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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1506: Copyright Cops

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1506: Copyright Cops

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Antuan Goodwin joins us today to discuss the ISP's agreement to become the Copyright Cops of the internet. Should we fear them? We also talk about driving while talking on the phone and whether or not it is safe. And we continue to follow all of the hacking stories and possible vulnerabilities in our devices. Also the Space Shuttle Atlantis launches for it's final voyage into outer space!

Today it's Friday July 8 2011 mining Stephen -- I'm Antuan Goodwin and I am Brian's song -- -- allows cnet's podcast of indeterminate length we are here and it's a 1506 Molly Wood. Just let out of the studio again. She's going to Los Angeles -- noticeably. Infamy that wouldn't look at the suit goes -- it appears never heard about -- payments though and while ago dwindling down for a with us. And though we appreciate you coming in -- and excellent are right to the stories really get right into it. -- also. If you guys haven't already today's a Friday -- a great day it's sunny outside it is and -- you guys need to come into our chat -- live in the chat before the show even starts. Let's -- the magic happens I'm gonna tell you Peterson -- yeah you'll him there. Maxine in Allen from the show that the case. And -- do you what do you like the minister I'm. -- and meaning. -- -- -- -- With open of going to be on there oh it was okay it is. Our -- go bomb we're gonna tell the stories. -- enough with the top ISPs. Have officially agreed to become copyright cops. This is a little depressing because we had talked about it earlier maybe like a few weeks ago about how. The content creators movie studios and music labels and television studios as well. We're looking into the ISPs. To work with them to help them discourage. Or throttle or take down people who were illegally downloading torrents such as. Movie files music files. And so what this agreement has now been put in place this is the official statement leaders from the movie television music and Internet service provider communities today. Announce a landmark agreement on a common framework for -- -- alerts. This is what both parties and the statement so what will happen is that the studios. Will look for files that are distributed on torrent sites or in other places and look at the IP addresses that are distributing these files. And then take those IP addresses and link them to an ISP. The they will send a letter to the ISP and the ISP intern which they have been doing but. They have an interest in as much will then serve notices. To customers like you would mean if we were suspect it's stuff. It and that's funny because actually -- a couple of people who've gotten the news is. Ehrlichman but he did one. -- -- -- -- -- But it is funny because -- again -- its line. But is -- didn't it -- it's interesting that you noted in a pretty much controlled tap the data. And and now now being like the enforcers of these new copyright -- -- I wonder. Will pro and I can't get past the fact accurate -- -- -- It's coming out soon there -- exactly -- science on have been affected via. But also the deal doesn't affect a legal streaming services this is specific to. People using their pipes to download this content -- the film music and software sectors claim. Again that online piracy cost the US economy billions. In lost revenue and jobs. Now I'm not gonna argue that it does potentially costs them money but we've seen year over year the new movie industry is actually been making more money. Recently David their profits have grown over the past years which would indicate. In some regards. That the distribution of some other content on line. Could even help bolster or build that community or -- -- demand now we know we all know there are people on the other side of -- -- that are just blatantly. -- -- this for their own route for their -- you know reasons without and they don't care about in a time. But at the same time there's something to be said about how that can also Foster a community that actually cares about the content when they leaked Wolverine -- ring was a bad movie. But just because they leaked it. People that didn't wanna watch it we're gonna download it anyway it's great I -- -- -- -- even -- -- -- was -- -- about movie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I mean it costs like twenty bucks go to -- treaty now. But -- -- it -- their people who will paper content. We're talking before the show about impulse purchase the credit kids' contract -- only one file. And it's because it's so easy to do it I mean it when you make the content available to people to do things legally there are a number of people who will do the right thing. The same thing goes for movies and playing movies where -- probably could've. Around about -- thing downloaded but it was right there in for example Zune marketplace and I can just -- there you go global was second with what. And it also allows you to give you know money back to value out rather. I would personally you know like to see the filmmakers that you know kind of find -- quirky film that indeed big distribution. Get their money. So be it insulin with a thing for you make content easier to reach you don't worth the most -- treatment you know again. I feel like the people you know having the people -- I guess you know and they're not have I wonder where the land -- seems like they're not really actively going out things like that you know the RI AA if they're the ones that have -- -- still doing the policing. And the ISPs are just now there and. -- service so this is what happens right there's a few steps to get this point they have now adopted -- what they like to call. A list of alerts or more like the six strikes. Laws but you're still not out after six strikes so this is what happens we said that the RA they're the ones