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Ep. 1540: Astronomy is a girl's best friend: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1540: Astronomy is a girl's best friend

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On today's show, we discover the universe's biggest diamond floating out there in space. Plus, the FCC is investigating why cell phone networks went down during this week's East Coast earthquake, especially with Hurricane Irene bearing down on the East Coast even as we speak. Our BOL PSA to you: text, don't call. And also, be safe. Plus, Pandora makes some money and the most awkward voicemail session ever.

GG I asked. He is August 26 2011. My name is Steven -- of its Monday Friday am Bryan song IE today it back heyday -- and marketer of Larry and metal while they're gonna say is that thing. And about that -- podcast and interlinked we are fired -- than 1540. An underlie this Friday seems a long in coming especially since one Brian Tong -- -- -- -- -- the week but it feels like I've been here all week with on the news I dropped exactly where exhausted and today -- tests. -- -- -- -- Before they show Leo was not captured on tape but we did a go team because we're so fired up -- -- -- -- hands in the center. And we said go team because it's Friday. Yeah yet those pilots -- that do it goes on rescinded its consultant is currently -- -- to gamers and we select it like a prayer hunt elected you before a concert or some -- really we're gonna. -- -- -- But first before we get to our next go team -- will do and in practice keepers in the doldrums of August have returned my -- -- Nazi bad. And you know it's an -- -- it and -- One more crazy and is -- -- we are sticking things off just. We're all aware of hurricane tropical storm Irene. Hurricane hurricane hurricane coming to hit the East Coast and -- it's pretty severe severe and serious present momma said this could be. A historic storm and to take this seriously don't take it lightly. Yeah but that's also -- with the recent natural disasters we've had earthquakes in the East Coast even in -- -- in the West Coast. But how these natural disasters affecting some the communication systems we have and the FCC is -- investigate the cell phone log -- after the recent earthquake over in the East Coast. That pretty much knocked out some of felt cellphone service for as long as an hour after the quake. Customers in Washington and elsewhere reported being unable to get the calls through. The and in fact the Steve TIA. Said that the earthquake and that the -- after it proves that US operators need more radio spectrum and quickly. Despite the fact that much of the band with that they -- -- They don't use. However this is that they had their chance to basically failing to give us they -- they've they've been asking basically for more. -- more radio spectrum. For free. But then obviously the register points -- that that argument would make a lot more sense of AT&T were not sitting on for example while billion dollars. Worth a radio spectrum already that is essentially empty. And now we know the whole analogy right you have so many lanes of traffic they can -- Series of everyone is -- the network at once. It's gonna bottleneck that now the argument is like let's get more spectrum but then on the flip side -- that is. Sure you could build enough enough space or enough lanes during these natural disasters -- times -- they need it but then. During every other let's say 355. Days of the year where that's not needed. The costs are going up. Are increasing and -- -- high because they have to still support that infrastructure that's not being used at all so one of the suggestions that they said uneven FEMA created. In regards to some the disasters and how to be prepared for -- is that instead of calling in using your cell phone. Use a taxed because that can be sent you know kind of during those. Little intermittent periods -- -- space the shoot out that message that -- and at the same time off a two minute cell phone call takes a full two minister transmit. You're taking up that space. I did which makes complete sense is smart thing to do I think it's kind of funny though when it when -- look at this it's like okay we see you tell me that cell phones. And text messages they do use that same -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which we've argued in -- always -- in I was that reminds me that. That's about I think the night. Yeah -- blame for that xmas is that using the same -- I'm already paying for this this -- sounds like there there opportunity to say we should charge more for texts during emergencies. While you're using up valuable spectrum if you're trying to text people they know that that I've found that communicates during the DC who were able to -- -- that I can't get a call up and making -- and that's that's working in fact that's pretty common. That that is the case -- certainly if you find yourself in a bad situation. Or you just are wanting to reassure people this weekend during when Irene is supposed to hit consider texting first if -- if your friendly. Does that and not the other thing right it's like my mom is indeed -- right now is all of my friends when EDT during disaster and they like it may -- design city. Yes and -- but she doesn't text. In time like. -- And it also -- makes you. There is a period of time while everyone's going wireless and mobile that ocean I still have a landline because land lines. Still cost a good amount of money to to keeping your home -- and just almost like what they care disable. If I'm -- letters