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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1539: It's so hard to say goodbye to Steve Jobs

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1539: It's so hard to say goodbye to Steve Jobs

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On today's show, Josh Lowensohn joins us to talk about Steve Jobs' departure from Apple, the coming Tim Cook era, and the new org chart. And don't worry, there's other news, too: Google pays $500 million for assisting pill popping in the U.S., GameStop's dirty tricks, CmdrTaco pulls a Steve Jobs, and the best song tribute to Steve Jobs you'll ever hear (listen all the way to the end!).

Today is Thursday August 25 2011 my name is -- -- I am grant sol I'm Donald bell and I -- Hollywood log in a buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate length is episode 15139. -- you already know -- going to talk about we've also pulled in just loads and who covers Apple for news.com. To help us dissect. News. Well that's -- -- unused site yesterday it was like they before that there was that earthquake that rolled across America and then yesterday there was also an earthquake that rolled across America. It shook us to the core in case you have -- been under a rock -- -- jobs announced his resignation. From Apple that the texts like I was like and that at the doctor actually in the Pacific hey hey. There are reports that are like -- -- back. -- -- Steve Jobs had to deal that's really polite note and no imminent anyway and He resigned from Apple -- sent a letter to the board of directors saying. It saying flat out I can no longer fulfill my duties in an expectation that CEO of Apple. Is his main -- -- -- paragraph and there's I've always said if there's ever -- but -- -- no longer meet my duties and expectations Apple CL I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately. That day has come. So stepping in for him will be CL OI as of yesterday formerly the CO. Tim Cook and we'll be stepping in directly into the CEO role Steve Jobs move up to. And obviously advise Apple from a distance but it comes down to the fact that. Although his health was not alluded to in any of the PR releases or Steve Jobs actual statement. Now is clearly one of the main motivating factors for his body does not really been able to keep up with the -- day operations and been in every place and every time as a CEO. It personally and -- was surprised actually that the letter was that straightforward like I can't do it anymore. Just what we're here what we are not obviously you've been on this -- now for her just long enough to be right in the middle of it yeah I think -- Well yeah. Obviously his tennis you know you never know and expect these things button He has been gone from the coming since January and they don't really announce when He comes back the last time He -- There was no announcement. -- He just came back and this time there -- announcement he's not coming back so. That's what we're left. With. -- and we at the kind of the result yesterday was just the avalanche of like what are we thinking it was sort of -- feel like it was half surprised -- not surprised everyone knows that he's been on leave. That we talked at the time actually about how there was no time frame for return and and it didn't. We know we felt super optimistic that He was going to come back to that part not a surprise. Any of it that is a surprise. -- -- -- I don't know about you as is is a surprise actually finally see or here at -- rate is hosting that you -- -- -- you actually realize. It's here now I mean that's what surprises people -- most. Then you have. Wall Street reacting to it hastily and after market trading yesterday the stock was -- around five or 6% it's kind of -- up a little bit. But I think for myself that was the base -- like while he's actually no longer going to be the CEO. Yet the end of an era in about it now and as -- and -- -- my first reaction yesterday was like. -- and He couldn't just wait until it that I've (%expletive) minute I've unreleased. And I go illnesses health probably and I totally bad about thinks. Dot. We are looking back home but that it would be interesting to see if ME -- maybe it's just you now. In realizing like to the actual role of being CEO which to finance a lot of of anyone. That you know He might still be healthy enough to still be. Kenya and a mouthpiece for Apple. For a little while longer and he's -- he's still remain on the board of directors and yet. Wait any kind of know that as. Long as He is physically able is gonna be as involved as He possibly can be because is what you know does what He loves at his obsession. The stock after training has opened today is down just about 4% which actually. Considering the fluctuations of the market recently has really -- -- socks on the whole were up a little -- yesterday today they're down about 1% and