that are really paying attention -- -- things. Once they contact the ISP ZISPs will then reach out to use the user on the first alert both sound and a notice to an. An email that says hey we notice that there's some suspect activity. The secular they'll do the same thing now the third alert if they -- the point where you have not responded anyway -- -- changer activities. The third alert will then be something like eight a pop up mechanism that will appear -- white. Probably when you're looking at your browser to say hey we just -- -- Latino that we -- you to warnings have you receive this. You can still ignore this but once you keep on moving -- When you get to the fifth. -- You'll have another pop up alert but at this and this -- the lurk at that time I SP can take a few steps either to. Slowdown or throttle your network activity Eric control some of the sites -- you have access to. That's as far as this looks like -- willing to go at the six solar that is if they don't decide to throw you down on the 66. Alert. They can take that what they call a mitigation measure. If you've appeared to not respond to them in any way shape or form. And they'll implement it and shut you know not shut down or kick you off the Internet because none of the -- -- and agree to this have said okay. In addition this we will kick people afternoon and cut up their service because. -- of the same time earlier they were resistant to doing this agreement with the with the content holders in the copyright holders date because they. They end up looking more like the bad guys -- they're the ones are saying hey you come to our -- But they are willing to at least throw your band -- and point play in this in this middle ground because double make it if I know that Comcast is kicking off people left right I'm not gonna wanna stay with -- go to them rate. Yeah I mean if it's one of -- -- don't give people access to. Basic Internet services -- -- entry can -- and -- at your house it. Little weird the other the other issue with this is that if you dispute. What's happening. Did this -- this whole system there's one there's one for a there's a big problem there is no judicial review -- oversight this is done. By a combination of these two groups or a third party. That acts as. The judge of everything there there is no actual -- judicial readers know. Official kept you know laws or courts -- there are no course been involved in this process this is just. The ISPs. And the copyright holders. So then the who is really policing the stuff right there there is no there is no judicial review Kenny and say okay you'll. I'm I'm not happy about this I'm gonna take you to court if you wanna push -- that -- and they do disconnect Internet service which people debated. Is even having the Internet. It getting to the -- -- -- -- a fundamental right that we should have eaten because the it its access to information. We do all of our bills -- everyday life on the Internet -- a company actually shut -- down my skis don't wanna be that but. Well together -- his interest and -- -- played out of like by throttling you they can still continue to collect money from you. That they if they were and probably for three months than I mean that if they'll charge you for Internet agreement that they sit you down. That's the revenue stream shut down so they know they don't wanna do that. The LV UBE may be in risk of you know the point where it in now it takes a a week to download movie night -- that anymore. But that can be true I think that the overall summary this is okay the copyright creators or copyright holders and nice -- have agreed. There are implementing in the six strikes. And -- throttle -- system. But you won't be kicked off the Internet even if you go as far as -- -- even if you get to that -- -- point but it -- -- mention how. Along the way you with the -- they wanna educate you. Of what you're doing and why should stop -- But they're not gonna kick us off the Internet. So -- until you know and there's -- -- there's people that are creative enough to find other ways to get access to this content. Right again and I mean there's always there's always a way around -- so. On -- we'll see Howell if the -- level of complaints. Or warnings in increased because of this and how much how much more address of the -- holders are gonna be about -- Track down people are downloading the content -- We'll -- but that that's what's happening there are now it. In the shifting gears and when I say eight years but that. We're talking about cars there's -- -- -- reports. Derek senior reports both conflicting one another -- see what what's that -- you guys settle at this the first report. Cut -- this is coming out of the -- reported by the daily UK that. There is no solid evidence that using a cell phone while driving causes people to crash. This is despite a crackdown across US on cell phone usage while driving a forty page report declared that banning -- activity. Is not effective in reducing crashes injuries or fatalities. This is according to be distracted driving what research shows -- what states can do report. So their study says they looked at all the research available as of January 2011. Focus on those who use cell phones ants even those who are sending text messages while in the car. And the researchers found that handset free cellphone use while driving is no less risky than an -- news. I'm gonna kind of agreement that -- think well it did. Very serious different between. Talking on the phone. And -- And I think that's where the issue Netflix coming that requires you to use is targeting your phone it the verbal. Saying it uses a different part of your brain -- completely different part of your sensory. Reception. Than driving. You're not really -- that might -- something like -- Mars and checking email or you know. He even to some degree playing around with. The -- touch screen -- -- they -- like it in music you just take your eyes. Off the road for that your eyes -- your most important. In. In three and put