like 4050 dollars I think -- month just to have maintain a land -- phone and I only gonna use it for disaster that's a lot of money that's gonna take up. -- -- -- Yet -- landline phones sold around. Well yes I mean partly because I have bad service and how ya know I -- -- live up in the hills so I'm never gonna have very good till service so the land -- is important to me but it's also. I have a landline primarily for as for emergencies I mean I even keep. The old one of those old plug in phones because in me can't count on your base station going -- of the powers. That's like. It blazes that as a toy but if there's ever an emergency you can plug in into the -- -- -- -- -- yeah I'm not that land -- is not known anywhere. And back to Irene actually that the attacking of course hurricane -- aside from where -- today's PSA which is like tiny text urged text first. Every ten don't turn in tone than. Text below care. Google has released a map of that helps people track the path of hurricane Irene is still have Internet access Eli and I had to say. It's forgive mesmerizing and that storm is huge and I'm -- watching it to slowly creep over like when I first started looking -- could still see that. The all of the -- South Carolina and -- to -- sent. That's crazy it's a little elegant that image is of being -- -- at first they weren't really sure how serious this was but now. We've heard from friends that people. In the heart of downtown are in New York City and other areas are being completely accurate they're being told to leave the -- you know. They had -- -- we're gonna cancel few sporting events now they're telling people in those areas to get out. It has huge so don't take it lightly. A category two storm when it arrives. The industry at Washington DC at least. So that's that's a serious storm this is tear it scared that. I was thinking about wonder pets but I -- This. Also the National Weather Service has repeated has began what appears to be an unprecedented. Launch. Of upper air sounding they've displayed deployed all of these resources so that they can do what is really going to be unprecedented monitoring and tracking and data gathering. Which has at least one -- and some other saying like wow that's so funny it's going to DC. A New York. Didn't happen in the Gulf Coast also apparently New York -- their they're planning potentially a complete shutdown of mass transit. Beginning tomorrow night because they think that the subways and lets everybody. We have a lot I mean a we have a lot of coworkers and friends friends and you guys all have your friends -- be careful careful out there. That -- is -- a quick break and when we come back some more tech news including. Pandora. Defying the lives of the prize is an Apple -- and that's the creator of the easiest jailbreak ever flips to the other side and. The biggest diamond. -- -- But. It. You're listening to -- operating. Loss figures figures -- people. Originating from York city new York and Los Angeles -- -- For a life gone digital. And this is -- out. Oh yes CNET far left on to -- not -- -- that -- not. I have it somewhere probably somewhere -- -- you set for the intro the buzz report a little bit. Now. -- -- the guy who did like the movie trailer voices of leading to elect and follow. -- remember. Maybe now I get back on the clear and it has to. Where it's it's Friday guys to stick with us we've got an image you you gotta hand it was the lead on a computer -- -- -- on multiplexers and you're. -- does it's pretty exciting okay back to stories pandora and it's for scores of public company. -- were posted their record revenue in Q2 of 2012. The -- -- fiscal year -- total revenue was 67 million dollars that's a 170%. Year over year increase. That's also if you talk about net income or net revenue they did take a loss of one point eight million dollars for the quarter but they're advertising revenue. Their advertising low was 58 point three million. And 118. Increase year over year subscriptions also increased 112% so there -- huge huge -- It's yet and one thing that's interesting at that there's bank has one of the concerns was pandora's cost of user acquisition -- -- advertising revenue. One analyst said that in reading the company's quarterly report He calculated. That pandora is now generating more ad revenue per 1000 hours than traditional radio is. With just a -- of the user base that they're actually. Managing to -- I guess have a higher -- PM essentially -- radio or or make more money per add pandora's CEO said that the analyst's calculations were. Broadly correct but He said that it that pertained mostly to the company's web app and not the mobile apps but He believes that over the long term making it to similar levels in mobile -- Yet one thing is that terrestrial radio which is what we're currently listen to you know over your car or at the home rate at home not using -- -- There their penetration of the radio magnet market for -- only at 4%. Who says you're talking about the fact that with a tenth of the user base. They're there generate more ad revenue they have a lot of room to grow. And it's we've talked about how the royalties that you know there's this -- of the more people that are pain for pandora or that the more amount of people -- streaming pandora. There royalties they pay -- music is going higher and higher. But -- their advertising can help offset this and the fact that they have plenty of room to grow. And that they really are getting more revenue per thousand hours than that at least as long as they keep on growing that base. Did they they can