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Ep. 1530: Google's Got Game: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1530: Google's Got Game

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Google gets into the social gaming biz, because it turns out that social gaming addiction is the key to all social media success. Well, and a 5% cut of the profits compared to Facebook's 30%. Nice move, Google. Scotland Yard is using Britain's huge network of spy cams plus facial recognition software to track down looters, DARPA just ditched millions of our dollars somewhere over the Pacific (again), and Computer Love plays it safe.

Today it's Friday August 12 2011. My name Stephen B I am grandson and I am Molly willow -- get a buzz out loud that I just minutes or link to show you. Really don't want that a lot of say you can't ever catch a lot of man and believe me when I tell you that it's worth it and it's a Friday it's a beautiful day it is and where both a little bit sleepy which means that at least I had a little bit extra copy -- which means that can be good. Yet to Begin its army you know -- that and does -- extra copy. Yeah. You know what happens when I get -- BT Newton. To get it to do so again okay -- to let the use -- do it actually we have fun news to start up -- Google plus has officially -- I think we -- It's here it's it's it's for real here to -- in this thing it's totally gone legit and the reason we know that is because it now has Angry -- And all those -- -- games. So Google two months old is decided. And they announced yesterday that the rolling out -- games button. At the -- user streams I haven't seen -- yet on my Google profile yet my Google plus profile. Because it is rolling out as of today -- -- you'll be able to play games. With in in Google -- network it'll also. You know -- allow you to find out how your other friends are doing just adding that whole FaceBook game a -- aspect. Into Google plus and really trying to broaden its appeal to -- and pop as. -- -- -- What's interesting -- -- has an interesting take time because they say that it added the games but it wants a lot of data in return. I mean it is seniority on based security giving them -- as a -- thing -- but it -- -- to play the games you have to give permission to the app to view a variety of your personal information including your email address. Basic information about your account. And even this is what's fascinating a list of people that you placed in your circles with the order or priority of that. The order or priority -- -- had to prioritize. Or if -- He had and now. Anyway. That actually sounds. Very in line with all and if you ever look at what that FaceBook -- want when they installed some things and I wouldn't worry about that too much -- AFLAC they don't break out later. And don't blame us so we didn't tell you but I know you'd we -- didn't listen to us Tanzania -- -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm bigger hard. -- But but Google came out and -- -- yes games are games are key piece social games are key and the experiences we have together -- -- and Georgia this is just as. Important to our relations but that's a whole you know it -- no longer. You can scratch the word features out of any announcements these days. It's all about experiences. -- music and -- can carry -- is a new experience. And -- -- over it's really deep Netflix super deep. Also -- in case you're wondering whether they gaming aspect of a social network is important FaceBook immediately. Came out with like a counter announcement I mean I asked him that this was also in the works but they -- their own set of game enhancements. Today which are part of a larger -- -- improvements apparently -- are rearranged your like messaging thing all over again messaging thing is exhausting -- hard and that's sold for one thing it's so prominent but I feel like I need dark chocolate he's like oh do you -- -- -- there with their Green -- when you start. And it's so confusing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody that as Jack W points -- and -- -- and nobody election in September and all I hear are complaints about the basement messaging -- yeah it's. See that thing is I don't mind faced a growing out these new features -- -- they don't have to throw -- in our face that's the problem right if they could've said we improve the message out it is how -- it's down a little little thing -- used to but now it's it's they're pushing it -- into -- drill on land on it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More visible to let's say more casual user who may not even know messages existent but it's still a little bit too much -- -- It's a little in what sixteen about this whole gaming thing though is that. One of the things that always -- solid games FaceBook does heavily all these crazy relationships have a relation was lingo which was wildly popular because of FaceBook. But we talk about developers in which platform. They might prefer to jump on movie you know now and in the future we know FaceBook has over 750 million users -- Google. Google plus is now where they're only asking for 5% of the cut. Of transactions of games whereas FaceBook has. Pretty much put -- the hardline said we will get 30% of the cut. Of everything and they're using their FaceBook credits currency and so as a developer. 