provide the platform for people -- -- are they well. Actually get in front of an audience. Make sense I. -- work for them and it it's the brands of people known recognized yeah I think especially for this -- started doing a pretty good job of integrating FaceBook on the air and who. That's right it's best feature makes sense data. Billing integration -- but I would love to see it go more the other way to. For sure I as a confusing interface here to talk about their interconnect -- And the play here is not great and I Bernie I wanna love you let the search and I don't know it's group. And if Ivan inviting people and it's integrated with a mechanic just indictment means that friends are really have to go find their free email address and put the email address them in by being -- Yet -- -- and Alton -- for us to spot by us. -- -- -- Well now I think at elevated -- And as the party though is like a web based there is a -- to like you don't have to -- that standalone player involved like it makes sense that you can innovate as for the well it could be. -- the action bigger -- modified to be. In making integrated into a web based player on FaceBook and even the other two services is because they don't have that functionality yet if that's atlantis' we don't even. -- and we'll find out on September 20 -- is gonna meet in Italy general level of excitement until I hear yes. For the first time. Google just as like Yelp amount of commitment and love will have an element of data -- but -- -- -- right. And -- -- daily deals on the other hand Google promoted a group on like daily deal on its homepage. For the first time ever -- Highly unusual usually leave they leave the Google home -- very clean totally seen. But on Wednesday. Afternoon watching when you bison in -- -- of people wondering. -- -- -- -- Percent. And problem when -- -- and I go immediately to -- gas can get out of sync with -- Okay anyway Wednesday's daily deal with the first time that a Google offers product has been promoted on the site and then may signal. People speculate an escalation in competition with replied actually didn't see the daily deal -- analysts know I was what was it. Oh and those Nicholas and it was a New York -- New York's American Museum of Natural History offered users point five dollar tickets to the discounted price of five dollars. Those W orbit and now hot date hey -- -- -- in Europe the middle museum. -- no idea you spend five dollars almost tickets that's what deals are good at Clark. That's -- if that's -- -- If the guys says hey let's go to Baja fresh accepted you probably got a good discount. You know -- -- go look at the very good year eleven coming up tomorrow -- ask ask or advise on the best to wait you'd take your girl on -- -- -- And to you right. If if you didn't have -- Even Baja fresh and -- -- comes. At a pretty cheap. Sales went to file -- there yet. -- I had so happy that novelty of this isn't been debating whether the tablet pricing market was just blown up yeah. And now we have what may be proof that it certainly has changed. -- -- Lenovo has announced it's a -- net IdeaPad Android tablet. Which will be it is a seven inch tablet. But it will be priced at 209 and out two things about this I mean 109 and yet here's all they have -- -- they haven't technically announced yet. -- -- -- -- Based -- gave me information about it up front but think this is like the week of this technically wasn't up there resident like a formal announcement for the US not -- -- -- up press release with specs it's probably coming. But and we got to hold it in play around then showed off. But it's not the most -- -- tablet at its its last year's Galaxy Tab. At -- 199 dollars and seven inch which is asides that hasn't necessarily mean that the original galaxy tablet that Sanyo has size and features one of the quote things about it is that it can -- Direct connection over GPS for navigation it doesn't need that the assisted GPS functionality -- to connect to the Internet. -- has its -- like -- Android maps system minute so it's. It's a proper GPS system. Whether or not you connect to the Internet which is kind of cool that might -- -- value far right 199% and inscribed with -- -- it's also a cool. I feel like 199 as -- that price where the mythical. Amazon tablet it's probably gonna be -- I don't think this is gonna be a big deal in the long run it but better than this time and up pressing anything. Sure there are some -- there's every -- I think that this technology is -- out there and and getting cheaper. You know it really is the exact kind of design strategy of of the original Galaxy Tab right which you didn't go gangbusters. Even with all Samsung's muscle. Every carrier in the world behind him. Senators evidence has never took off it really didn't we're gonna have a little more tablet news and a minute but first they -- WikiLeaks has submitted an op Ed. -- The world -- -- I've -- -- -- a couple publications but it's also a on the site which -- -- org claiming that a guardian journalist from the in the UK newspaper the guardian. Negligently disclosed. It. The top secret WikiLeaks description password to hundreds of thousands of -- redacted and published US -- diplomatic cables and that that's how the -- got out was that this. Journalists in a book investigations editor David -- Quote recklessly and without gaining our approval. Knowingly disclose that encryption password in a book published by the guardian. Well I like here -- kinda includes an excerpt about. The dealings with the whole -- is like that's the password the -- -- one -- word when you type it in you have to put the word blank before the word blank so He published that. He thought that WikiLeaks would change it by then by the time the book was actually published this is a long time after that. Threw up those magic passwords and those happen to be the words for