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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1517: RIM is COO-COO for co-execs

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1517: RIM is COO-COO for co-execs

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In response to shareholder demands for RIM to explain its seemingly disastrous co-CEO structure, RIM decided to add another COO, too. No, seriously. They'll have two COOs and two CEOs (and also lay off 2,000 probably perfectly innocent people who thought there should only be one CEO). Wow. Also, be warned: we talk about politics, because we hope the Internet can save America.

Today and Monday. July 25 2011 were firing on all cylinders -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I saw that -- Just fired me up and tied. -- -- she's done it yet it. We haven't been back in the -- like a long time I don't you like you know what's up -- -- -- -- until -- screwed up to Ehrlich. Olds at the Finland and -- was -- -- -- -- I K it's episode 1817. The shipment back on adding answer like every good producer to -- -- organ damage and it show man. Now. I was vaccine will make you love to the audience -- You know. So I indication had nothing to report 2100%. Off the -- I mean -- -- -- going on the Internet was amazing. Monday through Friday meanwhile the -- comeback fizzled stream of tweets about comment on public might know. But a little I was pretty to act as I was -- Delis when it between -- about how -- to. -- -- -- -- -- So comic con was amazing it was my first time I majored experience. Every aspect of it when I say experience I mean waiting in -- half lines. To our lines for a twilight teacher. Familiar -- it's -- -- why you're using -- every time I told people I was in -- I can't tell you how many. Women over earth. Forty years old and above said Jackie telling yourself that buddy keep telling yourself that mine but comical was amazing we did a lot of stuff there's -- -- -- -- -- -- six or seven videos from it. -- suite in the one of the great. Phenomenal I guess it'll -- genius minds of and as He sat by pop culture of what we deal with Greeks indeed two weeks -- -- that's -- -- week. -- -- I am having this wins the -- -- in a soft spoken -- -- it. -- lot of stuff going on land noggin the media you know if for those who may not know. Creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer series fire fire -- Doll house not a horrible sing along blog on the back to keep on going He even directed an episode of glee the woman -- at Aristotle and that -- -- -- those things on the Olympic council. There has not his -- director of the upcoming movie the avengers next summer so nobody was talking -- -- no actually He was talking more about bringing back the Buffy the vampire series -- Slayer series. Kind of like season nine but going directly dark horse comics right so will be comic -- -- continuation of the -- Series he's been doing that yet if you donate. Available from dark horse comics and there's I think there have been -- twentysomething issues already and it really it's pretty awesome I mean it completely. Continues the story line and it's the jostling writing that you love. -- He He admitted though we talked him that He felt that He let people down. And his writing He lost what Buffy what made Buffy Buffy where -- relating to her real life. Now as this person is -- presence -- of like also is like this. It's crazy like -- -- battle and war where it lost its roots of relief focusing on Buffy the person true and so Israel is pretty cool that He. And midnight -- a probe a little more it is you know. Sounds like you regretted -- -- you're looking for attribution. Season nine and He said that's -- in so many words and that's exactly what I'm doing really yeah he's anatomy comic gonna get back to their roots exactly. So. That's so that was amazing we also got to talk to. And Adam -- Currently be mayor of -- -- Family Guy. And the original Batman and the first bat man ever -- to portray the character on the screen. And I remember watching those series a thousand -- my dad bought me the VHS videos. You Adam west was quite possibly the boldest -- man because He was the only one willing to have his nipple shows through his -- is real maples. -- I didn't ask him about that's as of Iliad to talk about is not a. I didn't know that what do you mean you know like a little thin cloth it would it was cold in like that penguins cave. You could see his -- -- Into his comic I was Naseem. Wait in lines got I've heard I'm -- -- stop about comic under their -- like shot up tolerate it they come on and they always exciting. But that. I -- with over 350 dollars at the Hasbro -- because my brother and I we collected toys we are kids in Lincoln bought the sentinels and there you know the limited comic -- exclusives and I ended up shipping a box on that went up to my chest. Really I'm service at love it this (%expletive) and you are common -- -- the most dangerous place to be when it comes as shopping like is. -- -- On the -- looked up and a little over half of how much -- as we paid for and I sent it via ground. And you could I could take this home. It was a bottom line is a good fit two of mis inside the box and a ship back that -- so item and not even tell my parents -- delivered to their -- and they're gonna be like. What. -- All it -- meet them in -- The -- -- amazing. It's pretty insane -- -- -- lives in San Diego that's as He stands for saying that the lines -- exponentially worse this year than last year. Which does make me -- glad that I didn't go because last year I was. Bowled over. By the size of the crap it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and a -- and you're into doing it I know you're not a blindly believe this is not had time to go in I -- -- I can't have a little -- rule about lines. If