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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1502: Skype will spy on you

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1502: Skype will spy on you

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Microsoft patents Legal Intercept for Skype which allow users to listen in on private Skype conversations. This does not sound good as our privacy on the internet becomes less and less private. Google's social media site Google Plus begins with little fan fair hoping to cause a mass migration from Facebook. And a clever Foursquare hack turns New York City Into a giant game of Risk!

Today is Wednesday June 20 ninth 2011 many -- -- -- -- I am Antuan Goodwin and I am Bryan song look at the buzz -- allows cnet's podcast of interment blank. Today my friends -- we're mixing things up a little bit it's episode 1502. Antuan Goodwin in the house without -- -- of all things car tech in GPS units CNET. Molly Wood will be returning on Friday -- we will have. Episode 15100 because she's gone for today and tomorrow. She wanted to make sure she -- -- 15100 we had a mix things up a little bits of the chat room. The light -- and always joins us on in glorious fashion decided that why don't we just -- a mix it up a little bit. And celebrate it the united so you'll be here for that special -- remains we have this -- or you are you -- -- -- -- technically here. And real sense of it this is -- But a comic book timeline yes it is they're gonna go back into the path and saint and the issues that time travel we might get in and we could shift to whatever we want that's always in the -- say guys that data coming out show. 15100. Comments in -- we will celebrate with cake. And alcohol but first the stories Microsoft patents. Spy tech -- -- this is a legal intercept that will allow it to silently record. VoIP communication -- a newly patent technology to elect to call it like -- -- legal intercept. Would be able to in theory -- now. Monitor and record Skype calls and it's clearly stoking privacy concerns the -- application was filed in 2009. Well before their purchase of Skype in May in the patent was granted last week but the patent covers specifically. VoIP communications. -- that is bicycle like phone -- like -- to do an analog phones but digitally. Placed. And and and recorded in I think it's just basically -- -- -- easily. Some sort of like if there is basically that there. Changing it modifying the data stream in a way that allows them to listen and -- I -- -- the know how they're doing it I mean if -- it is there's some sort of evacuated to -- that somebody knew their toxic fuel figured out -- I I needed a little. -- anytime if they're talking about recording people's phone calls. It does get a little bit. -- -- -- goes on many levels where you're talking about. Okay first of all Skype has. Has the technology in place and they haven't clearly said Howell or what they do or even if they've had the capability to flip the switch. And record conversations that are occurring over their network now according to Microsoft. This legal intercept and address of the gaps in current monitoring tools. -- designed mainly for plain old telephone service you TS so with this new voice over Internet protocol that we happen not mean it. The one that we're using now and other communications are -- models never really been translated. Over and Microsoft is enabling has been awarded this patent specifically -- -- communication I would assume this legal intercept would be. Specific to their. OS or -- when it's integrated within some of their products. But again the concern is. Not only how or if the recording this but then what constitutes. A practice where it the government if the government is requesting we want. The data streams. And the recordings from the conversation that individual a in an individual -- have. Does that mean that they potentially have the ability to store these. From the past and even go back in a time and -- some of those recordings. Mean how how are they we don't really know other -- these things -- I -- -- I -- that it begs the question -- is the data. The you know again actually even store in the first -- there is just the transmission and -- -- things like. In today attempted to -- tracking. You know phone calls -- that better meet -- state. You know for all time. A tremendous amount of data mean that enough and and -- that you know Microsoft endorsed it couldn't come out but I mean just. Doesn't really seem like there's any sort of -- ability so far that that they've told us about that they've they've actually been recording and it seems like this technology is also. To allow recording though it it'll allow you to let me for example an -- call is recorded. I'm unless its record on one the end it's just the transmission of information. The same thing with this sort of VoIP call. On the basically would allow someone to listen in and record. But it doesn't really seem like it's always been there. Which