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Ep. 1531: Introducing: Googorola!: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1531: Introducing: Googorola!

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Google buys Motorola Mobility! Once we figure out that it's not actually a joke, we grabbed News.com senior writer Maggie Reardon to help break it all down for us. Upshot: patents, patents, and more patents, and a war with its hardware partners. And also, a sea change in the entire industry. So, no big deal. Also, Anonymous rides to war with San Francisco's subway system over free speech, and we're with Anonymous. And did Apple's amazing Photoshop skills kill Galaxy Tab sales in Europe? The plot thickens.

Today it's Monday August 15 2011. My name is Steve impeach him I am Brian's song that I am Hollywood -- -- buzz out loud cnet's podcast of indeterminate length it is episode 1531. And it. Fittingly we have a great guest with us today via Skype -- Maggie Reardon senior writer for CNET news.com covers the wireless industry because it turns out. -- is that -- needed a new lists in the wireless today. -- so in case you've been under a tech news -- And missed it. Google is buying Motorola mobility. Or twelve point five and billion dollars may inherit the same for -- -- that we first saw this headline this morning with but. I thought it was some -- may be it was joke and -- I thought well maybe I'm misunderstanding. And that they're buying like infrastructure. There's sort of the two Motorola's mobility and another one but no no it appears that they're gonna make phones now is now. Whole -- applicable now the announcement is that Motorola Google purchase Motorola for forty dollars a share it's a 62% premium over their closing price. One of the biggest pieces of this though is also Motorola's patent portfolio. -- after acquiring a large chunk of this we've seen how. On the whole patent wars and everyone's -- offense and defense about how that is all -- out. Motorola and sells their -- portfolio includes 171000 approved patents and another 7500. That are pending approval. So this is one of the strategies that's part of this acquisition as well. MA tells that little talk you were the first article I side -- Google has bought itself some patent protection can expand on -- element fourth. And what -- and about it at first I I think that this is probably this was prevalent is driving and and when you look at light. A consortium paid for our Novell. And Nortel patents I mean is it -- a lot less. And they're getting like four times as many patents. Through this Motorola acquisition twelve you know -- it's basically a bargain. Her for Google. So I think that was what was driving -- and really what this comes down to is email. Google is is a fairly young company when it constant mobility and unity don't have a lot its intellectual property -- -- build up at companies like Motorola which essentially invented -- -- And they've been. Pretty attacked from Microsoft and Apple. Which had been out -- scooping up. Patents. -- and going. Against Google and challenging Oracle's -- another one which. Oracle -- isn't necessarily competitor but I think they saw dollar signs when they acquired the Sun Microsystems. Java. Patent portfolio. In an -- -- -- it. You something here. And you know so I think it's. They have all sorted piled on and -- taken on Google and Android and Google is pretty much defenseless they are not. Really. Making headway in acquiring some of these patents -- that came up for example the -- patents and Nortel patents so now. You know this this really gives them a good. Base -- to fight off August litigation and then you know just as some rally in metal texture and get like ants at -- Well that isn't like that's the very curious part you know some. People have said that this is a defensive move on Google's part like we've seen them pretty much belly aching. -- has made yet put it about how they're under this attack and and asking for some kind of -- reform. Is this is this to me this -- -- legitimately get Google move right where they're kind of -- ignoring the long term ramifications of owning a handset maker. -- -- there -- obvious benefits that we can get you an imminent but is this really do you think a purchase -- all about. Patents and if so at PetSmart. Well yeah I think they they needed something you made it my colleague Jay Greene who is turned out to be He covers Microsoft and Google for us and he's turned out to be our patent -- in -- all all these. Stories and He wrote. -- just recently that Google was vulnerable it out so here they are belly aching but at the same time He. -- point 89 story he'd like -- they don't. They don't have all these patents and so they were out looking for something in there had been some speculation ABD would be -- and Research in Motion. Which had a decent patent portfolio. But. You know. Now rim is totally out you. And know where this leads them out in you know Google would have been net -- a potential acquire it now that's likely -- and I don't think anyone had really thought about Motorola is a possible com acquisition target and I had heard it like we said I I thought it was a joke first top ten. Really it is -- -- it is because I honestly I gotta get this thing but yes so. I think it but it does make sense -- patent. Perspective and when you look at how much money and He is four point one billion dollars were paid on some of these other patents. So you know for the number patents are getting through Motorola for twelve point five billion dollars and paying cash. Actually they have on -- it's it's a deal on and then they get you know so if the same time. I think the big question will be what are they gonna do with the handset business are they actually -- Developed the handset business. Or you know they could very well just -- -- it happens and get rid of -- -- sort of forget about it I think that they probably are gonna do something with a handset business. And and we conduct a little bit about that too -- at that can be an interest in business for them but I think they're really gonna take off there. Partners now -- -- -- Samsung HTC on -- super interesting to me because there's no question that Google could now basically become. The an Apple. And -- -- high end Apple app app where they control the hardware they control the platform that can really build an amazing integrated system. And an -- I think that's it yeah yeah I mean it seems like that's what they're headed for I mean they've got the cloud -- got the music. There you know they're getting into books and you know they've also got Google TV you know -- let's not forget that money. When they also get with the get with Motorola is -- a set top business and -- Google TV is really struggled that now. You know you've got. You -- Motorola which is in pretty much every. Cable system out there in terms of set top toxicity have you know some -- -- in with the cable companies and you know that can also be. A potential. Business unit for them and something that they can expansive there's a lot of possible synergies it you know when you first you -- headline act and then when you start to think about and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's let there's a good we can do sort of a pro and con organs had been organized about if we get those little in any thoughts about it does. The so there's a good read up over at -- that by our colleague very Dayton in about six -- that it possibly. Is a good thing and one of them obviously is that integration. That it may actually validate. Apple's model little bit and say you know what you can control the experience better when you control the experience. -- 01 of the things that's challenging about that rate so we we see okay maybe it is some sort of admission. That integrating or being the company that controls hardware and software. Is actually the way to go on the other hand at the end of the statements of the acquisition. Andy Rubin -- said we are still going in. To support Android as an open platform for the open source community and work with a handset makers but with the acquisition you've gotta wonder. Samsung and others said they they're probably in some -- happy about this acquisition it. More than -- because Android in all those patent trolls and other companies are. Android now has the backing of patents to protect them so Android -- system that these manufacturers. All are in bed with with you know with a phone sensing an ACC but then at the same time. There's gotta be -- -- behind closed doors what's really happening because if Google. Moves forward with this action and really does try to build an integrated system we have seen already how there -- trying to work more closely with specific hardware partners. Specifically with the whole on tablet initiative that they pushed out and many factors were complain that they're working a lot more closely with people like Motorola and Samsung than they are with us. So if you're someone now that's looking a little bit on the outside like the Samsung -- HTC because of this Motorola marriage you've gotta be one -- Are we going to get the same attention and love and that we used to. Although the positive spin on that is that if Google starts putting out Motorola Android -- hope hope springs eternal but they are apply here Andrea -- That that could put competitive pressure on Samsung an HTC to not mess up the phone -- it. To do a better job of the software integration to be a little bit Lucchino. To conform to standards as far as the OS I mean it could may be. If sampling and HTT don't flee the partnership and really why -- -- again still it's still gonna be way cheaper to -- Mandarin Mandarin windows on. Then consumers could win because we could get away less fragment 200 X. Which -- -- and I I think it what's gonna happen is you. Google has been looking for these handset partners to sort of embraced the vision. A pure Google little bit more than happy and that's what -- come -- with a -- nexus line phones and you -- this could be that. That vehicle for getting out pure Android experience -- and you have more of the the Google experience in there with. With the cloud services music and everything expert -- and more tightly. And I think what this could do is for Samsung -- TC for example to differentiate their platform. Arms a little bit more I mean you know Motorola dabble a little bit with notable -- I think are probably -- -- go away. And I think we'll probably do -- help we did -- an -- an -- -- at the same time I think Samsung any CC you know if if they try to go for the pure Google experience they're gonna be competing with Google. So it's it's more are likely that they might try to find a way to differentiate their handsets to make them. You know make these. A Samsung experience of Samsung's handset which happens to have an Android operating says. Yeah that's that's why I hope that if Google is putting all their backing let's say behind the Motorola platform and and Samsung and Ecstasy although they're running Android. What if they're running like you know a flavor behind. Now they are they going to be OK with that one now. They will like you say -- if that's the case have to differentiate and other ways which could be good or bad so far -- attempts. To differentiate at least on Verizon because then there's the carrier relationship to of the carriers -- a bunch of stuff in there if the manufacturer lets them many could be really interesting. And we can also see a lot more -- Windows Phone -- That is you know and it has a story of today and all things. I wouldn't say I think it is -- I mean -- gives. Big manufacturers like Samsung -- a -- -- put more effort behind its windows. But they've also got -- contend with the whole issue of you know Microsoft's in -- with Nokia you know how many yen -- then you've got. That's a strong partnership and you've now got Google acquiring. Motorola so clearly they're tied in together and then you've got these other manufacturers who -- just sort -- out there around. Do you think that this makes. Puts pressure on Microsoft to buy a hardware. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think a lot of people had been speculating about that but you know. I don't think it that Microsoft -- -- Nokia mean it got all day it. You know its search -- an old adage you know like. In Hawaii. Live ID -- now now -- need get the milk for free and there are beginning to think that. Starting getting the milk right I mean you don't need they mean the whole county wants in the and that's you know that's -- -- -- -- and wait and downing. Microsoft doesn't ever really did. Track record of integrating hardware businesses on ninth -- little is that the danger answer exactly yeah yeah I mean it just. So I don't think that they need to do that I I think. You know and again they've been scooping up patents. All over the place so they're pretty well positioned -- And then -- -- that -- lean on in the Nokia. Patents in terms of you know -- cancer of leverage them to go. Out against and other evil but -- that protects them to a certain extent too because they have relationships they are ready and again this whole patent issue. Isn't necessarily did it. Google's gonna go out and in start suing a bunch people but in the negotiation He gives -- a little more leverage of the folks who are coming against them. They can say -- an but I think -- reasons are -- here. Unsteady because her -- -- gaming and it then becomes a little bit more equal. You know when they each have something state. Yeah we've talked a lot about -- the Smartphone patent wars and the winner almost like a zero sum game where all the big players come -- And they sit down at the table and -- -- some poker and they just passed shipped around you know and they probably all lever in roughly the same position that they came and and now Google can play at that table. It is going to be I think it's gonna be really interesting like a super bold move as we know it -- 191000. Employees to Google which is the company of 29000. So big they go up in size by potentially 60%. What really is gonna be fascinating to me is to see what. Whether they do in fact just like keep the patents and spent off the hard -- -- we gotta admit that although Motorola's handset maker that really -- they made -- That first Android made it -- -- and they have really -- in a lot of ways -- the flagship. Manufacture but you have to admit they're kind of a meddling handset maker. -- you know I kind of wondered the first thing. It's funny just socially I met someone to worked at a small -- company it was acquired by cool. And she told me she went through a yearlong process of basically getting rehired by the company acquired. AT scores and so forth -- generally are they -- -- -- -- doing that with all these Motorola employees mean that's just seems like. You know how does how does. The culture if it you clearly on and no offense against -- -- you know it's it's not