it's not. It's not a terrible attrition and frankly like I would see no reason to. Panic -- that much at the end of an -- but I think Apple isn't very good hands. Well -- you might even see -- will probably see once they as the earnings reports come out over the next year so. They're gonna be just fine we all know that apples has their plans in place -- for the next maybe three to four years of their product -- -- throwing out. Steve Jobs will still be there you know as the chairman of -- to install least director put his input and on the vision of what -- -- come and accept what we -- that's what they need the most at least that visionary in that intuition is always drops the table. In a bequest is what happens after that and obviously you know no one really knows for sure -- timeline of what else is in that the product pipeline right you you have new rumors of television sets. But that's about it right I mean everything else is just their current products in the expectation that. Yes and then the Macs will continue to get slimmer and yes the iphones will continue to get cheaper and -- but. -- -- that you know what we now. I've -- I think that there's something emotional about it to -- I think within the company like that Steve Jobs has been like this strict dad. Apple for like the longest time. But is also be I mean he's been the reason I think there's been so many inspired designs and products coming out of Apple too is that sense of him being. The last stop of quality control if it doesn't -- -- expectations then. It's gotta go back to the drawing board and we haven't seen somewhere else in that role yet be able to deliver that kind of not just vision or like inspiration but also that that level quality control and like that that blasts you know. Cannot pass on whether or not something's -- idea that super Apple product and. Dead Tim -- we're -- gonna have to see as time goes on. You know Steve Jobs at every level even from retold his -- was. Early maniacal about the details. By saying yes I like that curve and -- an Apple source heat when that would -- -- pretty open because He didn't like how all the floor looked and reflect in the floor. They delayed up my daddy not the entire floor -- break these are things that. Does that DNA translate over to Tim Cook where He has that sense of it has stood the perfect or that men maniacal level of -- -- that He really cares about global -- And it's a slightly deeper bench into mpeg -- because let's remember they have ten cut as stepping in as CEO Jonathan as -- still there and Scott forestall those three I think as much as anybody are imbued. With this Steve Jobs absence -- -- as much as they can be -- obviously is the guy in charge of IOS which is like they're huge. I mean that is the platform that I think Apple be built on going forward. The real question now is do we start to see departures from Apple do we start to see you know high level. Departures are people saying okay Apple's -- There's not another. There's not another Steve dots are now currently that's the -- and comes along once in a generation but also. I would be surprised if any company including Apple. Is willing to in the future put its hand so completely or put -- -- so completely hands on one. Person one leader like Steve Jobs is that Cingular kind of leader. It is partly able to accomplish that by coming in when the company was virtually dead. And I think probably just saying like look. You let me do whatever I want and I will return this company to greatness and He didn't but. Shareholders have been nervous for a while even you know behind the scenes and friendly cameras about the fact that that. That Apple's -- is so inextricably tied to seem to. I'd be surprised if the next leader of Apple is as. Significant presents -- That thing that comes to mind from -- is and this is kind of funny because we are talking about this man this morning but like the idea of like the Walt Disney era of Disneyland -- know when Disney was. Like not just this -- was like one man's creation to make me like this huge thing He was a visionary and it's so much of Disney was tied up and Walt Disney. And then after that. Mean this is still like a very important. Part of America and part of -- -- -- what we talk about. Mom didn't -- to pop culture but it's it's not that one man you don't see the man behind Disney anymore but still very important now. Now company forest speaking at Disney like I mean -- His hands in a lot more cultural types and than just Apple there's that there's him departing from Pixar to I -- -- I guess that's probably are need to thank heavens opening thing. We don't have to worry about that is -- one interesting thing I heard yesterday was that -- the employees of Apple. Didn't get any heads up they didn't know in fact they found out about it from news reports from one everyone else -- -- which. I would its Alex I date 11 anyone also -- -- out. We