I see one and -- and -- The biggest -- though -- about my experiences that and I'll wrap this up. I did wanna spend it spread a little comic con -- -- out there so there are two instances where on the last day I waited in the marvel line. Just to see if I could win the raffle you -- -- the site appear -- has bucket to get a ticket for autograph signing sometimes it's Stanley. Someone like -- -- the line that I waited in four was the task of tassel featuring Nathan Philly and so this family this guy with his kids his life and they all they all were in front of me and they reached in the bucket and none of them. Gotta tell a -- signing Cardiff is it looked like Disney one out of every ten people -- able to -- this and then you wait in line later in the day. Financial signing again this is how you do that you are trying to get a -- -- I pulled the castle siding them like -- costly. Firefly -- like so many people would die for this and -- because I had to leave early the guy cannot do is like. -- I'll do anything for that ticket. I'd love Nathan -- them -- will. -- you got he's like I'll pay -- for it. And I said how much He said ten bucks twenty bucks I just need to get that cart and they handed it over him I said have a great comic con men -- -- For those. I don't I ask them for a hug because you've got a -- me if I'm gonna give you need and -- -- So I know I know He -- -- hot and bothered as I can see it's wonderful she turned another color -- I think I personally think that. -- ten billion and Lisa de -- treatments. Between Romans going on and when they -- cutest couple ever can we make that happen -- -- -- them. If -- wasn't married I think that were allegedly married I don't just making -- up only. Then on it just just watch -- it let's get to -- -- is enough enough matchmaking I'm just thinking I think particularly if -- -- -- -- meant to me they're cute little Twitter -- -- -- In -- -- and I was I can't tell you how happy I went to have this little nugget pollen to my -- this morning rim. The makers of the Blackberry Smartphone plans to cut 2000 jobs or about a tenth of its work for force which is obviously bad news. In other bad news rim said in a statement that it plans to shake up its executive roles. Now in a nutshell if I'm reading this properly -- They are now going to have. To. Chief operating officers to people in the COO role they'll have top Thorsten times or steam -- announced TOO. A product and sales also this -- Jim -- and getting COO title is COO of operations. And then they will keep the -- CEO. Structure. This is a disaster OK like I didn't go to business school it but I understand business structure. And you're telling me now look at the moment. If all things -- -- run. We're gonna have to CEOs. And TUC aloha programs akin to what end I'm it is -- -- -- -- -- someone tell me if this works in and the other place. Especially a business. That is continuing to lose money. And not innovate. Most of the is that it is. It it it feels literally as though they are trying to (%expletive) off shareholders at this point it feels as though they do not want to sixty I mean they're clearly not listening to what. Their own shareholders are telling them -- like it's not me. I expect them to listen to me. But -- -- -- in a position where you are already having to furiously defend your co CEO structure. And then as a result of all of that scrutiny to come out and say not only are we gonna keep those same guys. In the same leadership structure. But we can even pick an operating officer and so we're gonna have to -- -- -- as well like it starts to feel like a bad joke. If it -- anywhere near April 1 I would be like this story can't. You know they made a movie about this dumb and dumber -- and the Siegel is dumb and -- Earth. And this is what this sounded as if they -- He had done and never as -- name and then they went and got never heard never. Low. That I -- my mind is blown. Really the current CLO. Of Blackberry. Think they've got -- operating operating a third of everything. Hasn't been chief operating officer of my -- The current rim CEO of Blackberry will retire from the company after ten years with -- So at least like the guy who is currently an inch in charge electric think but really -- He knows it's time to get out. Is this. -- -- -- they just too nice to put somebody in charge I mean I truly. Don't understand. I don't either it's not I don't think anyone understands. It's amazing. -- -- -- -- -- -- But He -- you make the next. Coolest craziest. Piece of technology that everyone loves -- -- -- down eat my words and say rim. You did it right. While analysts and observed that all rim needs now -- -- double CFO and it's officially two companies. And they didn't. Let it -- out -- They're gonna be split up pretty soon I -- -- a year to their shareholders are gonna come and pitchforks and torches and with the through the plains. It look and act as. When you -- you -- work and get to our. Dumb and dumber river dumb and dumber dumber and ever and -- Our own -- clinical as a scoop up on cnet.com today saying that Google's street view cars despite Google's repeated denials. And a lot of misinformation and confusion. Apparently when the street view cars were going around -- -- the locations of Wi-Fi access point and -- accidentally getting a bunch of your data. It did that it first was fragments of data and Internet meanwhile the passwords. It also it has now been confirmed the street view cars. Also collected the actual location street address of millions of laptops cellphones and other Wi-Fi devices around the world. Not just the street addresses but the unique hardware identifiers. Of those -- It wasn't just Wi-Fi sniffing friends it was finding other Wi-Fi enabled devices and then matching them to your physical address yet. Your physical address so then you could