the same sort of culture it's you know Google's Silicon Valley. Com. You'd have different it's very different soda and will be interesting to Seaway. What happens there and it's -- that kind of ridiculous to think that Google would -- -- Something as significant as Motorola mobility and then let that handset operations continue to Iran which a -- of what they've said. And Andy Rubin has been saying Motorola's not gonna have the exclusive line. Pure Google nexus branded phones. But I -- of course He has to say that. Signs point that -- this move in that direction -- and why wouldn't say why wouldn't it why would you -- you know not other than the patents why wouldn't buy would you acquire a company this large. Integrated with viewers and like an -- gonna keep 191000 well. Sending you don't 18 I mean they don't wanna take off these partners because each TC and Samsung do very well international Otellini here in the US but you know. Motorola isn't really in a lot of places where some of its competitors are -- mean Samsung spent on fire the past. -- and you just exceeded in just passed Motorola red as the top. Android handset maker. Yes I mean they don't I don't think you it's not really in Google's best interest it monkey with that either I mean part of their success has been. The fact that they are on so many different platforms and Samsung has really been -- great job. The software and and they have a strong relationship with -- this isn't like you know sums -- -- little company that they have sorted. Not much of -- relationship -- I mean and a very strong relationship with Samsung as they do you currently have with Motorola so. L it will be interesting to see what happens there I don't think it. I don't think Samsung is necessarily -- Stop using Android -- you know I think that they'll still be on the you know it's such a weird. Tech or home he's feeling is this competition being yeah -- Weirton. And there are all surgical operating been -- time compete. If you look at the statements if you look at the bizarre at least similar -- on identical PR statements that came out from each of these companies as and and response to this news. I think that you can you can infer that. What is gonna keep Samsung and HTC on board if anything is good is the patent protection. Is the hope that Google has signed on as a co defendant in a lot of the patent infringement cases and that the hope that they that what they've just dot. Is that although they may have gotten a good competitor and -- -- -- world what they got was a huge benefactor and huge protector like a big giant bullet -- it -- I think. It helps but Samsung has some patents I mean I think it mostly helps each TC we -- is sorted in your player and doesn't have that protection but. -- clearly. It's. More beneficial for the handset makers to have Google fighting this war then. And then even if they have the patents you know it costs a lot of money knees and litigation and even in negotiations lawyers. -- this and how well it has had a -- both Apple and in that you they have been out of getting kicked around by a oh yes. That is unless it's I'm sure that they would welcome at least in the short term. Some covers an air cover via an interesting thing -- an analyst products meet today analysts. You know. When you're looking at now Google is clearly competing with Apple ego hi -- got -- -- -- very. Easily make its -- Apple like experience. In a Google world where -- got the cloud services and hardware in. -- it very much to these devices but what happens to somebody like. He's using. But also has -- involvement. This service elements there is well you know their own branded. -- cloud service and and music and books. You know did a partner with handset maker or something you know I'm game I'm sure they would probably keep -- branded Amazon -- that I thought that was an interesting -- you know. So instead of looking at it strictly as -- He and cents or OS's this is what we're seeing happening involving -- You know they're they're trying to build an entire experience at their -- Consumers -- 11 name that we had talked about earlier but really has been mentioned ever senses because really changed the -- the landscape. Where does rim go from here yeah no we haven't said their name since the first minute -- this -- Rim rim has got to be the one that's just I don't know what they're going to do anymore. It's it looks bleak and it looks really -- right now for -- Yeah it really does because they are completely. And it's one thing to be Apple and be an integrated experience. But it's another thing to be ram all alone with no seemingly no potential for other hardware partnerships. And any you know it's like as rim get Elvis and announce a little -- -- Alec. Blackberry -- -- -- on I think it's madness so they haven't end opening her -- makers. They got nothing got nothing to come to the accidents means you're absolutely right. Yet on an island Blackberry if it's gonna do it seems every time I talked to management