be all right they could be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's kind of a surprisingly positive report are considering however -- -- -- you have these two big problems which is that. You don't have that many advertisers -- I'm paying that much money and it costs you a lot to get consumers to get customers. And now this this reports institute suggest that they can. Start in the future may need -- becoming a much more of a premium service in terms of appealing to advertisers and then hopefully that revenue vs cost. Formula will even out of it due -- good job or more than radio -- you have serious in the car -- Yeah I -- serious MacArthur I actually don't use pandora as much. An Iowa national boycott after -- nation head of the kernel user location and from -- on -- never responded to it and as far as I know they never shopped and frankly elect him to be perfectly honest I haven't really used it much since. I have satellite radio in my car. -- -- -- -- -- And now I don't use it as much because argument that. The music discovery with tunneling -- but it and community it's still I think it's so valuable but I really do still -- -- -- banner addressed that. The location tracking so I'm just saint -- just foam wayside and we never hear about it -- no we never hear about it we did reach out to them by the way and tried to talk to them and get them on the show they were in the quiet period -- -- -- than. -- try to get back on now let's talk about how they're doing so well and also attacking exactly where you are we do like your product as well as contractors which is -- doesn't -- -- -- -- to saint. Also apparently not totally necessary suing thousands of people who are accused of illegally downloading movies the makers of the movie the expendable and we know that they had launched the largest BitTorrent lawsuit ever -- what was then the largest BitTorrent lawsuit ever. They have voluntarily dismissed their case against 23322. Allegedly Atari users who they said downloaded movie. So the judge does presiding over this ruled that new image that the studio who produce the movie. Could only go after individuals who are reasonably likely. To be living in the District of Columbia. Now a lot of these people that were accused of -- these files over 23000. Users. -- spread all over the country -- 99%. Of the people they accused were not. From the District of Columbia. So they pretty much said. And this is not gonna really work out for us and -- they decided to pull out a drop and drop the lawsuit. Yeah because well because they really were left with probably only like three or four defendant and in what they where -- three or 400 maybe. What they were hoping. As is the case with almost all of these sort of mass lawsuits is to force quick settlements and use it as a revenue generator and let's be honest that's what they do you are a lot doing that to porn industry is being and and in fact it -- kick started a lot more. Law firms and -- you know people doing the same thing but it's -- bad news for a lot of those massive lawsuits now. -- global -- that. Moving forward if if companies try to do this more -- if they can't in a new image -- it. And there -- trying to go for this blanketing and we thought we even see more and more as time goes honesty is doing this. Does this kind of curtail this occurred this from happening anymore and potentially again I mean if it ever gets more expensive for -- for law firms have to do this and the cost ratio -- doesn't work mountain and maybe they find a different way to do it can really these are just this -- like that the total buckshot approach. To dealing with piracy and it's and it's really not about stopping piracy its about like. -- in some cash and keep it -- you know. So that's the update on that now though now. Breaking news every line woman's favorite things to -- We have. All. All all the women of the world all the single ladies now have a new goal like forget about like -- those giant yellow diamond oh Nell. We want to go live on the diamond planet. And astronomers have spotted an exotic planet that seems to be made of diamond it. It's far denser than any other known so far consist largely of common carbon but because it is so -- scientists calculate the carbon must be crystalline. Still theory. Still theory but they think that a large part of the strange world will effectively be done in -- came from Chicago says. Astronomy. Is a girl's best friend. -- -- -- I'm actually playing diamonds are a girl's best friend in case you didn't get that -- was hoping Marilyn -- singing and music. It is this great music. They -- Something. That's awesome a massive diamond orbiting neutron star every two hours -- orbit. An orbit so tight it would fit inside of our own sun I love the end I'd like to imagine actually that -- even as we speak Tiffany is is constructing a giant space -- It acts I think a really great way to save money. Would be like I would take take like a lady take -- lady -- -- an observatory who find this dime in planning. Hold her hand up to the -- And say music -- is the largest diamond in the world in the galaxy. And William -- means that -- -- Yes and in his walk away like -- depends I think. And put that into a house payment. You -- how do you wanna diamond may be earning. There's like him terribly good -- listening that's -- last suing and pulling him toward a typical. Us and it's a long line itself. Are related -- value of -- -- -- About like you need in a lasting and actually to make and blow it up. Yeah remember that there may have blood diamond movie in minutes