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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1526: Prepare for Maximum Overdrive!

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1526: Prepare for Maximum Overdrive!

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The sun is throwing out magnetic storms that could disrupt your GPS, your cell phone signals, and maybe even cause soda machines to kill you in extremely violent 1980s movie style. Just ... Google it. In other news, the World Wide Web turned 20 this weekend, the kids of today are learning to be hackers at DefCon, and if you buy virtual gold instead of earning it, the terrorists win. No, really, that's actually kind of true.

There it. Today it's Monday August 8 2011. My name is -- -- I am. Grandson and I -- -- -- mounted above the allowed to the podcast of indeterminate length of episode 15126. And after 15100 and what do you think episode that we also were shocked -- -- that their wares there are those available for download in the nineteenth in the -- The we know. And only Steve. Didn't understand what -- on this the feeds have been down since Friday and what happened was the blog. They did an update to the blog on Thursday night. In -- cause a blockage in the feeds so. They unblock the thieves -- -- feedburner -- -- sync 512 megabytes at a time. So 15100 shows trying to -- All at once is not happening so we're trying to figure out a way to fix that we're trying to cover those to users have to abysmal and let it flow but it's it's we have low blockage issue right now and we're hoping -- with enough. It is -- -- -- image sizes and also automation. That we can get -- thanks -- where sorry I don't what is what is the alternative at the Miami you can find -- you download that you can download the show individually on our website I did a much attesting you can get the show on -- -- dot cnet.com you can also listen to on your Smartphone from their -- hit. Download today's podcast -- -- -- smart final stream there. And then also all over videos in the show notes -- RC you can get at valley right now so we have. Alda is that inconvenience but obviously we're working to get Dolan and we have not been hacked no -- Some people can have music that's not an -- it's. Now that's what you get for talk and all that junk about anti -- -- on and it'll -- you guys not of that that's not it is not what's -- tubes or -- it plugged in all right now this. -- -- He is delighted take -- plummet if you know I mean. RA in the tech news today. Or at least as an August 6 it is that it's the worldwide web twenty is the birthday that happen over the leaders that we stand down and the web turn twenty on August 6 I believe. I get -- 1991. Was the day. That -- -- -- posted a summary of a project for organizing information on a computer network using a web. Of hyper links the worldwide web web but no spaces or W three. At the same time it every three made its debut as a publicly available service on the Internet and now. It turns twenty having changed it though -- -- as we know it. -- actually none inventors. Now -- it absolutely when it when you ask. When I like to ask my parents or older generations what is the biggest thing that they've seen that they would have never seen coming when they were my age and or even younger they say the Internet. Absolutely and is it seems everything so you really have when -- -- and only twenty. I'm an element to drink hook in America -- just wait till that happens is think what's gonna happen in the next when you that there -- CNET viewers according to a poll. Embedded on our story about it today that the greatest gift the world wide web has given to the world is them. By a huge margin obviously. Access to unlimited information 84% of respondents put that -- now the rest. Tailed around 3% social networking in real time use e-commerce but fortunately online dating not on the analysts know. Really should be an island I actually pilots I would -- it's pretty I mean videos of cute things falling asleep is winner Matt -- and -- again. This -- anyway happy birthday world wide web yes. In other news anti -- then the lol -- anonymous bastard child has released. They say I am -- Multiple megabytes of data about US law enforcement officers and offices. In retaliation for arrests related to ongoing -- Yet -- called this their largest cache of data yet this includes yet again can have almost -- standard checklists of private emails. Passwords -- files data from some of these He learned form its Social Security numbers. And -- credit card information from an online share store that was plugged into this. We had heard -- about a month ago how anonymous had -- into some of Arizona's. Law enforcement officials because of the immigration policy that they were you know -- pulling over people. Without. Kind of random pulled over to see if they have an official license -- -- a driver's license to work in their state. On that could have led to targeting -- or profiling but here now -- Lowell anti -- up to it again. Doing this to the people all these law enforcement sheriff's people in these organizations the -- that there's no need to -- And individuals to the end and I mean they're saying you know they're -- -- for years he's in Busan informants and officers have been using our own personal data for their own. -- -- Spying on us arresting as -- -- -- making get away with oppressing us and secrecy I'm sure everyone you leaked out. Their personal information was a part of that. I'm sure. And now I -- it is very hard to have sympathy for. For electronic attacks on individuals. It is really is especially and -- What one note that -- came out of the