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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1501: Is Timberlake bringing Myspace back?

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1501: Is Timberlake bringing Myspace back?

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MySpace has been sold to Specific Media for a whopping $35 million and Justin Timberlake is reported to be one of the investors. Can Justin bring the sexy back to MySpace? Google's Google+ social media site opens and closes the invites within one day, and Antuan Goodwin might be to blame. And Donald Bell joins us to give his two cents on the HP TouchPad. It's show 1501... Join us tomorrow as we go back in time for show 1500!

Cities Thursday. Thirtieth 2011 innings to meet him I'm Donald bell and I am Ryan's -- and we still -- -- might have a little bit there's a little. There you are -- Beats him in the house welcomed the buzz out -- cnet's podcast of indeterminate length episode. 1501 and we're in this little -- old cedars thing you may not -- -- but. -- that 15100 is -- On Wednesday we start with 1502. -- -- pitino line. And tomorrow is 15100 because must not in the house to be back tomorrow to want to celebrate fifteen hundreds okay. We had to does that make sense are you confused again I think it's like a weird little wrinkle in time guesses that was our own time it's not gonna check on my Polaroid to make sure that picture isn't stating exactly how the blue -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- be careful -- -- And it -- this. Alright guys so -- Donald bell in the house on a beautiful Thursday as usual you know he's here he's also gonna be a talking about the new touchpad that he has in his hands. Right there. So we -- as review as double talk about that a little later in the show. And to -- street your fingerprints are. C sought -- and people like that sought -- -- of people the webos. Thrown. Are right on the story is. One of the big leading stories that happen overnight MySpace is officially sold to specific media for 35. Million dollars or digital media company it purchased the site for news court now -- call. New score purchased MySpace in 2005. For 500 and TV and media efforts can have this online component. Now worked in tandem with each other but specific media in the I guess you'd call it anymore -- up for 35 million. -- I suppose because of their specific media they probably out of the states back into the -- point placing too late now let's let's call this what it is. And then in the of these man is a weird thing -- 35 million dollars that's you know how it. I think is also an option at Apple and we and I'm sure CBS interactive creative you know set -- -- A budget that sit by and MySpace that they wanted to that's the -- -- question is what you gonna do with united the IE got on fire sale. How do you even read by that brand or do something with it -- they said the Tim banner of a specific media CEO. In his quotes putting you know putting a little shine on this is when I say -- very very carefully MySpace is -- -- is a recognized leader. That has pioneered the social media space. -- -- The company has transformed the ways in which audiences discover consume and engage with content on line. He's right that was an accurate statement into doubts that I have well this is the time travel episode right. Sorry if that is why they got -- -- that little time wrinkle. Paid MySpace appealing for just that little window. -- click on MySpace or saline -- They gonna need to do a lot of things now the bid to other news that came out -- this -- this Alec surprised me. Everyone's. Favorite. Pop singer male pop -- is one of the investors in the MySpace by you know -- -- -- -- it does bring in MySpace -- And I'm training and MySpace fact today they. Are actually discussing that but Justin Timberlake -- -- and part of the investor group. That is that owns a stake in MySpace -- part of the deal the Emmy and Grammy winning a word artist Welty also be part of their tree of direction. And strategy group I don't know what -- official title is at the moment for the company moving board. Specific media and Timberlake plan unveiled their vision for the site in an exclusive press conference. Later this summer looking -- he owned his own record means he's kind of trying to move into that space more. No pun intended out of so -- it makes sense that if he really wants to be part of you know reviving MySpace is like a music discovery destination that he has yet is that that's -- his best interest right now we've seen a lot of you also did the in the box guide to -- it -- a Deanna practice escaping me that's what's in the space now. Yet -- it -- -- then we seem. For example Polaroid tried to revive their brand. And Lady Gaga becomes Eritrean director she comes -- these products and -- like let this. Okay assuming you're trying to do just -- use a big name in -- -- -- your brand but we've seen that her cameras. And printer. I mean enough -- hit the market yet but. So little fanfare success why you trying to drag Lady Gaga and today I'm just using this -- up as an example now what I've seen with Timberlake though. Is on the surface you like oh great another celebrity gob -- operate what will -- with creative director for Intel. But Justin Timberlake with his music background. At least has a little more savvy to potential if they're gonna try and I don't wanna say providers -- I still feel it's too late but if they're