and they've just taken and -- put him in the -- So that they make -- -- -- artificial scarcity now. Are right enough of diamonds -- earthquake -- young who. If you guys can't beat -- you might as well hire them. As jailbreak -- creator Comex known as Nicholas Allegra is joining Apple as an intern. Now He was -- guy. You guys. Why are we laughing at the board did not left -- -- -- Twitter. And -- in any way is hard -- smart boy Nicholas -- he's gonna join Apple's team and -- if there's anyone out there that could find vulnerabilities and IOS he's the guy so. I'm hoping this is an -- that -- that might turn into a paint job or you know of future job with them because it's I -- entrant gets paid. She material about that but. You know -- smart move by Apple we've seen other developers or other companies -- up developers. Samsung recently did it and so Apple's doing as well smart. Definitely smart. Also might be smart templates and Tampa Bay Buccaneers on your fantasy football team. And maybe -- -- The the but apparently the -- team management has purchased. Every single player and iPad. That can hold their playbook in Vegas casino we have by airlines replace in the flight manuals. And now the platelets which are about the size of the yellow pages to big bucks they -- There outfitting each player with an iPad now. I'm very curious to see if this affects the record negatively are constantly. Or that -- -- or at all because. It's good they're gonna be putting on video clips of the games you know plays a strategy but. Man that's smart thing this smart I mean it also -- you know the younger generation of players Allegheny general gadget to gadget He. -- and I would be doing a lot. I had an iPad in my hand at home I'm not emulated -- plays -- to -- like. Plan. Cut the rope. Let's centric and points out that there may be reports of inappropriate it's concessions from from the sideline -- them but then -- gonna have on the -- guys. -- gonna take them on the planes and by -- -- Coming players that you see with the playbook in the -- islands area -- -- before the game. To say they get him emirates they do anyway that's I think that's smart fellow quarterbacks chest. We have -- little ring at -- -- then -- break. Into it I don't care appealing obviously to the play when does it look like I bet you get a. -- Smith and his thing and actually come with a mile away but has set -- -- Where its next F eight developer conference -- will be September 20 seconds. 2011 so they're -- Russian guys their. As the basic developer it's the fourth conference -- but -- had for developers in its seven year history we can expect though. At least one or two new big features that would -- the network after the gathered at the last one produced the like button that went all over the Internet and. Changed the way everybody does everything up. I -- the celebrities is the iPad app that we've been waiting for seriously. A weather brings internal what happened of the seasonal launches. On way to the launch season rilya. The doldrums a -- got Skype they establish. -- -- add to that I can stop him from talking mentally Utah. It's time for. -- -- You guys it's Friday and though we have a special segment each Friday and AMBER Alert for our. Wonderful amazing producer -- so and -- would you like to introduce your statement yes. -- -- -- -- You boxing -- Our -- to this one encampment to me like on Monday. And -- -- -- -- -- jumping for joy in my seat and kept it under wraps actually hid it from these guys. Only then they would not look at it and then -- -- the docked today with like to do. -- it did not please do not yes I -- in the email so okay enough for their duties and here. It's. -- -- Hey it's -- And I'm calling in again not because of the eight day window. I'm actually hope being too giddy computer -- questioning on Monday. I -- follow up on the conversation whether or not you can -- celebrity. And ask them out. If if the celebrity says on their -- -- your -- Does that give you permission asked and copy. -- guys let me show here. It's -- -- -- copy no no He asked -- To ask her out for not meeting even -- your question. -- -- capacitor. I guess the question of what I think that was his his passive way and -- and full I don't want I don't wanna pass a pastor I want an act of pastor. So he's asking -- classical as Molly what do you think. What's your response. Should He be able to ask ivory keys but it looks like that at that. I can are enough -- you know my my my advice is unique you know we've been selling everybody sometimes need to sack up where their girl -- guy should -- And -- one I really hope you -- in your next. Your next video voice -- -- -- -- and -- it's thousand me and He was like in a liquor wine country his well lit with -- hate whatever unless the lighting really is no doubt that actually that's a really feel like the spiky hair and glasses super impressive framing can delay the delay and ensure with the embroidery on hand should accept. Saying -- pull out all the stops. -- -- Did -- -- -- the same value just maybe you yourself can you don't like we did Allen you're the tingling and this is Dan. Running on it isn't as. Are -- gonna with the yen. Up. Beyond Gyanendra -- amongst -- I literally -- like I take. This notion of okay mom what we're gonna get to our actual voice notes and you guys yet to it. To come up to the day then do it. Okay. Homeboy is angry about -- jobs coverage you know we're sure some you guys like white -- -- you -- so much you're not the only one. -- Workers. I can't believe -- little -- -- with twelve megahertz. She's talking