story though that. Made it seem a little more it widget when there is a whole debate about how -- -- one of the users was allegedly. Part of lol -- or not. This was specifically. They mentioned -- areas one of their members as well as the other individuals sixteen people from the US -- in the Netherlands and a sixteen year old London that now was arrested. So which leads you to believe that -- -- was actually. A legitimate member for them to mention his name -- as part of the release of this information. And that's actually what I've heard to that He that He is in fact. Most of what they've accused him to be that and that -- for a long time they were denying that imperialism -- an important member of -- second they were saying every when He was arrested with. You know not important -- they're -- -- Iran any other on exactly now they seem to be saying okay you've got the right guy. But. We're gonna go after individual -- that I just. I mean that to me is broken the bear in now is not the not a -- -- -- not a good idea. -- anywhere they released what -- ten gigs of data. I came on the second day. Of Defcon actually which is ongoing or how -- was happening all last week. I think maybe it's over. But what's really interesting. Obviously like a bunch of scary stuff -- come to a -- every year is an interesting ones and this year's Defcon for the first time. Included. Basically. -- track. -- So this is -- for the first time Defcon included discussions and tutorials. For budding hackers ages eight to sixteen. Around sixty kids showed up -- That's cool I I actually would like to go to the tipster. That I need to start that -- I had a comprehensive. And I itself -- asked for sixteen years old I think there -- -- Catholic I bet it could at. You can keep on saying that if yeah yeah there was and an information security specialist utility company in the Bay Area and is that He brought his fourteen year old son because He thinks it's important introduces son. To the hacker community they've talked extensively is that about the difference between ethical and unethical hacking. And He feels like it's it is a community -- wanted to be part of it and. I think -- gonna I think it's got an that we need hackers in lake -- government is having a hard time with. You know protecting -- protecting ourselves that we need hackers who will protect us in the future they need to invest in these kids and pretty much say you guys like. Yes you know follow these kids and try it try to -- of eight. It'll almost like a farm program yeah yeah it has been so they -- treat age or delay the triple -- the minor leagues so that they can develop this talent. And use them to their band instead of you know you have this like -- Like the young super -- trying to be seen and shows like on heroes -- these kids discovering their powers but then. Some of those -- is -- -- The right way and some of those -- -- -- the wrong way. Yes and and made they all point out like it's not the technology itself is not better you on the technology is totally agnostic and what you do with it from then on you know. But He -- I think they're hoping that if it'll pick up the mantle and -- reclaim the term they're gonna couple stories lately about how the term hacker. Has just been completely. Mean you'll have been fighting this fight for years right on hackers column crackers and on the atmosphere that beacon that got too much baggage sorry -- -- and other means a lot of things I guess the word no never. Ever gonna win that -- you know that hackers was always meant to be. A term that referred to people who like to tinker with technology take things apart. You know make it different -- and now it's become just the sort of like -- term for evil well maybe the next generation can -- -- -- As you go next gentler that there overtime were never going to common crackers and -- at a. -- call them children from the school's gifted that's not happening keep others gifted children gathered at Princeton if that hackers. In other hacking is we know there's been back and forth between the North Korean South Korean this -- An interesting little story here North -- has developed or built. An army of young hackers that they unleashed on South Korea's popular online gaming sites and little reason or one of the motivations behind this is. They're looking to find in other way. To raise cash so according to this New York Times article north at North -- believed to train mean these programmers and hackers to then. Hack into a lot of these gaming sites. And -- farmer. For the online currency that is then a lot of times sold to other users -- that can purchase items so there's games in South Korea like -- -- dungeon and fighter. And this hack. From these hackers and North Korea allow them to breached the round the clock. Factories by just are -- and continue to -- this video game currency which is then sold or purchased by regular individuals. And then that money is transferred over to the North Korean government. That is breezy but if -- there's deathly -- this kind of like farming gold farming you know pretty -- -- spread operations but they've just been for commercial gain before they haven't been like a service like funding government initiatives so I'm believe when you talk about okay how much money are we talking about. And a little less than two years police say the organizers made over -- million dollars. 