gonna try and make this again at a music. Artist's creative artist placed at least you have someone in an industry that's aligned. With that idea it's not Black Eyed -- Intel lady got a Polaroid Timberlake. You -- like the MySpace at least from the history of their -- makes a little more -- I don't know. I think that what they should have done is actually given that the Lady Gaga for a year just to blow it out to snake the craziest circuits beat the best week ever imagine. And make people forget about what it was. For a per year and then come back and realize you like keynote you'll bring back the old seventies gap logo you know it's like. Yet you have to have yet to make it disappear for a minute. And then you can just to get that sentimentality back and then make it -- take it back to the lab. Yeah figure out what you really wanna do it but have it be like the crazy -- and you know catch rainbow. Lady Gaga freak parade for a year it. And then bring it. The good thing about having. Timberlake on here is the fact that he might be able to also lower -- because he has some street cred at least the music industry -- artist with specific content on the site. Right you have you have -- -- that has no name behind it. If its gonna -- music driven site -- why why should we go -- it's gonna be all about content. Maybe something like that can happen so at first I laughed when I saw the Timberlake to name but then I'm like you know what this out of all the partnerships always seen with celebrities and tech this one makes the most sense that I've seen -- music artists the technology. So I'm given and given -- -- sliver of a -- It's now and I'm joking -- the -- guys like as a brand that it. It -- -- -- could we could we bring MySpace back -- I think if they went back in mean it like what it was in the beginning like went back to the old school look and feel evident meaning maybe they can like you know go retro meaning that this is like couldn't. This is like when the police made a party. You don't go you don't go back later I don't care how good the party was. Thinks that party is that they gotta get the got to make the music are better than others like commercials and stuff looks like MTV web page while public there's there's so many places not -- -- -- music and get in there is an exciting community around sound cloud. Sound cloud -- way MP3 dot com and MySpace. And it's -- like -- there's no commercials no movies being sold at you it's like. And like the actual technology for tagging music in getting people involved and engaged -- it really cool and and have to bring it back to this. And now it did make it feels like watching Hewlett tequila and ever if I -- even -- but in the URL from MySpace I get this weird creepy. You know reality TV show. Sketchy comment kind of -- it's. They would have to blow it up yet and it might my argument also is. -- this will never get back to the levels that they were before I don't think that. Will define them as a successor -- if they are able to establish a strong enough niche because we've seen there's plenty of small players on the Internet. That are successful probable that don't dominate industry. Whatever we say is -- -- -- be excess I think people jump to conclusion now we are automatically alluding to will they be on the level to FaceBook or an iTunes but you don't have to -- that. Huge to be successful. So we'll see. I think it's interesting now in -- And Donald raises -- Sony is in Manhattan and unites wanted to be deposited at the subject now -- this is this is where the magic happens is in the I had the argument over the actively we -- Elena Timberlake ownership that's my about it and really that's that's -- I don't steer it into Lady Gaga. And it didn't -- It I wish you smooth and you know it now and social network that are actually showing some success in. A lot of hype around Google plus Google Google Google when Google opened up. There beta invites for people that had access to the service and -- plus. I was invited -- Kind of on purpose didn't say everyone here is an invite because from what I could tell you had a limited invites once you written. So I sent it out to like three friends in one of those people Antuan Goodwin and show yesterday here about the not -- him down. One of those -- on this show and when I gave minute by and he literally and I'd like thirty or forty people well Google decided now to close the little plus invites. Due to what they call. The insane demand well c'mon that's that's so artificial. It's a social network -- mostly by people. And -- octave band he was doing exactly what you let you do those that do this social network I invite your friends. This is the disturbing thing about this to me is fine Google tags everything with his beta label consumers are people and the social network. Genre. Doesn't involve. Anymore -- the super -- yet it understands Albania. I get that it's not really fully baked beta Siegel plus several years about Google plus -- -- a few people tweet about everyone's like. I want again -- Google plus this is cool this might be something different hot fun I wanted and then also Google says because of -- insane demand we're gonna shut it down one that -- the message. Elegant not part again going mad for the party now audiences to think development row you gotta make the parties seem important -- by only letting in a few people at a time. Letting them feel like super important and then talking about it and bring we're doing exactly