it for Friday -- I know every accident that have ever been and will no. About half of the accidents that have been and live with cars could put -- That it it -- the male ones but there. For the -- to listeners that -- crappy week in most areas and but I mean and and in my personal driving experience while -- it in -- in and have been. Mean looking now battling with the radio or something. In I've never actually been active and well in -- in critical. The almost they'll -- it never had a close call that mean that would like a hands free system or even just holding on to my a year ago in this number here. Never actually had. A close call -- I you know for shirt they'll I don't know what people -- chat room feel like you guys feel free to chime in if you guys feel that at least -- -- on whether you're holding it or not. Is any more or less dangerous whether you're holding it or whether using headset is -- -- with that point I'm gonna say no. Even you know a lot of people drive with one hand whether they have a phone in -- -- -- not -- nobody knows how to drive a manual transmission except for like the news and probably I think a -- I'll manuals yes specifically I think a manual -- transmission. Prevents you from really trying to engage in using the -- yeah time's -- that you don't you know -- Manual transmission may -- forces you to engage with your -- more -- you know. I've definitely found that is when I'm driving my arms automatic it's like I you can -- afternoon if you -- oh yeah you could do -- thing. That's even more Dick automatic cars a more dangerous than manual cars. Plan. But India didn't. To put -- perspective the other half of my driving accidents were doing stupid things and the -- -- -- -- You know and one of the teenagers more dangerous than -- with cellphones and now -- know so I mean. And I don't know but then like Vegas we're kinda coming up on to the next story -- the conflicting article clipping articles. And this says that according to -- the -- audio -- auto safety group warned recently with their own study. That any use of a cell phone hands free or not. Can actually be distracting enough to cause a car crash. The Governors Highway Safety Association. Comb through decades worth of statistics and research papers and found that cell phone related distractions. Accounted for fifteen point 5%. Of all practices. They said the figures likely even higher since law enforcers might not catch every driver using his cell. Before an accident. So you get heavily. -- -- you want to believe. There are definitely people that does have the multitasking ability. To be able to handle that -- India and even some that Canada not even saying that -- you're stupid and journalism has added if you -- to -- -- people's brains are wired able to differently. I mean it for. Free if they like radio they're dangerous you can think front seat passengers -- -- anything of the potential distraction. Is dangerous. I mean out of a new people who can't talk -- without looking directly at you. And I hate to be in the powered them because -- always -- the -- -- -- -- LLI Zardari and eternal life that's -- don't have to look -- -- it's okay like -- you wanted to call you so that you can just look straight ahead of and -- -- my said the study was based on a decade's worth of statistics and research papers you say that studies on studies out. Of course it's gonna be studies -- studies. But -- anyways. The decision my friends is up to you -- -- believer -- really if you're -- driving if you're safer driving while texting and aim and keep on texting. No don't keep one -- Like this seriously grow the audience has a horrible that in soaring likening their their apps -- phones and text to voice affiliate -- -- free just. I mean if you absolutely have to really don't touch your phone while you're driving is this for one it's illegal save yourself. The money when you get that -- ticket or talking on your phone or touch your phone while driving -- You know it's it -- -- it they err on the side of caution if you have to be on the phones to be elaborate on it. You know we're gonna get -- for a little -- PSA high horse but those results of the survey is believe what you got on there on the networks -- guys. Will be back in a little bit coming back FaceBook may have potentially leaked their new music service. Also the Apple Store -- and the Secret Service. They -- -- the -- with each other but also be be -- earphones -- temples as people in the high demand as well. We'll seen a little bit. Welcome welcome the buzz out loud everybody Antuan Goodwin in the house of this. -- also as the can be different in the show as usual Audi admirably keeping us in check. Making -- everything all the bells and whistles it does everything seems to be working fine. Get it at the alright guys back the stories FaceBook we know they just launched. There are awesome. Via its video chatting service partnership with Skype. But they also may have a leaked to some -- even cool or something that we are hoping for supper developer jet Jeff rose an earth. The new FaceBook service. Possibly being referred internally as -- via -- Discovery was made in the code for the FaceBook video calling jar file this is this was downloaded when you first had to install the new video calling service. And inside of it there's a string that supports not only one application. -- -- One of them referred to the video chat plug in but the second one referred to a music. Download dialog and above it it was Qualcomm dot FaceBook dot five's. Eighth minute phone -- -- -- -- -- Yes excuse that you know to be honest -- makes Leo. I'd be surprised the FaceBook didn't come out of the music service that's like the new thing -- haven't. It's almost you know like the local years -- -- like -- or even equal left nearly a relational five now. You know whatever you know the kind of hot feature -- Now with music service a -- music download service we -- -- -- the record industry. And -- -- music repeat book. I can't wait for spot by -- literally