is again I guess -- a bit against it would make it a good point for things like helping law enforcement. But -- love the quote that thing here. That is first -- and communication technology FBI friendly means also making it -- treatment dictator friendly. And in fifth secondly. That anytime you build in a back -- you're inviting in exploits don't mean it basically. You -- there's the double -- sort of like yeah it'll make it easier for law enforcement to track terminal -- using Skype or VoIP right now to get around phone taps. But -- the same time. It puts people's privacy. At risk and it also opens up exploits for things like if for example your government and upload a government that of the countries that -- crack down on communication will be able to do such thing as well. Yet the -- communications assistance for law enforcement act this act itself requires -- -- nation sorry telecommunication carriers. And makers of communications equipment to -- able their equipment. So it can be used for surveillance purposes if needed by federal law enforcement agencies and based on the language of the patent description. It does sound as if the technology would allow Microsoft. I'm would allow Microsoft to make this -- -- I'm not sure how they say it is the acronym that C India communications. Law enforcement act. It would be capable to -- The request of law enforcement look into that -- -- stream or record and monitor that so. Again we will see how the salt and -- -- Canada when it comes to privacy. We know that. The Internet web of what is private and what is not continues to. Be broken more and more there there are so many bullets like -- yet but it's like she's. Now lab is like cheese there's so many holes in Internet privacy or else even the -- week. Okay but I said it's like she's as well as a coach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it is it is it is becoming a little more -- -- Avi -- for me all this means that -- Perdue was to keep using their prepaid phones. I don't I don't know why people to -- Jack Bauer is smart he buys like five prepaid phones and and uses them in different instances in his ditches nominal everybody -- you see that movies on why people -- that. -- -- -- -- Again -- -- and in -- -- -- it but have since there's no it's common. And criminals aren't always the smartest element through they're not all the criminal masterminds range usually turn to elect crime it's because it's a pretty much over at that point that history now -- move it along to other Skype related news. Office 365 will be the first place that Skype will be added. To Microsoft product once Microsoft closes its final purchase of Skype that's -- in the president Microsoft Business Division. And he talked about the impending acquisition of but Skype and it's on myriad features will be integrated office 360 Bible we talked about it yesterday we were curious about a cable. What are some of the compelling reasons why businesses would also use -- -- 65 at the moment they do you have media which haven't been able to open up that -- of Skype. Where plenty of business is done every -- already and that's that's another benefit of why. In a test customer base for medium to small business might look -- it might jump on board with you -- not my question is what is the advantage. But even that packaging it in. And in the first spotted -- while wouldn't discontinue just you -- But still you could do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If Skype to landline calls right now -- the -- -- and where it's free and you begin with part of it up through the traffic and even just integrated directly until like office. Or excel while you were in the document if you just click a little Lennon and right -- the video chat occurs I -- -- in a document that vacuuming beneficial so. -- will see you'll see how that all shakes out but Skype. In kind of expected but this is the official announcement will -- -- to office 65 as well with the acquisition is made. Also on HP in talks to license and that a web OS software earlier this year. We chief executive -- -- Leo -- -- had. -- -- -- That they would be. Potentially flirting with the idea of licensing webos as mobile software but they he has now said on the record that they -- talking a number of companies. He can share with you that a number of companies have expressed interest and a continue to conversations and this would. See if webos has any traction with other hardware manufactures right now Android obviously the options. Windows Phone 7 trying to make a dent in the market and webos also going that route to be licensed for other hardware. Yeah I mean its its interest -- But in the mean that the licensing. Sort of model works so well for Android. Mean that I mean though the competition in the market is -- -- Fierce right now so cutthroat that I mean really only a couple of -- there's some people to come out but a couple of good -- usually rise to the top -- -- -- -- that -- Competition breeding. Survival of fittest