the actual encrypted -- For his part He responded elsewhere and said. I thought that what I was given was a temporary password that was going to be changed within days and and that's -- his response WikiLeaks says. That David -- in the guardian have subsequently and repeatedly violated WikiLeaks security conditions including requirements of the unpublished cables be kept safe from state intelligence services. By keeping them only on computers not connected to the Internet they say they have severed. Future projects with the guardian and they're not going to be giving them any more leaks this is. Also the hard part about WikiLeaks Wendy -- -- -- these classified files to multiple journalistic journalism outlets they were like ninety different groups. That had access to this so. Even that controlling that and reliant on every single one of those sources to follow those rules put a -- on a non connected. Computer. It's got -- hard to monitors that it is -- is -- ninety different outlet. So and it's a newspaper I mean they're also like their journalists' right you don't necessarily Italy dictate the terms of the information to -- -- and maybe. You do but it may be a newspaper has its own. Regulations for air security. Protocols for how -- deal -- sensitive information who knows but. That's that's the WikiLeaks claim about how that information -- -- day. Good news. The good news for Germans -- Who have been waiting eighteen years. What they've been playing in the meantime as games -- gotten way better but if you've been waiting eighteen years. In Germany to play basically the first real first person shooter doom. You're in luck because Germany has finally lifted the ban. -- -- game doom and doom two and then you don't forget Denton. That's crazy and -- demand all this time a release date has not and. So you know if you like -- eight bit sixteen -- gaming you give it attract latest. It was still pretty fun you can make -- -- -- -- -- didn't feel like a game that would have been made in Germany and had it seems very stock and Barrasso whenever I know whether Levitt chairman -- no word no word yet on castle Wolfenstein. Yeah that. Illustration on this is that both titles were indexed by the federal department for media harmful to young person's. Which placed the gains in the same commercially restrictive category as pornography. Duma's -- -- -- -- that's arguable. Years of war three is allowed. But doom engine though and sending instant -- -- one -- the -- totally forgot about it enough. -- -- interest -- straight ahead to get it to -- do it. They're right on its -- and now Sean and there actually tricked you and you are right there and talk about the production element taken up and not threaten to prove that the -- hobbled. Interestingly phrased entries we -- -- -- aren't Casanova a delicate like it so. Is happening the -- gadgets everything is happening in Berlin this -- -- we're getting kind of like a steady flood of interesting news. And by by interesting I mean. -- -- -- -- dueling with the tablet thing. Again thank you can't diets may let -- -- zone bar and severing my eyes and I caring about tallies get a new Daily Mail out at night. -- -- Samsung announced. Because of the -- in the do we every size screen you could possibly be imagined try to entice you into buying something that's not night. Out right that Samsung. Announced the new Galaxy Tab seven point seven and slightly bigger than the seven mention the previous feminism and it's a difference so they'll have vowed to the seven point seven inch diagonal they also still have -- ten point one and then they have eight point nine. And its -- and men. And even more baffling why any ideas immediately -- -- ideas they've also announced the galaxy notes. -- -- -- I really big Smartphone -- -- really -- tablet it's a five point three inch screen. Roughly the same as the totally discontinued and -- into an early grave -- street level -- -- -- it comes to silence. Well well that I will save. The Dell -- defense I think it was a gadget before its time -- you know. Most Smartphones have creeped up and like the four point three inch screen territory that they -- not even close to an amnesty came out. But a it was a horrible named him. Because it is merely your underwear they did have a little wordy name -- -- why did you get -- -- a first look. Just do it in your underwear slips totally watch that video. -- Sending gigantic deal at the note is that it is indeed meant to be sort of like a replacement for a little notepad and so it comes with a -- a stylus like we mentioned. It's got a built an app called S memo they can store handwritten notes and drawings pictures voice recordings types text and you can take screen shots with it. Still entering in I donors and and so for where -- file -- also has a -- ordered. It's coming out a lot of technology that the announced time -- generically globally that may not. Actually reach our shores -- -- with their with different name users. A year later or something else so we don't really now -- know one thing you could agree on is I'm sure Apple will not be betting that product go ahead. Should -- five point. We're not worried about it now -- -- -- -- business now I think this and I would say He still maybe I'm crazy but I would predict that Apple does something with the iPod Touch that. Make sixteen bit bigger maybe takes it up into this territory -- -- -- about that and whatever and Apple today that we won't be -- these things minaret -- drool. There was -- -- today's -- making their rounds at the same Apple should kill the iPod Touch because it is starting to seem like the kind of odd man out in the -- they -- really think that is totally not -- running Iowa singing and all the -- numbers they can they can Muster and it does -- actually do just kind of like -- device that's actually why I don't -- which is great and