cannot wait for spot by. I think that that could be my new music service of choice once it comes the US -- -- I would be willing enough to completely. Drop iTunes. And other paper spotted by two -- Because you did their paid service allows you to download the physical songs like enter them around -- I want -- I can. -- somewhere around one up on a friend's place my parents house my car I wanna be able to do that. You will be able to do I think you when day one day one because I I do and -- not a fortunately but I'd buy my music. Now -- again live -- you're talking to him the guy who buys music. Almost too much. I'll I have almost too much free access to music although I mean if paid X 52 nod -- yeah if there's too easy to click -- -- -- -- -- on -- -- item on that and in all you can need sort of service. Perfect he had probably save money in the long term that the what do we and we don't know anything else about -- but. Guy. No we don't yet but we'll see if that the you know this is see -- the call -- their seasonal launches now has just started so. I would anticipate we see something from them once a month -- like the next their performance. So. We'll see how that -- also on the shifting gears over to Apple. And their Apple retail stores the Apple Store. Set Secret Service on a spy camera artist so this is artist Kyle MacDonald. And in article there is a link to his Tumblr blog kind of -- three or four paragraphs down but. -- McDonald installed a program on computers in two New York Apple Store locations that would automatically take a photo every minute. But now his personal computers and confiscated by the US Secret Service so his idea was to capture people's expressions. As they. At a blank -- there to show how old we pretty much -- As we view computers where were not engaged. Obviously like where humans but you wanted to -- that technically is overlook and on his Tumblr blog he put up. A variety of pictures of people from the stores when it happened is though he was -- this software program. Was send -- The that the photos back to his servers so every day Apple restores that are. Their laptops seem to go back and marine solace on machine so what'd happen is that when Apple technicians noticed. That it was -- a server and he decided to take a picture of himself. Users and the photos were sent over their but he saw the traffic in the activity going there and that's how they discover that this guy has been. Taking people's pictures unauthorized collecting them for his own and then polishing them on the Internet. The same time I don't know if this is. Is it considered it's not spine if it happened in a public place I don't know if this is actually a -- if it's shady it's finished. Very -- gray area could if you. Rolled out in the Apple Store of the camera and just snap a picture of somebody like me -- that -- been. Because you're there -- the camera you know people -- second to do this number here and but I mean this is. You know it's happening on a computer things get a little bit weird when you start in -- you know bringing -- -- in secret. Secretive. You know. A photo capturing to it in the -- -- a little bit weird there's implant -- is an Apple Store really public. It's pretty much like a a public park now admitted -- travel further layoffs are in there and Barnes & Noble and borders used to be trees go in there -- now. -- -- -- -- So the fact is that the Secret Service got involved and they're talking in the comments -- some of its computers with the content. That Apple doesn't have any comment about what -- you know what the -- -- but scientists at the same time it's like that it's great I don't think. He actually did anything illegal Levine whether or not he -- from the illegal. Secret Service that's what I'm certain levels of law enforcement -- -- -- clinical -- Secret Service involved in this film I've been snapping pictures in the Apple Store. -- -- Okay call lake local believe. FBI may be before you jump to the Secret Service and now it sounds partnered -- like I'm a little bit weird but what. The Secret Service -- to protect the president you know. Maybe it did they do will the president the App Store. Announces navy is also laying -- a couple of my hair cut ultra portable MacBook air and a MacBook here. -- -- The AT&T iPad hacking case the second hacker was recently indicted over the AT&T hack where they acquired emails. From -- a 100000. Personal data information including emails addresses from -- iPad users. They did decide to publish it online so one of the hackers is the second -- of the two have been has been indicted now. He sports a nice glowing red -- -- -- hot he does look -- -- it. And and also other related security vulnerabilities found in Apple's iPhone and iPad operating system. This is a report released in Thursday by -- federal office for information about a vulnerability. In the way that -- devices do -- PDF files hacker exploiting the weakness would be able to gain access to users' confidential information. Including passwords emails and -- data. Apple's been sent to be working on the issue and they pretty much -- -- -- that some of these exploits pretty quickly as well the their whole can -- mouse of the jail -- community site. They make it. And knowing they make me not want adultery because I hate having had double the jailbreak the update we for the jailbreak update -- -- -- and -- that anymore. -- -- As an injury you are at it like have a -- a week without breaking into it. I mean there really seem like a big issue to me. But. Yeah I mean getting back to the issue the vulnerability. -- -- I think what I hear a lot about PDF vulnerability in like the way things they parts PDF files being like a hole there -- -- and it's interesting to -- -- see. Yet another sort of like PDF vulnerability. -- can mean whose. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think the chat -- hearsay and white is an Apple gets -- like Sony did. Well this I think the difference right now is yes they were exploited but it is something that they can -- verses leaving your entire. System. Of customer data vulnerable with low levels of security. And then. The allowing that to be accessed and stolen not allowing but having that access sold for a high profile company with a lot of credit cards that's where the problem -- If app if -- -- like Sony was hacked Apple get a lot of heat. Yes that's him then and that's where you put him on the same level. And -- and if -- elected and if there's a little chunky looking tenant information on their phones now and I mean it. You choose how much information -- -- here. Whereas having it anybody who's on PS then at the credit card. Texas that service that stuff that there. And it -- also something that you know somebody had to exploit to get into the phone deepening unease in their case that plain text -- The -- there were somewhere. Emphasis is a little bit more difficult and it's not like on a network wide -- that it is something that happens on a per device basis. But whenever still seem when you Apple. Shame shame also. I'm sure you guys heard about the whole story from Rupert Murdoch Rupert Murdoch who is. Honestly part of -- scores big media empire news of the world tabloid over in the UK. They have shut down recently because of their ability to. I guess -- -- a exploit. Phone networks vulnerabilities but also using that to their advantage to and it in some cases. -- people who. We're involved in whether as the London bombings or a young girl and -- who was missing and hacking into their cell phones to train gain information and get access to voice mails soul. What did happen and I'm not sure he has been on this or not but there's iPhone hacking scandal where reporters of their tabloid. Allegedly involved were involved in hacking accounts of celebrities politicians and the British royal family. -- Contacting -- like -- phone service and posing. As the actual person and being able to get access to their pin number to them listen to their voice -- it went as far as a case about. What does it seven or eight years ago into -- nine years ago in 2002 where there is a teenager that went -- seen. At the time she was still -- -- But the tabloid was able to tap into our phones they deleted some of her voice -- which led investigators and her family to believe that the girl was still alive. And it did -- and -- recently came to light that. This activity. Was done by the news by reporters or private and get this the -- working on behalf of news of the world. By using these phone hacking tactics. So what has come to light now is how. How easy or how viable -- how vulnerable my -- vulnerable. Phone networks are to people picking up this information and what they call pre texting for which is full -- Someone in the company to -- -- that data to pretend like you're them social and. -- for goodness knows it's very -- hey you know like equal into the gym and go like a second a lot stuff in my -- here and he didn't. You know atop the -- offer me a quick in the mean if the -- dumb enough to do it. You now have access to some of personal belongings I mean -- that -- one of those things where if that's -- the weakest link is the people. We're dealing with -- -- they also -- -- that sometimes they use things like a default are easy to remember passwords like 1111 line. But -- -- ones but still a four digit pin the mean some people just -- four zeroes. Errors sometimes not even change its is the default. Down there I never actually go into their voice -- and change the setting. -- -- if it in of people are the weak link here and the technology and it sold -- -- make it right for the newspaper to go into. The phones like that Sony and others say the fact that like yet if if you'd do something you exploit that thing is it your all the Europe the years but important thing is it's not like -- -- an issue with them. Technology behind which mail systems like the one. Hacked in if they -- finally we hear that they're calling it hacking -- -- mean it is like it's not. I saw some very -- very broad definition of what hacking means. You really like a -- to the. Easy level pack -- -- 0000. On your friends voicemail. All to alternate a hacker and he. -- -- -- mills who covers our security -- and showcase how you can how easy it is to get access to someone's voice mails and pose them so. We gotta do a little article and there -- that you guys can check that out. Now also in on sad and scary news but this is we haven't talked about -- -- in such a long time. At the FCC is close to finalizing. Net neutrality rules -- Federal Communications Commission. Registered its net neutrality rules with the Office of Management and Budget yesterday and that's the next step in -- the new regulations. Official. Now the rules were adopted in December. And if you recall they were pretty specific. For Howell wired broadband services could be hey if but -- a left a lot more for interpretation. Really defined is letting the carriers figure out what to do and control that space in the wireless space. Which that -- a lot of people to be suspect of a cable is this really working in our -- how does help us it doesn't it really hurts the consumer. In the end but just that kind of go through a few before a key points. -- are part of these new net neutrality rules the first one requires both wireless and wireline providers to be transparent in how they manage their networks -- makes sense. Second one net neutrality prohibits the blocking of traffic on the Internet the rule applies for both fixed wire line. As well as wireless providers but sense there's some stipulations freaked -- the network which are different. For fixed broadband net on networks operators cannot block any lawful content services applications. Wireless providers are also prohibited from blocking sites but it's a little more lenient when its comes to blocking applications and services. -- list. A carriers can have the ability to say if this duplicates. Service or feature that we offer. We do have the right to block it