potentially see it in a database. There were there even some people's devices or address is -- we're showing up in Google searches. Yes it was available -- that data was then publicly available through google.com until just a few weeks ago. Other reasons and the many that are currently still happening yes because it's like with every passing week. The revelation of what was being collected and what Google was doing and it seems to get worse like if you like into more -- in me like. Actually Google take pictures -- quality -- went. -- -- -- I think this is an -- they due processes and and they do they take pictures of you with my -- annually I think this is Google's -- -- feature you know Apple has find my iPhone this is -- my home. A little bit of fun -- all -- -- and the French data protection authority apparently contacted CNET recently -- investigation did confirm that the street view cars -- these unique art hardware -- the Mac addresses. Now Google has denied this and that's what's so interesting is that there was anecdotal evidence all over the place from people saying. I am pretty sure that they have that they were able to locate my address and my unique my my Mac address because we and we reported that at the time there was this cheap computer scientist. At the center for -- democracy and technology is that are home address was listed in Google's location database -- was a lecture at the University of California. Berkeley who said yes they had my home address listed. The Google thing now known. -- -- There's gotta be as -- you and you with a -- in annual layers sleeping. -- -- going to be -- you this is taken it to another level now where it's confirmed what everyone thought was. Believing was happening yeah -- you -- -- they're not someone is not gonna let this just fly. I don't he's gonna be some legal recourse that happens now any kind of this this confirmation seems to have come at a time when -- actually people are at least. Congress -- -- -- -- completely ruining our country. Does seem -- worried a little bit about location privacy. They called Apple -- -- called Apple onto the carpet about recording log of a prop proximate location data. There was another there were a bunch of disclosures about other companies location privacy practices I have a feeling that you will see them. Some at least some congressional pop posturing there -- fines by the French data protection authority -- I was only and -- thousand euros in Europe -- Try to be more aggressive and other countries of try to be more aggressive of going after Google further Wi-Fi sniffing tactics during this whole street view but we haven't seen. Too much of the US you know under aggression by US government to. Talk to -- specifically. You know they when they when they have a hole location issue they brought an Apple -- product. Couple other companies and -- believe the virus calling Google was supposedly one of the people they talk to but they didn't put. Google on the grill because -- more surrounding around the Android OS and Apple's IOS but not Google street view specifically. Yeah I I did something not a I think it's possible that -- sort of been confusing enough and it's trickled out slowly enough that hasn't. Cause the extreme outrage that it probably shouldn't meaning it you know people with their Electronic Privacy Information Center. Are wondering if it's legal at all if it violates at some point wiretapping laws to -- be collecting such specific information can lead to it at at an actual address. I will say this though like clearly have some explaining that -- then mainly because. They just denied it. And kept saying -- Happening. So you know they they hid the fact that it was there the sometimes hidden things are doing a great move Google. Google and sometimes it sometimes and -- and he's pretty good and very good for example. Our next gallery faces that way guys think you -- I think. Into the panel about it I got an -- that I don't think so for example Facebook's iPad app has hit in the is hidden in the iPhone -- other recent update to the FaceBook app has been found if you have an iPad that is jail broken. It pools that can encode and allows you to use Facebook's -- rumored. IPad dedicated app -- This is according to our. Friends at techcrunch. And the iPad -- Clearly is the thing that everyone -- wanted. But if you guys take a look over at some of the -- and we -- in our show notes to you we got a nice chart. The you can click on some of those pictures Stephen but this is the app that we've been -- for it looks awesome. It definitely schools. I mean if this is -- it's gonna be pretty nice because it does appear to be like and native. Apple. That has sort of a much better integrated -- it's got you know easier to find notification things and events. It says it looks like that I really love those which never read can work through safari they keep every third -- -- and -- So this is the launching season for FaceBook 2011. It started when a month ago. Or three C uneven -- how long that was life is a blur sometimes yeah and does whatever it takes the stage today. It was it was -- day -- -- an amazing day weeks -- -- Don't often today. Yet MG Siegler over at techcrunch report that it in the -- He would definitely use this app over the full web site. Even though the website functions pretty well. And then me if they report that they talked to a source who says that it is in fact be up the -- but it was intending to launch shortly. Now they're wondering if this sort of -- reveal. Will speed things up. This also. Kind of puts a little pick -- in the is when FaceBook is really gonna -- this'll HTML -- thing. Right now is the big thing projects -- via which had been rumored and leaked and again it was a rumor but there were photos and -- company -- Will this tennis give them a little breathing room to treat -- -- -- up does now if you're a tablet user do. I know we're gonna have any -- five FaceBook -- eventually. I have nothing that this would be any -- in -- a -- lot Apple were initially yeah I mean it. That -- but it appears to instead be its own separate a native app which. If so is its of the capitulation I mean it sort -- I don't know what it means that they have been quite figured out a strategy need. But the thing is like project Spartan itself is just a rumors can hold. I'm gonna guess maybe they were never gonna do a sort of hope that they do though because you know me am not I'm not totally pro device specific apps. Although. If anybody needs a device specific app -- space but. Is it that that site does not work on the the part. I think it's still an -- -- -- -- Not that network and speaking of -- but techcrunch also reporting -- -- little FYI that there was apparently briefly a glitch. That was exposing people's private media FY -- and it had to do with the restricted access settings for videos posted to FaceBook. And that were shared with supposedly designated friends -- teams that entitles. Thumbnails and descriptions for the videos were mistakenly visible to. All of a user's friends not to the public but your friends regardless of which had been -- granted access to the -- so it basically He made it like a dirty video and you tied to shared only with. The person within the video or whatever -- everyone can. The Ali are you hasn't yet the previous of the thumbnails were available for everyone but. The videos themselves weren't actually watchable -- which is a good thing. That's never put videos like that online period but also a -- brand right aligned with that. I'd just -- the Internet thing about it. I just like the rule here is always the same even lake with the Google let's circle in the face when deprived bed and -- -- if you don't want on the Internet. Don't put it on Internet. That is the golden rule of the Internet. Do today. Also. Other good things about the imminent and other golden rules -- the Internet are and that in some ways the Internet -- when when things get too messed up and bad the Internet will fix it. Just like apparently the Internet has decided it -- had enough and it is going to fix America. Because congress -- all bets on -- -- story. Over the weekend. Actually most of it it started late last week when. The US congress at a wrote that those of you don't -- in the -- -- pollen or not by the US congress has failed. Yet again to come to pay an agreement on the American debt ceiling. And they're government compromises proposed but then the Republican Party who also and -- alleges that. There -- anything it's. Not working right now it's just not working it's not -- which is funny is the Republicans raise the debt ceiling ten times in eight years so why they have a problem and they China pledged. -- don't you know I'll Thomas Friedman wrote that the great thing they -- then they they cut their palms and touched it with the -- death and blood brother he's signed up slides and human right so in this particular case. It is definitely I'm sorry everyone we've tried to leave politics of the show and we do it off and in this case it is the fault of the Republicans however. As we all know the two party system in America has led to non stop problem right -- There's no question that the Democratic Party could have proposed the kind of compromises. A year ago that -- are now proposing at the eleventh hour that are being rejected by the crazy Republicans who signed to play it. The fact is -- system met right over the weekend there were the hash tag that started trending and I think was actually in the -- page. Pound FU Washington that was started by Jeff Jarvis. The -- and public hey Washington a whole it's our country our economy our money stop acting with -- And then this hash tags are going to have them. Finally at long last the outrage is starting to build. And there is this new group online called Americans -- -- Which is quietly and this is fascinating has quietly collected enough signatures to secure 2012 ballot lines. In eight states. They will soon submit an unprecedented. One point six million signatures in California now. And what they're hoping is that they can just come up with a new way to pick a presidential candidate. -- elect someone who may or may not actually be like in a true viable. Third party candidate chosen. In an open fashion by the actual people. -- our democracy purports to represent. Now what they're doing is they're really getting only winners. The -- signatures to get a ballot position. And they're not securing this for a specific platform or person or ideology but they're looking for a new process. A second process so to the website you guys to check it out Americans elect dot org one of the hopes and this is very -- just like how the Internet in the technology world has come up with other solutions and a variety of other. Ways to be disruptive you know let's even say something like overthrowing governments over in the Middle East then both American -- or the idea is what if you could have candidates. That were paired together like you know. Let's say the president the vice president one mean a moderate Republican and a moderate Democrat and use and let the people. Kind of find who their preferences -- -- use a system to pair a more of a mixed medium instead of just one extreme side. But you have to pretty much say -- I wanna choose for the Republican -- -- Democrat it's a process that matches people with different. Ideologies that aren't so team on what's on the other -- and then put them at the front forefront. To be then voted for and and really. It's almost like in theory it today it's a pure. Democracy in action and it's the kind of thing the reason or talking about this as a tech story. Is because it's the kind of thing