45%. That's a huge number. Yeah and so it's in -- we know Google doesn't have even near the numbers. But there's gonna be some sort of point inflection point where it. People be like you know what this is not multiple stopping -- they might invest a little more time in Google if that. That a swell of people there gets bigger and then they can make a larger cut. And that's huge yet know that is that's a really good when -- body wrap that up and there have been reports in the past that Zynga. Especially when FaceBook burst rolled out that 30% cut. There were reports that using a might try to leave FaceBook -- and they get kind of built its own site and its own portal for gaming you can tell that they were trying to like beef up that present a little bit more. So you gotta think that they are thrilled. To have an alternative. That's gonna be a lot cheaper for them. -- but -- what they rolled out and and somebody -- -- -- that that it could be gaming social gaming can be really cool on Google plus particularly because of the hang outs feature. So you could be -- a hang out and -- gaming unit He sat on an all time let's do but what FaceBook did was announced enhancements like leader boards. So today -- user achievements you can post the announcement on your friends' FaceBook pages to be at the inspect you know like I just actually -- -- -- up the other day. So so and so -- Catholic. 9400. And anti. Part of why it's so can. Basically the ability for more viral spam crap -- your like acute met. In the did you see the story last week -- earlier this week about Mark Zuckerberg. Even He gets annoyed by it like these spamming apps like there was some. The -- amenity and a screen shot of an -- the thread where like -- had posted old Brandon are like. I love this app I'm having a great time with it and Zuckerberg responded that postings like did you -- -- the app post it. And they didn't like the F apathy and pretended it was me and -- like that lately it shouldn't be able to do that in my. Hey I'm -- -- -- -- guys aren't happy about. It is not making the -- Another thing where they built in the whole posting where three of your friends like something or -- something and then there's actually a fan or a company page of that thing. Then it puts a posting your feed -- about that -- -- and how well players have been yeah. I was crazy and my friends like something -- -- -- Molly and I'm like great now I know -- -- -- crazy. To think of the fifth -- Delay other grouping thing is intent. Anyway as you -- can get more engaged in noticing new games that other people are playing -- they are promoted to U. There's gonna be a real time app activity ticker window and -- holidays a little less time your friends -- in their lives on my -- really -- the to where it's any -- the gaming thing. Most importantly the gaming thing is serious they're taking this super seriously because. I think I mean this is a direct correlation really potentially. Social gaming and and casual gaming is starting to potentially. Take an actual bite. Out of the traditional video game industry. Yeah recently to -- yesterday the game industry suffered a serious blow they announced their industrywide sales aren't hardware peripherals and software. It -- hit 707. Million in July but that's down 26%. Compared to sales this in the same month last year. And also it's their lowest point since October of 2006. Year. Now they they have blamed a few factors. You know last -- the connect was out and so -- a hot item but still. When you when you go back and -- -- all the way to 2006. As its lowest point. -- a long time ago and they also talk about factors of how numbers are being reported differently. When they start -- and -- software sales sales are down 17%. From 403 million last -- 336 million this year. One of those things that they're now doing is that they are no longer reporting physical sales alongside of digital sales. It's a digital sales meaning when you can buy them to your console then they're not reporting those numbers together which seems a little surge because in the report that's like scene. Out of all the music sold physical and digital you're taking out the iTunes numbers that's ridiculous so. Oh wait so the so you're saying these numbers are complete -- Will -- asked the software numbers would should be significantly higher. Absolutely EA actually has -- super outspoken about the impact of digital sales having on on the industry. Earlier this year in EA representative said the NPD's decision to leave digital sales out of its monthly reports is like quote. Measuring music sales and ignoring something called iTunes. Which. If it is and that's. I'll be here drinking -- yes I'm really tried hard to be better and I love. It's okay if you're tweeting while I'm talking and I fully understand island and he's eating whatever -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- story and I can -- -- all the complexity. I love you but also the other factors of these other factor of this is that digital sales they say is accounting for 40% of game sales. So that's a huge number two removed from the chunk of the -- Yeah but either way when you just -- about physical consoles physical consoles hardware is down referrals are down and software based on how the reported. Is down as well so casual -- We talk about how the game industry at. They used to look down at casual gaming because like these are real -- I was totally yeah. The fact is that that those casual games are now driving the industry. On on mobile devices. On web sites like FaceBook so they have to embrace them we -- EA purchase pop cap games recently to get more of that casual gaming digital. Digital library doing so they know that they have to start at least transition -- -- titles that fall into that. -- It's gonna be really interesting to see some -- -- it's hard card. Game companies to -- right -- tried it try to go that route and you'll be really interesting to see what the console makers due to respond to it because. They've also got some sort of little arcade version of something built in but the fact is -- give you can have a really great time playing a lot of casual games on your computer now. -- starts -- -- I mean that Microsoft -- has been very very smart. In positioning the