there and just like -- -- -- Like you haven't been getting for years like it was -- -- to talk to Maggie. And how can also enhance and you over the air water and you're -- -- -- -- -- out dear god you don't get it together. Yeah I will obviously this story is going to continue to evolve as the week goes on as the day goes on I think my. Actually think my favorite headline of the day might have come from Joseph Wilcox at BetaNews He says Larry Page has got some kind of all step by -- -- -- He. Like we don't know what's gonna happen. But that took -- breathless. Berkshire. Maggie thank you so much for joining us -- people we'll keep talking about this and we love to have you on more and later this week and evolves and think -- different all right. I would like to -- and -- I think actually it is probably a good place to take a break when we come back there is more tech news will be talking about anonymous vs Bartz. Apple -- be amazing Photoshop job they got -- damn thing acted to have banned from Europe. And more and. And an Apple app. Apple's good with graphics. -- -- -- -- -- Remotely. Leave. You're watching buzz out -- boxes auction. Whoa -- -- go home at the -- Love it alright guys will connect the show. On there are there is there are there is actually other news happening in this world today outside of the whole well we what has been Clement who the -- of girl that leg or console that's my favorite. Love that make that -- vicious to -- -- and elements silent cougar Rhoda. In -- northern California. And what's happening this has been an ongoing story since the end of last week but now the latest development and we'll give you little history later what's been going on the -- -- is that authorities. Are facing anonymous protests over census -- mobile network that was shut down. On Thursday so it's a little background there was an organized protests for the shooting death. Of I believe it was a homeless -- -- gentlemen that happened at a -- station on Thursday last week. So protesters showed up. But to thwart some of those efforts of organization. Sam Cisco decided on that day to shut down their entire mobile network. That covers those areas in the tunnels in ordered. You like you said shut -- the protesters -- -- prevent totally organizing. Yeah he's seen this happen in Egypt and Syria. -- Cisco decided it would be a good idea to do it here yet it's amazing and people immediately. And not surprisingly. Or wreaked out group partly because they're pulled to -- yet they -- -- -- just insane but also because they said look this does not state. They set limitations for three hours -- three hours that the there was no Kevin banks and a senior staff -- with electronic frontier -- and a there was no demonstrated risk to the public safety at all because arts and if there -- going to be some protests then. The protesters -- use mobile devices to coordinate their activities and we want to ensure the safety of -- -- on the platform. And -- and that even if there had been a demonstrated risk to the public safety at all the action was unacceptable from a First Amendment point of view. And then other people complain that it's flat out unsafe especially if you think they're gonna be protest going on something bad might happen and you turn off people cellphone access no one can contact emergency services. I mean it's just an unbelievable. Thing today enhanced -- Francisco to we talked. San Francisco you would really do that EU geysers about that so. Anyways that happened over at the end of last week then over the weekend. Anonymous decided to take control -- web site as well as leaking in exposing and a variety of pieces of user information -- people that are part of my -- dot org was hacked. We're talking not again names addresses phone numbers and passwords they also. Defaced the website added some of the logos you know our our own -- -- -- -- fox made a little appearance on there. Really yeah WD usage to these rhetoric is the -- of them. -- and they and then they so they published all of that and then they actually were tweeting the and the contact information Bart employees. And encouraging people to call them which you know which is always I'm not that cool -- because obviously not every individual employee made that decision or even agreed with it. Come but it was. That was interesting so then buy Bart called in the Fed. Obviously to help them investigate after the hack that exposed on an information and then now people are planning to as of today. We don't actually know what's gonna happen today but people are planning a physical protest hundreds of supporters of anonymous were scheduled to gather today at one of the city's main station. The editor and there's a bunch of news tracts surrounding the city center you have station when I was coming in a work there were there were no people there organized the time but. -- you guys were defiant you know if authorities wanna find where anonymous is supporters and potential members are. It is to throw