that really only the Internet only like the existence of the web can pull off. Because you are able to connect so many people in -- able to you. Aggregate those voices in a way that isn't possible now with our -- political structure because -- the only voices. That get hurt are the ones I have enough money to be hurt. Yes so the system would be and only think of this an online convention takes place over two weeks. In June 2000 -- that's for their targeting now any registered voter can participate as a delegate. After they sign up -- the securely new launched Americans -- up -- people that might be going -- there's no way to secure the former CTO of E*Trade. Is behind the security of this system one that they're trying to push -- which instantly lends credibility. So what He says the securities already be fewer than what banks are using right now correct for this system and Americans like -- or does He really have to. -- trust to be a trusted source for -- to even go anywhere. Now through a series of interactive only questionnaires they'll be able to seek out potential candidates that matched somebody Europe. Their policy decisions that match what you're looking for and then a party platform would be determined and -- it's drafted from a field based on your preferences. Then a final field of six prospective nominee -- will then eats like a runny meat from a different party. With those options then whittled down to bipartisan ticket. -- and just and just -- clear any presidential nominee must conform to all the constitutional requirements and to be considered someone of similar stature. To our previous presidents so no Lady -- or -- double rainbow guy who's a little later in the -- But if you know it is. I don't know it's an attempt -- trauma treatment and granted it may be optimistic like who knows but. Thomas Friedman the times -- write it down Americans elect what Amazon.com did to books but the Blogosphere did to newspapers. With the iPod did to music can. What Drugstore.Com to departments these Americans elect plans to do to the two party duopoly that is dominated American political life. Remove the barriers to real competition Latin incumbents. And let the people. And let the people -- Anyway we'll thing. Did you go Internet. The thing is all great ideas -- have to be -- -- how this crazy idea for even for it's even -- -- you know sell. And the system is pretty -- announced that we need if you are happy just check it out Americans like dot org but this is fascinating stuff. 100 points to you John Strickland is that. And if you're one of the first 20000 people to do you -- to George Washington -- I just checked in at our new democracy. -- pilot sick -- break. While you write your angry emails about politics. Of them we know they're coming. But we don't do nothing but I think now -- -- When we come back we'll be talking about those who are falling in line with Apple's. Version of democracy. China's version of form of commerce and -- what is capitalism. And and how we're gonna get back to the. Well -- -- box below the bull Bob Bob Bob. A dark job but but but but but don't let -- bubble blown up. The literature horrible double their current -- showed. Up. Blow out there I heard it I -- garrido. I -- in their neighbors. I heard very Apple like and I like -- -- -- -- -- -- and those companies expect. John -- -- tell -- that the George Washington bad thing that's not a joke. That's true is it out tonight and outlines of physical bad thing of like hours north where backwards ideally you how you have you checked in grad -- checked -- -- -- I don't use that -- -- no outward on the goes silent and if you're using or it is. Too confusing. Sometimes what's confusing is Apple's App Store policies but we've seen this coming in for a long time. The Wall Street Journal and -- though the the fall in line with Apple's App Store policy which is now you can not linked externally to other payment systems and apps store. So previously everyone was wondering in the Kindle lap they always have -- -- -- -- button. The corner of their -- And you can click on it it takes you up -- browser and it is the earliest it was so seamlessly beautiful because you couldn't you -- you couldn't buy it in the app because Apple likely do that anyways. Now all apps like the Kindle -- the -- app. The Cobo lap and Wall Street Journal they've eliminated they have to take out any function that allows you do everything in the -- so. I wanna buy a book. I have to open -- my browser -- to go to Amazon.com my than have to go to the bookstore and that I can buy the book then I have to go back to the app. And then automatically appear in my archive items but it's -- that -- 23 steps that make you wanna shoot somebody that is out. Rate it's -- -- -- and I updated the app and the button to shop candles on. So but -- they're still the App Store. There's some apps -- -- day I mean I guess they kind of had to -- -- they were never and they were gonna get booted Kennedy of the Kindle does although. Google once again. And not -- that -- out. Oh well I know so back and -- and Google -- half the time and they're totally evil and and the other half -- time Netflix stand up for your principles and and and you know get out of China when they're making a sensor and just say like we're not -- -- Apple -- -- we got her own blog platform with iTunes and it comes -- yeah. Yeah that's it does come down to -- they go trial cry a little -- for the icann has also. In more Apple news. We told you or you've probably heard of the story about the fake. -- Chinese apples Apple sores appearing in China great. So what's the latest update with -- of that Chinese officials. In two and meeting. Have ordered two of the Big Apple shops -- close but not because they look exactly. Identical to Apple -- even assign edged down to the cited the is the same