that you really -- phones and up. You know on the Android OS and maybe you'll see something interest -- like this happen with webos when they start if they start licensing it to. Other manufactures because I mean so far. The Apple. You know -- the only manufacturers -- it didn't work very well Paul and it's not it didn't at least for the Intel isn't working very well reach. And even from a market -- standpoint of phones itself. It's like Apple's -- that when you talk about devices loaded with their OS and their making tons of money off the revenue stream from their ecosystem -- but not the actual number of devices. Out on the market as we transition over to Apple we continue the battle. Between Samsung and Apple the -- tenth. Tit for tat by that they have going on Samsung is now taking aim at -- in a complaint it's filed with the US international trade commission the complaint. Which was submitted yesterday. Site's mobile electronic devices including wireless communication devices portable music. And data processing devices in the tablet computer. So -- -- which has been following this -- pretty much breaking down this by Samsung launching this complaint. They're pretty much asking for a ban. On the importation. In the city US of Apple's iPhone. IPad. An iPod you mean -- aren't made in Cupertino. They're tree and I -- they're not made so the again. The the ITC to international trade commission has to agree to investigate this complaint and these things take forever but it's -- to the point. Were at the point. Where we're at the point. Where Samsung and Apple with their patent battles and let me look at your devices show -- your devices before they come out. Now they're like hey we want a file for you said to block them from even coming the us yeah that's not gonna -- -- -- -- -- If the noble effort arguing that -- -- but I mean it yet completely. A futile effort -- well yeah out of ill of these things also take a lot of time the final decision. Would be potentially reached within sixteen to eighteen months by that time we'll see the next gen iPad iphones iPods whenever they come outlet. Sense but in that when you look more long term at their business model now. Samsung. -- to -- component parts for Apple Newton and really they're not making as. Heavy margins on those pieces that go into the iPhone. Compared to what -- -- from the consumer device and so something like the Galaxy Tab Samsung's phones -- making higher margins. On those products that have their brand name. I don't. Apple has been indicated that there -- trying to switch component suppliers and moving -- a different directions it. To use less and less of Samsung's components so that's more than anything you'd wonder will wire they -- business the margins aren't that -- Apple needs and right now the Samsung is really fighting. To -- I don't know he could -- protect but he keep their business of the galaxy tapped -- C product line. Intact. Adding that that's -- -- trying to look out for -- weaning themselves from. From Apple and they would be within the same time off of sentence of the feature -- -- Exactly -- We'll see I don't see any iPods -- in an intensive. Be interesting if it happened but it -- my god -- Wouldn't be -- highly unlikely -- would be quite silly but you guys are gonna take about ad break but when we return. What are we gonna talk about I don't know we'll be talking about how Apple is kind of talking about what's little final cut pro also Symantec. Has some new revelations about Android and -- OS and Microsoft still making plenty of money in the mobile space but with Android. Welcome back to buzz out loud -- -- here in the house joining us in the studio today for episode pitino to. Mr. Antuan Goodwin -- outlets Stephen -- to run in the show trying to you know you're doing great -- you know I hear guys. Isn't gonna I I think I hear from both -- went oh -- I -- Realize sixth itself. It because he's got a little more about it disease that -- Mainly to talk. A longer before the -- and get -- -- -- headphones. Working in its full glory with the magic of -- wonder wonder and injury it back. Alright Apple recently just as of yesterday I -- posted. A final cut pro back. -- -- -- some of the trying to address. -- you rage over final cut pro -- It posted a fact regarding questions for some features that everyone has been asking for -- first started off with a note saying that final cut pro is a breakthrough nonlinear video editing -- Sweet but. The list of some of the features they said they will be bringing. Back but it's going to. Take some time for them included and support from more cameras multi cam editing -- -- would complain about that. XML export. When people complain that it also assigning audio tracks for export and the eventual support for -- -- epic -- formats with the help of third party tools. Also a lot of third party plug ins that are compatible -- cup relaxed. At the moment so many of them word but they'll be where they said that's out there -- to take care of as