Internet and just throw an adult protest and do dragon in -- of -- clearly at the police say. But this is you know this is getting a lot and on nationwide coverage in the media and the it's it's a little it is disturbing to see it in the US via special in a local level. Cell networks being shut down to prevent organization of rallies lodge protests free speech -- it follows the chip follows. That Britain prime minister David Cameron saying last week that we shouldn't they should look at turning off social networks. If people are going to use social networks to try to organized in a further looting in that country and it seems to be. I mean we've had a kill switch -- there's -- there is. As far as I know a kill switch provision enabled by our own US congress -- you know that lets them decide that they can turn off the Internet of things are getting out of hand. That seems to be increasingly. And disturbingly. A knee jerk response to. Any kind of uprising. And the fact that it is now spread to the US in small. Doses like this and the fact that you know the the prime minister of Britain is talking about turning off the Internet to stop protesters is like. I don't know why they don't see the connection between that increase speed spec -- is bad behavior it's a bad trend so I'm kind of with anonymous on. Older but definitely a with the people I'm not gonna go down their protest in the current model wanna get content and -- -- on a single -- handwriting card. And when I -- get and also I'm not gonna read -- I don't wanna get shot. Seriously seriously -- device on the state of liberty and -- place really -- unfortunately I'm a pretty early this news. It's not cool also not cool -- IA. Again I ask this story has blown my mine -- that's IDG publication called Webber real world. That -- now a -- Then then well -- anywhere else than never heard something like that friends are gonna hate us now they really are now and I have -- friends who are going to me. Anyway Apple and his lawyers have apparently misled the judge of the Dusseldorf court the judge who in fact granted them an injunction prevents -- Samsung. Galaxy Tab ten point one tablets across Europe. Apparently of that injunction was granted. Based on filings that Apple put forward. Saying look look at how much -- something out to have looked exactly like I've had to -- -- like identical as ridiculous. And the -- like I got is ridiculous to -- that tablet here and then -- -- -- -- dot NL was like hey. That picture of the Galaxy Tab that Apple provided to the court. It -- -- aspect ratio is distorted. Any real life it doesn't look anything like that. That that's not the galaxy. Have you guys -- a little thumb. You can see even if you -- -- the page on the article if you're watching this so that the difficulty -- acts in aspect ratio. Is really like -- one point 46 but the image used by Apple to show. Tablet that I'd never seen -- and produce has an aspect ratio of one point 36. Beer judge and you didn't know any better. See how you might and He really didn't know any better I could see how you might say -- Those are quite similar to the I don't know man it -- and judges during your -- when you say can you bring me to of them I would hope. I would hope that there is more documentation and this I would hope. -- told the entire EU to shut it down yeah they really. And they're really just came for the photos that's gonna be -- the remarkable. Lawyers from Dutch firms say that their baffled. Quote this they blunder that such -- Mistake is made indicates about design rights can scarcely be a coincidence. The aspect ratio of the Galaxy Tab is clearly distorted to -- the iPad more closely and as much of the spoke pop will have consequences for the case is of course -- to the judge. But at least -- at least -- reprimand. By the German judge seems to be in order we know that Apple is great. In their graphic design and they have been good I think -- I mean this is. This is some incredible stuff here we've got violence well treated kudos to you to be clear we are -- Speculating on whether an Apple -- -- -- you're -- is there are pretty -- with the pictures. It's amazing and also in. Other Apple news Apple's decided to okay the Cinemax -- And we know or haven't heard that Apple has -- cycle anti porn -- Steve Jobs out Wright had said. About a year ago if you -- -- get porn go buy an Android phone you know He He blatantly outright -- Is that it on their -- that their moral responsibility to keep porn off the act on will looks like maybe that has changed -- not tell us it's just skin romance. Because in the Cinemax app that's a -- available to the Cinemax go -- -- you have to be. Connect its you have to subscribe to -- -- year cable service and as the tech that. It also allows you to access some of their more. Top shelf films -- just. The hills have -- the -- Jones and the temple of Eros. Now I don't know about you guys but those are not. On my normal rotation -- -- and that -- about six months. And I'll show in this