font the same graphics now is because. The stores in those two stores in the south of -- -- city did not have an official business. Permit they have five stores out right now three of those five servers are still operating today. But two of them. Were removed because the business for. Not because I -- the China. I mean I know I know I get all that economic reasons but you have to admit there's -- -- fundamentally amazing about time it is going all honey badger. And lesbian like we don't give and we -- five stores that look exactly like Apple stores and the old. -- to love -- five are getting shut down. It's that they don't have official business permits would probably means that they didn't pay -- like the right people right. -- the other three that are complete. Replica is working replica of an Apple Store. Others at the same time -- You know any retail store. Here in America okay find the fonts might be a little using bigger companies graphics which are on the website but. Is it really are there any patent laws or regarding. Emulating a storefront. I don't think there are. This -- you can do that what if -- like OK dot com lets lets you an example. I mean you can you it's a trademark infringement the question is whether the trademark -- global EX the applicable. And then -- -- of divorce the stuff and China is according to Chinese officials. They are investigating whether Apple had applied with the Chinese Government -- have it store design and layout protected by law. -- they're just like well that's your trademark link over there that's not -- and then I love. There response to their like -- is misunderstanding the situation in jumping to conclusions. They're selling real Apple stuff well they are looks as if they were they weren't selling real -- management trouble their App Store. Bullet there's no question that isn't -- trademark infringement like. People may get -- real Apple Store this is exactly the reason that -- thing that I wonder if they do think it's a real Apple Store. You don't know -- be actual confusion like you block you go to China like. As Apple logo. Looks like Apple Store and it's selling Apple products. I mean other vilified. -- an -- island if I was in China and assign any -- -- look like any store in the US I would be like -- that's that's the Urban -- well yeah yeah that's that's but -- but. That's because. We talk about all the time downtime -- -- -- approach -- it but if you're like if you live in China. Apparently this has happened such an angry customers then have stormed these big stores and and have demanded refunds because they torture of -- products being sold there were actually Apple product -- The employees. That were hired by these dollars and thought they were actually working for Apple according. Absolutely. Baffled. And -- six. They're only until they -- their hair they had the same color shirts they even had the -- -- badges and they weren't -- playing around I know that believable I know that. Gotta admit that skill involved is pretty know that that's -- thing ray it -- -- The -- Q since even pull that off and trick your own employees that's magic. That's power pretty so whoever whoever did this concept in China thumbs up don't you don't get strung. We totally know that this is a bad thing to -- you but sometimes. This year kahane's on display -- They boggled -- we make a lot of really crappy blue -- stuff I mean those are my people but this but -- -- -- its new big thumbs up. -- you know how to do it China you represented if you -- rep resenting the fact. -- -- -- -- -- And and hold it down okay -- Real or not Apple's OS-X lion visible update. Was released last week on Thursday and apparently Apple's that it sold a million copy -- the first day. At that -- to users based they are buying -- faster than any other operating system release in the company's history. -- you can just download and is thirty dollars digital distribution -- really though the reason. Thirty dollars. It's supposed to 129. For those few that have or have not updated my advice personal bias would be if you -- high end app user -- -- time -- final cut pro. Adobe products some of that client media stuff I would definitely hold off on updating but if you're someone that's. You know surfing the web browsing use me I -- -- some more casual apps that aren't as you know. Intensive. And it and very specific I would -- definitely do the update it's worth it you'll love it you'll love it to scan the we think -- -- and but I was I don't want -- tag lines you did it. I say we didn't have millions lightly. -- well you know there are Apple users already -- parties in Apple now like -- that's one thing you'll like the improvements. I'm not so windows users the gallery don't do that they can do that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A federal judge on Friday has rejected Oracle's report that estimated its patent lawsuits. Damages from Google's infringing behaviors. At six point one billion dollars that business. You we may in the end finding -- infringement of patents and viewing -- -- six million dollars for thank you a voice of reason that bogus -- Also in Oracle news Oracle is drug mean. Instances of some of their embarrassing moments on their job on their own blog from years ago in 2007 because. Google and job burn and yeah and jobs sorry Google's in this Oracle or in this nasty battle they've removed -- praise. Of -- of Google's use of -- where a blog post titled congratulations Google. Red Hat and the Java community once they integrated that into their Android. Products they need it -- -- -- Yep you'll you'll find no mention of sound like a time when sun's Jonathan Swartz was so happy that Google is using -- of an -- that never happened. We've always been at war with Oceana look into the life. According to Boston based strategy analytics I say computing