need -- -- -- -- news -- you can send out a press release an email simultaneously. And -- as -- Is that is that their email they're internal email chain anyways that for the official press releases if. They may be just had a bad day. -- at today's today faces continuing it has no planning on it. But just let you know when you look at the idea whole -- do what he's done what He did you know really what sticks out to me is his ability to popularize. Products that may not have had a foothold that resonated with consumers were talking about -- -- the Mac the first Mac. -- I tied the iPhone but really taking these some of these devices that have been created before but really making it. Treating a vision and a -- that someone like my mom wanted to get. And really exploding technology and having people you know some of us are probably involved in technology because of all the cool trinkets and fun things always seen in Apple's been a part of that whole thing -- B I mean when you think attitude that there's the whole first err I mean that's is that this is the company and a first launched the personal computer revolution -- -- put computers in our homes and neighbor's computer I had little Apple to me. You know. And my first ever laptop with an Apple power -- When forty IB. But and that was that was in the Steve Jobs there and many Latham and came back and reinvented it again and we're only talking about the post PC -- -- that Steve Jobs is pretty remarkable link in a lot of ways. This is of a person -- company has changed the world. Twice in -- technology -- might also think about and. That you probably the whole like computers your mom thing -- -- and computer for kids to a -- like a my school. At the computer lab was all like Apple to -- and now. I'm a mom as a teacher like as the first computer I can take home like -- from her classroom over the summer like it did that to me back home when it's in Oregon trail should now. Let's let but it was I think that that was that was a -- and I think a good strategy from Apple's point of view like education education market to. Having computer seller in the accessible to kids. -- was a big deal. Nature Angie -- -- that it now with so with ipads lone they're putting -- -- and classrooms and -- a -- of -- that's me the first computing experiences but that price and and there's no telling what that's gonna do you know in ten years and -- -- how people interact with computers. Especially when you look at the long term with with something like Mac OS-X and I -- -- What what are people gonna wanna use for their future computers if that's what they grow up with. My I think my kid is a prime example of that actually -- like basically his first computing experience and now when He gets near my laptop. You have to touch and -- -- -- like. This doesn't work this -- it's a statement. I can't even get Netflix on here I don't -- -- where's the magic of electric -- -- match. I -- -- to take a quick break from our reflections when we come back we'll talk about a little bit of the latest news as a result of this story. And don't worry. There's -- get -- some other tech news. Stick around -- Do continue listening to below. English press one now. Both Saturday and -- -- and -- -- While all. -- -- you guys team in common is this better and better -- avenue resident liner on a release came back and -- -- spot the public. I that is also used the woman of many talents alright guys were followed up with more of ten of the latest updates in news coming after. Steve Jobs is resignation from yesterday now Tim -- is the new -- the new CEO and really he's been at the chief operating officer behind the scenes who's been credited with. Really working on -- Apple's prices the deals with the hardware manufactures at the working for. And that is one of the earlier arguments -- with Apple products as they were too expensive and Apple's really brought them for the most part. Armed with made -- -- Clinton parity with what's out there are so I yesterday. Tim Cook or this morning Tim Cook sent out an email to Apple. Read to really reinvigorate and get this message across that He said. I want you to be confident that Apple is not going to change. I cherish and solely Apple's unique principles and values Steve -- a company culture that unlike any other in the world and we are going to stay treated that. It is in our DNA we talk a lot about how how is Steve's DNA going to trickle down to his management team. You know will and how old Tim could deliver when He split you know what he's tested and this is just his way of kind of rally the troops and an on -- like -- don't worry guys based on a long -- -- Yet this is via -- technicalities in an email comes from a source of the track record with ours and the headers have been verified just as just -- -- that out there hasn't. Let's say what's He gonna see an -- is like step in the next days -- -- -- -- everything's