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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1504: "Awesome" is dead.
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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1504: "Awesome" is dead.

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Today we listened in on Mark Zuckerberg's awesome announcement which we found to be not so awesome. Skype is being integrated into Facebook but I think we are more excited about Spotify finally coming to the U.S! Apple Passes RIM In U.S. Smartphone Market Share and Microsoft wants Samsung to pay a smartphone fee of about $15 for every phone it makes. Yikes! And Japan Discovers Rare Minerals in the Pacific Seabed. All this as well as your calls and emails on today's Buzz Out Loud.

And -- today is Wednesday July 6 2011 my name is Steven -- -- I am Brian solved I am -- Taylor noted above that -- Out in a podcast of indeterminate -- -- episode 15100 -- all our. And -- line it's awesome day. It was supposed to be -- both be -- and an Apple -- not. We just wrapped up Facebook's keynote Mark Zuckerberg talk about the awesome new products and now we -- expecting and I'm Molly went -- about how awesome atlas ad company run. We actually said if you -- with us in our kind of live coverage of this event earlier -- We tried -- that the -- -- ourselves we tried to prepare ourselves for being underwhelmed. Because let's be honest. But but keep at it but -- and their on the underside all of them and to them awesome is sort of like Edward bella or. Our the goal and -- me and it. But. In the week when Google plus. With stealing the spotlight probably even more than it deserves -- -- coming out like the -- of the quality religious overjoyed to have a cool new thing to play it. The play with -- came out Mark Zuckerberg came out and gave a twenty minute math lesson. With normalize the -- -- them -- about their -- financial growth. Which is a humble -- -- -- -- -- and announced. Group chat slightly redesigned group chat within FaceBook and a partnership with Skype. Video -- video to. 12 way video -- that Dell is now was the awesome announcement of it in as a to say it was underwhelming and disappointing and is an understatement. That we're. I know that does happen sometimes and we get a much the amount you Ehrlich junior to -- -- -- whatever but the -- is like. -- of the let now we taught we are talking about how. There are plenty of other holes that could fill in their product. What does rim would have -- tweets say it pretty much seemed to summed it up right here said -- calling is now table stakes. -- for social products Google plus -- group video chat is a big step -- -- that's absolutely right. -- that's -- -- I -- that's something there was no there was no innovation here so to wrap up some of the rumors going into this I mean obviously. Skype calling was a big -- around -- group chat. Great I'm are real that is -- -- group -- love their little demo about how you decide you want to go to the movies with someone. You can just click on names Adam dugard had nearly Katie goes on -- -- coincidence then that we've seen them -- in the world of beluga love -- Way to catch up right. You don't need a press conference but I it is roll that out and then video chat is like a nice to have but. For one thing the Skype client the only Skype client that will support this is the Windows Client W have a friend in FaceBook want to -- -- -- using the client you can't do it on Mac. Yet to be -- but the FaceBook yet either FaceBook the FaceBook or FaceBook to the user. He's using the windows five point three client of sky -- no other platform supported from what we've heard some people using other browsers like opera. Are not able to use the FaceBook chat. Feature either the -- that Skype -- the -- the video chat with in the opera browser that FaceBook chat for video site enables artists say that it doesn't it's not applicable for the and so we don't -- they -- break down data and break down a spec sheet of what it works for what it doesn't work for but we're still this equipment it. Well and -- C like from the demo holly -- our -- pointed out it seems like from the demo that when the video chat. Is open you can't interact with the page in anyway let me get took over the page publicly takes over the page have. B -- -- property is the client. And -- still be able to interact with -- not but I -- group and Apple and video chatting with you mom let you know the idea that all the time we -- only video -- all we're just -- out or -- wanna look something up I mean half the time or having a conversation and you know -- -- like that I'll find out right when when the movie starts or or. Or if they where video chatting and we're trying to like plan a trip. You know that I wanna be like M and go over to the web and -- -- go to a different tab but it's -- it frankly it seems a little bit clunky. And to not come out with something that matches. The features of the eight day old baby. Google plus with its hang out now I don't know if you guys know -- the hang -- feature but you can within