has -- it people up -- -- -- iphones just kidding but again at -- Apple Store them thing has become as we know like the biggest seller of Android devices I think they -- surpassed the Motorola is the biggest seller Android devices. Now they say they're on track to pass Nokia and rim. And then become Apple's -- -- rival. -- the numbers are pretty tight estimated sell eight between eighteen -- 21 million. Compared Nokia's which is around sixteen million and Apple's iphones -- her around a little over twenty -- -- and so we got that also. For all we we love the connector we always talk about connect so you know it whether you like it or not you're gonna have to hear news about this but Microsoft is now pushing out their avatar connects. Live text like -- -- this allows you if you wanna use the video chat function. It pretty much maps you're movement of your mouth and -- your expressions to your actual avatar. -- you can chat with people. Through the system the kind of fire. So this is available through September for free and then if you're an Xbox Live gold -- subscriber you'll you'll just have the ability to use that whenever but. The check out it's fun stuff. Yep and as we mentioned earlier pol -- -- better known to the Internet as the double rainbow guy is what is it. -- and that. Has -- and homeboy -- And -- too much indeed. Is on FaceBook and he's running for president on FaceBook. The -- yea America. You know there's. We we may need that Americans elect organizations just to prevent him for being a candidate. And let the people speak. And I look a little gadget news anyway. I got distracted -- the terms -- that if the president is -- at Apple app. Maybe you should just run for the president of product that is a good idea. -- And according to the -- -- via the boy genius report AT&T is apparently telling employees to finish up. Employee training on the iPhone five because they say that coming in. The -- show we don't have a story link in here but. Other reports earlier had said that US Apple stores are now seeking out -- you know increasing their staff in between August 15. The September 15 period in anticipation for product like this and a lot of old part time employees during those periods have been contacted. From previous product launches and which leads me to believe. There that nothing's happening. -- September date now has kicked around is only a tiny units regaining its money and it's pretty money but the even money at least. And then. I think we better go straight into -- older -- the clear. A I like it loud it's this -- -- sound a lot a lot of the guys that -- The only stood its want to hear it loud. -- -- Yet -- we have a special blank entry doesn't need to watch the video version. Because we got I may be our first ever. It's first the idea of Lawrence and -- -- the 1000 ups that rely on people in video messages -- Her first video -- here -- Or as the -- two things first are try to protect premium and -- -- approximately thirty minutes and to trust -- to -- cancel my subscription wanting it but it looks like music services the recommendations and -- finally has a related -- thing so in my humble opinion -- -- -- is and protect up to be. Anyway Allen back to slacker radio which I recommend it anybody who must have music discovery PS I didn't mean for the surfing thing to some -- that creepy I just want to show how much I appreciate you guys and Brian 125 of the show. Florida ceremony bad -- but that was the best video -- ever originally agree about that about spotted by. I was just thinking -- -- -- the you know it -- spotted by perfect. Is if it had of those -- -- five plus and or no that's that's. Exactly when we're playing with it like this is needs if they can just buy a pandora's somehow get pandora's -- -- them plugged into their -- for music discovery. And that would be beautiful -- -- -- like iTunes is right they don't have real. You know organic community music discovery tools via and people are getting used to that idea and that's what you need to -- may take your service the next level but pandora. Seems to have has cracked that nut but then they -- to make money off of it and now to no one's acquiring them because of the whole royalty scheme. Now it's tricky it is. But it still clueless because I agree that I've I really still want the discovery mechanism yeah and ultimately amounts actually -- about. -- -- what's that eighties station you listen to the eighties station data on eight. I'm without alt nation it is -- it sometimes the copy house -- that the little bit rainy and that experience -- a new and that also lithium when I wanna rock out. First Wear out first went on -- really -- To. While there is an invisible guy in R&R process design -- product. Your -- dividend after that awesome Jimi Hendrix balance. So I'll I'll argue -- you. All right next up let's go to our emails this one comes to us from our friend Max and eight million other people. Still Brian though -- -- NPR's this American life podcast for years now but I have to say their most recent episode was particularly topical episode entitled when patents attack. Actually does a really good job explain the problems of -- software the issue of how the US PTO did not allow suffered any -- until federal court -- in and made them. Introducing and talking to the guy who coined the term patent troll. Investigate with -- largest pencil firms out there and more not personally been following how truly broken the patent system has become. And how they're actually preventing innovation the exact opposite effect they're supposed to have. But this episode was even able to teach a few things to me. I highly recommend it for you guys as wells other listeners in -- -- include the show link and check -- out my friends. Yeah I lay got a budget tweets about the student and -- as a -- and I'm fired up nominal