but who wants us to do right now -- -- are we talking about how you can't get into the party here's -- think the parties. Cool but there's a point where because you can't get -- you don't care anymore and you go back to the other party that even going to every year that -- this is -- yeah like. There's no reason if they want to capture that. Though the whole thing of the FaceBook momentum of grabbing people you you can't do the stupid. I don't think the velvet -- thing works in this situation they should sucked in as many people think and now so beetle can be excited about the product -- -- Justin Timberlake the we know it when I got guy behind that red color of two and here are not are you in Google plus now. All. Sorry -- not adding get -- -- -- -- now -- I'll -- about that page that's the bad that's the bad guys. Welcome to the party you're not invited I I don't. I gotta say I don't feel slighted but you know -- -- -- on Indian party. We'll check it out yes it -- there actually really like it a lot let you know people that have been tweeting. Other users and myself they're -- pressured like why can I didn't that's what every once in now like and I didn't and it's not that we're special their discretion about not being able to access service that. Everyone is -- in about. And we've got like -- emails about -- people are way intuitively get off -- immediately go to Google player we're getting and there's a lot of momentum there are so one that's mean is that indeed get -- about this already is often not there if we did talk about the this definitely is is that part of the message that this is like a do with -- kind. Protect hear your pricing information within better than FaceBook would I don't know if the word it protects his right but they're giving you more options to manage it. In more obvious -- is although it may be a little board typically granular at least you have those options and that's what people like -- space that we have to jump. Ten levels deep -- click a box. Google treats these circles -- And of those by their nature allows us already do the granular -- and drop in people. You note some of the reviews. First impressions people think this is a little trickier than what I'm used to. But that's. I think people of Richard -- played with the social networks based. But now that they're used to the idea that now they want a little more control rate it's a gradual evolution how you train were -- -- -- people use these things. It's all this just like a big played them house but that same social networks. Sandbox for it like via what is it that that the group on what I'm confident that Google places or whatever they have -- -- sharing where they are what they're doing. Is FaceBook the FaceBook version of that usually tied into what you're doing happy communicated that -- to friends. But Google doesn't have that social network he. Kind of framework for the sharing of information days as I had this as like an income stream that's only -- I can -- right well when it's pays off for new rules that. When they go to destination -- consultant -- the coupon or whatever that packet shared out. And that's the best thing -- Google has all these different apps and services but they can plug in directly and have all this cross pollination between. Whenever how many of them are it's still beta so when using it. It's it doesn't feel like a full fleshed out but because it's so clean and a little simpler and need -- now. It's as fresh -- we love everything that's -- It had right now is buzz which came a balance here that it has to be fresh and new and actually a fresh product. So I. Though oblivion by palm arrival and an island by I old tasty meat from it that -- -- UT Donald inks and then. Also -- news that have that has been picking up a little steam we've talked about Amazon has canceled their affiliates program in several states. A -- why it was one of them -- North Dakota in a few others a New York as well but now a California law that was recently passed. It was the California is excuse me sorry. California users of Amazon associates for him earlier today we're told there are no longer permitting Californians themselves to participate. In their affiliates program because a bill was made lot recently governor Jerry Brown passed the bill and it. It penalizes affiliates. Who -- who are not getting taxed for the services that they're offering and so by cutting them off. Amazon themselves will not be susceptible to -- same taxes that the bridge the bridge between here let me explain -- little better is that the affiliates to. May not even resided in California many of them do though. Obviously that's their location because their link to Amazon Amazon does not have a local headquarters in California. By linking the two together they're saying that Amazon does offer services where you ship products directly in -- state and we -- going attacks. The -- sense summit in an explanation sorry Amazon -- one paying taxes or be liable for the human. And associate -- They have an associate program and an affiliate program until -- tempered both northward using the same they're instantly to fight if pirates are right the associate program is the banner ads that link directly from a blog -- -- you -- -- you cut of their profits you also can be like an affiliate. Web site that sells products or points directly to Amazon as well or -- personal. Affiliate like myself working out of my garage distributing products and -- putting them