that's the best part about it and ending that's going anywhere but it wouldn't surprise me he'd become more mini tablet than I'm excellence and IA there's also I'd I'd just got distracted a tiny bit by -- really -- a lemon Twitter yes I guess really was a huge news month. Concur that I really and Wall Street Journal published a chart saying that -- August was basically like a modest or news month compared to you like the last five year. Not including. But not even including all of the tech news I think we know we can blame -- that. Okay also coming out -- it the new Toshiba. AT 200 honeycomb tablets branded as the -- For European markets which. This honeycomb tablet if you can -- -- even though. -- in which kids are making another -- making it thinner but this is I think this is an interesting because Toshiba is actually the -- came out with. -- -- tablet and that in their first the first shot and I think with a monster -- the -- had a different name I think in Europe and Asia and then. Planet having here which is why -- don't think geek site names and -- -- either via Baghdad. Super thin super thin. Tablet no -- it is it at the moment the thinnest on the market at the moment they're saying it seven point seven millimeters thick it is the the thinnest. Honeycomb tablet -- -- an imminent it really fits with that theme of what can we do to make you buy them. While they can't -- the thing with honeycomb towels and channels like He can there's only -- to -- -- to differentiate on the software before you start pissing people -- Or heard -- you know you just knock everything out the moon and so I mean I'm looking at the end the Sony -- tablet has that. Time magazine -- the folded again analog pass that's only a tablet. And -- can go stand in -- -- go go in different sizes like Samsung has to a blur of different screen sizes but. It's ambulance is really trying to dancer -- they're not. Back to from the fact that -- all running the scenes software and I'm no difference between pretty sure that we can tell them all what they really need to DO and it's at. And man and a and than I think that it is not in and out the finer art 191 -- -- I am like like -- 910 inch tablets get back in the game. -- I don't think He can make it and get up to the spec required you run honeycomb you know. There's -- tricky knot and on the things that are prominent about it and that the -- but I understand you can make a full old and you can make him ban need to make it like we put unicorn and back into Mediterranean. -- whenever you know let. Cheaper like pretty close -- iPad but cheaper. Flight and failing to do. It's mind you really -- -- some of the scariest science -- -- in a while. Funny to talk about how robots are scary and Cingular thirty is scary in lasers are scary and charts of lasers on -- head -- scary B you know it's really scary. China. A level. China. Has decided -- scientists have decided that they would like to capture. An asteroid. In -- Earth's orbit. And then mine rare earth metals from smart -- that they can that they want a month. The Chinese steam fairly optimistic. According to. To get it to temporarily. Enter Earth's orbit about twice the distance and in Kenya CR OB a little unstable and eventually eat after -- to orbit the asteroid went head. Back out into space I'm -- Opposed to -- area on earth. With -- like there was an extinction level impact. Yet know just go out to space from went to game but it would stick around. Long enough for us to you know -- Armageddon crew up there with Bruce Willis and -- some. Really I am well let's rock mine I am all for this I think they should totally do it I think we'll come back the by China -- the -- -- -- -- Yeah -- -- because it's you mean Humana. Eventually it'll be like what China was up a -- all the jobs -- moved to asteroid. Away from China and I don't mean -- -- -- -- with all my jobs -- always sit them all off to the asteroids Larry -- and threw it. Madonna concert and boxed I'm gonna have a plant on the asteroid that makes makes ipads cheaper than the could've made him in China. If they set no OSHA regulations and sit and -- -- -- -- The Chinese scientists. Believe based on estimating what how many rare earth metals could be inside a two kilometer wide metallic passer and this is by the way about one point two miles across. Easily big enough to create an extinction level event here -- to crash into earth could be worth something like 25. Trillion dollars. So I guess -- if China successfully last those of one point two mile after an import that into a wobbly little orbit around earth where hopefully opening its second buyer gravitational pull -- Then they'll be out the last laugh and allotment how little fine line is got a baby -- -- how badly you want and 99 dollar tablet -- -- that 99 dollar tab that we've got to bring -- asked to write it into -- orbit. There's data mining and metals as cheaply as possible way that -- -- that I didn't solve a problem that you can of the valley get -- -- -- the right medium point. -- got a point. -- guys -- say Delhi you'll have to say we're gonna have to be back. We love our video voicemails we also love them because it gives Stephen want to pay each week but today. We have a lovely one from a buddy John. John. There's been a lot of people Chiming in about -- -- and above two years ago I decided to cut the cord. Because I found out my time is being spent more on podcasts RSS and YouTube apps and media -- such as this one. The funny thing is Shaw cable my -- -- and my. Cable provider right now keeps sending me these bundles that saves me money. For the first six months and after that you gotta pay full price and at the end of the six months I canceled my TV subscription I don't even hook up the television. Now the one thing that my mom missed about television was American Idol but guess what. Took the spot of American