Brazil to suffer penalties the -- -- -- -- like yeah we can -- tethering to be hundreds of service then. We don't have it you don't have to unity I think what -- seen also is that with the recent. Sharing of data -- you unlimited data. We love -- as consumers the part of the whole chain of the data is really. If they're gonna lose control or ever lose control how they can control their wireless networks the best way to do that is controlled by -- the data making people. -- so they know at what levels people are doing and they're going to charge for make. Wire if you know there are countries that have tiered broadband wire wired Internet there's some there's places that have that. And that's a that's awaits you -- and control that as well that. The whole we only -- sprint is the only carrier that doesn't have tiered data pricing yet but by -- I feel like more than anything that's how they're trying to get back control back yet. On the in. I think I've complained about this on another show but -- When they say. You know the data is tiered my biggest issue is that they always used -- and if we're trying to save you money as you don't need all -- Internet have such crap but then like when Verizon switches tiered data plan its cheapest plan. In the same price as the unlimited data -- to be -- -- where -- the savings. Yep ditto was heavy jacket he stepping down to it here plan a lower tiered plan that they -- if -- a month but. Immune and -- less for the same thing -- paid yesterday. No it doesn't alumni are welcome and it. You guys are -- plan on seeing with this with the FCC rules while looking to move forward Verizon and at the time had sent. Sued the agency in federal court -- like these you know the RO -- overstepping their bounds of authority. But because the actual rules themselves have not been finalized. They a judge set a cable via US court of appeals for the District of Columbia dismissed the case said it was too premature. So once the rules of -- added to the federal registry. We can be sure to be carrying other carriers recently Verizon and other companies who will be unhappy with -- regulations. So the battle wages on. Our guys it's gonna take out some quick hits. You got that alternates I'll take the -- -- -- -- -- -- Apple stores overnight. Planned for July 13 -- to sources when they do overnight this is a lot of times when they roll out new products and you sign age. New stuff they don't do overnight very often all signs point to ball ball -- new MacBook -- And lion. I believe has put there for rides to keep on talking about on the show so -- -- -- next week next week indeed we'll get there. Next up Amazon puts -- in order for one point two million tablets that more than any other company besides Apple. And neither just. Yield spread out across the thing you know the Motorola zooms -- their. In other smart -- in there with them to me he. -- the pad transformers and stuff -- -- but I mean they're basically. Gearing up to. Ship on a tablet. -- the the instinct thing also about that is that. This is not this does not appear to be their Kindle this appears to be what their next big thing is -- so we'll keep our eyes. Text cast on that. Also Motorola's old TE and view zoom to. -- skipping to the FCC. If a lot of devices are sometimes -- because they have to get FCC approval. There's no images on it to some measurements but it looks like an LTE based -- two will be coming in the near future you've been covering this a little bit on. On the Android Alice and -- enemy and it's interesting because there's like -- to coming out. In the zoom one hasn't -- -- -- via the net that Miller's the most promised online -- -- be able to take it and then. Get back you know radio swapped out but it. It for free or may not think I was like -- -- -- -- cars on our member that that. Never actually pan out -- in in Fallujah fighting details there's a history of of them created at some point and everyone was cool with that yeah I'm gonna get it out like okay and how you get around that -- their -- -- like the a couple of months and now it's like. -- -- -- -- -- -- Nadia who knows maybe you'll take your team in the -- using two. Also Blackberry fans and we know rim is hurting a lot though Blackberry fans on bell. On -- service that is over into our friends in Canada. 1 have to wait long for new torch bold or curve boy genius report showcases some of the new models -- the in August. We'll have the Blackberry torch to 9810 Blackberry bold and the Blackberry torch 9860 the curve 9060 launching a September. The first three phones will be rocket one point two gigahertz processor while the -- 9360 will be hard -- slower. In -- directorship. Hopefully in a prizes -- those things up. That's on sent. Okay DC my excitement about new labor and you hear the excitement into a gallon speaks for itself. It's just you can -- you can patent and patented touch it. When he got a sense -- I mean. It's not -- -- you can development applicants and then -- guys. -- -- Big guys big science news and -- guys re guys locked in your television sets at 11:26 AM eastern time Atlantis blasted off. On their final flight for space for the space shuttle program. An historic. Yeah I was driving to work in -- -- NASA Apple my iPhone in I was watching them live stream the space shuttle about the takeoff likely -- into the office just in time and I was able to capture the actual launch. -- and entry as a quick and you here to -- it also and it's critical to. -- -- -- -- Wiring today. Go for main engine start. Him out of 109. They left the. -- -- and burning. 10. And lift off the final lift off of it -- Shoulders of the space Shuttle America will continue the -- Houston now controlling the flight of Atlantis. Space shuttle spreads its wings one final time for the start of -- -- -- -- journey into history. 