well as driver software for items like external monitors. But it. Whatever they say whatever they trying to do with this app this I'm glad people did not just. Say where. People did not -- on the back to accept by the products -- -- -- a lot of pro consumers and professionals. But have been using this partly for over piracy seven years even though it's still not completely be ten years old I was almost gonna -- and then like the reviews came just really scared off -- office. All these weird issues. I think the other thing is that the update. It's not like it's gonna be coming anytime soon within a week or so they said later this year. It did I hear that they were actually giving refunds to people that that's actually the next story here setting this up care apparently rates of in addition -- had a which is typically not. Apple's -- people are reporting that Apple is offering refunds. For customers who purchase -- -- final cut pro act which again is all we available through digital download. Com in their Mac App Store it's 299. Dollars right now and in the discussion boards and threads. And people have been reported. Been successful for asking for refunds or. This nasty black guy rapidly when they talk about Apple's for the treat as the professionals. -- nation a nation of releases in its current. Formed at the bottom line that's how -- -- The running in the give the software back of that work -- and install its. Ruled -- that's an area -- -- just like we'll just keep software and 200 -- back that from now. I don't know if they -- how would -- the thing is they can't every even with an iPhone app and that's for refund on and it's still works -- -- device. At least what I've I've bought Iron Man -- time in the -- refund but it still is able to work -- of -- -- deleted shortly after but I don't know. I don't know if it's -- reader down. -- -- actress there's gotta be a -- where their images you know there's always authentication with the apps right -- -- username and -- there's I would. It be a pretty -- in a day by public approach to return it even though it doesn't work for me. I haven't been able successfully do that. And like decades exactly -- back I -- a ban on early days of buying software from retail. -- 3.5 inch floppy. I have to do it then I highly doubt I highly technical -- Yeah apparently currently Apple's -- biggest black eye appeal and also if you guys ever have a chance it's kind of funny it's a little inside baseball but Conan O'Brien and their own editors -- -- to this short video of then using the latest version of final cut products early in the chat room will will play that video at the end of the show after shows and over again yeah it's it's pretty funny is it's is it a little Google. Now also you guys since we are -- in the Apple -- is did you know today is a very special day. Does anyone know anyone -- the chat room to new tests and tell me what today -- Now okay birthday is -- -- now today is -- -- anniversary. Of the launch of the iPhone. -- go was the first one iPhone four year. Yes. A device that either change our lives or destroyed them the iPhone launch today and that's great but in the rumors I keep on double goalie who we want to talk about some more stuff. Courtesy of Wall Street we've been going back to -- adult -- -- to iphones being released to iphones now. Analysts from IB MO capital markets told their clients we believe the iPhone five will launch in mid 2012 there will not be an iPhone five. Coming in this. This year and then other analysts chimed in with the iPhone three yes. Will be free. On contract once the iPhone five launch comes out while while they still even be making available -- -- a -- is a low cost him a look dancing with the selling it they're never like to me the Apple products. You rightly labeled the link that many products completely -- -- -- have to really skews the government to do with them to do they don't there was there's like at charter did a crap about iPhone market penetration worldwide in a lot of markets like prepaid phones -- them. Clearly they like cheaper phones and the iPhone can only mean to -- -- -- -- -- 5% -- -- because -- haven't -- -- -- that low -- We even still see today Iran have you guys been watching TV AT&T has. IPhone 3GS ads via I was like I -- they did the whole thing it was like rotating and a white background. All species in the you know it's like we -- is wireless and iPhone 3GS and and they said the -- was an iPhone now 49 dollars via. Yet there is advertising fifty bucks in there it. Calling it the phone that changed everything exactly and it and -- like an alliance and contains a lot of things in Canada. And typically whenever a few when my friend and iPhone three -- -- -- there and I just wanna go equity doing. Most -- and address sucked -- honestly either be an Apple and are you an injury a daily if you're an Apple fan heat of the -- Apple well when it comes out I'm calling you it -- -- -- fan -- of them. If you're -- insert tech -- totally but -- -- my momma