Xbox as a whole home media console because you really do you start to wonder why do I need a three or 400 dollars standalone console. When I'm really the thing -- -- -- as the jewel and you know it's -- it's an interesting shift of potential shift in the industry anyway. Also a shift -- -- shrift link did and it has announced after receiving quite -- -- -- user backlash over privacy that it will stop. Using user pictures in its social ads if you can stomach -- a good idea though all that everybody can like every one. Every site that you use has some sort of license language that tells you that they can use your picture Nat but it sounds like Lincoln's ads in particular. Well they were maybe the only ones who really did it had -- six. Like outright said okay we're gonna actually show all your friends' faces and there -- and they were really pretty brazen about it so they were actually it was. Previously -- -- user followed a company or service on linked in the ads feature can display the user's name and photo. In advertisements. For that company. Yet in the in the link if you guys are looking at this article Allard do in this. They show an example what the ad looks like and then now they've pretty much removed all the tiles of people's faces rank and face the whole. Facial recognition using people's pictures and photos. Without you know all K -- you agree to these terms of use but until Beatles are seen as there's there's a whole thing going on about face recognition now it's becoming a big deal. Have no He eats people aren't people are -- -- -- the idea of everywhere whether they're connected to a social network -- not do they want it to be used. You know with not to -- with their knowledge on the time. Yeah exactly it's one thing to have your your personality online and be creating you know it's like you're so encouraged to customize your -- profile and make it really personal make it all about you. But then yet kind of a shock to the system -- When -- is when that is something that you have to opt out of that -- you were opted in without your knowledge potentially without knowledge. And you crafted specifically go in there and -- you can use my likeness. I mean you know celebrities have this entitlement -- a likeness. Clause against like actual legal protection of their likeness and I think that regular citizens are starting things like halo mobile just gonna put my picture up on a website does not mean it's yours to use to sell -- To my -- where it was my 30% where's my 30% cut. Immediately. It's like a lot of the -- has been built. The back of -- -- of people who didn't really realize the value what they were contributing and your face. Though that it's it's a big change for your face to be part of this -- and -- a good thing for you. Traffic is enough for you in the -- easy look in his. Speaking of facial recognition and educating anti -- It's not easy treatment against the music to the collection of cosmetics hasn't bought us hello. Way too -- -- -- I don't know if you're talking about you -- -- India. Which. These. Hourly boat out with -- I. Found the media facial recognition though Scotland Yard and the UK authorities have -- confirmed. That they're using facial recognition software to hunt down leading suspects. Because in -- you don't know. In the UK Britain is littered. With with cameras everywhere everywhere and everywhere like every three blocks them. Of officers are beating photographs of suspects there's calendar Scotland -- newly updated face matching program which they've been -- apparently they've been considering using that program. For London's 2012 games. And law enforcement. Official -- to the AP on condition of anonymity -- -- official recognition is in fact one of many tools police are using to -- suspects are still at large. Also other tiny so they're using includes a post -- head shots to photo sharing site Flickr some to have people say I know that person. Or that's it that's the -- -- It's got into steam that they're using this is -- their pilot program for the Olympics now like we generally had an opportunity to see if this is effective if that's okay. But thinks of these riots -- told. Leo okay with them -- -- is like we we didn't want to try that I. We -- -- property and working great. And then this is pretty amazing as they make arrests the greater Manchester police. Are naming and shaming rioters on their Twitter feed. The good old fashioned per clock -- digital. I -- Ellis though -- the date. I love slash hate it if they they've they started listing the names dates of birth. And partial addresses. Of individuals who were tried in connection with the disorder so. Today they put addresses an alien Flanagan. Jailed for eight months for stealing clothes and yet they -- ailing Flanagan born at 111983. Of Carson road -- and it's -- thing cave. -- just think if you wanna make absolutely sure who it is. Jason you let -- 151072. Of Woodward court and sentenced to ten weeks in prison for swearing -- police -- I was one and dirty mouth Jason Hewitt again -- in oil -- 27 and January 1982. Of -- the ministry jailed for four months for theft. After -- with a stolen violent. -- it while the police department ever to receive not to presently both praise and criticism because people are wondering -- -- you put so much personal information in there alive it's -- but the fact is part of the reason they're doing it I think is to avoid getting sued -- -- identifying them when they're putting in the birth -- and -- addresses so that they can make sure that it's not you know some other. -- -- Flanagan. Did back on cars from Carson -- -- right person or branch at the third chatter. Yeah they have the Manchester police use seem to be keenly aware that they're treading on new territory they say -- -- fact. A lot of debate. About