24 seconds into the flight gold program complete Atlantis now heads down wings level on the proper alignment for its -- -- -- ride to orbit. -- and a half million pounds of hardware and humans to. Game only. Little space station. Wow so I saw -- slight. And my you know we're human and placed -- camera like. A bump bump on the plane behind it is -- -- -- you see something that's amazing that's that's and powerful it is. Indeed music because of and it out there that will in no way it was also is powerful Linear transformers the -- -- I'm also thinking about that trailer -- -- footage looked exactly this means that it was. The saint we'll be able that was discovery and it -- his former three. Was at their own custom in space shuttle immediately with the took footage of the discovery line -- input easy to -- -- -- -- -- I don't anyone actually still cares about turns over three in -- splendor of space shuttle launch I'm telling -- I dislike. You know Michael -- like -- rewrite history but the -- -- kind of fun I gotta admit you I didn't like the all my. Favorite part of the movie. The least. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- shot the Kennedy would different every single side of the mailing bomb and really is amazing it's easy. Obama's -- it handles Austin got in reality and it really got to look like broccoli and they just like here's the -- black -- -- Jay Leno has a better impersonator of Barack Obama than the guy they cast and transformers and okay guys nevertheless there -- a little mention we're gonna jump over to the feedback loop with your voice mails and emails. That's Republican XRX three. The -- Steve and if there's like the first on the US let's get our -- -- Florida has an update about Verizon and the thunderbolts. And it doesn't occur this is more recent Florida with a Verizon update after 4 o'clock eastern time on Thursday might thunderbolt. For thirty dollars a month has an unlimited. Hot spot capability. So -- that could be kind of fun and interest and you'd like to announce they send them that they -- just went to a meeting in just announced that have a good one of the shuttle. Yes there I'm basically what he's saying is that. Not only are the data plans here now. If you're if you're their tooth you know you meet your data -- -- grandfathered and you -- speaker and limited if you're grandfathered in you no longer get. But what you do get is the ability to access unlimited tethering worries that -- all only hit two more gigabytes. -- fi -- twenty bucks. If you're grandfathered in on -- unlimited plan you get the option of paying thirty bucks to. -- tethering to your unlimited. Data and that tethering is also an unlimited and that's big for business users so that's -- -- people who listen our show. Our ranks considerably from Virginia sad about Google plus because you know -- his -- the girl belittled it. -- -- it is George from Virginia. I'm are now that Google plug in theory open to everyone I thought it wouldn't give it a try but this small problem -- I'm old and seventeen. Each year are being at -- public need find out that you -- in -- dominant -- They looked at there are probably -- but I guess its rules -- crop went in Eric eighteen new meaning to anyone under eighteen I don't. I'm sad United's. -- Give your old enough to drive you should -- -- -- -- Google plus you're old enough to listen to our show. You should be able to get a Google plus mean that there's never really happened in -- -- could occur if but to people -- the -- -- -- would hear and be ordered Twitter although there has been quite a graphic discussions about the -- bits circle the -- And the graphic. Yes. Incidents. Not even its very disturbing not even mildly disturbing the most disturbing yet those in view of only -- -- These guys on here took my hair and they are -- yeah okay my hair. I've seen it -- too many times the wistfully but the air and no man ever to target -- Kate oh my gosh I. The AOL's. Cutting the cable TV we've got our friend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you Tom later it. We love it DJ -- I was an awesome. Voice -- call but yeah for sure I think that if you're not sports a live sports buff. Or you can go without it. Then the cutting the cable works very well -- on the same point musician and I just have basic cable have like barely any channels and all my stuff to PS3. Laptops that is awesome save some money. -- I'm telling you it outside to go outside and play it deviation on if you did your own Tom meter. Podcast. You kinda got the voice for it. And if you -- -- -- Current -- here will be able to -- welcome to join you longer show. -- -- I don't know where to do final of their Antuan Goodwin okay that's ominous stop at the Carmen you won't have to hear that for another month. -- -- -- sell -- to our emails a song comes from Chris. The kids book writer AT doesn't have a question -- these 200 million tweets. This is in reference to an article that we had talked about how twitters tweets of the grown exponentially. Same thing with FaceBook whose reading all this stuff. I have an ego -- -- my FaceBook friends list that has like. 3500. Friends I know he does does it because he lives on the attention but for an average guy like me. With my -- friends list it is slowly become mean Norway's. Isn't -- a slight problem for the long term viability of socially connected sites. -- the answer is absolutely knots. And that's exactly what they they live but that's why they exist lake yet sooner -- -- he found and for an filtered through the noise it's up to you by. The man me like I couldn't survive Twitter without list. Content because I think -- follow dining out of -- -- like. Africa and -- people follow but lake I have to people lift the people who -- know otherwise it's like. I would be looking at Twitter every twenty seconds because it's like somebody think of the flight -- funding in their list that you know follow -- for news. You know maybe other journalistic good news outlets. -- -- you know my actual prints or care about my ticket notification from the hole that ions. Many there are a ton of people on Twitter just. All five people on their friends and they just -- that is and small group messaging platform