about our jobs. Very serious -- has ordered people because He didn't like the -- the -- here. -- most dictatorial. Narrow minded. CEO I'd never heard of in my life. This is all He also had to change the world. Besides not -- won't. Other means it. Won't know here's -- he's been charged that Apple -- -- nobody mentioned barrels. That -- but -- -- that he's a that He was meant. -- -- Fair enough red lake it I have to say Obama and -- cents on the show yesterday or not but it. -- yesterday of all of media appearances than -- did not yesterday but -- report. Al-Jazeera was the only station to be like -- -- thirty failures you know where they're any -- and criticisms. -- -- Anyway it was we we. We kind of -- -- yesterday during the show but we also wanted to give people their -- -- because I think a lot of people thought that and we got on me -- to the -- -- like look. You got to idolize this -- to this extent. When he's stepping and its -- -- -- -- had little and I admit I like the hold the response was eulogy like everybody's response in the world but you know isn't that surprising news and an altered genes -- -- just happened a few times. A couple times and in fact. Two that. And RE mailer here Bree on a reds and into on the occasion of Steve Jobs leaving an Apple CEO. I feel like a sports and watching my biggest rivals superstar retiree as a Microsoft and Android fan girl hated Apple and Steve Jobs for all the great product that came out and Apple's attempts to crush Android. But I still can't stop thinking about how much jobs teams to game. For -- a lifelong Yankee -- it was like when I watch Red Sox outfielder Jim Rice -- I hated him for -- on the Yankees but I still tip my hat to his playing ability. So to Steve Jobs I wish you. -- -- -- that's that's that's the way -- that's a way to. -- -- that's class that's exactly you know there wouldn't be there wouldn't be. Like the whole term fan boys if there was no kind of person up personified a brand -- have the -- kind of thing to focus and an attack on an I Pham was exists because they were able to have a brand that was -- -- you know we know one hates any person that Android. Regret you know no one hates England while you probably do -- they shouldn't even if they -- that's a little -- There's no with the target all right here guys an excellent -- comes into us from Oz -- -- Give us -- the scene are close to 200 dollar cable bill including Internet wife and I decided to cut the cord. Do PS3 -- have a membership to Netflix Hulu plus and a digital antenna. With it we get all the local channels for free through new. Netflix has tons of content for my five year old boy -- watch shows we couldn't for the past five years without commercials from Netflix and been. Full time parents and workers. I am proud to say we are not going back at the end of the day sixteen dollars content with the membership plus thirty dollars in and access plus zero dollars for of their -- vehicles over 150. Dollars saving for months. Why -- people do this seriously. Of the shale. -- -- When -- -- the -- like that that's pretty. That's why we when we talk about on the show -- meant that a TT plus. OT day. Via a TT plus 38 over the top and over the air -- that is the piece that I think a lot of people don't realize they can still get -- get an HT HD antenna. -- -- -- -- -- HIV -- the antenna apples and a digital signal of your local stations so and it's totally agree the big buy I anorexia the big five networks and it works like a -- I did it back -- -- If you -- if -- you know for his family doesn't sound like they're super. Sports buffs or anything like that you know some of those sports and only and cable networks and that's that's really the main type of customer and that's what that loop. Yet but I gotta say for a lot of people at that works absolutely fine and for like the premium cable networks of troop and. Game with -- and -- like that stuff sometimes there's two ways -- that's what dvds for you know I mean if you're willing to wait. Don't continuation -- -- -- I always get I was gonna and that's up we leave anyway so I can -- dvd works fine for the camping. It's a -- the moment -- computer. -- Here at the keynote I want Maliki read this email because I think they can do it justice. Was that this -- for you. Wow I love this email I didn't update from KD. On the ongoing saga. Of her crush on the Google product manager. She writes in and says. Thanks Molly Brian in the anonymous caller from last week Molly and the collar were right that I needed a few more signals an interest before assuming -- Rothman is interested in me. Even if He is interested callers life updating issued -- -- didn't sound appealing however Brian gave me what I was really after someone to tell me to just. Go for it. So I emailed -- to meet her after work drinks with a few co workers mine -- told him He should bring whomever He wanted painting this meet up as a totally platonic group -- I think it is to be a safe way to get to know him socially luckily He replied it. Yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know it didn't mean He -- single but I was the real that it wasn't a girl He -- around and we all went through introductions everything was going so well. Then -- introduced his -- -- as his boyfriend. My heart think. Of course I had to contain my disappointment but I -- nothing more than to leave right then I knew the right thing to do was keep a smile on my face and make the most of the evening. I would inevitably see parent teacher conferences like and look to torching. A few more drinks them around and