gonna change now guys we got the old guy out. Can -- so we have not included this story let's start making them. That's not being natural commandos who died of infinity and beyond modeling and I'm not a lesson -- -- this story from the run down and I just and -- would be were being justly be actually Cayman -- is linked. You know I've been with us are making cameras now I didn't think it could be willing I'll do that tomorrow yeah I mean that not -- -- one of the thing obviously like obviously all of us in the -- intent of media in responses and everybody's question after like how do you feel is. What you wish to -- their mother and how do you feel -- -- now. Is what about Tim -- you know what do we know about that guy and and certainly. The one thing that we know about him is like He is the guy who is going to carry forward the Steve Jobs vision and there's no question Mikey. He was hired a year after Steve Jobs came back. We can Mac and -- 98. And many hired cut in 99 and and could've been described a lot within the company as -- -- -- -- the trains run on time. I mean He was really He He was -- He was the impetus to link you sent word. Get shedding manufacturing towards saying Apple's not gonna make manufacture its own products we're gonna go -- view of -- And an as a cost cutting measure and He is really He is like -- hardcore business guy. And I think you know is He the guy to take Apple into the next -- is. Of its life. I think He sounded kinda guy would trust not to screw things up exactly and in second place and I now. Several people in fact have described him as -- to Steve Jobs. Okay -- and I got his -- Allen backed out but it's like everybody like tracker. Now. -- and I can -- it up and I think that that's a big part of the reason actually that the stock is only down 4% because Wall Street -- -- they feel totally comfortable with him. You know he's he's good at -- who knows what comes after but I think we have. The good solid three years or so of stability. You know another challenge is when -- remember when the iPad was first announced and people didn't know what to think about and I know it's also the question is how many hits can Apple keep on producing. At that question was up near the consumers jumped on the tablet. Let's say if Apple's next product is the TV in accident years I think there'll be people that will question it but. If it you know it the whole -- of this is. They may be they did run out of -- at a certain point and it will cool cool -- then you know the pundits well let's throw the what is. They've got enough hits now they've got enough hits on their hands -- -- on for allow. But I think that way it is -- -- the issue is now as they don't have a salesman like Steve Jobs you know Phil -- is not gonna be like the -- -- I -- out that as a cool guy and -- -- opinion about Phil -- I mean He doesn't have that kind of charisma of a Steve Jobs clearly none of them did so maybe Jonathan there's not gonna be like a keynote now it's gonna be of that like religious significance -- lead people to supply the second anyone comes out -- -- So you know. I think one thing is also like -- them. When Steve's -- his keynotes and He you know when we knew when I worked over at Apple retail store pal he'd become an -- -- and you could sell the man was passionate. About the products right and sometimes and I've seen these other the other keynotes and like you talk about the salesman aspect of it. You don't -- you know that they were trampling other big part of it -- you don't as they feel like this is something that they might be. Really in love in love with the product like Phil Schiller did his thing but -- -- felt like He He would loved. This MacBook trade and that's -- on the when you watch Sony's old clips He does talking about the -- and looking at it. In the keynote you can tell he's in love with this -- -- is -- and so that's one of those qualities. But hopefully. You know. Tim Cook in his letter said He loves Apple hopefully He can -- transit because that's that's one of those things right Bloomfield is genuine thanks that you care why do I care you don't even if I don't you feel you care so we'll see how likely is now. I mean I think you lot of ways he's Steve Jobs is is I don't know that the hits are over necessarily mean he's going out on top there's in a silicon in many -- there's not. There couldn't be a better time. To do this you know like they are had. Or at least were for a little while the most valuable company in the world there -- theirs is still speculation and it may be legitimate. That the stock even though they were the most valued company in the world might be undervalued a little bit -- you look at their cash reserves. Compared to their earnings -- there is still room to grow. A lot of room to grow that in their product line is super solid you know they've they -- A huge cultural touchstone. Like if you're gonna go out. Now