publishing these details are all publicly available anyway I mean all of this becomes part of the public court record -- is that -- to -- on Twitter. -- -- -- -- Did messed around and that's that dozen police stayed up in there yeah same -- -- around. I -- -- quick break when we come back looks like AT&T is finally ready to invest in its network infrastructure. And we know why because a letter was leaked to tell us. Everybody -- have details on ice cream sandwich dummy damaged. -- Out -- -- number of years and Ballmer. It has a problem though that all your -- and the good. -- out. Does also Stephen Beecham's ID pic of the week. I was given an adequate. Level Obama and love it and Karla Adam bumper to bumper. But early -- like the erratic. I think ownership related bugs are -- back the show guys Molly Wood in the house looking lovely as ever. I like the color coordination and now -- -- the -- army Stephen -- are running the show batted an incoming and wearing different color you know what I'm. -- you -- little idea and my right back the stories AT&T. During this whole T-Mobile -- have you know been -- -- to expand their LT network and one of those one of those aspects of it was they're saying hey look. Right now our plans to cover 80% of the market with their LT but. If we if you let -- join with T-Mobile. Will be able to -- scene you know their coverage in the markets and with more investment in structure. Will be able to build it out to 97% of -- so of course you guys should approve the merger. Well there is a letter -- redacted letter that was mistakenly posted. -- FCC's website it was put up online. Obviously plenty of people that we're following the story found inside -- in the filing shows that eighteen -- price tag for this expansion. -- at three point eight billion dollar price tag yeah that's -- -- -- a lot. -- -- it it makes to. You do start to have a low. Sympathy would be the wrong word restarts I understand some of the the the band with constraints they must feel that they face at three point eight million dollars is what it costs to build -- see an actual LTE network. That is effective and although frankly let's be honest. If they had built up their network a little better to start with -- it wouldn't cost to them -- you know -- in -- it feel like they're starting from scratch. And in some ways they will have to nearly triple and this is amazing. They will have to nearly triple the land mass covered by the network. Now be with this new plan to cover 97% of it. They say. Then when they hit their 80% number which is still pretty -- meat you know weak compared to what Verizon is doing -- blinking every location that Verizon hasn't. Verizon had pushed recently about how -- planet cover their network -- LT by the end of 2013. AT&T we're still -- know a little bit. But that it it was. -- -- at gap between the 80% coverage for AT&T would cover a land mass of around. Like 20% of the US but to get that extra 17%. To bump up to 97% -- have to tripled -- MS because these are. In on smaller urban markets that are spread and you know. A lot of more urban -- of the people aren't there people aren't. Living and the documents also revealed that AT and his anticipating that might have to sell. As much as eight billion normal eight billion dollars or more of its network in order to get regulatory approval for the buyout of T-Mobile. They had they wouldn't confirm any of those specifics but -- He said that it had always. Said that it was prepared to sell some assets in order to get a deal. -- -- One of the things that I found this in Justine is that AT&T. They mention how. -- kind of felt the urgency now you build out and build up their network. Because Verizon has been pushing so hard and moving forward for G four GL TE a forgy LT network. See when I read that that's why competition is good. That's why a -- goal even though they -- -- -- T-Mobile the reason why AT&T now is looking over their shoulder and they're try to jump on this. Faster than they were before is because the competition from Verizon has -- taken that's. -- -- it has nothing to do you and they and -- argument I mean let's be honest the argument that they need the additional revenue from T-Mobile enabled -- from those markets like an order to afford this roll out is absolutely. Laughable it's not like T-Mobile revenue is so huge that it's gonna give them in about. You know what we only have three billion but. But team at T-Mobile is gonna put us over and today the point eight billion that we need like that's just silly. And in Maine don't -- There are. -- the second large are they the largest or second -- Wireless carrier in America AT&T AT and Verizon is the biggest strength. Either way aired here watt light rail -- the only two of any size you know any reasonable -- in the United States -- Verizon and AT&T have for them to. To sit there and say -- pathetically behind in terms of rolling out our network. I am pretty sure that falls under the that's your own damn fault category. It's -- and using their some commentators actually in these articles are saying that they think that that the document leak was not an accident. And that it's really AT&T may be deliberately trying to -- who about how much it's gonna cost and how much they need T-Mobile. It seems like if anything AT&T is really feeling the pinch of the fact that they have not been able to convince people that this -- a good idea. We had -- to remember we had said we on this show we had claimed that 2011 was gonna be the carrier of the year would be Verizon. Known for their because of their LT roll -- And all their phones now some people might argue lol sprint is the only with unlimited data plans okay I'll give you that but just from a move -- for sampling with technology. And -- -- support that that are ready now. Verizon is