up on Amazon. Thong that they can still deliver packages in the and though -- -- that's bad -- it does suck for people who are making. Any part of their income -- of being involved with. Being Amazon reseller. -- this the problem with this is that more than anything. This bill is passed because California itself. A state that is desperately in search for money is trying to find a way to get to build more money and buy. Getting a potential what they believe a revenue stream from these affiliates. That's how they would help add more money to the -- -- state. Wool and Amazon says sorry we don't wanna pay taxes. Or factor in taxes into our -- -- we're going to shut down the affiliates. So. The end of the day the -- not really. Gaining much money by doing this they're hoping it would but by Amazon -- the -- its programming not maintenance settle the taxes they've killed that idea. Which is like where -- began the tourism board -- Washington our organ should step in and make a AEM is a former Amazon affiliates. Life is a little sunnier -- and orient. Washington it is a it is a little sunnier story and now sometimes. Called and sold one of the other one the other things -- Here's some history about in 1992 there's decision by the US Supreme Court in a -- -- North Dakota. That held that online sales are not subject to taxation unless the seller has a physical presence in the jurisdiction imposing the tax. An Amazon does not. So this bill that -- -- -- pass was trying to target trying to link them to these affiliates to then have Amazon pay taxes. Now all this has been done in other states successfully where. Laws have been. Approved and then Amazon again like we said cut off their affiliates program but the results have not -- glowing. Who's this -- John -- the Tax Foundation. -- noted that tax receipts and actually fall in states. Rhode Island and North Carolina. As a result. Of the imposition of Amazon's taxes. The killing of the -- programs. Fat wallet dot com as example a business who left Wisconsin. -- who fled to Wisconsin from Illinois after that state imposed -- that Amazon. -- get back when we start attacking owners are we -- gonna make up for the Amazon affiliates. Acts because -- got me so much bigger than that anyway with -- giant status donors. If we are already at the reality is -- and I -- -- That we're already there yeah yeah -- are in there so. I'm unfortunately a lot of small business affiliate. I know they're not happy about that we've that we've had a few emails from our own listeners are saying this is going to definitely hurt their pockets. Our buddy -- had it said this is gonna cost me lot of money every. Month stay aware Stacey I gonna chat room points out that if Amazon gets and the -- selling business -- -- It's somewhat. Yeah yeah your right about -- -- -- about that at the end of California. Okay guys are well avocados are ranked in other very very -- it. Alright guys are gonna take a break -- we come back. We will talk about. Another on the -- Apple Mac books coming in maybe a couple weeks also Smartphones. Are now the new cell phone and -- that little shiny thing that Donald came here for. We're gonna talk about the touchpad. We'll be back. -- -- I hate it. And I'll bring -- Donald back okay. Our medical. EA is DNA is alright guys -- back the buzz out loud Donald bell. In the house -- -- run in the show as usual technically -- and a tight. All right Donald you have the -- your hands everyone wants to know off the bat yet. Where is the standard tablet game I'm not gonna call an iPad killer I hate that it does playing -- birds and it is already that's -- looks really nice channel. Actually stick to the back my hand -- how did you do that because. That the back of this thing is so glossy. Vantage is it it actually fully automatic and if like me get the spoon unlike you have on you know he's -- into -- -- -- This is actually feature -- hadn't I made an -- to raise the rating under review convinces me a little hidden feature although it beat out a somewhat sweaty hand. Now but actually if it's or it's not horrible but that I did really. Get on -- -- case about the use of this glossy plastic on the back. As it feels pretty bad it feels it -- like. -- -- So it's all about -- I told you -- adults tell me about your pros and cons of the touchpad. Pros and cons pros. It's it's a new OS so it's and it's actually. You know. If you're gonna come out with something -- the way that they've they've implemented in the multitasking. They play with -- about it I implemented multitasking that the whole -- the great things about webos you know the -- cards and -- actually group things together and -- -- and -- that. Like triage or email by separating out different email replies from the email app itself in -- to get things like. How nice the the deck of cards again this it's like up from the bottom with one hand but pass the Basil. -- -- -- They got it's it's swelled on it's not as an alternative. The OS itself as it does have pretty well done alternative to Android. And -- last. The hardware though it's it's pretty chunky like it feels like. Let -- -- definitely -- this as a reaction to the original iPad. And weren't quite. You're aiming towards where. Apple or you know the different and he -- how many factors we're gonna be going you know it's like -- it's again like the -- wrinkle in time it's -- If this had come out at an iPad competitor in the emission right advocates this would have been a lot stronger -- a lot made a lot more sense but right now when you hold it up next to -- -- -- -- -- one. Which is a lot thinner and that has a lot more capabilities in terms HD video out and -- accessory annum. And you know that camera rear facing camera HD video capture all that stuff that people -- kind of trumping now. It doesn't have that if it's kind of retro. There's some things are worked out entirely with it. Flash video playback even though it has it it did -- a little bit if you're turning it to different windows having any kind of flash video content in -- the same -- the and war with each other so it's. The one actually I finally got lot of there's lot of talk -- how. -- brim with ripping off. The webos operating system. With this with a -- -- -- but actually -- the playbook was a better version of this at least this virus that. Being more powerful yet evacuation resize and scale -- like flash video content. -- the built in video output medium hearing a lot of that stuff -- the playbook actually did a better job of like. Kudos to manage different -- if you look at -- if they did rip off webos and I could see that argument they actually at least get a better job powering it. -- -- And -- other -- the price now if you -- -- a consumer -- showing of 500 dollar. Playbook aren't siphoned -- -- -- -- playbook of 500 dollar and it -- complain wanna buy an iPad two. This is just you can pick this up and it's gonna not feel like up to par with -- -- -- build in. It it feels a little behind. Now though. But it's part of HP's largest ready to get webos on the desktop. Executed -- level lets you know Paul Palm -- -- -- -- -- -- contact with them to send data back Gary -- -- doing this larger push with webos that this is a party -- The fact they if they don't. If they don't make it with this doesn't mean that web OS's is -- you know and and it could be day. They if he could rapidly develop on this in China to make it better product. Baghdad right now it doesn't feel like it added. Little -- is the thing that impressed you the most personally. Whether let you know high ranking high on impression impressive are not play what did you like the most what I like the most -- kind of taking a page from an Android does by a leaking your accounts from the from the get go. All the different services all the different services and when you pull those and -- your FaceBook account your Skype account drop box -- -- drop box. You know years Gmail account even like your mobile me account -- -- -- that. -- -- That all of those get synchronized across the core apps you don't have these separately installed applications. For the different services that all woven together. On the other hand. For that to be a really great feature going forward you're gonna need developers buying in and providing service -- -- and even like. Within the photos that it think it's great that they've got. Photo bucket which it can -- down -- That's in the other sponsors and -- don't -- Flickr than half the -- and has on the big guys and or some of the little guys like. And turned into. Please there's some the end of the smaller it is like you know mobile phone like level wire fraud and all that -- -- things -- blown up and that's what people are -- -- photos of the Graham was my turn and got. And if you -- -- get those. Kind of buying in for that that core underpinning of their with -- -- that synergy synergy services. That it's not gonna feel as fresh as -- been -- you have and I pattern iPhone -- and know that developers are developing first for these platforms. And that and the HP touch -- and be left behind by OEM media won't. It always it always it's funny the it always comes on the -- end of where where the where -- the developer support the sometimes you know be on the hardware cycle where the developers at. And there's a lot of analysts why and -- the most part rallies coming out -- -- -- Yet I feel like -- the most powerful thing that something like this has going for it too is that it's it's a company that makes their own hardware it makes their own software and commit to compete directly against. Apple's formula for me in the tablet. But -- -- there's not enough here that's that's distinctly different as a distinct advantage in making it like oh my god I can't believe they did that. You know Apple's gotta be towering some. We're really enough to see what they can come out with red to more than anything but and that revel in but revel in his -- where -- -- -- that are -- Bradley as if -- wanted -- -- a year ago hooked I had no you know mentally very red steel is gonna come on -- three of the iPad -- -- seems like the game for a lot of manufactures -- -- -- -- and I I feel like a lot is bigger companies like. They don't have that sentimentality about playing catch up quickly and -- in the Midnight Oil on making things. -- get me of Google having a hard time doing. And the and they were -- it would get out -- gain a lot sooner. And now in its its hard to hold -- -- -- -- my job is obviously one -- I sit at my desk in cry. Over that not a lot of hope for competition because competition is get my job well there and is the tablet I guess they do -- variety. A you know -- here's a thing they -- what I saw you you book -- so what I've seen in the tablet market. They're not they're they're competing for that second place but they understand that second places like. 10% of the market. -- 50% a lot of these companies are also there they're making the play four in