is the time and actually think stepping away like this and and making it a really orderly transition it doesn't affect the stock is is a sign of pretty great leadership actually think that Steve Jobs doing the right thing for Apple -- here. And who knows what comes after maybe it is a slow decline posted. But like nobody's ever gonna take anything -- from Steve Jobs that the simple like. -- Farber a computer interior Isaiah like native. You're doing it right. I'll hire as for the record -- that can just sit there. A terrorist -- -- Brett Favre now now now now now now -- Take a little thing is certain to wrap up here's Steve Wozniak in an interview at Bloomberg TV discuss the resignation yesterday obviously -- That he's one of the greatest technical that He is the greatest technical leader we've ever seen. And then also no surprises there. And then also Apple posted its new official executive or turn yes of this organizational chart -- -- a different. A manager that are involved in the team it's gonna it is kind of weird and not see Steve's Acer anymore. Ron Johnson still -- there and that's another thing right we didn't really talk about too much but Apple's Steve Jobs at the home when they decided to go big on retail. And everyone got their entries in Ron Johnson was a huge part of that movement as well. But they transformed how some of the things are done and -- -- in other companies you know in a completely separate space outside of tech. Really really looking to implement some of those things but there's -- team no more Steve Jobs. -- that is that and a there -- obviously there retrospect is go on and on if you go over -- CNET TV dot com we've got Eric respective. Videos everybody's kind of you know integrity is doing the dance Wall Street Journal has some of the -- quotes and you know on and you can you can find it all over. The web because. Although you may be tired of hearing about Steve Jobs and Apple -- you're not that personally interest at an Apple like -- -- Sorry -- as this is gigantic news and then there's you weekend with real -- and -- this is the person -- this is a single person and a company that changed the world twice over the technology world they couldn't be. It's it's the passing of a huge air and technology -- So. With that we will move on to some of the technology news. -- -- -- For example. Google has agreed to pay 500 million dollars to settle US government and -- investigation into its distribution of online ads from pharmacies that were illegally selling prescription drugs. Two American consumers. Of the settlement means -- Google will not face any criminal prosecution for. It's accusations that it profited from all these ads promoting Canadian pharmacy that were illegally importing drugs -- the US. I -- using kind of -- ads to help facilitate that. -- they were saying it it not only does it send a clear message that Google and others should not contribute to America's pill problem. If they will be. Hill county health -- -- don't count Google fell opinion I think there's nothing funny about that pill problem if -- having and that's and then release them when. -- OPEC -- the -- no plea can find -- online because. The worst thing that Fox's Everett and for the world was not -- -- and that's to be online because they're so -- -- relevant all the time that is the worst thing. -- activity and that that's that's. Maybe in -- -- is -- it's the thickness and now I know we know that we don't -- -- there. Also on the in some kind of crazy news in the gaming world game stop. Has responded to this day SEX controversy now I don't know if you guys know what it happen with this game easily but there were accusations and it turned out to be true where. -- -- Was -- -- out. This on -- this copy of a free version of their physical game that would be downloaded via the -- live streaming service they were pulling that out. Then re selling the open copies the customers. As new. That theme that is it's now that's beyond on -- quietly. Yes fraud names but says the coupon was for a competitive service and an even in -- like a head -- -- -- -- the company who produces. The SX. Said that you know game stop was not made aware of this inclusion. And they respected the rights of games up to have the final say and open up the packages pull out the coupon -- and then resell them back on the cell. This kind of a jerk move from the manufacturer though right it's a total Trojan horse -- -- We can K here's the game inside of it is the seeds of your undoing can -- -- -- right. It does the streaming happy that we no longer have to use your service that -- -- -- -- it will sell it adds new I'm sorry like they can pull this off that's the shelves all they want but I would be pretty shocked if there's not some kind of velocity your -- that is nine I'm so I'm amazed that query unit that despite. I realized the school so videogame industry is so weird earth. Game