Google plus. Invite someone through a video chat uses their mobile phones. And you can have up to nine people and immediate. It's pretty much you choose a circle to make yourself available or a group of friends -- everybody and then you just. Wait until someone jumps in and joins in and then you can instantly start having a group chat video chat. -- your friends by hanging out -- that's a compelling feature that we haven't seen before. Yeah when you launch a press conference like this you have all eyes on you you -- is awesome. Everyone in the tech media world was fixed and focus on what was happening here FaceBook. And it was just -- yeah it was just. Is a will be questioned. -- is that it. However you want to have these Apple style event. And you know like sometimes you read it Dr. Seuss book and you're like wild but the main thing many read some other children's book where they try to rhyme and it turns out -- -- -- way harder than you thought it was. And doctor -- make the team really think he's really freaking good at that. And running -- a hard -- of the -- Like you know let -- -- and press conference is apparently are actually kind of hard to do because that was just you did not need ever present and it. -- a blog post about the blog post seriously and also just the presentation you've gotta get to the point. I meet at Audi does a little dance for about 45 minutes that's fine but don't do your dance for fifteen to twenty minutes a solid -- Your -- I do like look I appreciate a good nerd as much as the next directly -- -- -- -- -- and he. For sure but don't give a twenty minute lesson on how exponential growth works. Before you get here let down announcement that was the right now -- -- Where is being mean ripping let's not be meaning more now we've talked about some of the rumors of what was potentially going to happen here at -- announcement. Right before FaceBook started their press conference the spot -- by launched on their web page to make it official that spot by is coming to the US. If you go to the website they said the award winning music service that stake in Europe by storm. We'll soon be landing on US -- millions of tracks ready to play instantly on your computer and your phone any tract anytime anywhere it's free. And we thought well what perfect timing for -- -- -- do this with all the rumors spotted by didn't make an appearance at the things the announcement. But I'm happy that it I'm happy that it's wrong. And it was funny because it almost seemed like maybe spot I had -- the announcement a little bit and then but then hilariously right. Did spoil the announce a little bit more bass but which -- the -- that now people actually like that. Which they did they -- treated like. -- -- -- often is covered FaceBook app also and they said awesome Italian island on the -- that on the Twitter feed so it kind of felt like maybe both of them. But now. Spot -- is not going to be integrated with -- that we know love. But it is coming to the US and frankly that's great news and a force and we did not see. Anything -- -- their whole in the mobile space. Via animal is not happy I am really not happy I you know what it's -- and it's beyond like me personally being unhappy about that not to -- -- like. They are not paying attention like I don't know what Facebook's major damages I don't know why they have such a blind spot about mobile. But it is a mistake. I mean for Zuckerberg to stand up there and say the iPad isn't mobile -- -- computer we're not gonna build an app for it. Or all of these rumors to be swirling about html five. The project -- -- the mobile development. You have got to address that -- we don't know if it's really happening but the response to that the response that very confident that these but might be getting serious about mobile has made people the real. Like look how excited you even on that the FaceBook page of their live video or like. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean like -- keynote. -- -- get on the mobile and like. And they're on their curve of products and services that keep people more and more engaged and what they said sharing and there are few more dots on there so. I hope that we'll see one of those dots in the next month -- to be. Mobile apps has to be I would assume he did say that with the enemy like my roll out -- out longer as 2011 right now at this point this is Facebook's -- season so we'll see what they'll. Maybe there may -- there's often yet to come don't ever use the word awesome again yet payments that meet. In bad news -- Wait wait in the latest sad news program and the smaller Blackberry maker Apple has now passed rim in US Smartphone marketshare. Again. And not surprisingly in the latest data from pounds one -- or. Android has continued to grow Apple has continued to grow and rim has continued to use -- not. This is sort of a three month period any may have 2011. This is the -- -- three month period back to back where Apple is also surpassed rim in market share. Rim market growth by the way are there there. They're -- decline decline. With four point 2% a lot by far the largest