delivered so far. Yeah as they -- down. I mean and we're paying for -- don't get a strong now they have the highest data prices with the new -- -- sign up for Verizon now. They of the highest data prices of any other carrier like you're gonna pay more for those -- but the fact is. The services that. There are rumors have been rolling around the Blogosphere -- how we love desolate -- so we're talking about if we said rumors and news. CB iPhone -- To be the Japanese tech news I caught a -- -- -- but. -- and dozens those are I had this says that Apple would like us that's in the -- and I -- -- in the eight months. I got the doesn't mean that little fact he's been on thank you very much if at. -- you not bring the sexy. And Mateo we want to talk about tech news but anyways this new Japanese news tech site said that Apple He -- to announce their new law named. Of iPods and potentially. My iPhone five for S four GS IGS accessed at the September 7. That's who knows what ever that they might -- however and newness so it can duplicate key block in maybe you'll see. -- that number's the Mac rumors the thing they think that timber seventh is in fact they actually US data the people have been. Piling on to say that that Japanese side has been on the mark in the past. Matters it may be at least once -- Matter -- it would be useful if we knew the date though. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cool story about how Intel is apparently hiring -- love -- they're apparently hiring science fiction writers. To help their engineers design processors. That are better geared for consumer needs. -- believe it -- not -- Intel apparently have struggled to understand. -- the shift in how consumers measure progress and semiconductors -- used to be that they just got faster write -- about speed and more as long push and that. As far as they can't exactly but now speed it -- -- matter as much right everything everything is -- reason is is. -- And it's more about the the post PC world right this idea that every single object in your life is a little computer that. The chips in them need to be able to run graphics operate radios and browse the web. And uses little power as humanly possible. And Intel's -- -- and along in science brain dead in a they have Dave hemmed and it. To really get their platform out and mobile devices. Harmless arm's chips and and taken up by storm. And so for more on small mobile device and I'm talking about laptops or time you know phones and tablets great. So they just haven't really been able take graves that sort of future market -- their low power consumption. But enough power and it's on a small scale literary. -- and so they they hired. Like we said these scifi writers blaster they hired for scifi -- to study. The company's latest research projects produce this anthology called the tomorrow project envisioning how cutting -- processors may be used in the near future and they're gonna publish the book. -- it was it was published online engineering estimate that supplements this. Ongoing series of short stories about artificial intelligence by their resident futurist and it includes stories about. Self driving cars and robotic automation and it's like they're trying to -- -- I just think this is really interesting it's. You know did they can you know IB scifi writers and -- these cool stories but it's. If they just follow what the industry He is doing -- -- in and use less power a more personal smaller. They would be okay -- may spend less money hiring guys to write books for -- to use -- and just go outside. Candidates didn't seem -- trends they know what's happening is that for whatever reason whether to manufacturing standpoint of what they've invested in -- in the costs. But they don't have the equipment to build the is on me you know the efficiencies at -- -- -- that's that's -- -- and a so -- I would like to be a sector probably the term I really wanna be a resident futurist. I get that He hadn't paid for that -- like a pretty good gig we kinda get paid for that. That's clear we're not full on resident -- over -- like semi features luckily they don't make it live here just yet. Pretty close since at. This -- -- crickets aren't you. -- we invent everything my Chinese people we also continue. To defy logic Chinese authorities after doing a sweep of their you know shops and markets have found. Additional 22 more fake. Apple stories that that's what it looks. This bring it up. Over the place you -- doesn't -- It's like the rash that won't go away Apple retailer in -- weeks after we had that broke in the stories about the -- -- -- -- and again. Emulating the style you know -- -- the trademarks of Apple and. Love it it's only gonna get your when He to -- -- -- ever -- Android police say that they have gotten screen shots and details about the upcoming edition of Android code named ice cream sandwich. -- that seems that there will be several changes in the user interface. The -- seems to be the theme color the notification bar has gotten a major revamp there are new enhancements to the UI like an app launcher and -- and possibly some type of -- To hold multiple apps. At the screens are a bit. What I really want them to -- make the space bar maker. And is going to -- came along -- this is our little her and no wonder they -- to get bigger again. Now Google is said to be rushing ice cream -- out the door before Apple debuts the next -- -- -- -- -- like September October timeframe. Is gonna be used -- smart -- wars is also very of these next gen OS does again in Canada India and it's all about the fault -- -- be -- times its content. -- let's let's move directly on shall -- two hours science yes. -- setback -- American aerospace engineering. The falcon -- TV too. -- should do its bidding to become the world's fastest ever plane. Was