stop does decide to pull in Taipei game stop to get the code in the first place it just means like someone else would get a free copy but -- still potted -- -- -- him. So game stop is example in the games off the shelves. There waiting for another version of -- that doesn't have this only -- -- and also a little while ago we talked about gain -- earnings how they were being. -- significantly affected in their earnings report by digital downloads. So. I'm surprised that's not values that. It can't. That's -- -- most of these games sites out like looking out across the strip mall parking lot at abandoned blockbuster video they are they've got an area I'm gonna power alerts and amber how dare you talk about I've. Game store life. And these borders bookstore owner and and are looking at the empty people -- -- debate at night. -- but it's not respond so this is. Think you know I'm not there and I'm some of them. Yes. There -- landed -- speculate that maybe isn't Square Enix Green games stop and in games that -- -- consumers -- -- of them it is like and. -- I IA I. Gender stereotypes but it is at -- -- research Neil Flynn new Nielsen data suggests that. That dedicated. While accountants and didn't happen. Again -- -- -- -- but but they're bigger for their meteor hands now according to Nielsen's -- meetings. Safely say that -- time. Seriously seriously sale Olmert on elemental. -- -- -- quite on the set. Some can be a -- why -- on the -- online. -- I can't if they recommend the eighties. I thank you didn't you go hand. Anyways according to the Nielsen survey 61% OE reader owners are women. Up from 46% at their -- lesser men make up 57%. Of tablet owners which is down. -- from 61% third quarter. I own both. Yeah yeah I was gonna say they. What about those devices that are right in between like -- no other way if Steve didn't like these are annoying and I also on bulk although we all know I'm kind of -- documents oh and my age I'm glad aftermath for a night of -- I guess I am to you now I think it does -- normally metro. -- via their ego -- no sexual. I've been adopted now idol he's -- arguments. It works independently had a -- Craigslist manipulation no Molly demons meant to -- -- -- -- I give in the morning on lake I said this is the direct quote I love -- when you weren't type and. But it didn't -- -- -- money gentleman that I hear in the office. I don't like -- like that since -- friends as trust and just aren't just friends I -- got suddenly Yonkers and save us they quick hits. -- Yesterday we got so excited because it -- like Sony pictures was was striking. -- kind of confusing blow against privacy by uploading the godfather film in its entire thirty -- YouTube. It turned out it was someone pretending to be -- connectors who uploaded the godfather and -- -- -- YouTube and out. I really got really excited dollar -- we did right yes I -- it ever does is gonna watch -- amount of times and then. It's funny I don't like the of all the horrible things that happened is Sony over the past -- this just seems though nothing you've -- like you know like. -- -- really I'd even take it down. The palace -- better watch -- let and then got for you -- and bought the dvd and. Also another -- -- -- is the Galaxy Tab to employ a one injunction in Germany has been upheld for the time being. We do know that in other European countries you can -- they were allowed to freely sell the Samsung tablets because Apple. But the injunction on they've been overturned it but in Germany that injunction is still being upheld and there will be a final ruling on September ninth. Does quick hit and I think I'm gonna throw in here that it's on Twitter earlier Verizon. Is the -- has apparently decided not to sell. The Samsung galaxy two S. We really huge blow to use -- -- -- a natural unlocked phone and it's pretty sweet right and it unbelievably popular and that that's kind of a big surprise that Verizon is not in and not gonna -- that one button which is maybe making room for another phone -- I wonder Armenia and killing -- to -- stands in front of you to set up close and or maybe just this one times and things like we don't want you to put all that crap player on it who immigrant and -- thank -- just wondering what can. Next. FaceBook is also mounting -- challenger -- anyway. Could afford it is targeting -- mr. Graham. With photo filters they're gonna at a series of photo filters to their mobile application. In the coming months with hopes of -- and -- the big you know. Everybody -- -- -- which personally. I. This because they hate how I take a picture you know if that key and -- hit I take pictures and have to open another asked -- -- -- -- -- -- right which is perfectly good and elegance and and then Catholic exported and then. I exported to -- but this is all in one out. Given this is also like the death of anything that was remotely cool about photo filters now is meant. My guess that was the