and a new people who do that you look at their stream. And -- nothing but -- replies. And I'm sure there are picking up a one to tweet yeah you know it in yet that if everybody you know and that coupled -- today at that. It does add up -- don't take -- -- I do okay. Since the announcement of Google plus that's -- comes in from GB there's been a lot of talk about how the service will integrate games into his platform. But nothing officials instead based on some recent domain registry since -- pop cap games it seems like pop cap may be one of the first. When pop -- port games to windows and Mac and often -- the deluxe -- in its name now -- registered names with plucks. Here's the scoop the story over on people yes so maybe they are. One of the partners -- and geared up for Google plans to use the notes. -- -- I personally do -- -- one of the I don't wanna -- games unlike others and edit -- I don't like feet but if anybody ever since the game in my own feet but -- not my mom the automatically ignored. Normally I don't wanna hear anything else you have to say. I do like when FaceBook has those things -- -- site tries like. Pick the picture of the celebrity a look at and then you have like your friends like just. Totally random subject. Before you know -- and the view that yet I don't I don't wanna -- -- -- of I don't wanna see is seeing less than what's let me first popped up -- in my mind -- -- day -- -- If you right now hat I know what I'd say. One people who like -- medianews. Oh like Bruno Mars you don't you -- -- attack it that way when we wouldn't have to do anything celebrity look -- likes oh -- You know when you rocket at I don't look like brutal yeah I'm not saying you look like a time -- -- -- if there was a picture there are people who wear a hat. And if I were ahead and look like those people able to -- -- my birthday Iraqi units this suit and that -- And all plain Ol boys like dude who brought Bruno Mars. And moved. It worked on every hand -- -- right now okay -- regular -- on either end. Plus -- -- yes so this comes in from. So one thing sort of overlooked in the whole Verizon tiered data news is that Verizon. Doesn't -- yet. -- probably costs itself a huge swath of converts that would probably have switched from AT&T when iPhone finally launches instead now they will stay with AT&T with the grandfathered plants. If you think about it -- grand fathering us into unlimited data they have effectively locked -- in in a way that. Even the two year contracts haven't done. I know for me so long as I can mean to immigrant father data plan I'm not even going to entertain the thought of changing providers of the show. Love this show. I think it I think that's -- really in steam point because. I'm not really I was compelled. Me to go over to Verizon thinking that. Until I read -- satellite you know there. Three G was a little slow on the iPhone four but what I mean -- decide. -- what's gonna do are not like I was past the cut off point to get any unlimited data from them -- and -- held on to that and acts. But a limited data think had a sticks. Stay here it doesn't it if it's gonna sound -- -- are looking at. And get them thinking -- medium being -- typically think Lego moment ago the place that has unlimited data but I didn't think about the fact that. Yep pretty much lock myself into Verizon for the same reason as I am -- giving up -- if suite planned that I have been suffering with dependable way to think that the -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- unlimited -- -- -- hang onto it for dear life though they India whatever my next phone is -- -- -- would be on Verizon network does him. And get a better deal. That's the -- and -- terms his grandfather and his for one cycle but. From all things that AT&T has told me in the past is that as long as I stay with them. And as long as I update my plans and if I was in an unlimited data plan I would get to keep that for. The life of my time as a customer with AT&T until they somehow. Put down -- -- but I've been grandfathered in for as long as I can remember so. -- and I mean I'm thinking bird in at least in in my case with Verizon -- being locked in there if I got another phone. Only for one it wouldn't be with a new contract and -- -- and you know regular price anyway. But you know the again I would. I would still leave like that -- -- written somewhere that Verizon says that if you if you don't change your plan. -- you get a new phone you you get to keep it yeah yeah -- also. And even an act as a -- ideally in two years -- -- -- me to read in my contract area and stay with the same plan hopefully. -- -- now nothing about it. And but also people liked -- -- if I remember eight. AT&T users who had. Recent users during in the whole Verizon iPhone four coming out hysteria. They were AT&T was offering people who are not on grandfathered unlimited data plans to get unlimited data plans they -- In their system willing to flip that switch on for them and prevent them from jumping over to Verizon. And there were some people that took that -- now the ultimate. Combination. Would be a sprint whatever new iPhone if you're an iPhone user or whatever phone you want. -- to jump cares -- -- -- be the next carry I would look at. As long as they still offer unlimited data plans. For whatever next phone I want -- be the one -- -- -- Those sprint Sprint's Sprint's smart more curious the Alameda alliance that so we'll see but -- grandfather -- -- -- unlimited data very smart -- a really. Good point. Okay guys that's gonna wrap it up for this week. Here on this lovely Friday -- while these -- coming in and thanks for inviting me always -- beat him here we will be back on Monday. Bright and early same bat time same -- -- -- guys can check out our show notes at -- dot cnet.com you can also call us at 806162638. That's -- C -- T and email -- -- -- -- cnet.com. In joy we can everybody they sorting out those and we'll see you guys on Monday all right.
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