apparently lost US military lost contact with the unmanned plane about 36 minutes after its launch. It was designed to fly -- thirteen thousand miles per hour weeks. Now -- -- the HTV to rule. Aids TBY and also -- That when actually it -- student bit into its into the ocean county was linked asteroid or anything but this one -- for all we know -- -- -- around. So look top speeds of -- Tony thirteen -- miles per hour withstand temperatures of 2000 degrees Celsius. And it can't find it. You look at that that's a good that's expensive it's like -- -- want to know I know it's my money goes into that. Supersonic. -- second modeled as -- that they lots burst one -- the second one I gotta say. After that area could you answer -- in finding out how much money they secretly funneled in I mean exact types of projects that build -- in the world project. -- -- don't even want to know. I'm sure they're gonna find it. No they aren't tired relic did crash and somebody how closely it's that the meeting is a site not supersonic. Aircraft Paper I find it ironic. -- I mean -- percent. And even see a listing of -- -- -- you -- -- -- aboard a rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California first with a flawless mission but after separating from Iraq and at the edge of space. And beginning its return to earth the aircraft. When -- I don't care. Yeah just heat the transformers -- like boo -- -- that's. And -- -- on Mars. Nearly became you know an independent thinker the computers that control I'm sure alternatives -- -- and and -- really did they -- really like the idea that Mars -- -- Did they at least Bonnie in the east TV one that fell in the ocean and see that's I wanna know about that you can that's just this is conspiracy theory -- I guys it's in the ocean somewhere if it's there it's. I love the dietary theories are awesome like it broke the time barrier and disappeared backwards in time and let the. Don't worry it'll show up on -- -- pretty soon on FaceBook profile. What does it need to be taken so many civic at twittered my -- Asian heating and air it at all -- -- don't have time that someone else do it. It made the jump to hyper space Nash said. -- -- Don't let avenue -- Stevie GO like it -- it would've been the stuff. I let's move -- to your. Calls and letters -- it's time for. And my friends. It is Friday saying what that means -- as Steve millions of video voice mail although we can. Out of it prepares on the net and -- half times -- this is from Thomas who drove. He's very big fan of the show and He loves BT's singing -- -- are gonna demonstrate our though this is a particularly -- -- there. Oh yeah I ordered it Iowa. -- -- less okay you ready yeah. -- -- -- I -- -- huge growth. -- -- This. Personally I think it was quite a main thing. We -- That -- What Anthony Trulia -- now all up well with them and there. This I -- -- your prime minister song something in -- across. I've had teleprompter. MacBook Pro -- -- -- Fifty -- actually services and -- talks the heat that allow area that is just. Me. Kindly mister com you -- understand. It just Michael protect you against the act and I. My iMac is quite -- my iPad -- GMR brown. What every apps that we've never had to stick is that we knew we yawning gap. I hate you delay when and I but instead He. Cited onion -- I. It kind of -- -- good good I just wanted -- stick. Steven Steven Steven -- I'm going I'm going and He -- seen -- -- great show club that love the work out. Stephen B Tim I'm going to end at this Stevens regularly -- that. And your idea. CME eight finally get into it regularly finally -- -- -- can actually I think magnet tricky tricky got so excited. If you are losing now plays like I am a delinquent on a stick Eric if you stick -- -- crazy and I get to the rest of the words later. I appreciate the effort and will all of them and editing data that He does that brave young man -- -- -- Oregon and a sticker -- -- your just as well as any auto tune and soon. Now we have Larry. We -- -- -- I do appreciate that you know I got a voicemail that said they liked listening to them right here in. Illness and in my thread that frankly I think it was -- -- Because okay should we get to the emails here we go the Sony done Maxine I wanted to disperse in normally and by the way Steve's big that we does not gonna anywhere I know it's still know it's a -- we -- a crew will talk is similar to untreated and our -- on them immune. From the mandating. -- James from Columbus, Ohio Ericsson says all my goodness. I totally got a book on my doorstep of my name and my phone number were just listed in -- like everybody was getting and animals everybody in the city's phone numbers listed for -- -- ST. All and they also have a website where when and put my name their return my phone number -- even my address. I think we -- everyone together put a stop to this right away before people find out what our numbers -- start calling us. I really enjoy your show that. -- -- my friend of my friend and I area this one comes to us from Corning Paterson had low fellas and ladies. Love the show give -- the -- -- I'm curious are you haven't reported on the news of the oldest and most trusted bit point. Disappear -- but potentially millions of dollars worth of bit -- there's only so check out we we actually had no idea this happened -- -- so this is. Helpful to us we've we've seen after the whole bit clean system where few users were getting hacked how it -- of -- lost a lot of steam. Once you -- that's the security of it. Once that's kind of like. Broken and people like I don't even know file on the top and it's a big points is definitely dropped the -- from the from what I can. Well as of -- -- the index. That -- It's a volatile volatile market it's very well. And then we -- subsection. Of our feedback -- -- segment because