bombs like let let's and -- Butler. -- owner of a this is calling you need to update your tests allegiances now. That -- Also in other mobile do you Symantec. In a study Tuesday gave -- and IOS it is an advantage that thumbs up over computers in security. For having a system that you know they prevent drive by app installs and often people don't have as many privileges to the actual -- Through a malicious malware there are more things happening like that. Also in their studies Symantec's did say Symantec. Did give IOS the slight edge because the presence of apps also we know that. Andrew it's been targeted they've been working better on security team or trying to stop a lot of these apps that a live on the Android market place. From getting -- consumers. Phones and it have been up to -- -- a thing about that is like whenever. Google -- for we're gonna start moderating the -- market. Enthusiasts they're going -- -- Google's gonna start censoring things and it's just like a push and pull between like the kind of enthusiast who want injury to the open and then. They wanted to kind of helical wild west in the marketplace but then. You know people like your mom just wanna be able to download an app without worrying about information being compromised -- affiliate though there's -- there's little. Interesting things happening in the entry market this is one place where. -- OS -- walled garden. It's kind of saving grace. Yeah definitely definitely. In other Android news you know entry Mayan -- slightly edged out -- -- -- you know who Android is a favorite of Microsoft. Because if you guys have been following -- established Microsoft according to a rough reports. -- is actually making. This numbers and it is when is that his act is making approximately five times more from the Android operating system. Then their own Windows Phone 7 at the moment and this is because. Recently they decided to go after two more Android makers and have them pay up over patents now HTC. Earlier hourly rates and they're already pain. According to reports -- TC signed it. A royalty agreement with Microsoft that was -- disclosed and are there also reportedly -- Microsoft. Five dollars for every handset it sells so. Microsoft continue with this model they've they've been arguing this with other manufacturers as well. Recently targeted -- velocity micro and general dynamics and they both. Also just entered in a similar agreement without number's been released. Where they will be paying Microsoft the royalty as well as on the number of devices that they -- -- it operates yet there's a classic case of Canada tech. Landscape is becoming more less of an innovation. It is listless people are making less money on innovation -- -- -- on litigation and justice you know if you get the patent for some thing. You can sit back and -- the bucks rule and -- -- -- you know the right technology that you can leverage. It's a little weird. I eighty would think that Microsoft. Would can I don't know -- that's a win win situation if windows own. Picked up if there is being injury in their revenue stream to shifts. But it -- -- -- mean that are going to be around. -- yet the Microsoft is still currently. In litigation or has targeted Motorola and Barnes and -- who have yet to. And it played the game that Microsoft is trying to play. And I remember it was some very generic and a menu interface is it was utilities like to touch it was like a task -- that. Lists. You. Whatever XY and Z for what you're doing on a screen of -- is them it. It decide I hate -- -- but that you know that's that's a lot of -- like -- habitat rules panel all about right now litigation unless animation. Our right arm in you might be said about this one maybe maybe not the rim with. Is wrapping according to rumors and -- -- his site and or BB. Remiss scraping the ten point one inch Blackberry tablet that they had said they were planning on release seen. In addition to as a -- to its current seven inch. Blackberry tablet. Although word is -- the company change its mind they stopped development on the tablet and -- citing that they will be focused seen. On their new super. Super Bowl and as the reason they're calling it. The reference to it is AC propelled his Super Bowl and as though -- -- what -- -- be able to turn and I don't care. Okay here let me let me read the specs of this new potential superior -- -- -- minutes. -- -- Rims. Market. Via relatives. -- over. -- Has -- name on launch days. It -- you -- lose a single core one little boy who you're gonna. Roll process for -- -- create on screen I don't -- that -- aren't 100 pixel resolution. -- it went with -- -- about that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- now -- become a hundred pixels short but and -- again -- One point two -- -- -- clock going right now it has not of his super you know it that is just. Pretty regular gallery of other -- like where the optic core but rim Blackberry regular load. Rim status quo at the Blackberry status clone. But let me one -- that they do needed that. I actually like about this is at least they're focusing on what their bread and butter has always been which is their Smartphone now they're losing so much markets. -- -- -- -- -- OS is not nearly up to par with what we've seen you know on the market right now people are not responding to it doesn't resonate with anyone. If they're if they're going to try to get back in the game instead of dilly dally with a tablet product because they decided no. Everyone wants tablets we're gonna tell the talent they need to get back to their core they're nuts and bolts of what made them successful. And really try to make that rate and just try to stay in the game. And the key is the word try because I think -- -- trouble yeah. I mean you know and give -- -- -- we've seen a company like the -- back if they can do it. I think -- that the problem and yet they're losing a lot of their users to. Super sexy Android phones -- do the same thing it used to be their claim to fame was you know push email. You know very in depth kind of like business and enterprise integration and that keyboard and -- right for it -- loved but I mean. You get an interest only keyboard line with all of that. Right now and I mean -- in the other rest of their users dislike will iPhone news. Sexy -- doesn't fix it on a black. There -- largely at the moment not really -- right guys let's go check out some are quick hits. -- -- -- -- Sony's CEO Howard Stringer we've talked about the debacle over with -- -- the bad PR -- press over the Sony. Hacks and attacks Howard Stringer -- CEO. Is taking a 16%. Pay cut hold onto your -- guys stringer will take home. Four point 27 million dollars for the fiscal year that ended march 30 down from. The five point 25 million -- last year. Now part of this is. You know this is an announcer and a shareholder meeting but. One of the focuses of it also is that Sony is really trying to refocus their brand -- more -- -- -- in some of their more profitable brands like PlayStation but also. Reinvigorate. The efficiency of -- operations tweak their product strategies reduced costs -- those are all. Things that people say that doesn't really affect consumer but -- anything you know they've lost it lost the battle the TV game. Samsung and Panasonic -- really. Taken over that it is -- with. -- feature packed low price -- in their distribution is really. Taken a big chunk of that of what used to be at one time their bread and butter and they haven't been able to come with any really game changing products -- they become kind of a me too. We'll see you guys doing the -- the roots of later. And other news in -- Twitter. Biz -- leaning. Co-founder. -- is actually he announced on Tuesday on his squad that he thankfully. Going to be leaving Twitter to work on other projects. The -- the projects might be more moneymaking project there that's -- -- ever invent a free money machine. Rates well that's actually that's what brought the needs to do is -- something that makes actual money you'll yet again -- I -- Twitter. The program no it no they don't was just it just get money. And -- -- And it's also worth seventeen billion dollars apparently. Where yelling it is also a way that lets you play if you want to fall its glow that Twitter family. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Is raising 100 million dollars in -- finance -- Foursquare their mobile payments company that's that little attachment -- you can put on. At the moment I devices does is compatible into the device -- -- think it okay yeah so it's a little square thing where you slide -- -- -- literally makes. Easy for small business even like the whole. Craft fair -- and actually -- video -- Couple blocks from my house that uses really an iPad the eagle handle it and you order right -- in the -- -- -- atom when you reckoning for finger excellence so I -- getting. Valuation more than one billion dollars -- its value very cool a square a really -- innovative product I'm just curious actually. You know low cost entry market for a small is that it's it's been gains a lot of steam so it's it wouldn't. And over India Windows Phone -- -- an app called Amazon -- actions that actually just launched and basically what it does the -- -- advantage of the Windows Phone operating system to allow you to buy groceries. On your phone this is cool because Amazon fresh is the pilot program that there. Do you mean that they're running out in Seattle. Some people this is the first app on any platform that they've done that they release the data it -- on Android and they didn't launch and on Apple -- one of the reasons why. Really is because the reading this -- in Seattle there's 40000 Microsoft employees there many of them really trying to spread the -- the you know the word for Microsoft phone -- -- They better all have windows and yeah. So but this is Canada -- Into the whole web grocery thing. Literally take off gonna help someone figures it out to make it really easy and more than partly I really want -- to