download anyway. And there are a bunch of there have already been -- -- -- interesting articles and stuff in response that it was sound like it was really amazing well all listen to it together. Sprint -- -- into that recently brought bought a stock galaxy STU with a preinstalled Associated Press app. I was surprised when the -- -- consumed 55%. Of a full charge and then shocked. Upon checking my account the next day to find 850 megs. Worth of data usage over charges of 406. -- dollars those discussed in data usage over my -- Google. Stop allowing companies to put buggy bloat -- on phones with no official way to get rid of it yes I can read it but I don't -- void my warranty and phone insurance with the risk of breaking it. Also people of the -- -- to keep an eye on this issue is I'm not the only one experiencing it note that I did not have the -- Open nor did I use the widget with a background service that did the damage I have contacted both my carrier three. And Samsung for help and neither gave me any -- that I need to switch data off and on -- Each and I wanna use the Internet as -- but knowing and means I can use for services beyond knowing that that's horrible that's horrible -- turn that -- most horrible. I mean I like and -- that they have been need to return -- only that is -- -- -- -- -- the worst. Samsung for some reason really lets carriers like. That's all around that sounds like the app itself is just pinging you know that the background task of that app does this mean the servicing continually downloading data ammunition -- -- are usually the -- should contact AP. And be like picture for -- app but the thing is -- a preinstalled app it's blow ware so crappy and it's absolutely true that Samsung. Google and like this is exactly what we talked about when when Google announced apparently you're at least there were rumors that Google was gonna start cracking down more on that user experience. But they that crap where stuff gets very dangerous very baffling to some media share. Crap crap on my Motorola phone like. Post gingerbread update I can't turn it off like -- -- and vascular and -- -- every four hours because it drains my battery. -- -- Are right next email -- -- over it until -- Internet -- over at. Hey buzz drill everyone's talking about -- plus Larry you know that reminded me now that I was gonna tell -- company's -- is get a task killer. Like advanced task killer for for audio and higher and think and you can set it automatically kill certain apps every. But you want an easy app that can kill the app if that makes sense for -- you know -- people understand. You need enough to killer -- in an -- -- -- Violence all right bad wolf. Yet you know what I want -- have to go through nineteen steps to buy Kindle like that sounds awesome that's a Andrew I know one thing in Lincoln really good right now Windows Phone 7 -- in handsome stranger. I like Windows Phone 7 -- -- its popular features I think its -- Internet third party candidate. Americans elect's windows phones. I go back here erected and a community Miller's was talk about wait a minute mile they are eating. Animal -- -- -- drill. -- -- -- -- -- The data show -- ads show yes. -- -- -- every -- -- about Google plus but. But I. But it back -- the human. -- -- It lives talking about Google plus but none of the -- shows -- -- the fact that Google's under fire for suspending thousands and thousands of profiles for using pseudonyms. The sweetness -- bloggers. Gamers second lifers. And other groups say you sit and -- for that online identity even -- perfectly legit names are getting caught in the suite because they have the same name. As celebs are well known people who rules requiring you to -- and given name in real photos and go through verification process if your account is suspended. This is too much for many who feel they should have complete anonymity. Anonymity online sorry I happen to be -- giving too little information they want but many others -- Someone needs appoint the media's attention to this -- who will solidify their profile name policy as right now conflicts with other statements they made in their public policy blog. You can see many thousands of users complaining about their suspensions -- the help forums are right above all along to got the links links for any coverage can give on this bad wolf. And actually. There's. This does seem to just be hitting the web a little harder right now that I'm Robert Scoble over the weekend talked to pick conductor -- sort of the head of socially Google. And He was trying to explain the requirement to use real names or other services that have tried to use real names or it is that people have. Gotten used to a certain level of anonymity and all of that is debatable the fact is Google plus requires that right now but I think the biggest problem is that people are getting inadvertently caught up in the -- Because of like celebrity names or whatever. You know there and basically like -- -- them like warn you were trying to set a positive tone by not having just like. Anonymous drive by stuff. But they're trying to make it. I get -- Little -- The idea of having a real names make sense I get up but -- -- so hard and tricky all the stuff that's out on the Internet when it makes sense but it's just hard to execute. I just think what Google's findings and now Nevada social is really hard it's not easy and named in -- and realize how hard it really it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We did it. The money list of Monday's yes members show notes below that cnet.com. You can call us we were done so you know we didn't get them many great calls but we -- you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is our email address and we do want to hear from you even. That's right. That the -- then.
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