Idol. -- -- Academia and TV. Personality He has have a -- -- them. A little bit and also on in our pre show Molly also thought He was cute. I'm just saying and not been. I am not I can put a certain number of you for all you guys and are calling in and you really wanna get on the show just put some letters on users say I am -- Molly pick me. That's what seemed like a video voice -- are being a little alteration -- -- on. -- -- -- -- -- You can't win it if there was one girl less -- -- video voicemail I would put it up when there's just yet or not that's the thing right like. We don't have any girl that we game -- then you'd be happy. I'm gonna get some girls to send -- messages the buzz like they may be completely Rel her Apple -- we inappropriate we did have some girls what -- They weren't like. You they let me -- -- -- there is saying hi we love the show you know there are questions about but at least people realize that we -- you listen to our show against we have some female listeners yes. -- -- I -- -- -- tells the sudden comes us from Michael. Eight dollars I'm so glad to hear the US government. Is finally stepping out from under the umbrella of the telecommunications. And media corporations and whole -- the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. Maybe things are finally turning around in favor of the consumer. The advances we email -- for surgery and I was -- over the console and they get really I got the end of his birth and -- -- -- -- a smart recently and if if I happen to. -- it may be integral theme we've gotta get congress on board to keep keep hammering them there's like an ad campaign now that's going around that like hammer your congress people to not. Let that go through even though you know nineteen is going to be -- them bags of money men. We can extract. Seven Salt Lake City -- and I called in the other day about the iPhone on sprint being like the football team showing it to the chilled party at drying your parents house. And I just wanted to update even let you know sprint is already starting to suck -- made two changes in anticipation of the act on arriving we -- -- him. The first is they've nearly doubled early termination fees from 200 dollars to 350. Dollars. And number 20 they're increasing the upgrade -- Which is the money they charge you for the privilege of charging you more money from eighteen dollars to 36 dollars this is not bode well for the last -- good carrier. Those signs are here. -- -- a bomb are. It's gonna take in this next on saying hey guys his mind that comment about the statement that AT&T put out about being able to add 5000 jobs. I work as a contractor AT&T as desktop support in that time. I -- -- tired -- entire call centers -- total width 300 plus people. Go from full time employees to contractors. Also eighteenth He can -- also -- eighteenth He -- Pay them -- and not to give their benefits so even if they did -- 5000 jobs the quality of those jobs in my opinion would be questioned. Loved the show. Prominent. English children tremor also interesting that there are converting them and in an all lot of companies are converting some new jobs to contractors -- -- -- some of us making up the names for the anonymous writers can you guys make up names fun names. You know you wanna be -- than what if there's somebody who works at eighteen -- USF fund name and they get totally shafted and -- I heard I heard how many children of corn 3000 is given away but -- Ahmadinejad -- an -- at AT&T let us find that guy I am. All right this next. Comes into us. From David real David and Cincinnati Ohio I was -- -- allowed -- 1543. And you guys finally. Mentioned Linux. Seoul might have been waiting for CNET to mention it or something and CNET needs a Linux shell. Thanks and love the shell. Patent. David may be a Linux show is on the new CNET -- lineup you don't know okay -- that Linux might. -- Hey hey hey that's -- take it right. The Linux bid and. And believe it. Migrate then that then converting that sales ostrich farm -- than beef but very gaming. If you -- panda farm yeah getting rid of their remaining -- is too much work so. It's either worked in film at her reality show. Many birds were harmed in the making of the show and. But it hope legends to the panda thunder from both the chat -- -- the public show the kernel. And. Wow. That's. Got an ad -- -- at the end of the show we BEK yes. And all of I know but. -- well it means we're playing this. Over the course of the -- today higher I don't actually like. There -- some amazing stuff going on and you guys don't realize is that -- I'd like your attitude I thank you good -- it like a month you'll still and -- checked -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- Are they eating paint -- Linux like I'd -- into. As well -- guys. And that is that it gets. Yes it is. A huge okay we know that you have a lot to say. About the changes -- I would I would implore you to count to ten. Before you email let's -- a couple deep breaths trying to think about the plot the quality of the show that you're getting and the future shows that are coming your way including may be. The fried chicken when it show maybe rigid idea that making Molly -- is not gonna bring the show bachelor daily schedule but we'll leave that let us giant -- We will read them regularly we're gonna keep burial -- only now we always apps but that will even read the Madeline but that -- and I mean immediately LE US. -- -- And at that but that cnet.com and our email address -- and its excellent takes. Six creates an -- phone number show notes and the official statement regarding our transition will be available below that cnet.com. Donald is the dominant thanks for having -- thank -- and them. -- for the fact that there are -- will see you guys. Right and -- to pick. My opinion is that.
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