big guy uses an out of your mail all on -- FaceBook is gonna be doing like retro photos filters on my. And distilling it did you didn't held all the hipster I now happening with its it and saying that -- bill. The remote kind of we know -- loving hipster cred that was there for -- dollars. Lennon and tidal level loving hipster cred with your thumb all my mum -- do this in -- it -- there so now now let's elder. It's that I think they want actually because older people -- like I don't you can understand late -- perfectly -- like that He you know what they're perfectly pictures -- look like crap. -- that's I think there will that Jeff -- this era of of photography when they look back on it making -- fifty years from now I was FE one so crazy about. We -- ruining their -- it at the address. If there was nothing quick about that He had ISI and I'll do this on this is that rim has finally announced their music service for Blackberry messenger. Which is going to give those remaining Blackberry messenger loyalists. And ability to. Get fifty songs in their music profile that they can share with other people on. DBM. It's gonna it's right right now it only on the -- invite only basis closed beta trial but it will roll out has had a 40400. Or 99 a month service -- -- subscription music sir receive. Theme with limitations. That it's only gonna be there for Blackberry messenger users. And -- one dead on arrival problem. I -- look. The you can share the side. Only tells you only get fifty songs to share you can swap every month you can swap out twenty filing those songs you only have fifty songs to play and share also every monthly -- -- David I -- I -- imagine -- 29 like. And then if you want more solves your library you have to like make buddies with another friend on the services to hear their fifty -- may not even like. But it. Honestly it really is confusing it is they get some insurers I'm with the does that count against your 59 or until it's on need to listen to -- -- Hatcher and who knows it's -- spot a plant for -- messenger to probably maybe okay guys and and -- messenger and a partner and I guess since I was -- A little minimize. Future predictions only and are rubbed off on anomaly lit -- and according to new articles. Sprint's not the only one that will be potentially getting the iPhone five T-Mobile now named by Mac trashed. To be getting the iPhone five along with me you know potentially lower iPhone four capacity -- -- certain. So I was an announcer talking -- moment from -- I think that we should call this. No -- all less. -- -- -- The Irene -- -- -- -- your like lightning and soon from. And then. In other big news about. My -- Cars preference. In rankings. And -- -- you need. In in the I know I know I know exactly -- saint but the parents in the allotted time I'm glad to finally you guys came with some really bad joke and I just admit it to bring you. Yet I just under current content right after cars at -- Case -- and other big news about a minute -- get out your mind battled and you'll see and John John Wayne new whenever possible. It kinda -- you know what. We -- now. Now from the windows to the law all have little little blood sweat drip down my ILL. And outsell classy Lil listener -- -- -- -- -- And coming out it's not -- if -- late late -- me like all lolly pop. I have no idea how late. It was -- and her Lego events. And other big news about tech luminaries are stepping aside and. Rob -- otherwise known more commonly known as CmdrTaco. Just resigning from last night who. -- -- dear diary which is lengthened if I do like -- little graph of like this shows the respectability from the beginning -- and the apparently this is what I came back -- but I went on vacations -- -- collect my thoughts and this is what you do. A man -- talked all -- Okay continued He -- does flash guy he's been running flash -- Fourteen years He -- like that they king of the nerd world. -- -- -- This is -- just a stone CmdrTaco steps down the big deal spinning deal is that after fourteen years and 151000. Stories posted. It's finally time to think about the -- is He closing the site around he's is leaving applicants -- -- Okay. Let's move on -- to the voice mail obviously. Most of the feedback not all the most of it about the Steve Jobs resignation and starting off. -- -- -- -- Both -- with the -- BJ from Charleston listening since episode 1000. I -- a huge favor and -- this message to go on the show so I can have a record of being the first person with they've been. Apple death watch begins Tuesday. Boom. India. -- -- I know I know they're good for the next three to five years but in my humble opinion will be looking at Apple and eight to ten years like we look at Microsoft today. And man if they did -- have the Xbox. Love the show. Although He sounded disturbingly gleeful. That is not an uncommon sentiment on the web right now -- well as. -- that have premier. Will have to -- Dependency camp project that is it down as it down a little more -- -- what it is today idled the -- -- get any bigger than Apple is right now via early. Once in a generation -- and you know so. We'll see net what I I said this morning and -- acting -- I that we what we may see as Apple become heaven forbid in a normal company. And I guess that I. It -- and I guess in some way that is that you'd like app catalog are right now there is like the CEOs of every other company competing against Apple aren't like that silently cheering. Me. Normally companies to compete with. I don't know -- to compete with magic anymore I'm. Out of him and silicon -- like. Okay here we will pop -- now it's my time and a sign of the ultimate salesman. -- And be careful what you wish for feedback I'm that they and I told me to -- -- -- -- -- told him nothing in it. Well aren't terribly slow -- news. Who -- Motorola mobility. HP this continues computers. And Steve Jobs resigns from Apple but -- it's been. I'm waiting I'm waiting for the take -- as -- -- while me and sold. It's a it's a slow August. Bigger. Initial Dennis on the talk about. I'm being and it's going to like -- solar flare that actually melts all our computers breakdown in power. That's the news is that and a then you might be slightly that affects me and it depicts -- -- The HP touch -- feedback continues early in the emails Chris -- and into as. Looking deficit 1530 -- -- discussion about whether or not the 99 dollar touch -- affected the market. Regardless of whether the entire consumer market now expects 99 dollar tablets and obviously they do. I think the more important factor is that approximately 500000. Potential buyers -- is taken off the market. I personally have lusted after an iPad -- Galaxy -- since they came out but can't just by the port 500 dollar price -- parity have an iPhone account and or mobile surfing needs. Obviously there was pent up demand for tablet at a lower price point but the entire tablet market just shrink by half a million customers. Not to mention all that's about touch pads are now on an island and not in the IOS or Android world. Until airport extreme damage to the touch -- tool so if Google were smart -- -- -- them assisting that dev team trying to port Android. Because Google is just all about -- and what an easy way to pick up. 500000 customers. I've seen a really good point yeah yeah I wish I -- -- -- you -- I write this on well this. This and tells us from Jason from DC. A buzz -- -- thought -- put in my two cents on the mobile phone outraged outage due to overuse after the earthquake. I work in DC and immediately following the earthquake I was unable to make any calls from my phone from Verizon however. I was -- making and receiving calls through Google Voice integrated through Google chat. To let my family know that I was okay until Google decides they're gonna stop providing -- supporting voice it will remain my version of a landline. And -- -- its clever the opposite the total ops in of the spectrum terms of command line -- me around cellphone. -- -- -- -- -- Brian AKA buzz and 2008 and admitted iPhone four -- turned in to say one to give us a message. To Steve Jobs the first of two messages we have for Steve Jobs and. He says dear Steve you're great mind an innovative thought has brought so much joy into this world and has changed lives for iPhone lovers like me I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You're one of the great ones. Of our time. Let's be clear that was not mean Brian -- And but let's clarify that -- and that. Touching message. It better in terms of touching messages to Steve Jobs so. We're gonna play guys out with insulin. It be if you want to comment on -- -- creative -- that are -- below dot cnet.com. Now -- so we do wanna hear more reactions of what you thought because it took some time previewed right in. So please tell us what you think positive negative neutral. Call us at 800 dots a sorry 800 die from 80616638. And LC guys can you know also doesn't seem to -- yes but it and before you go to all no don't stop the podcasts yet now. Because we just we had to play this special message special methods. -- -- -- He was -- I just wanna do and who can beat Steve Jobs. T just don't want the most influential people -- the road and sad. That he's stepping out of CEO of Apple. It's never gonna be -- -- got him on keynotes. Who meets his distortion field and -- He says it's magical. And revolutionary. And and one more thing. How do. (%expletive) -- Name. To mine it. We. The good. And then playing this. I -- me. -- And not to. -- The enemies now mammals. We. There. Have beaten the man. Moon. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah this is the need. Things. Have actually been -- in reality distortion or Darby Dunn and solidly as the -- segment. And I suspect. Have a great. -- -- --
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