55%. -- to hackers and others went to the capital North Korea on -- Right so and I believe some of this money so let's say even. Fine whatever let's say two million to three million dollars of this money was sent over to the to the North Korean government who is and if you are familiar at the North Korean government is a very close -- the site it's it's a walled off. And so this money is going and to fund programs potentially nuclear other programs -- go on over -- that government that we have no idea about. But they're making this money off hacking into video game -- Not so crazy like your ego that it. It's one thing they -- like view by drugs could be funding terrorist operation has been out like it. If you buy instead of earn the gold in lineage or -- -- or StarCraft. Just because you want fancier avatar and more tools and weapons and -- you are finding potentially nuclear. Operations in north seriously. Not cool -- Also many could make money up anything -- if they say is the down South Korean and American officials believe this slush fund that it's. You know its entry into his birth billions. Tired old gamers that I can't not -- American gamers can't competent and trained them for being creative. China -- flying mount that earning it. Yes the diamond -- -- additional lab they literally like if you -- virtual ill the terrorism in the standards but that's a we get it we literally got -- to Begin the -- to leave the world -- gamers frontier village. If you're addicted to -- again with. My god in the world. Okay well we lived in it in some kind of future. Let's take a break yes and -- that -- a little bit. When we come back patent wars and possibly some -- solutions. That. And then a virtual fashion show. But I thought -- and -- -- If this T. Many probably don't know me how they don't know that we do share one and very important thing in time. We are both listening to that class cnet's podcast of indeterminate life. Isn't that enough. Let's be friends since. -- -- -- Currently there the I liked it a lot and then it got repeal of -- borderline orderly creepy devastated economy may stimulate it. Couples that are right back to stories guys Apple in this ongoing patent war that we are sick of -- continues to rage on. Apple's recently sued over fast Boudin -- OS-X. With the patent linked to LG electronics now the trick here though is that. LG originally owned this and a Florida company by the name of opry in some solutions. Filed the patent infringement lawsuit because they now owned that patent. Kind of cultural beautiful. They're actual trolls the good news is that finally at long last. The problem of patent trolls is making its way into the mainstream media and serious forces are starting to come out against. -- how how badly everything has broken and the latest one over the weekend was that Mark Cuban. Put up a blog post saying if you wanna see more jobs created change patent laws. Period. And He was saying look sometimes it's not the obvious things is -- lead. That create the biggest problems in this case one of the -- in -- job killers in our economy today is the explosion of patent litigation. Every technology I have He says getting hit by patent lawsuits that are the biggest bunch of BS ever each week it seems like a new one comes -- between having a pair lawyers a lot of money to review each. To increasing insurance rates and settlement costs because we can't afford to fight the nonsense. It's an enormous expense so much so. The money that would have gone to new hires to improve and sell the product has to be saved to pay to deal with this BS. And -- any specifically called out the patent holders and not like somebody beat us to market with an idea. Somebody went and bought is -- -- portfolios and this is really important because it's one thing for. Arrow like. You know -- pundits like me to talk about the culture of ownership killing -- innovation but when you -- Business owners of well known business owners coming out and saying finally. Look this is absolutely. Ruining. Business. And and it's leading to like jobs being exported -- jobs not. Existing and all year. It starts to get pretty -- and -- put up a secondary blog post afterward saying okay yes you're right it's easy to complain so here are my suggestions on patent law. Number one and I think we and -- this room we can all agree and all software patents. Just to get rid of them. Also and all process patents if you create a new process -- staff to use it you said the benefit from creating the benefit. Is from creating the idea in using -- in a business to your advantage. Not just like you you have a patent on a process and then use that to -- other people into the ground. Yeah -- like this line that He said. If you're afraid that some big companies might steal the idea that's life. The line He used when you run with the elephants there are the quick and the dead yet. -- and a lot of other industries even let's say the entertainment industry it's all about who comes of the idea -- to -- the first -- -- at first to get it to the market. In the people in people's hands and that it takes off from there yeah and don't just come up with some idea. And not really implement it when someone else is actually taking the steps to implement this new technology this new ideas new interface and then to sue the pants off. -- -- And He says. That if we had had process patents are the culture of software litigation in the eighties that we have today. Current technology would consist of -- terminals on deck and -- computers at the local library for ten bucks an hour. And they're probably wouldn't be a world wide web is -- -- out by the mid ninety's someone would have -- mark and recent. And his friends at the university of Illinois -- long before mosaic could ever turn Internet. I think it's true the ad that costs and the -- like we are suffering from the cost the cost of products goes up as a result of of.
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