Schindler's List than there. I'd like HBO go where you do have to you do you have do you subscribe but it includes. He pointed out that Macs after tablets again and acts like six kind of thing they wouldn't that's. This to encourage I'm gonna tell my friends you've been debating about getting an iPad to just yet one I'll play a test in math announced they -- Paper that. But then and sure enough. Yeah and the guest is assumption is if you decided to sign -- -- in an act in the first place him. And you're already paying for that then this is just an add on service so it's not making the -- -- -- widely available. In children. Flow widely available. I'm just saying you know what that I'm saying what -- -- -- about this censorship. -- -- It's a lot of work to decide where you -- more alliance and so there's always gonna be someone there to be like when we. All are alike. Well if Steve Jobs himself personally subscribes to Cinemax and He is no trauma does -- He does He wants axis all the content they have to offer -- -- An accident that -- little wrap up things where we get to your feedback boy genius report is claiming an exclusive on the Ford GL TE iPhone being currently -- carrier testing. Yeah this doesn't mean that Apple we still don't know for a fact -- known as point to it that the next iPhone will have -- GL TE. But at least everything points to the back at least -- -- some sort of models with that capability. -- to see how compatible there at the north -- that would be no surprise really mean. They probably -- optimize the whole battery life and see how -- some blah blah blah so. It's I think I've been planned have to be forgy. Otherwise if it's not and I think -- to support yet or for -- -- whenever whenever they yep that's but it's times like counting you can afford to come out the phone and -- that are behind but if the chip that has the -- is -- -- for the form factor there's nothing to. It's the -- -- A dead end and the terror into the display streaming cares show me the pre and iPhone already in -- -- -- that -- lines like I don't care and have an -- Can have the phone now. One of 340 exit 35% respondents said they would buy the iPhone five sight unseen -- and -- night and seen. To be -- everything that you will Levy's team you will not be seeing. A four G Blackberry Playbook tablet. And sprint stores Sprint's. Announced Friday this is at the end of the -- some -- to get this but it's still. Significant with and just piling nominal rim stuff -- is that. Friday they announced home they will not be selling a four G version of the playbook on its WiMax network. The -- we apologize for the convenience. But the tablet that was announced in January for summer availability will no longer be coming to the sprint network. This is a product that we all thought was going to be there and one of their only carrier partnership. To getting any kind of distribution Newton. -- does -- want to partner with -- until. A sprint representative told wired dot -- in a statement that this was a mutual decision between print and -- off. I think it was one of those mutual decisions aren't like it's not mean to you or it's not you it's me but either way in a matter it is -- breaking up. And then ran was like okay. An -- that kind of mutual. Ouch. -- Baptist and not catch a break. -- if there aren't -- did to your feedback today. The great news about this news happenings early is that we -- able to get your feedback on like your thoughts on the Motorola and -- gorilla that you read out of -- April we of course wanna hear more. We definitely hear everything you guys think about it the good that positive happy sad keep become and we've no voice -- today but in the email Michael says it came as a pleasant surprise to hear -- Google but Motorola's mobility company and they slew of patents. Looks like Google isn't being so cricket cricket cricket about all this patent lawsuit bull hockey. Plus the acquisition should give Google another platform in addition to the nexus line for flagship and telephones one can hope anyway either way I am excited and -- That's what I'm curious about is how how much are they generally take control of you know really merging the -- wrote the software the Al active -- -- -- be with that. Now I'm curious about anti I'm gonna check. Earlier today Google's stock price was way down as investors were freaking out about the fact that they absorb 191000 employees and for companies is. Margins are not nearly as you know the level that Google's used to yeah so it's gonna affect. The fact that they are area covering a little bit down one point 71% earlier today there -- down about fifteen Macs now it's more like 9960. But there at that tech index and generals trending up -- Google and announce. Alright here we go with our next. You know this one comes to us from a -- -- see a little late CL five in the chat room I'm sorry we're here. We hear you and we are getting right to it incompatible Droid X is will be a thing of the past no seriously