apparently. Some of our our discussion yesterday sparked some thoughts among you -- like Joseph line so it's time for what I'm calling the reback loop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And like seriously like. If you view email -- Joseph wrote in -- -- how did you buried that lead. -- from being tested to raid a chronic but didn't close the loop chronic should TH -- to aides -- skiing. -- News. -- that guys that is water appointed a -- from the machine environment. We're encouraging the use of America. I feel like He is -- -- yeah we we make jokes about Terry Lynn Nichols is like high but I do thank you clearly a lot of you guys are actually I think it's really of anonymity that might be the best way to listen to -- show I wouldn't blame on that really what it really wouldn't. Oh yeah oh yeah. Right here it comes to us. This is our first you know on this computer loves this very special edition buzz -- -- -- -- sites. I have the most amazing man in the world. We've been living -- get a free and a half I've never been so happy and I'm wondering how I got so lucky home I hate to admit your show but. I'm a non gamer that is still in love. With a diehard gamer. For the most part he's -- gaining in spite of me encouraging him to have his -- time which is gaming I like to go with my friends but. The started staying at home more to be with them and -- they have noticed. We're both not doing the things -- enjoy just to make to the feel comfortable I know this will lead to resentment and of told -- this. He disagrees and says he's fine with how things are well tonight He got to enjoy his type of music while I and -- where I told them I'm okay with them listening to it while I'm at home. I don't mind -- and expose new stuff and if I don't like it then I can go do my own thing and another -- -- outside either way I'm okay with it the bottom line. I wanted him to be himself not someone that tends to fit me every moment of the day. I also expected to be OK with me doing my own thing which may or may not be the reason why He refrained so. I'm so scared -- -- years from now on having a mid life crisis I love him for everything He has. And they need to somehow make them understand this -- I drop the issue -- continue to encourage his true gamer. Death metal loving self speaking -- Google Earth. -- -- -- -- -- -- really doubt over hair while dark city itself could talk nice to meet you a list. I wanted to make Gary -- -- definitely. Oh I'm sorry entered into a better over here this. That the tough one I gotta say because it sounds like what you really want is. Your independence. And if He if you keep saying you can do this stuff and He doesn't want to maybe it's changed may be you know maybe He is like. That's the stuff I didn't endemic I was a kid and now I'm in this relationship with you and that's all I wanna do but it. Let me tell -- at a loss of independence in any relationship can be really hard so what he's done is he's given up those habits. The spirit of the -- right. No one person can meet every single one of your needs that's not possible and if that's what He wants from you. It's gonna be too much for you to handle -- about what you want from him it's gonna be too much from him for him to handle. They got to ask yourself what you're really worried about if you're worried about him giving up those hobbies. Because you want him to enjoy -- and that's one thing but if you're worried that he's given up -- -- -- He can focus all his time and attention I -- then. It's likely you're the one who's gonna have -- electric. And I'm also wondering if because he's not doing the things that He likes when you guys are together you guys just sitting around in your actually really not having -- are you guys at least. Adding the key is if he's letting go of these things that might have been from his past the keeping would be for -- to. To go out and do something different that you both enjoy. Not just sit at home and not play video games some great. Back it back and at least if this is how he's change and you're trying to end of both make it to the happy at least is on the given that both you guys can enjoy yeah instead of -- in this kind of like just hang there and deteriorate but -- points your points are on the money. -- -- -- -- -- you know you you speak -- -- you know from experience as well you know I think that's really good one. He got it yet day in app that independent and I really I respect and admire the fact they're trying to encourage that involved him and yet that's a that's a really good yeah that's the release it straight about the importance of keep it -- and I know you really love him and don't -- It's hard to tell -- like I wanted to be yourself but like you said He might -- this is me now. Yeah I mean it's very possible emulate him grown up wake up over it in how I mean I went through my halo phase and now. That -- you wanted to dote over you when your sixteen he's here now. -- -- Now as you want you want it now I guess He had to deal -- Yes but take you know it. The most -- the only thing you can change -- yield to take the time that you need for yourself and if he's finding he's getting resentful about it than you know that that's what the problem you know. But does make sure you keep taking your time and -- don't -- himself about and go out with your friends. As you and you that you need those ladies or -- -- -- Also connect sex Telesis and I are heavier than. I confess and our next computer love email comes from Katy and San Francisco and eighty I know -- lady. I -- it right you'd ask for your advice -- you -- -- to understand that a tech celebrity is still a celebrity. -- -- -- -- But anyway. -- doesn't work for a major agency handling a lot of their digital media buying sites and a lot of industry event I'll spare you