work than I don't -- way I'm ever gonna -- -- I need to I haven't been -- -- for -- story and really. The the no wait have been -- -- -- it -- a couple times but that's about it I don't refer shop and I might do it if it would come to mean. I actually like grocery shopping it's kind of but I don't inventor you don't know what you're gonna buy one at the Melissa -- Purdue degrees and titles are -- story but if people are just went through the aisles. And I'm just like I just wanna get tour -- and get out. And it's like a line of eighty people standing around and people -- in the -- coal. First world personal problems definitely -- April for what promises a new nano on -- -- on the Internet. All right and -- -- a quick hits. -- seek us survey this is kind of silly influence -- this survey has found December Cisco. Is being number one the Mac CD Vermont is the number one Mac state. Apple share PC but -- still shy of 10% but this kind of breakdown shows where the most. You know the loyal. Mac lovers are six of the top ten -- cities -- California. State -- Apple shares only took 14% though Vermont -- of nineteen point 55 Mac share. Hawaii nineteen point four. And mean fifteen point. Rate and without it I you know I -- probably -- that story that we -- and it's okay until happy. Through this airs. Who cares if if if if one what is the lowest I don't know with the lowest. Only -- it is -- Montana. In the article I close the article but in the article you guys can click on the map and then look at that map in outlook with the ex square the -- Is -- the Montana. Yeah I think it -- in Montana are seriously at that movement and it just off the top of my head I'm guessing. -- when we're in Montana yet guys. Dallas Texas is not a big square state unless they're perforated of Dallas is -- -- for personal and get a good thing. And it detects it. A day ago that the -- this of gotta find you guys might be familiar with the game board game risk actually I would say a large amount of the audience here. Probably is or knows or has played it or owns it. Well now a new game called World of Warcraft. Is using foursquare and Google Maps AP -- attorney -- city into a giant game Everest so users decide which team they're on by swearing allegiance to one of New York's. Five -- burrows. Check it into neighborhood on foursquare is the only game equivalents at. Placing one of those plastic man on a country and a board game -- algorithm that decides who owns each neighborhood using the number of people objected -- it each item. So -- to do this -- -- -- -- -- Seattle battle other neat idea -- I think seven cents in New York would be to the top cities that this would really take steam. -- in three days looks like Manhattan is when the game but this disposed of it came up from a what is it kind of like how. Packed up the where people were coming up with new ways to use the APIs and have fun with it in a World of Warcraft was -- All of the -- hacks you know is they just make it more marketers knowing what's the point taken into the placement -- -- -- -- -- in the manner and there -- ago. Like many of the places that your mayor of all the places that I Miramax and that's Hillary's I gotta force there was because the -- benefit. The every now and then like -- in the place that has like you get a free beer and currency you know if -- praying for the first time. Or you know whatever like some places have those deals those are cool but. Most places. There's no -- present at it and yeah yeah. -- let's go check out our feedback -- your calls your voicemails your emails. Are we asked about your comments -- Google plus how you feel. What you wanna do about it Caleb Indiana times and. As -- look services -- in Indiana. Just one of that you -- -- regarding Google. Plus I am looking forward to switching AS AP -- -- my invitations. I'm going home to download all my FaceBook information and hopefully they'll have it. Great. Transporter tool that will be able to process -- information over into Hulu plus -- I'm switching and I'm just really not FaceBook up. It put itself up as a link over to my Google plastics -- like privacy options and elements some built in Google just it is works for me thank -- look. Well -- -- ablaze on academy me chuckle as I know you're hoping that you could take all your FaceBook data. And then move it over to Google like -- one import thing but there is actually a big beef. Between Google FaceBook that's been going on about having the ability to take your data -- different social graphs and migrated over Google blocked. FaceBook from gain access their to their data earlier this year because FaceBook. Prevented Google from importing the data from FaceBook. It's will be needed direct competitors yet they are Netflix and I -- to take mine. -- our wards and points and youth department friendly front that's good that's a really get announced that it happen is not gonna. It's not gonna happen but I -- to their -- featured data off of FaceBook users but it means probably aware