each with. With enterprise and let lot of it's coming to try to find that note that -- -- -- it trying to say this is we're -- make them that private. Like people and attractive prints can consumers and hope the -- -- trickle down to people who. One a tablet for their business -- to play out -- for like a fleet of enterprise business users. They don't wanna -- the iPad is too expensive too difficult to manage or whatever the reason. But down there's a lot of can be that are buying for that -- Android or HP. I don't know how big that market is yet and -- people are hoping that -- beating market. -- and that Apple doesn't keep them there are doing some tweaks to make the iPad. Battery able to fill it -- That's the scary thing -- the -- -- came out. And unique people -- this tablet doesn't serve these needs -- started -- businesses enterprise and users find a way to fitted in. -- you. -- but in. The iPad a lot of people are likable let me just see -- -- -- that decision -- asserted take off like the biggest mind rate of gray tablets and all is that there's always people that are in the PC market. And there used to be over -- tackle problem logically. I think will be -- beacon make at a version of this that does more stuff has more reports that -- -- less marred and it is very can be faster and then. People to think -- by the iPad can hit my happy buttons you know it's true. How how to -- program for satellite how to buy capital that has a problem solve as a product -- area like it's a problem for Disney to solve not HP or -- a lot of these. Computer companies they just may not equipped to deal to figure out how to -- -- That's some -- experiences so dazzling in magical in happy then daily. That it's gonna make people forget about the iPad. And as hard as frustrate me how to explain to people who even from the review side one you know meted. Absolutely assign my rated reviews based on in -- specs or capabilities when my -- is not why people are buying. And that it's true it's not the metric -- that's been -- The payments and that's that's more -- boxing on tablets and well that was it doesn't get stuff thank you for that review you guys to take out more at reviews at cnet.com just look for I think we have some front door promotion. But the HP touch that's it check it out. Always in -- But that's a complaint and a nice little town of -- that it separate podcast again -- excellent on the sol we're gonna cover a few other stories really quickly. New MacBook Air is loaded with Mac OS-X lion the reverence thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge. Are rumored according to nine to five Mac they say their own source is said. It will be coming out in mid July what would -- it is kinda silly for me about this though is were only two weeks away if you know that something is coming. You should and it's two weeks away you kind of got to give me a date now yeah you could have said mid July like two months ago I would been like cool what it's like. Come in in mid July wow -- C'mon guys -- -- at least a meal week that it is put on calendar -- -- -- -- so I'm I've been waiting for these guys anyways I'm excited about it -- also. We're not sure what's the fate of the MacBook in the white my Mac books if they're coming or not but the -- Apple insider that supply chain has dried up. Extensively across multiple retailers maybe -- see one an update come alongside its MacBook airs but there's been no indications that. There is one I mean so -- -- be posted on those laptops later. Now. In something that really shouldn't be surprising but the news is always -- here in the US Smartphones are now a majority. A new cellphone purchases Smartphones continue to grow in popularity if you didn't know already the Clinton niece Nielsen's may survey of mobile consumers -- US. 30% of people now own Smartphones and 55. Percent of those who purchased a new handset in the past humans. Reported by a smart phone instead of a feature phone up from 34% just a year ago. So a little -- 41% jump -- there. I wonder how many of the remaining 62% of phones -- like rotary dial. Or. The but it wouldn't elderly are implementing US cellular the big read by Soledad. At -- that they hectic sometimes I was playing with them. And -- -- makes phone calling actually easy. -- it's just the phone. It's a -- phone and maybe that speaks a little bit more about me but. It's nice also Android continues to be the most popular Smartphone operating system with 30% of the Smartphone. Consumers a -- Android devices so but -- really are shattering but -- it's good to know that people are moving into the future and getting four Smartphones now. -- that feature as we move into the past. For one for just we're actually in the future or 1501. Also on another story in computer world a new and improved to -- -- As infected more than four million PCs. Security researchers say is practically indestructible. Really encouraging use. TBL for the name -- both the bot Trojan that affects machines and the ensuing collection of compromised computers is the most sophisticated threat today. A clinic Kaspersky labs. Ago. Am well lit that thing is that here in -- -- this is the most encouraging or discouraging because TL four installs its root -- On the master boot record it's invisible to both the operating system and more importantly security software designed to sniff out malicious code. So they would -- be like open up your computer to -- may read this man this generally. I don't know