the boring details. I -- a -- a lot of the same people and speakers at last -- -- become particularly fond of this one speaker product manager from Google. He's spoken at CES and a lot of events on both the east and West Coast. It's super smart engaging and very funny -- also happens to be gorgeous I -- them publicly available pixie and -- After you think I always make sure to go up and chat with him it seems that we have a real chemistry but then -- -- so charming with everyone He meets. I -- his -- Jack Dorsey wink wink -- in terms of nerds celebrity's status. But I still feel a bit intimidated about asking him out. Should I ask about it He says no I'm afraid it will be really awkward if I keep attending the -- He speaks at worst He might think I'm -- -- -- something of this. Katie Katie so this is gonna come from the guys side. We have seen how the whole independent woman revolution has like. Just taken over in if you are that strong company independent woman it's OK to -- down -- would. Not not like that but you know. To just ask if we are pleased with the formed with. This -- does -- -- -- -- I I don't know about you but any guy that has been asked out by girl. It's kinda cool. And Italy you'll be like a gala gives a chance -- get a chance of your best and what -- in the ninth when you ask and -- let go -- -- go now on the you don't wanna ask a mountain. You don't need to -- a big man -- man and up. Including up to over eating up whatever it -- it -- and in this case though because you only know -- a number of national contact that it I think -- -- -- established like try to make some other kind of contact -- -- get in touch with him. I don't -- another if you've never had any other communication. Other then like you talking to him after these events than there is a high likelihood that you might be misinterpreting the chemistry that you happen if you if that is it because. I know from like. Promote public persona perspective that when I talk to people after an event I am always super like -- super nice strike and you're. We're welcoming because they're your fans and they've taken the time to come and talk to you and they respect what you do it whenever -- -- off some. And it feels wonderful but I would. It then someone kind of epic kept showing up over and over and we only have that interaction and then they asked -- -- it would -- kind of -- If you residents huge He would've probably jobs honestly -- -- out by now so if He saw you -- multiple times because. It seems like okay he's a speaker of the panel its knowledge of working in even in the same workplace -- -- -- what occasionally lets say four times a year maybe yeah let's say four times here. And if He was really. Connecting with you and I don't even know He knows you by first name or not -- but if He was -- to say if He has any balls would have Bastia. I feel like I need a little -- -- silicon me a little more context like have you guys had any other communications other than you know what seemed like good conversations afterward like when you come up -- you like. And it gives you a hug or you know what's that what's the interaction. On things amen -- to advise caution -- Assess the brother could fit or doesn't He -- really good I mean I literally couldn't battle it out. A lemon who's willing to step up to the plate do that that -- the that's hot. -- -- Yeah we -- you know I -- -- like hey you wanna get a copy -- address the show or ask imagine like. Whatever the lunch event is right after -- or something you know. What are you doing that on the go another speaking engagement until either -- -- advising caution to the by the -- from that like because you asked about. About the context like of that. If someone came up to me and asked me out in that context. Right like -- had just finished speaking on a panel or whatever in their little line of people -- to talk -- you -- and -- like -- if you -- -- out and get -- I would be like whole I don't know how to deal with this -- my network. -- -- -- BG is looking for love in every context not gonna let us and Canada and that's not to say I don't -- be -- -- because that's you know but. Hasn't Molly -- you aren't you wanted to -- cars like if you -- espionage just ask me out I'm just advising caution. Instead -- network thank you for your computer -- -- Please give them coming -- give them come. -- because they're awesome we love it and pattern how we don't know what Howard pattern -- big -- they -- in I don't know I know you did do you really get today. I'm telling him and I'm like. I'm like don't know already million like you're learning pad on -- -- -- that was then I think I think your advice given I think you know and sometimes people have -- Animal is that not analysts think this is instinct to act on it and it sounds like she really wants act on -- she just totally afraid to act on it has -- do it and get it out of the way instead of just. Regret not be like oh I'm never asked him because I never said don't do that -- just get it out. Down. So there's some of that there's some of that -- something to that can be bold. -- considered consider your consider that we don't know the contacts again -- are all the contacts. And then decide what you think is the best course -- okay okay great the audio stopping probably means that we're supposed to wrap up yet that's actually that's action -- -- We're now. Have a great weekend everyone thanks for coming out if you wanna offer you know counter advice. Believe that they comment section of our blog below that cnet.com like that -- -- that no. Also remember you guys can -- 806162638. Spells CNET and also you guys getting analysts that -- at -- Yes and please do and we'll see you back here on Monday. I enjoy the weekend have a great -- -- --
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