decline of anybody on the list Google Android market share grew five point one. Point again at the time and -- percent Apple is up one point four points rim as -- -- down four point two Microsoft down one point nine actually down zero point -- But rim is flattening remiss not getting better when you're tying up back to back quarters -- -- Ebert it's bad especially considering how ubiquitous Blackberry. Another interesting data point out of there -- actually one in three Americans believe now have a smart. Of that growth is phenomenal. It's still it's still gonna keep on -- to also in the mobile space we've talked about Microsoft's you know marketshare right now in the phones isn't as strong as it once was. But maybe they're still looking to capitalize on Android where we've talked about how Microsoft has targeted. Android handset manufacturers like HTC in that they've been able to strike royalty deals with them Microsoft is now demanding that Samsung Electronics. Pay fifteen dollars for each Smartphone handset it makes based on and the Android operating system. But even better. Even better to help encourage the growth of the Windows Phone 7 platform. Samsung would likely seek to lower the payment to about ten dollars in exchange for a deeper alliance with Microsoft. For the windows platform translates in the make us Windows Phone 7 phones and will reduce the royalty. Because they saw at business I could've swore and that politics -- Like pure and subjects the worst track. Six but apparently -- -- get a -- Yes they wished he'd be folded I remember when they do it's it's based on in case you're wondering no surprise here it's based on patent infringement claims that Microsoft has said that Android UI and functionality infringes its patents and that that Microsoft has said it planned to ensure that competitors do not free ride on our innovations. They went after HTT most recently an HTT did it. Agreed to pay royalties to Microsoft now they have gone to continue to target all of the major Android handset makers but fifteen dollars. And up loaner device heard device is unbelievable -- anybody but Samsung would go out of business. And look at this now Samsung number two handset maker after this point they've sold nineteen million Smartphones. And -- -- if I can -- all right all those currently are probably running the Android system it's been within the past year so often so you're talking about fifteen. -- nineteen million. That's a whole big chunk -- change and while you're -- last week. Microsoft also locked down royalty deals -- two smaller. Android hardware manufactures -- They got them to pay up -- while that is in thing though Mike good and they're more powerful with Android and -- with Windows Phone 7 and like this is a fact. -- -- more money off their Mac and opt their patents litigate and the -- and their royalty deals. -- and Sharon says okay so pattern is unfolding here -- is not going to bully and cheat their way into the mobile market. Awesome great -- it out at an awesome that I. Of that that that is innovative -- very compelling. While that is remarkable. -- right. In case you have been worried about all of those negative touch -- reviews with the HP test pattern news. The web Abbas the webos over at AV programs Jon -- the senior vice president HP says lifton. Don't worry be happy and not a big the whole. The tech industry does understand our vision and they see potential in webos. Some of the complaints are valid about the touchpad and were already working on. And they're gonna be over the air software and app catalog updates don't you worry your pretty little -- the touchpad is only gonna continue to get more. I hope it gets more awesome we just it -- we're doing a price but on -- this week -- and it needs to get a lot more awesome that's on Wednesday. Yeah I have to say. That they can definitely get over the -- and app catalog updates but they can't make it later slippery I was excited I was excited about. The touch that I think it needs better hardware advocates to make it more compelling the software pretty good but it's still needs a lot of work but it's. I was genuinely excited for this project the -- and it kind. -- Let me down that's -- for today FaceBook let me down -- -- let me down. You know let me down. My mom. That's all that's all -- will lean on them. -- -- -- Nobody who doesn't doesn't banana lunch and arrogant statement. Take a little break when we come back PlayStation rumors Gallo or as -- -- -- news about Google plus but frankly. Kind of off must. And your company and your files. It just over -- blind Mikey I'd lost. New York about -- IE has already started getting a bunch of those now and now we -- get -- like the famous people and then that but you guys actually at the start. But the idea I've built we ballot -- -- you're you're the original don't let anybody tell you and thank you I like the -- friend. Where they are allowed sees this as an ID and -- -- -- like on the radio. And it does a good note to our live listeners that your interest and now we'll probably talk about -- little bit more tomorrow but the President