I don't know if that's the solution by I think we should marketed because of public lot of -- people out there have no idea how the -- of its -- with him. -- totally give them like dislike some. -- spring yes Reyes likes -- water on your computer and fried it that is the only way to kill anything yet it to its head as indestructible. It's gonna take -- computer out with it. The -- doing yourself. Rents four million deep of approximately that's that's the set. Also on Intel has some cool innovative news actually really cool but it will be coming until -- around 2016 IBM has made a breakthrough in a new kind of universal memory chip I B researchers. Have develop this chip that can record data. -- 100 times faster than today's Flash Memory chips it also means that scientists -- once up close between this universal memory chip that is fast. Permanent and has lots of capacity. At this this is like we did the story about the brain synopsis they -- -- material identities change this -- the same Terrell Owens in -- microchip which really cool. -- so on what about what the predicting the next and next levels meet predictive memory where it like it knows -- you want you know. Before it even YouTube Google content is that right yeah. So you -- about memory right we have. What this phase change immaterial in this new chip that's been developed by IBM. -- -- -- You can do actions while it's. Powered or off. So it can double the output man. This is if we thought we got our asses handed to us in the bedroom. The computer jeopardy challenged. Don't don't put this in Watson we had ten enemies to not watch it on -- -- -- next locks Watson's images it's gonna slaughter. RI humble we're gonna keep on moving along with a happy ending for the day. The headline says it all sweet Jesus. The -- you guys starts tweeting. On the iPad. -- Pope Benedict people -- Of the sixteenth has joined the masses on Twitter using the micro blog for the first time he wrote. Dear friends I just launch news dot VA praise -- our lord Jesus Christ with my prayers and blessings. Benedict this. The sixteenth. There's some also the web -- news -- VA which. -- so eloquently pointed out that represent the Vatican I didn't even know they had their own a domain in their own thing random dialing mention about him. -- -- say I was of privacy they they claim they tout on the web page that it was what is it historic. -- -- What I think at the -- be white iPad now Pamela I'm not looking at this now they really missed an opportunity here. There's a white version of the iPad two and you really creative. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We can we don't wanna keep on -- you know let's get your feedback loop your voice mails or emails let's hear from -- All right yeah so the first one comes from a guy who's. Questioning Brian -- about his prediction on the iPhone five. Appeared. History and it does all this talk about your -- -- coming out in September actually. Seem. -- back -- -- song. -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- -- security to -- -- doctors' jobs but not -- so its order and asked. The odds on parts. -- won't let nets are to be available following the the announcement Sherlock -- partner and -- back. Okay so. I cannot have a prediction now. -- They go into it. -- -- all voice broke at no extra dollars predicts. There will be no iPhone five there will be an iPhone or arrests. And you my friend will remain in the same job as -- -- This time -- appears production mixing board. A site doesn't really then that -- really don't work as we had planned but it'll it'll be it'll be better he broke the spring and the reverb tank there they'll be better tres -- mean notion tongue as those all this is this is not. You can keep on calling -- I'm telling you. I am I gonna ask the Pope and -- see if the -- -- it and let the -- tweet about it. RI do we have any other voicemails we -- -- more -- more from land -- from Nebraska talks about how watching episodes of your favorite television shows on the Internet might affect the readings. -- with broadcast cable an area. And you're and India are considered landed on our and I wanted to comment on powerful watching -- -- early. It's a great teacher and other shows like heroes and -- by about it and -- The episode early on that web sites anonymity out -- it used. That it stopped or watching at. -- -- making it even know about people watched it and now he's -- let's say. A shout. And I aren't heavily I -- -- if you if you have on your if you like ABC owns the -- thing. And they can actually see exactly how many people are -- and on the web site. That's going to be a lot better indication then ratings which are like you know they arrive at -- like. They are so inaccurate and it. Online metrics are by far our soul they are specifically actor to -- watching now I can tell you my friend. The reason why heroes was canceled is because the show sucked. After seasonal line -- to say it with insect expert it eventually goes out but that -- -- -- is good or bad that we like mine that show was like amazing in season one because we're like oh my -- these people are discovering their powers its its new discoveries is brave new world. What's gonna happen. And then I remember my buddy and -- were sitting down after season one and it would like what are they gonna do for seasoned serial. They're probably just gonna have a bunch of good guys and a bunch of bad guys try to fight each other and not -- -- is bad again. I know isn't exactly just became a stupid corny low budget superhero vs bad guy show. And it was horrible I think that -- -- attention than most with the fact that like lost lives on around the same time. And it is thought they could get away with blowing people's minds with light rain and wacky stuff and that they'd put up with it independently now -- -- -- well written and conceived plot. Yeah it -- away with this. Green is confused is it's like you can't -- -- -- on just superpowers and the car Hubble was lame. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you hear about balance at their recent threat -- -- show. The -- was an NBC show it was about a guy who like found literally like a regular Jewish -- -- found a black tape that was magical. And it was a show. It was like a black magic -- I'm not -- -- Like superheroes and super hero. Earth anyways yeah we don't think it's. And in fact shows like. As it Jericho. With large -- -- now larnaca in the -- are -- sheets to me that's very well that's right well I would -- -- so that it Jericho is a popular show that if -- caller right. Ended up -- some additional episodes because there is this. Uprising from the online community that that wanted it back the app and that's I think getting back in your -- think that when you have. The connection to an online audience you're gonna have a lot better idea of -- showed -- well lost. -- the only communicate special alive because trust me a lot of people. Season three Dallas. Left Baghdad in the -- and it's. -- are right -- -- gonna -- emails and stuff complain about pop -- shows that we love or hate. This one comes to us from our friend. John Johnson sabres 21 -- you know how Saddam to ditch basement for Google plus the UI looks great it's practically integrated with all pages Google. Already which will eliminate the hassle of configuring my count and the address security -- privacy which is my biggest issue with FaceBook plus. How can go wrong with circles are practically muzzled by having my family include MySpace -- friends. Circles is the answers to my prayers -- -- by the way on yesterday's show episode fifteen O two you talked about moving your FaceBook friends. Over to Google plus here's a little article describing how to export your FaceBook friends an import them back into Google plus. Awesome John this is really helpful there is a mini -- you kinda have to use Yahoo!. As the vehicle this is an article -- Lifehacker but -- you guys wanna try this out and make the eventual transition I haven't tried it. On this could be a way to do it that's and so I've -- would be that raged between FaceBook and -- For whatever reason Yahoo! allows you to export that some of that case the data converted to different file and then Google can read that file. Boggles the high tech. With our -- O'Donnell I think -- as you -- X one is near native -- aren't has asked to do it review HP touch pad -- united finally finished up yesterday. After reading the review of these. HP I've come to the conclusion. That the company which will give Apple the most tablet competition in the coming years is. Dot dot dot dot dot wait for that I -- -- that Microsoft's. Now I -- laughter subsides and Brian's hair color returns here me out the apps are seeing brief demos of windows eight in action. I can pictures in Iowa and a price PCs will be running windows eight. The tablet will be -- as a second screen display and an external drive and you'll be working on a project a report. Then realize that country meeting in the new -- the tablet out and grab a tablet from the dock in the -- go to meeting we were honest. And I'm summarizing his plan but with enterprise level integration security businesses can just can justify providing palace for employees this and -- windows -- machine. -- idea so. I think there's something to this. I I think that the other part of this is that windows -- -- -- -- really Windows 7 with the rent equals -- -- -- As my impression. I do think that getting to the planet making earlier that there is this isn't this gap where businesses really -- have a tablet experience have been lots of employees. Mean as they would be a natural fit for -- But it just means -- when people want that experience. And also. They may find other answers before the middle of 2002 well it it lets you let's talk about the timing of that. I don't like 2012 we've actually given up on the idea that tablets being like. I really want in business culture and -- That and I think that's it's a good point. And it is one of I think maybe the last great hope of there being a new a -- introduced a competing at the iPad. Documenting its crust. And I I know that night -- cynicism comes in gets the better of me sometimes. I talk about windows being the savior for for tablets but maybe maybe -- -- -- might be away. Alright guys. That's gonna deal for today's show thanks so much for coming out hanging out -- mr. Donald. We appreciate it and I know it has been a pleasure you guys to take out our show notes here at below that cnet.com go jump onto our site called it. Stories and articles we talked about. Also if you wanna hear that little sexy back song yet we put YouTube -- and there may be. Also -- stylish sub 806162638. Donald -- freaky -- -- email us at buzz at cnet.com. We will be back tomorrow for a very special. Episode fifty countries and -- it lets you instantly since but the music and later. -- -- -- -- --
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