this'll be a blast scene. For moto phones have Google's acquisition means no moto blur at least. A much more useful and compatible version. We have a pad thing is great -- this might be used to be question but if Google -- some key patents. Any transfer those privileges to -- CC manufacture phones for example. Could be just implement them the basic OS and Andrea CA CC isn't adding infringing features I don't know if this would help Samsung with -- Apple -- Likes like you can just -- different. In question about that and think yeah I I think that's what they're hoping I would assume is that they can say. This is all part of the standard platform and it's protected so any you know HTC adds some other stuff. On top of that they may infringe but the the stockman the stock Android is. State and that's what the manufactures. Had said in support of this acquisition from Google that they were happy that they saw this because. They feel more protected using the Android platform where honestly before this they were pretty X button so yeah I mean I think. I think the one thing that -- -- is that they can reassure their hardware partners with exactly that which is like. Yeah it's true we might be competing with a bed but amber it's a lot safer that He used to be because Apple hopefully isn't -- There -- break in and says we talked last week about Intel putting a ton of money and effort behind ultra books and pushing that form factor forward. Sheridan that I like the idea -- -- because I like it than cable or. A real one that I have to struggle to freaking tap out every letter struggling you know how fast I typed six average minute. To the touch screen after that if people with a capital. So and I envisioned my tech of the future I -- -- -- of tablet and laptop with touch screen for application neutral and interaction but with an attached keyboard. Make it so in -- -- That's. Here today make its it's now it's go on through this next -- Well actually definitely and I. Email cracks -- -- many -- wrote in and said Adam. Brian I love how crazy are. Totally against our Internet love how -- -- -- burritos that we're not invented in China it's. See the below it formation from Wikipedia and other sources that her embryo itself would create about one -- is sometime during the Mexican revolution between 1910. And 1921. And -- scan them Dominican -- apartment Latino Brothers Hala. Mr. hey -- at. Of the burrito is should be it was at all -- ala into as a monitor yourself a ala or. Well well yeah. History burrito just a short -- -- Cuisine preceding the development of the modern taco burrito and it's a lot it was created by the pre Columbian for the American -- peoples of Mexico used register -- foods with feelings -- chili -- tomatoes mushrooms squash and avocados. Management missionaries like better -- you know and it's one. Wrote about us equity that any variety of Turkey than their preparation noting that the -- not only use their tortillas but also squash and -- and and that's number -- use Turkey egg or honey as a flavoring the -- will -- -- Little donkey and a Helen Randall Allen appears in the 1895. Peaks and audio would be Mickey can -- most. Where it is identified as a regional term and a fine. As a rolled her -- -- with -- other ingredients inside called placebo in Yucatan and taco in the city of -- and Africa and Mexicans. That's. You know what many -- I've gotta -- copy and paste is amazing. And I don't you just been served to delicious played a burrito. -- -- Okay fine under the looked up to date you know moo Shu -- we should -- out -- find out when it was created. And we will we will see tomorrow I will come back with you with an official. I'm sure we built it like another sixteen hundreds resolved in the 1896 would have you -- -- not been. That's not been. Of this -- that that. That we can both agree -- wanting many know that politics can they do both that it is amazing even if we invented it first alright guys. Dates and check it out to show our show notes are available on -- well dot cnet.com. All the links to stories that we talked about you guys can read more about the Google Motorola. Merger marriage they're there together for good also all for now. Also we want to know you guys think and and it's all about you guys shows -- -- you do you like it you love it you hate it do you dislike it whatever how does it help you out. So it's different you guys call us 8060626. Street that seemed. Yes and email us buzz at cnet.com we cannot wait and sweetest Guilford -- -- -- And we're gonna try to be better about putting your tweets in the show I am at Molly -- all one word. Brian is at Brian Tong with an underscore between Bryan Bryan underscore time -- is -- even be gem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes that's the beach and all that information is also on her -- that humans are -- case yearly driving need in that Anders -- things -- It's the thought that I thank you -- as parents here.
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