Obama twittered town hall -- certain. And at asked Obama dot -- -- I had an idea. President Obama's hosting -- -- town -- thousands of questions -- -- the town asked Obama on Twitter about the economy jobs and other issues. And they're gonna -- -- like -- live town hall starting very now like it. Any president meets up with people like that that's good -- yet hopefully that happens current. Future presidents opera right back -- news the report. Rumblings of a PlayStation 3 successor. -- -- scene in 2012. This is according to. Did you times the plugged in news source with a lot of the component makers source says Sony's next console we called PlayStation or. This company itself is not announce anything like this Sony even said they still have about five more years left on the life cycle of the product. Even more awkward and doesn't really match at. They said that the console will also include. -- connect like feature allowing users to play games only the movement of the bodies I'm Colin. BS on this yeah but it's got a lot of picked out. But 2000 -- -- to do that and now they really -- -- I'm not I'm not buying your salad. A Sony spokesman told CNET in an emailed statement today that they did at times reported a rumor. Was actually back to me says it's not trick unless Sony specifically denies it. They usually deny it if it's true that's true -- for the fact that they did that -- It -- -- when they say they. -- not comment on rumor or speculation. Then you go to an industry but they're seen as just rumor sometime right when they don't comment on the commitment to three and a seventh move. A few navy guys on a little bit of how we break down a little announcements and linguistically and all we are parked there is this is why you listen to our show we are incredible we parts that actually am not. Okay now we don't talk like that don't they only if only Molly hood talks like. I can't get out. And I'm not I'm embarrassed Gloria and I am blessing out of -- -- -- none of listening oh good 400 people aren't EA. Also Google planning to retire blogger and Picasa brands and Google in their Google plus pushed this makes a lot of sense to me by simple -- taking out those. Brand names and lump them together they'll be calling Google's Picasa service Google photos. The blog will become Google blogs will -- all rolled out together. I don't know about you guys and finally I like that I don't know if anyone was a mostly that's the -- process. They're not going away I actually into the goodness I think a lot of people didn't know that the content is related to Google and now that we're now at the Google now that they can really promote the men's super immigrated. And I think it's definitely -- -- also for casual social networking people my mom subject let's Picasa or Google photos I get the photos make -- -- people are I -- I have a little bit of an emotional attachment to partner at. I admit because it -- blogger and my blogger blog in 2000 Blogspot. That's out at a bummer but Google blogs makes a lot I -- -- test my blogs and aegis -- I don't like that up and Google is -- anti. FaceBook FYI it with your Google profiles because they are trying to create these connections FaceBook style a little bit. All Google profiles will become public as of July 31 -- to be able to create a Google profile that was private. And now you can. -- -- just setting though that you can at least prevent the information from that you're sharing to be to specifically. Not shown on the -- It says Andy who can see this anyone on the web or your circles and going to click my circles. Probably yes so that's good I mean you can actually. You can control it for real but does so be aware be aware that will be. Via that's coming in and then how cool is coming out of Japan actually China your day -- the sun is over Iraq. These -- -- me at least when it comes to -- stranglehold on rare earth mineral used in electronics production I don't know what. Rare metals rare earth metals baby way better than normalize algorithmic -- That's true. I'm we're idiots so many angry emails from math majors and you know what I respect to Q and map of the language and it's the language of the universe and it is beautiful baby and there's not -- -- -- -- less than a threat. -- -- Once it's broken down. A team of Japanese geologists have found trove of rare -- minerals. In the benefit -- bed according to the BBC and that they estimate that there -- 100 billion times. Of these rare earth minerals which are very often used to create like. Technology alliance's idea this is this is interesting what's what's a -- -- some -- you guys haven't really realize what's going on all these. Medals -- the use to build these devices China. Pretty much has stranglehold and controls a lot of these metals in fact China themselves. Because they're able to push production costs -- low to make these -- so -- we have. Something like -- it. Deal. -- -- -- -- This is a -- to the use of hard drives yeah. We could manufacture the stuff in the US there are actually located US. But China has treated a market where they push the price don't solo it cost too