of the things and -- do it the difference though these slight difference though is that. It -- your points -- best buy reward points but Karen bass but these are like the emails of your friends the phone numbers -- friends that really should be your data. Well mean a -- and it -- for one like importing your friends from FaceBook. Like I mean if they're not on Google plus. What difference does it make -- -- -- and I'm sure there's already some sort of built in thing -- you have are contacting your Gmail. It shall be a lawsuit you know invite or you know -- at the of people in Google plus already yet and other than that I mean. Do you really care about -- status update for two years ago. Probably not. The messages I mean they're in the but he is the be ninth the search stem but I mean you can always -- -- -- -- page if you wanna go back things like photos and what not yet those are easy to move. Yet to be for most -- it's about getting all their contacts I would see how -- -- good -- where you can weed out the people that you just don't really care about. -- if you should always do for incurred. Who periodically and that I needed to -- them and -- mean intimately 30000 and then. -- -- Well it's not funny about popular codecs if the mean if I thought you might have as you're so popular OK I get -- -- -- more than twenty people at the time -- -- -- tracked by people. And with an okay Carlton at Carleton calls the very passionate call we're gonna let him speak -- -- through its Carlton our -- about this once before -- -- nobody's. Talking about the fact that the iPhone does not have text -- built. Popular it's terrible. Android bill's text -- flow into the browser iPhone. Screen is too small you don't have -- -- flow does that make. A terrible. Reading instrument for the iPhone. When -- like to read tons of tech blogs that the iPhone really its -- to -- people. Carlton I would talk to if he stopped yelling at me. So well there's like you can't even read anything on the -- so -- and sign up this thing in this -- this text -- -- thing where when you pinch and zoom your tax. In resize it to fit the screen now this -- it works typically well -- better when you're zooming into a specific article. Pretty close because and it it -- -- it to fill the entire screen now on an iPhone. -- pinch and zoom you see it it doesn't it doesn't reformat that text right there. Now I could see why that might be an issue to some. For me -- just been accustomed -- just double tapping on this area that I want. And it fits the screen but icu a -- and a sane however he pitches and zooms he wants it to fit. In that way -- or an Android Android does do that in a certain degree is well. I just think that. Think you're -- Getting worked up over this site. It's it's it doesn't make it a bad phone is -- make -- the -- good or bad it's. I content the real -- did okay and even if I had an -- I guess if I was an Android gambling like acting out -- -- -- I would be just as -- I -- have the evidence available and I really get angry about -- -- the -- makes a bold suddenly it doesn't work to make the call. Yet one of the things where it's like it's great that injury -- bits but I mean Apple solution works as well. And I mean it's the reason why that are. Different platforms with different. Ways of going about things personally I like the way that -- actually reformat the text. Just because I -- that went in and zoom in on the column -- -- sometimes you know you wanna get really close. And and and and and reform -- actually allows you to view the larger text without -- with rules that decide. Elevator the mean iPhone sucks -- -- -- many other reasons that on site for the ethical at least if that's like an. If you put everything on a checklist of quiet sucks out the light of its 45 for -- -- But Carlton we wanted -- give -- moment in the sun we appreciate your call. Continue to bring in my way and it did Stephen to tell me if -- under 34 seconds without as well produced sounded great all the dead space and I think it sounded great Carlton. He was angling for them -- -- and read the rest of the emails and the cult and thought I thought okay on to the emails. We wanted to ask you guys -- more about how you got about Google plus this one comes to us from our friend David -- -- regarding Google plus I would love to give it a chance for. Give -- a chance free of what much of poring over data and ads from FaceBook and MySpace -- hip hop soon. I wanna say that I cannot stand base but and the call to that social media has treated I'm not all that knowledge back -- -- to meet basement reeks social. -- -- acts that fall into one of the following categories. One lonely stay at home moms or dads that -- social stimuli and post every damn frivolous not that comes to their mind when they run. -- a sugar baking a cake or some less than an app process idea. -- -- People who think or are in high school trying to show how important they are by friend -- every.
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