drinks and small talk and I could make an excuse to leave without it being weird. Well Peter Acer ended a few too many interesting having the time of my life -- -- -- an atom we got to talking about tact they're both gigantic -- and at a revealed to my horror. That He listens to podcasts like this is my next and buzz out loud -- He brought up the fact that some one who just happen to be named -- I've written in about her crush on -- Google product manager who just happened to be named -- meant. I realize that this point -- already knew and probably told air and that which He had. At that -- -- liquor mantle about pretty well and I just taken I think everything about. Idea and of the perfect gentleman about it and it's totally defuse the situation with humor anyway clearly was not a fairy tale ending but I'm really -- I can iron and out of my new friend. ICC there and on the email to make sure that these -- right I mean revealing alleged her exit about it and I thought you I would appreciate. The closure her. That's a great and everything -- full -- On them but moral of the story though I think that. He probably feels really good that she did at least make the -- -- you learn about yourself it's like it's like -- courage and there is one calculation a she forgot to mention with that. One plus two. Equals three it. -- -- I don't get it -- You get a little let's go to the next -- -- -- automatic. -- -- I gotta say that I will say for future computer -- situations. TV that was brilliantly orchestrated on your part in terms of the way that you asked him out like the selecting that she'll play if -- -- a bunch of people and whatever like making it kind of professional get together whatever well played yes yes but it's do we didn't we do you really consider that possibility that He had a significant other at all. -- even even at that's -- that He was not on your team and even at that -- she took the -- has asked about that was an. -- that's amazing well -- and way to make it way to do it in a way that even had not worked out it didn't like there's no way we're gonna feel awkward about it's -- really. Well played KD totally. That's that's a thank you woman right there -- are right -- -- -- voicemail from Joseph from Virginia a follow up on advice from last week's computer love. Air respond to -- blogger. Eric -- I -- in the very situation and actually aren't like days. Are there and -- -- -- And I actually go directly to -- -- other. Speak with and and and or any sort of elk to get through it without network. Everything has actually turned out -- company or. So -- Everything -- I just wanna -- pop art but it is possible. Com. -- -- -- Nice nice that's that's the words of encouragement and like that and then a lot of people respond to this when it for this. This issue of our buddy Dieter Miller writes in million B. You're both 100%. Correct about the Asian -- Manny -- for the record my life and I've been together for 25 years. The fact that I'm white and she is black has never once made a difference frankly my family -- That would extend their problem. The flip side -- this is a -- Asian friend who dutifully. -- dutifully came to her parents pressure made a nice Asian mama's boy and was miserable. For years she ended up in -- late forties child lists and miserable and he's -- miserable time. It's just an -- -- now faced with ms. sooner or later a man's gotta recognize that He doesn't need as -- permission to live. His -- Dieter actually write -- man enough. It's right in -- time it is definitely time -- -- -- but let's -- let's get. And as is our new rich tradition here we're gonna -- we got we get a call to play you out there. I've I've personally. Do not favor. But I was overloaded equipment CUS the other -- you know sometimes getting out the majority -- that we get to that. Immediately know where you can register your complaints. -- -- to. I think temple. The comments section on our blog -- -- that cnet.com. Call -- -- 180616638. That's both CNET or email us. Oh sorry abuzz at cnet.com yeah we're gonna hear a lot of those but -- this one this call comes to us from Adam. And -- in about. -- and the people off the Internet in the problem is that toned Brian -- just cool that you cold it just like goes down in my house the compute a lot of. On. And EC episode 1511. On me talking about no technology in the bedroom right. Dude you just called Howard goes down in my house every night and especially on Friday and Saturday night you know I'm talking about -- Friday and Saturday night those of the -- still love right. My in my house not my wife goes to -- with iPhone every night and just like you called it she sits there. Usually falls asleep with -- in her lap and -- may be covering up to. Give rose Tommy and little -- between them immediately in the slightly -- -- know nothing. And attention is focused on I found no love me you'll love for the iPhone and I lean years of marriage and technology has has killed every ounce of romance in -- bedroom. Some may be mr. tong you can mass and a little message to my nieces. Put our industry and narrow again. But I guess it ain't all -- casino. Technology. The Internet it's. Helped -- there. -- give me an outlet. For my hand on my outlet I. It anyway I think I've said enough I don't think you know rock love your show keep up the great -- buzz on. -- -- Doing what the man talked of following audio did not our opinion is that the ability that -- Molly like. That's alright guys have a great weekend will be back on Monday. -- -- -- -- -- -- --
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