much for us to manufacture them -- therefore giving China the stranglehold on the market. -- -- -- so. Delta but the other issue with the old Japanese Chinese and it in this he -- that in the sea bed is the fact that. The have to be drilling and underwater in disrupting the ecosystem. Just for a -- Have an iPhone. An iPad three -- a marine water. Ocean lover guy. -- like that it. Does that eloquently put it into Canada and backers add that -- mining undersea mining I'm not a fan of that. In fact okay just to clear up that really quickly. I was on the beach during July 4 week in a pod of dolphins in Santa Cruz ten to twelve month when he feet off the shore. To -- -- excellence. -- -- in almost cried out under. I love. -- -- relayed via undersea mining now part Stevens might not -- it. Inlet and -- -- the -- -- underwater lenders under water lover the oceans he had been under water level lovers and -- and I don't let. That I'm in love and I'm actually on his Google -- -- -- and underwater in every ocean again. I let like dolphins let's skip -- wanna make sure that we don't skimp on your feedback so let's get -- -- to. -- -- -- You know I don't I I -- I -- it. We're we're called audible left and right at year and we -- While there's a couple Linux to be left. Today with our favorite thing in the world and it -- History does not -- it in Vegas I -- to -- an artwork laws and stated that Google plus. Up pages will be -- and experts will be source -- start August. Google apps migrations. Which. It. Despite it's -- -- coming out of beta mid August is the -- this -- July. I think end of July and of July. And getting an -- -- July July 31. Well there -- clearly no -- Thomas was wrong it at a number I got kind of distracted because Jack Dorsey is up on the Obama in particular is found but I. Doesn't detectors. -- -- that video feed and then next. -- is there NN -- our daily data showed up -- his baby -- their -- currently and if you're and if you're wondering whether the iPad competition. Whether the tablet market is indeed vibrant and full of competition oh yeah oh yeah via our next caller says -- throw down. Industrial street -- -- -- omniscient. I guess so outcomes. Trend -- they're our Galaxy Tab numbers they're gonna wanna -- a power -- about. Everybody. -- and so you don't the dealers are either I read up on it thanks for the tip. You buy one of their big gold drinks and heavily -- If the buy one of those big thing you should not buy that personal and all you can just buy just answer and it's like three -- whatever you put the total online in the giving out scent sensing Galaxy -- seven inch tablets because. People are still not -- them. Both of an inch. No wonder yet know those are -- -- -- truck left and right the seven inches like nobody's mining. I like -- I've personally I was or Edmonton anywhere and every you know and then Terry at least tried to hit the Jabber -- -- -- -- -- -- That's insensitive. And yet it. Can't figure I'd like I don't -- finalists. I OK moving yesterday we had that amazing story about the admit and it turned -- -- that urge is in fact common among -- -- Regarding that that bit. To keep -- pay what I came. Heart rate monitor as it used to get initiate the first thing my lights that means you're not. Wearing -- it. -- He knew it was well I was -- -- your ankle or wear around your neck. It. The line. -- yet -- because only right now is envisioned that that area and how that I totally -- unlike. Any way. I'm just emailed me actually and -- them an email. Emails but thank you for all awesome with built into the email come in mark right -- and has added it's got eight following email from universal. To say that my personal data has been -- after I got the united habit of searching and found my information. Which -- been offered up for download since June 20 ninth. With clean text passwords. It's bad enough the universe we'll let this happen but why wait six days before suggesting. I may want to change my password arbor. That's exactly -- those like legislation proposals are making their way through congress right now which -- which would. Specify when these get them to notify you. You hear crap you know -- -- you're thinking of hasn't. I'm -- and people are going off in the chatroom about the fit it in places you can put in -- I thought. But my friend my brand -- or ankle or your. Yeah and or your some are saying letting you know someone -- where they would put it that he noted that -- bickering and I decided to laugh and in in a very disturbingly. All although I get it -- that's. So it's a bill that is where you can find a link to the stories that we talk about today although frankly I can totally understand after today you wanna listen -- -- -- anymore. What ended thick and 66 created our complaint line and email us that buzzes and honestly we wanna hear you guys think about these announcements -- the biggest news intact everyone was watching. How did affect you what would you guys think about -- so. Sinister comments -- love your hate we will be back here to -- via. The -- CEO.
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